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student Senate elects new officers 

jiflk* _^^ 

Mart C«BW«w, »irMil<lt»l. 'n*™*^ 
MI'fc* UVaaway. «'«<« IxMliiWy 

im ItetA «iU bt ••• 


by Cwllift 

I IMSnih and 
'Vle« F t Ml llaw t al Acidtnilc 
MWn. Dr Dan* Willtamt 

Al ■ iludenl reprf 
i«iiUli«i' ■ Zancn said, "I 
raiHAd to be prtparvd lor UiM. 
roctimataty (her* »n no ttrikt 
on tlic collafe " 

TO* firit mMtlRC Zanc* 
•ddad. "HIM orgwilutioml to 
onto la ix pM|)it to know ••ch 

Olfk* houri <» >U the Stud«il 
SancUin art prewotly i»o««ad 

on th* Sl.uitat Sioal* miMhm 
located Ml tlia tMrd lloiir of 

INI" A, 
Suait Mora canaMaraliiiM «( 

(littaMe. aMN)«li«t ta lamoa. 
the potttbilltln of r«- 
|the faculty evaluation 
and ipoiwonm an 

••CMil'aM'Vtea for nl|M 
tt\iamm»§atBt to «k1 tram their 

can In the parking lot. 

Meeiin«i of the Studtnl 
Senate are open to all atudanta 
who wiah to attend There k 
ireaanlly i canceniia of Qm 
■enaton to move the maatinfl 
III every Thursday, but baeaiM 
of conflicii in the rep- 
resentative's schedalea, a 
•pcciflc day and tune for tlie 
gtaaral mecMatt have not bam 

\t.L i;i N.». 9 

O.t.aKT 29. I97*> 

%ilJMiii K,IMH-^ HariK-rt :..».!:•■. \ljJ'.l»)...i. I KomII. K...,.|. |-.,1..Iiii.-. III.....,- (.IHW.T. :i|2-.i'»:-.i«NMI 

Willow Park to close soon 

bemm«KIIUITM) caupa vtU m effect replace ad pragrani. 

""*•• iba pupnae olthe Willo* Parti Mt|g» 

Tbaiw will be .iiaiiiigaii at Wtilow Park layt 

■Mr « .adilliWNMl ika kmm thei it wu only • 

" ' by tba mallar of t.m* before the 

..,:".- ^1 ^a_ aat Iff iw WiBW ■■•* MuaaP' '■w <"•<■•• **1 eal«n.«to(i cloacd "It < (he 

SwTof tr«B»a». bMt lb* afcabagBlaiawaiaiwsrbyiiil daaliJiU* goinf to be dlffici^t 

^^ "- ' - :iia*^ M aav Iba ^Maaa' an. Iba aa. nmt ai iba aMaala mba 

bar*, 'aapaeWlr iba 
I aa a f 
■"■(bf dacltatiu trwi in 

mOmM tnm tba mikn 'Tba iaiarlor < 

; mm mm m nm »»■ Daapiia tba chNbit at Wlllo* i* 'iba only 
Ha » * kapr aaaAA" paik.. HarMV aM m i l' l a w to 
llavM WfaMMi. irk«' ha««facllilaaattb».aailtwSel 

«t auiilbilir aflMi. Maifar'i dWrlct Or Wltaina wu be nimed M BMi H an 

la WllliMin. 4tf iMliad thai Harper hai^ a canpul. Jean PtnnaB iiwlar 

1 at Iba M«a-]raat i« '•<««ftl«c •■'**"'*'"" *''*'' of the Martor daaifln pragraai 

m MTf law m tmmmfmm^mitmMei ■atdihe-'wIllaiaatbaaaBeaMI 

ilsaltar MMi ijiiiiipnial aliiawiibai'n of 

Hllll ail wuhnrPafh,! 

'mSmimitt im0lt *m •» mlaiaiiiiaH ait ba:i«arai « ite ,1. ,01 «!» 

wMi 'Iba U# iiM maay reataaraata aear 

Carfer signs bill for new 
Departmenf of Education 



•aid, that 

IM« ■« atfl Ua iMb' 

MwUMvalKir af Mk' hi .Amarica 
iiMil ba 'in. Iba auabliabnani «l 

; at Iba tmm far tl«t 

p«8b« 'Ol Iba MU. ma. Hwi la 
tba' MaKMaal 'Biacaitoa 
MaociatMn (Mt*> '"bO' pal. 

liaavy pnaaara aa Cmm*** <• 
■aia iha Mil by ialMi« 

daparlmeiit Nantei balng 

maationad ai poialble 
I ara Jerry Apodaca 
Governor of New 

Meaieo. Mary Berry. Aial 

UtV aecretary (or •dueaUon. 
and (be Km. Jeaae Jackwm of 
qMtaDaa PUSH. 

1Mb »erT>- and Jacbaon are 
Macba.. and Apodaca 11 an 
Hlapantf.. A eenMltry ia 
•apwiail: ta .ba' anxMad viUitti 
the neai ta daya. 

•Hie new department, under 
la*, miiat begin operation 
irtlhtn in iMnths of the lime a 
an ailie imp ia .head tba '"t* leemary it aa-om 'In. 

The new Cabl:nel 1 
Cariar baa.iei 19, TbalHiai naa 

up in im 

The new deparlnwnt. U a 
peUttcally pnattiaa worn tw 

Cariar in an alaellaii year' ai It 
■«aa Urn 'iba ' m p i M i wi t y la 

lepali* daaatd ca:av«t. and tiaab at Ibe air. 
^^. (pbaii by Kit* Kabntei 

Building repairs 
complete for 

Who runs coinpuses ^^@ time being 

Health CducetloD, and Welfare 
I HEW' HEW will now bacalM 

tba OapartmaHt of Health and 

■ oflhabtnaaidiM 
ibi'^aaw dapart manl ; lll 

ladani 'laria«i»aey andwi 
giea bndta* caitint 

on hint hwn. aeewdlnt la 

NCA't rival irauf te 

Ainer'icaa radatalioB al 
■paachm TliaAfTalaaaniiad 
1 wif 

- ^ laf 
I at 'ib' 

Cni' - A tftilwafliy I 
Inw CMim. Umvaraliy aayf Uiai 
Iht tanrnl <|uei«:ia« in bi|ber 
e«iKal:ion 'Mi te c«n:ln| decade 
II hM 10 rid coltaiaa «l ibair 
new rwieta: "a aaw Itaad «f 

departmaat ebairpanple, and a 
grwa^h In •dmintai.rall'wa 

to Amlnlih (acilly 
power llu'aiaib' Ibe 

ItJaeatlH: IMgl 


Cievid Stewart caUa taaliy 

inlliiMMa in onivafaiiy paUey a 
'mytbi. Ha' 1 

\ a iaaa td aaiaa 

I wrote ilw only way lo 

gll Iba'balance of cotiete power 
ia iblfl back laward laeuMy 
to lar laadMibt 
In toniit ■jjJip'BMOTMi 
aniadhwbanataaii In the na«. 

Roof repairs that have taaan 
tmelling up the campui (or tbc 

pMi wveral weeks, have been 
c-oinpleled lor the lune being. 

Kepatri on tbc mofa of BMga. 
A.C. and P 'a«n Hartad laat (au 
wHb Iba patpoaa «f npairlng 
the maneixMia laata tbrmghiiut 
(be b«aidtngi. 

Students were consiantly 
stepping around buckets on (he 
'iniar Oooia tt the 'building 

ifilMfully'. a«eat«ig 10 Wcbard 
— "" ' al niaia- 


There are still severil 
buUdtngs acron campus that 
are still in need of the flat roof 
tarrtng repairs incltiding. 
HMga D and F 

BlK faecaitte of the proWblliw 
coata of the repairs tlwymuii be 
handled in lectiom »l a time. 
Hepatra for Bi4|. A alone coat 
(he school approciniataly 
tSOO.OW. according (o King 

Kltag satd that, the repairs arc 
eapecicd to laat about IS yean. 
eicei^t lor minor patching 

The next bollding to be 
awtod OB wm ba fMt- D 

Fattr 2 ftm llmrhmgmr (k-kthm- -M If?* 


Harper sports 

nave to be bad 
to be recognized 

mm Hmw^t www* '••« *Por^' ♦ownwH. wm 
•Mling • iMtiafpOimttng »e«son. mo»t students thmk 
tWi m«rm ttit •m Ol • »<»lr>ffl wmislir o« H«rp«r 

Wtll thty'rt wfOBflby ■ long •!»«♦. T>il» (MW» m***" 
Harpar wa*. and tttll t». tht twim ol two »i»cti 
tueeeistul spwtt - Wonrwn't TwnH •««* Ate»>'» 

Ewtrybody l» always looktnfl tijward tt* sport 
Hiari In tht lima liflht. The good old-tradltlonal 
HkOIM* Htm. They %mm to torstt that other sports 


Ttw Hawks Woman's Tennis team won their HtC 
Cnnlirwie* tor t»»e second year in a row. They ar« 
Mw i»tnfl to compete in the Nattonal*. 

Thete tennis players have been swlnfllng and 
swatting the*r way to victory again and again. 

Can Harper students be tieard cheering thesa 
women on to victory? No. All that can be heard is. 
" Footbal I lost again, so what etse is new?" 

The Hawl(»' women tennis players can suft answw 
that. And so can the soccer team 

The soccer team is doing surprisingly well tor a 
first year team. In fact, they're number one 

Why don't we hear mora atudants bragging to other 
colleges, "We're numliar owe; Harper tennis and 
soccer is number one!" 

Why is it such an exciting sport, such at MKCor, 
played by such eitcellent fellow stu«Mntt. draws no 
mora than eight or nine spectators? 

Why aren't these sporh recelvlil(|, ■mar* notarlety? 

Miyba a sport has to be bad to to r«ei««llOTd. 

Invisible reporters 

ninoif<3i c*#iifTmifc 

This samestar The Marblngtr has been plagued by 
Imposfars, non-sfatt persons posing as Harbinger 
raporlars. They »r* misrepresenting themselves and 
mahinff The Harbinger look bad as well 

To remtJy this situation Harbinger staff members 
*r* now granted a press card with Ihelr name and 
position in the newspaper on It The card is good only 
tor the time period indicated on ttie card. All cards 
most contain the Editor In Chiefs signature on the 
lower right corner ol the back side of the card. 

It Is f teommended that any Harper stafi or student, 
being called upon for a Harbinger Inttrvltw, ask Urst 
to see the reporter-* press card. The same goes for 
Harbinger photographers, 

II there is any doubt as to the authenticity ot a 
Harbinger slatt member, please call Harbinger 
Edi tor. »n- Chief. Joan Peterson, at est 4t^ as soon as 

Hopefully this new policy wilt end any discrepancy 
or mi* up between The Harbinger and its many 
inwisi'Me refiorlars. 


To 9miak 
' \Metmr«ny 


Becer\\ pay for mdecenf work 

vPH '*lJwiiiiiiiii' 

IMXlH UntHi 

Ml M U l Mat llw school '« nudt 
nwMsplcMMl laal wwk in in 
•Iteni^ to r»lM iTMMMini llM* 

•t all Bwlan-art* art Mlmii 

Letter to the Editor 




Randy Jmhik. ipoketmiin lor 
Uie S-mcmber Modeli Guild, 
■ayi dw Guikl m —kmt fm m 

•igni' I* 

' Ediliir: 

In l)M pail iMHW «< 11* 
Harlxnff r ihe nnwp«i*r mad* 
rvftvcnct to ilw laci ilui tbc 
i Mitnl* tev* lad tlie rlglit «( 
.iHdniU. mniilaiitU' taken iwsy 
IrairN ihMi. I (fvl llint Ihe 
•iwlitiMi l»ve tir«)uditial view* 
of the *uf IJut th«>' analj-w a 
leaehar » jwrfirrmince The 
•indtiM* tend «« rale a teacher 
lai a pemnal baiia niher than 
M an inslnicl'liNUil iMfia 

In Ihe Elective detprtintnli 
■indailla Mwallr d«al with 
iMKiilay p<t> l eiiii thai tend to 
intMWt'the aliidamx. Whcrea*. 
a rei|iiir«d teaicher hai to deal 
Willi (lie •Irwture ii( an almie. 
or (he ittve •ubjecM on an dl 
dT'op su>|ienlM lM«c«l' two 
charged (ilBtea. II It ibvMa 
that the tiialeiila wtll give tht 
tietllve Itacheri « hifhwr 

I fiwl llMi fiudetit evaltiatinna 

can tm beneficial when ialien In 
the' iirinier penipe»'live. They 
mn a pwd KMire t»r ntudeot 
(ugRMtiona M murie 
linivnveiMnl. and MMnetlnie* 
they ean helfi l« point out a 
icachCT thai ii noi performint 
llMr >•(> to the fulteal of their 
eapatoillttet They aliuuld not lie 
Mted (Of »landiwi». remarlu 
.amliial. the laachtra. nor ihould 
the Iteiilty Mipertrltan ate the 
ecahialMni ^aa a reference (v 
lefiure (ir pay meieaaet 

1^1 give the »iiMleiiU tai-li 
the nglil u itudeni aptiiM-m, hut 
in the tmnfw perspeeltw. 

The modeli hava alio ahargwl 
that. "The tnndttkms at the 
muaeum school are not up In U«e 
refNUation ttie tchool hai huilt 
(or H«el( The school I* 
dlaguiUnfly MUty. cold, and 
' , alatf. and facutly are 

Carryint liina that read 

"Feed the MuielM. Feed The 
Cwrvaa" and "We Nmd Brewl 

fm Our Skin And Bonai". the 
iMdalf explaiocd they cfawe lo 
alcfcel Ihe museum tcbool 
Mcaaia its ceoditioaa were the 
wont in the BoMon mem area. 
and becaiBe of its praatigw. 

School otnciaU have rehawd 
In comment directly on tht 
luties Negoliaiors for Ike 
modali, lkM|h, say ofticials 
ha«e laid IkMe's no room ia the 
htatgnl lor salary Increaaes 
Hawcver. the models assert Ihe 
Muaeum of Tine Arts, ihe 
aelMwI's parent organiiatlan. 
has )HSt had its best attendance 
year ever, and that it Is addini a 
ne« wing 

PoasiMy in deference lo the 
chtUy Masaachusetu autumn, 
■lie models arc pickeling fully 

Bdllmr-in-Chlef JoanPeterwMi 

.N«»» Kdiior DonMtHtigh 

reaturvMUm Wendy Winkelhake 

Ph«l»B*n»r... RickKohnke 

Atsl l>hiil>iEdil»r Scott .Mdtlllip 

CarloiinW....... Steve M<»kal 

Buiiinetii Mwnjtger. .Cindy Caravello 

l«s(riN»ii«i Editor Waller Hill 

AdvlMW. Dorothy Pirovano 

SUll,, Lorl Lynn Guv 

Karin Johnson. Vincent Surdo. 

BobtMir. Joe Kuaek, Rich Hcmtuinei. 

Pete Wtckltind. Wanda Bam, >iora .Niirion . 

Wayne Rtendnau, Mtchelle Minwinskl. Judy Hasbrousk 

Itie HAKHINfiEH is the student publication tor the Harper 
t allege campus commuMly. published weekly except during 
holidays and (Uial exams AH opimons eiipressed are those of Ihe 
uTiler'and rtut nei-eisarlly thitae al tbc college. Its administration. 
(Bcultv or itudenl body Adveniauic and copy deadline M noon 
Tuesday and copy Is subject to editing. All tetlers-b>4he-edlt(ir 
itiwi be signed, nanes will he withheld upon rsqusl. For ad- 
vertising rates, call or write HAttSIKCeK, William Rainey 
Harper Callege. AlgiKMlutn and Hntelle ftoads. Palatine. Ill , 
mm Phone Wt-tm, ext. m 

(hiaimr 2*i. /«7V The Harhinfier Pqee .1 

Thompson stresses dignity in class 


"Ttmi cadavwi matt fet 
trvrtad wtib 4l|nKy," my Dr 
Jokn TlHWiwwa. biinwn 

■■(amy laadMr at Hanar. 

■ t« aim 




reteri to Mcjs Dvoy as thii 
Httl* old lad)'" or "that M 


TIata an Tiw bodMt, lour 
an afad M to n jraan okt (at 
tlina of dtatli> wMJi itw MUi 
taatt^ a haadaia temalt in bar 

TiM bodlaa 9t9 cvvarad In 

pbauDl and athyl akoliol 
Hw fini l»dy Uw idMnl cvar 

flcnBinf IN TUB Dfmf 


October 19 ihr. October 31 

k >1 \H / J 307 N. Ounton St. 

ft*******-*****-*'***** «***#**«* 

.75 off with this coupon 

Algonquin Plaza 

SI3 E Algonquin Road IRoutfi 621 





• MON. & TUES. 9€:30. 
WED.-THURS.-FRI. 9-9 P.M SAT 9-5 




50% off 

on your choice i 

of one of 

(.1 l-l'IRMvriMvBKVIDIM.-KTC.I 

l»nHII.W.MIItnl HBMcat.M 

«iMt«iiM.Mai. Ml rmmmm^M 

MT raotracT | palatini 

]iiT(.raiMl %vr 

<* Mm* %- d Kt. ti 



wmrt Titai. * ».m. till r 
t/I^ic* drinks 



»v«ry(J«y with 
Lunch Purcnai* 

< CMipvCkwl ^ 




PRY wa 


Ou)«r»n It D 

Livt Action Pinballs 




had «as donated eight yaan 
ago ThI* body li itorwi in a 
ttalnlti* ficti vat cotiini 


Tha othir four bodMt are 
•land In voodm cratai that 

Or ThaniiMini tiartad 

tactorlng ovar iht hiailnia 
cadaver, laytaf har head i> 
baing iliidM at a downilal* 

Ht (iqilaimd how the woman 
underwccti a barlmric lurgery 
In an itlcmpt lo grt nd ol her 
brvail cancrr. thr surgeon 
ramowtd her ptdoralii miiMr, 
tht muKlt an Um ttrnk itde of 
Uw araiplt 

He went on to ditcuat each 
Uqwr o[ the cadaver and. when 
he hfled her ribcage, he 
discovered the woman had 
pleurisy, a disease where the 
lungs stick to the rihs 

tta- Tbominon admitted that 
he had never seen a cadaver 
laitil saven years ago, when he 
>«vned of the proccis throt^ 
■nolher anatomist He plans to 
donate hit body to science as 
that it too may be (tudled. 

He daboraied by saying that 
burial ii unecological and 
uneconomical I don'l 

understand why a dead person 
wwild have this little plot of 
land saved just for them " 

> vartMM lag BNBMln he aa 

I esaa <plMta by Ud l.yaa bayi 


Go filfttll Yourself 
Oi> Hcilloueei) ! 

. rints You To Face The 
ij-.ic In Costume With 


\\ BGinnings 

Vlvnl Gives Yoo 
HOT ROCK With fJ^ 

WED. OCT. 3r' 

9 00 PM - 12:30 AM 
Go All The Way Ai 


f%r i Th» lldfMnir tkltttm W /•#:•' 



II i« 

prwi* ttit ttmnmtmB 

pniM mtll bt pravlMI 


Hi^mJayinmin MiuitfM 
i!M t|«c:iai iMii. rirttat' 


HW'fsr IS |in»tfitiitg. tMt 
Fw^ti' I%r(iiffi3ttaiictt EiMainlilt 
MiOTliir « ■ iriti M like 
CMhtr Ommt Immm in ^Mi^. 


Public aiteltklon •* *i 
StadaBti anO raciiliy art 

■dmillmi (rw wiih activny 
cartf The ptrlnrmanc* tl 


T»it Trawljwi Smtlaa 

CMdnn'i 'nmalK' oill porliinii 

■•tte ll«4 CtiW <w !*>* tai 
liltt am ma 1 pm in tha 

Cnllqit Canttr Lmnvi In WMfg 

'Hit tlravallnc SntUai will 
wvnlvt clitldraii fimw ilM 
anAMCc M nlM< aa raia. 

ut Uw lowna- 

Tlt^ pnatortlaa la 

Hm OMMiiig ^ikMi it intaiUM 
ht Mlwal itrau|M 
fwarvaltais muil be ma* m 
advanc* (n tbt 
AcUvltlat Qfficv MMMMI fe 
(rac to both 


Tlektta tar llM Ha^rptr 
CaiUaga ftadlv Thcatrt'a 
of "Tba GlMt 

«1U t». "> ••i* 

, AW. 
I. laculty. and staff 
Mdatci ar* Nov *, 
M and No* l«. n al • on AH 

A iiwciai Dlnntr-Tbcatra 
paekaie ii available m 
IMmla}'. Nov 10 A bufBat 
Amur will be aerved from • W 
T:isp«. A buHM dunat Htm ba 
mpMimm t M TsIS pn 
Mtoand bgr Ik* *«M •! I pn 
Tickata muBt be pirebaud la 
advance al ti Ml tor the fMtc 
and turn iar H i rtt i, tmilltg 


Pefsonal To Say? 

AilMitf . tiatl a:nd Mudcnia 

are tovtiad to a EurhanMle 

'CtMraiiMMi 'M> All Samla Day. 
Thumday it 12 pm in Al«l 

akirc The Un% it betnf 

ainniarcd by Campw MInlatry 
ralbiv <;«na Kiiwak trim: Si: 
Am«v '>*■"•'» '" Hauwar Park 
•III 'be ir 

Our Oatalfiods 

Min! A ii wri f . Fl 

Classified Ads 

,'f Vm* 

Myalttar. Full roan and 

^^JflM iX^MM* waili inoitf ltt''tl iMMira' Haibyalltlnn 
IM tmtn* office al ?**: ,J*"!S...'"."' '!'!1?:...?!?* 

■pli' • .Ml irra. Rd. Call *•***. ' y I'jygg:. 

lira Ttai» Am.. Good eoniillnii. 
iMi inllcage. H.W> ar baal 
alltr Mmf mtrm. WMMII i» 

ilMia In Man man 

■t Mafia Park.. Will 
a cvHpIt wiiboni 
•r I tWIl. Call cv«iil»|» 

tm Okkmnlitlc lliinl-.WB.. T- 
Tniia. baaiM. .MUM condltlan. 
Milia .* §M.. 9»* •«* sar- 

Ftiur Ke«tiH«o" CuatoMMir 
itevl Wttd radial tirae E»- 
rellenl condtlon HBTII i IS" 
While ««ll» faidpoea Selling 

■M eo or all 1 Iw tUO CaU 


aravad. Jodi air fMatHf WMI.. 
hwldlag hona liaam^ mm 

ic«« i» Call Maiwa*»« Tanvarary 

Good, mnm tm, *ip"I» * 
pwMi.. HaiBamahtri w- 
'5„„., m E HWmilfNd. » 

•NMt. (Mia or mora dayt'i 
_. __ •4-tS br Ca.ll ManfMweer 

Can lor ttanvamry ikmiieai wt9nt 

{taflakt Grave l^rk tMainel - 
Wanted Swim guarda and 
laadian far 'weafeandi'. Call 
llkry aniiWKM 

W Dulcoo Tire*, will fit nwial 

cam. Saad Csmltlan.. tlSI or 
baal oOhr. Call Dauda a) m- 

Ford LTD. IM<»ar iiaennt. 
naier brakai. A-C. »i:ereo. 

iSMaUcM I 

71 MHTary i'mat*. t c^yllndnr. 
Ism Rum. .great' immiriorMi- 

tagni Of nc*. Need inm 
or pan lime inaatMy. 

nanar mm »n cai '|im> mSri. 

Bam iMiar mm wtib 
^RRVicitS. UM atariim 
diary, nembta bonn: day or 
■#1 m wMhand- Inmediala' 
CaU kira WMIa (or 

IWaUfaaa-drallcn. Farl-llnie 
day* ar lUMa. Ye OM IWn 
.Inn, Mt, Proa|»eci. lIUMd 
FaMlM. M-ltlt. 

Hay m Hrl to woMi part-liine on 

' aar Wauconda 


'bioklRK tor pari time lielp n 
miaa Fl'iiMe iKiurs Ap|ily in 
perann Vunlure. 444 E. tond 

m Ar. Hla. il 

Fir Sail 

nfpnnnnWy lor' Ml-llne 

EMadnp Batted WliMe Wiarad. 
It) • C K-M Saitad WMU 
M tared and tti B Tl-I* 

Work in Shipplnf and 

'RacwI'innK (>w • brand new 
tnteriMilonal Alrlreiglil Co. m 

Dk Crave Villaga HI par ccffl of 
Itlie iinie tan be wed li» 

llal||««.r^pw>dl UMtt. m 

17 Traiia A*. »,«» mllaa.. AM- 
FM.. a-Track. ft.Def. wMe on 
wklte, clean. IS,N» after t. Wt- 


raniatHia, »'>' high. 2>-.' wide. 

U" Mb daap On 4 JV' heavy 
dalf .eaUan. 
Ilt.« or beat. 

mn SALE..' vm 'tmt nam, 

.™„_ _ . ay wan 

ft 'lt.jdl ar 'bart 

tlW IW-tIM 

Btcclro-voiee ipeakeri. IM 
naM bead, built-in diitartion 
Soundi greai- Eicelleni 
toidllm. tTOM or b«il offer 
I Tom 

■a liiaiH I wpa i no. anj™ i" "^ ™" ~"~ — .— — -.iiii— j 

lljMWtMaMMdMlianatBi t r; , . _, '"''•'g 


mllUaMiar. band vindliig. 
ga AH 8ia« aad 
. animation (ana 
1mm*. Oaad coodlUaB. mm 

V TftAtCSAM-gNIM. Al'-FM- 
• Tt yiM' mm mjm ar Beat 
Olfar Miat Sen. Kteln MMW 
dayi. c>rl»i.Ma((ar9. 

-m OMvjr M'onn. VM .i|id. 
Ooad TIrta, Loo MUaa. lite. 
Cond Call BvanlBfs aad 

HELF Mother left ta aall 

enUafa tw'a car. )«• Chevy 

(raaipariatian. Price 

|UHX^W.AT UKD. % MH,.! 
new WA 

PS. pa. A«l««>«"e. *•?'"■ 
Qood COMlHaa. •■■• ar baal 
guar. Can WMm after I pm- 

wuRLiTiER •''Nrr 

OKGAN. Modal «W«A M4 kay 
nanaiala. n padala. » itopa. 
oercosiion Bench tacladad 
Walnut finuh 
ditian tm 

WIICE tm Tram Am M.flW 

mllaa. tIJMN. Bl Oind Call 417- 

iffi Cliav El Camlna BxcaUant 

condlUon. 43.m .mllaa II..1M> 
or bait olikr. IM-IMI 

MATCilRACS warn ar OFFBE.. 

PRICE lifn Trana Am M,(K» 
miles M.MO Eacallaot 

Midltlon CaU m^mi 

Ford Tl Orand Torlan 
Countryaflolra wagon, g 
PS, PB. .AC Lo» 

, 'good cMUUon. 11 .MO. 

71 Chary Oamara. 

•n Yamaha I'TSO Special.) me. 
cond l,Si» mllea 
Miai icU Sl»-Hae 

Skh»»nn3-*hael adult bicycle 3 
tpced Excellant condltlan IITS 
PIcaM call ltl-1344 aflar iM 


TVFDKC For all typing : 
VobmiedlscDunts P«e pick up 
delivery Accuracy 
Call KT 

aiii« on Tuea. M»-TI. Pan ai adr 
ii|N-iahl portable AM-FM 
ba t a a e u f:l»- 


Student with cerebral pahi; 
taking far joh on caropua 
Typtflg. niii«. paper work, copy 
maeMae and errands. All lypet 
of office work Call Barbara 
after 3 30 at 2i»-lM4 

Roommate wanted to afaare t- 
bedroom lownhouse in 
Wheeling wilh 2 oUiers Miait be 
straight, conservative, non- 
smoker. 23-U yrs old Includes 
washer, dryer and heaL tin 
per month 4 electndty Call 
S«l-t7a after S p m 

Famala atudenl wWi cerebral 
palsy looking for nde to Harptt 
from Streamwood Please call 
]B»-1344 after i:» pm. 

WantedSludio Apt or 
nain m a house or ap« 
Jotai at Ml-mit 


FAflNG IM «■!% m Women's 

for Claia Wmp. Aay mwatioB. 
Will airama pMi'lv. Fb 
Toll Free I-IO0-llt-lt4< 

Th my Oarlioc Teadiar. Iliaaks 

lii«. dHve stich shiil. and... that 
tooH*" Love you always my 
lltUa Archiekiu Volumpoua 

be so dull all your life Put some 
ptiaxi in your lovehfe or aa- 
preas your feelli«s for your 
darkest enemy in the PER- 
SONAL section of ihe HAR- 
BINGER'S classified ads Foiff 
lines for only a buck Do it oow 
before somabody baatt yea la 
it! Drop off your ad in AM? or 
give Cindy a mg at est 461 
And don't worry, your identity 
ta inour strteXst confldenea. 

tkkthmr 2^, 197'i Thf Harhinfetr Pof^ 5 

WHCM: Where the campus rocks 

hi pm WICBtUNO tfintrmt lofmali <>( music «f a«w <• UMlMtwc .I mllll M iDcomins evcnii nid review WHCM ruiu on 

Tlw MMlM oflar* tmwftl 

tfintrmt lofmali <>( music 
ikrviigliovi it! brMdcaaunf 
d«y.«lllclialn(rwiiS«(n (o)« 
9J^. ttmttf through md«y 

iriltwIiiMil 4MlK]r. WHCM ii, 
irtlh Uw mcapliM 0I iMHr 
Suv Liwit, flntlfily rw by 
.ftiiriMt*. Ilkt lun it 

ivcomiac evcnii nid review 
(Mat ev«ti *t Harper AaoOMT 
poiaiWlUy tit* ilallon 

BwrngMBait ■ logfetog into la 

ruiu on aUotUd 
jrfrMn the MudaM aettwHy 
fund. The MaUaa iiaaa ¥wy UtUa 

paid advarttalot. RaoM^i aat 

featured artiata.. Wtai an artial lanaa af« i nm a rtai ai paid 'iar 
'Itair mm"' 

or graap 
miMK wtU be 

liliawid al maay 

iB Ms hroadraMli 
'■«|ul.paM«t tneliidm 

'by UK timm Ik 
Chteafo Tilt broadtaallat 
•quilMneiit is k>|il in thtlrilndis 
(aciHty m BM|. t Dm ttudto Ii 
i ittfacUy acroiB 

IManals diMat M day. 


«( lUi (kaid. hot imM ef Ikt 
time tfe^r arrive in Ow nail aa 
rraiMtlaaal matarial. 

Hie 'inaiiaienMnl m WHCM 
haapa the ilaff rdattiwly elnae- 
knit However. tiatioa 
maiiatcr. Ken Brown, (Ives the 
cradtt lo Miaa Lewis "She it 
really the ptnoo who holdi the 
Mgaoiiatlaa lefether, " Bnnra 
•ays. Stall member* arc 
MWDaad lo toltow a itTiet 
conaUtntlon and aparatiag 
pniccdisea. A aarioai attUudf 
while showi are being na it 

While no formal radio carter 


twiMn 2%&-'07S 


Tccat* "Wm Iravo can put out the ftre An icy 

r»d can of Teeate B««r importett from HcKtco, 

»0|»|>«<1 with lemon and tilt Now you're cookin' 


The fenml el WHCM 
preaantly naii aa rollnwt: 

• am ID am. Top It 

iiimilar to WLSi 

It am } |> m Album Rock 
ttimllar lo WLUP and WMET) 

2 p m - t p m Pnttwmtv* 
otmilar 10 WXRTi 

« .p.m. • ( p.«. Kaay Uttaning 

• p.m.. - • pa. Eaay UHanlBg- 
top 41 

t pML ' SO p.m. AllMit Riock- 
l «m jl | ie t aiw 

A mtrvey being dittrtbulad 
IMa weak by WHO* may rMoH 
in • change of format lor the 
■tallon A coming atlractioa 
will be • weekly 
calM "Newi of the 
This ihow will 

can IK Into 
I «f iiKh trt utt might 
taClnde the Beatles, the 
Baaehboy* or Elvis. 
The ttalion hai 11 
dunng Ihe week 
are leam efforu that n» wHli 
.both an iiigliiaiii and diac 
Jadhiy. Heweter, moat ol the 
Hiates have only one permn 
Mag both )obt Evwy slalT 
menlMr runt al laait one Iwo- 
hovr thmv • HMk. 1liMjr«is provun It oltarad at Hatpir, 
ttalltn minwIiWi m m^llt t ma WHCM doaa gtm ttodanta pod 
air Mail. "We*!* altaayt opat braadcatUng operltace. TUa 
lo cnme in lor iiperience it always 
laid Milt Gatnar noteworthy whan tranttetriiig 
Any Harpar ttudaot can Join lo ioir-year lehooit. Reotntly 
WMCM provUM he lahia al prataatnnalt la the Held «( 
IraM ttarte cradll houn wr broadeatting have taken an 
■emetter. PoclUooi *t mtc Wareal in WHCM They have 
}OGkey and engineer are alio CEpretied inlerett la 
aealMila I9 MiMloii. An4 .11' a wafting with WHCM membtn. 
praMknA'Wi'iMiBiHtaiiM' "Wt'rt alwayi open for 
tar a Jnb he inay be gHran a MgfMUnni," Brawn latd. "We 
chance at aoother poallioa. Mlia are here to lervc the people." 
Gamer «tated. "We always give WHCM takes r< 
' t B a HhwUwiM (he day. 
a bad' diR lldhm ait'lMidM 'Mf caUU^ eitt. tK, 
■ aikld tt hs waidil "Htm retpiiMs IB the lomat 
like lo try biing aa m^umr" moM ol the time.*' Brown laid. 
Either way, Mlaa Qlfliir IMt Whan they don't, ttudenit an 
that MiiiMMB gel a««r the laar aiked li> can back when (he 
ol vorktag with broadcast particular bnaat ol the toog 

FCC forces radio changes 

ofllcial told a 


•laftat hare 'hM week that Ihe 

day* III tm hiW''«itt ciiilcga 
station are ataaband 

regiMlaas test .tune that will 
■notl - and the 

end ol lonu! - lea wait statiooB 
usiog a part of the FM band 
prevloiiily reserved for 

educalinnal bftataallnf. The 
new FCC regnlatiaai l«iHil«. 
Ihe im-wilt Mattoas le apply 
lor at least M»-watl power 
liicreatet. or to get oH the 
reserved baad. Edward Perry. 
a consttllant to many 






IMH « MY ... Bi W »!?. m 

• vni'Misiiiis 
w^"^^i • i^w^Fw w emp* ^pRi HRHPHPaiMMP 



•4' fr«mt%. %lii«lt visMm, gtat Icimm 

DraHS ari (MCis ns I ii oFFn 

M«va a complete vision ex«min4tion by • 
skllltcl profaisiortal doctor of optometry 

Kvva. K.Mamiiia'n 
GlMsat Fttttd 

Honover Pork 

26 r 7 »rv*ng Rd 

ilk Grow 

1 180 Devon Av*. 

Biittah Grove 

23 C. Dund«0 ffd 

iron YouB >»iit ticoMO PMm 

Prd'iiv ipllMK FllaM 





^ Icarus Systems, Inc. 

t» C Aloomiuln Hd. Itl-i 

Mon thru Prt MX Sat t-l 


CartridGie Electric 

L See a dwmnatration ^tou'tl 

be efTHted and lincMesMd. 

• Canritsge ribbon system 

• Cirbon film and Fabric riblnn 

• Ouict*. clean correaioos 

• OiMlileiiMUIacttaHe 

• Eiiti»wMlaoifnaaa 

• Off kce-iixe imylMiMl. 

• Paper injecior 


m-»n ii-ii B 
Alter n-iini 

After 11-17 79 S279P* 

AH PiHm 'Call) « Cany Only. .Ait Unm. low With 
ManutaettiMfS ewaanlat' neimn 10 SCM' lor Mrvica 

Mrut Mniee Guaianiaa A«8iiatiit kw ttmati {■iwi 


educaliooal and noa- 
commcreial ualioas, astlnialaa 
thai anywhere fratn 90-SO per 
cant ol the stationi won't be 
Hble to afford the power booat, 
or will not apply before the 
January. IWO deadline 

"We don't want to knock 
anjtiody ofl Ihe air* Uie FXX'i 
Allen Mayan told the college 
brtadcattan. But many of the 
brwdcastan Ml the FCC wat 
ellbdivcly dning Juat that, cm 
ddagaie cnmiiiMiMI that maay 
prafenloiiitl braadeaslart 'lodl 
on Ihe ten wait eoUage ttalioas 
ai "plectronic undboxet" 

The ne« wattage rcgidatlant 
Daredavetopedai Uwurgmgol 
tha Orporalion lor Public 
flrnadlMallng The purpma was 
to open up Home ol Uie crowded 
airspace in the m-K megalnirti 

II the ttallant don't ap^ lor 
power incnatcs. they will be 
buMiped off the reserved 
edacalleiiBl trequency and onto 
camniamal FM frequencie* in 
the K lOS megahuni band In 
thai band, they will not be 
allowed 10 inierfere wilh the 
more powerful eiiitlng 
MinincrciBl ilaiioni, and will 
not be protected from 
lalarference themietvea 

Perry, who works with 
Educational FM Associate!, a 
Tirm thai asaiUs more than axi 
n o n - c « m m e r c i a I and 
educational ilaiions. eatimatea 
thai 7IHIU per cent ol the Icn- 
wut iialiont will ullimately 
apply for at least lOO-waU 

He expects to have "two 
■uitcatet lull ol appUcaliont tar 
power buocla by ianuary 3, 

II will lake mart than an 
applicatlan to comply with the 
rtv regulaiiom Perry 
estimates It will coal each 
ttalion tS-lfl.tXM) lo improve 
tyslemt John Boursey of the 
Ftr later told ihe convenllon 
the FCC wtll rtquire prool Ihe 
siailBW can lalsa the 
batare Uia agtacy wUt 

Bfpt fr Hv Harlm^imr Odo^ 2^, f '97V 

Agents career rig ht on cue with astro chart 

■ ■ w a rt i ni M i H i. ii i iiii nnil i n X«-Si^ 
Artr palii *TiB li 'iw .nu r \ 

Mlllt MMnM Mid IHM tMn "1 I I 

waMat If IU» it niy y^^T/T 


^ JtlU MMLV 

•lamtira mi imt .it yi. >■¥# ta lit twH 

yuor ingimily, you may teal 

aaj (MM vou 'CauM: iim* :|Biir way 

■■"••••««•■ ■•*•■• ••■*•'■•''■ Mf !»»• lauf c 

W MMHI ImH' JIMt 'MMi UM Clia tttaaf nana, 

aaMai''flB 'MW'aMS^i hm whk lacwiaiiMnH aiiti iiaiiwa mmi) 
but 'MisMiiilly. 'Wi 'I 

lniaMr""«Jli""faapla p«- laaiMm wr'a^Hc 

MMtMilly, «■« tilalaf «|«n cnM^ to 

llMli' MUtcWiiii'NiiiK i# to'^f anil 'wMic aaiilwi' Mi' J 

■Vit 'IniiwlHMHt tB' IHIk VINI' Of IMili. flTH WH' flIM I 

iHir IM. thai t* MMWH «MnytliMiitH^p'liir'lBi«tiwl 

•MWM, ywi (hoaM ba aatatt «o«iraiii«a alaa I 

ftatlical- imritrtuitalaly. vowMrI bt MrpnMl O yw 

«faalMy'iiMil«|feiiM:tiMii mm atiTaciMl la *cry unwial 

. «■ Wmi *«I7 aiall, mi I can mm mk* aa E.S.P,. .bto- 

^mmmm»m *<«•( • Mi «f AuilltMn. faaAack. am* Mlrotaty.. 

^^ "WW vMP« w ^^^^^^^^ ^^ i^^BB thai Wiik Mi* 'giM te f^^^i i^JL 

l# ha a 'MMMiWi. nafi if nav ■wa 

I tail I mun meniiwi that U 
ymm gaalt and tirtviagi (or 
yowMlf bavcD't completaly 
dunfad reccnlly, Ihey Man niOl 
aad in an unaiuil. uwxprciad 
•ay. IMa la cyclicly a time 
pariad in your life, for tht 
awakfning n( your own 
polcntlal. and the rvjuvoiation 
of yoar wdlvlduaUty It i* a UiM 
lar new atarta, chanfi* Ui 
rialatloiiahlpt, and the 
minft»<at ef yiwr pcmnal 

My only advtoe ti: dM't i 
aw practical ude of H( I 
your inner inipiratlnw and 
Wfca It's lime for ywi l» da 
what yuu've alwayi wanted Ui, 
ImM haven't had the fUlB tat 

%. Hm m* thalkialMaaBhaw;<iapeeiany 

.Idllfl «Wl' p il fWi a l pMbUc OMItal trom one 'Who U> a hard 

' iHai' Willi wmtmn. I Om'l doubt Uiat 

■ai biiBK eveBiMlly mmtmm wtu he 

*n the ■>- HaweiMr, it pmn, rtvr^tmntfmttanm 

lalerprelalloni. (ubmit 
inqutnc* lo the Harbinger oKlee 
locatnl in Bldg AM7 Umk 
then for further dataiU 

Blrtli daU to be pnnled with 
dam Dale MS4t Urn •»■» 
Ul «tmU -nine * a am 

Sense: Key to diets 

Jhmailw li hM 'Of Ibda ffam 
•MMlrabaa la ntuBic. Iron 
C ' ii a t iei to !etaviata<i. 

■MDPiaa * alKait uylaf i» 



al althi, the body (audi la nria* 

aadflvv #aini> Hili. af t 

aHmlnaUai ttaalf. tiaa«. In lanit 
It ipnaiMtai la m .aahte al 

« tea an 

Music appeal to 
"dearly beloved" 

*^WI^^— ^*^ ^^ ■■-■ _ ^ j^^^ ■■■1* i^MW Vi^Mii ■p^BH ■■ .^^■M IW QW IMM WHsmKi , iWRj ImWR 

IS tmall 

onaatltlaa ihraualKiut the day 

Is thai aaeond 

of yaur tavoriic food. 

tan* of the imtlMtdi oolad by 
ttien* riperts are alto 
Mag. A piu • day, a 
a waili 'la ■ puinit 
It if dMt mad * if4f y 

hmnd In 

I 'i* dfurini am 
enacily' 'ho* 'many eakriaa yaii 
are tmmmmUm' Take that Ciunt 
and CM: It in half CommanMiBt 
laUi you (hat by cultMg the 
MialBi your' body wc«||hF wlU 

and can lead lo iMe 

'tltacla sucti ai nautaa. 
and <allti» tt la 

I to n»t pllti at I 
way i» to** • naple <if | 

fiating all rarhobydratea 

early in the days Is amwlhar 
Mmmon maw plaa. «t ailaok. 
«t all kn«w Wat adlwliy 
'haraa on eatonae by « 

■li the 
in the world will 
if you lack will power 
He dalannincd to achieve your 
(iMit U aot lor leinetMie etn aa 
II lar yaanaW. A itniac wiB and 
a UttitceauBanaenae la a freal 
ractpefor a dwt plan Try it and 
me how It wort* for you 

Of cmirte. ail the 
CMnmonaanie In the world will 
not wuct 1( you lack willpower 

A »tnK« will and a Utile 

I B a graai tvcye 

lar a 'It fit, itf 

U and laa 

FMm". "ftai««i". -AI Ibt 
Tha«(» You Aiw" . "I Cast Hip 
Lairtig Veu". "JallMat' 
MT. "tt-a la 

™' '"" ••YouAwltr 

Sunahine". "Ut'a DaMt' . 
Mdil pil% "Mac the KnlM^_"i Vhot Ti 

'II li ihair ia>. luiiiiimlatr. ''iMM 1)1 
"If t M|*\ *'taniiiiH' 
fktl,1talfwmik.mmfwiltmtmi lb Walah. Owar Me", lad lay 
I* Ikt aHintty m mmm:^ oaaUMparwy hlu woaM: H 

aytiaaii. Kacaidad aayinfa 
iMMiaa 10 la laa' vafrifliwaiif 
««h "'IMo ■mm. " mttm IM 
thai the tull mmn allecta yma 
iatlng. II naania that the lunar 
ray* 'MiyatarMMii'ly dacnaaa 

N«ia of fhiae natiani arc Mat 
but il you read *««« oi the dW 

aad ralailvaa aa In 
Uaat mab ma 

Ihcw fiehbi. All ol tham are 

« cuptorlng way* «f 
,hmM iiiWt Mi ilbiy . 9k) m » 
'Hutf llHl wiii' aK'fliMi'% iHPat aa 

MaiV «i«tH MlBi ■»» •» i p M Umn . mat »ai> yyr HM wmmmfttHmtmm' 
mmt m ip mg iMp *. tbt' «ai m iSThiliini.^ Ot p aat Slat an what faad* an had a 

IMMtf liliMtlMl WHMill m Km MhI. httf Wtf iinOi. MM MAn Hluifiii mfliiiiii JHD» .nadlb' • iiniiiiJ 

^^„ 1 if iba and: 'hear «• hand. Oe . 

'' maa il~ An apaa har la fHnuaaia Inaaa'aii a |H"Ma wvai:. 
but Um Mayba'fvaMiitallM4'ilMi*aiy 

' 'la Mtf. A I " 

_ jy- .laujjJhiii H||gi Jl||||g|i4 jyi 

If if I 
, 1^ :|| y mtttw one mm^ 

'Hat 'malat it vary eonfiaitng fur 
the piiillc to find a (b«l plaii 
whtdl WU them 

I letl thai loting i*«i|M 'Saa 
bt aecmmplitbed Ihrougb 
•'nd * illtla 

itel iMi ara aatritianalia'ia 

Ha knew ibat big 
I at «alN' afl aai taaif ia> la 


lie's 1^ 

'mD ■ ImI 

Mr 'hstpi 

'^ Rollmg AAeadows 

/ 392-2210 

Kirchoff Marltet 
Buffalo Grove 


Plaia Verde 



Arlingtor> Heights 


Across From Jewel 

(kMtmr _"/. ;vr«/ The Harbmgiir Paffe 7 

How much is a 'clean grade record' worth? 



__ a»«r.liilI»i«*.«Ui«IOi**« 

profemnr to pay hUn damagw 
IMvniUy al GiM*'i ti* «!•» to tl» »r« 

-I irirtiait — •■ ■■Hii-i- IW •*■ Iw 

Ik* riM til Irani' 

my of tbt tuimr 



relnalitMUMl <•> •eallaink 

Man cwwiMi, Rotert D 
MHIar kiMd' th* HsaUM 




CTS SUtilUc* itww UlW 
mcMMitng nuBton of malt and 

in lurn. (mrwifd* m»U 
dai^trt' corrad 

to ttoj 

Unlvvrsity taw tehoti »n S 
Paul. MN , twice after being 
dumiaiMi from Uie law 
program He orifUially iwid in 
ivn. clatmlng (hat 
irregulariiiea • tn Wat grading 
and the unavailabiUty of imon 
MBwiad tn a imM of his 
iiMMIIllHMHl ngtia, and that 
ht iIiiimM llMi«fiirt to allowed 
back .into llw law acknal. 11m 

had prtviom 'carrlad a € 


Ike oraclice. 9m, wrn* •mup, 

. k M... «iltui»J. *■ ■ ■■ - Mm. 

tim*"* • tn^imm UMt Bin » 
het|i studmila keep iwraati 
ifMrani tt >keir aenal liaUta a 

liltM' Mfiger. 

Faor nMHilta a| 
OwMlaa. a Unl»irii«y of ' 

ftaaani, ofw* 


1 I'd mayto qi 
than home," 
ncaiii 1 «lw«y« "«*•'« H 
would to ntc« i* there w*f« a 
icrvice like thia available It't 
toner Uian ranting half an 
apa-imanl lo tto tune ol liau. 
and iw* even living (karc " 

He ~tiHid again in .... 
court, claiming Ranllne't 
rcfiaal to allow bim to raenwar 
before tbc admiiiioni 

ennniiltee wa» a denial of due 
IvocMt. On July m. tto US 
Cowl <if Appaala alao ruled 
^ainM him. citing ia | iM«i ««laB t 
a US. Stgweme Court dadaion 
tkat Btudanta were not 
Btceiaartly entitled to a formal 


sre." I 

Laal April, Harry Maur. a 
butlnesa grad iludefil at 
Southern lllinoia Univenlty at 
Edwardsvllle. at>o sued a 
protaior over a grade Maue 
Mtod la to awanlad an .MBA aa 

Ha cWma tkat inatrurtor 

Taste the pride erf Canada. 

■aatv i(W »i!»» of yrwm$ htrttin/f ■ '.i «l«n 

»c«i>. (l»rBnl»t»le«:JMt">l5CT-. ..,.■■ 

m t7H<i ).i«i XHwt. «» l«wi«ln, w«klr»'t .Ptoogiiiw 
cHt iwJrm Immrmat.. (»« lit'il W praid «i ll«' 
|iwi tiiwA i»tr of C/)I.I*IN * 
A i..t"-«'" ....IS ' iVbwi^* f 

John Phillip! changed the 
courte r<?qu»r«inents at tto lait 
minule. and thus cauaed Maue 
to (all ito one remaining clasi 
he needed to get his MBA Maue 
undertfood to was to complete 
the coune by writing lour 
papers Maw't auit claims ttot 
after the papers were 
suhmilied, PhiUips asked Maue 
10 tato a final eiam Maue 
reliaied. was denied his MBA, 
and sued 

SlUE legal represeolati** 
John Gilben says to held a 
meeting with Maue and Maue's 
attomryii »i the end <>f Auguat in 
an sllempi to reach a 
aattlemoit. but that tto roeattng 
waa 'iMit fruiKul Glltorl has 
noee died a motion to dismm 
tto caae, and eaiiecU tto court 
to act on tto motion "prwtty 

Gilbarl adds thai studanU 
iuing over bad gradea tove 
caaaa that are 'hanl to prow." 
TtopreoedoU in Illinois, called 
Taaacr v. Baard of Tnislees. 
requifws that students prove 
their prflfeamn acted "out ol 
maUce" or "artiilMrUy and 
capricioualy or in had lalth," 
accortfing to Gilbert 

Former University of 
Colorado student Larry 
Goldtorg tried to do Jual ttot in 
im. wlMB to sued history 
profeaaor Boyd Hill for failing 
him three limes on an ancient 
history eiam. The failures 
effectively ended Goldberg's 
chancea to gel his dDcloral*. 
Goldtorg alleged Hill wroie 
"commenM oo the face of tto 
esam which were highly 
suspect and prafeaalonally 

Ssmiaaed Ite caw ki Atmm, 


Now Ml Tesas, Gable is 
Bceuaibg former associate 
busmeas professor David A. 
Wilson - now a certified public 
Kcounlanl in Houston - <t 
niUUng Gable's career with an 
F, end of iitolmg him when 
WilBsn tried to appeal tto 
grade Gable says to had a B in 
Ito course before tto final, and 
that tto F Wilsan gave Mm 
•killed his grade point 
average " Tto grade reportedly 
led to Ma diuniaaal (ram gfad 

WiUim'* letter to the daan. 
wrfttan whan GaWe appealed 
Ito grade, slates. "You may 
recall that iGaWei simply did 
nail itow up for tto final eiam 
last spring <l*78i when I waa 
leaching the course, and as a 
caniequence I gave him an F " 
"This II my whole career that 
has been ruined im account of 
those ftalcments," Gable 
•onMn* in his suit 
tta* liaa baan no Mai dMc 

Car Rental 

511 W. McD»n»W R<- 
Prosff«ct Hei«M$ 

no." I HI 




Pap H fh* Harhmfffr f*r«i»W I'V, iV79 

Building M open 
to community 

DMlaMli awl •«•« li TniMw 

Kia :|MN ■ 

'"c«i«mBiilt]r m«tei»t« wtU 
oBBorlaniti' lo tow ita 

«Ht ta a *WM|. la Dt Md. ai 
•a.*, to mmri a |«ar't hmUt 

MamlMntup tn Harptr'n 'HaaHk 


«>•■■«■ havt htm 

_. . a tk* latanil 

•ight w*«kit aaaaMi twfan 
(Mhir iiwtnictiHial < 

•H*i Rial aiaiual Hafljar Claa* 


liMiiiiiy i'3t ' ^ p.MBi-, S'-3"3i^ 

VIMiMailair 11'- !!>'•" ■ >-'''-^ 
ValltytialHlubi 1 10 pm 
ntiawiay T:» *am . U - > 
It.iii.. I ■ S:»pin 

rrWlaj7;»-t«:m . II • 1:» 

'a«iiiM«> «>» t* rMnctad. 
la mtffr laamj. ••««■ •««! 
■MlHMi A tmrmti HariMr ID 
card »il» •>• r«m"*^ '" 
allliaiiM. Actnitta tuck at 
ba»k*ttiall. *oll«yh»H. 
tiadminlua )i>IS)HC will bt 
atroiltM 'diirtat »• y^ 
ntraaUan mm». t»«« •« •» 
■MM tiiiMi «•>•» onlgr ^ of 
lilt ■mhi w<U. to avaltaiito Iw 
activity. Gyro tmrn^ aft 



Coil Joan 

at ext. 461 

•lll*a|*ija«li»a.N«wr JlandM. 
- lagiiiar aaaion vanity 
.__jltliiBi MlHiiad 10 btgtn on 
nm. » «tai am Haoto •ill 
taal Kialmai*a«. TlM anKMci'* 
taifealiMll laam wtU late lo Uw 
aa* mm. m Dae, I agal^nd 
EHn OenuiMaity Calhge, 

flia avanlnf «l «*t mm 
tmlMiat gt««i Qm HMfV ''<■■■• 
• hanr pHyalcal adncallnn 
fMilWj for >to '»"' 'J"" *• ■•* 
war* Harper has med aria 
tm •duMli and otiMr nnted 
lacintlia ilMca MO. *>>•« f"^ 
dmiroytd tlw taawrtwJ t-rn 
•hich iTOiitad tut Colltt* i 
|iliya,ical adiirailfla i>fii«r»m 
tlw M« MMIaf. mpnma hy 
nifrmidini in Wm. ■rwtdi*. 
tnitriictiaital faeSllllm (or 
tranrfer jfufrann in phytical 
aducattoii, IwalUiwiucaDw (tid 
racrcatlm Siialfnia cradiiaim 
tram iliaaa |>ra|raiiia eaa 

tranilkr to fmr^ymt tr" 

■ad wtmnilMa to co 
Mawalaiiraait' Mudy. 

Wrist action 

»a lia >aM » Ha».. T, 1. 1 _ _ . 
wKh tha dMplaadHf 'IHiM'lali 

Nov. 11, nmwm*mmii/Bmt 

A pmm ••attall gBBriiaa mhi 
aay b* «aa I* ra«k« at u Uf 
1MB Hit Ha HaiiAi. 

II lantmrt W Ike 
roUctt laatlnli 

Ttif H»»k» play aglMMil wrigm C> . 
o.avi Thanday al 7:]t iplHte by Jaaa 




Tlw Harpar Voiteyfall Oiib 
ba* bcm tannad. and «tll nwat 

f««ry Monday, WMtoantay and 
rViday ftum mini >-30 
li,.in , i» IIM Bh||. M iJHaanua . 
M man aad aaanaa itudanti. 
fboiity. and wall ■■»' Kalwana. 
VaMaybaH can, aim ■*» |l«]«d 
durinf tha Man fyni nl#M. 

ta to pm 

-Building M schedule 

n<at tlmat art Hin.iied «o Monda,» J •■ ♦ 91- 
Hmprr OMefi r»fu»j. Staff Tawday 3 ■ » |»,iii-,;, 7:i 

■ltd »l«id«Blt * ctirmnl. filid P »> 
ID m Activity card muat to Wadmwiday I 4 pm 

urtMMtal to iba MVMiMr Ml ■n«iir«lay i ■ 5p,in,; l; 

duly, tm gain abtraiict to 11* f ™ , , , 

M Friday ispm 

Barnngton Square's Annua! 

'liQO W'lUiuiiniiilMtfiii 
•iloliitiit giltk ttdfaianealaiaa •l'r<>Tli<M>l riHtui 

From 10 o.m to 4 pm. 


Healtti Oub for Men 

Scoffer supervision in Conditioning. 
Wofiilit Trainina. and «ody Building. 

HOURS Mon.-Fri. f-f 
Sat. 10 - s 



^ l«Wl Im r tiaattal i apii nM . 

So innv iMil fou rvm and ^ •!■«•' of iialay't «•>■<*• 'lot* 

866 S Elmhurst ftd . Oes Ptaines .j^Mp 
1425 Chfaen Ave. Di3wrw»S Grov* 1/ »H^*j 

Also Se'i/ing 

.-165 S Elmhuisi Rd,. Des Plaine 

42b Ogden Ave, Downers Gro\ 


Itarket Research Intenriewers 

htvtstag pMc cMlad mrl K li*rsl Mfm CmC- 
Fmin itMAt ft tm. mwp « "mMs. 
iMi sabrj «i wntiii MfiiNS a jH trairi«. 

EiaHMt i* ifpliiiliK ir AMi 

F* m- M m. Umiti M. 9-5 p. 392-()M1 

.SalQS fcpresentative \ 

X 1147 Tower Road, 
*\ \ Schaumbufg, II' / 

'We are "The Beeper People" 
and have several openings now. 

• Full Time • Port Tim« • Your Tim* 
A good opportunity for the Right P»opte 

Call Mr. Fuhler (312)tt5-3!DI 


We tieed more Harper students for our 
telephone inteivtewing staff. Surveys are 
vBried and interesting. Flexible hours. 
Reasant working cxxiditions with good 
pay and opportunity for bonuses. 
Only five mtnules from Harper. 

Qiliton Researeli Services 

715 Algonquin Rd. 9B1-55W 

Arlington Heights, H 

Equal opportunity Employer M/F 

Special Services helps students 



M ScrvMM 

nm ilM Won available tn 

German. Spaniih. French. 

Mr iiMr. Anyone iiOmmMA in 
btcnmUita iliiiliM ttilor i^aM 
comact Pal ••■•iKI *« Fl».. 
AS nf tht'Martiig claaiM art 
lii««liliia.lii>«tf to "•* «■•>• 
I'l MMb.. Th« ClUMt 
Miaia a variety <rf matcnali to 
Mp Umhi with (Mr itudy 

at «eO ai ta|iw, nimslrliM mi 

paraonalixad instmclion 

ThMt ar« many nfUoia ii|mi 
l« dudtnla wha (aar tlicf '■■;' 
bt IWlla|, a cImi. Hm) Anal data 
fnr *oppil>C'* •>•■■ ** o"* *"'''' 
DcvcnMr. IMiMita win fael 
Ihal Uwy may nM bv able to 
IMMit a claia but itill vial) lit tate 

pMTt In It iBi*y andll the da«. 
IHi 'Hiaana that Iha daaa l> 
lahM wtdMMl eradit. and Ite 
Miaitiil dow not rwdve a grade 
it lilt and or the acmetter 
On* d Ilia moat 

I hel|> In 
ini|ir«wii« (hrir aunty aUOi ii 

aa MP I 

V«l 13 No. 10 

* ilium K.uiiKf Mm^n i;.»llr»r. %ln«m|iitii whI R*«*Hr R<.iiib. PilaliM*. I» 

Noveiiil»er 5. 1979 

ii60«M)7. ;il2-:W7-;MMHI 

Nuclear debate causes reactions 


Twty mack. 

lESmtmttmlw* nwltar 
adiMi and 

Cailianni dum ^ • ^im*)* 
» Iwt tiaii ■! Hifftr. 
■al ■ '" 

daath bMaiiM of «iw ndiaiM 
ralaaae " He mMmI' Oat a tiafc 
miN tMa mm be talan.. Ma'taUI. 

MM •Itand bacaiw «f a famiy 

Hlacfc <a|MMMd tlK dadale by 
iHltmi, ■■Coimmon»eall!> 
EdtWMi teela tbal nuclear 
mmm la ID*' baai tadnioiafy 
lit m mm% aa •■« aa. lit 
■MM. me«MMi<ical' wmrce of 

«it Mavt an inctMtlag demand < anl 
Inr more aiMrnf. MOT* .ind 

Imr more 

••len.rtetiy, t« 

•ii imiDfta and 'nin< .pWI 
..yntnl dnilcai;. 
He laM.. "OmI la dMy ■ 

CMl la. MiMlly M* 'Pr ««« 
iMiw damflnx* wlMB y«n ilstnk 
o( Itm .ritka o( tnln(n.|. 
tran»t<"f«"o''- ••"* 
.urowitaiiti ■■ He iiated. 
■•■wietoaf power » ia:le, OO' one 
hi* ever dilcd bMSillc ol il. 
ilMiaandi have died tn tual 
mine ca«»...|H>." 

Kteck alio, diaeuaaad the 
rweni breaWown and naar 
calaamiiiw at ih« Thrm Mile 
(■land |>lani mHiO* of 
.HatTlabnrg. Pa. Ailtaigli It H 
Ml* auiMi to Ml. itw aMecta af 
Hint Mile Wand, be aaid. "tit 

Wbai type «( ac<rldtnla M).ld 
'"' The iMf*! 'iliai oMid 
lt.aMMn la called' '* ^a. iiiiallllii'aii ** 
ID* •mM ocMf il a Mijar idiM 
t4iril and eauaed a kaa <i< 
coolanl If tb« anterfenry 
tMckuf syttem (ailed, the 
radioactive (itaion product! 
toaldt the fuel ro* wwld 
KMlimat to di»lnl*grate and 
ipTC otf heal The wee of the 
reactor would melt wiihin a fe« 
trnwa, latl t«> the liottiMn of the 
< ank, and bun. ihrwigJ the' tie*! 

ind eMni:relit within, a da,)( 

Keck admits that radiation 
..iMt cauie cancer and 
ienkeiMa. but the odda m any 
one pcraon netting a dangeroua. 
«k*» are very to* "l.WKHInitn 
g(«atcr than getting hit by a 
nelenr." he eoaamenleil 

"We haw aewral layeri 
Mwecn radialiaB and the 

"-nnrea. Mile lalaMl haa ( 

a«are of the pnealbfltty of 
inulliple breakdowt*. tafety 
rogulalliina are much ttiffcr " 
He concluded by briefly 
.diacnaaing the radioactive 

cfiniiiiHie iM Miljd that there 
will be at IfMtMeealra cancer 

I in rement. ' 

RiMb lald that the 

rMhaactlve waataa could be 

■Mrad in talt in,ineB and olhef 


.... ,. J 

Terr? Beleli. 

minor earUlDHfetiwild rehiaie 
the fMliafieii and contaminate 
(be (urroundintt land fur 
ilMxawncli of year* She latd. 
ibai traniprtatian: mnld he a 

pm conlMl at Uwae ieaaW. 
and create »en|ioni 

Currently Commonwealth 
EdiMA ttore* (he liienl. fuel 
rod* in. water filled |MialB. on allc. 
qulga laid. --Spent fuel rodi are 
builSni up in poob 'bacauae no 
one want.* Ibem Common.. 
«ealt.k Miami' jm 
cramnlng mm* W 

Kleck *ald that they are 
eipanding their storage 

laciitiiaa to mee the Incraaaing 
amount* of «aaM. 

Qttigs argiiwA wai •a.ek 
.rvacinraiiaiahaMniUicn «••<• 
dump.. "They thraaicn 'Our Hvaa 
with their g»rt>age, they wont 
cipand their reacarch into wilar 
pawwhaeanac tl would be a taa 
.if' nancy to Ihtm.. Thty 

the event «if a nuctear accidenl, 
no evacuaUoa plan* have ever 

Quigg laid thai evaMatlan of 
Cblcaiio would be impoaaihle in 

Each reactor holdt the 
mdiatian of l.tMO HimahUna 
bomba," »ayt Quigg "One 
rxphnian cnuld releaie It." 
Conunoowcalih Edlaoo toepa 
(he piiilic aware of the good 
pDJnta while covering up the 
bad." Quigg concluded with, "A 
melldnwn anywhere la a 
maMiawn everywhere, nuclear 
~ a tlow death tor all 

New program offered fo motivate studer)ts 

tf. I't n »)< Ki I M» 

Harper will Mon tiegtn « 
pr'tfrain to help "htgh rirt" 
stuimii »tljiin nuitivaiion lo 
■uceeed In co.Uege The 
program... modaM after the 
tmihr ■nm «t Illianlt CWdral 
CWIege 'KTt .in Kaat i»eoifi«. 
•Ill be offered 1m the firal tune 
neii (all 

Betty Wuidham will he the 
tacolty leader for the ij* 
prugram. Mint Windham. 1MB • 
leave of aha«ncc M mr lo 
lObiaiiie tbe ffngran at ICC. 
■■•iilw Maipr. aet«ral Junior 
eollafes acriaa the country will 
be starting "high risk" 
nraffraaa at ihair scheola. 
fhaia' i ffh i w i ii inchaie Frwl'^ 
aiaia: Chllnfc in ClilMg* 

Hetghlt. Met 
m Jotiel; Surry 
College, in Boha.o« MC. 
fommunity Crtlage <«f 
Attegheny County. Weat XWliA. 
Pean . »nd Seminote 
Comiuuwtjf C'ollege. Senunole 

The "high riak" plan u lo 
ilivtiiiv "Ihndiing aklHa ' in 
iKldenla. who did }uil avenge 
or hf'kiw average w<>rh in high 
Mhooi. Thaae -tHnhlng akllto" 
are' 'diactibed aa 'ih* ability to 
nd. cencaita and to 
•ThI* will not be a 
program", streaaed 
Miaa WlntiMMn. The program 
will, be oHerwl tn aludenl*. who 
hcMcm they want to atiand 
cnUage bul are '001 lurt of what 
<ii«ctlBn they «"«U like to 

I. "Om aim will be to aeleci 
*s who come into crtlege 
wtiboui any drflnite carter 
|»l*ii«. who kntm itiey *«>|. to go 
Id totiege. and. wMld benefll 
(rom the proirsm.." luud Mte 
id'tndham. Apprwtmately » 
itudenli will be chuwm lor the 
(t»i of hofiettilly many ol the 
one' iemeater program* Harper 
olticiabi will view the »ucoea» of 
the program ai the end of the 
lir*t year. 

The program will revolve 
arouitd basic, freahman. "cnre" 
claaae* Among these will he 
etaauM in English, math, 
phyaieal science, political 
.MiMica, and .lUlwaDcad rew&ng 
■IttllB. Mania win also take 
paychohigysiliitudyikilisi It 
wiU be m theatady ifciUi cotuw 

where teachers and 

mil meet to discaaa Iht gMl« 
M'ld progresi of the •'hlfh ri*k" 
pT'Ogran All :M students will tac 
w the same courses together, a 
imaaurc Mis* Windham hiipes 
will |iut: the »t«denl* mmr at 

The program will be 
interdisaplinary and according 
lo Mr» Windham will stress 
social mleracliwi between the 
students Th>» ckise interaction 
Iwlwecn the students hopefully 
will increase the motivallMi 
neceitary to (b college level 

The program » Urgely haaed 
on the work of p»ycholffl«i*t 
Jean Piagel Piaget did much 
wo>k in the area of menial 
devduvmenl in young chil*w». 

Al the Unlvenity of Nehraaha 
Piaget* work was ipfliea to 
college aged students and at a 
result the ■high risk plan was 
devised The pragnm has run 
»t the Univeraity of Nebraska 
tor (our years MJ»» Windham 
prfsenily u*«« Piaget tact'^Vj" 
her ciasae* at Harper The 
result* have been very 
promtaing and Mta Windham 
hopes that other teacher* at 
Harper will liegin to ui« them 

The "high nsk' program ieil 
be funded in part by the 
Department of Health. 
Educsllnn. and Welfare Mm 
WlndhaiB hopes that after the 
urograms trial nm is over that 
Uie coHege will continue the 
proaram with Harper funda. 

P«^ 2 'Tim Harhinger Stn-nmhet 

■;. i>K<* 



Harper closes 
satellite campus 

Wl«i Harper'* Willow Park Ctnt«r won to shut 
down, many ttudants are braathing a figh of rtlltt. 

At last ttwy won't hav* to go to two sctraols at ona 
time, to Harptr In ttns morning, Wbeeltng in Iha 
attarnoon and than back to Harper for a night class. 
Mowevw, for some itudents at Willow Park 
Canter was a great convenience. The Spanish 
spiwking population of Wheeling tound ttie Center's 
Engtish as a Second Langauge courses to be a great 
asset to them. 

But for any student not living in the Willow Park 
area or for thoM> students taking classes at both 
schools. It cost them a lot of time and gas. 

A Wg drawback of the center for all students 
attending It was the fact that they missed out on the 
many of t4arper's facilitlas. benefits and activities. 

Willow Park students missed out on many sptciat 
events offered on the Palatine campus by the Student 

' _^ f^ti*^ / 

0tt£ »U *« 


Actlvltlw department. Though many of 
■MMk paid m acflvlty fee they found It to be too 
much «f an inconvaniance to take advatage of It. 

They lost out on great assets lite* Harper's targe 
library and bookstore and vaiuaMa adarlngs such as 
the couni^lng and health centers. They even have a 
hard Miwa galttn* «» Marblntw- 

Baiftg closed off from their mother coHege these 
sfudants lacked a lansa of belonfling wltJt the colleot. 

Harpar slMdents will be belter oft witttowt this 
mMIM* eaimpua. ispaclally with the gas shortage 
.and ttia lil#» ens* o* tranipoHatton, who needs to dr I ve 
• car between classaS' wtwfi they could walk from 
class to class. 

Letters to the Editor 

Fon complains about soccer coverage 

Disabled students discriminated 

CVS - U.S. Di^t. Hi HMtth. 
'MuisUoti and Wilfar* 
SaicrMarT Pii>mw Harm hn 
laH 'CSlit*' pMidMiUi ilisi If 
tlMlr MBMUi don't admit 
ha^iMlMiaptid' Mttdents. tiM 
•amisaiaa 'dsaial mist Us 
liMraahi diliiiMl. 

In a latttr to Aratrtcan 
collage and utiiveriity 
■fnmmla daiad Oct. M. Hani* 
illMnvUd 10 mOm t»» «HMs 
al a raoOTl VS. Sii|j»«mt Omirt 
decwtoi that couM hurt tht 
cbancei of handicapped 

ftudenti to (d Into aeadanic 


The court ruled in 
Senlhfulerii CeaiaiiaaUy 
(•Mccf V Oavl* in June that 
prior inierpreiatiani of Section 
9M of tht 1973 RehabiliUllai 
Act had been loo liberal Section 
jKM forbids ducnmmalion 
atainsi oiherwiae qualtned" 
haiMllcspped peiiple The owirt 
ruM that France! Davia. a 
partially dear woman who had 
applied to Soutlieaalern't niim* 
training program, wai nol 
"olbefwiae qualified- hecauae 
perl ffl( the program would tiave 
to be waived in order lor her to 

exclude* a dlinWod itudmt 
because of the student's 
••mahdily 'o» course 
rmjuireraenu' . the college still 
ha* to demonctraic Itiat ttit 
requirements are nacMsary to 
the program. 

The court niling. the warned, 
•ould not ilnp HEW from 
mailing college! improve 
acceas to campw buMtngi, 
provide extra leaching aldi to 
■he handicapped, and let the 
dMMed iUbatituie couraet or 
«wrk on degree program! 

Harrta' letter teemed to 
narrow the niUng's impact. 
She urnUe that 'if a collepe 

A fchool "remains oMIgated 
(0 make adjustments in Ua 
programs when those 
adjiiatments are related to the 
method" of offering the 
program, as opposed to the 
cimtent of the prijgram 

ta. and alio • 

rm a • 
Utile conewnad 

piMtdty (het la givan 

Hit is 

by Um s«:lionl dacu'l kno* we 'have a 

'lliw ''tmt* 

iM Itair M 

olda NamewiiMidd 

upon request 


SHxHj± Thanks fo everyone 

l*Wa* !■■■ » w^smvw^m. AIM ___ . t». riiii^. ffM* I'hMir ajMrvk' 

IMMl team la having a losing 

yet Uiare are always 

laa I. I 

at the iociw lam would 
I a hit better tf they could. 

Thanks <o everyone 

On rriday Oct l» my •* 
Betty and I were totally 
mnriMtf with a Cotfat' i>arty M 
•elebraiioD of our rilUeth 

piiqiin knn* thsl taw OMjr arc 

«*' •a«iUI"botll like In WM IMt 
_ Ky 10 thank. EM. IlK 

.lor the deticioui. 'Caka; 
Batty Ltwii and SuaaiiH 
ttcrron of the Cafeteria 

racttHles for their sw»l«»; 
Bea Murphy tor tht appruprtate 
homcmadt goM-loaf and hllea^ 
olHievaHey corsages and 

ceiilerpitce, and our special 
(hanta to Ontm. Bea. Ut and 
Jan. who imluMt lo hard to plan 
Ike party and served »» 

Foriner Editor apologizes 

TO all Harpae 


t« apoktiiw to yum, as 

Harpar athkrtas for tlia 
fm ••••• 

— - I» ••• th*' 

rSipenaliMty of mim lo 


aiflie I 

Tti* 'iii.iahaailliiig n( iMs 
'b i Mja m llitlHy, i*l** WW ""If 
■ i«lihaapM«i.EdUiit. 

We'd also tike to thank 
rit*** JsmaaiWj** for 

'nay mm lor Ms plwtaa taken 
dunng the party and all the rest 
wtio aaaialed. but, most of all 
Belly and J would like to thank 
all the staff, faculty and 
aintmstraiion lor 'heir kind 
thn«i|Ihl.<i and we shall have a 
cnwUni reminder of <m many 
Ihendi with the AmUvcnary 
l3ock. which •• rtcetvad aa a 

I i» a 10 year 
the eafctana staff. 

MinrtB-Oiiif ...Jmatxummm 

News Editor ''"'I'^l?' 

KriHurrEdiior Wendy Winkelhahe 

l'h.m. Editor. •/'f^'i^ 

tol Pholi.Editor Scott Mdullin 

t '« toonW ''''*» Moakal 

BuBiiien. Manager. fmdy Caravetio 

DistnbutionEdllor Walter Hill 

Advisor Dorothy Pirovano 

jjljfj Lori l.ynnGuy. 

KirinJohnaon. Vini.eniSur*), 

Joe KuMk. Rich Hen<iuinel, 

Peie WkfclimC Nora Nortan. 

JilH ;llaaly , Mike Simkua. Mike Bamtach 

The HAKBINCEK li Uw itndant puWicatioo for the Harper 

Ciiilege tmmm «iiiiimii*i. niWIahad laeekly eacqii Arlng 
MldkyS' and kal emnis. M 'IflMNl sMaaed are dioae c( the 
wrtler and nal. a^aiairily mosB of 'me eaneie. its admlriatraiion, 
facuHy or itudM biidy Advertising and copy deadline a noon 
Tiiciday and copy is subject lo editing All Letlers-to-the-Edltor 
mnal he it#Mdt nanNS will be wilhhcki upon request For ad- 
vwtiriilg rues. «■« er write HARBINCER. WUIiam Ramey 
Harper OoUaaa, AlpMNin and RgMUe Roads, Palatine. Ul., 
mm nmiwiirdatn. .est. w. 

Transfer seminars begin today 

\otrm/«T .V, iv;y Thf Harbmger Page 3 

lult *« te mMriw • MTM* of 
iNmMMP « iMMiWTing t» • 
ti«r nmt ei0 i m * it**"**! ■ 


iraMtonllig la a f«Mr' )iw 
1 to atlcad. 


atntmity G«ii«r») 

rci|ulr«in*iits. trtniftr 
Vrocadum. iHitlin iiKi hau>in« 
<»(ti and »lh«r wlevint 
inliimuniin will lit pramiicd 
Eai-tt ttarkihop will Itlt 
•;vr«iiuinat«ly one hnur. TlM 
■cIimIiiI* » a« Mhiws: 


No* 7 

imm PmM 

Nm.t- ink* 



llpiinqis jk|!aibh|e Im 


\ \, \l47TowerRoad^.-' 
V \ Sc»»umbun}, II' 

We are "The Beeper People" 

and have several openings now. 

# Full Tim* • Port Tim* • Your Tim* 
A good opportunity lor Mw Higk* Poopl* 

Call Mr. FMer WllJ«W-3 IWl 



\<H', iZ 


ONLV AT -^^^^^^ OPT,CA. 




SOFT ^-! 





Manawcr Park 
mr Irving. f*k.. Rd. 
■37 9440 


Buffato Grow 
}5 E- DuMlat Rd. 

Elk Grcnm 
tIM Dtvon Ave 



Hnv. M - Mjnia - Nancy Fojo 

Sro*, l« ■■ t wlt trn IIMmI* - 
Jnyvc MolMi 

Nw. » - CaMnn HHm* - 
JntK r»iwin*«i 

Ste* t! • l»ii'imM]> IMlBiil. - 
Xirirng* Clrttot ■ PhU Trojrtr 

Mm. 11 - ililMlB InMIMc •! 
■ KA UKkM 
m wm mum at i« 
a.m. aaiTpiiii. to AMT. 

College coupon* 

Cnlltiat. caufhl Ixitweco 

rtalag eaili and dwindUnf ^ 

(.Mr iaMliHilaiia wMk. sucb 

■■■■I ID 

In cflorti Id attract 

I tar Irat al- 
i In m mmj/ m ttara* 
cliiMW. Thk ••■'' la M ptofit 
It has 



"'\ HAarfarttai S«fv«d »>v iha Prt^h«r 
tiraWng QuHarlat 

/' •-"» r W. - Sat ■ Sun. ivMln«i 


Ham. MUM** 

OU^ MMvtai Thn. » 

MHpI wmi w 

a !•♦ 


Mdt Kifeaka. aat ■! ttc 

laatlte al acaaa ■alauila 
bdlavad to kt twra ili i lat y 
3W.IN,aw y«w« ali. (pkala ky 
Rick r 


?07 N Ounton, AHington Hts 7S$-707S 
c*r«t cxii utvici 

CM Ml cn HE HUE Ficrs 


Fashions presented by 
Casual Corners and J. Rigging* 

Sponsored by: 

Dental Hygiene Program of Harper College 


Thursday. November «th. at 7:30 P.M. 

Building A, Harper College 


S3. 50 per person. Tickets can be purchased through 
Dental Hygiene Students or at door. Door prlies and 







Students talk 
more do less 
about sex 

CPS - students an talUni 
more akwit MX, but dokif imm 
atwut it 

Counselor Pit Murphy's 
lurvey ol SZ2 Rutgers 
Univensily iiudents found thai 
only *lght percent of the 
student]! reported they'd had 
tex wllh more than one person 
Half the women and more than 
lialf the men interviewed were 
not having a sexual relalioo^p 
with anyone »t the lime 

According to Zodiac New 
Service, even those who 
claimed to be sexually 
eiqmienced were something 
leas than promiscuous. Thirty 
per cent of the men had sex 
fewer than 11 limes during the 
prior year Twenty-nine percent 
of the women had had 
inlercoune fewer tlian U times 
dunng the pnor year 

I%» 4 fl» Hwhkmm Ntmmlm 5. /979 


Currant cnrnlM ittiMtofiit 
may ilgn up for ikt tfrum 
MMaatar 'I9 MIcwmR that 

I . KtfvtcltMial PIvMlitg 
itmmmian •vaitoblt In 

NM'.. 1. R. « •IMl IJ. 14. IS. W 

tc.m - 11 ii'in ami I pta. t 


r-ia tomniunicatxiw 
Humanilm *n4 Fine Arts 
S|mkM .Scrviccf 

I^KnueUt Uf« iiriMW ■nd 
tluium ScrvMwi' ' itiyiicaJ 

t. f AppatMnvill - !• - 


Araliaklt >UrUi»g 
WliifciniKiiiy, Not 7 

AdDiiitknt OfflM. 1U13 

1 Hetti'tni*''" 1^ C'MrMB 
('*'l>y apiwtnlmail • 

Cainpnlcn will Ut ■%aitaMc 
Kov H IS. 1« audit. Wltl 

» < m 12 p m aiMl 1 p m 1 

B«r1}' TtleplMNir lUiglamuw 

P»ri limi? ciuilnls nny 

raRBiCT by ttlcflMnt TteMbiy 
•nj Wcftoaday Iltv I ami S. I 
pm ■ 7 pm Call w nan 

♦ ■•• Impnrtanr' Cmmull i«Miit- 
auta Mure caillnit for ipacttc 
foune prelix. oourac mimtwr 
■ml MdJOfi MintMr 

W*m- t>uc by Dm; in 


Harptr'i HMltli SanUt* i« 
nHWtng frw nnliD putna'mry 
fwwrii«U<)i) irPR,i ctaata in 
Sovtmber toit terambtr 

Claasm •til mMt wi 

Classified Ads 

nnp vinn 

f^*r<-uint. *iiyi.MM Mt«d glrb 
ill plMMia varfc a our 
Alt tlTt otAc* •« 
« Ar HIS m Call 


iad wiMhiM nMhm. Call (or 

IRMMFV inlUfl'MiatMMI 

f^art-Mint waralmiiBaiiia'ii 

Gmd alarlimi. piy. AfVtl' >" 
pvrion Itmntinakari 

fVntture. IS e WwilMlllr 

Uflit aafciiiltly'. itilpflitc and 

'pIMIilUnft WWH QIW w 

tall llaaiowtr TtniiMrary 


DQMlUMt. B you la* eralta 
mtm fmtk.. amm work 
prt-tliiM' at tm CrallMt. in 
WwmUmM Mall IM»-TIM. I 
ninff: PtHMANKirr MW 
[lt-4. anm mMa '4:S(l. vwcry 
Mwr SAT l»S ». rRI 114 
ittBtivnal) CHHISTMAS 
HUP: W. n . r t::m*:». Sun 

WW apill a y<w lw« a IMnd 

for tin 

U^'a, Aldca and 
lor' Iwmt cart * 
•kUlad vMNIa 14 days ■ ottli 
im«* pay. (kallil* 

far atp*.. UMOHM 


MHNlwielwt la MMi| to an 
irplK MrilirMuai to pm m itt 
ITMtniMieMM. I*i»tlliani opan 

11% aliMBt 'Omuaaa. Earn 
:RMM!«ln: niinav' todtt ntit 
1 twMlte Milk a part-Un* 
latirviewmi pb M CHILT<>N 
I'taac call Mary Lynn MniiNii 
ai Mil'«iH< 

rull and pari 'tiina Mp •anted: 
Waitr«»it* Itofltttti 

I panoit. 

:SacT«tarial and icncril ofllM' 
•«*. dm vr mmi. daya-waife. 
$*-» hr C«|| MinwMw 
Tcwfumry Stntcns MMm 

Orwt Park 0>tinci 

Watfai: Siaim tiMriM: ami' 

Wailrt»a.«i«it»ri. Piri^irm* 
dayi ar nt|tita Yt fm Jtmn 
Im. lit PrapMt. M'^SIM, 
Paiiillne M JIM, 


(■am ITwtdlng toim hnltli 
car* throushoui the NW 

1% ttateoR Tina, will m nMai 
eaf> (jood ComtiMin. tlV or 
baM oHar. Call Dannia al Wt' 

Ml'ST SELL. - mm LOW 
PRICE IWT Tnna Am ia.M 
■lita. El. Cood. Call W-tML 


<SMd! comMno. :ilM olltr. Call 

a nm MMcmm Kaw 

Hvatw. R'iNual. BatlO'ry, 
Tm»-up. A Radiaiw K« Risi 
at :Dwnti. Eictltant CondttM ■ (liter. 3n<MI. 

(.'haniilly lact and aHfe fca ad a d: 
twdtrc' Scalloped naeMnc 
I'carl MrKU rhiMstiM* itvrra with 
ml MM va>w. IliO Call Jm- 

REl-eiVEK SXn «W per 

rhannal. Top .of turn Wa» IWI 
Mt« •■.. cnnd taH PiiwMitr 
ViA 9 limlaWt wiih Stanttm 
MIB'E eartri<tgt Likt n«w 

cwd. $m Call Mar'iy Sl»aM» 

JT'OIEW \.*N •., tw. lilMr. 
pa., pb. cruw. till, aai-fm 
tlvrMi. (lam, Kpolhir. vinor. 
ninntng lirdt.. aun roof. 
inaulal«L panaiad. tar aula*, 

FiR COAT. Whilt Rabbit (till 
bc«|lh Sine II 14 Mutt Sell 

"Altrflc" HB 4IWIB7 


Shippinii and' racwlrtmi. 
Tickelinf ncrehandiia 
Mainltnancf tnfolrtd 

OiacMiiia to aiapioyawa. Oay' 
Iwura.. M-r. .RaUaeliUdi. I* 
WootillaM Mall. Apply la. panott 
or can BUI al ■t-tlW 

WAITRESiBI. Omft. wurntim 
ft wmfcwida. CailMara and 

r dag* • 

"W IXMXJE VAN, C»t Painl,, 

CO'inptly paneled, epid A 
inalid, •.-mboi A had, u> 
inilaa, m im.p.,«. tm-^mt WW 


W,ANTII): im or 73 Old! 

Viaia Crulaar W|n, in good 
condlUM, N<«d it a<M 
- Aak Iwr Ranac 

n'PINCi.PoT', all Ming 
Voluint dlaannrta. Fm 'piek up 
•ad dvlNary Accuracy 
iuaramiaaal Call KT' Sanricaa. 



,and waihMii atmllabla. Appiy 

la MMI, llll B. 'Ml W. 

Seiaiialiii'rf, Wroadfitld 

Fir Sad 

'It ■am P Mw tM #., M. 

••T iftt ■<iiiiMd>._ _lln 

TMiKli. and H«cqimtba,il 

Ractpieii Raatnwf and 
Ragrlppwl ReamnaMa Prlcai,. 

c«ii Daw imTtm.. 


la attliaait ,lnr 

Pkimala only ITO- 

^|L|III gw 

aaaiaung (be tMramural OOkt 
with ihc running of the 
intramtiral program arc aaked 

io call Wally RaynoMi •■ m- 
mn. cii aa. 


f'rvd; llaapf >* 
To the baby ef (be 
bunch, tiui <mty m 
a«a„ From MS JAMAICA 

Knowing »na. rtiMitibwring 

eterna'l natdi. you obvtoualy 
utiliMl ,a,ll rtMaims, evening 
my yearwng , Fore*«r accenla 
wlgor, iiverciitini 
raamcillallon in tediuit c«enM. 
(ivofing ultiual coMutlatioo. 

Heaven eventually 

Senator. Do you fcmow what an 
F,-H ti' V'a Um yni don't: 
Londy' QM trying lo lave the 
•orM, I'm 

Mr after t:M^ 

I'OilH o^ sil-i>E«<Wi Don't 
tie ■■> dull all ><iur life. Put mmr 
piuii in your lovelife or 
nprcis iiiur fee)in|«i lor your 
darken enemy in I be 
PFRSONAL tectlon of the 
llARBIMiER S elanrfved ada 
Four limet for only a buck Do II 
ROW' llef<ir* tometudy bcala you 
to It ! Dropoll your ad ui AJC7 or 
give Cfndy a rtag al eal 4«l 
And <Mn ( worry, your idenmy 
■ in our alrtcteat confidence 

tk'tdnaaday* ■fltnaona fiMn, a 
lo I p m 

In order lo become a certtfM 
rcBcuer, itudeni* ffl,iat attend 
ihrve conaaoMve laaaiona 

Sesatoat begin Nov 14 
ficgiclcr by ealltag exl MO or in 
the Health Service 

Blood Drive 

TUCM mm be a Unod drive 
Notr 14 Hum « ■ ni tn 3 pm in 


Donor* mut be in good 
heailb. between the agea of 17 
and «. •cigti al leaat no 
paundfe mi '■•II elglit weeka 
Mlween dwatlana Damn and 
fheir immcdtalefamiUe* will be 
covered w'ith an emergency 
Mood plan 

Par ntor* mlormaiion call 
til. :M0 or atop in the Health 


The Harper CoHage Studio 
Theater ^^Mp, ifirecled by 
Mary Jo WiUis, will prcaent 
TanoMMt Williams The 
filHSMllHVene ' on Nov 9, 10, 
M. tod IT al t pm in ibe Bldg 
F TV atudio 

Public admiisioo to the 
pCftomances is CM Harper 
■tudantawilh activity carda pay 
ft Tictala to the Nov 10 buffet 
and play package are lt.50 for 
the public and 17 M for Harper 
stuhota with activity cardi and 
mual be purchased in advanet 
trmt the Student AcUvlUea 
Office. For additional 
inibrmalion, call tbe Studeol 
Activitiec Oniee. eat. SO 



The MHy MaUy story' will 
be prtaenled a p m Friday, in 
BlOt. Sludeiitt with activity 
cardi a>* admitted for It Each 
■ludeni m allowod one gueat al 
the same price 

The ISIm traces the hl(tor\' rif 
■he late Buddy Holly » ttardom 
from a email lown In Teiaa lo 
internaiionat lame ai he 
raacbed the top <d the record 
charts Buddy Holly is 
portrayed by Gary Buicy. who 
placet an emphatu tm ihe life 
character of llully and tbe key 
that led l« hi* music 

The movt* i* bctng ipoMwed 

by the Pnifram Boari! 

Througbout Nevambar 
Harper iB'iaaUirtiig,a» aaliiliit vl 
prinia, paMlngt and iksMiHP 
by three art (aiiiilty memben 
from Luther College In 
northeastern lewa 

Dean Sctawarta's paintings 
focuc on still life and feature tbe 
use of acrylics 

Orvllle Running's oil 
paintings and woodeula 
represent sights and acwMt 
familiar to the narUMaatam 
Iowa region 

fyoug Eckbearl't drawiaga 
facta on Iowa Undta^m and 
lamland scenes 

Their works can be viewed at 
no charge from November S 
ihraugh 30 on Uie aecond floor of 
BIdgs r and P Inquinea. 
reiiarding the purchase of items 
in the exl^l should be directed 
to Join Kmalscn, aiaaclate 
' of art at eal. SOT. 

Mit Research IntwinB 

rVt Tut 

Interesling Public Coniacl. Flexible Scheduling 
t-or Days, Evenings Or Weekends. Good 
Satary And Wor1<ing Conditions. On Job 
Training Excellent Job Opportunities 
For Students. 

fimdhurst Shopping Center 

for appt. call Mrs. Edwards bef. 9 5 pm 17-081 

MBYieNirs M GpvinMli 

We need more Harpei students for our 
telephone interviewing staff. Sun/eys are 
varied and interesting. Flexible hours. 
Pleasant working conditions with good 
pay and opportunity for bonuses. 
Only five minutes from Harper 

Ghion fteseardi Sgnrices 

715 Algonquin Rd. SBT-SSOO 

Arf/ngton Heights, II 

Equal opportunity Employer M.'F 

.\oiem/»T --,. l<*7'^ The Harhinger Pafie 5 

Woman's Center offers support to returning^tudents 

' . ^^ .«.«.«!., tram i«u«i It « vtr, •«rm .nd , t«.„d «u. .tat th. c«ter «"^' ™ J!^he« .nd « 

MM!" Aim Gl«iir. • ptrt-wnt 
hrnm mm mmom vhw ttutetHt. wlw hw vifiM tht 
cmltr iMfiy tun* 


canit I:r tin ttm Vommi'* 
CtniM'* win «m t« <•■■ a*^ 

dlii't klHW •»!•« to «*». ■•••• 

iinffiruml th»l Omm 
im to Rntf oUwri of iMr 

_ • muetolot* where 
Uwy can atrthnr (wlin(t».'" »•<• 


g»t irmiilw i»W»ll»« 

tat-IlM SUB M MiEi Hrip NhM 

Days >^/Jd A//£?/7te Avai/abie 

Apply In Person 

Aak f or Mr. Potntar At 


In Woodfiekl Mall 


Interesting Varied Position 
In Elk Grove Village and 

Hoffman Estates For International 
Marketing F'"^ 

Salary Open Wl-ilw 

I found oui •bout the center 
Uirm^ ■ |»»t«," i«i* J" •*"■•■ 
a itudent in her )>>• iMrlict 

•II ts Jwt llw Mml of piM* «» 
utk 10 people my H* "^ ■ 
place to gel inJormalKm «l>ool 
whai teachwi W> go 'o, what 
iBCihiict are available -for 
miljnce. 1 »a» una-wwe <jl the 
letting prograna and loutd "O' 
jiboiii II m the center '" 

W» lire moatly geared for 
I hi- oldrr woman ntvidenf, »«>o 
,.,.ed» 1 mile b" »' 
fncouragenwnJ m coming b»c« 
I., school, w<i Barbara Balufr. 
a slaff member <>f the Women « 
Onler m I'll? 

She nee* to kno* that ane 
i»n"i the only "ne h»i"li>t 
nroblcnui m govng back lo 
iich(K>l pomled out Mrs Baiter 

The proWeim might ewer 
jnvihms from "gettlnf dinner 
.mVhe table on time, w where do 
1 find ume lo study, or who can 
help me *ith this claia," »!» 

We art »o» Iratned i" 
ownitel people profeiaionirily. 
«id Ijfnore Pamtx. another 
Miiff member, hut we iteer 
,»ople to the proper P»«c«^ 

•One woman in her tm» 
came mt« the center •cmiirlill 
N» the *.mld do. amJ'P* fo""" 
she had never graduaM IK"" 
the eighth grade/ »he laid 

We iteered her back to ine 
GED program (for p«i«|>>« *•» 
Kwr cnmiitoted Wllh **:*<o«ih 
ihe look the eourwt, )«•• lo'ed 
II and came back many, many 

limea " , .w. 

••lasi vear mime from ine 
Spaniah ipeaking program, who 
Ttrt from South America, 
learning English a» » »»c«nd 
language ciine tn to the center 
to me* more Americana and 
gel to know ihwu.* »«™ »*ri 

111 W. MeOonaWR**. we had a womaa who •»<* 

0r«aa*e1 H*i«htS I »"» <*" "™" owilorWWe attliB 

I the Mid .. 

14 11 ■• • ^MM I Another wonmn. I recall. 

• 1 U." I •W »»«« M™ ^"'!l ThacT*' 

v«i7 nervom cotnifid mcE 




Mhiiol. but through the "Wf* 
of all the women here and the 
companionship g**™. '^ 


for I 
•■Wt have 
information in on 
pertaining to wonwi'i 
said Mrs Baker, and "we atoo 
have a collection of coitage 
caial<>«» from IlUnott and from 
o>llege« within a two hour 
radiin of IMtraoii " 

■The Women's Center started 
aboui five years ago."' Un. 
Baker r<(called "aod it was out 
m the hall then" 

The center developed out «t 
Ihe Women s Program and thBi 
Peer Counselinf took over 
about the teeond year 

This year the center is bock 
under the direction of the 
Women's Program and has a 
staff of three. Mrs Baker, Mrs. 
Pairtti and Unda Kid Shalwell 
We have approximately » 
visitors a month." taid Mta. 
Baker, and are open five days a 
*eek from 9 a m to 3 p m , 
adding that not only oJder 
woinen. bm all atwtoola are 

•We have coffee, 
conversation, eoinpanionahip 
fiir any and all stuiJenli on the 
campus, be they male or 
iMiaie." mM Un. Bakw. 

Couaielon. The 
lMM*4 m Ihe seeau* •!•«•* I 
ifhMo fey Rlcfe 'I 

Car Rental 

■•I iNnk th»r»"» a larlBua mia- 

arinl on IJJl^" •* *'• *""* 

thai 'my ehaiwi 





Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weiaht Training, and »ody Building. 






WHMw fart Wata (W*lwa«*aa Ave. and '•'•'l^^"**'^ 


Also Serving 



865 S Elmhurst Rd., Des Plau^s 

il2b Ogden Ave . Downers Grovt 

964 0110 

«ou'» Sunday tfi.u Thur..(U, 1 1 AM lot 1PM 
:■..'.... iS,>t.,..I-. w AM'c • AM 


ittM, tvisaAva 
H«tK« »,•!■<,•) 
Vi Mock M a) lit » 

Hat. m«»nci 



H Mac* E. •< Rl. «l 






Coll ext. 461 


tw«rv Tuts.* pin- tHit 




cvrrvday with 
Lunch Porct»a»e 


< CriipvCnai I 

lit SMfMPfOi'A'^ 



CmmrMl ft t> 

"New ••» site" 

CtiiiO'er 11 II 


CMchfo I 

13 'Of 

cwiarenti »• 

Uwt Action Pinballs ■ 

NO NEf Dlf S 


Mow »♦"#-• «« * P««*«» "'• **<• 



aaia <••'»< tHia an 



'ew jfmam* 



|%» h fht llnrfciiijjwr Sm^mher .». /'1 3" 

Saturn brings crucial times every seven years 

iwiftiWyeifWiiiiw — r 1 -; 

mi MM*. 'Hmh M* ——{ V 

■noai ta virtOMi llllllllo .^Kiu^-rrm 

itim Irom uutaiMir iui /^ /7^ 

oaulracti. <ill>«»ii> crtdll, marry 
wlthiNii wMMmi. amJ l« 'hrown 

Utlo prawn It w KM ttmr in 
hatta itruciiiniit your lir« 

tsttm hMppiK in viHNi ilillliio 
HMfiaitiiR Irum mlaiHir and 

rhiidMiMi "•'••t'"*;!'* 

nMtiraita •»* Mitfl"*""- »»■ 
camltMMW frM«l can M 

Out at am 'tmm **«• 
cycta IM' MMltir fM' >■ 
cSaiaiMl »» •• !»«<•«•• 
aatum. *MA rapNawla 
iiruirtur* (mtleultit*. 
r«»ix»n»it>ili«tM. •uiliortlji 

llMflflil,, NMMHHI W W' MSBIIMMir 

pmmStmUk. Ytni c«mM tay 
Sat 'II* Saww cyelt imHeal* 
I dl tlniillt Ul our Wt^ 


c(iin« t« tarm wtlti tnt 
■irtnclplM wliMli Salnrm 
.ymboHlM Knr ••'* 

individual, th* potiiton »< 
Satim in tht Wrtti ehart will 
n«Mi vtMi ana ol Ifla thlc 
may hafpto i» l» 

At nam yean oM, <«• «ae«a 
Satarn tw ih* (iril twi* 
haw 10 haiMtt iDt 

MMtM «if KlMWl ■«« 

„ i iiwt wtoiint tona* 

__,ji .and mmhamy IHaw* •» 
5Si.»a»»'<li«««i«». *««*••«: 
cMltfewmag'tegiwi ' 
luwar tilt dtfnfamt 



nglil and «««« Ttity liavt lo 
Uiiaii In rcmarfea well aa "ynur 
no! ■ baby aaymort. lo tio* 

acting llbt ont..." 
aawan laara liawi tbv raad. ai 

auttUw cfMa: MuiatUy. Boy 
inatia giri and. Iw «» ""' 
tima. ihay btgin lo t«lal« and 
nollCf each ollwr in • vrry iww 
way Puberty, adolenccni-t. 
indlvualtly, identity, bigti 
Kbooi, and addad 

rtaponalMtity. ail tmm lo pila 
IV ai once turning tile into ant 
Ml temporary mcfs 

Aa we slowly ctiati Utniugh 
anaOiar »even yean, at tl. we 
magicaUy reach adullbood" 
At IMa ag*. we are legalty 
naoNiJIaleamd'aimtintablc for 
our awn actioiia by lorlatal 
tiandardi So, •• meat ibe 
world We can *inl, wMe. iifn 

'■naMifllgr HtfM . . 

w audi MtiwMi Nw agaa af a to 
SO, Saturn utrike* »(t»in Thit m 
Itm (ulminalion point u( (be 
eytte.. .Satiim baa compiawd iia 
tKtiti. and raliiniad to tht uKie 
II baU at oiia'i btitta 

Itac uaie Jot 11 Many people ai 
im age fe«l laced wlUi a criaia 

■nd become *ory 'i"*!?***** 

i Itit 

>lai«|y Mwliwtif UK iiMrnratatloBa 
lyto. miati MM a qiiMilaaa eoi 
chaivi. raaifUig lUa gaak, *«aMa 

ir no •tfiiKtnrt IMI' 

and fesUcat Aflar 
snd mmplaWly WM 
pasi llleslylaa. 
citmplete chanf 
aa a tuminf point 

Then a new life betfna, ok a 
fimh path Only lo have the 
commencrmenl n( a new cycle 
»iartlnt all over again, lo bring 
Saium limKlUng on your door ol 
conac^iouanaia, aboat »•*•» 

more year* dnwn the road 

I would like to mention that m 
future cohimns I will mate 
a allable my aiirolofical 
Ma for anyone with 
concerning their 
_ relationahipe. 
ale. I>afliaaa iolareatad may 
ndMMl sraOFlC qutatioa to 
tlw HattMnger office kxated in 
BIdg. A3«' The required 
lalannation miai be included: 
Nftll date. Ume, AM or PM. 
Uicatlan icily, iiaic), male or 
tmmki. Nanw may be vtlMtdd. 

Beauty is not just skin deep 

One of the matt piwulw 
coamellc itema are ikin care 
'produda. Alttaiugb wonicn are 
IMe daaaiaant imrt ol ih«t 

pradiKla, mm are juai ai tIaMt 
to damage their fkin. Skin care 
It Msentlal to achieve that total 

kMk ol fiinMB. 

wanaw tocn* of nntrilion and 
tltnen. laala that akin care can 
be beneficial to not oiriy women 
iNil lo men •» *•" l" •"» rec*"* 
arlick "A ninaaa Program For 
your Skm". be wpJalra why 

How cultured are todays 
average college sfudenfs? 

ilila qutM^ion. "Why am' f going 
lo a»ll««e' W you know why, 
ptoaat aafc youneU anolber 
mmtum. "What 'ia collage'*" 
tnUttt i» the dwahpineni ol 
ine mind and the opmuiig << 
ones Mind lo new capcrleneca. 
The mi»K form known ai 
clasaical muaic baa been around 
the world tor many canturtea. 
but why ■■ claaaical muate m 
anfupular amfog Harper 

HcM I* a imalt laai that you 
can lake lo tati your 
coinpttaocy in the field ol 
clailical muiic Can you 
nNMgniie the (oUowinf »on||» in 
in meaiures, Sclmberfi 

Lliifioiibed Symphony. 
Beethoven 1 Ninth. Wagnar't 
■Ming of the ^ibelung*'. 
MMarta "ftm Gi«anm . or 
Biiat's "Carmeii*" 

Ito yau know what hapotntd 
•hail "Tl» Hilt ol atwiig' . •■■' 
la. Wumm m tha 

Moods M 


for pr 


Moderns ^ ^ 


byMIKESMKl'S^ .. 


not want to write more 

i^pbonles than Beethoven" 

Whal Wagner long ii ptoytd 

in the helicopter »cene in 

"Apocalypae Now"? What are 
Ibe difference* between ■ 
violin, a viola, a cello, a pKcnki. 
a Dule, a clannet. i luiM. • 

hamion. a lromb»i»e. a 
(runpet. an orcbettra. a 
•ymphony. an opera, metodwa. 
harmoniM. and counterpolnl' 
To too many pcnpW claii.lcal 
mialc la the found at playtne 
or leceai »( the aitgek. M <«< 
ikt mtlwitll. H •••■» ■••rS' 

IMan In elaiiieal -music in tear 
liiat they mliht be Ml out of all 
rock n- roll partita Maybe 
■tudtntt diml know or wiah to 
bawe any type of a cultural 
hackgraund Bui ihis allllude 
toward claotcal music li> 
upittting. twrauM this mvitea 
narrow mindi And hasni 
hiaiory shown whai narrow 
minded people will do' 

We art fortunalc al Harper to 
have two claaaes ihal offer 
inaigtii 10 the world <if clasaical 
mwlc We are very fortunate to 
have Ibe best classical radio 
station u) fbc country available 
on oar local I'M dial 

Try claaaical muaic, it is 
tnleraiUng. and it will be 
around lor a very long time No 

eleclncity is naeded lo hear 

classical music, tn the 

Whai Uiiberan wrote me 
iraalMl Moauui CatboUc 'mass 

al .aU' llMif' *hat mniiaiaaT 
mmtm tm afuplMMlaa M 

invcilvet tiroe. all " 

dM't have tbt' llmt. Hajbt 
' to Ml 
(hat Ihay 

Leffers to columnists welcome 

Please submit to Harbinger office A367 

AND . 



Shaving igalait (fee grain can 
irritalt and blemish the skin 
The baat precaution to avoid 
irrflalloa it to soak the beard 
thoroughly This reduces Ihe 
sirengtb of the beard thus 
making it eatier to shave oft 
Follow this with a nioisturiicr 
to prevent lata of oil due to 

Dobbins tocia ihai the baije 
dement ol skin care la ksepliig 
it clean Cleansing the skin 
consists ot simply getting rid^ol 
as much «tl and dirt as poaaiblc 
wKhoui irrilatlon. 

Surprmnitly. when you wash 
yiiur skin yiw actually lake off a 
layer .it skm But don i worry 
There are ahoul thirty layers of 
skin and Ihe body Is capable ol 
replacing one a day The top 
layer of skin is lull of 
decomposed cells, sweat, oil 
and pollutants So it is very 
important to keep ii clean. 

There is no on* type of soap 
thai II rifbl for everyone You 
thwid use one thai doesn l dry 
.ml yoat ikin too badly No 
mailer whal type of soap you 
lae be careful thai you rinie ofl 
ihoroughly Otherwise It leavta 
your !>kin locking and fkcltag 

Dobbins atlds that "ona 
essentially male' problem It 
that of sbavmt ■ ronstant 

Another major problem that 
people face Is that ol sun. Skin 
damage and aging are (firectly 
ralatad to overexpoaure of the 
sun So. for all your Florida- 
bound people, use oils and 
inoisluniers lo pol back the 
needed moisture that the sun 
lakes <»it The time you spend in 
the sun should be stow paced 
Don't try to get all the sun y«i 
can in your first day on the 
laach If overeipoaed, the dm 
can become aged and dunagad 
OabMns leeh that skin care can 
be achieved by cleansing and 
providing moisture to skin that 
is dry 

Heatlby skin adds lo the 
beauty of women It also adds a 
more healthy, masculine look to 
men. Damage mistreatment of 
the skin can be unattracUve lo 
either sex 

By eleanaing and using a skin 
ctfeprogwro lor your skin, you 
will be peool thai beauty it skin 

A Mni|t itiilliiil ahould try to 
experfanct aa ininy typ« of 
possible information form* 
available to him Alto any 
cnMp graduate with a good 
MHianl aducatWR should be 
■bill In aiNwar all of tht 
questiont in Ika prevkiiB Mat 

^A\li © 



Algonquin Plaza 

833 E Algonquin Road I Route 62) 




MON, & TUES &«.30. 
WED.-THURS-FR1. 9-9PM. SAT 9-5 




50% off 

on your choice i 
of one of I 
I MKN > i\ \>o\lK\ -^ } 

!f I i-IM HMvriM>-HKVII)lN<.-0(; I 

Special Services California sfudents face tuition 

\infmtM'r ,». I'K'i The Harhii^trr Ptifie 7 

taUai mKA ■•(••lalitiit 
itralagtM. conecBtratton 

tMClMi^UBH. IMW !• raws S 

ttntbaak nior« ■ftteMally. 

IM«*tll| Mlllto, *<>"•• 

mfm.u tpim f id im r^^- 

MUllili "Wajrt m A't" Tlw 
iiimHiir • nai )iy Lm Kojto* . 

ilHgr Hii: • Mil '■mi 'tab k 
■fiir <•■««■ «»*■ Mir 

CI*S CaUtornt* 

tiiMHi IW' 'ifa But •!•■•■ *■ "•• 

MIkn tat Uw 

itn f«l«T fnlilaU** that 
iTMficaUir cm CaUI«r«a 
laim. haa 
Ihil Om state 

nm tmit 

The CaltlariUa Poat- 
Steontfary IdNcatlon 

laai nMk ihat vniMcM tJie 
MiMHtainviii (Iiilfartlii «l 
CilllMtta cyilM «nmU' hai* M 
a I1« •rawiat tutUon 
»( Prapoiitiiin 11 
and projActtd 

CMM i wi i* 1 
piy a^praclmalaly IHM par 
quarttr in ragiatratlon. 
'•dHBaiUm and •UMltnt imt, Imt 
Uwi* tm m MUoB cHari*. 

Howcvar. allklali of tiic 
CaMarnla tyilani ctalm tiutieo 
la not inuninaiil. KM Taylor, 
dtr«ci«r nf th, if Da¥t« 
■Main Mdm. mn 

m't MMif iw 
MMtWt MtMMi (or a iMf amt 
He Hy« the tialc kfllalatiin. 
wWch lUHflks atmut a thin) «( 
III* UC budgrt. tia* w«rn«J if 
Ihewniverailychariiffl imlioo, it 
will cut bark ila support ' 

Addi i;C Prwident IJivid S 
Saxwt. Clearly ihe tmiwnnty 
hai lh« l«»»l au'hofJ'y '« 
<inpa*c > tuition I. but legal 
aullMrty H ant parUcularty 
lacM MtaM UC la aUt. t« wmI 
out an iiHlHMtnAlit Willi liw 
lovemar and Ilia I 

Tbt univanily ( 
raited the rnfiatrallMi. 
education and stndlBl. taalwilll 
wben in financial plndlta In (lit 
pMl ()n the hwb of tht 
committee report. UC-Oavli 
Vice (^liaiwelltir Elmer Learn 
•HMMinend that fe«f <in hm 
campHl wMid tiave to be raiaed 
abmil IH per year II ciirrcot 
prngrammlni were to be 

Taylor noiet that 'ilie 
peatlbitlty of tuition vouid 
become much more real" if 
votera approve more lix rtlomi 
ineaaunf Uhe Prapmitm II 

FNpOBtUon tl baa already 

If IfflO. 

ilm rri. M-.m aat. m 


Cartrkigo Bodiic 

ttMi ollioS'fll hoiw. Sss s iJMnonilf ulikifi. Voutl 



»■»» 111711 

Aflif 11 •17-79 $279" 

m ft'Kaa CaM. « Cairy On('|. Alt iMMa mm mm 
MBMlaetMVn 'IhiaMMW Naiwn n> KIH tar a«»ice 



IbcsM Trio Briwo can puc oui the fire. Ar\ tcy 

rtdcin of Teciie Beer imported from Mexico. 

topped with lemon and salt. Now you're cooltin'' 


l« .Smati Eaira 


■^ Rollinfl Meadows 

bad a broad impact on 
wdwnity aftairt llii* year. 
tor the second straiCht year. 
tSwemor Edmund G Brown, 
Jr . has isied university 
fifficials to IbI programs In 
order of imporlance He has 
made it clear the stale might 
rrfuie to fund lo«- priority 

Delermining program 
priority, however, preacnla 
difficult problems "The 
Uwpartment of TranaporUUan 
aui have la» -priority projects." 
Taylor rxplaini. "but the 
phihsMfihy of the university, 
etpecially I.tC, does not permit 
the concept of i low -priority 

"A program should either be 
excelleni and of iiniTeraUy 
quality, or i 




KIrchoft Market 
Buffalo Grove 

f>laia Varde 


\mm INC. 

Arlii>gton Heights 


Across From Jei«et 

laat weak Ctal a eaUata 
artlMiakl tranacri|its from a 
student who baa (ailed to make 
paynicala on her fktandal aid 

In bopw of appiying to grad 
idwal, torawr University of 
OMiBadkiit aliidiBt Uvonda 
RonuuNni aitad Uw onivertUgr 
for capiat dtar traoaeriiita, hut 
the mlveralty rafMad to giva 
I to hw hecaise she had not 
ar National Oefenae 

fa dw- al law prohlUlB state 
■gMfttt from taking any kind 
of punitive action against 
hankrupl sludenta RomancilU, 
however, had not declared 
hantarvptejr. Ska sued the 
unlvaralty Inataad on the 
rnoMk that It had laed htr 
Inumeripl at coUataral or a 
"taavUy " for the loan, ivfakfa It 
anotlMr pcaetkx fortiidden by 

But last watfe U.S. OHMd 
Court Judge H. 

BhuneofeU tald th* tnaeript 
waan't a "tMurity" beeaoM It 
"is of no intrlaak vahie to the 
Univeralty " 

In Ifra several courts said 
that private schools could 
wItfafeoM transcripts from 
students who were in default 
and who bad declared 
bankngitcy This case is the 
first time a public university's 
rtftaal to supply a transcript io 
aid cat* hat ! 


Too T0mf% 10 ttftow P 

Nvw .n towaiiMl mvniMllir 

CiiNW twt dfiiai' tisoiijii 

'llk« liili« wlttout tumn* ttt*i. 

'*•«•(«■ laoM •iKtin Miiu (■< MfMinni Hikpopiflii 



Vour ritf<« undw *m f 'MMfH Otdil A««i 





"T»«<i «< tieng without credit, or up to your nactt m 
•mlnmmm payimenti'? IMilh ihii booh vou will tearn how 
IO make tbe t300 bttlMWt credit irwluflry jump si your 
eonimand " 

EndOiMl n $ .. 


. tMIt . 

Allow 3 WMrtit for d«liw«rv 

I%» 8 Tim Martuoftrr \m^mhfr ,">. I'K'* 

9 m I 

Soccer advances to Midwest Regional tourney 

TrMan. S-i. in. tiM NJCAA 
1 4 tauriNsr l» a&nmm lo 

at itm CiOigv •( 

^ bi (ht firtt |Mit« nf Ow 

I 4 tmmtms' ■■■> Monday. 

tiM UmAm MnupMl Watijoniw, 


Tlw Hawkt dointaatwl 

tt mtf 'MMi' iMt <» totJ tbc 

inf .tprnganw. 

ta laKtt ■■■iMft 



tn tbc THtim Raine 

Tlity v» go! gTMl t»«m 
ImUt and ■pirtl And thai 
gualic'" rxctatmcd TrHon 
coich Ray 0€4»i»m!I1 

ill b* diMppointad tl he 
dotMi'i makr All America." 

iMiMilya M vaa 
'Ml iplteCSBlla'i 

B*t !l(h iafa Ihli' 
"nii* la tiM 
fiiys I've ever 

TnM, a faraiar 
M«a4»ini itandoiil. lua 
•Mmnidirad anly U goala la it 

McCalla waa Ite 
■ift liaro agaimt Trlloa 

Itew pMb. Ilwt iM't toe 

"Today <laat 
MlnUaly my 

latd th« 
I Jamaican 

Todd wlio 
first goal 
t tut Trojtna Helprd by 
a SB mph wind. Todd lifted a 
Hoal kick tnio the Trojan looc 
llMl McCalla pidnd op «i U» 
tMrd hup and IWdMI pail Triton 
goalta Rick Vrattmla Dan 
■toynoldi. »lw fcored twice 
againat the Trojant. waa n«xt 

1%M» ailM'li 

Uuft tram U-yw*' aiM In .ift 

llK Hawta a M land. 

TtM wind iiiafad a Hg teetar 
igaiaM Tr«a» 

"la iha llni haU. they laid 
back iMMng for the lecmid half 
in ordo' to taka advantage of 
(ha wind," taid McCalla, 
dtacribinc the Trojaaa' 
I inaptltuda 

Hawks lose to Wright 


^ la. but whoi .he 
natal and 
and «hat ha maana til Um Man. 
The Marptr 

liavalinc n yarda (or a Wrtflii 
aoare Wn^i added anotbw 
MudMtown early in (lie Mcond 
tlanta. Gaihingt laklng n o*ar 

iflCNDD tlMt WM^ 

Syard field loal l>y Miht 
Aeveraaim. lo put thani on top 
arlt, with t: 41 Ml in the Oitod 

Tba lliMil of Um 'taka i 

t tUkfi S-a at Karam 
StaiHiiin. fkitraday nisht 

aa.iajNry. tU' 'llidlia% i 
■nlfered a allppad dtac 
W'Uia'llawki «ii<B:allnaiid it 


■aal and moving 
IMbind (he nwMilg at 

Hartoiam and Tony 

ilit the tug play waa a 

nm by quartertiack Pat 

hack at Rocky I 

aff a Ram pats n> g»e Harper 

Ibeball and kill a Wnght drtoe. 

Tb*' time Beriolanl acwwitad 
iQf Ibf. IMg' play. 

iba iHia iii I 
and ramMlm SI yardi ' 
txmt hatilad down Fntm I 

Raftmayaniafl'ad back ta paia 
aMi tfcraw a II yard acmlBt 
■trike to tight and Mark 
Lucianl Jamie Hernandei 
added the nira point and the 
t««' laama walbHl into the 
at halftiflie, daaii 
al IJ'«1I 
B«jl Hie second of the key 
thmt playi' 'Caane n (he Uurd 

lii.aaal Uia iawha' lau. aAieii a 
puBt tnap tailed over 
Haraaodat'i outitratcbad arma 
and «M|ht fat. paiai a ion on 

MmMfV. NaHinayar. kiap ia g t«*. ill 
tlM''bai «« tka ofUaa mm* m «yat* 

wat paHlaAy kIndNtf lakkNI 
tim to tat up Wright delanal«t 
tm-fc DarreU Cant camM it and 

tba top from the one to pot 

Wriiht Ml top for good 3S-11 
kaodMd INI the 
m»hiii'lMi tinia Iha 
1 11 thai. Wright int 
all Ihe way down to the one yard 
line but tWt time they were lo 
be dMiad. On fotwHi 
Calhlnga triad to taka it In, biri 
ha wai quieltly imaUMrad by a 
boat of Harper lacklar* 

Tba Hawka noved downlltid, 
but n. «na a emm ^ too maeh 
graaad' li mm M yacdi) and 
not anaugh lf«a an ilie Haaiha 
had their NIC conltrence 
to l-» and 14 

I a 'hnia In wkkh 
iliiiaa'inilartniBka amid have 
ntllwaHgh, tafeUlgll down to tlic 

I, tii'.pii Iha 

tt-yard line: 
riiMi OH II. ionwich carried 
(tr tani yardh dam lhar«' wat an 

to«k a pilahiiri IroBi IMtmeyer 
niMt naniad iha hiM aenai the 
m fl:if la Iha am 

atldanc* that Radlk* wat 
I aa the catra point map 

«yat* far that 


■M Harpar had a big play «( 

'Ma'MtntaiMCOVw. Two minulet 
tlUet lb* WrigM TI). Hcllaayw 
nailed ttgW end Barry 
Vandeltnder with a paaa 

balween two Wright dcfandart 
and Vanihtlindar turned on the 

anathonian to isanipiiia the •!• 
yani aaadng plw. A l« mjf 
tm—MWin iia mmtm^ have not 
rcaliy been aNa to coma' up wis. 

Marpar kept Iha : 

On 'Iha hMMII. WMgM tanMt to gi«t tha Hawhi 

haHhaehAwOaihlngagaihaiwI. oHbnaath«'haliatihaWrt|hi.i*- 

U in al Iha 11 and praaaadbd to jard line Bat the Hawk* wen 

pick Mt way tbraaffh and «•»• to punch tl acroaa ihe 

the tiarpar dafema goal line and had to wtile for a 

Tie llofper Teach toiitiMiil imttnumrM was hfld mmilv to 

w:hM: Mvea lea'Bit •aapalaA lb* wlaalat Ictm. thr t'ewboj't 
taplahMd ky Nafpar iia dii nt Jat' Manania. nmaiiea Uie da> 

r'a laal hame game and 
laat kaiila for iff* will be <n 
Saturday. No* 10, agatnal 
Kennady-Kiiii. wtth kMfk-off al 
I lapin. 

races fa 

Harpar'i Todd Martin, come 
Nov 10, will be enjoying Iha 
•ighla of Wichita. Kaaaat. all 
cBpanaea paid by llarpar 

Martin earned the trip by 
placing in ihe top l% NJCAA 
Kngioo IV croat-couDtry race on 
ctrt.TI Martin tlniibed a iirong 
12th qualifytng for nationals, 
mbtrh will he held Ihiit 

Martui l«iii»d the (i»« mile 
ri.furw m 3fi:2t. the previoia 
*tiik he ran the ume caunc tar 
M» N«' omlm^tiee meet in 
.T 1) Martin, a Schaumburg 
liraduate. Inproved 'hit time by 
■n<r a minute lo make the trip 
111 naiionab in hit frcalunan 

Todd ran a nery intelligent 
me*. " laid Harper croit 
cimntry coach ioe Vitloo "Ht 
went nut nghl at pace for the 
first mile then worked the 
lacond and IMrd milaa to move 
bilo the lop (Itlaen ' 

He now goes after All- 
American itatua awarded to the 
top I& ftouban in Ihe natkmal 

Harper taccer beats yel anether 
tphala by Vtrt Lynn tiwyi 

"We're a much atrongar 
toaiii.."eaallMMl'MeCalla. "We 
Ji«t roUad iwar thioi. It hivl 
thtBi to lay back In tha Aral half 
I Iha 

Icain ea ttclr cUinb la tiie lap. 

rafarring to bit taam'a 
characteristically petaal 

'Wild' ia Iha iaamd half. It took 
■he Hawka only S 40 to acorc 
From the right tide. Hayitoldt, 

'kick iram tt-yartb mU.. "lUrtain 
mlmitoa later, .McCalla added 
Hawk foal No 4 on a 1-yard 

Triton ftnally 

Fail Mafud pokad a eUp 'ihot 
paat a 'lerMned Todd, bnt ml 
More Mc<:alto had scored Ma 
third goal to pat (lie Hawfci 
ahead M.. 

Waiaboaaaa. Hawk 

hat II Iblt teaaon. Andy 
Bobowaki. John Prell. and 
Frank BlnMi w«ra iha aalhora 
of the Haaika' S goal onihn«fal. 
"We played ttaoRi (both 
Waubontee and Triton) on a 
larger field which is much to 
our advantage," aaid Siabo, 

"We try to do things we can 
like playing long tiallt and 
utlUtiiig our speed We pUyad a 
■an deianae to spilt up tbair 
offnte and let our forwardi 
pick up the ball " 

"He geta m going." aaid 
itriker Ohria Smail. In one 
month, ha tiimed out a §aeem 
program that mmU've takan 
lomeone elae an entire year" 

"He geU on la. but he pyctaa 
ua up." aaid Jay Ford "He 
to hare with 

oitoHtatad nlayan and turaad 

maw of lam into o Wi iaa Nt 


htabo glvaa credit whoMy to 
hit learn 

"They keep coming and 
plugging at you They na«w 
give up That's the key to oar 

"I'vaicnnd a M of goala In 
collage" be aaid, "and I'vt 
avoD made All-America three 
timaa. But this this is Ihe 
fiaatt moment at my career." 

Mr. Chicagoland 

llnriwr Jwphoaiorp !Maido liardv waa one of Uie matt prestlgioaa 
bod) bvlMlag tHlet to Ibr area ~ Mr. ("bkafalaad. Sards, wh* has 
lug lor net) 1 vnr ami ■ half, ha» wan two majar 
I Mr. (oilrgiat* lUlaolt and Mr lUicagatand la balk 
at waa •vcrall Utka. (phato by Rich 

Board oks faculty contract 

TIMS Harper Board »l 

Tnailcis. mctltiiK for tticir 
Mvanttw (wclmt !■«( Tlnir' 
Mlct rallfM (l« ((tllMlivv 

liMilning. afpmmma 9tA liw 

Alltr a alnrl ilticiB«MM in 
•iMeli faaartl nonter Onobcr 
praMMiil that the imiMiiMl 
MMtract «■!. "Far nun tham 
Hit cniltfli tmM affwd to 
ipeiKt," Nit hnard appnwvtf Ulf 
tnntriicl. tqr • HIM flf Itwt l«io 

Zanca and mrmtivr 9iirlr}' 
MiiMon ni>( in allendjince 
Dai'hir <••• Ihr only dtxcnltng 

TlK acriinwnl rc|ir«Miit* an 
« 71 pfTT t-ntl utary kncreaic 
plut iiraimliM ctMls. wnrk.loiKJ 
jind ovrrluad |>ay .ad-jiKMMnts. 
reprcMMing nvrrlime, tar a 
total rati III MiN.M) 

Th* board uMmitiouiiy 
•Pfir<iv«d ■ rR|un( by Dr CWr 
llinlim tn talic a nint month 
taiav* of ahttnc« Hititm » a 
frotator ol Sludrnt 
il««aliifi(iaiit licrt •! itarpar 

The (ward aka approvrd (he 
iidni'inlilrmian't recont 
mendalion (m O K a 
e«)f»T»liv«' i«r«»men( h«t»B«« 
Harper and Klfin (:"(ini,iimniM;]f 

The aftrcrntrn) allowi acecia 
Ml the [Mifital hygien- |ir<)(rani 
here at tiarper let up to (wo 
kliiilenl* (rom E'.lgin In return 
ElKin tia« «|)reect ii> oiler 
Harper residents reserved 
stpace in lAeir Ilental Auaiantt 
(ratiunK proKram Tbrrr n m 
limit (m the ainounl nl trainee* 
that eitin crniM i 

The great 

record giveaway 

c«e poge 9 

Vol. 13 Nt.. 11 

% illiaiit KaiiK-v ll.iriM i t 

N.nfmWr 19, 1979 

VI'ioiHltiiii iiii.l K>.-.llr K.Mil.. I'aLilitif. Illiiini- (itMtf.T. .512- V>:-:ilMHI 

Faculty evaluations in this issue 


Slarttag IMu «r«k. the 
Hjrtnmitr nill he <»l(ertn« 
!»tll«l««ti an iipportumlv lo 
cvatnale their tea(;hen 

tlie «¥a,hiilii>n» are ipiW' 
t«ml: MMfl'' h)' thf Harblnaer 
•tall, and are in no way cwn- 
iiecMt Kilh the lulmiiiMratlMt 
ar var'UiM dep»rtm€<ni» 

The pwpi:Me «< the evahiaitmn 
■ to five fiKh stuUent an n^ 
iwrliWMi) l» *«»« b»i •«■ Her 
mtmm m thrir lem-hers lor 
Ihl* wmcsler 

In rental year*. Harper hac 
(l«l Dludeiii rvaluutimii Cur 
leat-brr^ uunw • rfiHAttiMnttrr 
*v»ti'«(»d by Ihl' I'BtmriHJ' 'Hi 
IlItiKiiit The naJtaMiMi '■•t* 

•dl*tr<htii'ed ti> one cIuhi far each' 
l»aeh«'r The roimdelfd' 
igucntHMiutire* were them »«iil 
tawk !• the uKlwrMlj' 1* 

Two yi'ar* ago, the 
rv»lu«i<««s i»rr» ollrrrd every 
aeffietter but, twawe tit the 
hi|h coal til the pro(?e«t, they 
•ere ul'frred iwiiy mm-e latt 

Tbi* yrM ttle c«li*'ifir ^trcMlrd 
M iitiandoif t:hc present 
ri'ikluiitmii syklem uid. reptace 
It wiltia new «ytimi tliBl wltl he 
Minilufted within the lehotil 

H«H«'rvrr. thai pJiitt -.^ :\i vxrt N- 
ffHd> untit WH >.rir.. ■-;.-- 

The Hartomg>-( <■ .« m'v 

EvaliiatHW. «>II laorl nailt 
!MM^y. kMi hwi a mmhcr <il' 
■dtamtaiei to the .Undent 

The >"K»l»ti:mi Horks like 
thai im .page two ot this » <Tk « 
H*rtiin«er there i« n tiicultj 
riflliiaiuin lorm the lurm 

consiKiti^ lA a ImF ol i^ueitiom 
cmmnmni a teacher"* p«r- 
lariM'We in clius Each student 
'■hnuW aswtr each ol (tie 
tjueMtim ralMi the leatluw mi. 
■ telle lit' unit l<» fli* •mt aw 
t«in|. «unt and tivt Itetl Thi- 
ttirini ihiMld them he 'handed m 
at the HarlMiiMn ullk'v tatatett 
m XK7 The Imnm *iH t» 
iKBMd m llie MMt 'tiiue of the 
Harhl:ii|air a» «ell .ac (hiit mie 
'lite dcMlliie Inr haiMlfiH in ihe 
lanat It lice 4 

Deputy Director of ICCB 
explains responsibilities 

hi I'tat Mellitgli 

I'niple' Ibmli juit Iwcatme 
tlMry h«»e an 'huun ol rtiffl 
pleted cMtrsc w'lirk . that i • ■ 
are elilil)* tar u tochetoM' ■ 
<lrgr«f'." *a)d J«,m« Htm III u 
l'Mr|Ml> Direcler ul the IlltnnI* 
C'Wiitnwiitv (!iillc|e tiMf'd 
• IHMk- 

■■'Part iif uur r«pi>i»HiilHy m 
tu rmtrdtnate vit'inmum^ty 
Mitlege pratrams with thnie <it 
tile tUktr ijimvrr^ities. " 

The iCl B la atw rcfpu<ia.Mr 
lor 4(*'M-linnB(| «l»te * idc 



>U v..ll,..|J» 

••ffr iev«t 

It tM|iilr«i cardkil plamltii 
Ml' liH pari ol' the Htudeiit tn 
Oflitr In M cet caufht '141 in 
tiikioi libaiMrk they tainM we 
■i ihey fr»ti,«(er 
■■"mfttnnrs d i* more 
irj»inte Imr a ytudrnt tu Iranitrr 
alter Mie year." arowdim to 

Tbr tiiiiird i« jiI*o rrft^win^iW*' 
(or dBtnbulm([ Hjiii' luiKlms 
tbri»uf'h#ut tbe com m unity 
niUegn AppniimaMy t'lB 
mtttmi I'km: ihrMilh the-'oltlrc 
i-M'h year A,B aikMuinal IIS 
niiuiion roffOM t«) the collefo 
Iroiti a dutorwjl. lauaKl to !>•: 
u(«d tor vocaiiiMai pnnrantt 

tliB smtlHM o( We mmty i-i 

Harper •riMiht <|ia*li|y tor thii 
type of funding if It ti paised 
llniMi'Ver, Hiwardfeefa thai tfctii 
t«n(»latiion hn littie chance i>< 
i'leinii pwaMt. tn b» words "A 
lot: of' li!gtal*la>n> IM that it 
takitayen would i#t apiirM* 
iiicrraiiccl ijuuttMn. ihtD wily 
»twn,>t»l Ihe »lale lubiiidlie I' 
-I ti....i-., 

Ilmmrn -iKl th.-ii llirrt' 
(If'ObtClK '..itti If"- n^iv . 

for l:t*e N.'«:, 1;^ ' ■ . 
great*"'* t iirri» m1 '"«■•.' ■ 
jirea 1* tmnnr** .n-rnrBm'|{ to 

lt» Mid tlwt rlitiMn. on HH' 
.part til certain uni*er»Hie». " 
> in nwTiy at the rlmw* 
W* take at * iwO'yvar 
Miami: nut IraBilerrinW 10 a Imr 
«Mir' nchoal. IfnvenltM* •■•M; 
kulrnta iti take their (Msintaa 
law i:la«s imiaad ot a « l «iiiH' 
•kiM. md timy vun't fiiMfl Uk 



>t»'tM>r*. An iidililK'inal Ui 
tH'itlHiifi ». AMtri'laitwl 1:0 rolleintw 

'k'llhltl • !'«»» '-■» '••-"''• -■"-" 

flU'ea* «*tir(t 


Mjirper'doe* nni muniiiy [.,»( mm 

type o< (' 

Thoir ■ I 
lieliirv Ihe IIMnoia tlmae that 
•'«uid allow for addltkMal 
ntantey 10 ht atiocaled lu 
dialrlcta. wilh law la> raiat. 

fii^'ul.TM in 
KVun. K-hnilt 

_ I (aiidini! and 

' ■ ■ '■•! 10 '»iii|H>ort the »am<> 
I iroirams 

Himard latd 'that the Mulmi 

Ilea m chaagiioK the funding 
(onnula la iMlude jjrugmatK 
c'lmcemi, but tue' Board of 
Higher' Edtataiim hat raliiwd 

itm« all the lormit has been 
in. the renlM will be latiutaled 
iind.«ai:h teacher wlU he ghwi a 
grade point average 'baaed on 
itie students' mpooscx. The 
ifsults wil'l tie irinted in the 
\uk im iHue of Ihe Harbiafer 

The advaniagei altered m Uw 

»Hidemt by the etal'uatlon are; It 
offer* the itudent an n|t- 

portunMy 10 »ee «hil other tampu* 

students feel atMiul the leachen 
they cumwjtly have or will have 
in the futui'e 

II given students who are not 
Ifoing to be here next semealer 
an opportumly to evaluate their 
tear hern 

MoRt importanl . it givea the 
•Indent body an opportunity to 
voiee tlieir opiniaiis pmttive and 
negatite atxiut tlM> faculty on 

There wan a ni.ani«l artu drmiwialratlm icftri* in ihr louniie In 
MalMlitf \ IMI week Here itwdeiilt are ihawn Im>w iu brrak their 
l«e*, I'holo b\ t»a*r Vinci** 

Campus flieffs up 

ft ri uti Ki I Ml 

^',iil ir'KT' 
I'A ,11110 

H 'i'l- 




t ttir mI*h\ 

('US with 


" il'ieni Kour 

- thai Iwd 

• ■ij>yiuui 

i-iii'iii!> ...I laii'olling. Ilie 
iiii-. on ciinipui^ 

' '■,•- l,'*;o|-if !«■« loliim 

.... 'r- pr.",,.ni iiuio 

"'il Jock 

.'ik and 

. ui when 

IfiiMin: Kin>! ifet* that auto 

tireak in:^ c^n t:»e prevented 

tn-mg abht to when |ieople take the time to be 

to m atwif. mm 'Una rim, prevent the thefin < -There are ciMiUnia 

1*1^ - The H'arhmfi^r \intmtmr I'K l*K't 


Harbinger offers 
Harper teacher 


Fof' trw Hm tiiM' in tiM HMrtM'ftflWa hisMry siMtantt 
Mil to fiwm \tmt dav m cnurt For fmn^ Harpir 
•tMSami riUM twvn ttmn^ out tMdar evat'Utition 
Ibrma, rattng tlwir tMKticrt trom good lo tiad.. 

Thtt te'itwinr. howivtr, mM trnvm no •¥«iu«tlon 
tarmt to fill out and rat* lltair vartwi tMcftart. So lti>t 
Hvwngar is giving MiMlania an opportunity to aKprnt 
tNiir vtvws mo oammitu. 900a or bad. atioui ttia nwat 
vaiiiaUa' paopw on tMt 

TNa Haritmgar *tal( nmotiraoaa ■Itidanta to taka part 
Ml' trtiaavatMiion Mirvay.. tt't itw tiati way to w laiKw 
slMMlt itmMi that Wm taacttar trwy mtt i« itia sama 
taaeliar awaryflfta alia 'Mat. Good taachari itiouW bt' 
mmmamlad' tor doinfi aucrt a tood lOb. 

Studanis ompiatn a loi about "roilan" toaeltara. 
now thara't a way 10 axpota I'hoM' bad applai.. 

Ttm btti way to do tril« it to tilt out ttia lorm Mow 
am raturn it to iha Harbinpr off tea. A3B7. Ratponaat 
•lit ba prtntad m \m HaitHnoar,,, 

llayba it foma taaettari knaw tlmr atydartti' 
OtMntana ot ttam would ba printad in ttia Marpinguf 
tlvay moM tm^ 'On ttwtr toa«: and taoctt'Ora atroadV' 
•tifNirta in thair teaching protaaston woyld bo tmun. 
mnh rtm 'act ttiat it»a»r oHorta art appraciatad. 



l»H»f$ to th» iditor 


Facilty IvalutiM Fm 


t I.I.. 



> Iv I'urimt m is Ihe' Harbmfitt aK'trm tin rmtm A'lUT 
lurstnin m it •ciilr til iiiii IH'ltw with five totng htm 

Tlia tvm It 1(1 1 

Amwrr rwil qurstiu. .,. „ ..,.„... ,. ,.,.,. w..r»[ ».>■<■ ..r. wm^b kix 
fmy <]ijv>tMn" Ciwuki tt» Mai'tiMgier m A;K at mil Mt -Mil 
(tfWll'iiMr tiir iijl (<irn> i* Omi, 4 

Willow Park defended 

tNnr Kitlnr: 

In 'mipiiiiHP to j-tmr ciWnna! 
I'tafTKII, tte *'ll!'-.. ''i 

IBM iwt tlul ttit . >,... , i,.,. 
"*rvMl tMiditwfc i>l »iu*"m» 
*lto hw HI Ihr r»«l fml o( till* 
HiirfiH itirtrw Mianv u( Ihunr 
'MiMlrmts tiw* l'iitl-i<ni> |<iliit 
■turinii tlM* <ta*)' iitxt' tixw ft^n 
iMt III JiltnK) rl»M-> ji( riiith' 
liM»liM> U'llbi* I'arli CMiirt 
«»» coiivmimilj' liminl w« 

\'«j m.iv iil».i !•" inl(-rf»i,ttl m 
km»iinllh..i- -'»il«iil» 

ill Willo» 1- ,ri; mX 


iwl :i.ii' ttir (lutrit't arv ttkit »t 
l«-rtr<t !:i> fht- K3< ^hnrtaff awt 

iHrcm'l t)i. . 'J ••iprm- 

luxau^** WtfKw I', irk ' 

I'iit MmtKtuimMfi 

B «. I) (■, 

|.i ikrrr •twlmis niKfe' aixl 
lain <««* of aMCMiieiil*. tm» 
'ilhiw,. ■rudac. ftr 'Hiratiilaiit 

Itiooiil f oimimiit 

li Omn titr trwlicr mail* 
siliiijlenit Irri (r«« In mk 
<|itmli«m iliMNrw. mfrM* 
ilM>ir ukat. f>ic" 

:|) IMhS' ttir i«iMtnr |ir««MI 
liMf malitrial ia « ««il-l 

4t ■•imrtir ■ tc«t)ii|. «l 
mwT tl:Ml«'iii> lrelini|.ii und 
pnliitiM «it)t llir cbs*"* 

S< tMot Iw-slw mak» hiinwif 
*« ailnblC' tit ttudrnlj ouHKte <il 

• 1 Dot* I.IW' lascilwt m- 
'CMiiat*' ttmtrnn Mimt •«! 
iniWil««M!nl M ilir ctM*'" 

T' I* Iht' Ictelicr 
knoMlailBialMa m 'Om miaifct 

■ 1 Vlat I*' ftmr mtrall 
nfinim t>f IMt dan* 

AiMKiiiilsl OMniiniM* 

ai»»jir-»-t .-hMff ,.|»n I'Hmm 

^••» i:nm MrllMiiti 

rwtur* Ediloi Wmdy W iiAfmalie 

nuiliiEainr......... HicliKi.t>nke 

tml 'Ptmttmitar s<-o)i Mckillip 

furteMnilsi M ,. 1 ,. MutkKal 

(IlliiiiWiI *t»nagi>r. .1 imU i urawlla 

t)islrtlXili«»Editi:>r , Walter Hill 

Mvimr. I)i»r«thy Pirevano 

SiJift UwiLynnCuy. 

Kariii JuhroMm. \ incml Sunlo, 

Jw Ki»e)i. Rich H«nquine(. 

Pi!«» Wicklund. Nora Ntrlon. 

Juli Hesly, Mik« Simkui. Mike Bamhach 

11)19 IIAHBIMiKK ia the atudrnl publtcativn li,t Ihr Harper 

( »))<■«<• lamiMai aunmunlty, |>utilished wnkly eice|K during 
Nitidayi and final pxami All optamna enprwsed are those of ihe 
»rilerand nor nweaaanly tliwe til the iwfcfe. its admmistraiiun, 
ficulu <ir studenl hody Advertilin« and copy deadline u niion 
TwfMiji> and ojpy if adtject lo mliMng All Leliers-to-the-EiUtur 
rnual he signiMl nam** will he withheld upon requeal For ad- 
»*rtismi|{ ralei, call or wMl* HARMI.\CiER. William Rainey 
Harper Coilege. Algiiaqun and Rdaclle Hindi, Palatine. Ill . 
— Phtioe m-amm. eit isi 

\,.,,'mhfi I'K I'K'l riu Hafhiiiiitt Vntii- i 

Wener heads foods group 

iliV Ml 

r RM'-' 

•"•e ••ml' to 
Musi l*Kkmt pimit i 

tord,." mi Janr KHalat, ■ 
fmluMa laUm eotinwi M tad 
itervicM maiiailtmtmt, «IW' 
wtaii iMl II <••• ■« tUMMiiil (i«H 

"We wtnt M •ml M«- Iht cwf 
nrauglit in fi-Mit U* lltM 

"Thin •iNwt limn a:iid: liaii« 
IlKii) 'bj- theif NtiMt taat." tMr 

-■riiit lilt)' cui uw i»»<J ma 

hudk of r. (ten ihiit itent und Ml 
IliC' Irwiil open," »ti« »wl 

■■Wr M* htw th* part* w»i» 
i-ui u|> and iw WMS«d dmns a 

tS'^m inula lowr." taM Mlw 

'irs siutinaliig IMW blUc 
rtianft' Hat ociwrrad m ih* 
tlaughlertng pracaaa." kaid 
attf Wanar. Dirtclw nf F<Md 
Service ManaKemeitl, 
'CCpicWIy if yau raad Upm 
SincWr'it iwvtl "The Junglt." 
•Mdi' wat «rl(tan over Ml year* 

Carat ('Mil, aneilwr trash' 
■ait, taiheit tiumlily <»Hlciiig ai 
(Wt (i« her €wn« 

"Ai the bcKinnmii, «• juat 
chopped up texetablfs and 
learned ham to prepare tliam 
'praoerl}'." the naid. 

tMn (he tatrnad huw la make 
iHBerem hulifc «4 cream laucea 
iind snupt, kIw taid 

"We had lu nuike tniaai xaip 
anT'day," mid Mia» ttehl, "and. 
«M: tmlmi lilt anlmi «o tang. 
tlie% Ml apart t»le>d of hrinR 
(rrm " 

"The iludenti get muffll 
practtcal tmnuiit at Harptr." 
said Wener. • JptiaMt at 
(he Univemty a('lilMl». Wlm 1* 

al»0' eipertenced ib the 
managaincni <il fine dimnt. fail 
fawd wrvicc and catanng 

"We dn two ihingi lit «iir 
daparlmeiK." he noM, 

"W« arc rctpomilile' Inr th* 
amirt land »er*ice here an 
rampw which lactaJe* the 
ratateria. ralertng and in. 
volwenienl nt all iMal and 
retreihmenl. .aartikwi," Katitr 

-rraclwaHy all ihe laod that 
I* tarveij an campm i» made 
,In»h daily " he Mid. "uuing 
iimiMy I'renh food, rruil salads, 
hread and pa>tr>' ' ' 

I'niihe the elemenlary aaJ 
htgh whooli. Wener pMiWed 
<at thai the cafeiarta t* not 
suhaldiied hy federal lumli af 
an')) kind. 

"«e iMiy cmylliiiig m the 
marhtt laeatly and iry la katfi 
OUT' 'prwaa ai hw an pataitalc." 
he said 

"Hi«*.ide)i the faud icrvin In 
*e catelena, •» haw wveral 
diKerenl (mid nervic* protram* 
l(» teach student* hotel 
rfttaurant and insliluilnnal 

"Denny*. Hitton'i and 
l-Mly 9 I .in Michiigiw > are HWie 
III' the nstaurant* that hire 
llarpar I'liidMla." he laid. 

"We alM have ime year 
(irograips («r iMkcri and 
chalk." he wid. 

"'In fart. 'I ]uat gni wwd (ram 
a Imlal in 'Teiat iliat s IwAiiii 
tm • cliet." .Mild W'ancr. 

"Calvin Bcnneu. 'miw tint 
ywar, ■* aur CW and Uie l» 

strurliir o( our ••(wking 
prwgraiti. Wener jild. 
'"and 'tm Baker » Ed (lar- 
iiiitlii. wtehai heen here »i,ncf 
tile ichanl' ■ia.rtcd lit yean 
»g» ■"■ 

"W> have uhaut a MM 
iiverag* eH male to female 
siud>>nt»." he • 

"'ItW're in nt'iitw rai|ue«li far 
ii«.l€ chrlt and hakerj 
primarilj' hecauie <»• Ihe h««v> 
lilting and heal in baking." he 
«atd. "tMt 1 see no ratinn why a 
wonian 'tictd lie excluded Iracn 
ilMM (leldi a* limg ai ihe » 
.mimMc tt dnng Ite jolt:. " 

to the 


to Harbinger 

Infemofional Study 

M.a.r|M>r and the Ameriran 
inatJtutr tor pitreign Study » ill 
■ a three week t«:iur with 
i in London. Fans. Munich 
and Kline Then 'participants 
'«-(lt 'lly t« Athen* (or a cruiae an 
Ihe Agean Sea More returmtng 
1o ("txicailo 

The Inn will coat ta.l4S Thti 
include* air fare. ac- 
rMT).Ri.adalinn>>. two meali daily 
< three per day while on the 

cruise I. iiight.iieeing touri, 
I'MKgaKe handling and in- 

Arrangement,* lo secure 
academic credit can he made 
far thote parlicipating in the 

For luriher informalian 
cimtat'l any o( the following 
(aculiy niemheri Suiannc 
Hcrron ext STl. Bill Kelaan. 
Ml HH. or CMf Wener, eat »TO 


Wood field Mall 

Now accepting applications 

tor full and part 'time 

Enpy our liberal merchandise discount. 
Apply /ower /eve/ personnef. 

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Hat Bo Ym Ink Fer hi a Riconi Sinit? 

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IWr I Thf Hiifhinmr Sinfmtx'r I'K I'K'f 


TiMp Hurvtr Jmi IteiMJl •Ml' 
WM KnwmMe «t|:l gxrcMnt a 
(r»«* tuiKw! ijB T<ie«l«j Hi » 
p m m ttw Rklg A loungr 

TtHf Wind EnwrnlilC'. *:r«.'t»<l 
by Ch- Rotirrl Til'ltMMn, w:'ll 
l*»turr the "WiUiimi' Bjrul 
Swu-" )>)' te Brillali' cMnpMr 
Gordm Jacob:. 

Ttit 4aii Ramt. dtrwtcil l»y 
John Smariewilti, witl (»rf«irm 
two' wMiu (r»in tlw (.'outii HacM* 
Hijrary, "Scotl's Fla«" and 
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[Mvt lla.Kltilin'« arrattKMncm 
nl'-Scfulnilw'riiiiwns'". "llMn 
Riv'tr'" a» iTTangRl lif HiiMili 
NiM'iiil. and JHI SltlniNirg'* 
*"0«»(l«l Jnhtl" 

For further mlwrmalimi 

CMMMI TtlMtM at eit' Mt. 


rratldMM JaiMf M<!«Jralh 

n t fc iil— nit fMtamla. (acuity 
••14 klalf to join in a 
TtaMfcaitV'tnl Ecumenwal 
iorvmNm tttrainUam la 
II p m in 1*1111 

from thu ChurelNl.<ll lllt'Hiftlk- 
«••! tuburha have ht«B tiivIM 
to altcnd the crlvbratiim 

Par'tkliialinK in thv wrvK't wilt 
hC' Smtet Mm rtym. OF 
Campiit Mmnlrr tor Harprr 
italibl Killel Uamomn trom thr 
BMh Ttkvih I Vmgrfialion m 
.HiirminbUtes. Ilrtrc ZaiKS. 
Har|Mr Cotlogc StiMltii'i 
TiwltC'. J'aiM UKkcr. JoHn 
top-tcm. Mariwr Drama 
nlildaM. Kalhy Eeynolil*. 
ttariwr Scnkcn I Staff. I'acKw 
Dmny ("lark (rom S(. Mm* 
Lutheran Cl«iiMh tn Schawii'- 
bmg; Pattof' John: toMW. (nm 
PMW M^rmMl OiJKh m 
Mam). n<aap«cl and Patlnc' R 
Carl li'Milima trn.m Dit'iicd 
l>taili)fl«rlaii' ClJirdi of the 
Cram in .IMnwn bltia*.. 

The Haiftr OgoMt fWr. 
under the lirMiMi «( Ca% 
AllMrto wiN be pmenl tO' 
'IHrttnn Iwa tdecltma. 

flic MTvicv has been planned 
'hf Mnt.. Mhario (ron the Musu- 
.DaitrUanl. Mary Jo H'lllui 
Imn llie tiraina I'leparlmcMI 
Mii>«ier».. SMar 
■ and Snter Julie 


Harper Oticft Tourjiu| 
rhildnn"* Theatre i«.itl hoMl 
•udiiHMis lor an origintt M:npl.. 
•■The Amaitng (JitriJeii «l 
Randle R«»»". !<ov 'Jtaod^ov 
1», m < p m in M» Theff a.r» 
nin« available roie* ami 
audil'ion* ve open to all .Harper 

The' rhihlreii"* play wtll tiair 
an* elfMMlari .nciioolti durint 
Itw' •••k at Jan. T i» 1 1 . During 
Uw ••ck, the 'Company will 
'oiatl at least W dincrcnl Khoola 
with. * I4ilal' anttcipated at 
'Iwilancc <i «.IM. 

QtietttMUt alMiil the Jtmm 
lln'Mren '• ThMti* miMMim (w 
--Th* Atnaiint Cmt0m «l 
Handle Hoai" 
.AracMri to Mary 
AM. «■!... M or M 


The Marpcr Npreait Kath* Ski 
C'lutt it plaminft ttwii'prn> 
trifa io, Uib M<:iu.iTlain.. 
Ik^hukt Moufilam a'nd' 
tirrlet A mem'be'iuhip Jw oi IS 
rt»lttle» »tu<Jenl» Io dncouBl 
pr'H-e* on sJu trip*. « »k.i palch, 
*«-ou«>l» io iufji ski *tt<ni«.. iind 
ii fcHTjiain iki IkmAIcI )iik-«l' wtth 
reilurril r»l« m local iind 
nutitmal .«k.i moris 


klarxhall i'ttap m * n . 
rrrbtinffr. wilt lie appvunni in 
concert Nm' *>. atopm in Itie 
RIdii A loonic. with The Vn 


Oil Ms. (."haptnan'it third 
■•Ibtmi tor Epic, tlir thrme u( 
rock aiMi nil ii Dievalenl in 
HK'h Mnp at: ''"Koek. and Roll 
rintha..'" '"Hoine (o (he Road," 
Hock and Roll Girl* 

TiC'keli For iha roiKcri 'shouW 
he purchased in advance, m 
■eating is luniM Public »d 
miiai«iii » 14 Harper ntudenlai- 
slalV admiaaion » 13 mith ac 
tinty card' Tickeis will alw iie 
amtoble at the door Fiv 
further mifarmntion. r»H thi^ 
SIIMkWI. ActiMMl Qt'fiec. «■:!... 



AM Harptr Mwtotit* are 
•»lcom» to came to a Campua 

fruwHlf for I hrtit BiWe s'ludy 

r*ery Thurwlay friari 13 lo i 
p m in 'tiw Student Aclinty 
««:|'enjncif raoni. <m the ihirti 
IkOT' <4 RKk A 


Tbrouslniut \o*'#mher 
liar|M>r »ill (eaturr an mhitiit 'Of 
(rmiit.. (umtinR« sind itrawingi 
tiy thi"«> art laculty niemlieni 
Inaiii LutlUFT Tollqii' in nor- 
iheastwn liiwa ihnuKit ^<n' -M 
on Ih* sH'Ofld floor of IlklR*. <* 
.•nd I* 

IHwn M-hwarli's iMtittinfii 
fw-iK on still ill'e a'Dd feature the 
i,»s«' «.)i acrylic* 

Orviltf KunniiiK « oil piitn- 
i.i:a4$i and wMtcuii- rrprenenl 
■iltfil* ami .K'fnM (amillar tu the 
tnr'ltmilern town rr|ti<m 

DiRiK Rckh«art'i> <lni«-iii||a 
Itx'uii on liMa laridncape* ani 
lariniand vxmt 

TUne l.hfe» arltft* toriu t.hf 
I'luc'h'un "I Lulher t'ollefe'f. art 
i:li'parlni<ent and make II a 
i'T«ti« cetii.« 

Imiuirin regardinf the 
i.nui'li.»ei'i< timH m Ibeeihibil 
^N'>ulft iir directed In Jiihn 
KimkIiww. •■nx.wie 'pr'oCeMMr of 
arl ai mt ■xn 


Fu// or Pan Time 
Two Shifts Available. 

RmnJOQ Restaurant 

f^ndhurst Shopping LCfter 
Apply In P'ctrson 

Pan Time Jobs 

You Pick the Work Days and Hours 
No Experience Necessary 

Pkt%tic Bog Machine Opera f on 

Rich Out 5 10 TO hour* a Night 
Betwwn the Mou» of 
2.30 p.m - 1 a.m. - M-Thurs 
Minimum 5 Mour»-Day 
Ma.ii(mutn 20 Mours-Wii* 
(FuH T.m.e NiflMS AvaKa6i«> 



744 N. Oaklawn Avenum 
ilmhurst. Illinois 

Harpw'i Htalth Service ■■ 
lABrinf fn* car*» puJirianary 

reaiawitai'ton mtR: i-lnsse* m 
No'Veinher and l.»rci;mt>er 
riaiie* will meet on 

Wcdncadays allermions (rom It 
io 4 p m 

In (irdCT 10 become a certified 
rctcurr. xtudend imwt attend 

Ihreip cimsecuiive sesMonis 

N.e!*»inn& begin litt: '* 
ReKisi er hy ca 1 line e«t M) or tn 
Ihe Hcalih Service 


Hair Oesips 

Rolling Meadows 


Kirchoft Market 
Buffalo Grove 


Plaia Verde 




Arlington Heights 


Across From }ewt\ 

ONLY AT Jffisser 






^Sm pair 
This price does not Include 

profesaionat services and aocesaoriot. 

WEIS.'iKR (;iFt I t-KTlFICATE brmi* Ihis certificate 



with >'«"' 

oll'er etpirei lt'*11 

■ far If iYt|l>si>s Witt fxr pirclasa of 
Soft taMxts * 

♦ sl\i.l> VISION (.1 AS.<> l.l-\.^t':!) l^ntlM \ st-l K<T 

• •Rot I* OF tHAVIKN 
Ml «TII»II Hist ill NTS M-rill Mil > 


No ifpiffiimt nccissvy 

As* tmil t III l( t I'M « I II \s t II N T I M H I »• 
I Vltl' l-ltlH.II tVIS 

I I INT 11 Is Kill tl I U.KS 
>AtS KW^IINIII > ASIItllN tR\.MI-:>> 

I.I ISM s fin I II l"HI-:)«l RII'TKlN.S I II l.KI> 

UtTF-M'ii.HuVK: H-K i.Hu\K 

n e lluiider ltd lliiu licvun Ai 

:»] mn ■n-TMi 

mt Irving Pk Rd 





\mi'mhtr 1% i**!** Thr Hnthmfirr Pofie 5 

Jamleson offers a 'Timeless Beginning' to center 


tofiiiM caa I* • mm wmi' Imt 

Witr M vtar-«t<l •«rl*rit 
JaifitawM pMlat hma Hdt A 
laMg. n*iMni<liMi«iiMita. 
rii a MfWa 
iitwali nil I 

rron liar 
|Mr, kM' a iiilq«' artMic ulaH 
■ott alM MHara (Mm nfK»il 

jamMaMm m cwMniraunf <» 
hat •*! »«*.. ■«»•■ im:«n«> 
taaMI • MMtng tmlMlM "A 
'n i iil m i Wgti i iH i H " t« Maf" 
|W% 'WaaMA Caalw to IM 
dlipbiyatf l««Mparar% 

-I can' t iwt a nMimtof «* 'Iia* 
■pmi |-<aa liana."* altt^ialil. "1 
I %li&. I' wwaBA 

iMliag* amJ i.lH>«i«titi StMt 
dMhraMl Mm raaiMitnt incrn la 
liariwr iractiM Harlay 

t'tupmait. "1 livt mji' III* tikt • 
tag. (r«'|tp#<l iMriwMM t*a 

And' tmmt4 m a awMl 
diaariliiMi to ttta-yaMf artat.. 
Tnipai' wtti Iha 'hiwai^Mia wl 
tU* auMij thini* the naiM 
Hcamplwti m tm ttotinw i( 
MKh '■•>!> «l«r laak «••»' I mtth a 
tiruMHk' Her alflMMM AtaM'l 
fcatp fwr ftw» ItK'Imi a )* wr» 
nmutar lo her tvtte* ftiMiaila 

'i Ilk* tlariwr tut I ntftl 
nnpla ila tmtg mr Irixa huMUliiC 
m MMInt' ) vaa* lo >» ■* 'ta* 

hM of apiM lot 'BaiMiiiia 
1 1 al 

alUiaf' llinw it 

taid. "But I <-BR"t walk aill:!* 
ia» w«U t >tai ( Ilka pafla w 
licl|»in« II maMatmataatlllwa 
IMIa kid m viMt iiH (iMti I 
'Wmmmr, Utm Jtmmmm » 

■am a 'aiWaai al »lM.aa pf wk. (araMtna. «lira. «l 
yaar tima a «!■». Ktaja a wk Wt irata jwi. • 
i tadla t)|uiivad Naa 

ran •»»» Mataa tm mm »to * WarKto- Vm 

mm »• m yn, «il aga * ka»a a taad Artirtni raeurH. 

1 m alMriMMM. JaiM. avatlaMa ar Mh. 


EOE M F 82B-88W 

lilis Ippreseniative \ 
Hflfs Avaibh|e Noy ^ 

I 1 i^^; i / 


1147 Tower Road, 
\ Schaumburg, II" 

We are "The Beeper People" 
and have several openings now. 

• Full Tim« • Part Tim* • Your Tim* 
A good opportunify for th* Kight Pmoph 

Cat/ Mr. Fuh/er 012)885-3100 

Waiters Waitresses 

WMI n UM URS ff miY? 

In Woodfleld Mall 

iMCly intmlfa tnm Hiwpfi CaiwiHii" 

Hit Mainay ta Omi 
• nia Mmmy ti Wxn 
'Hm lloin artfi't lale 
The 'nnw la nw 

The Tabtes Am A/ev«r Empty' 

T«k« advantagt ot this holiday 
is juAt going nuts with business 

whtfl' th€ mall 

Apply in pvrsim or Call Jim at ||2- 
Eipai Opimrtufutf Emptoyar 


•ipfrl«iw»» *>i«'l 
I iHwa la be thai lia<i I 

f Mamt Ihera and wail (or 
t» cwnr atwna »IM> t* 
halt way <lcceni.." the nawl "IF 

ttv «M Mdinaiid IM. I aali 
tlMii If 'ilM9"l' wiHk ma la mt 
ttmm.. t'tm Itad a kit al pM|ila 
walk a**}' (rom mr Wkao I 
tavr lo oalk u(i tiairt vlitr* 
i:l>*r»'t Wl fUivmutt iJiaj (i»t 
iMk al iiW' like I'm ntariM. 
Ttw> *m'l imdentaiid mt " 

Hr«i<)»» liavinc c»r»l>r»i. 
{Mi>y Mi«» Jaminm liai 
lawre )warin|t laai ti> ImwIi tan 
-"KaM my t^tMit 'iiralilaiiia. arr 
taKaaaa id' my *m* I can't ;licar 
ntyialf." iMa aiM.. In iraila 
•ciiaal ilie <wliln°t 'hcur Ida 
taMliar 'Wi tlla lauNlii hanatl M> 
IMMl' IM. 

ttaiiMi alt (Naae kandicaiM 
iha rimaina aiJtlmliWff she 
plaM M marrsi lamtiiajr and 
ralia a tamll)' 

"fmai i kmw HMieliody I 
>m*t hurt thai ptntm. 1 like 
paMle 1( Ihajr mxtift me m ) 
aHi, llM lalil, ■•S<:>m«' jfnptr 
tam'l 'Maale iw .(trabimn hut I 
.ham In p «m. 

*ppm# wj mrti MtdnniBwi* 

College entrance o breeze 

<."n A huge maturl'ly of 

Irwhnan think that caltaga 
«aan*l a« hard ii> get inio at 
Ihaj half maginm A sMy 
releaiad al the C'ollefla Kn- 
traM:e Eiaminalinn Bannt 
ciinv«)t.i(iii aln faund that laal 
i»r«t arif noi ih« «niila maai 
impDrUnl fiicinr in iidmlialaiii. 

The •twdy. done by iha 
CoHege Hoard and th* 
Ameriran Aniociatlon ot 
CBlltfial* Hegtulrars and 

.Ailm:laakai (Xltcvs. nhovnl 
mat Mat. admiiaians o((tMn 
oooiMin' overall high K-hool 
parformann a« the moat im- 
partanl Cactcir in asMaainK an 

Airline Passenger 


H vo.. ■"■* « m*tyi'», .•WMK*n»*to% .m>.¥««Ju*> »OOk''»« lor mjmWMLim 
nluK' n.'..l.ii^ty, kmk v> wmv fulnt IMa n»» .ii>m»c)'.«» 
mnw <™ PmmniK Ictmmw on oar «fwinoon ••nill«W«l«»''il 

i:»ii»;i ji !■'■• wwlit'* Ouian iiiiiwi To aujJifv lor »•» '■"•■ 

OHKKTu'i'tY «ou r«»iWl>««tH«III lltiWtoKl.wat us 1' ■ 
I w.ih r..> c- ir'.ir>il t»tmra. To WIOM *Ou' '»«■««. lOOIV ■" I"" 



IIMMW M.wr.t 

llo*rt'"ri..".r.l. IM 

awlicant. with teat icoras 
aecond in toiiiorUnce 

"A tingle peffarmance on a 
lest cant rcfilace (our years d 
performance la high iwhool," 
summarized ."Jtephen Ivena. 
College Board program 
reMiarch director 

AlmoKl m percent ol the 
freshmen questioned said 
Ketling Into collega is. in Ivena' 
words, "not ai hard as is 

Admtaaiant otllcer* con- 
tributing to the rcmarch said 
their mean Btandard for the 
Scholastic Aptitude Teat 
SAT) was a combined math 
and vertwl score of 74S. WilUam 
V an [Msen of the College Etoard 
said more than three quarters 
111 the people who took the SAT 
iiad scares over 7$0. 

M-Tm Silis M ORin mi NnM 

Days And Nights Available 

Ask For Mr . Polntw At 


In Woodftefd Mall 



Market Resiarch Interviews 
Ptft tin 

IrnefBsting Pubic Contact. Flexible Scheduling 

For Davs, Evenings Or Weekends. Good 

S,:ii.irv And Working Conditions. On Job 

Framing Excellent Job Opportunities 

For Studetits. 

Mi-Anrica BKNTch 

Randhurst Shopping Center 

for appt call Wrs Edwards t>ef. »S pm IP-WQI 

Car Rental 

S11W. McDonald Rd. 
Prospect HeisHts 


m 1 w ■ am 





htft^ tt The Hafhimft^r \m'€mhfr l<>. I'K't 

tn WfiMlt Wtohrlkafeae 

Itow wtltei In In* tor it Tl* 

llunrial Aid Ciffin a l>mlc<t «n 
IJtilt, i\.;*4 and i:i(iw (r«ll «■ JS 
a m lit 4 :iin p m Mwiliy 
i»in*||h f"n<)«,)i lT»l<irm»lu» 
cat! tir aM<umr<l on a wulk in 
tan* <ir tij' tilto* e«t »«•'» 
Tin- purptjie rf thi' prmnram » 
III mak* (tiwimal aid tvailaUc 
l<> th<aM> whu ran iKntOt trail 
I'urllw nlucatun tiut iMMil Mil 
makiiiK eiitfc iii«M Anj/ »lai» w 
iMtrral awittMH* is ta»«l o«i 
ikmoaflrmTiI fimnrtal tintl 

Arf«>r(lin,i{ <<> ' ' 
Iriiifl lhel;'m'.'".^ ■■'.: 
Kita'aticm: .i,i.Ji ..... ..;. 

i;bB«ll«l a». tullwr mi)i(|)i™«mi 
nrwlTiuppi>rttn( »luilmn». Tl>i». 

■.ii.tiU»h<r» a »«l(' 

■inlrtil ai". 

r.f. twm liilini ami 
• III rm tie k»t«* a« iw m*mi» 
Ijim, lij aiiy<»i» i»nli \t» m 
ff|)i.Mn III a sfiMiiwi Im iMv ;*ar 
|M"kir ID tte a«ailint.r ycnr tar 
w:ltk-h >MJl a MwM 

Ita BiM, and will iwt rwrtliw 
lw».|iryil aiHiisljiK* ml mm* 
Itwn WW friim h«|.|l«f pBWlMit 
■It tlM- yrur (or «liicli aul ii 

Ite mil lit-nl IT «i.ll not Itw 
*it»i hm-hm pttvmt tor imit* 
ittan M« Mil.) wiwlu iltiring tlw 
*Tar w wHich »m i» r«m»i!«* 
jii4 thr y«r |ir'l«r Ml ll» 
iK;ail«rBiK y«ir Hr »tli«l|. iM * 

TtKW nifmitim (ina,!**! 
aiii art iwiuinKi to a|ifit>' to 
(iMia* niPMKtac. IIHmm*' Stoir 
fic'lMlanilitii 'MiiMlan A»aril 
'.HSM'i, Bisic Citucili'imil 

mnnirt ....... 

..I rin.' 

riiMMii-iai amuiiaiKe it pH 
limr**-r m a |»cta»ir <if •« « 
iMirif lypc* nf aMl iiaitiialMtlS' 
etigiNtt aliidiM* are mtiM 
i»il,tta:»iri'l«li!»». tUm^^m, m 
munrte* la navtirMl fruw tt 
m-ciiaim at «lii» a»art. 

Simiw ll» rwiito «il il» IS8tr 
■lipllcMwn and the IIKIXi art 
iMiRtail l»r(i>r» l»» (»rk««» "w 
l» itrraBinl.. »Hi*!Hl» »» INIMI 
li> apitly tmfy -nmm 'hmim 
nmililciMl tteir KoWw Hjr Jimt I 
»ii: nwjiw fint r«)i»ii»rat»ii 
riil*i« ntmvrit tat«r Mmn 
Jiiiw t »i» te kanlM « a (IM 
(tim# ftmt jwrvid I 

Aid A\'Atl..AB.l.»: 
R.««tr l.ilat>tta«al lt|^ 

.parlanity (iraH. 

Ul iiKl«rp'i«llilMt *lli> m 
larMiMiil. mMiinli ar I! S. 
ritiiMit »?•■ •Iwit* 111 »|i|it> 
!ii!liilrMl|. imif I tac annlM: awJ. 
atlnul ■! toiat tm iMm <il 
riwinwift** tiwImfiiUMtltr A 
•IMInM SligiW.tll.« n«pmx. m 
ntui-inHt l» (he ttudenl •Kk-ti 
.iiiii.»i It* j»risi.«m«t 111 llw 
Ht«Me iclMMl III Ma (IMH* .(ar 
ntmciiirj' dictarMPiitvm 
Awarik arr kaMil. in ntwl. 

imnwH iWatf «><lii»l*rt.kl|r 
Mmwtary '%».■»! 

ItuMV' i<ti#Hr ia ftfty w 

A guide to finoncial a 

.nKidmlt. wtat tam r«MM: in 
.lltiMM* line year {trior to a|^ 
[iteatwn Awards to Harjwt 
rtudrmt* may »» u»«) tor Imliwi 
imty A»ardii art- liass) on need. 

i«iwlrnt«>«lal KiHaUanal 
llpf a rlanWy Ciraal 

Tlwflnamaal »i«l mtfwrr ml itn- 
stctHMil nWtn |i»n»« to tludrKlii 
»liii»fml*»e#p«:taMl n«<t «n lihr 
PAf analytet Ttir amaunl nt 
(hr Kranl imitl to malrlHN} 
dutlar far *»ll»r !>»' ««i» «*»« 
torn) of aiiDriivad (knaneial atd 
iiMl (-annul. amMMl.tO per cml d 
all .ud intanlBl and nwtwvfd 
.\Imi <i ranmt mount lliini n 

<Aark Study 
l"*ra||fam .|ir.(.»\ i.ili*s pari tiinr 
«H|i(<ij«ll««iW lot •tudi-nli whn 
llii»« (iMM'ial i»«d itaa mwl 
«arn a luirt ol ttctr «liKat.limil 
•■IMWU!* Jiitn art avubitilF to 
sludmlit Inik «> aiHl «i(l nmt)u> 
in rligiltlf nr)(aRiiat.)'OIU>. A 
minimwii cMrw laad a( >m 
(■t»dit (wun ii» rfquined (or 
e.a.mlimufd »in|»Ii>yiii*nl 

tliriiUillllirailt (IW MIYtWHICi 

Mal.>iMial Plr«wl Slaivnt 

The Natlowl Dimd StudMl 

l4taii » a Mtral tan not 
nimyablf uittd the studcnl: 
naics to tie al leaal a kaif tiNie 
iludml al an indilutMMi. ml' 
tajlwr tearmiti Stwl««» aru 
rmMml to ■ pa** |i«r iod a* nine 
«i«i»«-utive moffllhi durlnn 
•teti time imi»r«n «hall m* 
«»mi»ile'awl |»iym«it» will m be 

l.iiai >':n.|«rr.rMnil. tVagraiM 

(.■r«i.t» Ml- tor Ml Itiiia 

I nnunal Jii»lt<t» per»onn*l 

>.nK ItMsr grant* ari* avalMIc 

>ia>l> lull aiKt |iarl IMt 

.'!^nt.» Thta priiirram » a|i- 

(.iu'j.Wi' lor (Kiymrfil ol m o.r tuil 

d dntrHi (uition and tra only 

Til* amiMrt i» mil ta eittwl M«l 

iwr I 

rittinii or |acriii.aiienl 

il:uil»iiti mat be mt|ilwl in 
and rorolM for nnrMt 
raquirvd for an auoclalc 
mmm m a rngliterfd nvi* A 
mutt tm a pemianenl 
or a l!.S. riimn and 
III m tai*l .iwri itnM' lar mth 

Karaiif I'jaan* 

Ttne tamii ait awaiMth- to 
kiudraiA '(wntiinK an aawcia:!* 
*ir« iin iMininf at Maifiier 
TIK amount ol te loan i» tawd 
OS mmi .and may rang* iip to 
n.m :par acMtaniK* )«ar 

'rMaaaw al M'ar-Miaalag In 
, \t-lt«it 

The lUtnon Sui« ScManlilp 
Mary (<m 
I df ILPM far 
tike ipaanr ir diqicwini cblU af 
m MliMia ratiilail oRkiall}' 
ff|imnMl to toe a (irmmner' of war 
tir «*tin|| in kIwo. kilM ar ai 
IWil «i per f<*iil diMtiM afta-r 
January I. imto. Financial nwd 
■• .not a renutrement tor 

l.raol tot itilMrca of illlnala 

KMml. la Ikt line at IMHf - 

TtiF (iraviakiiia. al Sawto M' 
m imvMie tducalMal tanallla 
tor tl» 4*t)df»ii I ■«*» » J«r» 
•f aget of pmttrtmen and 


C»H in Tfefite Trto triwo An wjt. rtd can o» Teciit 

t«v mporifd from lieicKO. (OfifMrd with lemon and ult. 

ti taktt ycMjr UMTit and puti it iwa)r' 


ilrvmrni killed in the line iif 

duty The«f tieneflti Inchide 
tuition and mandatory fee 
liaymmit lo any Itlinms public 
mititut«m<)l higher learmn« for 
eight »ein«ten of credit study 

fiependenlt »l I tK-recllamal 
Wwrhrrit (■raal BeoetM 

The lllimiB State Kc'holarehiti 
I'limmisitiim A<>l*r» 
educational henefm ill tuitinn 
and mamlalor* fee* for 
dependent* of correctional 
worker* who •«* killed w ut 
tisii* «i jier cent disat>led in the 
Stale all lliiK»is«nceJanu»rv i 

flactai SernrMy HenefH* 

Student!! up to age II who 
have a ntired. diiabled or 
d«ea»«d parent and »ho 
rant.inue Uwtr educatinn <i« a 
lull iim«'tMi»i» at any accredited 
lifhiiol. riitlefe. iir umvertily 
cm consul! their local social 
lecurily office atwut (uiancial 
eduntional benefili 

IiltUion af Vocallaaal 

Tti» |H<i|;ram help* diaaliM 
indlvidualt in returmng to or 
prepurinf lor producllw ac 
livily TrainmK, peraonal 
countelinil atid other servleea 
are availahle to people who 
have physical or mental 
dtialNlilMs which are handkapa 
to emptoyment 

TrMler j<c'halar«h)p 

The Harper Board at IruaMni 
authuriic* a teriei of 
scholarshipt each year to 
graduates within C'ummunily 
Collcfe Distrirl $13 Four ad- 
ditianal schnlanhtp* will alio 
lie awarded to ■tudtnts from the 
fanaral cantpu* pnputation who 
ar« not ncanl. aiadual** at any 
at ihc dMrtcte Hgh. adMMla. 
Ijich nehalamhlp will prov* 
imr itenictlen liHtioii. ■■ :lllilg aa 
Ihe student maimalHa at laait a 
1.0 •■■€" I (trade pomi average 

C iimpreheaiive El 
ptoymeiilaad TralaliaK Art 
This program alters funding 

(iir sludenti in a career 
iwaiiiinal pr'Uipram which can 
toe comiilleted m one year 
Bo«e»er. the se»:ond year of a 
two year career^vocalional 
pronram can t* funded 

Vrteraa ftenefUi 

The Coordinalor for Veterans 
Affairs. Ann Moas. is located m 
AMM and will give counseling 
and assistance with Ihe benefits 
available lo veteran* 


V eteranf who have served on 

rontinuous active duty (or| 
period of al least 181 day:! i 
who have been honorall 
separated from active di 
within the last ten years 
eligible tor financial ass»tai| 
lor education Applications t 
available in AIM 

lilinaH Slate Vrlrr^ 

Veterans who liave served I 
ciwtinuiius active duty for| 
(leriod of at least one year < 
who have received a disi 
oiher than dishonorable) 
who liave been a resident { 
lllinoia before and afi 





S1.00 0FF cSHaa. 

So cemw feast your eyes and 0Bt a taiie of Shiaev x 0ttsi new ky - 

865 S Elmhurst M . Des Plaines ,fl|^^ 
1425 Odgijn Ave., Downers Grove 1/ «S"j i{ 

8«e^wlMrfi i ^ Art drfat Shateykt ' 

Also Serving 



:65 S Elmhurst Rd.. Des Plaines 

12b Ogden Ave., Downers Grovf 


Mou'S Sunday thio Thursday 11 AM toil PM 
f fiday t Saiu'dsy 1 1 AM lo 1 AM 



Friday, November 3< 
8:00 p.m. 
College Center Lounge] 

With Special Guest Star 


Tickets Public 

UM Students With 10 

Aviilalli in Student Activities Office A336 

Vwri'mW /y. /yrv 7 fie Harbtnger I'ofce 

rogromS at Harper 

! Mrvtct arc ciigililt 
■(lis ttuit will e«««r 
land a varirty <i< ntlwr 

ti* Ci«ari«tr#« I.«m 

I CiwirMlMd Loan 

a avallaMit •! all 

|«iK> (ttlMr temtni » 

p»rticl|«t)iif u ll» 

A liti of iMlMn' la 

(dMiltnliip* art on m n- 

I HjtgitlMF I 

.■nMB K Carntt Dental 

jMudiiiii ijom wa» 

|hcd l>* (Iw Naniniiaal 


■l-iw mnux aliirp 

I to (Ifnul liy|*i*MF 

> tClMtMltlllp* 

r ha* alM auraclvd the 

at many nminiinit)) 
Mtlon an4 buaiiMrw 
f'ntana (nr |art*»l« 

llW' 4mmn iMtracttnm ami Urn 
pnlicw* K<ncrnln« Harptr 
CollcKr AfiplwalKini for tlw 
privair u-holar»hipt art 

avatlatilie in A:,iM 

InformalMHi on reviilni am 
amard. actmiaitlrativr 

mkiona. aiacaUnii a riMiiK'lal 
aid aw«rd and stiadtnt 
(MMatMiM and miMnaUMlilir* 
■ awMil* III urn. 

Tlw oflK-f Is Slatted by Cant 
A lack financial aid 
»p«K»h»l. Uwtiie T Oal». 
iiecrwlary , Annn Mtm. vrlerans 

•tfatn, and Judy Nfflawm and 
Mary tmnrteita 

Audm MI liibody. (rrtdtn 
tiali analyst. Grarwe E Evawi. 
facully, Sleven J fallin 
c<iunii«lor. and frank I. iHiver. 
lat-ulty. cwmpromii* thr 
Financial Aid Commrtliw 

.effers fo columnists 
Submit to A367 

1 1 liHEAT l.(K*tnO%S I 

nm.»mmMn.. i HI 
«illM«.* ti^MMt-aa 

MTrntM^acT I rauiTMMi 

nil Graad Ave. 
S Mm* K. •! m. «l 



J w 


rttifs tpm.tmf 



I •weryeay witti 

Luncti Partnmm 




PHY «» 


"'N«w til* Sir»" 

Live ActMm Pintoalls 

^'^^^ SMTA SRCMl 

fif .cN 


Lq youb sister r^" 


'^*' r ai m aii 


lYMir HoMtay BmI) 



for the price of 

oiler inad tlwu i I « on ymir 

clwwe tit Meni A Woment 


I One cu»lomer in.u»l 
Manier Student [Mirtng air 
Santa Specal 

! Ot'er Gtwd only on 
! Mon, Turn. Weds. 



Bri<lt>...W in The VrnJiliim Of Your nn'ain> 

Chateau Ritz •>'< 27. \<m 

91(K) Milwailkef A\e. rh>ir>.)a> 

' Nile.. Illinois MMVO:.^.. P.M. 


llri.lal hd.Ku.n Sh<m 7:tH» P.M. 

Spet-ial (iu«>t - Mih» Illinoi« 

Glimmering With Exciting New Ideas 

Thousands Of Dollars Of 
Sensational Prizes 

♦: Entertainment 

Free Champagne ^ 

Over 20 Displays 

Every Beautiful Thing 
You Need For Your Wedding Day 

Call W>H-6-129 or 6-130 

or 2^1-2')\l 
to rt>er>p >(»ur frei- titkft.- 

'Fn/ie B 'fhf Hmhmgfr \i)H'mf>i'r l<K l'>7't 

Chart shows experimental mind 


Jllli: t imv htm 
My cxiwrtiMniling wil)i 
tn «|mim1 my nuuimi 
i. t.Mi tlicilsn my Itw i* 
lllc rigbl ilcp In bevomtng ■ 
■iiraiBfiil musK-im*"" 

Ah ye*. •■> t:t|i#riin«nl*l 
mtiMl! N(M iHily dan Ita clwrt 
indkilt ii|i«n miniliid ti- 
|icria«iitalki>n. tmi aim mt 
iMaroU in all lllc imuMiat 
thtnfti, ih« KTult, iniigtc, 
(lypnotitni, «l«.redrvtl feiiu. 
ImlluciMtiMii. d»tli ramW' 
Mlinn. tci, and druRs 
l>niliaM:y ail of tlit in-calM 
ajnilcnma and "taboo" Utlug* 
fasc'iMilt ynu and draw yniir 
attrMion like * ma«n«t And. 1 
tlUnk. thai there » an attitudv of 
nnl telkvvinf Mcond-hand in 
(wrntatton. You ha*« l« chMfe 
tlitngi <iul (or ymtmU. 

Are lou a bit lajiclUi;? Vour 
chnrl indicate* intuiUvr 
abllttiM. and ahii, a (tmI deal 
•( anwilliin. craaltvt iiM|ilntMm. 
and liBaginatMm. A muMeti 
carom' hta Uw p«tm parfaeUy . 
at any oiImt cmniw arlMk 
fMd mmM- 1 1 can 1 h«i|i hut to 
wonder if you have i 
electrwnic music sine* J 
miiiral atMlity for 
and declronka. i 

Your career choice miil* you 
w«n. md t am quiile lure you 
have the neceaaary talont utl 
polenttal to boMme a 
inlvitionat mwician. granttnf 
yMi' apply youmelf and climt) up 
llw n0lt ladder. 

ExperliMntiitB with dniga ia 
one method of attenng your 
vowKiouB mind. Invaaligiiltnc 
othar iita.M* of cwMciniiaiMaa 
ran ht ttty bentticW fnm an 
aritstie, inapiraliaiial point of 
view < a* long as you come hack 
to reallly ill can Mp creatioii 
Matt likely your nuitc ia 
original . if it'i not, it ahonld lit. 
I reconmiend thai jrM 
proceed wiiii rxtrenie oMMl 
with your enperimenlx '. if you 
mtsi at all Viiur chart m- 
dicales the pnaaiMe lendmcias 
torMkUction. dehaion. and wM- 
dacofflta. Vow am la in Uie 
ilili iMMir vhicli indhaMi vm- 

Coming Revolution 
In Higher 







&" ■^ifiiinh ttii' 


app. - . . « «» 

tEAHN iw* 10 b«ljim« 
^<Mf kmm* ditii p^trilv y^ui 
•Ufa with th« ywlel (iUm€' 
mu.« tntl i!)«itil«lio.n» lo 
jr,i.,>-i« voui oeaiwt pcMeniial' 

Viw Vr tnetmtf If a lesturf 
ifimnr, ami Hilar inou- 

NOV. 27 TuM. 7:00 p.m. 

CounirysiOB Churc" 

Uoitanan untwi'sn"!! 

■'ON. BKKl«*t» 


out m2}*rn 
Km JMintttlon Cltarga 

tanacima' inaplraMii hut alw 
rcMrK-tion. confinemrnl. and 
Umilatjonii Ymi t-ould toetopie 
your i>*n enemy vithMl 
realiiuit <t 

Tta*' «t9 numeniui othwr 
methodc of alterlnR ywr con 
KMiui mind available thai I 
enoarage you lo mvestiitatr, 
HMttatloi) a one »«y. ami that 
can tine you pletMy of leeway 
(or eiperimenlii 

t tuggnt you draw uptm your 
eiiHilfocs and iiHui titm (or your 
mualMl «i|irMaJan, rv'tlicr llian 
drugs. Ramcmbar one thing. 
what migtit lound. litie music to 
you while your inppmg ' may 
ioimd like ->sen»i>red» to 

Prolensional imtructlon in 
mmk ihenry and application 
from a variety of quaUitd 
lourcei. dedicated practice. 
palience and eflorl can take 
vour laktiu the (urthett iMKe 

yiM gain confidence in y«ir 
adltlttn, you can after than to 
(Me puttlic locally, and with' 
exp^ience you can eventually 
m-ork your way 'up lo a larger 
wale .and '(UC'Coa tiood Luck' 

I feet I thtwld mentmn one 
mart thing, though unre.lalcd to 
>(wr question.. Your chart iti' 
dicaleK a wed' (or ipintualily 
Not. newiaarlty Ihrtiufh Ihe 
coavenltami form of religtoui 
helielt. for I'm sure you 
wouM'Ifit that palteni Maybe 
an Eaitern philosophy of 
«pi.ri'tualism would wit yuu 
tielter, but either way. the need 
II there How about >t yw ex 
perimenl with that (or a while'' 

Anyone w»hing astrotogical 
inlerprelatiOKi pleaMf wbmtl 
specific questiom to the Har 
bin^ler office located in BWg 
A:KJ ulong willt the rcquinNJ 
iMrtii data 



Taste the pride of Canada. 




wine l*''n!.ii.f r\ff-\ "mw 

\mrmtnfr I". '''.*'' Hi' HiirUtn::it I'fia- 

Music columnist sponsors contest for students 

iitcili fwiHi 
•Ilwn.liT' Oimi» Tr*». Motlj 

H»lcl»». Etectne Lwtdl » 
ctam. •«««• •««>"««• "•'"• 
««nw. Twn Jaw nod ^atHm 
dlM» and nch attMiiMi' 

tmt ilitl e»n mi Mttaa 
Ctiriilni"* i«r»teml» If yow 
<.»li-r ih»ro««l«»l y«« e*'** *«" 

I aiMt turn Iftt («*m tnlffl 


41 wiMl nuclear power iitonl 

had a mm cure meltdown* A) 
Ttaree Mile l«iland. « > t>««»>. C ■ 

rUME JtnMUE!!! 

The defWl hygiene' students are selling 
T-ah«m in a variety of sas and two colors. 
red and btue. They are made out ol ronon 
and pdyosier so ttiev won't shrink! I 

m bom rMwl Mut~ A«1«H »'««« •^« •'"•"; T^tSl 

colon, in Itm t»m ••■enit' Iwflt »» only «v*H«We m 

These! T-shirts can be obteined^ torn any 
dental hygiene' student or itw dental hygiene 
clmc receptwfi desk in D170, The cost is S5 

Uie Marhnipr iilh«. A» The 
wmitffi wttl 'Ht itrawn Irani 

corrKt emriia, m mmmtr and 
ict **' enlrtai « ^ »«• '* 

I > Wto 4mt Sufartramp ta» 
pndi>^ Ml an tMr iia« altan" 
A I firl. B »lr»ii(er, Ci chaap 
KSHiliiif. DiAinerMia 

J I wiMi *n>ie "Tto WofW 
Aroirdli»« » Garp"' " A' ■>*« 
Irving. Bi Wayne R»y»r. c 
Woaily Alten. Di T«i. Wall* 

J J Whieh urn*! oom|iBe«« died 
Aaron r«|tlaii<l. Ct Arthur 

»! Who •«« Mte •«■« »*n«» 
till* ye«' At t>od|eri. B- 
Piralea. C< Yankeei, B' 


(: What go't-mimmt »»rm->' 
tanned the WMe iha year' Ai 

nx. bj wie. €■ i;sAr. d. 

J » What country o the nuclear 

ariwi |»ct with' A' Culia. H' 

(iuayana, € i Ruaaui, l>'> China 
•i' Wtiat movte wai not »«><iut 

Vietnam' A> Heroe*. Bi 

C<Mninf Home, d Deerhunter. 

Ol AiXKialypae No* 
«• Who wa» the prert«i» 

mayof <i( Cbraio' M 'timm. 

«> tilandle, d Tlwraiwin. !» 

Uvlcy. E > iciHC JackMit. 
10 1 What frmip •«•». 'O'*' 

Save The Queen'" Ai Sei 

I»,itols Bi tjwl Zeppelin. I i 
Rnlling Stones. I>> Beallen 

1 1 1 What crashed to the Earth 
thiiyear" Ai Stock Market. Bi 
American Dollar. C Ford 
IHnlw. D' Skyl**" 

121 A riddle. "Who i* the 
second, but actually the (iiiif" 
Ai Abbott * CoBlello, Bi Pope 
John Paul. Ci Ted Kennedy 

IJi Vfhen i» THE last day ol 
cka* thii. temiier" A > Vrc ». 
B) Dec JI.C) Dec n.T>> Dec 


14> Who in the preaident oJ 
Harper Cotleii!' Ai Mctirath. 

B t Mickey Umm.. C i CarMw. D > 
BUly Unham 

1*1 Wlwl mm b«a» «tl> 
Chrmtmai' A ' Chesnuti 

roMttng on an open '« »' 
Coca-t:«to. Ci 8W||i> 't'*'' °* 
Santa Claua. 

Stress causes problems 

J to a uluatioti that hat 

I aack and every one ol' 

IS II can Imppen it any lime. 
aM|»*«re Mate ««nl.l« ol Ihe 
■wm4 hrtma ftm mm man It 
can eai 
and e« 

any (iHialinn thai 






.aji_i\iC!iL,e Q ' 



8337 SKOKIE BtVO. 

caiHtyourMly to gear up lor 
aiuperefforl luanraniierrtim 

an aeodent in your car. to the 
tear m fallinf that final ejiam 
Slr«i* fimalati ol chemtcal 
reaction* There i* an rtj»t»m 
Mimulalion o( ceruiin Jllandi 
They produce body chewicalii 
IM r»ta» your blood prei»ure, 
while othen make your heart 
Ileal (alter 

LoKing a job. emotional 

diclurbanrn. all Ihene and 
■note criWie a tltnatinn ol 


Harold Taub. enpert 
reneardier in eiertue »n4 
Mitrilian. (erta, "KieKiie can 
'laaaan the effect of itraaa " 

Tanb addi. "Vour gtandi' 
don I think they react '• 
SUintilate them wtlh any kind m 
dangrr or ifm^oitonal ehallenfe 
and they will preoare your laxly 
lor inlenae phyiical aclwllj 

■■'ir tke aeOrty >• «* '<»■ 
ttwoiiiint,'" !•)'• Taob, "The 
chemical reacllom ptftW The 
heartbeat remam* «r(itale<J. the 
hliMd (jrenure high, the onygen 

comumptton greater. 
menial activity fevertth " 

Th<w >i»u become prime 
target lor « hisarl attack, alroke 
M smmach dialreia 

Tauh leeii. "Hard CMn:to» 
Mtl caUadicnics guard agalnat 
Ihe cll eriecte m «tr««» ■ 

ttemember we're talking 
abiwt a »lre»» tltualion So hard 
eaerebe t» im(ioruml ■•Vour 
body ha» been equipped to fighl 
00 any otwtacle m> hard exer 
fiae • the only way to releaae 
bollM up reactioot. " adda 
Taub "Vou must alao eiertiie 
at the right lime. IDO •*■» JNW 
feel the lymploma of atrtat - flit 
laat heart. Uie light head. «tOk 
•iniiMidi. thai «• the time far 
intemic eiernae." 

Walling if atreaa ocTum haa 
now reward H not treated by 
ruerciae streaa can befiii 10 
warn your body Gti nm «x« 
and ran or do aonie other type ol 
tntenac enercti* This will help 
wwili yoiir lyitem back t» 
nanniility lint Not only will you 
be protecting your health and 
life, you'll alao clear your head. 
» ihai you will he aWe to fWi* 
clearly there'i no doUM about 
It Streaa dwnanda imimdiaie 
hard eiercla* 

Ooing hard e«erci»e can 
rdoaac thote deadly chetnicab 
Uial are caui>ed by ttresi The 
neat time you leel Blreaa 
eaerttae hard immediately 
ThU can help aave your Me and 
nd y««r body of that 
called jtreaa 


-M mtt VOUN 1 

dtaention - c4^'^ 


Nov 22 

-rtltatrr ttchcts ar Sport tiirKf Is 

Mr« -OSCftR-TROll 

!%*• I If I hi flll'h.-. 

iff-r l>*. I 'Kit 





mm rwi: ••mw'mnri » 

ArlmiiiHt llftgltti It Iv 
A|<i*:l' call Monday (ir 
rw!Mlii> Vtncnilitr l> t JO 

ft winter »«■>«. WMfcly 
!<*> Vin eliiiiac' ttmn m 
*hiil» ruilt litni>'(ir (wrt itat. 
Wcckamd mut nmtmt ***^ 
•iM'tvuthM*' Call: IMteal 
Half Itrvie* 'Palatliiti 
S It I a n n • m - > 4 i i 

wAwreo: » 

SALESPeon.E iwt eltit 
(loiitKin' Trrnit'llina* 
limiaiid lor nmt. unlqiit mI- 
(iriMwliim prmtui-l* Purt 
tinc-OMii li(iii.r» 

'•hMMtr K Mr ten* im 

LilVKLT riCKMN M"it»l 
Invc chiMne tn fby .tenUi 
Cimjit I Aijii * *Mfc. Thm. 
ft Frl itttrnwDfit ft 
*t«Miiii. Shi ft Shift Tr«-nB. 
Call tw aiiiMiMinait 

Mm* TtHtC tl Ik-n.'M hr. 
ftmw lit and (III mil an all- 
pUeatMHi. Taen Mi IM K. 
M , Palatine 

rAMT TIME DAV tivfp 

Fl»M.'t*f iMun ani! (nanrily 
.»l«ni«{*rri' Om* ti» Mar 
[•T I'WI <ir ,i|ifil> in jwnnin 
ItoiMII I bwi H7 h'W 

Hwv . Puiaiiiif. mi-mm 

t-oME «l«K ilT im !»»!> 
ofMiail rMiawanl.. Mat* 
Wrini. Mailniiaas far Ikt 
UiMti mit dtniwr •talts al Iti* 
Auctlonver Hr>l.iu.fanl ft 
i'lKkiait LouBf* in 
Mtirriagloii. TIpi art tmit' 
(jiv* Waynt a call at :■)- 



M>t\ iHk WilttU) 
lashiwn Kiiii-f ii«nrf • 
('hri*l'ma» ill iiiiiitia We 
luivr (all #iKl' pari time tailti 
•ltd caiiltiai' (xinlUanf 
avaiiaHr fw It* (linataiM 
Minan Amtly lapa at (teatat 
in WoiirilicM M*ll 


Wtndlicid Mall is (eckiac a 

laawrt <l*|M<i«lil« tm^ 
leMnlloui Itrt Fnilajr wNo • 
iwer i'T" lali Hwift are 
(lemM* daglwlai rigW 
MM Call mi-ISMI. 

n»mln«» • •«»* I »• *i 
t.m T»u Iwpyi. * ft •„ I": 
mtlw (run I'iiiriicr Man 
a|>rn W'lW 

-• 1,1, TIME. 

. .'rkewla 

I iH!I|IJ»n> fw;'m"np,> .itl,«rjlJ |3fff 

i,-«iil (ltM,illinl I ,nl,(i>IIH 
(urnt»»»'d Kl',ilir phiit up* 
. ,M-.,..r. fir'! N. "1' Hi |l,.<ri 
,'Uvir-1 ■■■! ..'.ip ■■>: • •■nl'-' 

I*. Mitt nw: Hta* niMiMi 

.1* Sii'mtina*iflm Ihaiipi m 
tt .,.««• ivr M,,tll, IMtani tD' 

r\m r»t>: yimni jn« 

mil'ioii ' 

Ctllllll '• , ■ ' 

|ll!» 'to> jl:i!, lliiUn Shi<(> 

■•«iirr*»«» 'Vfitib m (nrriwi 
thtD^n f nah t'Hsi J7D E, XW 
WV raiaitw 

, !« Hi,l;ei ti( 


R'CCjr 4 \«Tt« iMnMnd 

mat*in« tmm fi^dfiiinf* 

I,, I- ••nPhwuKdr iwllvuiunl 

l»»rn and *»rn 

,<,n,«l ctitniniMsttin 

l*.j!ii'iun ,»»-aHaDk »i 

WwidlwM Mall Call tiir 

sTt,iRE i„:i,crEi:iivrj> tm 
TJ Man. Hittin na,iil>le, 
t3 .»•«,» tir CMmr in and 
Ml <ail an aftfiltMlIM, IM E 
Hand M Ar Hi* 

PO«lTWi«S iriirialma* 
|Nrl-ltiiw imttKiiw art wm 
avattaik «i tlw WiMMffwId 
Mall Crato And BarnI «r 
,«r* liKikinf lor mararllc,. 
penonable |it<>pl* m'lm wani 
to wtrtt lor Itir ritrMinai. 
-Vaion Emi*l(i]m> dtiOMnI 
lint* inlarmal wttriini 
n««r'MniiiM, Ptoaa* call fw 
*n I 


A N RE C K I V I J« I,; 

CliriaLiaak pari iinte 
|*iaM:t<i«a an mm avaiWMc 
a.l tlw WMdfltM' Mall CnMi 
Ani Utrret Wf are liMktni 
fur nergMiiC. (wruHialile 
,|iafiple wlM »an( Ui twk lor 
'he I'hnttinas StatM, 
l":mp'l<n't^' dimcpininl Gri^H 
i>Ut,>rm«il environ men' 
t't«a»tc:a,ll <■'> j,ii itiit-rvicvi 

Full ft pan nine GmxI 

tWBtftI* App*} III perwMi or 
call C'Mint J S#at in Wiaidfltld 
Mall i'all Bill ar Kam al 

SlMisifM,n|( Cifiiar 
rhelp 114 MF 

tmr M<* m 

Watlraaaat day*, cventaga ar 
We ran w«i(* IfWir 
p anniTid your tehM 
Apply in penion 
B'» l«Cn»,m I'arltir 
and Hestaurani 1«W E 
Alwniquin Hd . Sdvaumburf 

\reil i>rb lor ptoaiaM .iihnnr 
wort »in (Mr iiwdera \tl IlT* 
•Atce al AIl|oiK|uin ft Ar 
IKii Rd Call Kalli}' at mil- 

PA,BT-TIM,E »»r*lmi»eiinaii 
iiaadad evtainit,! and 
•e«kcnd,», Cwid (larlmf 
9my Appli in ptrwii 
Miunemaian ,Ftiniit(irt, 'IS 
e, Wiindl'laM, Dr, Stli 

*A,M i;XTKA MOXEV far 
tbr tallttii'i" We ne«l 
••Bdwn iMirinRi. ,Lf"\"», aiiilia 
and nmipa,nmni (or iHwne 
art' ft KktliMi viuis j-,i 'day* 
a •■>•* i,"'pm|ictttn« pa; 
(Wiihi,., ,.. i.-,»,,,i«, and' »' 
lor appt 
. ' ■ . VLTMCARi: 
SEK\ II !•:> m: aw 

»««>ti'W %# 

t*l*l ti:'.WTi Ifin VM 

ime-'lTSit Pi'lalinr 

-'r«,fi.|,i»^:, t 

rLEHK-S tor lull Unw *'"* 
m VirtWhrw* f ifiirif »(»' 
I'ltudr ,U|IM iii>(.ng. Call 
MaurMtn a* niMM>, 


rilt... TlMfc A WEKKEMi 
M|i W'lintt'd \w>)i,r,iitit>n« 
tiring tnki-n ti'T I'll p<>«ii>i.r(:ii> 
A'pplj ut j»r»i>n i.rtiMi'id 
Kiaind. i(W \ Itcwile Rd 
l-lotlmati f:,»,tai'et E<)ual 
( ipfi'ittuiiiH Ein,pl«yer 

tifeiM al pl«^Hiianl mater 
iitty itMi|> Evrnmgii and 
■.eclieiid Imm 'Pa.y plua 
■'Omm»«u>n M'tittttrtoad 
Malernity Shop, WwaHitld 
Uiill nH'in-Ti 

\Ek:i>EI' B\' FIIO'T -''I 
I Hnremlier or aft«T Ctiri,]*! 
nwiK, l„.ivr m Hatiys'iilrr Full 
HMwn iiiid tKKir't "'» '• lt.iiti in 
•rii-ltangc In- ' ' '.k' 

• '■HI only *>»' '*<'r«fiMi .> 
n'i'«'»ti*'ti, *,,'♦ only Imlti tlay* \n 
«»«*<l»,y"» or m(i,W'» \'m 
'MiMilufr I' c'liildriiii 
I,.arKi!' luuir m t>' 
blale* mr ,!>i'luuiii>'ui»' 
M Pnat iM*w-e Vt,ia oai' 
•id*r II 'I'ouplr Aiiliout 
C'hildrm or 1' Kirl» i .ill 
rventnili and *«-ki;-iid« dHil-' 

MfTTI. ■«. lit-" mi\M-"TK,i 

a\.iitii»>0'' !<'if <*1« A *liK:'a in 
■ lur WomJIield »l0're Ex 
lienenre preleriTd, twjt will 

'rain E'icelkfnl company 
Iwndils Call Wendy at MM' 

SAME YlilR 0W% Hill HS 
al our cnnveitieni Ra,ndhun< 
Iwaiion We're hwlijng lor 
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(wnon tn amail ua with our 
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leleplMMie and gprwral afflict 
oiirk nrmr |.ive iiw a call 
loday, Ijrry Braun ai Ai 
roiumianU Temporir, 
p«nmiuiel m-Tim 

Fir Sail 

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p'ffl aciiM 

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rWmiri \Iu-i '-•■I'l ii..nin« 
CH'elk'ni i<h|\ .isnt i->iui«. 
rundlttipti l;alj'!.'-l - .-nipu 
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CifKBlai'l' »<"1s, "''n il,mlle 
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lyn l:nin«'.|itpm 

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pro|iH,-t lj:» or ln-M old-r 

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«r«rd* Vnlufoe diM'ounli 
l-'rw t»ck up and dritvirry 
An-urary tfuaraitlerd. Cull 
'KT:f«rar«' W-iKB 


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Mill ih)<' rmiilions m Uir 

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t "I '.III? 11 >iiu mn iprmd * 
l,mc» ol Iwliduv chetT arroM 
ihr i.i!iipu- All .dt inuM he 

in^iort^ ihiih1ii> (»*-i tix in' 

ywr ieasnna'l g,r«e)ini|: 

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'..t.i-, ■... 

new ojw) li,» 
■ !i».ii«a«» o( w:.. 

1, ■.■-,■ 

!arnuit>l«- i < m. '!• \ •■ti.'i It t,> 
»p»ak<T.» l ..lur luuu 
Srltmin prti'i' tWI KVOa 
or «t aia Harper ("ai 

I" ■•u>' ilif del) 0ri 
oh ni.i'i't y>,>u pleiUir 
,S*vc ii'iy iM'arl 
'\imI ill uui Willi me 

.\R XM7 AM 'CM 

.-^■ile. alarm, iiiuit 
loaded Very (ood 
'ivmdit'lon, ■I.IIK'Kj •t tm 
olfer Call immm alier i> m 


: lor 

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, , ,.■•' 

.1. 1,1 I'M 

IM.r,-*,. Kvr.n'ti,«,u.|, lihirik 

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II. -.>.,,,„ Mill' 

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ucvfin IMlman 
.'.>. (xtlriaim IBIl 
AvailaPle ll-U. 
I, M Jauir al aO-MM. 

IN A Bl.'yH" Will lype lerm 
pjifi*»f«., ota'ilmg ii^p> ■■!■ 
»nalever you n»*d *i(liin til 
Imirt KiMMmhle ffixm 
t. inte to Harper Ca,ll Kartn 

Sti'iiile Mom and « \istr oW 

■ ■ n'-ed riMwiinali' io ihnrv 

Imint' in Wakk'n Ciiji 

»t»"i> ' «t>wt ' iniinitniannn r t 'i r « 

• File clerks 

• Secretaries 

• Typistt 
•ley pencil operators 

• Oerl typists 

• Wanheise workers 

W£ OFftR. 
Fridoy Pay Day 

Vacation Pay 
Choice Locations 

•Call or Come In 255-4212 

3315 Mfgopii M. 





iitri iit'K 

fur hiiliilii\ ••«/M<i^ct 


\oi rmlter I'K l*)7*f The Harbinger Pofie 11 

Sports upcoming 

NwnmlM- Kmr n, Wonm't llaakMMI v* (MIM. 1pm \<:i-% 


WMlMMlay nm ir^WiwUmf- w, Conesfilto » nmw Kotr^i '-' 


rrttaj- nm »ltoilmWl Wmpn amme. Home 

Salunlii) ftm » Bimlwttall H»ri»c Clas»tc. Home 

Tuiailliy !H<» fl^BanlurllMt) v* Kohwuukw, 7,* p m 

WiMlMMlitj Nev' »-Wra«llinfl v> WriRhi 4 Truman, away. i> p m 

-amniiy in* l.-Wnptllin« v» Whit«'»t*T. » » m atny 

•.jiMrdij rn» j^Bji»ke«biill v» KHgin, 7.:» p ro »*<y 

Salunlay Ott. l Wonwni BatHeliMill *» Elgin. « SO p m Ht.m» 


Wall\ ll4>vtiolil« 

wjltrhrw rlm^rtv »\ (mo 
thr r«Hi*ttl Intramural 

. iMltlr 11 OM In 
■Uliag lantnt. 


Hockey team gets the shaft 

Become m expert o" tomorrows «fi««BV »ouf€» 
(0<tovv»f««iiywiK»M>»«Nucl««rNavy TlwNtw 
Nwdmar »»i)»K*r Pnjoraw n»«M you to Iw » higlity 
.iMM mii*mr t»cWnci«n, ■*»(« ace»t«nrtiMJ a* 
wnommnt ma ion tir««noa< iwwumte Serve us a 
Mactwucat. Eltdrical or nmem Coniroi 
OpMHor. tf t a cmmt Ol *• tutum. irou can Han 
btiMng t<xtt», TNi N»wv'» Mietmir F»W' Co- 
oidiwiw will be n your «■« to discuM the 
(nor*"' 'af^ quniinMtiww w 

Knvtnitirr a t S. tar an 


I jiwr * -KM. rrs AN 

II. I'I'TJttK Ml Ml 

!>urling tlia ymr llmi* will 
«> lonicrr Iw M <lCric)iil hwkt} 
mm at lferp*r 'TlMr nainii 
arm* nwinly Imn (ImiKM 
r««» aurh ii* (lie npmw 
of nnttnt an icr nnlt lor iiinCT 
and pT(ictici» 

.l..l-m la-lirh. 4i»ild»lif J><Miri 
nl l'hy!>.ri"al Kiiucwlkn toM Ite 
Miirtwiifrr ll>i»i ctillwfks in 

'M'Ktillg, »ill« tlW (•.iii.'u- rri.4<«l 

•• . ■ l>«»'<ifmri({ '1 ' 

ih*' «'x^irri^r i:rf if«* Hme Grlch 
^iiid ihai It vai "tnuc-h iind go" 
tmdifiK icc» ti.n)«- lor the l«»am 

■Oxm •« vi;r)r (rw trv rinto m 
tlw area tmi n<Hu-l> all ol iliriM' 
rmto already *rrt being usi*! 
iff park AttiKt «n<t ywuth 
(mm^ AfwitlttiT tat'tor in wding 
l>M'k'-^ .•' lljrpcT WAM tlw laet 
ItiJI ylll> t»" itlhtT t-<it!«!g» in 
itii' -t»ttt ( hcK'kej 
prnitra.niit Ttiut. nut ol slati! 
Irtvf) ».'aiil(l tave >>«'« 
mvnnur) Iw thr tnm ami 
Harpi^r cifttnaiK no ionieer 

rdai pernill t(ut> lyiiv of iravrl 

iK-lchuiil llwt anothrr pnmc 
rt'abmi tor rlrnpptuR twM:kry wa* 
(he .ip«'ninit ot tl» new phyiiH'al 
Ml t>uildinB "Wfr* lr)''n« l" 
Uiild -MMiic pramntion lor the 
m*w lacility. ■ <»«"lchsaiiJ While 
tMx-toy IS litring cut. Ih« atMvtU: 
ctoparlmmt » trying tn add ntm 
iptm* Ihal ran t» played at 
vampi.B# tacititii'% Plans ar« 
.iKu btitig dpvi'lnped tn add la 

-.unpli- i» the (>irls 

Football turns over final win 

The Hitrpm 
closed «i:l tunitwliat wf ■ 
diufiiotnlinR numtm on a high 
nme. in thctr final fame Inr the 
Ml tH ifTf. hraaklni ■ 'ivc 
game hamit itnak 

Ttie Mawlu nn raughiilMid 
over the Slaleuxn oT KeniiMly- 

Ktnf. S-«, In linuli up with a 

recwd of 4-S iwerall and 1 -S m 
N4C runlemiM |ilay. 

The ifnv (hauld have hMn 
much hiRlirr. but Ihe Hawto as 
all H9tua Inntt. wt^nr placued by 
lurnnvent In thctr final bmiic 
gMiie <m the friild adcmMiit. 

Har)ier had nine lumbta 

The big gun lor tile Ha«k» 
wa» ninnini hack Mark Ber- 

lolani who again broke Ihe liKl- 
yard harner The third lime in 
the la*( four games that Harper 



Open gym Weight room 




/ GUDO '^ 

Man It Wed 
la 1 p m 

J ■ j'M p m 
; ' i» p m 

TiiM * Thunt 
1'.W-D am 
II - 1 p.nt 

t'.» - J.'W pm. 

7 » • s a m 

Man & Wed 

J - 4 p m 
TuM. * Thurs 

1 i p.m 

T » III pm 

2 ■ ^ p.m 

Ji Wpm 





Maraar iiat Serxed by the Prtchef 
_^ ^ —- SlroUing Gunarnt 

, .. .'-■• / fti Sal Sun Evanings 

V y -^ 

Tuaaday SpacNri 


OU^ mmtm rhMiBW 


2B2 N. OufMon. Artngton Hts. 2&5-7075 

uaat OUT »*««• 

NOVEMBER 21 thru 25 

WH. nan I nt 

tn $)} M $11 SI 




(3121 791-6000 


mtemmcm putci on iki laat oacaoo it aaait 


In Concert 

Fndav, Nov. 30th 800 p m 
at irw Ramada Inn eee snendan Hd 
Htghwood II. 60040 io the area's most 
luxurious ballroom Cockialis available 

No one under 19 admHted Ticket* available at Selerieil 
Ungear * Haitibnw Herard loraiionn Tickets also anailahte 

al Hamada Inn between «-S For furlher into eall 


HI SllM M^ 

!%» li Tkt Unrhtnfirr 

Harper basketball 
bounces into play 

fn ■«!' Ha-rptr (-'• 
liiatMMl . cMci RMitr 

mtkim m ilw tiani. 
Mtlly M|> m ltM» jwir," »Wd 
Bfclil'iriil. of W» tarl^ iirMMt. 
t*f mrtr 'mmm itoninf 
IIMi# viU iaaluf* lour ■i*mwn 
mm. tail jr««f'» tim^ 

rtr Hw tm MM WW llMiita 
•«l| lH«* iMiialDr • ItMiw fliMfi 
mtt tm tall «*«»■ »wy »i»ii. n 
»f««lct ftact Itai ••»«'» 

«M' «l ai nl IMMliif U'> 


I rt m. 

MM af acfMMliit 
illMlp ol » PMfM «' • poi 
'■iglM: "nm^ iSi vmttm ai 

■'ixl mid w*ai*i •l»i"»»«» 
llwrf «a* ■« ovtit cMirt 

■■■nm, • ita* (»i»t ymr ) f«»t 
■Mil *Imiii.» iionti into *•>• 
laHMlt. titiOT* art' «o malty 
M>«:l;k** »lii.l»«» tl»»» ><*•» 
cMiifM4 lalUt Ml**™ ifim 
m IIW' putt." «li ■•*•••>"■ 
■■'*«'»•«««• luitf • Buirt il«ir 
wm Till* • II" fti»» ■«'«• •• 
art nMtli« •« poll. (•"•'••J' 
•liliMlc «irm»iii, UK* »•»•«« II 
WW pi tlW' MlOT' qialltjf •< 

'LMt NIMM llH' Hawk* •«« 
IWn: l»» «t»W 'Hwll «< » <!»•'«'' 

■HBni, tmafl'Mnt l>t«lti«(>> 
iafwil. i» ifi *«*••■«• •«*« *«» 
yMT Hweimilil. m •«•• ■"•• " 
III* liiir«i J l»iiil»r «»*«« 
■>pril! Tim l,a#U' 

Tl« « a ••U-r«MHiii*»<J 
iMUala^tr Ma » ■■ a- 

'" ally ifiMli !|Aiyar. tlw 

. ,„ tiMun AM- 

( frailt IU«lim •»«• 

I jMirmilVrem:* Ml 

•Mat <Mi tiM' aiiMili 'iMIt tar 

. _ _._ , I c«i ** 

„_™ J •! Urn Urn'ttf ■«*•■•* 
mmM to l"» *• "ariwr lam 
IfMli. •tartim, cm am mtm ii* 



■laiF •••»•« !-••• t^*"*' 
ItartlMki mrnti* * Mill* «w 
IJ pIMi' • .llinw a"^ iwrafwl 
almwl. » pMl* » tanw m IM 
laai'lW'Haiiaiii' to* H!»«k» fcm 
•lltr caiiiMt alt «• mvr/ 

"Ml • imUMlity 11* tiaal 
pmm iilMMiitr mi tlw 
'Itiifafiyt)' iif'tl — 
(tm rm I" l»H> ai»f aKanat. 
DaietaM "'flw «*«iil» 
laani can 

_ , InMW can't •diinl <• 

.)«•«« amt .(iiy opm," 

ir,i,m *H'C"oiit»rttt*» 
:.r»rt SiwU'ir al canttr, 
»,,„ t«- Mifiltamapi H<*> I*»>ii»».^ 
»IM tell iwtaaii altawatarf 
i»fwMi mmm m* farwartl 
Mwinf m««t * *» ■«»«*• •' "" 

Tltt alSr ftarliiv »^ al 
■tiiard iMitoat*' ■'<> aiotli'f 

("luitiMft tltrcrlwl. tht llarfiCT 
itNciwtt* •nacii 'laat < 
was iltt WNii'a 

-Witlitffliif alan-.-- 
ttat » hmmA I0 h«i|> AiMUla* 
iliiim •« have tta year thai •• 
dMto' t iMt 'ifwir • w l»»*t inhfT 
larfipttyvtf' I* anm m» mtun 
I Ha«« alfllit ^y*n iHai I can 
pil in and out aiMl not loa* 
anylliUMI." «««* HtrhloM, ■•Uila 
.• am bm ptmm «•>* '**• 
mar liad. Vila k tlw IM laaoi 
im« lMigUiiittlial«f ea» vtaya 
rwak^ came nmalantly and 
fM asaf wifh 11 ■■ 

HacMnKI aim taaa tramUr 
("ten; Plaaak l>*"|: • faaalMt 
•larlar at luaMl aJang «»lli 
ctitni frwhman IJaw Slrawn 
Itlayim »«« •« »«fly prac'tic* 
AlMMlMir lamwn *h«i 

'Galnm. Gaiwa. a 
(Mn.jii« **ismv» mm Ml *t 
Haals iMtUail mm . !«»« <«•««>» 
' ' " nand 


<iv»r t-hnil-* itail Bachniw *•• 
ml M« thai •• •MC* • a**" 

""•^iht » •Mnaiwhat «wtr 
ntMl. rar lai ••"»l taW' W 
Mtfam «« w*!! and «art v> the 
Ml ln«l«f ilwh '»!'" ***^- 
umd MMhuld. 

'-Mat »••«• *tll •«* •' "^ 
r<M«r •«! thll* thtyll !»•»■* » 
ttrant rftamndliW «••. >' ** 
caa slay citaa* «» rtlMiiml* *« 1' 
«• II) Matl «( tlltf pnM» We'll 
ha*a to mataljun our (•»' l^aak 
■tftc al alf«»» »i«l o"' 
lic'aaiirc dclawc. Thi* y«ar 
aiv'll !• laint »*•» 10 mat" iw»» 
Um* ••' M « te liaat. ton 
(Kaaiai we dWii"! 'ha»e Hit 
ijiiirttnn* ii.wJ »» u«»«l' • m»t«h- 

jiiuiw attaw*. i»hi» •Iwailtl ia|. 
plenl) i>( ij»»yint '**• 

Wrestlers begin new season 

tl, > !t»:l tin** *l W •iP'" 

wtiaa i(w «iw««' ■!■'<» to ■■*■ 
ItniM't a (Ml ta the air. •tall' Ihr^ 
■raailrr* -tat! t» era*! twt «!' 
ilw Tfcii laar'i 

iiriiy" ,1 i« i' tMiaii Haa iia 

mm* ■■» ■•ui i'j> -iwrn la»'i !•»' 
jtar H»r> niliicwl l«* m 'to- 

IHlnS M1<J l»'».»l«l «»l ■ ft»lWi»l 

rti«ii»l»>«i in t»>' l*'""' *'• 
ipilliial* Mikr Hrit )l<>|»:nf la 
ill Hail'* *»»•«» «■«• rrtwnifH 
iatanat .jiaHKn-rt !>•» *f**iW' 
Jail fcHwrt, «m«J *••«» »<««■ 
Ikaic iiMtt«ntatl» are «m)«ct««l 
Id put' a* Ha*to i» Jtirt.™* 

iaHnniliif MMrmM Ma*icy 
HiWlMrw ai* ijm Jai-fli 
atont »t* wewwnwi' M*t 
'l*«j, ■■HO"t*llll»«.'»*VaM 
■toartcn. Mike A«wmjin, Have 
yitoM-iiki. "»«■')« VI. "lull 'X* 

"■'Bllll*^' H««e »>tt li«*l »* •'• 
'tMrtwii MH»il H"» ■»»'• to "* 
flia« Om lla«*» •* n»«J •" *!>•• 
teat really l«- «-i«:« vtmm lie 
rir»l mart Tta firtt m.«i will (»■ 
WaxkitiilaT *i 1«W' i'«wcort>» 
Imi'lto «lMte Utt Vam\a will 
i-laith: •«!» t«iiB» »» Hlw>» 
Sliitt, fufilui- Jifvd Kj'-lcrn 

free throw 

Ucifiau- 111 ii»- ui'i'.i' 
tttriM »»mte»i t'>l« t'l'"' 
ft at awl 11. HeKI»l.-> 

- ;aol» may <jiijiiil> lor 
,,1* la he ea«luct»iJ ai 
imMiime i>< a Miirjar l>a«li*UiaII 
mm., f "■ «»»•»• ■lannal'a". 
HiNact Hit MMMMl offiw al 
val 'Hi ar Mfl 

IliiniHs . nmwn xm in IW MH«n 

(■ilaaa, ih» ruMNi' IwMf. ia. to M 
iMigiMt •rualkw n '"r«»' 
•;tii«»" ■ c'taiwe la «rti«H«' 

Tlw lirwl natl. w proWHl Dt 
lurihat oiaal '"'"I ''(w 'w**"*! 
Haul** 'earl)' •vi.if.'i': '".■! • '■:"«* 
Ntimi Ijitetao -i'--''' ' ""•■ '•"• 
■1 a ^'otdea tlMwib. he Mi4. 
-nii» mmn ■•ill !■ land, «• 
,.^~...... (... m we maj' «i» 

'•tim» hiini*'. tttii 
r.„, ■. r •ill be leli 

f»ii»tH *# |»«: »«' » a •ta"' 
•.iiiri ■«»»:» •• iHt wmmm 
pntrmma »e ipM iMMiMtMsm 
ami piaB» evn^ant al the md ' 
l«»«lae« rwiiird »(»«k» li:ir 
rtM4. » ttii |«an a» Warper'* 

» r«iuiiit«af li. ht hH. iaid anif 
- 'irolif i III wHamnla. ha liai 
.. iiaiiKnal vialK'ltr. aMl la* 
ty» niHaiitM an 'WiiMletnWe 
recurd al' W orim apti*l 'acilf »' 

i-tae <il ihe hldiwstt Ha- 
imceisnitt an lla> vrtaltiiK 
lanMm. H*f «d«"d l»a» '•■••' 
MaMMtlnam'ttdl t<wBM|. M. 
'Thar* thej lia»e Itew "•s 
•„ , r-t>,.is r«,.iB, a tUMi* wei|ltl 
n,H.iTi .11 'hrtr 4»|Bi*»l. aiip a 
rf(;«m t«»m whKh »<U aid «» 
M:|<Md 111 laal *!!» welil>« «■'•' 

TakM to aeeaiini 'Mit ■•»•• <' 
Vhe lein. :|ir«iiMil. aaiMi; MMt 
pa*t faearil: tha 'Harjier 
wrMllingt •laad »•««• to 'ha** 
Itar 'waj 

rralt llaaiaa ikriu aaaliMr aa». iltarWiitw 

thnaWlNwi (he year are' Mile* 
naylera. Bard Miller . Jack 
town Sieve LeBrm*. Skip 
Umii. Tmy Banwich. Brian 
WaeWin and Ri*efi Mae 

■We're itrlvlnii lar a ainaing 
.Hanin. tinklMi in Ihe uppw 
ttvWnn «( 'UN' oMtaradca and 
•(fiaWj l« •» dtwnalate," nald 
•evluiikl. -vhiiw tasl ymr't 
I IMiled a iiwi'fc «l 11 17 

and cimM iip fifth m the M> 

The Ilawks host their awn 
H»r|ier Cta»«ic Basketball 

tnurnej thin Friday iiful 
Saturday, with garnet begin 
nliii at i pm Thair liriM 

'laglllar 'Haaaua .hnmc irsanae tt 
nm If. «l«!ii they lake tlw 
rnuri aKaiatl Knliwaiilice al 
T.M pm 

Soccer signs off 

In Mint I»\11H»IH 

They ttorted 'uui with nne 
»«tTBr tall and ml mi to 
cainiMer llir \.n'A.\ tm-ctr 

But the H!«-(>er lti*k.i 

•inmri «rf th«' He f lan 4 Wirney 
a wt'ek irevtaw. lad llieir 
»i*ih«r» pluehed al' aarh « 
dream «Hei> Ihey lell If 
Ma*'«imh, Mich., «-l, *" th*' 
'apanlni ttpud al the WCAA 
liliMil HiflaMl. 

Faurtevniii- ranked t^ewni A 
<'l..rk -vtiiin hid defeated 
ILirj,*-! » '. t..r the HliiKaB' flat* 
title, wj» upaet by unra,nkad 
Mel)»i>rte>. Mtiro . :i-il. m the 
openmx nwnil malch 

Againti «l«lh-T»iiked 
\t*ci>mli, ihe Hiiwki (tom,*naled 
il» early »tage» "• the iwime tiut 
still ,|W)d natKiwr. n fact that 
*iaM plailue them throughout 

ftu' aariir 

\: '.:■ .. -.nto the first half 
H..OR ■ '■ ■ •-■•'■,■ Btiliowski 
„,|,|,[,.M Moriirch 

■[•■{«. u^< ■ iinnoKced. 

■ •'tti,*!' upp«:>rlunity 
..., ,', Maromli imIip Kd 
.^ymilllulll But B<*«»»»ki aimed 
Ixi, stwt i<:« high as it tailed ofl 
over ttw Mimarch goal It 
lurtM^d out t» he the key to the 

t knew when Andy raiiaed 
ihai »h<>i thai it wouid hurt u»," 
said H»»k coarh Sander Siabo 
■'We made three technical 
nn»lah« ■■ Siabo added, 'but 
Andy'* mm hurt the moal ' 

The Itii'.- • !•;« 

"lechnical !i - .'' I'd 

w Monarch guals *''^ ""I* 
1 M Ifft » gii in tl» "'t*' •"•"■ 
Utkf t)r«,lija) drilled ■» direei 
kirl. pa»l Hawk gMlle Sieve 
'1 «,W vo nivf Macmmt) * I ■<> Hrtt 
,half lead 

■He I T««ld ' m,i»de a m«laKc 
tmrn* lip the wall an that play , 
Hid Siabo 

With HM none in the aeraaKl 
half. Ihe Hawks commllWd 
Ihor third tioo^hoo l>re«JijaJ. 
again. scoreH on a wx-yarder 
after he had been left to hlmneB 
m front «( the Hawk Koal Ten 
minutec later. Macombi Rick 
CttrittlaiMon ucored on a ii«- 
f(Wt header fmm iniide the 
Hawk goal lone givin« 'he 
Mimarehi a M laad ttiat »»iilil 
hold ti> the end 

-We played them even up. « "• 
ju»t made thoae thr»« !"•> 
mistakes." said a diiia,|ipniiit<-d 
S»t» ■•We'nf JUKt areo'l 111 
thi-ir cta»» yet," hr added 

The tat ended the Hawki' 
iiri.1 s«-cer season The Hawk* 
fiiswhni with a nil refiirri 
while tmaslmg two NJCA,A All 
America nimurn-'-s, sinker 
Steve Norys .ind aoalii- Todd 

Twdd allowMi :»K in kimIs in 
the Ha«k»' V mi.lchc« tor a 
goal! aliainst averaRe n< 1 ii«. 
while Norys led the Hawks m 
si-iirmgwith i:t pwls this \ear 

Thais not i«) bad for a ivam 
!h»I sliiriKl the reason with no 
home field, no goal pnals. and 
jusl one soccer ball 

FERC comes up with new evaluation 


|llw. HMt wMkiMmeit of 
tW- Wtai *> you 

a'bovt queitwrn ran 
III' imiMt in (te DTwt)' (IrvflniMtl 
•Imtenl'tocwlty •%»to»tioni 
Hmt surv4>y will Mh qiMtliini 

•iMUt 111* >lll*Ml>lwlillp •Ml 

•UtMta* umm4 cltMat. *nil 

i. lliMlM»toM|l(ll* 

Ithtelkut. and otil 
' am ttaOm insp >li*' 

(mine iil>|MttTCi 

Thr nro r*'stu»li«i) *•• 
tlw««lo.|»<l bf a i'#inm.ittcc 
iMCh up ■«! am Omn. Iwn 
MMMIiil*' iIhiMI. tcvtit (acuity. 
siMl Im lUidMils. Tlie ttmi' 
mitlM »'■* hcftded up by 
ItoriPM- iBUchcr.. Rnberl li>itit« 
TlHt nmvnitlM nwt wvan l« 
fighl' tlmn (n diicuu inailMt 
ipMi'MHi* »:n(t 'iinMviiMi thiti 
liiiwe Immh .inlMfcnt a. pal 
(iic'iilt)! maluaiiMs. 

tail iprinit Harptr piM an 
mtanaird li cmIs ii^r 
rvatualJOfi •!!«* cMrmt la a 

I 'ClI I 

••r« allllcd tin The new 
cvalMtlMi will tot - 3 c«nl« 
p*r tv«lM*ci«i, M'Mng tte 

(Dlltit' HMimcy til tiMIW i'Ml- 

PMH»e'lliHi limw "n» prrviwiiify 
uieit trnwrMy «< lllinat •{' ■>( 
t > niri»)' »« not wttf|il'«Nl l>y a 
natiinl)> of IMctwrt m in 
adnquatr loiltnM UnI. B««kc' 

TiMr |>ur|iost a( in* 
tvaluationt l» In KBt slwltM 

iMilliacli wliiieli is importanl m 
■)l tkmm m WnrMnK If » 
Irntrltcr dii«« get a 'tad' 

nalMlbn. liiat tMchcr ifill 

have In latli m«fr cnciUK'Is or 
nrciMitniii «it,li tlw teacher'! 
RuperviMr. Iliivkf mU. 

The teaclMFr wtll tw atitt to 
fttvr niiiny rvalalMm In many 
<'lasM-s unliltp Um I' M I survtry 
vthicli a trachfr would giw 
t» imly oiM- tlMis In titts way 
lilt lanctMT armrd with thr nrw 
mmty will gn a Iwiier prr- 
SDCcU-ve ol their cImm pralilffii* 
and clatit tUmtg |winl> 

TNr lurvry provrd to he a 

in many eli 
jfar when teachers who 
voluntivrvd gave the survey to 
!itudents Bueke taid. "Many 
leachen leel that >l a Kludenl 
«1oe* not Kign ur with to sign the 
rval«uitun. the evaluation m 
meaninglesE What i<i«d are the 
evaluations to the student'' 
When tlw sludeni (iU» out lh«' 
surwy the nemeiter jx almoKl 
over. «f not o»-er entirely And, 
thould a teaeber get a bad 
evaluation, the lullege. if 
operating correctly »ill solve 
the matter " 

Vol. 13 Na 12 Ikwmlrr 3, 1979 

V illidiri Hiiiiiry lliiqwr (.olb-p-, Vlttnimiiiii iiful Krwll*' K">.i«i-. I*.il.<iiiir. Itlitioi^ (itMMiT. .il2-:i'JT-;«HK) 

Evaluation survey stirs controversy 

by MlKf: R:'(\W:%OI 

t"a amiMiiicciiMnl 
tiMit UM ttorMmgiir tarn aptm- 
itnmt » ■xttalfiii nalMiiMi ol 
the laeully oni 
iiNtre than a ntM ■ 
mmt iMiiitiera of' Ik* laculty. 
adiainivlratiwn. and student 
*c-livrtie» oHiee 

Vanoua chnrgM wwm mm0» 
again*! the vaMly ol tic 
Marblngia eMliialicNi. a* well 
aa^ to lie riglit to piiMiah tuch 

In a M.lar revtfMd hy th* 
Hartjtuger, Dr l>»vni Wnttom*. 
vic*-preti<leni of Academic 

Attain, tlatcd tlial l-he Har 
hniger hail prinlol im-nrrevi 

tntemntkoci. to the cttcct thai 
Ihtre wmiM be no larmal 
Ml cani'iui' thiit 
He toter expremcd 

hi* lIlHMy that thC' ttarhtnier' 
hud Mil' ciiiilatried' Itim before 
IMMMlWg (he •valuation 

fhn IbirbiniiiKr. .however, lud 
caiNaetcd Or 'Witlnmit' olfre 
ftrwr M pubbshmg lii 
'e«:|iliMtinn in iiriter to tonitHi 
rcpnris IImiI therv wiMid nol he 

ait tvaluailon oflertli this 
fMMBler AlUrhingeri 

•atiMtmcrlfdliy l>r WlM 
nftlce to cmlaci Bnh Comtacfc. 
tlewi (if the Career Program' 
fwiig diviMn Eh- fkimiach'* 
albce. in turn, iminirletl the 
Marlangitr lu contact Linda 
••gMT. IMwn of' iMlruclional 
Sirvitta M'l. Wegner informed 
the Harhmger that the 
evutuwliom that »erc appnivitd' 
by the Faculty Kvatualion 
lleview Cmninlltee 'I'ERC'i 
were being prlated at the 
pecaanl Itme Hm op-ican 
tcwimg. and 'WouM nol 'bc' 
available lur uie untkl nnl 

tie. Wtlliaiint wa* critical M 
the' MarMnpr 'Mirfvy.. uying 
thai hit 'hggKal cniMwn wa* the 
(MaiUhty «f oblaMng « hiaied 
»m|>llng froai the tludrnit 

William* i«'a», however. 
|iMt.tivc in hti attitude oil 
taC'Ulty evaliuationa In general., 
tn 'Ml letter to the Horhingar. 
WilUaiiis ilated. "tnpul fnoi 
ottidtBla is crilKal m the 
•HI m the iM'trucliMail 
lie added that. 
"C'lrrn Ihe rvjieriencr Ihat «iiir 

McGroth oppoinis 
new Qcting deons 

TW'o jM-ling ii|)pi>«iit> m 
ihi). kiuilrai aflitir* tMHrn imw 
beeik anwmnceil hy l^e»Ml*nl 
MdJralh''* ollke !>«»» Stan»' 
htiry ainl km» Kodgent aie 

awniMil tint iMMNinMa ot .Ac- 

llilt.Ilgaii'.iil'ilwlM Altain ani 

V'f'itu Direcinr 'W'l S'luiltni 

•-tapmem, nripeclwely The 

v> ill rill the iNHlUanii lor the 

'imder of the i*7t-l!Wi' .vaar 

.Ut ttawbiiry . .fwriicr 
niMlMT 'Of .MMiHMW' and 
||egl«ltia>.ioii. I* tafcing Iht place 
•f ' .Ik'. Giiartii. A. riwthtr vhii' k 
•ii. .Iaai>« of ••■««!•. tttm ■' 'Iht 
iHMMl iiat Mr. 'ltoiMttiiry.hiia' 
talen' an acting d*e«i» 

I' ii'aa MtalniiiienUl in 

comtorlabie »iih my new 
pMllMi and vtlh iht iloll 
ariNiml' me." aaid Slaraibury 
I >ne of Stanatari''! majiir goila 
*« br lb acWtvt irealcr ar- 
tmliiiMii heiw«M liarftr and 

'Itt* '|||MIIM| and 

Hurptr amdiMit *i 

iorM: wMiM 

'III* 'cuilciit iMct iia g»M«i». 

•Ill bt' rtapoiadlle 

•■ and 

regntratio'd mvirttiuiMriilAl 
health, rrcru'iimeml. iillldaiil. 
arlmtit* and studrnl 
dttt'lbpmenl ^ I frei v"»ry 

Ml' IMt«n> i> alao • veteran 
M tlarpar. Radfcrt ha» worked 
Mncc IMt in Lhe ntU'dent 
dtvclotDllttnl: area Mi H<iil||er» 
II icplarlllt. Joaiiiw Pimrll i>'.ho 
'rcaifiitd: itartlcT thit year. Mi 
NiidiM*. »lw cowMltr* her nt«' 
pailiMi '"a thallenia". wtll he 
reiptmtiWe f«r coul»»elmg. 
cii.m.«'Unil)' C'Ouoiel.'i(i| iini.l 
tettmg AniM|. Mk. Nadger » 
iminrdia'te twioiinM are aprillf 
•rnnter * ami 
vacanciea tn 'Iht' a«iiMiiling. 

■Mh paallwiit *tll ht ai|i»' 
lirovnl liy ihir hM.rd ef tnntets 
al the tuMCd's itiptlar iMitting 
oil tM- u It I* .Mil luawB. al 
thi*' (Mi'ini •'hal will happtn with 
Iht poottton Ntai tall 

fewuiiy and admiMMmtiMi ha've 
h«t over Iht hnlor)' of Harper. 

It II fell that our currefHly 
appmed 'xynem M' valid .and 
reliable and wtll proride the 
mual im.|iiirl«nl ciu.lpiil of any 
faculty evaluation system, 
namely a proceia lor the int- 
provemenl ol U'lalructMin " 

William Miller. prnMdenl of 
the Harper ralii^e Fueulty 
Senate Mid of the Harbinger 
tM-utty evaiualKHi. "I Ittink it's 
horMt - It'a the lUipidect 
thing T'lte ever .hea<rd of" He 
added that raculty evaluation 
■n genera] serve n> uiietul 
purpose in ti'O eyes berause of 
Ihe 'poMict .iiivolvKd It t» hia 
lapinMHi that itudetil* are mil. 
capaMi of giving an honeal 
evatucltail of a teacher, iind 
that Iht tvaiuaitinn received >s 
luatd alnratl on the 
grade tlie iiudcnl rectivca tn 
elaaa. .M'tthn- alaa said Ihat he 
dott MM believe in Ihe rnnctpl. 
«f Mirtt p*'y. and that teacher 
laiartec thoU'ld he Iwied en- 
tirely an oh'jecthre ciiieria *ueh 
u pamliott. number 'Of ytan 
with the nchmt. lentnt, and to 

K'Kihert Piiwell. chairman ot 
the Cngl'iih Department «l 
lliarper 'that rvaluattom in 
gtneral art "very Waatd, only 

tn percent of Iht' .aUidMHt 
parUCipate in an evalualioD 
.Klghty percent of the ktudenls 
areiuruiral in an evaiualMi . if't 
the other » peritni who leel 
very strtmgly eillirr lor or 
■galilM a teacher thai will give 
a rapmBv. Students W'«nt giwd 
grades and If they don't get 
Ihtm they become very brtter." 

Member.1 of the Student 
Senate also were upaet nt Ihe 
Harbinger for the evaluationa 
Bruce Zanca. Sludtnl Truatte 
!ia«d, "Tht idea of a itudtni 
evaliialKHi in good in theory. 
but. in practu-alily. it cannot 
work htcaime there are no 
He, along with some 
I'ol tht Student Senate, 
rnmplained that Ihe Harbinger 
<Ik1 mil intorin the .Senate of ill 
inleni tci publiih the eviiiuation. 
and thuc created problems 
concem.iiig the Stna'tfn action 
lit gel ttudtnt evaluations re- 
iinlHilltd m Ihe ci'illeft- 

in a lel'ler sent by Ihe Student 
Stitale to William Miller, 
lac'ully senate president. Da.le 
Markay staled, "Wetlo lielievt 
Ihat ihip intent ol the Harbinger 
w»« iml io malign the l»i.-utty 
Iwl lluil Itirrr won a sincere 
4tl»'m(.il on llu'ir pari to give the 
students hiick Iheir vu'i«» in Ihe 
lacully evaliMluin .system 

"Although we do not sccepl 
retpimslbility lor this particular 
action, the Student Senate letls 
Ihat then- is a need for an ef- 
fective lacully evalualiiMi 
syilem " 

There were a number of 
poailive cotnntenlx Irom among 
Ihe faculty also A psycbbhigy 
teacher who asked to m( be 
ideitttried said that "the "the 
Harbinger lacully evaluation is 
an escelicnl idea as long as you 
can gel an approprtate number 
of responses Mary Jo Willis, an 
instructor in Ihe speech and 
theater department said, "In 
theory. I think that Ihe 
evaluation is an excellent Idea, 
but I don't think thai a 
newspaper la the beat way wga 
about It." 

Assiatanl Praraanr at An- 
thropology Charles Morris said, 

I don'tdiMKree with what you 
did. but how you did it What 
will ship the public Irom filling 
Ihtm t the Harbinger 
ffiliwIMnii out"" 

Mmla. ailded. "1 know HMne 
iif' my coUeaguts who are going 
to cruelly the Harbinger i for 
what they have ilone." 

\ numher of teachers armind 
> anipua haw passed the (ornis 
Ml in claia m an effort Io elicit a 

FiM out Faculty cvoluotlon form on poge 2 

"The vtnie changed ahrapilv Irinn tall to 

whMtr. a* Marpet wa* hit w.|Ui laat IikImw ol the 

wlHtl. Itir frnww tau*m itionlrntk «% 

■Ik iiHli^ iad 'iHM a* Ibetr way ta 

«. I' ll wa a hi .Hlet Kahatei 

f'i«fi' 'J The Hmbinfivr Dnrmli*-r i, I'K'f 


Editor clarifies 
Harbinger faculty 
evaluation intent 

Itm purpam of th* Harbinger laculty twaiuatlons, 
which were ttarttd two weeks «flo.. was not 'to tmnu 
controversy but was meant to be a service to Harper 

The Harbinger's tnfenf was to give students back • 
voice that was ttiooght to have been lost 

The evaluations should not be looked upon as a 

blacklist to damage the reputations of Harper 
teachers, faculty and slafi 

The statement in last tssue's HarMnger edIlwW, 
"....the taachw thty hate is the sa,me teacHtr 
ei*eryoneilt«:Hal»", ihoold not be taken literally So 
teachers have w reason to fear finding their mm* on 
« "hate list" 

We reallie that our evaluation procedure Is not 

scientific and that <t has many pitfalls but we are 

•fi^oaching this matter seriously. 

We would like to thank students and teachers for 
their cooperation thus far and would like to encourage 
more students to fill out an evaluation (arm and 
suljmit it to ttie Harbinger ottiee, A347 

V «/■ 

lyy y _.^^ 

Wiiimn I'laaTHWuj,! 



- '^ 


Participation lacking in evaluation 

iriiiu ITU' nuruiitKn r. living 

KvjiliiitKn I'drin* sur ■rvmhitilr 
III Umt Mwlainis 

rini! EiiliatHM rim 

'IVarlirr iwnir 


( l.t" 



Ttiii nifiii: • tn Kf tiirnoil m to tint ItortMiUfr iil'l>i- 
ihuiMir kmA <)titftll«i tM « walir (i turn •• ll*W *»> 
An» «m»»tt!in' rmnttwrt «l» ItartMlUPT l* KM) <ir 
IMwIl^tM' (or iiil fiinnt * Ittc. 4. 

\ it C i> K 

II ttmn kiwlmila 
Iwpi ii«M« al < 

31 t><ica llM> UNKliaT iiMfet 
• Iwcteatk frifl <"•« l» ii* 
HUMtWim. (Jtoap'W, rtpro* 
jlieif iiJwi, iftf"* 

J. tttim lite iMC'twr prinenl. 
Xtm nMlwail m ■ *rtln>r:(»«ii(«l 

41 (|«n€r»t» ■ (etltng, of 
etimrwrm mmt »lwl«nl» (r»IHl|S 
■Mt pniWtniii •** tkt dnii.* 

i. Dot* l»*kr man* Himiwll 
avKlutil* til itWlnitE autKuie of 
nHNiifr'f ^* 

i> Omt ite ie»cl»er tn- 
oiurnge itiMteni iiMwmi ■ml 
.it»l'f«i«nl * Ikr ctaiii* 

; I It the icaclm' 
kmi«M||raUt m tht «l)j»"»-i 


gi Wh»« i» y«>ur «'«r»ll 

Aiktilmml ( 'iinmii'ill.ti 

cvjilujdnci, sttl*'n' (wr 
(ii tlj*iti'«n h,ih tnrm v«-n lim, 
,. ' ihrfHifnitit! Ihi- 

v- ... Mij- iiiiniim;, Iri.* ttaM 
1 i«i (iirrii* hiivi> l«'«ti luriw") mtu 
thi- iUih-.niiyr oiUer in A;iK7 
WiMlriii- .(iliiiiirn m 

Utrtrloi- .iimlili>€ 

4 In mtiliiHJii ii.iiinrmrr stafi 
mrmlirn will in- ilislrihiiliim 
thtr rvaliiali«is tliri»iRhi'«it Ihi: 
M,-hi:iiil ii|> imlil thi- ilradlim- 

: ' . '" ■ ''ifiT r\;iluilhnn 

w ! ■ I m jiiirt »»n .in 

, ...n, :.-rrt In 

1, il.TV '^ ("IMHiKtt 

..:. ' m )llB |Mie. 

i(. ■ tiirm oith a 

list .# t-mfa ((msiiino. . 

■ .vf'r MCh()w-tlii>ii mi 

rai h ci'actMT »ii' 

nuriHTKUil ^rucii' fHiinl a\i'ru]£e 
Hi-Tiull> «<ll tht-n l»' iTMKlr 
.ivdilaWv Ihf »i-ek nl IhT in 

Hw !.iiri»~- ■)! Hw inaltuitHXi 

ii^ L!\r ..(iidi^nK jin frtwa iil 

■ :' (i|tim«in>: 

■ hrr% iirrr --i 

•■v.. I' 
M. II 

I Dm: 
I ..|(tt;»- 

WiKirtnTliMf,..., ...,„. 

Jo«n Peterson 

NMnMiior OoMMtHiigh 

F«!urr l-:dit.r! Wendy Winkelliake 

Phiilu Kdil ur R ick Kohnke 

A»»t Pho»«> EdiKir Sciitl Mckillip 

< 'j»rt«imsi Slew Muskjil 

Hw5inesfi Mttniijiter. ,., ,' indyCaravello 

Di.'inbui I'ln Kdii.ii Wiiller Kill 

Advisor I '"roihv Pinivano 

Sialf l.iinLynnGuy, 

Viiiceni Surdo. 

J« Kusek. Hich Henquinel . 

FVIe Wicklund Nor» Niirton. 

Juli Ht-aly. Mike Simkus. Mike Bambach 

ttie lUIIHIMtKR u llw (liKfamt (Mbbcalian ar the Htrper 

D41«i|e c«m|>us ei>mmijnil.v. pul>lBhcd wetkly except durlnn 
tklliiliiy* aMl final eluimi All opinion* exproiwd are !hi»c iif the 
writer mil wit neewMnly ihwe <>' '•>« colleg*. its administrsiion. 
lacully « itiaJemt tody Advenismg and copy dt-adtine is mion 
Tuewliy and ni(iy if subject to eililing All l^tl«r»-lo-the-Ediior 
mual be Mgned. names will lie withheld upon request Knr ad- 
tertiMng rates, lall or *rile HAKBINt.KR. William Kainey 
Harper I'rtUefe. Algcmquin and Kiiwlle Kiutds. Palatine. Ill . 

mmx. nam w3-mm. tn »i 

Letters to the Editor 

Ihrfmfter I I'K'* The Hiirbin^irr Vofne 3 

Administrator speaks out on faculty evaluations 

tn tiM Nav«in(M t». Ittt. 

flkt^MMI dl TIMF HwMMIf • MR 
I lljf IIMI MillMIIII AIM ^ 


my wllkt'. 

■nlMit tM. «r :lfeMlDr (• uw 

lntlnKl,Mi«l VMMIB. I 
larilMr add iM »i|wt In™ 
fltudMlt IS crilKal ID tlir 
■ininilinirt of Ito pracm 

M$ mmlf* mRTrn wilh th# 
•ililiift«llftli«il»»»«n«t, ■■Thii 
!»lFr,lMw«Fwr wiNhaveiKk 
tvatuadon forms lo (ill iwt aMi 
nilt Uwir varkrui MaciMm " 
Tliii «i an lnactw»lc itaMncM 
ami iMvdi ctortltofMin. 

Sfudenf cuts down 
Harbinger evaluations 

OwMf the MfMt I 

Hcvtew Commitlee tFERC' 
undcriook »ome m»Jw 
rrviiionn <n the Imulty 
pvalualton tyitfm In 
cl«lrnt»lly Ihere »rre iwo 
•ludenls »h«> parttripBleil iMi 
thtx tommUler A mnjor 
rmimmemtiitHin oC U»» «"» 
niitlee. wtiirh •»» «|>pr™vmt b> 
ihr AdmmiilratMHi. ••• «» 
Miofii i> new iiHlrunwnt Ivr 
tiillwiing stti*i« dfiiiioii* 0* 
limtfiietMiii Ive «Hiiclie«l a 
mvs «« !•>« iBKtniroeiit thai haa 
iMcii ailaiilMi (tar piau has 
bum tm etch taciitti m ao- 

r c«ai><ter tli* ■Teacher 

Bvalualion' twiitg ciMidlii-lcti 

kf '(hv^Haflinilir la be ta very 

, . la vaiilHy •« 

•MiM rntf cMrit lilttti 
aMNigilwtaaelMm. i" 

tiia nMtiitM^ !■• la ' 

■lit tf MHW una ta 
«l; aw la* 

thit AlMi. »otiMo t tl look vety 
chiMlalt a *t liwrhen. *ere Ui 
*(ag* a flmilar Studml 
Kvaluatmit- campaiin^ 
Prolialil} maat wmM—n thai it 

ymn mm "m o»>jeet»*«' 






«**■« Off MrwKii 

try tt» Pnch»» 

mlmalirr thli iaalrument »!»« 

MiM-lann ol each Mmwlcr to i 
mmimiin ol »« ituatatta. 

•rte reason thai lh«y haw nnt 
been itdministerwl ai yet Ma 
semniler a that we trt having 
ihem printed lor opican 
neiirmil B«H«u»*(irtblsd«by, a 
{ormat whitb will be hand 
iCDred viitl be available to 
raeullv the (ir»l week ol 
OeceiTObw This mtt«roi<iil was 
"field tested tal Spnnf iii 
over » MMiiom and received 
INMltiiw commeiiU Irnm iaculty 
and •tiidtnto 

«iven the experience thai our 
lacullj' and administration have 
had over the hi»tor> <i« Harpef . 
tl ii ten Ihat our currently 
apfrmvA syitem i* valid and 
reliable and *ill provide the 
moat imporliinl output ot any 
lacully evaluation syalem. 
namely a pcwcei* for the iin- 
lirwvtiiienl. of inatiwiMiii.. 


t>avidt WiUiama, 

Academic Affalis 

LaVanway expresses concern 
over Harper faculty evaluations 

rcfarda U y«ir artkle and 
e<ttlarlal eiwieernint «he lacully 

rviluatton »y»tein here at 
Harper A* a member of the 
Studenl Sewite it is our )ob to 
Me that the atialeiila have a 
lonim in wbiclJ to voice their 

oiiitiioM wi the quality of their 
faculty Since lW3 Ihtt forum 
haa been the faculty cvabiatiaB 
(wr»» that are neteMwd i« 
iatuKy on an ofHinnal baaia at 
the end: of «Mti aemeater 
Htwever. thcae paat nenMiteri 
have found Ihe nvailablllty of 
(acully sutimittinf lo Ihis 
proceai *in»ing, Thi» r«ii««n- 
iiWity Ilea with ihe memhira ol 
pait lenalnn «hu have not: 
proftrty repreaenled the 

itudenli on paal lacully 
evaluation review commWata 
As mcnbers at Ito SIMlanl 
Senate we are greatly con 
ctrned «nlh this determratiBf 
syilem of faculty evalualian: 
cuaaaqiaenlly. we have been 
negotiating with the ad- 
minislntion lo »ee that Ihe 
lyitcn of faculty evaluation 
and ila correlary Ihe Faculty 
Evaluation R«*w Qnnimiitoe 
he rcinalaMd iMi4Hr .lh«a«aM« 
lerm* for all partita tti*#vtd 
The procea* of (acuity 
evaluation l» much more 
rampIcK than just wtung wrae 
quettionii and labulaling the 
reaulia:. conaidnatMin must be 
0im 10 the toiMi' ta wMcli tile 
Mitaitom. art ataiMl. Ihe 

etc I am o( the belief that there 
rxiats an bonesi concern, on the 
pari of Ihe paper, thai 
Ihe xludenla deserve some 
reprcaentadve voice in the 

evaluation of their (acully It is 
in this end thai we. the SbJdent 
Senate, are oorfclng I am 
anlting thai the Harbinger 
reevaluate its system for 
faculty evaluation lhat II has 
MM inaligaled and that il will 
work with ut in aeelng the 
recreation ol the Faculty 
Kvalualion Review commiltee 

Thank You. 


SpiR-R PrasMts Mlir M Sad! | LockwOOcf SUppOffS 

people of Caffnbodia 

Now thmugfi Decemtm f2 you can save 40% 

Ml any L. r. or !■#• mi Tli* WatiMr trw. - Eitcti* - mr Attonla UMl. 

,gg, W^.m l.*» I "III 

oca *"C ^"K '•"•' C Ofl 
uiAl LP t WaWW 

With Thit Ad 


#c<i— iviiyiiiwt 



(immliroik Plata. 

Evergreen Plaia 
Bvergren Park 

IIM E »nb Ciiflo. 


W m Uke Harawer Pk 

WUS <lftlHBik 


Ijltcr m lilt 'HiiMniM" 

The people »( rambodis. 
iometimrt referred to as •the 
leentlest people on earth." are 
caught up in a lerriWe power 
siniigle and are dying for tak 
of food and medicine Ifs 
believed Ihal belweea J and 5 
million of her 7 million people 
have died fr«ni slarvation. 
illnot and gunfire In V S 
lerm». Ihis would be Ihe 
M)Utvalent <d I'veryane from the 
Mi«i»slppi Hiver lo Ibe 
Ailantic Eighty par cent <* 
( amlKidia « childnfn are iuf 
leniig from extretne 
mnlmilrilion Moat ol the seed 
rice has had lo be eaten and laaa 
than S per cent «( Ihe rice lands 
are under rultivatioa 

While Ihe immediate »ul 
lering i» c»i»ed by mililary 
lorcea backed by Russia and 
China, lis imporlanl lo 
remember that, toward the end 
at ilM' war in Vittnain. U.S. 

planes Jraiiped 
and defoltanls on this Imy 
country lhat were used in the 
enlire second World Vl»r So 
Iherv't plenty of blame to go 

Of the many agencie* that art 
airlifting Innd and medical 
supplies Into Cambodia, these 
three I know to be responalMe 
and effective They are in a 
pORltton t» act on liehalf of all 
roembens of ihe Harper lacully 
and student bod) »tM wu«h to 
eonlributf n. this terribly 
urgenl relief effort Checks 
should he marked For Cam- 
bodia American Friends 
Service CommlHee 407 S 
Llearlwrn Chicago. 80605 or 
)S«1 iherry Street. 

Philadelphm. PA . HtllH Ox- 
lam- America m Cffllumhua 
Avenue. Botton. MA. ieil« 
TAKE M» First Avenue. New 
York. N Y . 10016 

fUchard L,ockwoad 
Humaniiies Faculty 

Handicapped students 
plead for parking 

IHow thai the bid ivealher it 
upon u«. il is esaential lhat 
handicapped itudenli have 
access lo the parkuig allotted to 

It i* eiiremely dtfficuM for a 
handicapped «tudeni when (he 
spaces are lj»ken by in- 

considerate and unthinking 

Please help the handicapped 

students by not parking in Ihe 

spaiies designated for Ibeir ime. 

Handicapped Students 

Angela Woul 

Michael Mikula 

P^fw 4 The Harbit^er Itrft^mbrr .{. I<K'> 


Tilt PhyiKsl Educ»tMill 

DcpariiMnlat folttnn <m th» 
(itaknt mm»t mtOt (« bt 
MM litiMltnlii wMdiin* t» i|i|ii^ 
lor tht piattiM should cmutt 
Jewi Pmnkantn tn ttw Studvnl 
ArtMtita 10km, ASS «r call 
tnl. va 


RtlHUJition for ipnng 

OMIM* offcrwi b>' itM' tliirtirr 
Cmiw of CoiKBiuikg Education 
■ itnw Ml pr«||rai» ^ viurlet'j' of 
|cn«ral inlwest €otir»«i «• 
■«ail>bl«' A r«m|>lH« IMint «( 
ffi lai a o appears tn the ifMing 
kIimIuIc a) ctiuiim (u be maiM 
ear^ this muntb to reiidmtt d 
(he Harper CoIIckif OatnA 

ncgiitritian (or tiutsm 
cmirwt, icniinar*, woTkchais. 
ami «'<in(«ren<'«» may be 
cnmpleled in per»«fi m the 
Coniiniung Education Ad- 
mwiom <MTic«. Bldg C. Hooai 
l»l, by calling nil MO. 411. or 
W; or tay cmnnlattns ihe mail^ 

form tn the 
Any dii«iict 

■ not r«cei*e 

> of . 

b«' nail twfore I>rc It may 

okaln a 'npy '"*•* "* ** 

miaaliini t:MIk-e nl the cmtm- 

of View 

Harper ttudeiit* are 
producing PoiM ■! View, an 
annual pubttcatitm of titerai7 
aitd vaual arts works f»« ill 
cliorst la lUidenlii this iprtnt. 

C'ummMy. twn iWinenti »» 
tieinn sirughl to Mfrve at rttora 
for the vokm of Vie* mattaune 
One will tw {M-imariiy mfion 
stbic for cdlltnii literary 
material* wliinittnt. a'nd thi> 
oth<T for viiual arts malenak 
Samplci d pact PaiM ol lie* 
magaiine* and application! are 
availiMe in the Stuitent Ac- 
tivitlca Wkc. AXH. and In 


Any student inlemled in 

temg cuMiderMi for an tdilor 
pMttion niiial apfity l>y Thurs- 
day. Off n 

Ski Trip 

year'* trip u ncheduled from 
Wonday, .Ian 'T to Moralay. .Ian 
14, tn Villi. Ciiluradai 

The (rip ciiiia t3M per penion. 
■ quad iMiBi and inclwieit eight 
dayi and levpn ntchts' Mginii 
•1th acc«mm<idatiiii» at Koosl 
iMlgt inith endued healed 
pool iinrt sauna', roundlrip 
mnislop ,)el from O'Hare to 
LN-nvpr via United Arlina. 
iriviilr moKn-oach hetwcM' 
Henvrr and Vail, and im full 
diitnit diiyi with lilt iicltet> 
if'Tice ta.»et! on triple ac^ 
conunodaliwi it Mia. on twin 
tt 'MOSi 

A depiatft of vn m diK im- 
mediately, with final paymMit 
due b) tlec 4 fonlacl 
SJudenl Activitie* for further 

Thii* p«*rformance is op«"n lo 
the puUit- fr(« of charie w am- 

in !be Hrri,««* of com-erts si(*m- 
s{>r«l li> Itir music department. 
Fi:»r turltwT mformiilnm. call 

nl, .m 


The Tequila Mixkinftbird 

Charolwr EnnemWe M'iII be 
p«'rli»riniri({ in concert on 
Monda>. nl B p m . in (he 
College ("enter [.cwnge Public 

admliaiion is tl. and Harper 
itwlenl!! »ill t» admitted free 
Willi ail ai-liutv card 


The Illinois Slate Scholarship 

fommission has received a M.5 
million supplementary ap- 
propriation fur (he MaoHary 
Award I'ragram This permits 
Ihr immfidtate re-openmg nl the 
program and restores live Fet> 
IS applicatton deadline date 

AppHcatiWH) are available in 
the Financial Aid Office. ASM. 

WHCAA Playlist 

ring a major 
Dki trip durtng wlnUrr break lor 
mudtnla. tufi and guasUi Tbui 


iHcin.v ,\irplay ■ ". In piu>s (XT wt'ck ■ 

The Harper rommuully , . , , ... xink 

Orchestra will perform Dec HI. i H--<i»«"i "" " '•filVZ; i;,,„ 

jjjj^ pm m II* Bu« A ■::,■::;' ;.;.;i;:^;;;;v.:r.;:.";v.v.v.:v.";'^affS 

■TSje mkm -d. co»d^-. ' '-;:::;,i'""'""'""""'" --sml^li^^ 

theorchatra inareadinRof the ,iin»iiiHn p. 

Dvorak Symphony in K Bi,,i^ 

Minor, the Nc* World .Sym -mnme*- 

pbony" The Community ^^^^ 

Qmw, will loin the orche»lra in ^ , fi^;,;;; Vim; ■.■."«;;.■ Virtert 

JaSr^-S.-^nd ;r;;' fj^X .:::::::::::::::::::::::; r^^^^^ 

«::;gr*;i::i '"":;;;:>.:' "K:s:fe.;^;A;;::::::::;::::ic^^:iiiie.ndPa.,».r 

T::^ZZ::T^^»^ Tor^«.h«.ndo«.r.«»dW«.t.«. 

Will ]oln in the tenor sectim in 

the performance of the Cared 

Fa'ntaiy, __^___^_ 



The Weddinji Of Your Ureanis 

ChatQaU Hit/. I».H>. 27. 1970 

^ <>|(M) Mil«a»lk.-. \yf. Il.urs.ia> 

J^^ , VI ill.. MH>-y:3» P.M 
f^ ^^ • .>ili'-. lllini)i.» 

<ii, iL 

Hr«iul ha^l>i..ii "'Lo* ":<«• P M. ^ 

4 .A. 



SiMfial (.lift - Mi.""i Ulintii." 



\ Glimmering With Exciting New Ideas 



M - 



H^ Thousantjs Of Dollars Of ^ 


Sensational Prizes 

L-vJlLcU I charite Daniels 

Gralvtwl 0*Ml 
Dtc. 3, 4. S. 

-Mvatrf \{c\i€\s or «portticK£ts 

/^- -OSCAR-TROa 

4 Entertainment 
• Free Champagne pl- 
over 20 Displays 

Every Beautiful Thing 
You Need For Your Wedding Day 

( .a\\ *i6:t-6-l29 or 6-130 
..r 2*^7-29 li 
tn resfnr vour fnt* ticket.- 

Part Time Jobs 

You Pick the Work Days and Hours 
No Experience Necessary 

Plastic Bag Machine Operators 

Pick Out 5 to 10 hours a Nighl 
B«lwMn the House of 
2:30 p m - 1 am. - M-Thurs 
Minltnum 5 Hours-Day 
Maximum 20 Hours-Week 
(Full Time Nights Available) 



744 N. Oaklawn Avenue 
Elmhurst, lllinoit 

l...\f\. til)' int\ !•■ t'liix/.') 

The Great Harbinger 
record giveaway 

Ihcemhtr i I'K^f The Hwtmger Fi^e 5 

mi Mrn 0» fnmi iMtt 

"ttlt llWl U li g ir Mkm. um The 
wtmmm mm. b« drawn (mm 

tWMt. miiiM, M liMiMr ani 
■« DM' i*!*" in W !»•«• '•• 
1. 1 jMw tm mimwmf Mty 

A) #rt, B'l MMMr. C) flMap 

mjHm, DtAnMnca. 

I) wiw •nMC' "the Willi 
,.ti««af I* Owf^" A) Mn 

«M# «*, li umi mm. 

H WHirli imii. «•»•■«• *«> 
_* year" A I Man >Mh«, B) 
A*rwt CnvlaiMl. C'i*rtlMir 

ret:. B' D0«. Ct USAT. Oi 


T . wi«i»,(wiiin«]r «• *• «■«:'••' 
[arnw pMt vtili* k> Cuba. H> 

•) What mwte was nol abnul 
Vietnam' Ai Heroea. B) 
Coining Horn*. Ci Deertaaitar, 
t)i ApofMlypm Now 

91 Who wu the pnttam 
nwynr of Oneaflo'! A) Nismi. 
B) Htanic. Ci Thomiwin. D) 
telty. K) Jewe Jackson 

l«> What group wnrte. "Gfld 

B'l IM ZefV«lt"> (^> 
B, 0> 'Baatic*. 
aahid to the Earth 
lMi|«ar* *> Stock Market. Bi 
Amwleaa Dollar. C> Fnrd 
nmUM. D> Skylab 

ll» A riiMle. -Who IS the 
MHMid, hitt actually the tint' 
A I Ab*o«l » Coatello. »■ l*o|lt 
John fmil C Ted K«nm«l> 

JJ) When » THE lew "lay ol 
clam Ihn »«m»ter- Ai Ilec, » 
Bi 0«ct 2t.Ci Dec. U. Di Dm;. 

Ml Wha il. Hw pwidmt of 
HKMr CoBefi'! A) WtCmth. 
B» Wckay MaMaa, C. Cart*. »i 
Billy Graham 

ii.i What iioai h«M wMti 
Chrlatmai' A> ChetfltMa 
roaatint. <ai an own lire. B 
Caea4:ola. C' SWgM f^«'' 
tanta Claai 

Sfudenf Senate drops Lawson 
appoints Elias to Life Sciences 

ICMKIS Icarus Systttntt, Ine. 

n7 E-'Aigomiuiin M. Wt-WM 
tliMrs Man. mm Frt. **:» lat. V-l 

Cartridge Eltctfic 

Tha buMci MBlllM. ilBifWc portBbla tor 

turn oMkw-bMwim. SMBCtaniOMiirallon. Mtou'ii 

be amazsci ■nd' impraBWd. 

• Cartrtdga ntitwn tytMm 

• Carbon film and fWiric ribbon 

■ Quick. Clean fiomictiom 

• :Onoa-ilaa 

Ml 'PtMMa CaaM' 1 Cari'i Only ah Ufota S(M Wllh 

feianofaetuiara BwaMniaa natiwn to SCM Mr taiwlaa. 

AoMHaia (Of Smalt ixlhi 


la aelMNi taken at thdr Nov 
» mwtioi. the Stiatent Senate 
decided to rtmovt Mike Uwimi 
Iratn the board 

Baaed on 'die (tWdaiM 'Scnaia 
cmliiuiton. which «tat« that 
any m«nlier wtro nnssei two 
»tu(l<Biit lenate me«tin»» 
wttlMul a tal'iil eactiw can «» 
drappatt Irom the Siudeot 
Seaak Lawan had roiaaed all 

Ijraaaa. wha wai the ttudent 
nnrtMiitallwt 'fm the ni:y«iail 
BdncatiM. Athletic, imI' 

Racreatlon Dtviiion. wai 
ekvted unopposed in ti» Sep* 
a and 24 elections held <»n 
campiM AppUcatlons arc now 
Mni taken in the Slialent 
Scnaia oirtce for thaw who wlah 
10 ni! the vacant poaition Ap- 
plicaiitt mual b* a declared 
major In the Phyaical 
EducatMWi department If no 
applicant!! troRi the Phystcal 
Education deparlmcnt that are 
qualtlied to till the potiUon art 
found, then a »tudent Iroin the 
■todent twdy will be Jipp<iinted. 
In other action taken by the 
Slulent Senate. lhe> approved 
the appoinlntent of Una Ellaa. 
a MfliMiMie Ub. Tech. major 

to fill the Ufe and Health 
Serv'iret Division poaltkn «n 
the tKiard Thii poaition haa 
been vacant since the Sap- 
iember election becauae there 
had been no candidates at that 
lime According to Mark 
('omeaux. pretideni of th* 
Student Senate, -We fett that 
t^na was the bent qualified of 
the four applicants we had She 
had previously been involved in 
Iha proKram tmard. and the 
radio station, and wemt aware 
of the work involved in student 
government. We think ihe will 
work well with the Student 

Car pooiers took to next semester 


OffMial* of Harper CoUagea 
car pool hoard are uniiure <if the 
enact renult* of the »ucc«»i o* 
tlw iwr poal «*'«« at Harper 
thw tameaiar 

The Harhtnger rallad Oorge 
ttorner Associate Dean o( 
Engineering-I'hyaical Science, 
who » one M Harpw-t fiaM 
in«atvo<l wim ««• car pool •»■ 
larl. allar ward arrlvad that a 

itmilar effort at IHinott CeiUfll 
CMlege lud failed Dtimcr laid 
(hat because ol limiled fundi 
Ihaj were only able to i«t up the 
ptograni but not i-heck reaults 
Approximately ltd students 
expreiaied inlere»i m the car 
pool effort hut after computer 
print outs ol proapective rideni 
were poaied the riden were on 

Dnmer and Ma collaaguca are 



,A„ ' <^ -^ 


preaently imtiMg on a ayalam 
for the spring semester Domer 
taid thai he is "much more 
hopeful" of better aucceaa for 
the spring semester "Paapie 
ure mi>n> consrious of the 
problem now " Darner said 

Among possible ideas the car 
pool board is working on la a 
lystem in which car pool ap- 
pticalions would be sent out 
with ail grade reports This 
way. tlwrner feels, more people 
will become aware of the 
project Anotlier posslbihty Is 
the netting up of computer 
lermiiult with pool information 
al spring registration Domer is 
hopeful that people will give up 
Moie of their • 'suburban ideals' ' 
in order to save money and gas 



Uak Yawf HatWay BmM 

nIftT good thnilMa on your . 
choice of Mens l> Women s I 

Ont etiitaiBar mual be 
Harper StudanI Dwlll| o« 
Santa Special. 

OHer Oood only on I 

$• tte ti llipr..Jisi mn Iki Stmt! 

Call fer aivoiiitiKit...ll7-01in 

Car Rental 

sn W. McDonald Rd. 
Prospect Heights 







"Tired ot bemij without credit, oi up lo your nock in 

I aOLVi ALL minimum paymenti' With tlws book you will learn how 

: r :r;m:,«- ««€ « m,k. th. S300. bimon cr.di, .^^^ ..p « your 

• i:r«iitiio<i*t'Ko.di f cRforr J^!r^. — 

■ *>,i».|lilliwttl«0»«>«intnici«).' / Bmj«LKI»l ' "OIILlf iSAS 

• i»»i«.l«i#mil.l».n ■«*».• nHwiK""^*'*!"!*!'*"' I ITmJWI.«"n» j ^^^ ,Mtmmmm.%»mtmt 

• 'i»iiw«»io»o».iia*n««iit law •* !■•«•■« I wnh I 

• ■*«ii»i*>t»w*™it.»P«*i»«ilC»i*««el» J TME cut OIT G.AME ' ««*■*«''** "^ " 


AdOrr^* ■■- -^ 

jMSTHAvi I (.^ ^ _ si«t rm . 

L"« WMi STREET PUBUSHING CO ^;iMT. u. ,,«« j -- »—.«»--- 

Pb^ ft Th» Harbiafifr Ihremher 3, 

3. I«7M 

Students present legal problems 

TiMft ara • virMv at t«d 
Mr. TMn 

farW Of wmrmif*' '••»■" ••'* ■'"•' 

> hw bMn proctleiiii 

M Hiwi tl 

On acviMMi. Uw ttudcnl who 
cniaM in jw( wmIs •tinple 

■ilvi«» or wanlB to kMw wtet 
nghu iHMdw hat (n ■ tiicctfic 

mine mattan 
lit laid, 
nalntate Ml «m- 


tmdmt to • tMWii and • Ian*- 
lard «aii»i' 

It tbrnr* art iuputat, 
MMnelimmt Ihty can 1» 
rwaoivml. ollM>r Uinc* it 

Moaaiiataa aidUlMal aelia*. 
-Wtai MldMaMl 'actlM it 

alto iMilMI* m loMch wttli. 
,iMlllB*f Om court ayitcni 
•hidl.a|]aw* caratia tmm t» bt 
In toirt wlthoul am 

iir««liati«ii tn. t«9i trma 'Lnyola 
Vmvrrsity ha* SelMoi la 

Far' ikalMia who -KaBt ti<H 
liipl adwkc. I* H. aKaltaUt on 
WMbtaMtef aflaraoaia tram I- 
« p m In the Studml Artlvllict 

It la hMM to call in ailvaiKc. 
t«l, M* or 'itop im Iht oltke. 

Ha alw ha* t«« of tkaa. ow in 
lh» Chicago Loop. I» N 
Wacitrr and Ui* other in Mt 
Pnaptct. Wl W Golf Bd 

I a coMnMl to purthaw 

wai'Mhiitf and realliea he 
eaMMM Mftll iha owtraci 

by mahiac a phane t«». wt 

ham heiii alila to nmtm th* 
.... J wi'ltMut Itma Uait.. am 
I t^ma OB tht' a i tt W iiM i a 

iaraafc County, tint division 
of (he court tyi'lem m the Pro-w 
oairt.' lit vxplatnad 

In the oiae at a wore tn- 
whvd legal ntatlar. under the 
■fraeoMiH t haw with Harper, 
the atudent may r«iu««t that I 
handle the natter outiide <if 
Jlarperor OM^ chooae whatever 

Letters to the 
Sybmit to A367 


li iirirs Urns! Uvi Stan 

Immediate Openings 
In Sales For All Hours 

Apply In Person 

or Call m-m 

Mr. Melhtl 

mi E. Golf Rd. 




Wlirn you flnteh v " >iir vv< )rk 

ai CtiSk-Kt- <»• l..ikc ( 'ouriiy 

t onilnuf \<Hii ciliit .itioi) at 

ilH-nt*v\ Nonhwfsi 

I ;.< intt >i is < >l Hi m >sc\'' t -It 

f(ii\t-i.sitv in -ViHi'tftton 

liciRl IIS ,\ bl«K k siiiuh ol 

l.,il«i:u« 1«<1 Milt) North 

.\riiili4l» -li Hcigiit-s H< »,.n.l. 

CouriK** ram rn-dttii 

IfBCtInK lo Bat hel«»r>i ami 

Mjwlrr'sdi-grrrs ili« « >>il> ■< 

tiih vtificiv of I ' (urM-Mii 

Arts .llHl.S* K-ni rs, 

BllSlllfSS (itu. .IIMXI. 

< umptllir Si irm f.llMl 

I'oriitnuinKl.'tm <ii»>'t- 


Thr quality Icarninil 
e«l>erk"iK"«" \ i m'v < ■ I > -i -i i 
kmKinttloi isvours.ii 
Hixtsfvclt I ni\<rsii\ SiiKlU 

, I.IS'-I s lull Tf^llII>J 

I l,tsv( -. Win II \i>ii .mil 
your inrds.iif inviporl.tfil 

t>l>Ii«»rruiilty lor yrmr loial 
gr«;>wfh 1 1| M 'UN u| 1 tl > \ 1 " 1 ■»i 

RjmjSCMII I ll|\l IMt\ 

ilW"«iKhrV' f(»lii>i>.il 
itkii <uion.ll rrsi rtin fS .\ 
1.x iiliv: (»rol<-ssinii,i)l\ 
skill<-il iliMinVAnsriftllot 
SI hi>l.irst\i|i lirilii .Hi-<tio 

II ■.II hitiK Hi aiK lolisirn 



11 K- (|i.*aln>' nltu aiion vi hi i v - < 1 1. -r ihr qiLiliis i ■( I 


NOW— 4 locations 

where you can get 

quality education 

at Roosevelt 


t:iaiis<'ts WHEN and Wf IBRE 
itH-y arr c onvenieni tor ytni. 

• \\'t-rKil««\s, rvi-niMrts 
S.iluri.fci\s. Siiiiit.i'ys.ii Ihr 
M.iini ..iinpus iiulovviiiirtMi 
( lui .iRo and Hi ii<s.\i-II 
I ni\risil\ sN|A\ NorlhwiNi 
( .11111 lus in VrliMVi'oii 

1 \i-niii>;s . 11 11 1 St II Ml. IV s 
ml ill 'ii"'. II ^^ 

• 1 M'liiiivl'-uiW.uiKrKan 

1 1 w m. >ri int' f I miin " 1 I !• X >"«• 


>r sriiiiiix mtlHitl! 

HrHtMraltam OMOt: 
i,irii\.<-w ■; 



.Miitiarv 7 

IHWItegliMrnimn H'^riniiirac-hC>Mn|«««a 

[ Pleate «end nte mation an 
\ couattat 

! QGIen*iew 

! Q Graduate Counci 

! O UmJefgiaduate Co«»M* 

I □ hnanciai Aid 


(OuCAtlONAl WfO«M*'lO\ 

\ HOOitVllT t)NIVI»iir» 

I 4J01 M«-H.»«n A»«Ili.» 

C'*K*i|ra, llls:n«3i'l iX0M 


^5><Sl8«»,toliii,cB«l.i«,or|*i»««*t«f«*««l> 12A-HC 

■__■ III \A • i 1 '•■ml TJiii 

Dmimkmr 3. 1979 The Harbinger Page 7 

Peer counselors offer a helping hand fo students 

hj»»M»> winkhiukk 

•■Wf can umJenlawi pimfir 
^tit'n h«e w liv* m«»ril 
mffum. he* or Juit to uili " 

■mii !■ tl» )«* oi thr [MW 
tniMiaelor ■» r»l>l»m«-tJ by 
rrnlmuin J*"" Mdiwy Tlw 
I w five |iefr i!«tin«»l«»ri »r« 
«taMn«l m iht' tmmd nmr tl 

at * tiiraon (>!■»*«« Ill* 

studtMk «»» Ihr o)Hiin*h»i 
lUd. In aMIMi in tht ad- 
ni:iiit*l.rattt« piManct <il 
itriK* »«lirw., #•€«• pm 

pruOii'X*"! cffltiiiitlor 

Tht urtlliiil—l' ^OMiMler' cm 

■mw nTCwntafT 

■tiny (WW ai • ItatMn 
MwMMi ll» caMiHlMf flalf 
tndUwtMiMitltMiiF tIm'Mf 


Vjm rwnipMliif ilic M*. 
ljrii»l«M-li»» !»« cwun»*)or« 
ttHm a m»Mtol<iry trainwn 
|ir«r»m Th» (wafnmn m- 
volvw praclMiin* com 
miinlcalum all*iiU»ii »nd 
tal«M« (lulls «>lh rolt |i»»yini 
at a tMCfegrtMinl 

•111 ■ very iiil»n»iv» 
prafran Wir i |MIM1 a IM hI tunr 
gning. amr Hmv* rot*ctm. 
ruin and •» mn i»«S >•»" 
mneifilrUe on omimunicatMiB 
•kilb." IWirtT »a«il 
"iaamlll MUM IlKy try to ito ■■ 
lit' pai' MWIMn' Tli*)''i* ml 
r<><im«t«ra by aa.y mran* 
Swwliliw MMWiilt • ■" » 

C:^mil| tMa '!■••* Cm*- 
'MliMt CMtw k <4Mii tam I 
urn l« J pm itoUj •* 
e<iu:n»€l'i>r» aTailihl* al aU 
i.imi>« l»«»hr«r »iiti»»la ««- 
imdint llw d'Bca 'j— ;,J° 
jcOMii.iiMxJale ll«t nmnfc ai "•'l 
mtMloitli a» wtll a» day 
stiidcMa Thii wauM call lor 
.)iialUyMi( Ihr e»timai«ii> *ilh il» 
budget. P«rr nninseUoK " 
ftindmt «lir»«i»i snid«in 
[irwtaiinMMt. mini - cti«* Itw 
(•Mar ai a plac* lir pa* to 

MMif Halm, pm camwtar. ■«#» aa^MaMr* 

■ taM. iPMa ky KIcft 

itaii« will Mi'iilAMa aip 
« lliur'iipiif'' 'lipwiilpiiii' * 

a« iif par m wimm ««t»« * 
tiMt af« 'iHlM. 1) tuvtn inr 
Iniie imlkMiMllan tkai all 
iMaitfii* itaaid tmm IM ww 
lit a im ■■■*«*"" ■*"••■ 

"I aitliijr MpWit :pMvlt A lal 
ol |n ii pl » an ■» tM i w iaa d 'W* 
gr«a llW' W» !«•'•• ■^"I'l 

enUaga' in I 

Studmta *li« tmnm aa |M«r 
cwMMdari haw a rimUm tt. 
ractrrim m*l i» liai ol' iwsi"*)' 
Iwr llialf ■«**» "lliMlilll 

l|i In I 

Hr * kind «( lilut our ralMar. " 
Htm tl'imty .Ibii«>mmI... "He's an 
aU rMW mt" MaKtriMNl Cf«f 
Mcwdtr. a fitar ciHiiMitltiiK 

]nli • la tlr Ida 
admininlralia* tii<a oi llw 

wntng aa. • mrt tl "* 
hMrd lor the cauna»l«ri 

Ffvr ir«i««tliN« may inn. be 
abla In Mt> «Hlt nHnaliratad 
piaMtnw tht ttudent fiai tnil 
amy can «(ler a»»i»l»nrif 
wtta«:h»f rtfrrri'mi Ihrm lo « 
ipwiftc Mkt m )u»l IWrninK 
■■W«w btrr 10 h»lp itudrot* in 
any wuf •» can. llwy know 
tbty w bimilwl to what tht) can 
A)." emehidcd HahrcT' 

Applications for next 

semester's Harbinger 


Available in the 

Students Activities Office 

ONLY AT Jf^isser 


2 FOR I 


1- SOFT 


This price does not include 

professional servicea and accetsories 

WEISNKK lArr CEHTinCATE 'bring this cerlificalt 

with ><*"■ 



■ Piir gf iTtflassis witk fwr ptrdum or 

M CHtXtS * 

♦ SIMJIF \ISUI\ <.l ASS l>\St>. ►Hr»M<!«rlMT 

(.HOI !■ tif KK \M»> 
•(►►>K \\lllt ON M^ » I'KKM «il'TH>N,sllM.\ 


li aMMnM MCKsam 

AM Hmtrt OI « < ilST M-T iMSa I o N T I \ I «n s 
« \ R r PHtH.HAMS 

(0\T*rTS l-OH All M.KS 
I M ^ I \ \MINKI) F \MIION UtAWra 

4.i,*i«» HTT»;ii I'KfM KiPTto\» Fiix»;i» 


IS E Ilwidte Rd UW iK-von Av 

Ml-t3» IWTHin 

Wn lrv>n« Pk Rd 
■17 MH 




f>^ it Tim Harbmgm Dmtmhei 

•r 3. !<*:'> 

'Heads' win album of the year hands down 

••S««rj<in* to uiyiii$ to gM M' 
teftw-Ttwntiiiw •**»*«•. 
Uw bar 11 caHmJ Hmmn Tt» 
tmnii la lM>iv«n bI*j« my 
livmiw Mi« rtmjf ii».y « OKce 
ti§tia. Um !*«> « *" "*<*" 

(Mt'lliii,iiMi Talktni Mm* I., p. 
"■'FMr tt MuMc" Tl* it »y 
clxitoc tm »amm o* llw ymt. 

TWktmit ««•* r«««ivt«l 
nomtM)' ■tli.tii.aifMWiiiict on 

"SiHrtlw »I«M Um" mid mth 
mttumi »wp»y «l Al dnm % 
■•1klM|ifl.M.Ultltl<l«r-'. With 
IMt m»m Tatktnf. !!•••>* 
ilmiMwiift ■mwifiiiM' *n 
IIH' ilMHa7 wl tiMif cat): 
(«illn«iii« in Ih* nation' ■ 
ciUlilii aiMi eiti**" 

•■Tim* "M'l eliaiigt ymi. - 
MtK»> «i>n'l cti«im .JKIW - 1 
ha«*s-t tm Uw rwiMit Hm ■ 
E««wyiltiii« iwtm* m lit m> In 
Uw air »■ thUi tun*. " TW* Mn«. 
"Uliiir' ■Imtmm » tJa»« ll)<nit 
«n) al lliii*» 
the lMann>. Tlit 

ml ttiink animate tmrry Vm- 
»oc«l li »»erp«*»rmt. 

lingirtnt m la inrim«r)i long. 

ilrlvlMt >■•** *''"> **> ""*<*'' 
(ttnarlly llgM riij-tlMii nwtloo 
make ltn» fong !*« tl» <»«»»" 
TalkinK Hvads ii»n||( dan 
cciaiti* Hul nol dancwMe in the 
difcl «il diaco* p»Mli»«s*i)f «l 
"party ■«) v«iu piilit'". hjl mow 
llht ti» !>«"«». »->». nr tarty 
Hcatln nulcrtal 

"fin nuMl. ami tliat't » f*ii - 1 
touml mil. ontiniilt don't ticl|i 
Mmal* ttmik. tlwj rt prrtty 
finarl - nhit w Ifac' grnuwl. tie 
in 11i» itork T*t» l» tram 
■Anitiwh". *»priiwn(j the tM 
nnlioit thai •nimmli attiMlly 
tinvt It «!■)[ Animalt da have l» 
'worr; ubail IMid aixi antmaia 
have «he' piople lanlid: "ho do 

■Did ! tmm '» motHlnn. 
fmruei t« ntenlian Meinptoii • 
Home nl Elvis and the anckW 

t;r«*» r>«i 1 »mfU" I smell 
hiwne cimkinK in «kly the^onlytherivrr" Inthl* 
lam "Citwi", in whwh the 
vi>ral lime c«ntradicls ihe 
tjric*, the •imisr »iH newer find 
his cily 

la a year M tfiwl »<*«* '< '» 
rare ta find an Ip comialenl in 
iliultly ol (ir«diicU«m and til^l 
mu«i-lan«*ip Sure there arr 
wumy §paa Ipn tun Uxi many 
are nada with the idea nl 
iMMiey how muth a song <ir >p 
can sell TaikinR Hea* 
|*iil»<i|*,v i». "We d«« *hal *e 
*anl and ll i» nelte that i» <*. i* 
the iwtaic likes it oh. bul *<■ «o 
iitlo umil-writlng wtth us in 
minU ■" Talking Head* (am like 
the Head* l«efaii» t»»> play 
inuaic which is mtl f>unk. Imt a 

liRiplnillc MeMy and har- 

mtmy are ehunenlary and are 
■amtmable The rhythm sertliin 
la a rliw knit unit riiiiiiual (or 
any hand, i» Ihe tact Ihe female 
ban player and male drummer 
are married, which m«,v ex 
plain Ihe prectmoii The in 
terperMnal and beharioral 
psychology inherent in the 
majimly d malrna) indicates a 
thought oul product The lyric 
make!> yciu thtidi, and makes 
you keep an thinkinit iinlil yixi 
figure it oul, reminiseeiil al 

And finally, a (lerfcct 
enamphf iM Ihe lulure «t mmic 

Thinking Kock. this called 
Air . Air, Air Hit me in the 
late I run tauter (aster into 
the air 1 1 s») to mysclli What 
IS happeninit lo my skin'' 
Where is thai prolertion thai I 
neetk^d' Air can hurt you too 
S»me people nay not lo worry 
atKiul Ihe Air, Air II can 
break your heart So remember 
«hcn the »palher get'* roujRh 
. H tiu II lia.i to yoursell ■ What i» 
happenmii lo m> skin " Where 
(s ihat prii««llon that 1 needed 
Air can hurt you loo Some 
people vay mil lo worry abnul 
the Air Some people don't 
)ino»s . * » ' at>oul Ihe 
Atr Air 

Moods for Moderns 
Record Giveaway 
Deadline December 1 
Question page 5 

vwai piMiiMI and al Imiea »om aboil Hail and amiinala tlw Head* l«au» ine> piay OueSTIOn DOOe J 

qii«tl«i5m the lii«a»w. Tht have ihe^ pMple lanlwii: "ho do muaic which is m.l pimk , Imt s | ^" ! — !_5 . 

Winter: a time for fun, tradition, sport and flu 

• .,.-.., ...-u-t. ......_ .......™ ........ ....(h.,i.H»v.ihii lovnus vou hll yourself up with emi 

With winter upon ua, tl» ""■-^ . , . _...,. 

public fear. i.henS<» m »• «'» 'Pf '"!? . r^!"!! 

i»»™« ......Ml tvlims AliMia calchim Inaa l«er a perioa oi 

J^rir^tTholX^S ll«...l~«t.*k«i leads to 

arrive, the -^^^"^S "Mm »"•» v.t.mtni th. 

relined carliohydrates ■ sugars, 
s-weets and junk loodt. they 
tHirn u|i vitamiMi and prvvant 
our tmdy chemistry and 
(hfpleles Ihe immune syslem 

■The immune system tuis to 
have imporlant nutritional 
I in order to wiirk and i( 

livitles and iMilKlays this joyous 
seaion tirinits Allerall. 
hulidays are meant lo tie en- 
loved healthfully and not »ickly 
KxpiTtB warn Ihal people 
with medical problems should 
voflsull a physician hefore 
takinij vitamin supplements 

vou lill yourself up with empty 
lalories. you don't manufacture 
Ihe chi-micals lor your immune 
mechanisms " 

This can mean you are inoie 
«u(cepllbte to coMs 

So this winler protect ynimell 
M that you may enjoy Ihe ae 


AND . 

fc yVlWaCWTttlWW 

Now- tbe la«. wtntatttnit la 
the wmmm. lar 'CnMi' and Rua. 
Y«ir Mr >»«■« "I* «*»" •» 
to rtaMant agalnat lUnma. 

IJr Wllhur Currier, •arid 
reknwwned nulnlion eip«rt. 
slain, in the Nattonal EmpiM. 
•to the wmtertime. b«ea»t of 
the cold, we need more 
ituirltiana) elements and 
dMary mqiptemenls than under 
ordinary conditions Dr 
CwrrKr. atooi with two other 
imfmn. mmm adult* ta.lie 
llMaa winler vitamin doaam 
vWamim A. Bcwnptoi, C. t) 
and E Along with these 
viUmlna, yait ilMidil Ml moee 
hiKh Hhar, MMi 'imMaMNl tad 
and OHM of eMiln- tola. 

Akmt wiUi Dr ClBTitr ar» 
t«n aUar eipcrti, .Dr. Richard 
A. Kimta. ProtoiBor I'nivenily 
oi CaUfarala Medical School 
and Dr Robert Aikms. 
initrltiinaiWi', Ne» Yort City 
Their lltHmi are relltcted in 
the follnwing: 

"Vitainin A pniiacia your 
mucus membramta agalnat 
»mo«. soot and cnM air thua 
preventing cnnirtUon due to 

'Bcampicii it taMlaiii«ilal to 

.all lilt metabolk pwiKaaea. R 
hitliia !«!>' lo iKt enaffy (• iMcp 

"Mom ol the heat iiviat 
reacllona in Ihe body are 
governed by B-comple« 
vitamins B compleies are 
importani tor strata load* of ail 
kind! eivactally Ihe caM of 

* ■ ViliMiln C and E art nawW 
tn |H«Mt thf body againt* 
lnia<ii«ia diaardcn But C ■ 
laparlant liKaua* freah fruit 
and v««*lahlta an am w 
available you must sup 
Itianienl yairVllamin i: intake 

■Vltanilffl D IS imporlanl 
iMcaiaw |«i. dan'l m •» '"«'> 
I aa you *> in H* ««»■ 

timfmhfr .<. I<K'> Hu- Harl„nfi>-r ht^e » 

Houses symbo/fze children, creailve expression 

•Item Mi I »m a trnk 

MHk>i)l t»n »« JlM1»r, »«« I 
■im wmfidtnnf wh»i t»*til I am 
tMl •Bled tW I im thii*tng of 

MMtang. taychotody. « •*«■ 
.pntlMt. Wlwi Ik' you itankt* 

My flkMroatimi of thai clwl 
iMiiiidtoMljr tomight mj' at- 
I (■( 'liliincis 
- wiieh 

»DK<ilatiiia. TheptonW* l«w««> 
Iwf* fwpriMMiiiW » fr»»t Atal «* 
pvfMiaal enwiy dirteltd 
lai«ar«ttt IIwh (liiil|il» 
■Tli« S». in tlie iifii Virfo. 
rcpratratt ■■■ •nalytteil. 
IVMtlcal'. MffinKtMl tnw U 
|wn«Mitl]i. Van mm icttift, 
.MtaiHafalr:. soeiat. Ilv«l)'' «<><< 
(lyiclwittwl The M«»oii in 




Hair Oesisis 

^ Rolling M»«dow« 


Kirchoff Market 
BuHalo Grovt 


Plaia Verde 


Arlington Heights 
Across From Jewel 




i.i™ini indiote* mmy in 
t<T€»». clfflngiNtble euMHIoni, 
alawflwut. and « .nowl In am- 
mmtBtm wi* othBii, It »*m» 
that yaii tow a »Ml (XHtntW 
lor int«ltl|pin.». CT««l«vli>. and 
iharuma Other* may 
rwognlie ywir leaderaliip 

Tha html (KrMmalliy nfcelch 
rewih the |Ma«itMlity ol ihic- 
f«(» in many areas Your 
itchmcaJ ahilitlet majf be 
prat'iitaily ainM'led to c»aa«f«li 
m fieldi siiich ai solar energy, 
momic roerRy « aMrooffltny 
Engineering »t«'k market 
analysis, inveslment, 
prwiniiiutnal activities, m 
jurance and laiet may also 
tirtng you «»ec«» 

Natural healing ability it 
indkalMl in jwur ehart. and this 
IS a talent nut many imnMia. I 
tufhlT retwmmend (or ynu to 
nnwidrr the field of medicine 1 
feel tilts cauM be eitremeiy 
naiisfytng to you. since it In- 
volves analyaia, waeareh, • Ml 
of tbe mj»teTiou». wcial con- 
tact, and financial iKiinty. 
wtiK-h stem* to he an un- 
derlying motive 

• HX'**!! MHtash im/m «*tc«' 

1 mm wju Hj na« mm: MiHtx'in. »>,..■>•:! i<« ** ■ 
t »,«WIIW' B*««» t» 111* Rx 
(T *jfVI U % .:ii4f most nfJWKd* c.«r 

« JH>-iwcl tainiMM:io %mmn pmm^H $ 






•wet l«H 

-iHt MIT iroun mme m Monw" 

im i TMs M r* t FiM n 

Teaching, which involves 
creative communication, 
toadenht)). and mottvatiooal 
ahililie* would suit you very 
*eH also Dealing with children 
m highlighted in your chart and 
sliould come naturally lo yo«i 
This would he an eicellent 
career choice and would give 
you personal and einoUonal 
satwl action Vi ilh your creative 
resourcriulfwss. ymi may want 
to consider related (lelds HJ«h 
as rocarching ne* taacMng 

Psychology should attract 
you. a» wwld other fields 
delving into the abstract and 
unknown Your capabilities 
would he put to very good tne 
You should consider 
speciftcally child ptychotogy 
liie Mty consideration that 
Miiit he made on yiMr pari 
twidee punBiing «l>it field. i» 
that <i( how other peoples 
mmA atfecl your won pnyclie 
II appears from your cliart. Iliat 
you may be very rtetptive and 
santitlve to the mood* of oUien. 
and that their moods may affect 
vour own H this it the case, it 
would lake some ef fori on your 
part, to not let it affect your 
performance With yonr 
willpower and te«-dllKi|)liM. 
you may be able to overcome 

Your humanitarian and social 
concerns would be well applwd 
to the political scene, as your 
charisma and leaderaWp 

ahihlies would work 

twnclicmlly lor you You w-ouW 
probably lind public i*rvlce 
gratifving However, the am- 
bition' y<iu may be feeling now 
may tiegin to wane in several 
years, and your interesla in 
achieving wcitdly success and 
poww may be lefocused and 
directed more toward pcmnal 

Could you put up with Uie 
preaanna and controls tliat 
poUtki involve' Your chart 
indicates that you could, but 
this pursuit would definitely 
involve (>er«<nal and emotional 
adjustment tor you You may 
(ind yourself frustrated 

Seitt year, you may begin to 
enperience change* in yo«r 
philoMiphics. beliefs and moral 
outlook on life, and it will 
probably affect your amm 

At ihii point. I am glad ym 
are pursuing an education, 
because you certainly are 
en<tow«l with a gifted mind My 
recommendation to you before 
you dedicate yourself to any one 
career, m to thoroughly In- 
veatigale all potentiate and 
decide what you want out <rf 
life personal and erooHional 
satisfaction, or financial, 
wordly suci*s» Good Luck! 

Anyone wishing astrological 
interpretattomi, submit specific 
questions to Harbinger office 
iBMg AWi Laok there for 
turtlMr dttaili 




II W. •>§•• Ave. I »!« v»«iae»i.«« 
<,*MckM •<«• i«l l«ata«Hia«aa« 
MT-rnOtMCT I F*L*Tllli 
nit Graad Ave. 
1% BlMk e. ■( RL «l 




•wervTiiei.f p-i"-tiiiT 

1/1 priet drinks 



tiNidi Purchase 

FrM popcorn 

< GHipyCnai ^ 




cniiortn 11 S 

CMidntn tl« 


Chick tti 


Live Action Pinbatl* 


I I 

.f%|pr it> Thr ffitrfttiiftvr lht»mh*r i. I'K 

^PlMPriPIPB" PwflB 

•IttBBflii. rAri;i.T\ • 
WAIT 111* HARBWtieM 

wtU run ftmr rliiattfM ad 
Irm «( ctiiritr (or one «Mft 
■nit ifwMMl IImi|> «r« lypiri 
Mi *i*ti«i M AUT liy 
■Mil m tl» Tufwliiy prior Ut 
puMKaiMi) Ali •■!• will run 
l«r «»■ wnk imly Anymn* 
wHliilf Half mt w <iimMr 


mm Mw u ■ 

llariMr « TlMt 

turutii .hm. » hr te 

CM llU aiw «« 'iMy :tar 


MMMMt iw lull aMi 'prli 
ItHH IMHA '4 itiick.. GwiM 
'iMMlUa.. A«pt]r mtm* or rail 
Wtt«ttCaf«fialCw " 

;>*in 4tM with gnMl driving 
rf*w4 l>lcky«ir«wi'liHr».. 
Ii>m ««.m. 'IIMiM:. Call 
ii4.4iiM A*k hr Mr, Ml 

TWO <ilM.X TU ilw tn )lM| 
KfMpir hanw m toml i 
<|Miiitta Mt: a priv'Sto 
MriMMnt. i>vi iMtk. 
(lr»pl«c* in Ijim rMHn 
Watlwr-ilrfrr. itlvplmiw. 
uli>t(>fm Mil mhins 
(aclMMn tiw MiMli aai 
•»ti«it iit«ihi:y» *i itiinir 

• A IS. CMIffT 

lanin LuwtiM. 11 ain. 'in. ] 
IMii' «ill trata. KMim 
MMtt'iintnl. WS. HW KM'Y . 
Ar lite 


MLKVEttStW Ki>flltllf * 
♦««*«>n<l« Tlm» 'ill «■ 
.SiiwkiTf S««n-W<aM«M 
Itnlik riMl I'Mrifl... :|M'S1 

gpMtrai niaMimiM*' MoM 

J'fMII " tl INB. Mt»m I pill 
XI.M M liimiM. WlMMfl'* 
(loilunw SHrc in ««iillil*M' 

vuu wamm 

I'lJi .vnoSS m imrrwnw 
<ta|-t iiikS mfhti lor 
watlmws. Will take av 
nlieetMinaliir tU |ia«tlli»* [<ir 
MMTf . tMeli I'vim; Cuiiiity 
HMlattranl l«41 E 
Al|iiMii|ii««i Mil. . SchMunlairg. 
.A|i(il> III iwr<Mai. 

PARI TIMK l«ii(M»r»ri 
thrwHti niralma* tMy* 
mylitt.. wvi^hrmis I'l 'hi 
hfffly i.n (wrwm only 
M^mtt PimtcrlaiMl... XM 
AlMMiiattlt..., H.M. 


Wr tn liMlimi. IM* tlilc' t 
congenial |M>i>|rl* to lilt 
fotltifinit MWlatilv on the 

a»f li rvMing iun* 

'fcmniiiij umvidtil 
RtilMni-. ' idtlurir 

<IM.1> vii. 'UiwmKl 

ari»a».» (rcifci j»iiuinii»m» 

GlMMt hWMtit*. {tlMMtl't 
«urrr'Mim]yiirK I 'jtl! .r\\ CHI 

!««! H ■ laUKKi 


t:XC-'KI.I...E«T JOS OS 
CAMnS It.)M.taatnM'« 
•IMii, Havt |Mrt iimwwir 
awl van worfc anvadinalalf 
II laniirt a wMh. Uwn liwiulrt 
■I StadMl ArdritMi AM. 
Start .tt..«l hr 


W".*lTK.^.-.^^.- n 1.1,. TIMK. 
IWrl limr <ir »r<>ltftllf. 
C'WMiaity iMPiMflU a.nri. 31) prt 
nut <Jl>cO' t'nllnrin 
lurnlcliMl tt i<i lif tiJw lipc 
fitmiii' I'lne fcotl in Kaii' 
illiiim Sbappini! Crnltr 
Ai|i|ily In I 

'Wantnl Hmi tm Z\ yrt. nt 
anit ut akk*. iMMCTf Call 
Mwmh i inii i' 7 |Hn 
SOf'S'lHtl AUmaplnM.. 

<"•« \TEI'( llK.|.....r \A,\\ 
Ti:i.i Pin or lull Kmr. 
iilly'i.ME AiltiiM|iii.n'Kil. 
.Sc'iMwiBilitri '«-«ns 


ItaMliiirit !>lii3fipi:n|| l.;'«nl«r 
iiWKliciNiniaf lieip lUM'-F 
UK-m Alt 'lor (Mt «r 

«'ArniEss'B$. mo kit 

CKKK htip niilhiK 

ItaliMry'* M WhcciuiN. I'D 
■MWmt Wtint « p m mc a;. 

n..l»> Mr. Cmm* la and 
Ml laii an' appliicMlMi. .|«l 'B. 
Hand Rd.. Ar. tttn. 


••ckandt. Owi«.~tVirt|.ig 
pay A^>T _!■■ 

\nd girlD lar pteaiianl |ilMn» 
•writ, dfi our inMlen AK IIT« 
(ifllM al Alannqum A Ar 
HIk Kd Call Kathy al U 

FART-'TTMK •■rehmjieniatt 
*<t*dC'<> *vtninp and 
vctkenili Uwud •tartinf 
PDi Apply ID twrtan 
llMiMmakcra Fumilurc.. 7a 
B. WdodtliM Dr. 

jci'iK mm woHU') oi 

l.i»li.t«n K»p»rHnet a 
t'lifMitiai al tiamlin. W* 
Mw* full and pari limc' na'iis 
and. i-csMwr pMilioiM 
.awalilaH'ir liit tn* ciiruimM 
VMMHi Appl.)' mm al (laniai 
W'WiMidfMd Mall 


ritil'Ma hnuri ami (rftndly 

I'tiii'caiiltcr* riow' 'in Kar- 
'Pir I'alt or apply in. ptfMn. 
Ilaltan t'-Bdal. IIT N'W 
IW'Y . I>ateliae'. mt-***!!. 

'Mt' twIMsfi* We 

NtlULNCi !CTL-D.E.!<TS li 

mKHw; aidit lot haiMift 
A. ' laaMa Vfikljr 
pay You ctwow hniui. «r 
•htfli ruUtimrarparilini* 

WMfcmd iind avanlni »iirk 
alaoavaibMe Call: Mfdical 
tialp Scrwiai '(FatolUMt'i 
Suiann't 'isi-'S4sa 
■ I Jan IM-)'M1 

rart * ik.ilM vnit* l-S daj« 
a wMk r«n|ifUtiv» pay, 
(leinMe Ktirdlilct. and lii- 
iiiranf* Call (w appt 

iCHVR-fs wain. 


M'Ufipe(:i'PI.E no 
poillioni Trcmtndouf 

dHlia.iid' lor mm. uiuqut iMlt- 
uriitcelion (ii<*diirl» Part 

I i m f " fi ■ It » u r s 

ilalMiiia.iitliip Ml 'r«i|ijinMi 

■iBctrlty la. Mr tola •§- 

Fir Sib 

fart-linir dayi ar .iiigltlji. V* 
llU TiM-n Inn.. .Mi rrni'pctt. 
w-jtw Piiiaiiwa. m-nm 

M.'>"1'.'i,R WA 6U 
M** (.iirt. amd ' 
prXlMt" ttM « tMst iX'trr 

1 •CUT ipmUrs '1 

1 •niciirls ! 

1 •SKfitiriis .| 

; •Typiits J 

{ •Rfypnchipiratirs J 

> sIM typists 2 

• •WirihMst WKters • 


• Friday Pay [)oy i 

J Vocation Pay i 

1 Bonuses ' 

5 Incentives j a J 

J Choice Locations ikv^JL^ < 

1 Flexibility •'^iSSSlF*^! 

;Call or Come In 255-4282 i 

{ lISMmptaM. J 

^jtrn iKiH fin hiiMm »>if»>>rawt Mil| MniMS ' 



nf« tirw. !»» Iiat-k. I)ralii».. 
iwi ttHwd lip. ntnk maMcf' 
rylindrr. m^ muifl»r ««•( 
(iflcr call 115417* allrr k 
p m 


KKKE' Adnrablv |>upfH<>9i 
ttei'k A while pointer mia 


SKIS. K'i'LK »nd litMll.nCK 

TAPING For all lypms 
ntedi Volume ditcounta 
fmt pick up and delivery 
Arruracy itiiaranlfed Call 

KT iirrvicet.. IIU>«tO. 

\T.l liilTSl!'?^ W*. n.lllkl 
milw FM 'lt'lr»ck »trre«, 
1' 'wheel •rlln.. Many 
ne«' nwla MMd» mmm body 
wofli. UMa rail OHmt 


Krmali- ctudeni *iili 

I'tTfhral 'pa.liy liMikinK lor 
iidr to Hirper fr«m 

Sliwiiii*«)il riraar rail 2» 
I'-tH alter .=. -W p. m 


M-:w 3."h«lr«ii» apt hp- 
lilutnrts. carpel.. pnlMl k 

ST'RAWRT MAl.K shire 
.apartment u^lk \u lljr{>t'r 
Hnttl'SIVrllu A <' iitliM 
litiltties Private room niid 
iMlh rurnithed eua|>l lor 
your riMfm. Lnimedtatr w 
(-u|iani-y Call Mit Jim 

at'crpling Pertonal 
t'laaiilledi for the holidays. 
Kxprntit vuur deepest 
yiilelide rmolionf in the 
9*E(-|AL Holiday (lassified 
section tjel yuur favonle 
!>anta know what you really 
want dtirtng lliis the holiday 

it 'It count coupons 
Rrasanably priced. In- 
lerttled parlies should call 


For only tl you can spread * 
lines at holiday dwer acnw 
the campus All ads must he 
received before On il. w 
iniiure holiday pertecUon tn 
your seasooal greeting 

Ptrn RENT U>velj car 

pT'led linil floor , 2 bednmm . 2 
hath condBm'iniiMii Sitiorely 
Kooek DarrinKton WaMting 

dtslaflce In 'Vlllag*.. lihrary. 
tram sijtMwi Will consider 

tfiort lerm 
'iWNlUl 3Mt-'l«H 


Niip(>y tlirlhday to thr Kuy 

«'h<) rralH knoW!. how In use 

a djrknmm 

Tlir Slaf! 

WANTB't)'' 'E»pt.r'if»ic»d 
male MMraliHi 'Wianis em- 
{ikiymnii m pofi iMi'mt' or 
otlier SoiM' Kiiitar ikills are 
known iterliiia 'emplnyisni 
'pieast nil xi-tw. Mna.- 
Kri' ., hrlorr i w pm, and. aak 
tor Xl 

NnHikunu. my darting. 
Kmw m<. ImT on this, jwor 

N 'hday Enjoy 

1- mn.. Tools 

IN A BIND' Will type Urtn 
paper*, malllnf lists »r 
wtialever yiu need witlite m 

ttimn. Keaaonable .pritsa 
Oam 10 Harfcr Call Katvi 
.il :BS-'tiM.. 

tirar Wli 

lion' I wiirr) al«»il charitinK 

my RH 1 1 iiiji> jibI need a 

(piick lump durin« thik told 
iwalher Perhaps >«« wjnl 
In kKik tnder ihr hood'' 

Surry. I dun'"! tove a poti 
rear wnd. See vii arotind. 

Vln Rotimiun 

Tlin' Uraham i. (.ukir 


n arv open lo all houMwtvet. rttirefa. 
students, taachm and aaytmt wanting • gong paying 
part-iitn* joti 

M pir 'mil MflpMl No sutnmer layoffs 

IMHB II SIM per mil. for approii. i hrs. 'Of your lime a 
iiV, I4iys a wk We train you rompMaly on inodtni 

.atgomallc radio a^pped buMS. 

Cil »wi Ms 621-6111 

lor more Infw B> intwvtew. Yoti must be 21 yrs. of age 
ft hav«« good drlvitig retort). Morning or afternoon 
job* available or both 


Marlnt Research Interviews 

Interesting Pub'fc Contacl. Flexible Scheduling 
For Days., Evenings Or Weekends Gocxi 
Sala»v And Working Conditions. On Job 

Training Excellent Job Opport.unilies 

For Students. 

W-lMrica lissveli 

RandhufSt Shoppirig Cenier 

for appl call Wrs. Etiwards b«t. 9 s pm 382-BIOl 


l)tc€mher :i. I'K'i The Harhmfier Pafse II 

Hypnotist casts spell over subjects and audience 


A UtTtf , tarf ■ cniiwd waidicd 
Hyiinatlsl L»TTy Garr*tl 
mVimonn- l*i> Haroer 
Huicnla. Gamtt. wtm ha* tamn 

fvrmen. MUrtn. tMl 

tiuiiiiiii*l» nliJacU- 

Carfttt itarttil otf hi* 
dMumMratiun by «>vialnlug 
how MyrmnHi* w«r1is and mtml U 
dBMlnymi WH«« (» aikedJor 
«oIunt*«n. half ih* crowtf 
raisad tlM-lr bsndc The 10 
ehairi WIotI f»»t by •hotvw 
omM nw oiiMMtt 10 tlw ftag* 
Gamtt litllMi m* hyimats by 
rtluiag all M* thm convnccd 
ilititiiiltni* loda iMity tliiii«i- 

Tht itudanlB •«?« In 
diairi vrtr uncomtwtaliie m 
lliay leramblrt for nam ama. 
Tli«f were convtmtKJ thai il mat 
coW » lh<t> tiuddled »»ry cloaa 
towMhcr cmuidennK that liMy 
wan all total Klranfcn al the 
liettiniint o* *i>* Maaion- The 
au<li«»c« laaghed al Sl«v« 
Martin. Richard Pry«r aad 
Mnna Ncwlon-John iin)lall4)aa 
bf tiw hyiNMUiad iladanls Tht 
atidlciKe aftlaurted tht 
rcactlam af the men who 
Utaughl their tiiipers cam* 
dawn mmry Hme thetr namci 
were ulM 

The hypnotiied tludenti 
•acmed ta have ei^|aycd the 
magic paper beet Wtlh UiM 
paper, they ttwught that they 
coilM M« the audience naked. 

The audianee tiarled to believe 

it a» It they wtn the am 
When the ittilciila wefce up. 

they remembered everythln| 
Moat of Ihcm thmiahi it wat 
quite tunny hut » fe» were 
(hKhlly emharramed Garretl 

saya that he enjoys doing 
dnwmitniUaiw at rollrges and 
especially to the applaute of a 
smiling audience 


FuH or Part Time 
Two Shifts Available. 

ReiRion Restaurant 

Handhutst Showing Center 
Apply In Person 


is looking for studerits 
to work in our restaurant 


a ■•toraSeheol 

• AftarSctMMl 

• Evwiing* 

a WMktntfs 

Apply tn P*rt«fi 


' 'Ttaiy lalt" feattle over an laiaRhiary lay 
■Mkr hyfiii»l« «hHe "Olivia Nrwt«> 

alia* Canil MHchell. ilgnt aa aaMgrapfe tar 
attarinn (■■ Rkk Hcn^ahwi. (Phalaa hy 
tjorll.yiui (•uy). 

m mmm mmm mmmi mmm mmmwm m 


mkl. hm fmmi n ) M% WEIi 

'"'' M r; ! 

MRiiUi mmm mwm Hifl timw miTOH nnn iimiif 





Three air freight tran- 
sportation course* are onercd 
durin« ihe liprmg semester by 
the Harper Office of Coolmuing 
(':;ducatio« These courses are 
designed lor those employed by, 
or interested in becoming 
employed by freight for- 
warders, air frelRtil compaiiiea, 
.iirlines. or businesses using air 
freight transportation 

Domestic Air Freight 
Transportation will be offered 
on Tuesdays, from 7 to « 05 
p m , from Jan. 15 through 
March 4 Tuition is tlO W. 

International Air Freight 
Transportation is scheduled for 
Wednesdays from 7 toS SO p m., 
from March 12 through May 7. 
Tuition IS SIS liO 

Air Freight Transportation of 
Hazardous Materials will be 
offered on Thursdays from 7 
p m to %*i p m . Irom March 
13 through May 8 Tuition is 


For more informalion or to 
register, contact the Continuing 
Education Admissions Office, 
exl 410. 

B-Ball tough in opening games 

Wtichini III* llariiitr 

•••y (iin* •it* III* l*«ii 

JV. Thmr timw l«*w«» eam» 
■Mil ft Min*' •! 'Hmc ttif 

Till cIqM" 

'WmMiis nA llw iHii toMrii to 
iMf Hmpm cImh.. Ml afaiaM 
Uw Koufari %t KMM*iiw> 
rtfeouiadUii wm iMn'tiiitMH.. 

kcronij I hint, 
> rvtn tflurlh imI 
MIUi riiaiKM in loaitt ns-K, on 

HafpM'i iMMnr fwirt 

" I't |>ta.v as vhpII m 
~ki* <if pliiyiiif. 
ttuiMt f'vt «ecn them 
X'w tm<m ••n-hing Ui* fut' 
IwMly cluMT ami I rtcl Hmptt 
linUwlof litlf of Its 
■r," imimJ 
KIiImimIiM' tmth 'Jim Vaikel . 
• • W» liiifw »«• lurf' In :milKi th* 
IXMinlit. to Ma) «ll Nl>r|Nr kl wt 
vanlMt til wtn." 

"I'm v«n dtMfvnliilMi im w 
0vti^ uf t( piiMt, our 
Mmmw avvnt* !»■>«■ Mo 
th* tioi* *<■•' *>'" Mill • 
dtigMBMl 'Harpv cnacli KofK 

**W«' ilMwitd ■ Ml ol 'tMinl 
ttrtnglb aiHilMll • Ml oi ili- 
itntity. I liav«ii*'l btan 
tftotttaiMil: iImwii ouf plMy Uiia 
'MMMH' ipltt our turn Majr.." 

TIM Havto hail a »-ii 
liaHlitM M«4 awl' uppiH tint lo 

o-m iMTif M Dm fKoiit 'Wr 

But tack of rf l»«NMll'i«g f tnatl> 
caughl up viilh HariMrr •» Kisft 
mukcr <|ttickl]> ciktnr hark. 

gtttinf tHuJiM* b> way at llw 
iwi'Ugiil ton* or dum{iM( m 
rtlNMiid almta itndcrnciatli. 

Kliltwaiilia* rocM' o(T ii 
inaiwMMd iNiiili Ki jumii In ■ 
:SIM5 hwt aa the Mavto had 
troiMr braakinc tka Knapr 

and «* nuliln't 
tam aiato." talil BnImiM. 
ader hi* laaiii dr«>p|i««i to t-4 
overall The only potlttv* 
tlttnti wan that wr caiiw 'hack 
with iiMcfiafly. ' ' 

Harper nagcil a ra% of tto 
mm Mt in the gatiMi 'but 
couldn't «ii«Uin tt The Hawka 
pulM withm one. 71-71). with 
three mmutM Ml, on fawrhela 
1>T Mike B.«]il*»i. Craif 
Hawliw. an) Tim l^agmt But. 
KwhaWMkce naiM Id atratfM 
liilnis III imit the itamr i>w«> 

Haiiier ha4 lour i»»ayf r» in 
Anihl* (iguret U-aiiiif Korcr 
tm the Hawka m the kaa «■• 
Jttt MartlMl) ' 
i)w cotmn. .immI' .lor It I 
Lofisi pumpetf in m. aid 
R^iilinsi and Hayleia aUlM II 
poinla apiece 

In Iha Ha«|Mr ClaMk, mm 
the 'TlMlugtwIng hmali ilM 
MaiHi* ttnUMd Mcondi. 

In Iheir tint home game ever 
at Bldn M. the Hawk* raeiNl 
|»a»t Lewi* .)V 7M7 Ader 

oning. iliMMllMMNt at M-ati ine 
lint half, (he Hawks autwtireil 
brmi* O a tn the Wftwl halt lo 
will lU Jint home game ill the 

llariMr «a< M by lla.«liw In 

the wcmNi halt at Hawliiw M 
lor 14 dl im l« lota) iminta ■ Ihc 
'necimi aenod 

dim Plaiak came off of Iht 
tienrti and piwred in It polMi to 
ip%* the Ha*k» more otfaaae 
AIno, hitting in dnuMr figures 
wete Loglai with 17 and Mar 
Unaki chifiiNd in 14 

In the championabip iaoie. 
Harper had a rematdi with 
Meraraec. a teatn lbe> had lial 
lo a week earlier at MrramM 

Take a«ay the last two 
leMiKli of the chain|itoiiiiii|) 
(ame and it would have been a 
eomfiletely different tlory 
Meramec. onr of the top rated 
luninr roHege leaim In the 
Midweit. luu) 10 fight for IMr 
livaa to remain iinboalen and 
«imI llir Hawha' 'aflmiiiic •tmh 
a( iNit. 

The lead changed Uandi is 
iitiMM in the aecond hall Graig 
(*hui|iel( of Harper nailed a 
lumper with 14 teomdi left lo 
lie lite game ufi 
called liiw-«ut with 1« I 
remainnig is wl op ibi flnal 

Menwnec '* Greg MlddM Ml a 
lay -up underneath at M 
■iHvilig on the rbK*. and 
nwa fliulad after Die ihot lo give 
'blui a one-wid-one aituatioii. 
IIMMaii ealiiiily laiik tlie two 
free Uiniaia loglve Meraniec ila 
*l«th itraigtt win 

Ciuard Tim Logiai and for- 
waril Craig Rawlina were 
named to the AH-Oanic team 

In the coatolalion game Lake 
County (lumped Lewii «I-T4 

The Monday before. Nov M, 
the )la«k« totally Mew Claklon 
off of the court, racking ii|> an 
»a»y lflS»-7« victory The m 
prnUL* by Harper aet a new 
•In^ game waring rtcoid by 

hailM la a 7»^T win aver I^wh JV la Harper claaalr taal 
inMMa ky IjirU.yaa <;ayl. 

Ilic Kawki in a game. The 
previoui high wai when they 
dffealed Illinois Valley. tllUS. 
during the 11177 TH campaign 

"W* were aUe to do better on 
tlw board! and that helped 
gaiwratc our fast break Wr 
swilehed from a mitn to-nuin to 
our maldi-uii lone defenae We 
itil) have to eliminate our 
lurnovert to be a belter 
batlchib," naid Bccfilold 

The Hawks led at halftlme JS- 
4), then iust poured it on to race 

away with the win. 

Kawlios wa* the Ng gun. 
putting » points through the 
nets Logiaz accounled for ID, 
Martimki had l« la his credIL 
Roil Dorse.v added 12 and 
Plaiakpuiin l« for the winners 

The Hawks will tK» travel to 
Wni^t. on Tueaday lo face the 
Kama at ):M p m at Wright 

Harpw'a next home liattle la 
UDa Thuraday. against NC 
contarence foe Thornton al 7:10 

ASU sfudenf stirs controversy over coach's abuse 

()R Oct.. a. vm ArlMia ffiala 
Univeratty piintsr Eeeia 
RntMlga rMmriwd to the 
' lalurMiIaBifciekof a 
I UM' Unlnwilly «f 


'plikyan. wat fli*a0a 
ir iiMil. Jiat laal 

I aajra ASl< I 
lodtlMll: coach Frank Euali 

* lilni hy ahawtiig a 


la mh( InHaH a' 

figure Itk* Kuth. vlioia 

caachlng sktlla ham made 

H llli •««* «( ASU' AdiMie 

•lMal*n,"" rr«a«ni«bly 
MM' tt imdd alW Uw Hi- 
lagal ratatlmiaMp 



taacilar allafadljr tliovad a 

aaiMd alMut the naad in recruit 
a new kicfcer lor thi' 'laan.. 

Malthcr Uic Clemaon player 

nor the studrat reporlar Mofe 


cMluMMt nf cMMMSlHi vKf^ 
aiMsing ptejnea 4» oceur. Otqi 
typically hagpNi on tenii- 
prlvait oraeOra (Mil. and art 
generally aectptad as a 
NgMttaMt but nnnnal part of a 

Lee Brock, i 
Unlircrtlty of WMMngla* 

plB]i«r who playad wniar Kmli 
In tiM tw Eaai-Weat game. 

Ill i' thif cm't uitUit 
pnHtKmw IWRy anll.jBfiiMMNy 'iMi 
in oilMr Itoiii of wti.. Cmit 

Rullailge'i aeeusattona of 
caaeh violaiK* arc only Um 
im. Obio Sate 


"uae lough iecbnii]ue* (or 
behaviar modification, to make 
ipiayarat mean." 

The eatraordnary wc mi 'OI 
legendary "tough" 
ika Vtncc Lombardl. 
and Kush (« 
Brock calb "a very 

> may abo help cod- 

i<|ijHiiyua. .p iiw fcaJ ' a vtncnitayarB toaceejf fiil]^*>{ 

complain atmut abwe don't 
have established grievance 
procedures NCAA attorney 
Bob Mtnnix says his 
organisation of whldi Ariiooa 
Stale is a member - normally 
can't help a playar "A coach 
ataaiai i piayar on or oH the 
fluid it not wHIiln our 

Jurtadfcttan It's not a 

vtotaition (If our nika II ahouM 
he handled through the courta 
or in-lMUie." 

ih* ASU-WaaHlngton 
n SaalU* last year, and 
that botli coachei deecivid 

RuUadiieanMmiiig "Tadihlrt" 

The regents rejactad the 
complainl five days Inter. On 
Haot IT, Hu« went to Hnenls 

la file 'Ika anme charge* a* part 
of a 11.1 mlllloo civil suit The 
lull ilao charge* Kush. 
aaelataal* MaaktU and Gary 

Ikirlan. and the regaata with 
( • *'coeer up" of the 

Ihoi^ King dMu'l 
a tnal for "M iaaat a 

Bui In foatball-mad Temp*, 
the amfltet hai already bccom* 
a major topic of comamtian. 

Th* tone of ill* contwnaUon 
keep* galUng hottar, tm. The 
Ruila^i* AunUy haa ondurMl 
conlliMga* threat* through th* 
mail and over the phone sine* 
Mng IU*d the first complaiot 
Sept 1 They ve had to get an 
unlittad home number, and In 
ffulk Omtt Phoanti horn* undir 

pubiiahad accounts of a tape 
recording on wlUch aome 
foottMtl playen claim ASU 
coaeiw* auppbad them with pre- 
writtm statamenis denying 
they'd seen Kuab strife* 
Rutlatig*. One ptaytr on th* 
tape repartway aaw Qle In- 
cident, but lignad th* tlalMBcnt 
b*cause "my future, my 
cdueallan dapcndi on this 
Kush has io much pull .. 
llMat'* a hit I have to «any 

Thoae weren't Idle 
precautions Several hours 

after news of th* complaint was 
reiatild on Sapl, S, a lire broiie 
out in flM kiinrance office of 
Cordon Rulledgc, Kevins 
falher The fire, which wa* 
ilju-ted in Ihree separate spots 
in the oflke, caused ISO.WO in 
damage Police are in 
vesttgating arson. 

But th* caa* Is gattiiw tMekar 
anyway The ASU Slat* Pre** 

»■■ dimcult lo I 
•ffecl all the controveray li 
havitig on Kush. the attdeUc 
department, or the team, which 
is having an un- 
characteridlcally mediocre 
season thus far Athletic 
Director Fred Miller has called 
RaUa4ie's charges "malicious 
uattwtbs from a duahaionad 
•nidenl-athlctc " He's added 
the assault charges arc 
"categorically untrue." 
claiming he has stalcmetit* 
from the coaches, playen and 
tniaars proving Kuah's and 
MalUll's innocence 

Soat. 'Hayw. 

qwnymoui with 
flynieaUy abusing 

spokctmen lor both sides aa 
they scramble (or an ad- 




NnRh Qii Fv Mm 

HotNlay Special 

Join a 5 Mtmth Program »na Receive I Extra Monttis 

Wa oM«f Supervision In Conditioning weight training 
antj Body Building 

INTS. MM-Fri 11-1 Sil 11-5 

«lMi*w Park Piaia Milwsvkat *va. aaa ^aiatiM ■*. S37-3M0 

Vol. 13 No. 13 

litliam Ki.iiM.> Haq-r « ..ll..:.-. Mj:""<l""' •»"' 

I>r,vi..lHT 10. 1979 

Evaluations draw minimal response 

bj, |lo:« MrUI'fiH 
TIWMmiIti oJ the Hiir»ini«r'» 

A total of l« - --» 

rfcinverf hv th*" HwlMBgeir 
(iltw-e in tti* Ihre* ••«*» '•"" 
ih* ttmts •»» '«««•• tvwWitr 

rilMltKt *!!*■• I* *••'*» " 

Tlt# «wfc i*«w * mmmr m 
nMitcMt (iietti*mi imiAm. 
tM»tf €r. '1X1 at"**' *!** 'MMt 

Stud»ni» .*»■««* •I"*" - 
much intereit m the tenItT 
evaliuittiim «f INw Ad tn 111* 
Stflemtier tludem! »*ii«tf 

ctwliMiMi. m wlilch 1«» «»>«n m» 

ptTtmi •' »iwiifnt.s |»r 

TlMfirr»|i«n»t»i. >»*•«'«■. (or 
me in««« (••rt *•'» Nl»B"»"' 
rtmmwits oft lr»iters 
n«>|»ttng lf»r« ol ttw art 
•i!|li«It«liiili »iMI >»c«H* tl»t 
rtiaalMlS •* *■« ■» "» «^*r 
agMtinl: » pdrtMMitar t««fler 
woild *«nn|>l lo malign 'tot 
toiichi-r'J rejwWlion *« ** 
mitlrng niimetw» r>'»h»U<»i»' 

ftartWnt the «•*:'*«■ ■ . 
Tlw Hiir(>iii||W (flund only ««■ 

mch mi»jile. 

fHiilimli «« i!««*») tspiihte of 
jutlflini » tocher ■* per- 
fonmim* iiiwl' «>< givinut »" i"- 
Mliiirn* i^nmon u' <iii»TO)m 

Wh«fn UK f vtlmttM *»» »"' 

„„,„,,.,„, ^ ,,:;.., .'■, from 
> , .,;-., 1.1 ,, •.tratori, »n"l 
^/,,,.i, .....,.>.: t.»img th»< HI 

Frommwil mcmtar* at the 
(■ctilty w«nt » •»' "» '* *** 

Itol no «'»tMition ddw h> 

itMlcMs ««ild tx' wgwtW at 
(Xhers f<intfn<ln), inn' 


ol III* 

priMress, »>■ 
Wtlllilll*. vir. .• • • 

!llll()l.'lll »«»<» 

TtM- HJiriMi- »dm.iriBtrinn»n 
ti»d (tunc Ml lar a* •'» *"P 
rv»Iu»lwii» iiimnrtlM-r «< "'"■ 
[«(iBl tot >'«tr, slaling m 

cretiMsd post* r«ifc«d U» fill 

•nw Sludenl Sienatr has l*««i> 

vKirfcing this vMr to gel formal 
rviilantioiih ri' ireitatMl in the 
.■olirg"- and ha,s heen isut-cfssiful 
in (tcttinf! an pvuIuImki lorin out 
to some s.t:u*iils l<> he filW out 
<m an o|i«,n»njil basis 

■rh.. ..valiLitinn t.ystt>m, "hich 

,.;■ In nifvdnm 

, , , -.■.It her*. vMi"! 

,.r*^led by thp Fai-utiv 

Kv»tatWm Kifw* I'omiiUltt* 

1 ■<•■'■ .'ompiis^d "' >"'* 
iiir facuilv and 

The good.... 

f»«il»rv t" 'MW '* "•* •* 
mintntmioii and f»<«l»J' ''•' *■ 
Itarhmipir walMnlww •ould surw 
«■ ^ »i*(cle (« *tiKi<™«» «" **■' 
(Mr (rwtnUM* niaiMi itiKMr*. 
limn ««sw * mmm tt potiMw 
r»i,|Wii»*» toiicer« tmclier* 
■ntigtit (nrth 

BiKtenls Iwooghi for* the ("d 
lliiM:MMiw a» tl» («*>' iii«mt>*«' "" 

ImmmI AityivtMfft 

|>|||MI: »*•■ »HI«te«t WIKt ^i' ■■• 
.■tn'H-»nr«i «h«i.M »!«■ If*- '•''■■■ ■" " 
Piiitfii T-sl* arr tar, «i* gr»*«« '» 
acrucak', and .telurw «• Iw aiMi 
(Btifreiling Tliie' Iwrt: ' ' 

|.r MuhiWI ««.,•»» Ijfr and 
Heallh S.->««««i» Dlwiiiwi: witi rutinl 
at ■■«« .«crf>*m imiruetmr;. tf^ 
lUimlKl Ui sunertMni*. tlMfwigli in 
liair imiaatatMiii, a<-r.i-»"- ■■-"'" 
liHanslllii *n hm Iretu- 
«-»«» of t«tel»n '-Grtsg Nap"*-' >» 
t ImtattH- imtetmt K» tin*' >* 
v«rv very, inl»nattiiiig."" 

Jack li»«««H«r !■ am eiraUenl 
•tacitar »i» • ITMl ••«• of •»«»'* . 
Mta. iMliiNi aft «rj' <«nia«i«l 

MMIlMr alliilinl cowmmimI on 
AKift Ifvlmmit Patricia SmiOi- 
Pirrw "She i» g»»«l' tm tmtMm 

•'.ntt Irathrn 
lilegr a. raiwh 
morr twanjmg riit>*rt««ic*." 

(In Mary io Wi»i ■ »*»i*"» 
nmwMWirf. ■■'§»» matai Iwimlwi • 
nlrasurr v-v. ■ >;i- ■''!' *Hr miwfrely 
atpyt h« :.*' -•'>■ ■'' ati rMwItem 
miMtvaling ie«»'ti«; *ery •>"•">«'> 
Boi SH«an.'»«*NO' l»««»»«' 
'Slwarl i» prota*' me ol il»' 'of 
- nilierf htn -' 

Civf (aewHj , 

H»rw-f'» campui'. M P" •'"" ' 
l»l<«¥e m*- late one .of It*: ctaM-*' 

On* stiAwl cnmnK-filwl i.m Mr 
Pr«i. uirMin'si- art imtiuctor. ■'H*' 
nwM wacti anytwdy Hiw » *••, 
Hr iwMWlt h» matrrial in • »« 
ofgintwd mannw Ttw cmiota !► 
ilrwturrf m ««■•> «• «a) "•' ••fj' 
matgiimoin ixnMn. tipon ih« lii»t .uiiM 
tlw .iliKlml (twrloB. into a com. 
mtmn arl»l hv '"• <™" "" ™" 
.Jiinw, wMlter yen ar«' i»laB«li»« to 
gn mtoirt, or jmi •»«« <" '•■" *'* 
to tdhrww ' ' 

Oi(i«f' ilKtenli m»* commenti 
i,» la' ihr <|»«J' , of f»«'»'5*V''' 
eamiXJd in (fwrnl Sant our iliMli'tW 
III) impw, -i am » » y*»r-<M 
.rtu-lenl and taw "»«ii to t»« 
lavviaw f«ir year iniverutMa •«! i 
(wl that the calter of vmtl»t* » M 
(■Ml at anyit'hcnf " 

Poof leak found 

b) r>i>\Mciii<>ii 

rtint»clof» »ortitiit m ihe 
«;,mmint |»«il «n 8K*, M '•*' 
iliat ttwfy hate liwiUy H»i«J >>» 
iMlli that taJi tx*** Arammg itie 
ipnol' «iiw Its completlnn 

The Isaii t« lociled in » pil» 
ti»l<M' thepaaf WoeHen. dratiwd 
the in»o» BMupMely a«»r #1 
lepis bif ifu*i» dtw«r» tm liwale 
lh«. leiti I'aiW F«ir c<« 'liiliit 
ha»t li««it hore tiilo **» bolWnii 
ol At iWl in an effort '" "'•*« 
liw leaktnc I>*l>e' *"■ 

AnoMwr teat »»»• '«"•"*■ '" ''•* 
it»reli tank. aMoril.nj in 
DmaM Mt»i«r, IHreclrar of the 
Physical Plant Thi* l««k *• ala" 
being •«>t*ed on <-urr«ntly 

Anallnr prohlem wilh tlie 
naal ■ llMl ruat ha* d<>veln|i»d 
on me ><■>>« f laturts tn Ihe pool 
Misle »aid that all ihes* 
ttanUM ilMuM be made in imr 

^^wTSa't to ailt to Mil Mr 
auR unttl Jan }. " aceaiAnf i« 

lyj ifiit 

The nwq^tMlI cuurta M the 
tall Wing ' »r« *'»«» ***"»• 
prepared for "»* oe*' semenlet, 
ligcM-iors from Harper fdUiiMl 
toU« .p..t. in th^ «**•> 
art' be»» reptred preaemiy 
The glaiM m the emtU «i l« 
plmcc oirrOTitly hil. » n<»t '«•* 
inatalW as of y«^t. 

Therv >• ait alMi a leak touM m 
the wrmttmg "»m that ha« 
Dmi) rep*ir«l An error m Ihe 
(oundalion was aJso found and 
has h«en corrr-cled Minor 
nrpain »uch m caulking and 
repainiing »li» lia»t t» he done 
t»fiin! the huiWliii »• ready for 
jKCisplara:* by Ihe eoltogr 

The dant-e itudio i» also being 
pcpafMl (or m%t wmerter 
Mirwrt are brmg placed in the 
mom, nime are already tip. and 
athcts »tH he ,ptoc«J « the Mar 

Misic «»• optWh'*'''^ "■• '•^ 
huidling oMiM >)• c«mplrti 

raody for acca^ancv by >i" 
iiiilllWi ft-'- next senwaier but. 
- at any lime 

The bad.... 

Miidrnlt *hr> - Mtifn,", .1 
rvnluiiii<i«& during 
• (•Us III ItM" Haii«.! . 
n:umt»-r ol tonftnicni': .■rino«m» 
concri-mng tacultj p<-rfi:irman«« «l 
rampuB . , .^ . 

Stmfc-nti ..■omplainrd alx'iut ■»(* « 
wgauiMtion «il' rlassrwiBi Iwrtiirw, 
mijiiilu i«< cIb«„ and !ai* of Ift- 
lerwt on ifw pari o( the imimctor 
Hne student fomplatiwd ihat^ hi* 
inrtiiJclar was "a tuiln» ripidl I 
• anted l" team but nothing is Ixnng 
iau«ht. This courw i» itiuivalrnt to 
(twrth ffide tir rub Scouts 

OlW ftudenUi romt'lom'-d ■»"*' 
Ihe amount <tf cwr- ' " ' " 

lor the Iwrt studew 
coun*' malrrial vt' ' ■ ' , 

short l*»e all»«l -vaa mind 
Mowing, Ptthaxm Ihe counH; utmM 

tn! of lei-ed m . ■ ' ■ '•--- " "» 

student suuf ■ 

Cnmplaini' ■ >■■ "'on 

and im-olvemcnt ol llir H'lictwr in 
da» wrre nummius '-Thts lejicher 
Imn't read the \m* J»n«r to <•!»». 
ii<)»uppJeiwnt«lma'.-t ,.'■ -M.-n-.i 

and there is no clu- ''■ » '"" 

Another ttiideml »»»d, -'it"^ leather 
10 dale has heen m fitm tine liinei.. 
The re»l o( the ii«wi««er' we have 
»»er m our own '■ 

One sludenl complained about the 
uied^ ohwwtilie* in rlaiw, -'I r«rn 
Ihe use of (:it)M-<*nitie!i m class n 
iludetlt* are Io hecoote better 
adults, they ««ed belter model* 

Manv of the complaint* brmight 
ahiMiI by the evaluation* concerned 

i)i.p n-s!-ilrl'»r ». .■ibllitv l<l^llll^■^•y It"' 

■.-. and Iheir -ip 

*ards their cla.-i^ 

.'lifsn'l seem Ip If 

, nni'iTni-ii »iih »ludenlK *hu a,re 

i.,iil;iin -ind dropping hm clan* 

siudent* were fkiing poorly on clJi» 

wtirk, and he did mil ewer Ihe 

tr<«ibte spols," said one student 

.\ii(ilhiT sludent said, "The 
irjctier al (ime* makes the class 
trti interio- --' —.-.""»"> m.i.- 
Ihim on II'' 
A 'no I III'' 

t'Hc le.i>.-tier » «■ <i.«llu"ti t,c\ii".">. 

11,- 1»'- (ti<-rla*» lohleepaml lail- i" 

, , ^^h-ii t^ inii<*>rlani *,iu* «»l 

-III., leactwr h..> ■' hard lime 
e.»Bre»ing henw-ll iU'en nmeis "he 
will speml a wlwlf' I'la*!. [M>ruid 
answering nuettion* and end» up 
l«a¥ing the daw man confused," 
complaioeil another student 

"The teacher drfimtely di>e» mn 
know how to enplain the h«s,ic* "t 
Itie *iit')c( I malerial She e«plami. 
ih'i' ii..>icri;4l like we are already 
majtirs m thi- ~ut»je<-t area " 

tine othri sluik'n! mmplaiTiw), 
"Bet-ausc tin- IccrurfSiiml lsl> were 
jiO'Orlv orgaiii«'d and h.adl> 
presented, clawmaWii had Io rexa 
extensively in many more books 
ihan f-hiruhi have be«'n necessary 
anil had l« form M'lf help groups to 
bring form and coherence in order 
to organtw material lor learning 
and testing " 

n*» «OT»a here tawewhere. «»«rter« dag law 
halt. hMa the fe«U«a at Ibr paal la *B altempl la 

Ink that ha* brca ptaguiag thr paal 

Pklflt 2 The W«|r*ll^f Dmymtfr lU. /'T*' 



FERC teacher 

evaluation: no 
great achievement 

with all th« tu»5 •bow* th« rtc«r»f HarWnatf 
Ftculty Evaluation survey balnfl wntctentltk, rwtaMlV 
h«t §iv«n anv negative ttiought to Ifw new Harf»r 
tMcher evaluatltms approved by ttw FactiWy 
ivatuatlon Review Committee (FERC) 

The PEHC evaluation i»n't any b*tltf than tha 
Harbinger evaluation. 

IH Wfflest drawbac* ii l««at tt Is an un.$ct«nttfie 

'settctton ot Harper ttudtntt. 

Teachers may ctioose to which class to h««J out the 
twaluatlon forms. Obviously. ««nr teachers wilt 
chooM to hand out lorms to a good class over a poor 
class m hofMS o* a higher rating Since an Instructor's 

io(> Is to ta«eh not only good students but poor 
slwdawts m *»\ l . the poor students twve a r Ight to rate^ 
ttwif 1««cb«r». ••«>. However. thU may not be 
possible becausa teachers tear that students with 
tower grades wilt givi them a lower evaluation rating 
thus teachw's avoid ttiwe studtntt and pass torms out 
only to good students. 

The Harper Faculty Senate President believes that 
students are incapable o» giving an honest evaluation 
■of a teacher and thai the evaluation received ts based 

allfWtl ifit^lrtly on the grade the student receives in 

11 should b« made m^anda^tory that every »««»*JJ' 
give every one ol hl$ classes an evaluation torm 'to fin 
out to that there is a total student input Into the 
ratings As it is now. the system is set up to tall Ifs 
validity may soon be questioned and student 
evaluations may be eliminated trom the school •«••. 

A system thai altows only "satisfactory" and 
•■•im'satlstactory acknow^ledgemetMi ♦• «|u«tl«m is 
w vagM. even if the cvatuafton. tortiti were evenly 
distributed among all Harper studenH. If wouldn't do 
much good 

E ven^ at the h^lgh school levet. evaluations are fatten 
more seriously. Sfudwfi have more ctout. Thetr 
evaluations are weighed very heavily. 

Aren't college tMmf Infwlllgent and r««ionslbl» 
.aMMifh to rate their teachw* fairly and properly? 

The student voice Isn't betng satisfied with the new 
evaluations approved by FERC. And the Harbinger 
doesn't have the power to make every student f HI out 
a Harbinger laculty evaluation form The only way 
Harper can make its evaluations more credible is by 
making them mandatory tor every student and im 
proving the quality of the evaluation form itself. 

Council imposes 
several reguhflons 

i»v«fiMi»iit tifiitm 'lia»» kuri 

tCHMIMIlC grOW'tk, tMNtld l«" 

ftatiDn.. cm »iirti#f pnnliicWvltjf. 

■ad im. ■ttntM. M iMigtHy stwiy 

"" * wt 

•nut lUMTlCM' Cwmull: ti 

tetulatimw «!• tolMf* a^'- 
mt»»n)ti (»l»ci«». *ii<leiii 
(iMtMwl mti und nttaxtai d 
Mrtatn tludant i«a>. 

Mealtll. KUna-aliMi anil 
'HMfai* CKtlM «■( Ediicaliw 
*«niiii. plant to iHivtat It* o«n 

al iWHlatlfnt ■«*■■ 




IHe conmittM s a 

r*«carcli grtrap aa*>n«t 

invfrninrnt •comointc in- 



''■■ ■ . fleu/ fs,,j. 

Letters to fh© Editor 

Faculty sticks up for Center 

Vim %»vt fiwillixt' •Ml 
iinmnhioniKl >«ir r»«*r« »iill> 
lilt BWtilt mf»» »*«)' »nil 
«*ti«n»l vn ik« fHiwmt I* 
WillW' Fark CHil*r. 

K.r.t mnst impuna.!!!, 

w iiHfiw ?■ .u I". 'I* Ml '«■<?(i !i*r iiw^ 
:s|,ii<ri|B H'TTW«ti*f' A «liffdulr 
h«» i<»>rn uui* ua riTii«lr»ii«i 
« m«w ijiking pliw* •«» <*•> w><I 
f»cn>n« rlit»»4f» tn (lr|lT«» 
rr«tH, cinilnnim* (iliU'iilMiil. 
MMl :i<Im.Ii t»a»«c rtircatitm 
l>riHr»m<t Yowl'>i|iu<n» 
*Bl«il|, •!»«»»> «k» I'wli'r'* 
rkMlIlt tat €»i«»u!»«! KluHcittik. 
•Ulf. aiKl iKiitly 

Sixwnd. wrmMllwiit al *^ltm, 
I'arl C'Miirr i* ml now 
-ticctwimi '■ Al MidTprm. I ,« 
mtBf f nrelM. » Ii (irr 
rw«t"i»ll, vr.% An 
(MtMil dwlliw w-CTirn^ w \'m- 
n mm mm maf haw tmm 

i 'nitt-r !:«•»«* fi tin. r<>m«Mmt 
l«-»tKm. rnt httiMlml' iiwt 
IMrtwsn «HK!<«t» imm »lle«J 
claitMS »« tlw Outer tliirtrn the 
itay Anwnt l»il> *» and 
f vMing »iiiil«iu. tmly > l« art 
KnielM •• a Mvond. Uaituant 
ilWlMI*. llw majanty. m a«Ml 
Mil .iwiiwitvclji. art Bwliwim 
awl riw Afto tmiient*. 

rmall)'. Dw rvMMal dating 
,j Hillw Pwk. dirtalrt lij- 
>«.m-i .ii-TO feonomtc prodrm*, 

tiii,y ml l» t,li» tileiainK ytair 
cdliurtil ma* tt ■««". l.ea«im 
rlmarimm sjtiKf m teal kigti 
whnok may •«» moiw* and 

cliscluirttif Ihr Colksgr'*. e^xm 
muntly reafKifMibilltir. Imi il 
canniil cnmpensat* for ihe 
(■(■nl<T>. I(» As ai)>oi» will 
atlfsl Mhn has taught or t»krn 
riiuo*»»t both Willow Park and 
al Harinrr'k hiKh »ctwK>l r*- 
imiionit. Willow I'ark i» 
»up<-r><>'r in atmosphrre. 
fmilitm. the help ihe statl 
primdn. and. ihuii in Uw 
fiuatlly of the cducarion 







Tlurd. *<,« itave Ik* im- 
impniiMi itiai WiUiM Park wa» 
,«Biil(lillfll|ind«r tmMm Irtim 
Ml itwr-enw'drd main>i 
Ital m»»l <tliKleiili m«i»l '■'»• 
M^iarMlv d«'l»» liiml *»Hiiwe«i 
Iw m In Ikt CniM". Ihal '** 
MldM* alttili *«iHf the day. 
•al iiMi Ike nuMnntc *»»• «i- 
lend «i nidlM ar* BafHak «• a 
S«v«id Lanfiaigf ilmdw*' In 
Im-t. Willow I'ark renter wai 
tmm4 U) l» «» foreronner lor 
■ mmtwl ('»mpu» - «« a 
duplii-ate d l»«- pniwHH ornipn* 
tiut J Mtiwi c«mf« itparalf 
■n .I««*lKi» *nd prmiram* Iw 
llw « pit «nt «.>l' IUr(»f'» 
Modrat l«»tv rtal live* in Vl» 
r»»t«'f ' Ike totli'ile 

(Mr.. -iiidenl* *to 

atlewi «.i»-«.^'r w>l 
M». iK-fWding 10 a !»"> P""- 
I'rom «m»muniiM» near H» 
cwilrr. •» pw cent ckaa* tk» 


S,*.E<«l..r. w-i^^lSSS 

•'«-"r -••r:.v;:.r*rf.Skia 

.. Steve Moakal 
.. Walter HiU 

flHJii. :■ Al*" c~*iMi*ll»f«i 

A»( Ph,.i0Edit<.r ^JSlH 


Buuncta Manager. 

^,,« LonLynnGuy. 

*"*" • VinceniSurdo, 

JoaKlBCk, Rich Henquinet. 

PMc Wickhaid, Nora Norton. 

Mi Kraly, Mike Simkia, Mikt BwntiMk 

The HAKm\<iEH l» the student publicatioc for the Harper 
(.•Mm campiJi cmmunily. publ.ntied »«*ly eicept dunng 
hottdayi «i»d Una! eiums Ml oplnWina emrewwd are tboM of ttie 
»nl«f and not neceiaianly Uwae ot the ooHcte. ii» administration, 
rat-wKy >'( •tudent body AdvertiaiiW and copy deadline i» noon 
Twetila) and nipy » subject to editing *" Letter»-io-the Edtlw 
rnaal D* signed, names will be withheld upon request For ad- 
vcnising rata*, call <>r write HAHHI'HCiER. WilHam Ralney 
HWMr CWtege. Algonquin and RnaeMe Roa*. Palalme. lU . 
mm^nmm. m-mo. em m\ 


Itammber 10. I*i79 The HarhUtfier Pcqte .1 

to aU iKNamnvca. r«Ui«W. 

N mm 'Mid MrimMt No summcf tayodt. 

■!■■ t IW per «k '<" "^"^ 4 Hn of your »"» • 
day, idayi > »'' *• """" >"" «»>P'«*'S' •" "">*" 
•UMowiic r«dto wiuiiipwl buMsi 

M am R*s 62II-6II0 

tor mort Info & Inlwvltw. You must be 21 yri. of ««• 
& have a good drivinfl record. Morning or afternoon 
fobs available or bott>. 


, concERr 

ktiia TlCKSlo kD 

{lualrr ticM»» or <(p«»* tUyuf 

^™ -OSC;ft:R-TROa 

im*l I %m i'i»'-t(i(j 

« 1': - ; i » ■ 

v.m. ■ ,1 » 

1(1! 1 1(B 


Nil! i»n 





« 00 . §•» 

T - ■ 
B;00 - »:li 

■r II 

nun. SIM 


1 .» • MS 

i<i: imi*\ 


l':iritlnK Jiclmnl 

1 I lauws hcgiraimii aUSS p in nr ifler will 
(ollm the mning i-ta* Ktwduto^ 

! Monday throiigti ThiiridBy »»«ning claaaOT 
will use thr wMh ol IXc 11 (or Anal 
nuimi«ilii)i», to h* IwW during refular claia 

Pentathlon team visits Harper 

:i Friday rvening and Saturday claaic* mutt 
told the llnal examinatian (HI Friday, D«c H and 

iijilurday. Dec 1 5. rcspwtiveiy 

Final Rrades are due no later llian noan, Sal . 
Dm n 





l)oir'*> If"' 't'*? i<;''''<«;!t'0'i'i oi 

(he •».:-{<■ ' ■ 'iic 

{H'mcSC"*^'€» ■■' liijM'ViWXj' 

♦''npiei'iei-ce it* doirling 

iOu'ixh 'O* lOdOy 


Clm-k Michoeh and ttalc 
Rry imlad, mem()«r»<rf the V S 
tilvmpir Mjiiad lor Ihe pen- 
lathliMi Kav« a (eneing 

deinoiaMtinii lact mttk In 

The pentathlon is a fom 
binalian at five eventi The five 
rvenla are horieback riding, 
lencing. pistol vthooting. 
■•runming and c-nit* country. 
Mirhaelii uid 

Four memtwri (rom Ihr 

Olympic squad will go to 
Moscow in 1980 The par 
licipanlii will challenge each 
other in round robin com 
petition in the live rei|iectiw 




.541 '8790 

^he Salesians ol SL J<;fin ioKO •»• ralgibui order Of 
Catholic men dedicated to MNng underprivileged youth. 
We're lootcing for a few strong men to sene as priests and 
brothers in youth centers, parishes, trade schools, camps,^ 
prep sdiools and foreign missions, wherever ^^-^ 

needy young people are found. ^^^ 

Saiesians; signs and bearers of 
GocTs love lor the young. ^^ 




Pfl^ 4 Tim Harhittfifr /)«*»i/«t /((. l'K*> 


A tn» mmvrimt laiMMir win 
.lit' nffientd tuf Harprr Jan if 

fhMi 1 10 » f m inBldK '<■ IM. 
'Tlw MHntiiar »iU tir candurtcii 
tuf fi»ily Uama, a HiU|)*T a4' 
JvMl faralty mvintHpr and 
•uihnr «( a iw« hmk "t^ntf 
ttM#l and ftr)it««niile (h* 
llntelk Way" 

Fur a«Mt.Minil inliirmMwii 
rnndmr rtgMnMn. ra|} ml 
IM 41!. m m 

A trt* «#n»iBjir fnlifW 

"Evrrvthing Ahoui s.ilai- 

EfHTtD ' wilt (» ■■tfUTn.) (Ifl 

1tel::ap>lli. lli.iM|. C. wmi 

R'tiicli* Ewd* ADywmt in- 

MmlMt m ttw painikw awl 

actnc Mlair <lMiifn iinitnM «l 

NarvcT Cttltont w cliiiMF ti 


ftr «MII:i<Miitl wlimnuim, 

nit tlM> rmiliaiiiMg EAicatiiMi 

IW'hrrat eit S«'. 

Marftrr't OKin at ("niKk 
Eiturali'M will ndtf 
••AiilamMirlc Ttlkr iVI;)HSl 
.Himiiuif (IB WolntiMbj'. 
* ' 'Nl a m to 4 p m m I 'M 

TutllMiliir tlw iUntiHir ti till 
aiMl imMim malvriall aiKl 
'IWCli. Ti>r«ii»trr. call Ml, fit, 
m or :»! 

Bake Sale 

The iterfBr Cinmrl. CImii" 
4iDi> bBwrita Siagm wttt tat 
.i^pMwii'lng a Miilii)! faiik* mtit' 
iwlo} , toMwrnw nmi Wol- 

All tlM> IwtlcMl iltmtis Holri wi|) 
l» (woiriiwdr ! ■ • » 

«l«ll(l!».,, i-*inli4- .■» 

A iKMilll wtll '•■ J I 

He lium run...... ... \ 

trom »«>"■■ 


Hjifinsr *t|.l 1* »(irnrfm( 
.r.wnd a iHdc lwhd«,}i thtm 
i<Mla> Kith t"liri«tm«» 
caralt 'Wng M(md*> tj> .\iiK«-la 
■^iiiiciiii M:x Amidii m an oimii 
«kI i[a«|»'l finiiier, wlWM i*ncr 
till.-. r*.«lfTf<|: araMl4 il» 
■■■.-i-atoarea Hur »€<:<im.(iii>i»i 
l-naiilmt ».nil tnwrlMn' Wuria 



Ski Club 

iTini,. "UK! iki clii»> »*ll ta inliiig 
In Hilt Mwntliin. If**) i to W 
Kw tat .tlinhnti arv milM. tii 
(r».n»|j#rtalt«in, two nigMt 
[ al t'lM' Wauuii iWtday 
I, two (toys «( liH t.irlt.i'tt., «» 
rand^aparl)' Moiwv mu»« 
la- to tiy Rtt- 21 AMIiaoai 
tnfianiatwin ■ avaiteUt in tlw> 
SlmlinO .(U-wvtlMBi iHfiw.AXiH 


TIM' Pronram Boant i» w the 
jjriicei* t* i.olwvir»'m,B iw* 
|>e«|>l» hir o|ii«nirnl» m tl* 
lltmnl In. addil.nti to inOTt.mii' 
:|i».Horin.»r». muntwrs l»»ro 
alMiit ton(.ni<r(».. ri«ltrt,.. a* 
vrrlltrmptit anil putt1«: 

iarkit bsiarcli Wmwm 

M Till' 

Interesting Public Conttcl. Flextbte Scheduling 
For Days. Eveninas Or Weekends. Good 
Salarv And Working Condrtions. On Job 
Training Excellent Job Opportunities 
.For Students. 

fiandhursi Shappmg Center 

For app» call Nir%. EttwarOs bet. 9 S pm 382-1111 

wlfttmnn The twit mrrting »ill 
I* iin Twiidav ai .1 p m in ,M » 
AMitional intarmalton is 

ava.>.laMf at ttw Student Ac-. 
in ili« ( rtttcr. a:W 


St.)r hn^i hn:U*\ \tooti»> 
1 .illHilif t ..triip.u> \IiTu>-(r> iiod 

t trt-kr k iWv t oilet iio,|i lovs I J" 
loo*., and moiwv <l<matii.nfr in 

imrrtaiw lurlM'y* m In- unoi i.i 
"l*f«Tiou» Ml«id Fansti.' .sn 

imipr i-i1\ Parish in Ctiieago 
l-ailn-r Item" \tmak. who tias 
ie|pl)ral<^ Ulurm al H.1^{H^r ii> 

thr Pastor (i< thai part»h 

Thirr » ill l» a tahle »et up in 
Wdg A en-rv' day ihniuKh 
Friday People will tr Ihrix 
Irom HI am until I pm for 
mnn* mioroirtlion. cotilacl 
SisiiT )'cg.|t,* Bri"nnflii or 
Adnrrm*' Cfury m SlijiJrril 

,\l'tlVltll»S. f%\ 'i.i'2 


*S lOOKing lor sluOents 
to work in our restaurant 


Apply in Parson 

■•fof* School 
After School 

1M W. Rami Road 
Mt. Prmpact 

Taste the pride of Canada. 


Btmmtmr /ft I97'f Vw llurhinfttsr P<^ 5 

Coptain Kirk one focef of Shatner's life 

^ tmrnvmiKKmis 

Many n)i»|ir ■IwNili. *tm 
jwi: ctuldTM vhurn tlW' origiiiiil 
M»r Tnk tcnoi' lird aiiiiMraid 
Ml wlirvatniii and now llM' immrle 
Stjir Trt* («n» hjivr t»€n 

tiMlly twrr. w>th inany iif t)M> 
«iri|jin»l f«s« meintan trmm Ih» 
«n«« I'n »ii tnltvrrte*' imKi S4»r 
■ r.* %iMt William Sdalner, 
1 plain Kirh mo Atiniiral 
k.ik. tt WW learwil ttol ili* 
!«•«' iimvw cMlaiiit many mf 
pT'Mia. I'fcivvvcr t»' MumiJ t» 
<bN?im aniy al llie iim»I«"» 

ffi' a« tm hM|i' it • 
ratlfiilwj-. Then %'mn't mm 
mm pr**!*-* »ho«in,g» (<ir 
tttlKit. Anrt I'hii .Stialiirr lateh 
"■■MMi ■almwuiitiip " 

Stnc* l:ii >«an » a lot nf Irnic 
SluitMr jiaid tw ha<] rrlvvttian 
reruns «il SUr Tn* to m» wtial 
tM> liN*«4 Itkr ami wtiai lie Nnd 

Wlwn ShatiXT IimUmI tiack at 
what Im* iMliH like 10 yran aitii 
lie realwnJ ttol movw i"»»w» 
would al>« look bark aii<< 
ramiiaK tarn with tt» wa> ht 
ladktd n th* wrie* "t kiir« 
MWiMiit «aiiM 'liMik ttacfc <il m<> 

SANTA sram sn 

and wtt II I »■»• lal <» thin," im 

SlialMT aaid lie kmn*' h«> had 

til do sniiMMhiiiM alMiit il Mr 
■f«t>>aiiicd' that h» wife, a (cir- 
m*r ilant-R-. »at utinmnit fram 
artlirfUi cil thr kna'«5 as a mull 
ul ati narter ski accidrni "Wt 
nad that dtrt lu^ a lol lo d« 
•Hh Jirlhnti*,' hf said, 'So wt 
ewlvwl lo thniwing <>ul >uttar. 
whilp flour »n<l rv»nlui»lly 
mi'tt Ttirw nwulhi laler her 
anhnta |{<il teter Shi' Ihri-* 
aul hwr cirUinm' and started 
her dancing ■(am " 

ShiliMT I'Hm went im In um 
h» tk^ uts an rxamplw, "l'>ur 
dliR cmildn I iifi up h«t hind. 
f**lbp»ed ^o wc« Imik 
tiff to the \v\ ' Th» 
VelertMrtan laiid that itit dog 
wai celng lit die and' tlM liw)" 
«hmld liavv itvr 'pul i« «lint> 
Mr and Mn, Shalnrr ».iilri( 

aiMt IM « ictAiid «|iWi)ii. The 
Kcvanit mtennarian kKilud >l 
thr doc and link X ray« He lold 
lh#iii nl a nr* ln-)vni(|up (or 

fiirinf doH* d thii aflllcttnn by 

laking thmn nff ot mvat and 

"Thff (iMg was; (iver 
l>ri»l'f*n>rf<l Vir put her on a 
m«! ih,:ii «,.s. v.> I'iran h«i«l," 
.ShainiT <«. Ill x I ht six months 
the nine ypaT'Old dog ttais 
ninmnc araumi likr a pti^ipy 
llcr eiiat ftot nlmsy " 

ShatntT liaid that like his dog 
he had lo Kivf* up eatinf a tot at 
liKufc hiftm med lo "What we 
eal n what »■» art." he cum- 
tjwntM like lo «•! g/md tmi. ' 

Before ctianKinn Ma Mim 


LMk Yaw HolMlay' tMtl 

2 lot the price o( 

iiJIer iiwid thru l l« on yeuf 

stmtar <i* Mfii's « Wnnwm* 



t.»» rurtinner mu»t l>e 
ttorpw Sludwit DwrOm «' 
Santa. Sptcwl 

Otttr Good only on 

Si ClKt U lbrpir...iiKt tm M Stat! 

Cill (or appointment...3S7-0100 

StIW. McDonald Rd. 
Frosptct Hti«hts 


IM iieaimii 





habili Sliatmr's nvtrafe day'i 
menu (<oRiitoted d Baron and 
efigs for hreaUasl. hamburger 

and ciotlage cfaceiw lor lunch 
and slwak and vegetables for 
dlluUT This wai almnst all 

Shalner and his entire family 
started givtnK more thought lo 
w-hal they ale "My kids went 
fn>m getting t-olds every two 
weeks loapictupe of healih," he 
»id. "1 and Ihey don't Ket .sick 
anymore " 

Shalner « n<jw the spokesman 
for the American Health 
Foundation and ts currently 
involved in slaftinic a new 
program in the grade scboolf 
that will teach prtiper nutrition 
and health 

It may tie surprming that 
MimMMie asiiotialed with "oul at 
ihi» world adventures would be 
vo interested in earthly health 
h.iliits ftut if were ever gninfS 
■ r outer »pace in lh«> 
i ve got lo ilarl with 
>ni.t I.PV.1I tiodiiot. 

ManikaU ttiapman appeared 
here laM I'ridai niKbt akmg 
with Ihe iVihand. iPliiMo by 
TfMi> l-'lorrffi 


Help Wanted 



77S Algonquin Rd. 


Full or Pan Time 
Two Shifts Available. 

Reunion Restaurant 

Randhursi Shopping Cemer 
Apply In Person 


Nis'n Her 
Hair Desips 

Rolling Meadows 

y 392-2240 

KirchoH Ntortiet 
BuHalo Grove 


Plaza Verde 



Arlington Heia^>*» 


Across From Jewel 

Awpr A The Hnrhinfirr fkuvmhtr Hi. l^7*f 

Columnist picks hits and Hops of 79 

'Ikllteily. im has btm a 
ytar «l' lurprtiwi tun) >>»f 
dUwpiiiMiiaMii*. AllMHW whicli 
lB«t «M' MtM I* tlw iMiiitic an 
•iMr mull «ir «mit •4 cwn- 
(Wgin.. bill ihr liitWy of (h* 
. iifc«f*iiii» i» :(»rfMige ami rlit 
wirtnwniillip » trrrlWr Inlltlt 
emlulm, I wwlil llkr Iw potnt wl 
rwwdlBiSi which taw *mm 
unnolMvd » lw»e nol meeivid 
(lie •lltultai Vtm iwnnl flMwId 
ilMtr«« And wltlt CMitiMN 
rlTsmf in with grvi 
■ ' -. nu'V ««Tve as • 

Thf lollowing »rt my rliDif«« 
inr lull l» l|M ii< im <«ll in 

li'iaMMtcsl onlcr > 
tUmv Tnel LIVE AT 

MJMKAKN RMBcmhcr the 

ill)it «!' til* bwlhi'' Scrmmini. 
■Mtt tanlte mwie. ami Iwahto' 
Me*. OM^f Trick m* ih* 
iMllw ol (h* Mft'llk. :llwl V 
jnoU fun. 

Blvti Ostrll*' AKMSB 
nmCltS CntUito't tMlgu* t> 
dMCh lym. «tlti dMicMMC' 
intalc mate 0* Ip |)la.)paM» at 
«ny Hint S«nf Itllca like 
Acadrnls Will Mappcn." 
Uttw S«|iii(]" arv indlcMan of 
'in« CwIpIIw *il and 

tiMtllv rnalMid ihniiRli ihr 
emanieretal harrier E»ri> 
llmilf h %tm Ip has hmm »t*ti • 
hiaMC' 'MKc«tt, ihn <)«ia.lily u'od 
motie i» niutrtmr 'Swhini nrv 
or m nt* »l:yl* rhangef. «UI 
Sii|i»rtrantfi is^ M» • cla» "•!* hji 

'IM* Dylan. a^'W THAW 

COWWG Dylan, rtt-wtrlii 
tram. pmMiMl mbiciiiiv itnhn 
liich. at ml c«ni|»i.iw».. in- 
ewipilHil. Amancam Dylan 
wp. IM' km fwMi nNiiaa .aMi 
■Infl^ ^baai tliii. tkct. 

riMIWHd Mae. TtW 'Tlie 
■iwwTlini t» Biwihoii ("om- 
mncn. imm mm fUtawJ ili* 

•■■uiiwMdbMiMi tu MJiuM tf"!)' »i1mI tiMriil" yMilli 

'la IIIIIH.IM.. rtm tmiaKt # 
til* mtmUm Kniy tmiMrW' li* 
gnat imwic •IMIttilia ii tkk 

The hii "H M» l»<?».lly ««»«»• 
tNlt 1*'il.Ji Him ■ « «wly * *"Mtl 

iMftcaliM <il .h«. "hal i:hr r«iii 
«( the l|> if . like We pmm pup 

MihMI JackMin. !■• ia ■ M 

KMUt t-i« imm' The imw 
.jamia « MMMi lor 'her !«' 
imiaiMia <■( t«'tiiti lurrmiwimt 
ii*riiHliet>ig.«-iiy JtwW •muni 
.M. twmimm. ti ** 'hfai-ita 

Ktnki. ytW Bl'DCET The 
Kinka m* wiwr*i«« ril haita nn. 
Ihia Ip:. SMfi ahiiul long. ••■ 
'Unci, 'nil cnw*. hrMd. s.irlket. 
La^ury itrfh* frntilam aiidi 
mure prolitawi*., ell with • |«><1. 

I'll Mtttaiiy: A.WEKItA.\ 
C.AR.MH: An llupWMlW' amy 
1)1 mm: ihiMf in tt* ■>«« 
lanimaivri'Mliiin lyp* Jan.. 
iltiiay't mrtelto an siinftfy 

ret M«(haiiy NEM 

f'HAlTAl'Ql'A ftjirely <t<Mi. 
any .»rti«l ■(ml Ml i*» 
MaantttMiil atbii'int But. 
Mttten}' ha.» (hnv (.hai ami i> 
liriitiaMy ihr m«ii uiidwetwl 
IMiarM of' tlMT TD'i 

Manhalltn ORHJISAl 
■WMWIACK. A new tod veo' 
'Wll'4ta* vanlon. ol' Onhwin'* 
'•Rhaiiwdy In Blue""., (wr 
laimad hy ihe Sew V«rh 
rhttkarniMic ctmiiiC'ltl hy 
Mnn M:*tliai. 

lirihaw Pairker 
sq-fKEllW:. ill'T SPARKS 
Fram htifMiinft in #iMt. itnn 
Map. .ilri»in« »l««rtri«; iiui«ic 
iluiHia iAmi iTO't. paaiiiw.. 
lacAl lt>rli> ra.m|tli.mcst 

BtMiy MVMt>"M"0 Vmm 
«varything ym km* ibmit (he 
will. Mam, tl* l|> !• •»•« 
[laiicwWr Rwlndy.. tm» ■•lK<u.i. 

Ill* CSMtMMifr 

Si^artrwnp RKHAKH'-T 
IN* AMKKICA StupCTirarop ^ 

Talkinf HiMte: HMR OF 
MUSIC Thia Ifi ia an M«l, i:h««k 
laal wecfe's Hartinfw (or mnr* 

Neil V -writ RliST NEVEK 
S-EEPS Young U» shiryWler 

haa titcnnie pr«e«»e in ««"» and 
lyric vaiiMlna al h« iccne His 
liliitaaiiliy ■ quite intemtmg 

m* Wlowmg five Ips are m> 
ciMMW lor HmwraWe Menlmo. 
again all the helow nMfntiooiid 
■rv in al|ihalielical orilct- 

KB* BMi The Al-TEH 
XATIVK Til DIMU Their cute 

and at ' '- ^pltttlni 

huBiiriaia ,,,■ M- dunt'ind 


Cirt- CANDV (Jthefollott 
up nttempl ii quite imd Many 
(>( the sonp arc dnnt in thv 
lame v»m »» the r*r»' delJiit tp 
lant year 

ttiick (.■»rM-G«ry Riirtun 
OV'KT The raw listening u( Ihift 
Ip miili"'" it ati all ar«iu.nd, 
imylime refurd Hurlon on 
vthriiphoiw and fwea's 
keybiMrdmanship are wut 

» .Hit- \elsofi SIM;S KRIS 
Ti.iFERSUN -SiiNGS Willie's 
■sweet melodic vm<», MTenl. all 
the great K iirngs AMUwr 
Wiltte record which is • graat 
gilt idea 

Sea Ptiitttli CARRl (>N Thi« 
Ip gives the insight to what 
ariuatly happened to the Sei 
Pistoto II i» laaded with in 
ier»iew& (rum radio and T V 

The lalliming live Ipi are 
McntiMt. and again are in 
■laMMMt wicr" 

ioantlmra Hats TUMt FuR 
TdE TRiMiPil Witty and at 
times hunwfiwi Ivnci make 
Ihti Ip a lilt 111 fun Iw the 

(heap Trick fiREAM 
rtiLIC'E C"h*iip Trick ha* to 

muny Mings th;ii ihr t(.r<mp 
fauld TvhuM Ji Ip <'M'r> yew 
until JiiWi iiiKl »lill never get rid 
lit their H nwlerial to do »u 

Led Zi-ppi-lin 1^ 'niHiiliGH 
THE ill 1 I ■ ilii* Ip 

i.h*' gHHip .!■ '■ '.hey 

may have sivli- m thru music 
which has never t»en shown to 
Ihc publi. liieloR" Bui, one 
wonder^ it Il1l^ Ip imilil sell 
without i»if I ''d /.-i.jR'lm mror ■ 

Keimv Knttcrs CAMKLEK 
Thi» Ip t^ « im-e Ip lor all afie» 
Ho«rr« voti-»- i1w> nnl (sel nltl 
\«iiluii><-l'm tJi-tt ,ll^lln^;ulsh•■<i 

V\i-aih<i lt.-pnrl B HI 
Weather Itrprirl doe* "Bird 
land piuf all the W R 
(aviiiile* The exceptional 
(lualily rrmntnarahip « evtdent 
thrtiUKhoul the n-curd 

Thii- year's major di»ap 
poinlmenis are too many to 
meniMn But. I would like to 
attack the y««r» liligMl id 
rampaiRn Ipc. 

Bud to l)ES<)I..ATH)H 
AM.;EI..S This tp IS M weak that 
the prnduter pulls nut all the 
(timmir-kery ttiiil ns availalile to 
him The vocalt are temhle 
guitar lead* are alway* li»t. it 

no one in the grtiup 

know* luxt what the gmup'i> 
dirfcliiif. i> 

E.n!l.-s Hit: l.tiMi Kl N 
There i* just one queslton iitKxil 
ihis Ip 1 would like losubmtt: tor 
Ihts vki. «..iTt^rt fvin \(/ar»'' The 
oil! ' inK ai all 

,., V. .!>' - fltid 

this IS iivjiUiMi- on Ihf 
Warriors soundtrack The 
1-Jigle* attempted change did 
not work , they nhauid stay with 
the sound that made them 

SUM- M.irtin CtiMEDV IS 
NUT fUtrrrV sieve 1$ in 
trowtilr. hm new Ip Is not selling 
Ihi!. 1(1 IS not at all funny, and 
the material is weak Ttie 
listener asks himself. ■Didn't 
he do that on the last Ip" " 

And. lastly. I w ould like to add 
the Paul McCartney Ip BACK 
TO THE E'.i. K.insas 
MllKttUTH. To) Nugent » 
STATE l)E SHut k IJueen 
LIVE. Chicago II. Bohin 
t»'illiam!, REALin WHAT A 

The mi's will he iiioK new 
wave, more sireet mmic To 
look »t the future look at tlw 
past Start your i»8<l lists 
now ' " " 

Charts shows location change probab/e 

"-tMMw IlNshed with fdnKil 
uid parents, will my tociltnai 
ctonc* > lail .«l lUte nr cDilMr> • 
dli* la 'pib. marrtaftt. «- ailwr^ 
'Win I lind mmmm n a 
.|iliiMn|ri|l)iy curvcf*'"' 

'V'nui' ftin itlin »«'«« Sagil 
tariua, ptaeed in tha> tatrth 
hwBe. it II sure tndiciitm: of 
totiig to travel great «1i»lanf»» 
a.fid being able to (eel at home 
wherirvei' you may (Ind your 
.••elf It alwreprfitcntit a ncwl ts 
b» IrMi and ndi^pendenl from 
ywr honw wliiatMin. though. I 
hop** you never fori!«id.r«' 
ynumeil ''tinialMt''" with <mir 

A iMKliiM ehinfle ■ 'pnibable 

lor vrm u.|liliri til«. fiflMct i'PW 

yeai^ .» 

ikiitiir-.. . ■.. ..... il 

•1.11 be .« unr '\M are 
wotideritig .I'lUMi the caute of 
jiitif mow'' Wrtl, 11 '11 be you, 
ragardlwa ol your m 
«'ot'i««MM.> Willi other peiiple or 
e«lern«t mualHins Am m- 
deprmlctil iniliviihwl such m 
»ou.r*ell iilwavi hii» the Iree wtU 
to accept or d«y lile't cbnicei 
a». they ariiie 'i.iidir«:tly. you 
•ire always, in conlml! 

Y'ou will probably lind 
yotirself growing, more iind 
fm«> nrnllma w.ith W'twee y^wi 
lire ■■ m tiims im OH My 
(uggestiM Im you i« try to 
travel It you can't tnvel 
through hMwre ai^iivitmi and 
vacauoni.. I recummend finding 
a ,iub that i.m«lv«i Irani «> yni 
can rwkicate .ind «iiplofe the 

TllifM«>onin(..eo'imi. cl«r\Aied 
tn thir tenth hauw iif goals 
rewalit your *tr»i«geii talent as 
ih* power ol coninwitit-atiou. 
■ and penuas.'hin . Ttin tiin 'lie 
t*wllcinl m ari ' .•■ 

■public lelattim^ i 

marketllflt, law;. » m log mn-na 
aiti] <• .all dealings w liih people 
Thi: lino) Sim a( I'lriiimi up 


ky nu REAt..V 

iMIitf laclorii in your ctart 
indicate a very prufessional, 
fonnervative. *en<>ii», caulMu* 
attittMkr iBwarda ni'lf-expreaauill 
•Mi'aMlal invoh'eiweiita.. a* well 
«•. iqMit>olii.i.n|l a great deal it 
■niMkiii and ■strengt.h' tnductng 
iniMr 'H>ni.i«i». r»d you ever 
i"oni.i*r a .career invnlving 
|i.on>ig)t reJut'Mins. tnternattonal 
law. mass medi.i '■••m 
mumicatiam. maching, <n iwit* 
•n interpreter'' 

V»«ir chart *iw lead me t» 
■believe tliat v.... >.»iiti tiave 
l«w»«r(ul inlli.- tin- 

.maasef. eipe> u - '»"'■ 

(KwpleheremK" i ■ r.,-r^\t\n 
'There are m - '■>'• "r-iMr 
contact* i-'i»'-'-'' '!" I '■ ' h*rl 
and J Our 'nild 

he an • . 'i»e 

cemrtbutor to out nation 

l*hM««ra|lliy., aa 'well m any 
other erettn* meiS.a. ctai'ld h» 
tuC'C«a»ttil toe yeu. There are 
mdicalKaa in your cliart tt 
arlMic .*» well ac the M.-ta.k!al 
aiMlllmiMeciMry Kw ihit field, 
but Uwy art not as strongly 
empliailted m iJle other laeton 
that I tiuve already mentuined 

If Mm do pursue ptiutography 
as a career, make sure y«iu find 
a ««i«tl<ill that allow s vou to m 
direrHy involved with people. 
ami give* yiai the lri«eik>m to 
Iravel alMiut 

I'M-aling with Ihe public, 
dl*f*ning inlorniation. travel, 
cmiiliiiinicationa. and ta'ing in a 
(■'■•ituwi at prominunce. wmild 
tving. you the n'i«*t gtatilicition 
itid «ti»laction in vmir life 

ciiMiKing this kind "f path to 
tollow mi(ltit tw »er>' dimcult 
lor you I sense, itwt conl.r-ary lo 

ihe'tocial you, th«Te'-< :inn»h«>r 

piriol'vouthat w.ri. ■: ■'" 

very viigue. al.oi"ii <^' 

in most ol your .i. ...,■.;...!..:.' 
with others, and 111 (Scnera I with 
Me You've wit J lot "< 

poswihiliHi*. and whatcxer your 
rtionsinK IS l.omd l.m-k' 

Anviiiu- \* istiini: . 
mierpreiiitmnis plcasi- 'iimiiii 
specific quealitlM and required 
liirlh lUta to Ihe Itdrbinger 

Mill..- ta'Oted in A Xi l-ook 
ilicrc lur further details 

■ >£2S!i^ Icanw Syatwms, Inc. ^^ 

IBB i»;s**Mrii7-2tti ^ 

Houn Mo» tliru. Prt. t4'.M M.. 't-l 

Cartridge Electric 


The busmesalik* e*9Ctnc pottable tor 
ttwciffic»^-ho(Tie Smadomongtraiion Vbu'll 

'iMIMMWCl and tmpreatBd. 

• dWrnlBe rtbbon system 

• Orbon film and Falxic ribbon 

• CXiick. dealt axrections 

• Double-tMalledixse 

• Extra-Wide carrim* 

• Ontce-sizeKeytwird 

• ftip«r injeclof 


All fricrn C«al> I Cary Oniy All Units Sold tWiib 

Manuiacturais Isuarantoe i=teturn in SCM tor Service 

icd'us bp'vice ijwa'aoive Aviuaoie tn 


bmeu E'lra 

Itpt-fmlier III. I*K'* The Harhmffr Piifge 


STI liKMS, r,\i 1 LTY * 
«ill ruit yvm vIMbIIM ad 

imty ivm'MM (IH!|' art typml 
•iMl MiwNd In AW )>| 
noun OH' tht TMii% prMr la 
|wMlcal.iM.. Alt wtB twill: run 
lor mm mtnk imly All}mit 
xahtiig. iWr xa to .amim 
jKMii' nwil mwlaittl tw ad 
(i> tlie HAHBINCEK iMm. 


M-Ttms li OTHKRS Mn 
iiur Surmdtpily Ckrt'U*. 


WRfSEKEEPlSC mmiirm 
W« int iMfting ttir aMc Ik 
<MgMial f*fiflt la (ill 
IKMlMHiit availallte m llMr 

dny A <n<»ntRg ithilli 
TmininR pfondrd 
Knpiimtbilitm include 
i1sitl>' rlvantng iM a«i||i«l 
•na> k |ir»j<Kl anaiRitiiMfitl. 
CwMi' fttntfiti. |>lt«a«nt 
■aimmMliigii- Call HI'ITIO. 
ni JIT. for an aiipcwnlBwnl 
1,-utlwran lUmtr 4 Srrvi<:» 
lor I1m> AtMl. M> M IM 
St. Ar. Ilia 


71 .Mau. Ham flciUilc 
0»M..9» hr. Cmw III and 
rill am an a|i|iilcatMin. m K. 
Rant m .Ar Hta 

PAiT-TiME, a:«timi:. 

Htmt gtrh (or jlhiam 
wMft m wr 'iMidifii AK .HTi 
(■nk* al AlfiMMiiiin t Ar. 
lit* m Call Kallw at «i- 

rnaHniMHl down*, tmmrn. 
damcMsvlr iNtiM. Wc «iU 
pmfmm al KiMca Duko m> 
Wtwtlhit Suiuta)' mtglll*. 
LauMlw. (litt. * 111 P«r Mfllt. 
raU Ml AllMi' at aw-llil. 


pari tiiii» i»r «»elirn* 
( 'nm|»«ny tiencfiui »ml 1» jwr 
trin dtftcouni I'nilnrin 
lurnutlMl S inltr pta lt|B 
C'arHni nriv St-nli n Ran- 
Awrsi Showim tenter 
,||iply m pmtm 

TKD P»rt <tt full time 
.ltU>'(i. *|T e: AliiMviuin ltd . 
JichatMitMrg m*im 


Ktrctlenl ftp- 
mf lot llafiHr sUmIbm. 
liw*'iii twoacnMi' 'Iw famtiy 
wl lit: in :|larflnaiia. Hilk. 
Onl^ eIRitt nilM tram 
Harper !•>«• rwtn li hoa.rd 
ftliH ultir)' If) nrtange (or 
rliiM cue. iaumtry, lltfM 
iMiuuh«»p>i«M. Lt|.lil iMtn 
<liitM.Mlll|l'lwvtacar You 
IHIM" .jMV'.Ma tkiw-nHtni 
aparlawnl ••ui tuntftr 
.\v»il»Wr ''.<-.■ 'il ■•■-■•■ ■ lit 
.UJ or ••.VIr.i tiia:.,t; ..i uli 
Mta nineiialv)!' 

needed evenin||* and 
weekend* C«>d starUnR 
pay A|>ply i» person 

Numnalicr* Pirnitiirt. TB 

B. WiiMiMd Dr. 

Ver> G«id Ctmdlttnn. SU*'rr 
Willi r*d intenor Bucliet 
!w-«l>. Hadlo. Good Ttret, 4 

Cylinder Aulmnatir, Power 
Stetinnf. Aakinn tl .e» W ill 

Take (ifler im«ii. 

TWO (. 



tMur to 
lit II 

jIRI..£ to live ;n !>(« 
r home al itaiid * 
II Hd» 1 private 

■ "i-. p'vt liatlt. 
n I Jim rnctm 
■ srr. lrteplKJii«'. 
■h ii'fid ("CMiking 
m ttMi m( and 
aviiilalile at dmntr 
liK* alter f Mirlfei. a|v 

Bt«clri>-v»tce ipeakera, IM 
matt head, tatali-lii diitiiitian. 
SiMiitdi Krtai ! Eieellani 
ciMMStJM.. Iin.m nr bHt ■fiO^. 
I TVmb 


MiM kwv " .n Uh.:-<-l!llH 1 .ill 

."■H linai ln'Mrc J p m "r .ir 


l'»ri timr iJayit tie nigdti. V> 
OM Town Inn. Mt. Proapert 
WJ .ITM I'ljlalme. »l ?!» 

l*lJtATm\S. «i parlUme 
diyt mid niRhtti lor 

wallresM* Will take up- 

plicatUin* laralt pmitlon* (nr 
luture IMch I'anlr> Famih 
Kesisuranl IMt I- 
\)|tom|Uin Hit . S<-liauml>urt< 
\t>til) in ptT»<m 

Brides...^ in The Wedding Of Your Dreams 

C:iuUeaii Ritz ^'- 27, 197M 

MKK) Mil**aukee Ave. rhiir-la% 

Nile*, Illinois '''":-'^^' '■ ^ 

Bnibl Fa-lii.>n Sho*. 7:<IO I' M 

Spet-ial (iiiest - Mih(i llliin»i> 

Glimmering With Exciting New Ideas 

Thousands Of Dollars Of 
Sensational Prizes 

4 Entertainment 

♦ Free Champagne ^ 

Over 20 Displays 

Every Beautiful Thing 
k You Need For Your Wedding Day 

]-< Call 963-6429 or 6430 
or 297-2914 
to reserve vour free tirkete 


l«m Bl'lt-K LFSASRi: 4 

(Mv llm. n«ii>: hack trakM. 
jtiiit tuned up. ne«- nuutter 
I'ylindtr.. new muffler, ficut 
" call it»«m after' ■ 



WANTED female 
Haammate in early 20*« to 

diare an apt w-sa'ine Mt 
I'rotifecl or Arluigtnn area 
(Ml Dlaime on Tue-Thr 3m- 
IMWor rriMon««HI8l 

MOTllKt VlLK BSA f.» 

necdi work.. hmkI wiiuar 
praiiact. KM «r DmI «nm: 

SKIS. nnJES and 

I'mnale ttudeni with 
ceretrBl palsy ImkinK lor 
rWc to Harper from 

Streainwood Pleaae call at- 
IM4 after s .10 pm 

condltloo. IS" htgli. ]>«' irfdi.. 
11" indi daap. On 4 m" hoaty 
duty ~ 

wllh "Tt ttoteon Tlre» . will (it 

niwl cars. Mini ronditton. 
Name jour price fall 

UcimUt al m lt» 

acceptmtl Personal 
aaaaiftcda for the bolidayi 
Bspreai yaur deepeat 
yutelidc eraoUoiit in the 
SPECIAI. Holiday Claiatficd 
accliim Let your tavwile 
Santa know wtiat yw really 
»ant during llii* Uie holiday 

miltimeler, hand winding, 
manual cartridi* (ill. Slow and 
regular mMkw, aaflnaUan toot 
Good cnadKUai. HO.M 

Pot only |l you can spread 4 
line* of holiday cheer acrvia 
the campus Ail adt must be 
received before Dec !1, so 
Insure boltday pcrfecUon in 
ytiur Masonal greeting 


STRAIGHT MAlii ihare 

■partimifM. • walk u Harper 
i{cn<II.U[>erMa i' of low 
ulililK'* Private room ami 
talh Furnlihed exeup* lor 
vnur room Immeiltale w 
rupa^ncy Call MS-:tZ)n 


To l^ouis* Hwe. 
Warm thoughts of y«iu 

Arc viith mc alwayn 
Mwh huf T"m 

ti\y. HEDRttoM .*pjrt.mrnt 
r!i! in I'.ilatiw Itiilud*"* 
iK"i*1 iiriii K^ii %loi<,- i M 

f,\'.A»KiH alter 3 pm 

The WiMtfieid Sln»t Band 

wimld tike to thank everyone 
lor their support, and en- 
Ihuslacm W> vc been 
overwhelmed t>y your 
responne In the Ijand Thank* 
and kappy halMtays 

ONLY AT "Jffisser 





^«I9 pair 
This price doe* not include 
prolesslonal servlcw and accessories. 

viMs-tH cirj iFKTtFUATK ' hnng this certilicale 


*■■ hi iHfm 

»<th .vou' 

(if'Irr eicpiren ll'SU-Til 

ty^lissis wtK yiw pwchist of 

M CBitacts* 


(.HIHP in UI\M1> 


NiilpiMMt Mttssvy 

ASK .\IMHT OIR IONT\(T l.FNS ( o N T 1 N I <l I S 



,-.: 1 tXlM :Ai<i\l. KI..K GKOVE 

.-"> K Oundee Hd lim Drvoii Av 

-.41 <i:i2i» mrtJ«« 

.'1117 IrMtiK i'k K't 





Pti/tr H Ihr llitilnnufr tinvmher Ilk. I'K** 

Women's basketball improves 

•rJitWi on* l"«m <ifi lUrjfrr'* 
i-atiip» !>»• nimirla a wlniunt 
rnimtt Jmt im tmt l»» ttr 
latniMl. iilti who li»<f arv 

%rn, to mtwtn rt«r>'aiir «ul 
m»kr llMf'm mor* hi»» 
Mi||»tM« •« ■«*» H«''l>w* 
IfMrtll 'MMW. It • (Iw «« itWl 

«ai|y •iMUMi'* iMtihMlMtU: tram 

111* IMiii •«• • hr*i t»«t 

uiiw* Jini) l'ui>' vmiI> III) 

'•r tluil 
Itl*^ \r;u mr \T «!"■* Wilt* 

tMritlit. • IM. iwir* m noffllitr"- (In- l)r-« [•l.lltl» lui* IWI,ll> 

ymr M ttatlfni III*' w.mi«i lji»l 
Minxm liw' l<:ii»k* Mad l» 
M-T»in'W«' lit I'M' ilk <i|wi> (>iwrl 
«nl il ihwy turn' Iwty liN)' 
r«mJ»» prwtM'K Him* «*«* « 

• "iriiiii t>«:k fur ilW' Hiiab » 
,.,,,t >f.iri t»»*o( «'iw»f, \'»l 
Wi>i«lf>n', »IM tiM 'nw (MM) 
taut* »< «»» hrwiiwl «i|k«: 

u IwmI' itn.^;-- , '( r' ' ■ 
<•««» mi:- ■ i't'-i- 

•itlUfWl tn tte' ito'»li'» ofwwf 

air"» .•iBiiitm 9m •an 

iiimlRlnlwwkn*',"' •»") 
. ..I' "Slir it'ally »iHit'« ••■• 

liMy tif II 

iiglirwisfw. »tir i»tfti» «P «> I"' "• 
»iichii»||, tmh m\ ilM»» ■rr 
mce mwlata* <iw) I htijn- thi- 
iMlMWt fiUy wilti il» name 
tlMfCtttiVMIMl *' 

It III* 'ta« ii»r liiriJCT 
MurtiMl KiBli»»iik«'-. ■«»•-» Th? 
Hji»-k» •?» |<Jic«l tiy l.*r Mm 
ItiiK, •l» iwwm) 111 I» |«int» •<> 
IriMt 111 ti-arm. Ate lulling 
iiMibli! I«gun>» *m Wi'iilnrr 
Ml 'i>wl inwrtl K»ll>y 
^ ,,itor wh*i 'lltuwp*"! in H,„ * 
!ln-j »ui'>' ■ ■ ' '' ' ' ' '■ 

KlKS-MH' '** 

I'llirnilr i 
Trtirfem"! liJi» nt'Btlj' b"".' 
!ir;im ■ " V#l ' Wrtilti*'. 

I ., ; iirHWTil.wgn 

,..iir up vtit 

Hd Tr»i'liner t)r tnuR 

ucll M«d Tr»i'liner 

uihi-r vurlrr* Iwitntw 
Hi-iiliwr I'liiriKlw nmrt Hinie 
an» Kan-n Iw-M*** * trtmfrr 
Irum Wrtt V irglm* <ind Marj 
McTrtttur jficlticr rfluriMfi' 
If 'i.i'l 

' 'Vhlnmakr 
trtp! I'c'inniiuii'W" »i>"Ul<l J» Vi* 
v^i'Kiiwf, ami Miirj Aim Ijireran 

'.'jrtti on the 
(. ,)rm"«l im 

■ jnlrwIM* 

irMim Bill 

IM* louKh ' runkrd N" v m Ihi 
itutMin lasi M-jivnn .idliel. 
ilJiiMii Viilli'v K'«'h \.<n»'> '""• 

nil KIMMi " 

Thf-HawkN imii'iiii >l ihf.v ;irr 
Uir n'al «l>fii tlwv l«k» itw' 
."urt .it.Mnvl KcHk Vjllry, 
•Ai'<lrn->.d«> .It (himc, bldg M al 

(, 111 ; S«' K-il 

rh<-. iMivmif 

\ :.n ..! '. 

llH'WolIlrnKllU'i! ■ 

wivk SiHuiUn.f itmciiiim ii> Iwvi- 
„i ri-mnirh viith KlKw Ih™ ir 

Women's gymnasfic vaults into action 

ft, .«.•»• H ^M 

WMIWfl ■ 


r(i!iil*rliiin ti t*lt M ■""• 
«»i-)!l»itng, i» »tiirliit(t 'Hil on .» 
(iiiuiiv* «*■ ••>• il««' ••■(WW 




miiftl mm: t-. i."U.! ,MiiJ( 

Wteiimi rmlkp-, .»!■ bklif, M 
Tl<» ta«« *•*' ««'' *»■' '» 
ilHtwwl itiir to liM-k 111 MimlWB 
Ml* tM* <»l! • P<»<* "• |«««1w 
Ml ■ I 

r tiMBi ha» Ihr iw:* 

IN" w\»r' '■ ■'■■^ 

WIrwf I;,n' K ■! 'I. ■ ■ "<■•"'• 

uiiinr. ttwir pr-i !' ' 

tlHtr riMtuin 

OmiiiH back lo ft* i«««i i* 

Iterl- t'lilv-ri- .,.1.1 ■' •• .'. 

„>;;... i h- •(■:>■ '.- 

liriiiK ih*r (inrvm (Mrnllel Iwrf 
md iwittklii!. 
•'Ilarh » ■•n mrttvufugil lia< 

('f"Wll> ifTip*"'^ * '■■ 

tlnrli,'. ' 

..,r....o,:.i.v ....... I-. i;rf 

nmkr Ihr Ifcmta t, onh-n^ri lor 
ll»i>' Ml" IrMr .»•( ti"i»-f(,ill'i t'l-t 
111 I He f»U«» ..■ 
Kil.tH Hl»kr 

iTfsliiiKin Miict Hi-tti IJIat-k. 

vttftMr «.■<•...„) '.. 

, .]!■ 

wCMi \l'- /f'Ur'irr >«>% *4 an 

armiiiii U- 

Txrfllciiil livimw*! Mf K tack is 

Mwl n: 

'■•1 havr 

■..-f. .trmtj: "• II* n<"<i--eii jod 


. .N.,.- ,,.^ 

'.-.>;'' ' .::<!•, (''urla aiMilIm' 


i:'*",fiN,,,; M tw'= rn'm|w'''ing' in 




llMliiMi •i»" ""•'" 

dllllllllll mm taiTii" 

flTlllllllPII .mki* iHit ■■; 

,,^ (h, .;,,' " ■■"■'•. ....,'.w. .1.111 her ,»i.rtoett» itnt-M- .,ii wip *m-i> wn- iTOjn..^ v 

Basketball romps past Thornton 97-60 

• ii.^. ii.m.i.».. ■it.u ia.u ilKF lusrtnif. uiimmii WW "»" ... ,.,.„._■— .-,... «.. 

M>.(»<ia>tii(» tfi \r'f: 
ihf I lip pliice itrl 
' .iiii'ing 10 mi'liDiHl* 

tlTJ .111 

hy M>t Kl >l >k 

ItoriPf ta'ikjftliay C'Meli 
RiiaiiT IIwUiiM: wlut ht'» lifct) 
taikuig lor 

il«cM.illil. (lie ImI M'lifWMill' 
Mm htm toailiiiii. im Hs Imhi to 
fiW. ImgirllMv • full K) iiitnuia irf 
iMtiflMl. Ill llw ini»i lite 
lliwk> wtiif j*Hli«l lij' 11* 
«ittitst«UT thcT fiwM '!)'»y "» 
Ijr»t '■■ ,■■•.• 

Woll Ih .'V..1I .1 

c«m.IilHf .■•■!■■■ .; ■ ' 
tlUliriliili ruJIrKr Tti- 

|Kll Hmtfter l>l«l,'1.IW<>»ink . 

liflil man ii> man iMauc lu 

rwl Ihi' BllllttaP' m-m. M: 
HnttWiiii m"!" "« Hirrp«T''» 
lioirw fl 

Tti.i> • . 

tMli<»ti(!l«;i:i:,irt!(; t.n,-.t-i»H-f irii» 
mm <iur tunc iiiniF lo lar. ' Mill 
BifrMnl'* -' '»<•'■ "'•■ H««k» 

upprt'i" "■• ''■ - 1' ;" '»*"* 

o'wri'rjT.',. . 1 .... ..I..' •( ■■"vwill 

y. .t: h.l"»! It-ll VIHO (»lM» 
'In, ■; . ■■ MTic-r *ta ttal *• 

.inlnit iht liMfil* 


li'ail ■ 


.»» lumpial' In • »■!• 

m miiiitiiKf ftmwnitimi 

•II tlir i»mt Ml 'OH' tto' iKd ta'Ml 
.it Ri* D««!ini' i:mi»«>i' ptm*4 
m II (i Wi laim* lii# li (mnta. 
UIMIt •'IMM Iron iMtli nut** al 

Wrest/ers beot Wright 

._......^. 1.^. dub ..«» iiwo 'htfHii llllup m4 him «toi 

ihv huriinr. miiotiiiii milf t*< 
Thr rian'k" look (i "»»■» 

, : : ■ . . I ' I r«:(* 

..:-.,. . .i'lS 

PllU.ii .... i i .. I •'L"..-- ■■.-i.I '«« 
PMtll:- ..(..ri'i' ;,,i::':t :'I" tt» 

hn-lM-Triiom -if ■• 
With H.rtr|,M'i "if 

glKlie ■ jokw, <.!-■' "1 xaa 

■l)lfw<4 III «l) trri'ly .inil Ihi- 
kUlM lii« kept |>iuri>it! n i>n In a 
■iMrj ■ ..If 

'pIV'A . .1' 

a'We»<ini|. n. (wr rm. 

Iiru iMt' *tK'(*'- nr* 
to' «>l:li<«* tiall Hai'(><' 

:|Cl <.|ll'fl|ltlll'.nit ill tlv 

Ml. lianciiitl iii.:m) im^i- 
itefiml wmimilanil iiMf gafiw 

m nuikc .|l il IJItlKlWr 

Ik Ihr (Nisi wf're iHiiutlly 
le»in(;,(!('Hl.|ltllti""' ' *■"» 
•mrrtiJl' they iiii.|#l-' 
liicrnl i'h» tittwiii 
.itiWittMlll. «:l»iw;'li .J«i' K.'i..^k'. *><,: 
m* iHf tadi w»rhinR tn »twr> 

.iihwl «► '■•■ '■'■■■'^' "'•■■"■•' 


Inck .Hi. ' ■ .. 

Ihlnn 'liir '(M^ ||^>^» t.lii.i^ III.' ^^ 
kMikMl' •• *ut> '" 

I'ta'rjUfr had five (dMyiTs hitting 
Aiubledisit-^ Iiin-M-y Ird with 

IW l'l:i?:il. l.i;...(ir.i Ihi" niuhl 

I.'jp^/ i.-mW With H and l>;i'. 
iirawn i-amr «ifl tliif tiench ' 

;,( ^. ti, , '■•' I'll llii'ir nt"Xl tune 
ii.iulc IS MiHfnry Thursdj> 
.11 ; .III |j 111 



.riMi Weber ^td' it INSII whtil 
to «>iiiiiieii«.i!d m tht Htrjwr 
wrcciUnt •*«"• »" «"" "*'*" 

Wriglll Ci»l.l*fif ol' ChKlUB 
•Ttmrnth. t »ink thut i.h.l» 
win can hart u» more ih*n it can 
lwt|) in Mlrr iill Vi'ntfit hn» 
w«¥»r l»iiB kmwn iii ta»» • 
[■'•'trtanK •Iwil 'I (nnx" '«' 
'wrwHim Th» last thinit *•' 
tmtd niM' ■> II tnf hnd itotnd 
alto Ihr imrngf mwi "«■»' 
MMik. Il't. gmiii III iM> hard 
enM|.|!.n. witlmul M W'litlt 
c«ick,(' " 

Whnhef Ihi-y jn' c«'k) ar mil 
l;lw Hawkt »liil ilnwcrvr ii lltth* 
t-rtAi l« laM wwk'i n:i.|ii.|i «'»r 
'Wri(|W .M"k«- 1.*"'''""* ««arl«i. Ih* 
iiMwt tun tm a sour nmc f« itir 
'Itawki. *hiri> li« i»n»t«|>Kl .> 
nuiiir ikciHiin H) tii» WnnW 
■ifwunciii. but .lay Kvano mmw 
mailr rcwyiitw h>rit« abiiul ih«f 
•ptn'tnc m,alct>. whm •»•■ pmmit 
hM romiwtttiir IB the pwiind' 

Nmi. Hiwranl .t«fivli aMI 
PmI (•ak«**l>e nuKi* hrwf 
•Moranca l«i racMvt fiwf *l'l» 
liMin il «a> [Mn Wvtifr i* iiIhw 
ta WntIM apiwiMiit what hv 
•■■ iM<lt of It tnafc WHMT tivr 
niMlla la gx ■(•rl«l hui thtn 
.kt tmmi m tt» pmnr aott 
pmmt ha aMacBiiist wiiti IS 

mtnnib. to m •» ••» ■•«•'' **'** 

Walnii'in <»•• WI.' '" **"'*■ 

Halpirr .f ih'triiii'i.iiH'-' nvtT 
WT'Ulhl with .« ;■ .' *i" 

tth Vnu »«»'* htiiied ta 
HIM iu'lh • third U'lfltr iim 

. K.iri inri"» 
tmM aptllift 

l:i t(iii.|ll twi i:iin 

hi» unmnrM Htckart h 
ivetilv liir J *3':i 
Hi'ia»y»-riBhl Simi Mi;ini.l \ui<l 
ancKilinimaich Wi* ivpmtm 
wmn'l *fcii»tiiin<>d to Mmial'''* 
«lt,gri;»i«' itylif ot » m> 
h» »h:n» a (wrfrclty '|)iac*<l 
right iMHik to Miial'i lonhvwl 
!tlv»l rptallalrdtiy punnmit him 
mihiii Ttir f'w»ii Iwitl mfnut"" l*'i 

H>t him vlniRhl 

tint ihc gra'pplctii nmrt 
ihmiwlvw as»ii»t ih* lurtcit 

riddlrd Hnt M» i»f Triim.i'' 
C'lilhige mice attain Mikr !..•'>> 
»liirt«l Ihe rrMilfh til tin tin- 
Hawk*, l.ut xilh -lilffreril 
nssult*!!-.-.' .!i> ii',t:h 

'ttitt tine .-"inl t"* 

man in ." ' ■'"•''' 

tlitwarll ■ "il 

I .uka'*>k. ■ » 

. .imijlr mmi ■ «"!' 

. -f>»cll« (H.>; ''I' 

Kickarl «»• «r«t ...t. ii".f- m,i>i to 
liirti » Triimati 'nirwIkT di'mti in 
d*'leat lljirprr »i;m Itw <»)*'• 
•Mimt itM»l liy a ;h-« m.»r(iin 

The wiiiail Iill gra(iplcns will 
init»l la KirkfiH'd thif u««k«nd 
lu ciHiiprtc l:n the Boi-k Va.llej- 
r|.|;)r«i t>rr>.ilii'iil mtitjtimuil 


'I •Mck 1 a) 

1 ClItAT LOCATMIXiS *■■■« 


II W. •utMAlx 
lltMCklW tl«t U 
««*lKllN «!•< <• 


•« Mwk B. «l M. 41 

Sports Upcoming 

!' Tlirwfcty '*•«>»'» Ba«krt.t' adui'inist Waiil:w««'- .».u ' '" 

p ni. 
'lAt^irvUx w .mi'-vi - B.i^ic-'i'.ifn iH'ga'ifBt Kdck Vallry tv,<r.r 

'. '; ini p m 

\ Tl>iirrf»> Mm* .itaokt-tlniU i»|i»inii McHipmfy ■• Iwmc ". m 

I pro. 

! Tdui-adny *'«»ii»n'» BaskifHilill ag.-iw»l McKcnry h<ini.i« > 

(I m 

niursday Ikiimrti » GyiiiitasUC* iigalmt Wh«itiiii humr 4 

Saiiirda* W n alin:.IHIllllli USm mm ■ «*»y 


1/2 priet drinks 


everyday wltti 
Lunch Purcfi«»« 

Frtc popcorn 


-,.-_ .. ! 



PrMayi' Sunday* 


FRY «J» 

Cn.iorwt*! 25 

"Hew •<»»*"» ■ 
CWUtrm ti » 




Liv* Action PinlMlls 

I ^ji "¥IM 


HnRk M Fw Mil 

Holiday SfKCial 

Join a S Month Proflram and Receive 2 Extra Montfts 

We otter Supervision m Conditioning weight training 
and Body Building 

IMI iN-Fri ■-! Sat tt-S 

Vol. 13 No. 14 DemriWr 17,1979 

% illiiiin KaiiH-^ llaqM-r Citllfcc \l|E<>tH]tiin an<l KoM>llf Koad^. I'alatiiir. Illinois filMKiT. .U2-.i*>7-.t<HM) 



from tl)f 

f\^: 2 Th* Hmbmggr Bmxmhm- 17. IV7V 


Harperlacks good 
study atmosphere 

WhM-t i% tht best place «or studtfifs lo study at 
H*f per? Ch«»r» In the h»lli, no It's too m))«y Tables 
M ttM> catirterta, no ttwre's too much mufic Stutfy 
cublclts in the library ; no it's loo quit 

Harper ts lacktng a Mml <|iiltt mclloiM, comforlable 
place to study and mael Miow students 

A practical solwtten to tliis problem I* to set a 
student study area or student union on tlie second 
floor of Bldg A and the present lounge area This area 
doesn' t have to be used for publ ic s|>e«t«ers or lectures 
anymore because ot the new BldRS. I. J and M These 
mm btdas., provide a bigger and better place tn which 
IP Hold these events lo that the Bldg A lounge maybe 
put t« better student use. 

Student moral and student relationships would 
improve with ttw introduction ot « new study area 
Cory couches could be sat upon to study A television 
could be placed in one corner for students to watch in 
between studying The fire place could even be lit up 
In ihe winter to provide some Immediate warmth and 
etMlflitten student study hMH. 

It students had a belter atmoipliefe to study, 
maybe they would get better grades. And maybe if 
there was a better place to "hang out". Harper 

wouldn't seem like such • cold and lonely ptt» tor 
many stutfenls. 

Sfudent plugs sohr energy 


Old - time colleges florish 

«lw iff In the 
Sutei' - art 

II lilt ciwriiy «iKirUigf ii if' 
wrt«M' m MMW pnfilc Mnm In 

m ilMMkl «h-i-Mt« ntm «« 

Ira MlH- wmna Mcr 

m Ha IMM «lficwii. 

d mmtf tf 'SlMibi l# 

Thr MivimMMaail tnd 

i DM adwamliiee •! solar pwcr 
wouHl lar Ihc Im'I ot pwlWlMi' 
TlM> Dtrip mimiif (irstedlKV 
■ml lor fia) gtm* m m at- 
Irwmrl'v pttor imitatMn of 
Mlurr'i l>*«ulllul t-inyon* 
TiMw mun'tniMit hiito»-in4liir- 
grouiKl can II nd tmfut 'tmtm» 
tlKlf' wan (lul imir th» wrtacv 
of Om tmmh. Once «» taw l:t» 
Ciwi «!• fare no (*M<ir, ijininouii 
Mack kmok'r ttut pmir« out «( 
tactoriH aa<t |»t»<rr pliinla 
»Htrt» enar^' pdaw of ll* 
rcmltifteal chatn. On a 
v«m'lnwly rlrar iny. Ukktf a look 
at thtt liiintiMk It'ii r»t iwrr U» 

ili|iiwr«: «>ur rj-rs are imM 

(k>c«iti:ii|| «, tlal M a tmne of' 
tsriMii tariiHI Ikt tky IfcavM 
Mp m m mlir pmtm., 

NtK-lemr «i«rsj tirtngK m lh« 
cwslmnt Irar «l rMllalMi teak* 
itiMl mpltdowM. a iiMdInt 
dangn m tnday '* >ooel) ill Ihe 
I r»le at) oJ (IMSH" small 
into the Hi' 
t cmikl tern Ihe ■ hunui n 
nee iDM a bmtk al (tnc* 
iitiitiifitK. it «• tunrlw at all 
Til* iMiclear it nil* problem 
eannol Ik witved. what can he 
Otrnn w-itit Minettiuif which 
iMIi at leatt (we hundriMi 
nMmet" Willi our lormtr hcsl 
(rtaMl, oil. Iherv lias iw bo^. 

AI«Hig villi Uui harrlbte 

piUMtNm thore la aimltor (Ml M 
MMMtT'. atailabilily Our 'Ml 

MpiMy laiV laat al fbe mntl,. 
i»*tBly-fi*« year*, miclear fiitl 
wilt dliMiitmr in twenty, aiat 
our raal nmilT li' ytrbaiia fiw 
hundrvd. when ai enttiy (nun 
the ma i» virtually limitleai. 

tiraitted. Iki- 'btfimingtliica 
tit (III* swttch-iwer will be ei- 
pMtlve and will retiiilre «ini« 
••H-aacrtftce The unvrrnmetH 
cauldtki mure mm bj laktni the 
hulk al (he llMimMal n»fm' 
liMUly For eiampJe. ctmi 
puHmi in lh« enrly '«<» were 
'Munc mrt al drtsam to hav* in 
nne'thtime. but bv the midilla o( 
the ICfc. 41 la relatively ine» 
pemtve to (lurehaae one al the 
kK-at Kadio Shack Thi* chanfr 
in (Vice and avatlabilily wai. 
due la SJA.SA aiid the Pr»je«t 
Ai|«illu Space Pro«ram The' 
lB»«eTnmienl spurt billions («• 
mmiiutm. iranaiftan. and Ibt 
M-coni'panyine teclinokicy . >n a 
riai:ndalHiul way It was sub 
<idiiln8 lb* inikialry Today, if 
ill) n»w kml, itaw and fwlem) 
(iftijecb were requirfd lo in 
cliiilv wibr [Kwrr. thr iiv 
creaMNl {iratiiii-tiitn would, mvaa 
ihe|jn*'ale nluen wiw-ld l» »Me 
10 altord this within yearc 
tlarirr lotleKe's «Kif* Mwm 
idrallj *uit«l for Ihe m 
•talliit'ioii u( sobr poww II a 
jinni student iaculty mwenienl 
I* ttarted and Ihe ad 
mintslralwii doesn't draft ill 
Iwl, Harper muW rely i«n Ihr 
iiM' lor purl of tte en^rf y i 

My opinion ts thai Ihe 
.ImiTican publw ts fed u|> 
with oi) shortages, nuclear 
itrmontlralion* and other 
energy related incidenrej 
I Small oil rich couMriea die 

line In ' 

Mil ) 

'»■' a«i hww our wononty 
lit 'rw.» flact Ikrt* 

to alMad Uw mAUm 

prsetifiai'a collegat In tbe 

US. tiMiend of 

doier la I 

l.««it Solomon, who co- 
authored the study which 
diicovvrad tbe mod f or tlic L« 
Aagalaa • based Higher 
Eduealkm RnMarcfa Inaotula. 
boitni it down to: "What wc are 
■eaUng is more peafric in Uw 
Wtet hMkint aaat. and ttiw 
In Um Ian' 

way 10 meter Ibt tun. tht 
burden falls in ui 'lo 'Ml Ihe 
Kiiwriimaii whafwe wiani dant 
with our tut Mhri, Tilt aaantr 
thal wlar cner|y la Miwlucad 
Ihe sooner we. as well as tht 
rcil al tht work), can reap m tht 
iMHwAls of solar power Solar 
energy tin i something lo 
pon*r. It's htre and we should 
do d. tiaw' 


Cost of 
dating rises 

I 're ■ Tw'untf*** fmtn afo 

you cmiWI lake a dote <n a 
movie, all inr»,prn»jvr (linncr 
and thun out lor a drink or i»» 
aati a llltk> itemlin tot about mil K«.y I>f»ot. a N«« 

\'.irli invfilinenl slraif((iti 

«*rn» thill thi- wmr dale nuid 

cost m niui-ta as SCI. 

I iiB't sure «tay high* 
im aiutala have 
been migrating to eaalarn 
collcgea Ukt Bryn Mawr, Vale, 
OartinouUi, Ciilninbla. and 
Prlmwloa In grentar numbtni 
tUaatinly. adilEh btco-auDiorml 

with AjMuadir W. 
cMKlisMiy ilimi dMt Mne sf 
the Waft's more prtsUgioui 
icbMli - Slanikird, Read, and 
PomoDa -- are no longer 
meobaiaad ainaag tta bip tan 
ctaokM of tbaat who scate 
highaat on atandardtiad taM. 
When raw numbers of Mgb- 
icoring studtnu are compared. 
Solomon aaya -iargar io- 
ttlbitkiai nidi at Staatad md 
Duke rank ffliKh I 

Aa aapactad. the SotoOMO- 
AabD iMr but esetted a kH of 

nalnlstratan. They point out 
tliat last scoraa art nat tbe aniy 
oUacta weighed In a eoUafla'a 

deciiiBn lo admU or reject aa 

Ammting to IMlar Srw'S 
.Si'n'KT. f'ltt'Ot tas «"«amin«l 
Ihe ■d(>'rra:"li,rlinK pri<-r <il illninf 
oul, imnie ttuMtcr (h'Ik-Is 
mtiinale lunvh.-. .ii li.ilmri 
miaurinfB ,in<t ,'vk!,,i;-, m 
fa.M"v reslaurui-' 
pa,redhi» finding: '- 
rf tht' same aclinu«-> .;.i w»r>. 

,t>«f*-or itis«-over«>d that while 
Ihe cost <* livmis has «'»«■ up 171 
perrtmt wnee ISM. "Ihe i-lbI (.«I 
tovinjt' ' ■ ■ his itrm lor the c«l o( 
<,-ounin« or dating huk rtiten al 
twice that rate, or *I0 percent 






Wendy Winfcelhakc 

Photo EdUor......... 


Aaal PbotoBdltor.... 

Scott MckiOlB 

I'artooflial. ......,.,, 

Sieve Moakal 

.rindv Caravello 

Otalnbution Mlor. . 



Dorolhv Pirovano 


, I^ni-ynnGuy, 

Vincent Surtk). 

Joe Kuiak. Rich Henqumet. 

Pete Wicklund. Nora Norton. 

JuM Re#y. Mike Simkus. Mike Bambacfa 

The HAR«ISC;ER it tbt student publication for tht Harper 
College campw community, published weekly exctiit during 

lioUdays and final eaama. All apkuorn fsprcaaed are ihose of the 
» rner'and not naceaaarily tboae Of (be coUege. 1U adminiatration. 
faculty or stintoM body, AdtertMng and copy dewllint ii noon 
Timday and copy It lubjMt to edltli« All letters to-the-Edilor 
must be atgned. names «ri)l be withheid upon request For ad- 
vertuiing ralca, call or wnle HARBlNtiER. William Ralnty 
Harper College. Algonquin and Roselle Roads. Palatuie. til . 
mm tnwne m-am. aa. ui. 

D^-emlM-r 17. I'K't The fhuhtnfser I'ofge 3 

Siudenf poll shows Carter handling crisis well 

ii« iwiK ii*m-iiii 

III a m*ttl pnti '*'>•'" '» 
t-aiii|;iu* ►•> tttt H!>il»int«r. 
Harper »«wte»li tlwwrt m 
.ivrrwft»ttm»H »»"i»t»<wi !« 

Fr»*(*-ni I arUT » iftlimi 

(imrrrmni If"- f>»>» >" '■■»" 

fSimj'.ll** i*r«iil m '*• 

nmfcwlt H"*** ••'" "*' **■'''"' 
«■• UaMltimW »!*•■ MtwlWl* •• 
•rtHO at CBlM «» «1H»«l«t. while 
.mlj I* per •.»• H* *»< <'-»rtfT 
»• *im ■ !«•"»■ )«*. *«i* I*'' 
«m lit the •(iKlimto pnlW "tw 
Tii,> riir«lii'M=» ■''* "" 

i:,,,.nt 4;»tlll|l' I'HU «*« "•"•* 

SMcnil iii*li« «•• »"tirf*»«l 
with «:'«r»rr"» »i€Imw» *'l»« i* 
lier c«l !rt •*• *» ■"•• *>•"• * 
ipaul |i>*» '•'I* V **"' "* '*"'•* 
UnlM m llw ti«lHi|i foil •Ti' 

IlKllfft*''' . ,, 

IK th'Hw (iitW tn !»■ Har 
hinurr («ll, M (■■«' <"W **'"' 
...|*,iini*tH- ttal «t«' ('mlaiCH 
Wm hM m l»n itotil«t ►»■ 
rrliirneil unhartnrcl r-wu 
ihrrr twf <■<'■>' ••• 'll''"' |«>W«l 
11-11 thai ttn" huiii.iitr". wiwltl nut 

Iw rriu.n«-^' ■'■■ - ' ■ •'■ '•"" '"'" 

•ntf tallii'" 

IHWIIM-nn'Ilt Itlt It <Nr lH»t,.er. 

.„,,„ .,,-,.,,.n,.rt 'In ifcalh Tli» 

truvw «il»«> VMt imwuhllty Itet 
tta 'iKiHimW' roM rriiwHi w 
Iran (4«r m n*l»H» l»rl<i«» <>< 


i'iM>> thmitlnl rotWitry lm» 
wm'iM te W'«l ultimiiWlv m -«* t" n»'i itM" *«"•' 



•ml "1 

r»:*r 1 VI 

Arizona moves to ban Iranians 

cdilj' iliirt>'-n» pK f«it «»l ibM* 
f»IM M\ ilial miltl*ry wtiM 
ttluiuM l» iisrt while M |irr mA 
itMl ttn» M» mltitttrj lorre at 
IHfliiB iwcnaary 

Sludi'iils Wire 1h#n asknJ hii»' 
ih..., u.«ii.l r.-jci if an I'll «" 

'r| ■.tlWltU'f 

Thirty per Mtrt «( IIwm! »«*«1 
mpmidcd ital they Mt thr 

nhah nhcmlrt Iw rrturn«t to Iran 
Twrnly «'ikM l»r cent 
nspnndpri ihai tht- >ihii(i should 
tie wnl >om<-« hrri' oulsuli' Ihi* 
V S Ntnclwn («t rriil (ell that 
(hf >.h,ih sliDulrf h<> krpt hen? «n 
ih.' I s ^lulr ivtrnty \v,o prr 

. . . ,. li .1. .■ ihf <)<'< IMdIl shiHlkl 


. ..ill oi viu<l<*nls 

■ 'Ti:' 

■ llllr 

..l ilrfipiM'ii 

I rs "Tl» hiU • fWf wiij «• 

MiHirii <'«it' fl»linp •*"* the 
. ,,■, th.-i ■«• WJiltHi, inir pwi|*r 

nlrinta;«l IB thi- 
\ui<t'i,i ^t*t« H«i« »l 

(iMMnl. In* Ihuiit raiMT tultlM 

m Iranioh ■•imfcaU* »* *'• 

teha* M' nlMMt tM.IIM p' 

»eitt«»ter Bill •|M»or .(m» 

CM|Mr 4wl»r«<l, ••*«'»» ,)"l 

tMliHC P««l>l« *«W'" ^ ,. 
- ^ - - whm etatri lh#' 


ih# (■II 

iigiiawrt io tpprme itm 

tjffm tiMtuMi bill, (hoith. Iw 

Front c»vBr by 
Steve Mosk'al 

ti\mm»i«i«i«i*' iwhwrf *<* 
lull h«. • w. "« •••I'"""' 
talis lot allUt^ <■'"""■ 

. .,,:,i; l|( UNI trust" •*"'«• 

. I rtgW «»•■ '■ 

; :., ',,11 WOtoM Chlll'l* 

IniiMii* '" ^ '"■;.■!■■ 1 -'.. ■' 
•Mtumlt II .•."•" I."'! ' '•■"''' '' 
Mr ■ni!iii«in« 'ih'w ii'*""*"' 
farr^tiH, tto »l»«*rt h«4 fil' II 

'"Jtt. WiUlll •'•«■• l»l«K»i 

(shurp* fli ti'iir* ll*» !•.•»■ 
per yrm 

"I (htnk thv ftiidat Indj It 
clow w» >» i>m«nl afmtiiit th» 
IrvitMiis hniHi h«r».,*' K«l|* 
Siavi'lc, |>r>»i<lci>l <>( Chat- 
lAhooehic Valley ( nmiminity 
Colltit IB Pt>o«i»i» cny. 
AJatwn*. MM CW 

trwnlKn i 
I* wiWef <iil«r»r »i the ».«»■ 
iHMiMit c«i«lii». Hwr* «« '* 
IraiMans enritUtd (or lall 


.,,..tM-<t .iriil 

.jfitw hmv 
,„..« ..,.1....... ,ro» •ititrr 


VhUil* tht *m m l»h«i» 
hiafth'l iKillwffled fhsHtohwushte p 
niMtw l# •v<M trtMibl*. either. 
'•Jtwf put « a rtemmiitriitMiii 

Ihtm "ft < »mpiii That gas. lor 

Americati* i>r Iraniant ' 

Saviiie »»>» the only reasum 
he reitmded the ban «»» 
hrr»mt the Slate Depl warned 
hiin u could be an impetua to 
oUmt CDtlcneo •" ''<" Ignited 
Slalei to l»llo« »""■ •""* 
Uicraliy aaicl nwre ihun ».<m 
Iranian $tudent« ' U that 
hamwned. negotiations »ith 
Inn canM he inhihalet) 




\tr VI .1*1 III! 
Prrti-i.-ti « til> \"- I""""" 

For mtn. womtn * chlMrvn 

.1^^ ii m III I ' 

A^p#liitniMil Pi^t .AlWBVi 

h.iri.k\i.i'«.wi luur 

.'lit tit a'tlKkHtli 

.....*. ^t.....'i^i^i^ 


lltll.'.' ,..' 

ii.<iukl Ii- 1'*' 

mim-i in Itif 

Colleges getting more 
aid from big business 

trs College* and 

tmiveriiity tooti in a record 13 04 
htllion in prtvate tantrlbuUani 
m ttf7«. «<-cordlng In llM Ctmncil 
for Kinancial Aid IW EdWSlHlll 
CFAE. <><ime no ihUHmi of 
ihe total rjMif tram cflrponlc 

Tbe tnercatet in both 
calegonca were m line with 
eollegci' intemiided fund- 
raiiinii among prtuale aaurees 
Md with hardening buiincia 
■Itiludes altoul supporlinf 
college programs Many 
Rtlleges have nmn to (Sepend 
mnre on buainew (unding 
MMTces that are not. acwrding 
to theory, nrt»je«:t to the t«< 
fulttng whim* of »tate 
legi»Jfltor» and lh# lederal 

But the amount << porpocmle 

mvottiienl m academui ia alio 
dependent <m jwhtic eveni*. Tlie 
fTAE iKilei m IW report that 
■the loture growOi d vohmUry 
»up(x>rt I* kn» itapindent on 
dfvrlopnienti tn higher 
education UwH tiMn it w on tte 
ceonomlc health «( the nation at 
large " 

Boaion's CwinniiUee lor 
Cofi»or»w Snwsrt of Pri»»te 

(.inhnmliiM nImmnI • ^-^ »> 
June alKMring thai a majority of 
bisinMi* eiwaitiveii favBr in- 
rreasing tJie amounts of money 
corporations give higher 
educaUon. while decrcaainf the 
percewuge of funds provided by 
die IMeral government 

One iwmon for the corporate 
wiiliiwicia to cootrihute may 
be Uinl TS percent of Uie 
executives interviewed 
resented the "liberal itenl" of 
moat college program*, and 
laid academtci were too 
critical of tausineas 

James Mooney, editor of 
runndallafl News here, at- 
tributes the corporate 
generecity to awarenwa of me 
raing coatB of coUege The 
higher education price indes 
rt»e IS perwnt last year, and 
Muoney potnts out that many 
executivec have chlldreo in 
rallege who must pay for it. 
Meverthetaas. Maooey cwjtiaai. 
"We're ireating Oie cjnnpUaM. 
not the diMaie." 

The level of private (undiBg. 
Mtording to CFAE, has now 
raach'.U :hc poml at which each 
coUige student in ICT ww 
aukaMtwd by about BIO in 


I'mrr I Tli# IfiirAMpir Ihmmtm' IT, i**7** 



Hsniwr'* Camfxa MlllBliir 
wtl) tw 4 liniiliMf caraHnv at *■ 
JuavfA't Mmm lot ttie AlM •* 

9iu>ili>.v. li«c. a M a D'.in "Ml 
an mviitid 
■-Mall* IM« OvW 

a laiw *** '■■'' 

<• iittti miTMivaik ani 
a frwMl." Mifet HtnlMi 

iili l)» ConWiiWit E<liir»lMio 
AtllBiKiUinii »MfM» »i »»» ♦"*- 
<in « »1. Mom*! thraugh 
Thurwiiiy » l* am «> • l»"> 
ami rmlay. I l> am t« 4 M 

Inrmalion will hr prnvldrd 

<:«.«»eer'ii(iif tl»» rral «tale 
tNj»iM» ami minr* at-aila'Mr 
•I llariwr 

r«- a*lliiMiial nrfnruiatioii 

ami m rt|»iJtr. rail eil »W. 111. 


S Airffnes Hosfoge 




Real Estate 

TKt liwvar CMWr tve itaal 

wm (flwiw. 'Tilt '"Apart"' 
II iiaiim iiiin far cnrami' ' 




or Ml 

Educatnn if «i(l«rin( a 

Eiiitorint Alriiiw 
M Tucuday tvanimp 
Mm. IS (ram : w » 
RcgitiratlM tor rwn 

MtacsltM i-taaw* >* now 

awl ■■III cMiHnu* 

lli« I'lril wrrk nl 

tMliillian. W- 

adttltHnal inliiniiatlw 

ngMer call ml 4ti>. 4'l>> 

Jam »Hr«oiTlo«!lllpn> ml. 

IIS ami •III «™i Martti « Ttw 
'Apurtmrnt l*aiii»« C'mn 
wltant c«in» will tasfim ■» 
HaKk l« (iwi I to • <i o m ■»• 

'Unit' Mi mil fMd' ««< May *- 


1"l'» ItaifW' iMf *«ail Ertalr 
Krfiit-jilJan m iill«rii»|i a (fw 
jMniimar enWW -EreryllMiii 
AbMM Kmal 'Katmte" in KM Jan . 
W' iMiiu M.'Sl 10 •:.» p'm Im- 

Harper graduate 
writes touring 
children's play 

In Nt>H A \»R'rrw 

This y«i'\ IhU'tw prm'h" 
IMmlnrcltiWnfn. -"Tin" AHi/. 
'laanliM <■( l-jiiKUc How" '- 
iirimwt play tijr l-a'try 
\«ii|i«M'l. «' Uafptr 'iimdiiiW' 
I nifin' <foNl t*l*y* ''■* tt* 
'.'iviiWrrB'* llMM'ltr," IW' iui.i<l' 
tivcauw vAi. can uic mm* nl 
jiiur uaglMtMi'.. " 

atMNffli liavt a iluri: at 
iMilhM apui awl mutt wikwi 
an<l titvBh"»m«i'i '■ar dw th*)' 
will be Iximl." t» said. 

IB 'ilM» j>l»> thew aw mwimit 
tini'R whv'it: ilwr rMldrtn. m. ttm 
amkrnct an aiihMl' In pr- 

tbtr %tmy rwvalvta •muMi a 
!>(>'} iiamwd ilanill* wliaae 
parMilit »i'iil Mm to pm* ii|t 
and. ac'cvpl KcpmaOMity 

fisndl* If iMtt a ianwr (rlmd 
ummti Fiwitw rrau'fc who 
>>iiaa**t* nnnit tar a ftanlm 
mauW: tM- )ii»l Itw' litinK. and 
Kf'«l>f Nandk .wnwf '■ipKial 
watli". «hit* Iwiiiw walltwi., 
lalhifii ve|{rtal»l« 

T«i» noK'v i»riKt»hiif» «« III* 
crDPtati'ln and Iwnt (M 
wimwnr' *li«» will. I» a »*»«><■ 
111 vcriify 'wlMil llary i**' 

A v>' ttncw MMMl Al '!!» Ai<mt 
IS i'Oii(»«l 'acluall* Fiinttrr 
I'ranit hi ifcK.ui»t" i «•!» wt% tlw 
t«f H.ah)(it walkinn anri lalking 
jiml tric'lu Riiiidlr inio »iiltiiiig a 
cnnlrart ('nmg up hts fts»it« tn 


ihr vagiFlaiU* 

A I itartt lit iMkir th<r 

V'cffiitaUni away. 'Iiiit ftaiidk) 

■/.. itirm ami to a lui'Ol'Var. 

■'tirtaUn' natt Mr pulM 

■ "'liiltmi Iht-ni llfctoB 

A» a rffitilt Al Itan' up thr 
(wM.nKl. aiMl. laiavn, aitviunc 
RaiMiii i:|M.I te itouM Ix- t-arrful 
alMuM what hr stgnt in thr 

Bamdl'e aitmrts hii» miitji'ke 
and accnt* Ulf n»p«imi(nlll> 
(or wOal ha'ppenfd willi the 

Thr luteal nl the st»ir> » "I* 
rar<?riil wlia'l ynu iiftri." siid 

■•I dtn'l' haw had iniy» tit 

(iltatiis in ny tlurUB', hi> aa'ld 

"t prefw ha'ViitM Kime mnnit 
patnloil tiut ' 

Bwlwr the play fae« <m 'liiut lit 
the l»al ek"nwnt.ary nrfmitk. 
(herr will la- two nhimmBs at 
Harper. WMinnday at II am 
and I p m. 

AtthiaiKti ildiywrilMIII ■* km. 
majftr mlrnsi MtfadaM it alw 
iii'mived' in acting aiid Arw- 

Mr rewmt)' 'fini»h«"d d>r«"lin(( 
Ihrdrmiita ■■i»tay It Again Sa'm" 
hy *'«)dj Allen »iih t.hi> rrij- 
langle Theatrr (iroup and 
tartan'' thai In- i>l.n«i ihr ivitl tif 
ItiWy Bil*i'- "'' 

the l"urh(»" 

Nl.'(K»t«l(l!- '" ,.ui.-iul 

( •ilumtii,! < ollede rn rhn:.i({u in 
J.'l.iii.irv icMl'>ti!iii 'tint* iM.rk 

f lirtminai ear* 'may he tmH 
t» the Araenun holafa In 
Iran al the Mlowing addMti 

vs BmiiaMir 
urn lafclMt Jumilim Ave, 
Tttaran. Iran 

t tmi$: rank 
any potilK-al 

t /, 



^he Salesians «f St J^iiMOO «• • ntlifom order of 
Catholic men dedicated to helping underprivileged youth. 
We're looking (or a few strong men to seive as priests and 
Ijrothers in youth centers, parishes, trade schools, camps,^ 
prep schools and foreign missions, wherever ^ ^ '' 

needy young people are found. ^■^'' 

Salesians; signs and Ijearers of ^^^^ 

Gods towt for the young. ^ -- ^'' '■■ ''"^I^rfS*^ 


... ^-jV** ■ ■■ 

lirnvrnhfr 17. f«r<* The Hmhitifter Paf(i> 5 

Campus energy costs on steady upswing 


> TM iin't ttir iMsl «l 
tor iiiliyittcai plMI 

TtMiw nttiMfCfS mn M by 
mm rw> Kmpp. •'No iMMk Ihr 
iMiUkt%-Miiii«d< taMCMion <tf 
PlilMM f Imi: nmm^ of 

who IS, flttlnal)'' CIMKtllll.. >•«• 

TWrf i» n ipem«»»d«>u» 
biirilrii on .intijraU»n»}i 
iMililM rtKJU. mm." IMT u» 
itonlMint Knapit iMtliaMllaillli 
titkJt <>(! tlW' rmmm «tiy "Widi 
cl»i-ltnin« aimHliifni. dMiiniiit 
••tM)»wioMiil,_ EfA nMMlardi. 

WnrM ytt. Kna|>|i >»■* 
petlxiiKtiiiii to 'I <iu*i>li<i» •MNit 

tntrgy. «hii:h ■ ll» ■ii«»im||«»' 
iMHl inutilMNMie probHrn t* 

llM mmmenl. Ma<M«i»ni wtf» 
atf«ad> gtammng umdar|M(c<t mmty tiat '■•• 
i-MBMs f 'vm tmtftn llw Innlaii 
iMl wfcrfl ttr«»l«li«l » <Jn%-i' 
cwff > pt'Kf rvtm l«|«wi" 

V»»f »4mm»»t.rit'orii. tor 
v*ampir. watthrrf t-»n»pu« 
•ncrgj' tmts Ml: til mttlian tn 
twnra. ■ M pfn-«iii m<;i!M«i> 
mrt liWi, TtMiui(h tlltjt 
'rckiMnMy 'taidiirtcd itmMlmr 
mrrww thi* ywir »i»<t 
lanMiiltciitly KHiWmiiritWf U'« 
nt'illinn III makt camiim 
liu Wimni UMifK 'mmtf •flkiem . 

thc'v h*J' 1*1 l»«iln ' 

break wlttl ■m 

tiMl unlt-erstli' < 

iwr»«) «rne mnnliii » lult U 

luiitKn in<tr tmHtH «ll]i««)f 

¥•!«■• prtiblemt «r»ii"l 
Wlinut TiMr Inrverttlj <it 
CimiitrtictH's ••"«»' c»l» taw 
tncreuMKl t>> »■«;• mlUan pa 
^••r. <t*'>|*i>e ('onMrtKiinn 
nuiMMCi Uul tavr uvi>i} il an 
(•limaMKl M:> milium Thr 
HnivwiHv ol (■■•llfWRiM 
Brrtrin » tryimg lo c«i» *ith 
an fdlimalHl • D««r«>l »■ 
frc»»r in mwr$y e»l» Tli# 
t;ni«TrMt> III Florida |ilaiiM<l 
r<ir Ji .» |M-rrn>l intrraaw. tnil 
tat $iati<m am iikt»»*» rt»rf 1,<> 
m (wrewt, A» o( mid 
Ni>»«milti»r. It was rtof Im 
|«in,HII ift't .in energy tiwlKet 
"If «*« ikm'l itrl apKtai ap- 
■utMnK w ran'ivrl uiliiicd 
isciill)' italunn." ri<irl<la 
Exwuiivr Vicr f r«iidMl John 
Nallffsi wariiBl llw Ftnritto 
.%Mgalar. "Ilienwr ma;v liavr lo 
ctosf *»*« (hr iinnfrtlly ' 

Nalln'*! quickly ijiiamiw ll«' 
remark, taytnii it •«» "•n aff- 
ilie tffllMiC U» h<«<* tlireit." *Ml 
Il it typical til Ih* kiwi «( 
rrwtr«il»ii rolW* »n»r«l' 
■na^iuiffn •« tortlnii l>ie»« 

r««liTml eJlorti til fun* llww 
mill «ri»n«n«rvaM(>ji |>i'n||ra«t 
hju* (>r«»u«hl nitlj' miJiwt. 
resiitta t.m JuJj' 16, Prii.i«lei« 
CarW imfcR*) Uu,t tto ihnr- 
MMtuls in all imMk iMiMnp 
l» lii!|ii, lit 'A drcruMi lit Iht 
nummifr, and m •4iH(»«t„»Btf 
(let I ii vwryum caiimiriM. Il* 
■Milt, iftr t S. »t»lW «« il» oil 
(MMmtiiKMi bj' !SM,l)i» Immfh 
(ler <lii.y 

■W* tovi' h.i<l «IT>. !■■« 
(i#i*|>lip «h'" *»'"«^ uti'ibh" '«' 
itmiilji' i«>it>i tlMt standmrik'''. 
KMpp repmi: m tit uttirr 

ONLY AT ^isser 


1- SOFT 


rnit prtoa Oom not irKiiMl* 
prt3lwsl«m«( aervlcm ani) acsaMorim. 

WEIMER Gin I KKTIFKATE ilirllH thl» c«fll(leat« 

with y«»' 


■ Mr If ifi0is»s nil pv pntei of 

..Nisi.iK VIMll^., 6l.»ii tJ!WH» f-HitM ,\ seutCT 

cii<H'i> or rKARm 
iirrcK v.\i.ii> n% new PKeiKiimMiMi'ONLV 
NO itTH.i:R win«:»i'STs. ,%i«rt.i<,"^ 

Exi»eRieNce soft cowTAcrt 

mcc IN OUR OPPici' 


IHBIT Mm OWTAt-T 1>:S^ » .1 v T I M III s 

CARE nrai;K.iM,!> 

4S»NT«m rail AU. ACO 

■ui'H|/<iiM tfijf ,1 fifcrilPI'fc 

'■nt' ■' min iiiii'jyiiPiii%KiMiir 

«i.Aiwi» rttmn 


» e, t>iilt*» M ll» l»»'«<«n **■ 

i*t«lHI •■>-5«» 

wn lr»nn Wt M 



'#AitlWK i-RAMn 

■i>«,ii:H:iiirTmw mutw 

hand, ii i* dmitiKu) ihai 

t lurtunit 'diW'ti Hwrmwtats • «tU 
,»a*e tmrty " 
TIHTTi wi dnulu tir thw 

mimlal |)r«i(lram has nwakemxl 
»amf reiwiitment amunit ad' 
minwraton ovw yet another 
arva' >il MDveTiimental "tn- 
tert'e'rence"' m univfr-^i'v .ii 

■•Hell no. »e>e i«»l m tliM 
€<«m(>llanfr," i»y Univenitty 
(If iftlahiwnii Physical Plant 
Manager ftirw Masrnn -Waiwn 
uid Ih* I'lm-rrstty tins "a rual 
giiMl" eoni»r*Bl,iiin finigram. 
hul that It i»ti'l like 
WmhlitiliiD's The reuMn is llxit 
the uniwr»ily mm natural rw». 
not oil We could »lni1 the 
imi«rsity do»-n and not save ii 
itri>|> Kit Mil.' ° he exfilalm. He 
fxiKX* "Ijirtl ■rtgMlalnni will 
he on my Imck any»»j " 

CiimP'lyinK wilh Vhw, 
ntjpiliitMMa. tn'ortover. ciwkl 
(•nut Mshooli, a lot III mmtey 
Uwmmity i>t ««i»«m Plant 
.IHftCto* Km .Itintiin \iM the 
I A mark »lu(l<-nl (wprr tl^at 

»«•«• cttiiipu.* Iiukldwei are 

m »aryirig *(!*» awl have 
«heritin*tal» of varying »,[>■ 
.[iltealiiMy. h* tiad w »tm at 
ketsptm «» f»m|:«"» -It an 
t»-if»i*' ■»•*"•« '■ 
"Ttere mm nitl i» 
ttai ha« an ahootuii- M-iimg .it 
7»," (w ».ll<l 

'■-I... .,„,>. i-t^in Ixnrcllt JI xnull 
i>n .111 
ri()«:Tii:ncr"t-'i '•»"-'i* ""» ">tl. 
Imt » rtimplele. •■i«m(iie, wide 
tyMeiB wtMld rii:i*t ■ ' i> «:«it*' d 
ifiLldon (tollari " 

r.1,1 (iurrh»*e il» i-Mitralijed, 
V (> m [III I » r «• i> II t r u lied »e m ■ 
(wnniuretyflem, ihe I'Mlverilty 
u( llr.c..i"'. M.-.-i ti .. iTii'llmn 

umivi-i - ~ 

inth<' i;.>>Irr.. hj-'i-kvpi it 
>'M-m|il I'lH-ratiniuil 

HegulalKUt l,hi?rnH«tuU tiy 
•humil •Wiwtter. can be vwy 
hard nil hi« Mmiiune*. Jay 
Svrnii «>• <•"• I'mvcmlty oJ 
«;i»terad« complain*. "There 
are »« many lHilhli,np and »<> 
lew iwifilc Hut licl a< soon as 
»e llniiti wltint tl» Ut«'- lur « partlciilar leaun. 
Ii ■* time to chanise there again 
He »ay» there are "Wtmlly 
lhmiia<Mli" 111 tlwnniMM* Ml' 
hi* eampuk 

He enl'liiwie* thai a cen' 
tralW'il eiailMil »y»tem ciiuld 
average l«».iwi p«t twUdin*.. 

Tel |ilt,yittnl pteMl. <Mi«lil>n> 
have lew way* o( citlmtlnit 
.hnw wi'irli eillmr (*«l»ral.ty-of 
t«i«i"(W»'lin«lated cnn«erv»ii.iti 
prograim* t*'ill ' 
omlmi 'i.>%i.''iii- ... ,.. . 
theiii-' i-<" to lliree 

Jieuihcrii IHitioi'i tBivitr'*ilv 
at Kdwardnvllle. lor ow. •••. 
'[lerimenlert miMt enerjt) nm 
seevalion m .Vi^'u-ii ntwn it 
thfirfeneil - ui'i'^im-r .*ei.noii 
•'«*» treiB 'IX" '" t'Hif day*. 
Urn 9» iiiiivffvii.v ts «»■ 
•mtf img tr.v ' ' i' '..'■''" tatet in 

tlW »'Cll(M>. .iSlll't'tl 

Pr-OVIWIt t' Hratd 

howevOT. 'H>t.i-s ■ ' I'Mi-re rettly m 
mo preewe nay to prO'W 
uvtiiipi " 

Allinwtlira'Ur* readily oiler 
•sltinate* ot enerftv savings 
liipwrl,ll»(»s» TIte I'nnrniity n« 
Ne« ,>ll'eKK"0 fhii"'-- "- ■■v 
•o-tatnin pnigi.' «: 

l11i'Ki,«» i y«ar 

-:n ^ Il M.V"«1 Ulll.lXa) »> l»7«»-» 

I !»' I 'nivenni'ty «if Alaha,nt« 'nald 
>!> *,umtner. IW» meriy MJ 
fi,iiu> ti.Ki,iiiw IteloM' thewmmer. 
iir* lull 

AAed taiw the Mvingn am 
made. Abhama (Iwince Vice 
Pretiidenl RoImtI » right oil 
ttandcdiy explained. ■Tlwy re 
lurning oul lighls. cutting down 
0(1 the uac <tf air ntiMllliiwrr*. 
andimxll) doing »l«i t\ir\ can 
do Iheroaelvesi " 

l)'e->ipile the hand-wriiiglng 
tuid financial risk.'!. »iK'h *'■ 
liirmal measrire* «'eiri more 
typical (i( uriu.-r>it> energy 
progra'mtf itt.>iti campW' 
wide coo'lrol eflcirls. 

.\orthewst Ml««iMn Slate 
I'niversttj, (nr mamplf ptii ..It 
111. MTurity |K?.nii>n.ncl in i usli 
man wooUt*. i*hife Iowa Male 
kold the physical plant 
ilepa,rtn)effll'» truck* in lavor "rf 
>a mopedit' Iowa Stale and 
Iowa, moreover are en 
iswragmg Ihrir depariraenti to 
Uie gasKhol |iot.enlMl'ly • 
major induatry m that larat 
slate iMlead of «•« in all 
i><-ho<>l vehiclei 

At th«r I niversily of Anwna. 
an admlnmtralwn comptlter 
*m programmed lo hr'lp match 
ttudritts wilh carpooiert. hut. 
Uie program hji.» heen dmap- 
pomttng. Ulte Era- I'ultegc and 
Liarfieid Srninr I'olirgr in 
t'ainwvilje. (itlio have txwi 
inure succcMl'iil w'lltia proftni'm 

lliai glcM an tit luiiioo 
disKdunI im ttwee-eredlt couraet 
to utolenls who cmrpool to and 
I'rom cla.s.scs 

.Such ii!r.|..lll'rs. himcver. 
haven I ih>>c(iur.ii;od ad-'irs lv< <Vin)! 

longer I..M^;^■ Miluinri* I t'l' 
Unlvcr»ily »1 llliiit'i.^. wliith 
expetis lo siieml Jl million 
more on elufrgy m »»<) than In 
iwn. has already allocated 
tSOO.tklB lor Itw lirst phaie of 
converting a univeriity power 
lilani from oil to natural gas 

Ttw (ovemmeni, which is 
ii\iiit> lo encourage plants to 
11. 1 1 veil Irom oil to cool, has 
started a 'hi^li sulpher c<ial 
(lemoiiftlratlon' plant at 
Georgetown liniversily. The 
pollotton troni itw planl. ac- 
cording lo Kicljard .Stephens of 
ilic llepartmcnl ol Knergy. wlB 
IM' under Washington. DC 
efflut-nce standards 

The I'niventtty «f KanMi also 
considered building a new 
power plant, one that wouhl 
hum waste and wood Plana 
vicrr tabled when Kansas 
dii.-nv'tTcd Ihc plant would coal 
»!(i 1211 million lo build- 

lj«»» amtMliou.i>ly- Harvard 
■pMl IT».tlllO in August to 
pirvhace a Gal) till gas tilalion 
near campus 

needs writers 

For more information 

call extension 460 

or stop at A367 


Pan* ft Thf H«irfc«vr Ihrtmher 17. IM79 

Selling papers big business for some 

fV^ Ute mmt iiliidMl*. 
bifiy Hirnditta lud tamwaiilr 
MantiMiii.. SlMf'd wmkta tang 
awt'luvif tor iMnr dbclimlc, ami 
toboCKl ni.irv\ miirith-i ti> 
<l«»«l»)j ^Ull*l1<■^ lor h<-r 
l||lMinail:Hli ttilli a rviui-tiini 
IlKMII Hi Itifwi Attmn. (.tmx 
»» mat •*• itMB,. itlw §m attd 

"MllMii|li I ImA X •hmmH ■! 
- idiigiag a miltfli." 
.. WW a tftMamt 
• in Tiitaii. (IliliilHiini. 
r«-!iiJI», ■"! Ml thiiii I •»• mul: 
■dtiK rimigh wit)) lltp IMfo" to 
aciHally »rn<f if* ttmmrtatmn 

9tmm itm ■<*<«< *»t a&rmm 
abmU c«nmii«iintng iwni««» 
i4iC' ti» <!•• Il» •ntint. »«e tmy* 
iMr'Mlvfiiiir dliln') Jurtiil l»r So 
«• Anffl 17. tm. fht «! « »«K) 
dHcl. iiid » Wlw le Pnofit 
<i( SiMUk. ■ limi 
It "nrnmrcii" |M|icn 
tm mymar witli thr rvquiMlr 
each. Tmf t<» «l» wJrt. Pacrilk 
K«(»«arch »«iin dtliv«rt«l » 
(feHHnaUmi will). Ito tmfraatln 

Mill «l The Waiel*T I* 

teHifriM:* Sralr* (or aiHarei) 
and ih» Wi<»e Ranur 
Jtchievtiumi Tistl; Th«lr IJ* 


H«i*» she haw an>' l""'- 
gnuluali- vttw-al dmito aMW 

hariniiThamtitiwrrtatinn'' Nnl 
natty. S.h«? »»>-n l»t purchai#. 
I»»ci.(w- R<-s«areh 
r NMlluiM' iwntNliljr .«<■!. 

Tlw i]ilM.lit| III Iteir 
h«it<l h€i ■" wan 

I niVFn.<l\ tmuicM • 'pipvf lail. 
M'str l«mi H.'»«a.rrh A«»i»la.nw 
m |iarl «< » *>.•■•> •»• Ixi)""* 
IM|im, and fmmd ttal ihii' 
rcMairi;!! (.hr'd hmtftil mm itmM 
■tljiCiantcd I mm » IMH 
H««-te« artielr. 


Shr"9 riKhl Thuugtt ihi-rr an* 
n» avaduMf salw «i.|,iinai«» w 
Ihi* rloMd^mmLh mdinitr)' , 

liwtm., i.( F'iiciflc K»*eerch 
in-«-ii<-jlrty r.,-{li-i'!» ->h»l IS 
wmnu u*i 

«,.il stvt-n- .ii'.ti Mh1i..ii-i (..n>»». 
t».,. I timTvitx I.I H.,l^hmlCl.^ln 
gr.atK (wrlaM-'i .1 ■. "PMfie 
hMwm;«*» in .Srat!}r * 1 n4>, 1 
t>i»ti-t.,-t in><i .1 lojil " 
catahm* W.I I'H "erm fwin-i-.. 
IW wle m l«1 S>«:'* thvn Ihr 
iNMMKMi hok •pdM WCT front 
air l» l<wr i-niwM. hmnc* Ml 
Hi ttm tkmm cin|i)iiyM!» <mi 
itmnm Amr Hilt, aixi MC'liidint a 
■raiiltiai arte ilifartiiHfit... taw 
iilTimmi. jiwt ""»'•■" r.iwnnu.irr 
nmw tmuhf 1 : 
f»M! twmtn'r -■ 

miliab 111 thr "(lu'.~ ..i<'i'..rrt>in.; 
Jii a Pafilit lli-wwrrli em 
(ilmt'nr.. .hit* dtiuMnt m tual thi- 
bKl war 

In ilM* incn*, SliCf* aiMi 
brms . wtMi rtiuMtd to comiiieM . 
imw rranln^ U{) an impTHiihT 
•inSos marhiw that wwhidw 
■* sit.'-prriiid ii«lvrrli>in|I ■>' 

hulMin hMird ratimwii, and. <« 

(••MM: IHt ealakpit'. *nh 

•usmt-'IMm tirp. i>'ri.11M|.|iatM>ni un 

"(t ir*»m 

NhliI 1 III' t.i (n»Hny 

T)M- firni. like altor nrwarrh 
*««:rvirr'^ , ^jJJ'rni '"rMwliwi 
r»»ifii' '■ i'urn>nllv 

(m-s !-. ).>aUii* •>!' tin 

ifc'ririuiW'- «"'«. »<<d •• I""' 
IMV' l«ir ftradtailr. M-i«MtiK.. or 

l«'t"hfi(i-jil Mri'tk. 

I'ij4-ti';i. i 
."I rf-.i'.ili I: 
i.-unH,>;inn-^ MH' in<»»t l.."»» 
Aii||t4« Knarairh .i«M.»lan(-i' 
»lll. .:tart(r \ai lor iimr of thi- 
»<>,t»in i.( lr\ il i'l.iin» mhavi! im 
flic i'» tm 'Mi. :m ('cntii |.i!«» than 
I'w-ille ». tri..»\»n Simm tt 
Ihr ulhrr nujfir and Ifiinflr 
researi-h tirms around ari" 
l"olle|tali' K«»ari:h. In 
lerealionaJ Termjiapuni. thd 
well ooinrfiilly-nMiMd fmipi 

nSMrS^. lac. 

J'nM*. J^ihiiKiHi. o* !««•"■•■"■■■>> 
A».ii»l,anc» toM Culhtfii 
.Srrvw* then iMai 
litaturtoiii caic* "ttavi- mm-r 
ta||i|)mic(i. " and lha.t wtiih- ihr 
iirm hid no Mlitiinal rrvi(>« 
tMmr4 ar lact'-ciicduiig. it had a 
"»*n ntliahle »l«(l' " 

Vrl the *iirl i» gawd rn«n(h 
allMi rwwch la hrtiHI «»(»' 
tlMdcntii |M*i«i gradM, aiMl 
™i.her». Hk« MMidiwa. tall 
Rraduate dr(re«i Cattod* 
I1-«i» Scn'icf. for «-»amplr. ha» 
fauMl thit Itw t'tiivrrsMv d 
'Mttarankauiv 1 anted a 

iii««l«rf ■' ■" Ihi* 

siini'iner '■ .i--- srhool 

IM-iM-tpKl wtio hiid Mhmillfd a 
lhe»i« on which t'afitir 
Rmcatth did at leatt some <>l 
lite mit 

And It hafiiim nlten pmaiih 
itp n lot of nim*rm 
rduralm Pla||iannnl 
paiMt* refmainl MthtiiK liw 
than ■•» hwatdowa ol ««« n» 
the ai-ad»m ic .'.wimmanlt y , " ' 
aevnrdina 10 Ijiyii* »hm ti 
the Naliomal Sludenl 
KrtucalMmal Fumi Wtem a 
atudrnl who » rtudylnf l'e«l» 
that other iliidBils may *m 
(Miyin* J Eradf.' " iMmw wrote in 
.VlM-il, -"therr i» 11 lirealuiiiwn w 
the rule* oT th* fame lor which 
liw amaimer ha* t'ontracted 

Ten slaten ' (."atllornta, \r* 
York.. \ farolillit. IIIimm 
"^Liwarhtiwltn ("'ontm-ficut 

Vet tN!.» 
l-'or onf ihiiig 

HiiiBg lenn |M<|Mm> 
arc tiMiiih law-D t> 

thm- itrr 

Mr me. rm w cia- 
trael wlUrh waari tlir laiyer •*. 
(MFltmi data "ralended to t» 
u»Ri Milriy lor reiean'h and 
reltwnee {mrjmiiea ''" 

It IS iipparenlly a Mtir hardtr 
I. "the di it met KM 

.inixaiion. though 
.All »M.<i"K 10 il FaridT 
ttcaMi-ch ntjiHer. (ewer llun .1 
(itili al thi- oonlraelx are ..■■» w 
clgM!d hj Ihe^'huyerit Two ol' th«' 
hiirtn 'letten sent o»er the 

lenatiirr of Shirley Jay. 

Tr'«t..i ..E ..'usitom reseairh 
..r ihe t-imn>ao). rrler to 

d»li*vrMf .a "paper." m\ 

.legti"".'. '■-■ '■'*-i.*:'»rch *ourr». 
and ■ »*r» imMeetiag 

le^si .. .11 h«iiiree»a.nil 

..' n'Uil (ilitfnrnm » 
.!» "It w-e're mH 
.......... note!* Wa»hi.nKlon 

k-|!r!.l.i)(tr I>o(i <'liarnely. "we 
i-nuki pui Ihe KnrvcltifiedM 
Briltanra mil cd fiuninm*,' 

<MhiT kind* "I priihtomt in 
leitally »ti.i|n»(n(e Ihe research 
firm* tm-ame evid«-nl when, thr 
lllimnit jiltornrv' iciieral'.* o((n» 
iin«>liK.»(«"d rafilk- Hmeareh Imit monthi in im|. S*.II|II|J 
KTiii tMiwn. in lllinow a lUeial. 
«ithe iilioriiey gmeral'imffice. 
iit-cordiog lo Kliiller Mary 
Mi-(.'ulla«h. tHiught and 
remve<l Iw'o pafieni Iriim the 
timi tn onlrr lo |>rm'e l.h»' firm 
w:at hreufclnit Ihe law 

uni* Ihe |*per» Jirrived >i 
I'n-came a ni.ail fraud vjim- \>-f 
thiTe was iMmuglt d a i|.iif>i.i>r= 

iiIkhi" " '— >'<-«iea.n"li'». .<i'li.>fi 

t(i.;i' ' nin nrni>ral'» 

((((.. M'.iiUFid the m 

\v- •irxlinit lo,ii I'lV 

\ i , ■ t."cii*uwi in 1 '■■ 

1 it,,.. ,. ., Term PajX'i 

the tfrin i'l<kr*i!'t drlriiii 
anwmr unlirss fl ■'c-ontein»l;r' 
il >vhemr ixlncli m\«h' 
minre|>re>iifi>l.alK>n t««ti m •!'■ 
ma^ — ' ■'"" lirnr wmlN 

"1: ■ .■ iirms. m»i»l on 

putii . ' "i« llwir waret 

■Tewai-fti. i-jther than term 
IMllien. B}' iloini u. they evade 
mpuMtltdity lor him the 
RHitenal ii uHinMilely wad 
Bnytm of pMsUk RmAlRll 

Ni'vrrthelesi. |>ro«cciitm 

^t,l} h-'. •■"' f.Mm.rl a UJJV (« Mil 

th.- ' ■!'•- 

hnii ...... 

M*ins 10 bi; str«i(J, ami the 
entrepreneur* mainlain the 
rtemawl «ami(ofB thetr coH' 
nnwd .»ij«'Tii'Km^ 

.Siiidi-nl> <■ rntUled to buy 

i-i;w«ir<-h. -.av^ John Hopkins ol 
('(llk'Bialf Ui-x-arch Sv-,l(-ms, 
hecaiiM' ^•^>ll.•^^•■^ tt«'niM-l>>-> 
are In ffiritnal Thf 

eilwralHHLiI ft>vtriii iut^ )tK'*r 

own problemn." he told a 
Detroit nrw»|»ai>er 'The 
pmhlrnts ol aoroe eolltge* in 
Ne« York have alaiped Ihe 
educalMHial fuiidii lo finamT 
their own private Iripn lo 
Kuriipe and elHwtoeri* 

II i» dnubUiil. hnwever, that 
many term paper ai«loiBer« 
view Iheir purchases .i> 

righteous t)lo»'» anai""-! 
hyiKMTisv In its calalOKW. 
I'll. 111. Ki-M'arch protjably 
more .<fi.-uralelj' mi* lt» func- 
tion as "making eo|!l«te life 
oasnT " 


CAMAoaa uuMtsT mi 

Thi* h •■« a( teteral anencicii 
nderlait term papen te 
klinleiilo. llimevM-. M-iltati term 
papers it iJtr«al in IMlnate. 

Brides. ..VI in The >X«<l<iin" Of Your I)reaIn^ 

Chateau Rilz 

9UX) Milwaukee Ave. 

Nile». Illinois 

Dec. 27. 1979 

I huPMlay 
f):tJO-'>:;j<l r.M 

Knilal F««>uon Show TtHI P.M. 

Spet^ial (iue*.t - Mik.-* Illinois 

Glimmering With Exciting New Ideas 

Thousands Of Dollars Of ^ 
Sensational Prizes 

^ Entertainment 

* Free Champagne 4. 

Over 20 Displays « 

Every Beautiful Thing 
You Need For Your Wedding Day 

CaU 963-6't29 or 6430 

to reserve your free lickeU 

I)e(*mber 17, IV79 Th^ Harbinger f'q^ 7 

A jerk: From Harper to Hollywood 

WlMM <MNilti> !»•«• Martin 
•incand'at marpm vim "TmkI 

■Hw trw ftmJtwb im«tt»"«<l 

ihty (t wm be m«iir lum on 
l»lr»'>«ti» iHid' •■ tj>r movk» 
And mm Om roiocdian tlwy 

laM n dnUaft Va mw •> tMr 

own Khool ciM> Iw itmi in hi* 
nm mnviW- ■ Tlw J«* * ««• M 
In ■ rwMsni Marvwrn wift 
nimie-t (Jirwtot C»rl Keiiw 
and Martm im«:» «f Martini 
lacl ■Mini <?itp»fi««» wsre 
retoim Salurfay NigW U«. 
itnd the Johnny farsw show 
Hnwevw H«r|iw €iilta||f »»» 
not amiiiii Ht tot of 

Martin «iiiJ Wnw « ^vf a 
im m aiy ••xi*. "The J'^r* 
wtiwh ofMMl tnl wiwitrad al 
aru Dwatrci 

■TlMi n«i*k! »»• an R ralint.' 
Rfiner »ii»d. -11 ha* » <-»u|»l<' "< 
wonk cW*«i shmiWn I lino«^ 
What* l»«p|»nini m lh«> *wM 
to i( ki* want to i«t in i to an K 

Vta^is got Ihs tail 

Th» Alpiw ■: ■■•viUiro 

New to (tin.,, :>.. .; > t«n,w» 

In fjirofw »mi b<i>««l'««o<irtm«i.- 
pow«: i'li Wills, (ler t::h«n;<>el 
Ktiiww for •'» im::r«ithle r*f- 
li>|!»»iicr, ti» Wbw a»d flullei 
(t Hit.. •).«%«Ji»r..rium »i « 
w»«U RS.tS [wr • I. 
»'M y»abl» smi».ii.i . ■IB' 

rxt KiiMl li> noiic lijtto with 

\v;<h hoiiirM to ui«k» Ihn 
BH;j«" iigMir »t«iu:l 

up M. . '*.i' i'.tih minal 

iwiltli.lAjibj,' noli" r»iliicti«» 
nn Mine model*, f Dur-'witr ttiiiw 
tnd Wane*, Ijxliinf fm br- 
iviird »iv<t rewiml- AirtoiiMJic 
ta::a.l'<ii»l«tce iwHehimg. Aiilo- 

■nalic ir»t«i». And wurti'mi- 

uirM vou. lusl won't ftiiil an 

■* . - '■.,'■.' ,-S pTi(:r«1 

in ••li. w» ■>:«■ Kill t 
ai(g«li<(> sysiwrn m Ihal Eurofw f(ii:1<>ry m»Ii«ll» 
(»<• m tttiMtanl f!qui|'ni»-Rt m 
m«:lio*'lh«irS«i,<K)ii.. J" '\'>'l 
w«!"»» §rt it ilTtatcl lu«|}pf«ii.i«ie 

Sit n>m** bwwr wtwl 
tur<.>i,M< h.i«.» buen lurning on in- 
daf.h.., Aipinit The fin«l io cm 
auiio fvslemi at * wnttUa 
Anwraari (irto. V* know you 
haven"! h»«rd il. Bix.mitu if 
rnii'it hiMir«i it, you'll own i< 





mrr skomc nvm 

« .,MiMwM<"«. .--.. iM Put toSTiii 

ratiMl movMft itwy »ill " 

Marlin naiil t» »»n I Ihul 
upwt by thr rating it » nol 
rrally an H picture. " he 

Bi'sidFt tlw loul language in 
ihf movie there is a nudi- scene 
»ilh Martin and l«o i>iippte» 
'•Twn ciinsetiling adutt d«>g»." 
Kriner corrected Unwever, it 
wan later learned thai the dogx 
tiad a purelv tunctiimal part m 
the mmie thai timtained no 
»eiiual wvertBiw*. 

Krtnrr did adinil that name et 
ihe movie's scene* were 
crealed lor shock value Sen 
iitid going to the lialhroum are a 

viT\ inlncal part ot rofty mne'a 
lit*' he said, "We do all of 
tlMW thingn and we can un 
dml*nd tl«n> " 

•Ttie Jerli ■ » a slotj aboul a 
nun nanifd Navin. Iliif mlrapted 
s.on «i i> laniily ol tilack 
»hare<Tapp<Ts He sets oul to 
make his way "i the world »>y 
wtwkinR a! a iw» slalion and 
inakini II 1« an hour He then 
nets a job a* a w««hl Ruenser in 
.1 camntil and gets involved 
*ilh a vionwri motorcycliKl H< 
"v.-!> noo on to lieconic u 
.uiiire and finds hi» tnie 

. .-.. • .. fofunetolimi.'tt. played tiy 

licmadetl* Pttem. 

A typical raga to ndiea story' 
Not realty Martin has the 
particular tolent of actinij like 
an e*et> biggw jerk than the 
lormer king oJ jerks, Jerry 

When asked if he actifd like 
a nut all the lime Martin said, 
■fni lunny with some people 
and straight with oUiera It 1 
was lunny all the time I 
wouMn t have any frienik " 

I was a class clown all 
through hifh scho*»I,' he ct» 
tinued. "But m collfge 1 g«i« 
serious and studied ' 

When Marlin appeared at 
Harper, he played second fiddle 
Ina mime act A past Harbinger 
issue reported. "Antnninelle 
Alell. alias Toad Ibi' Mime. 
will i4wn the xhnw Toad will 
Ir ;i (rrfect comtilimenl to 
Steve Miirlin Martin is uc 
luallv i< serious (»tsmi His act 
includes making balloon 
aniinals and wearing Ihem on 
hi» head. '«' wearing rabbil ears 
at the same time, or adding lake 
eyeglasMs and a gunt Jimmy 
Durante nose ' 

Scwnd like ii fooP Well Martm 
really has a lot going lor him. 
He went Irom wearing balloon* 
on ht» ht«ad in (roni ol i-ollege 
sludenls to acting like a jerk m 
front ol millions ol movie goers 

Crusade report 

The l»7^ Crusade of Mercy Campaign yiekted 13,351.1)11. These 
conlrtbutmns Irom IKJ m»'ml»rs of lh« Harper slalf . as well at 
- change lor the cruMde represenuiived a » perceni increase 
ovw the Mm campaign Karen MorRan and Kathy Seleroon. 
nvemhers ol the classified iUifl. were fair nhare conlributors who 
gave one day s pay to tlie Cruaade of Mercy 

Piggy fans unite; 
form fan I club 

t't"S The gi>vemin«nl'» * 
lorl to chase down riudenis who 
default on financial aid loans 
have reached a new stag* ci* 
iuccenn The I! S tWfiee of 
Education reports that $42 
million tn 2lll.«)0 bad 
tJuarantred Sludeni Loan* 
i.(;Sl>s. were colli*ted in fiKal 
IfJH CTimpared to about tID 
million m \m. 

l«o fasiJiiewici, who help* 
admini» t;si,.s lor the (Mfice 
d Education, addi the govern 
menl.*! i»frmoiiih-«ld cracfc.. 
down on National D'trecl 
Student l/wns iNDSLsi i» also 
starling lo show result*, though 
It IS too soon 10 acniralely 
evalule the collection pri)«ram 

There are currently about 
I40.(KKI "bad"' NDSU 

reprewnting about |l7«i mllliiio 
still to be collected The new 

crackdown has closed the books 
on around IflliO NDSI-s worth 


When the Office of Education 
launched its program to colle»-l 
drfaulted GSl-s m UiTT, there 
•ere :»!.«» bad dctits worth 
imo million 

Pasikiewtcz note* ihai there 
are still «i!0.«K> loans under 
various kinds ol financial aid 
programs that the government 
still cant do anytbing alioul 
liecaus* collesef haven t given 
Ihem to Washington for 
roll«'lion .vet 

Government chases 
down defaulters 

('PS What started as jwl a 
bunch ol folks gathered each 

w«f* to watch The Moppet 

Show luis grown mio a lulf 
lilown fan chd) (or one of the 
show's more corpuUiol mem.- 
hers, the tovety Mias Piggy 

We all just love Ml»» 
PljSgy." t!Oti(eiied Sue Kessler. 
KNinder o* the i;niver»lty ol 
Kamtas Miai Piggy Fan Club 
Kessler told the tlaily Kansan 
(he iSmember group staled 
with little pink pig ears al 
Lached to headbands, which 
they wore once or Iwtce a monUi 
to dinner 

Bui their devotion «oo« 
outgrew the reatrainls of their 
monthly or hi -monthly ev#nl» 

••N«w we have pig-aut> one* a 
week." Kessler reported "We 
wear out ears to dinner and 
snort our food II s muatly juat 
being foolish "" 

The Miss Piggy Fan Oub 
dmsn't lake everything lightly. 
however When ihe cafeteria 
recentlv served pork for a Miss 
Piggv dinner, the memben at 
the fan club retallatwl by 
starting a food fight 

Mike Fein, a Kl) awiiir. 
swears Ihe club represents an 
important idea 

■| think there's some social 
stigma agairetl the pi«. " Fein 
opined Its definitely a way to 
revolt againat the artaWish- 
mml fry heme a pig * 

Pi^ H Tluf Miir(»iip«pr Bramther 17. I'iT'f 

Yuletide en 

' ^fii»^ 

• K 


A Ik I lllt'l 1 1 t 

Dtnmher 1 7 The Harbinger Pofte 9 


lililU^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <Si ^ 

photos by Rick Kohnke 
and Tony Florez 

ft^f IB Tbf Hmhiiffi^r DmvmUr IT. I'fT't 

I ■ ' 


Music forgotten in hustle and bustle 


IS IMI* fNWfltfF I 

tlwir slMfifu 
naMiii to m«l» 

•rc! n nrdir. tnil mm MtiMkcil 
Bipwl «( th* rhruiniM ••*«■» 
■ llw mink »«l. mitny |W»t* 
h#w Iter itiw lojWi mt liHxJ. 

wiiiuNiiil music Til* UMitc mm 
M'p iiul yw In tiMI CMrMIIM* 
mmd « Chmtiwii *>' ■■•^ ■• 
IliF «ky« «*(»>« III KM jum 
lUMiiig d Um> iNtimr .ilMMllilt 
ttat »»••«» ym. 
A* I wnKr mv cnlMMi IM 




TclMl*<i"»h>'» TlMr NuUTucliw, 
OI»'.lt, IHe itiirj' <«< It* «irl, 
Oan an* her gtlt. tlw Nuf 

tmt wmmMl tlimtoil |»«"«e» 

march,, m»n> rt>miM«t« p'"* 
tiMii »«»( lor 'tar TV c«m 
mercialt, 'IV v«si<« »l'«rh I 
(«»» t» dun* 1>S' It"' ^>| '"•"•! I 
I>h,ilh«rnntnH- onrifOr.i 
rMnkrtiHl 6y Kennrtti vN-i 
mi-rtiorn, Ttu» vers ton op 
IMtrtti <,in (Hftilic If kviMtm laM 
■••on "'itlt th« «,rr»i 
Hifj'iitmilinv. iinil will hiiiwfiilly 
l» m niJiln thii j«ir 

«>( fiiur»e Hiindcl s 

McaMl I* 'twf «»"» n'^""' 

wMch: ii in»i <»mili»r to i1k« 

Munchies cause problems 

ttm 111 llii> fact fkM Ihr imM 
wtiMrr mi>nl,ltp> •(« lafKli II*,. 
Mwi) ut m wtM bt i|i«il».mt 
nmrnt <»• "Ur «■*' ili'd'W'' 
■Trtim («■«'" •» « » f»lli'' 
tiih««. It n* 1(11, <IM!l«r» Wh,.-,. 
Ii MtcucM. 'M- 
I to t 

Tb» alijiKitagica* *««?« <«( 
.■»N,ii Iwfr" 'maikf*, 'ii* •*«* 

tlUIW •>»•« ItKlMf h '«» *tf ««• 

nM% 'liiimrj »'•■ ("Kt <<• ■!»' 
I'Imt «mMm »■«( lor fiMKl IM 
,liMi< lip to « tMK'k anwk But 
*tNi,l «<• ilHi't rcuKw M llw 
inimniiiimts mlw ia|> ar* eoi- 
M.n|il,>M ml 'Mwdlt. 

Ilial m tiM ttm* llw »ii»cki 
fluii •!♦ wmiiiiuinl •ffo'l wry 
iwtriiuM*' al all 

M»ny mMmiMi inarht' ar* 
aialWH' tm Kk iMMr. M w* 
'MMf M> lljruwt tlHwr to- 

mmm ItlM imm. 

«'M,*r t» thi' «w™i '!««»"' I" 


IJM'l! Wl ymirwJf thmking all 
riiur wwirr itppiire'l will crawr 
<i|i yinr ('emiiiD|)l:l<m til x:ii" 

««lN!lt •»l|ll»t 

■SjirmC comwi l«w mkhi •1"' 
VIM 'II !■■ will* inn ytwrwll i,«m 
(rrmy iryinu lf> ■« ,yiwr»<* 
tack into fium *» nimi* 
MiiMy «ii4 ■ii«iirtu«i»* •ixl' 




•■iMfl uprint »rn'»«» f (Ki'ii *«ii> 
«iil> >m «,,tr (If nwfiilnct tKii 
rnnift nliaiiH viUi a iMnlthy 
'kMdtiiiK iMMly' 


it Ihew iiulrttlMt 
k«r«' lurmiilatMl ■>} mx 

Wniltm •Kt I a* ** l»lli*n ow 

>l,r»tltl|i« •••Ml tMT liMMfe, 

,.iMela. Tl»fj •«» «* ^Hitmt 

,t>MMMta uriF' t iMi' IBM*', 
TlwT nr* IMIlt l» fMMit aMl kw 

r™n » ii«*l»r miiriHoM* 
iwrr* Tlwy •» imwril ««. 
iHidyttratno aMi 'hidli in vitMPIn 

H,»» vegrtjutilfs a,r« »„l»i> 
hifhiy ii,inriiHMi» TImi «re 
Mitiir*l,. ««*■», tumwlKi. •««« 

arc ItM t» carM):]***!**. 

Vemirt » >»i«*«>l' i"y l»vi>rn», 
Tlim Iruw till<"l <»»'■* •»•• ••" 
gMiii* •! urMHn ■Ml Ml* w 
(Itf linMIMii iiriifWi,, 

l^iil kni iw iMiit • pvim. 
•lH«i,)»i»ta muiini'im uin«inl 'III 
Iwllw. ml ■»■>.' '<•■ 

m «ta«i«» I' ■■ *" 

luality., • MiMJiMr. n I'tw ,!««• 

Harbinger ) 

Record Giveaway 

Greg Bevder 

Dan Cappello 

Mark May 

Sean Mozel 

M>ii«in d r,hri»t'm<i», Ttmv »«• 
MI nwny vcmww. ol il>» nrvff 
n-ronJmg thtii I •«" '»■> Am) 
they Jirr Sir MalcDlm Siu-Krnl 
rimdm-titlf tin* Huddrrsticlil 
> lutrul NiK'H-lv & The Kwyjil 
1 nlTl>i>r.l rhllhitrrn"n.. or 
,ln'»ir.i <m S^raiii 
lti'i>i<-iii cciiiidiH-tiiit: 
Viiri I»hilh«rm('>riif and 
»»tmtwlrr I'limr on THK, 
Bolh i-h«»i-iJ»» »,r» djMiP m 
Eiiitlwh lyrir 

Thr Mormen TaNrnnclc 
Ctotr rrli«iiini a »«>' '"'"<" 
rww-diMi l«»l y«r, rallfd 
'•Whitfrhnslina* " Thr m-ord 
ctmlJim thf claiBin ■'Wtiiit- 
rhil»tiT..,i- Sllvi-T i'.i-ils ■ 

Wuii. ■ •»"<< 

m.iiiv "Tl'^ 

»i:mie» ''>'""■ '"■ "■■'■ ■• '■' '**' 
rmctwnd Is a iwip- IxKikli-t (of llM^ 
making <>( iM i,i'.hioni>d 

cranlMsrrj [""''•"'B •"'"* '"""'' 
nOm otd(,"liri,ilma» r«ip«'> ilwi 
cam only t* NmkjIU ,in 4. i-an 

oiriUma,* wi,«ld not tw i,i<- 
licially iMW ^I'l"*!' "'■• "W 

rniOIIIT hWBI'll ft "IS l'r"sh> 
Ttiprr are (iian> »^^ i'.,.ll«- 

IKiro si Cntiln > vwrr, my 
(x»r«iori»I favni' '» "A 

,1 TiK- 

l^ hill' 
,!„„ ..,..»i-W» 

]^)i«ri'\ I mas and 

■Wtnt. -l III iiamif 

a li^' 

TlHtre Wl- al«i plenty "I "» 
rtivtdml Ip's this year which ai» 
TOllwrltans «it Ihir (ntuPHi arlttt 
■iiMmK i,tw tradillon*! song*, 
,-\r'ii»i„» «Kh a» ttean Martin, 

Frank Stmitri. Klvis Preslry 
K<*i>rt Ooukst. Jim Nahors 
Andv Williams. Kngleberl 
ltum(XT*nck. and even Jackie 

Onco< the heller Ip s this year 
li\ J single arlBt in Ijiciano 
jrolti. Ihe WOT-Id's leadinf! 
r I In his Ip entitled ' O Holy 
Night." I'anrolti singj a 
program of sacred sonK» Some 
<>l Ihe wmiis are l >< ome All Ve 
t'KillituI" Md ■■<) Comr l*t Vs 
Vinrc Him, MhK-hareaH done 
III Italian and Ijiltn 

A Javontc iimnnf!*! tlw kids 
thft year is Jolin IJenver and the 
Miippi*l» Also some III the older 
reciinls from the Carpenlem 
(lirtslmas Ip the Beach Boys, 
and the Chipmunks 

Th»' Christmas seaKwn would 
not he complete without a rock 
star or group enterion ;m entry 
iiito Itir hopeful world irt 
rtifLslmas classics Siim<- nl llw 
M(n,g^ iTleased this year are 
I'iiul Mrfartncys "Woiiderlul 
ihriiitmagtime. " the KaKles 
•please Come Home For 
Chrtstmas" And of course the 
liig hit that never makes ii Iwi ■■■ 
reteawd evvry y«ar » tii' 
Singing Dog*, doing ■Jui*;i< 

Following the rhnstmas 
<eason is the champagne party 
(avor music Ouy Lomtwrdo i.<. 
the favorite, but do not overlook 
Benny (kxidmaii and GImr 

Merry Chnatmas and Happy 
New Year, from the Moods For 


LMli VMr tvm&f OMlt 

One customer muti *" . 
Harper Student Durtitg our j 
Santa Special. 

oner Good only on 


Si OM » lKpir-.J»t IMI H 9iMt! 

CiH ir a(piitMiit...3l7-Q1tt 



Urn >n tom"'*«i r*%<»i«»i' 

•t« «M:llt mDittil, MiMni etMitt 

t«ta«nl<o« on uwtaiwl emm tmn mat Hi»ii*t«>»> 
Vaii> •■#(• iMKitt MM f MMrACMritl An 





"Tirad of hmnq wltioul cftdit. or up lo your nack in 
'mmlmum paymanti? With tfilf book you wfiH laam tww 
to make the S300 tutlion credil indutwv lump at ¥»»" 


/ Ti«i,eNCon 



^^ JtlJ»TM*VI 

NtawOMtria WAIX STRBtT rUBUSIllrRi LO- nf J, yoRK. I»y !<»»• 

GflSiOWMS It % . 


9UNW ~ 

4iu:>w 3 >i 

ItrnTmher 17. t**7» The Harhinfter P«v« // 

Handling problems create eternal strength 

"W'IMI ■"•tiJ. I» HI) »•« ^T I / 

■iKiaiifM trnim «»Htmi' ' " ^A^^ 

Wv dun lii«|iti»»t»«i • •>" f T 

•MftiiHw:. aiMi! ■|>il hm ttmm * — n J 

,-ilmrC A (|M»» *•( "* t>ol**l»l -^ i( 

M, AiHm huff' •«»' iureimi VA» 

•«»»€■% in «■«• •Bm * tlW' 

hiiii» •ymMiim |i*r*tMMl 
ritlriirBtM.. Ito iMNme. Mil' IM 
;,:■,' I T^r l<xir ;Dlaiwl» iMfaHil 

>,,,■. . !(M«»iirl)( ^mmWt. 
1.1 «>miiiM»i«» >'««■ «'i»»ilu»l 

MMW* N«»» JUKI tiniittj Wl«, «» 
•C'U: 'M • miiiwitM* meA eliiM 
l»l«jiiliiiffi«|iflii»r'»»r Tim 
rntty !■'• eWtam* l<w y«t. »"< 
M mmW |I«c jw Ik* tM" 
lnnmlMn: «r«iii wliirli •«« *■* 
Mmmw> »lnJiH«ti mA (nximf. 
t'wr c'lMrl Milaiim ynn an> 

MiiiiMMi. prtrti**!, in- 



% nu ■■m.f 

MM'iifly Ik m I 

tw, Ikir It cam l«l|t.vMi i*M« ■• 

l» thr III') 1.0 j.tmr »w-i'ei».: t» 
*i»:|l » tW ir»uirn*»t» "r'»tr™»l 
riwrilf* <>!' Ml'Mlim' (lull. UT 
mli«r»iil.l)' fmtf* 

SymtmlBiHl »i'» tm«H«i:l»il 
.inln-nt* <iiMl (.•ltnl» ■" mufctMl 
m •rliitWi' li»l* V«ii •lum ^m* 
valvMg taw 




ft A - 

MMWk MM... «*»». TW M:" "- »■> 

Cartridge Bodrlc 


• Caiwict0»rililian' 

• CwtiOT tin ■mi' MMe ri 

• Quic*.. dam cmnwHom' 


t C«fO' l>>'>|. A.U wnns teMI IWitti 
OwanlM 'N«iwn W' SCM iw Scntc* 


mi»ii«K!»m*m. iKiWi**. 1»« 
twi*«». ■•citlll.iftir m iwoi.!! 
(»»#•«*,. r»tt wtiH'.. «••«■ 
<.ir»m«i«t »'•• ■il*'>' .•■«»•'" 
p»'ii|>frl';i'., ym crnnW t» »«• 
nuittil m '««>' "' '"!•*• »»••• 

Vtm iiu> <!■«! jiwiwt twfiiiif 
« •«•■» nl' iluty tm Moiety m ,(■«■« 
■iitji'tun"' »(i<l il >*iu warn ("T' 
" .rtltllllKlWIt 0* w*l.l « 

\ kighliy rwammtml 
'iir f M iiM-MWalvr mhii* kiMi «!' 
»#<"li:l oWvto'tO"' **^ IH' 
wilwuiwM Hirmugtii j'luir ••fl.. 

wi».|i»«wl n««>«»min»1:i<ili«iil) 


reliKicnw »f 


l»i(lt«t»|.|.. ««t WlllWVf ■ i«-j' j^. 

Slmiiifll nllMrli»d iii ymm 
ftart ii *»■ mutt f« .ptrwuMil 

. '^atpmaiM' ill ti«ii»r nrnifc* 

i»ir«wg»i »<wf'l»I imllf'i* Vi* 
•iMiiM .liKih IM* iIh* itmns i» 
j(j.y,, .............. I tiinmiim til 

f(tll.<'< ' >il*«ii iwit 

vi».|m-.. ■ Miur cwm i*»» 

nmj \k .ilwinl (>• "'Iw '••■»» 
Vwi tlMitiW M>«li (air I Mlutlien 
»l>iifr jioii mm tniiule Item. 
imI a|i|ilj' >■<«' mwwWiif •nrt 
I'll thr mim) V'<M 

•I- |)a.ia«(Mllin> (■( 
I'udh ol'fii.->' '>! 
inlr|r)i>'. tMl 
|in>itmi«w>- '>»! "'"> aW«;i 
miwh <>( >..('i.-n Thr i4- 
pnlnwiH* tlwl >mi may hivrto 
iiiji'k* ii.rf Ihr n<iiliMtiiiiw <* 
yttur II* n ii»ii*r mmtivf. 
.»(l»ilg(:||». tanil mMIMin'i, »■* 
•ilW||!l. 4lt|MWll:nK <« *m:iiM» 
■ltd' tlllllMM!* fram n(hi'f% Yiiu 
lum l<» *i«lii(> nweiirtty fnim 
wtlhiii jmn^lt la he I'Mr lo 
taiNlk ilifmaiwik rluit may ariw 
IriWI i IT!.()«n»iMr iMMitiwn. 
Vmw wmt m tavif i»w lewfctry 
lo »j:iii 111 iilMM rwryHw alt 
ite timf WhUt *»» i» hidlily 
fMMiimdaiil* lantl I wwh imm 
•penmii* www W** *ii.i. il vmlA 
(ir |irrltMi|.llf itolnineiilal.. 
negjitivi'ly iiMecMiil y#i»r 
iJmnwiin inkinK imicaii' 

.-.miwi* in vour 

;Mi.(l yiiu locnn»Mkr 
nil i« I 111! m ito mt M dtstvil 
(Btiirt and iwit| y«r al tilit 
inn* Mwnr (wmmal €lMiUt«(j« 
iMv jinw, crMlinit iliflinillw 
Thi» «ilJ t» tl» lim* t» itnr- 
iiir« yiwr v»li»i. aixl amlMtiooi. 
ikbIm what )'«! aiT ff«J»)f "eW. 
Mil ti>r am) WM yair ■»» 
H-Iiancr In wtablteh pffMn«.t 
M-.-iinH It will »l»«i lie ihp nmp 
to mrlid »IV P*»< dillwem-» 
yfwi may pttsslWy .ti«« tad with 
your parrntu and timily 

A* li<<* cnnlmiw*. 
imelhini! H» how ymi i 
to hindlf ll» ptioblem*. and mH 
thi- problem.! I;.h»n>!«)v«(, Ihal 
j-rcatc i-lfi-nal wlimBth in one 

Aritfim- HiEhioK attrokiRlcal 
iniwpriruitum* p4eai« submil 
•iwifte ipemwiii «« ihc Har 
U.nfcr mux hX along wiUi 
IM- r«|uirpd hirth data Ux* 
■■■ > lur (urIhCT dt*»il« 

Guest cotumn 

More albums of the year 


Trying lit •mwiHHHt <**•«• 
a:ilMuni o( tM.«MiiNit'(M<Na| 
a chore !*» in* ttW'Wiii'imt ll» 
m«tl r«rittfi« m»li' y««.r wc'v-' 
mt had Suit,. l.t»i» ->'■"■ 
fnal mmiwBit. hni thf year »» 
.« «Mt mmr*^ » musically 
,iijBi»'t"ii«i|i«r«Jte lam year i.w«e 
■ l«r n\ .audio hundm 
1 1» Uw fact that WH had 
H many ni|»tr.i»iip«l- •tan 


dlwiiw h% "Thr Kullinil Stunt*. 
The Who. Biwe S|)«->n«»"*"' 
Seil Voting and Thi- BmA *f rr 
won- than I cimld handlf 
Sprmpnmn atone would havi? 
Iir«*»hl> pwliwl'iip "» I'l" St'" 
diMjifunnlrf that ••»■* »•* «> 
i«Bl.MiJty:n<li.iii'(Wiiitr]< altem 
nilMMaf ttli y«ar < "rti7 

|Mil.|( llM hCMMt 'tW> |K>|I 

orlMlatMl'. And, I'm siek o( 
KMity Koffn AUhmmh' .1** 

iml a Hi Jail law in htgin with. I 
te*l nollvint thai amailng came 

wt <i< tHW I pM*ed thr 

MlawiilR tm alliuiM iMKauac I 

ItlltvC' lh«lr overall coHlcM 
MMalMi the heat muitc oT the 

Armed rorcei • Elrt» Cwlelto 

TIM* alhum I* ('•teto'i tw»t 
material lO' 'dale Hi* maalnful 

■aj Willi Hit «■«» <«at |M«mI 
fte tta» Mae all pnom- pap. 
Ai-med. rwt'Bi » ona ol tto itiiial 
■Imdy alhuno aa far m miHem 
IHC* The year mirif »larlail oM 
In a bang with Armed Forts 
driving hnt m nch sMgt' ax 
■tMiveT'» Army" and "««» 


,*mr» [..»■«■ Rfwumiiiix-e 

taunt D'lir wins tw I'ar tht 
maai ■iiii*fTai»d altiiiiB a* «1» 
year MenaWMnre'* rx 
(wnmem with (uH MT'hi»i,ntwn 
I* a iuccMk Thir malarial it 
lUMU'isrtully enchanting 

Pear al 'Miatic-thlUag Heada 

Talking Meadi conunue their 
rhythmic mtellectual new 
wave with hypnottring grace. 
The »ngle Ciiie* ' defilillejf 
Idllin* the tradilion iJ« HW» 
"Take me to The Hiver" and 
tun'* "Psvcho Killer' 

P<iol Around lUeheJ Sweet 

1 admil It* I Inughl UicallNim 
laU lor the cover But. I don" I 
regret ll .llachel .Sweet i» a 
cnat III Tanya Tucker and Ui» 
Sapremea The 17 year olds 
HmA of new wave, country and 
early "flOa mc* ■» ai over- 
uhefminil ait her loukt Rach, 
you can g<> i« Ihe Wildwood 
Mioon with me any lime yim 

Iti ThriMgh ilie Hut l.»oor ■ \M 
Zriipelm < Swan Song > 

Ail niJhi. it's nol (»hy»teal 
tiradltl ' Slill. It's giXMl Led 
Xeppelin The addition o( or- 
l*t».»r«tnjii gr«w.<s on Ihe 
Mtaer with each ()laying of the 

Yl OIB f OWN Wm 


I 3 f-RE*T tm ATIOXS « 



im braai *« 

I E. a( HI. II 

^^^WM^ " mm 0tm^ ^^t m t f 

•vtry ▼«••. • •••" ' •■'•' * 

1/1 price drinks 


tweryday *"•' 
^,^loc^ l»urcha»« 


— > 

< unipf uraH 2 

J w OTBhM wmmm w y 


PrWav* '*"»*•♦» 

PISH "iTifir^ 

FRY »-> mtAONI 
OMOrm 11 IS ■" i 

. , CaiMtrv I 

- M«wa>ntS>tT ehlcbaN I 

SHRIMrKM v»i«a" ■ 



Livt Action milwlls 

•s I 

Into the MwiJc - Van imnnMin 
I Warner ttnni.i 

H religion «a« alwayi a« (un 
m the way Van delivera it.. I'd 
pi to church more often. Van 
adds sptrilual uplifting to hia 
<»« myslilying style 

Uhour 0* l-um Nick Uwe 
I ('olumbui I 

Johnny Cashu aon-in law 
continues hti> right to the point 
pure pop I^txiur of Liatl i« the 
perfect follow up lo laat y«ar"» 
l»tire Pop for Now People l.ow« 
oactn no lime punching alt hia 
rhythmic ha»» and oulaiNfcMi 
lyric* I jihour ol fjuat iurpaiiai 
Dave Edmunds" iLowe"» 
partner and guilarul ' album 

low Budget Kinkn lAnstai 

lUv flavie« keeps up on 
itirrrfll events with hi» ever »o 
clever winga atKMit money, gai 
and superherois. 

Tfw Re<onl» Virgin' 

Tlic H«i.>r*. pro\T that Pop 
nuaiK- »ti*n done well, does nol 
have lo he artificially cute or 
conform to lop 40 standards 
The ctllftv ""Starey Eyes" ii so 
camplttely simple it's great 

Ruat Never Sleep* ■ Neil 
Voung 'Iteprisei 

The "L«i»t American Hero" 
continues hit mastery of Itie 
ballad as wcU at Ma dadhc 

!%•• 12 The Harhmgrr [tmemher 17. I'>7*t 

Faculty members question validity of evaluations 

TJi*' nfCTiW ufiT'tMr f remrt by 
llw |>ublic>)titin M student 
cvaluntiixid in th<- Hirktnjirr 

hAS (ir«*i:ik<'i1 the que»ln>ei. 
"J'Utl how valid ttt iludwnt 
<FV<lhHl>Mi> 111 i|<«ora'l'*" 

Tn tludm <l«iir by Iww Murprr 
fjMrulI)' miwiben. Kiiberl famn 
•Bd: Euhvrt l'*fi»rll, tt boa hwn 
iwiwcit Hat Kmin mrvtvcd bj' 
• •tmlvi)! biiv« M dvf'nile 
CtKTVltMlM M <!» raliDK Rifm 
In a iMehcr hji » sladnit 

fM«ii, In « dtiwrtalHiit 

|ii'tMii(«fi li> Marlh«f«irni 
t mveinii>'. did a itudy iminf m 
Ctigtttb criaii in W'hk-b caeli ii( 
ibr tt'ii#Ma in (lie tl«M 
MtatiMil' » (nrfr iif *a'. 'Pimii 
diviiMi .lilt C'Uat miit nwjam, 
I •' i'beiiiitiry. rcorwrnn-*, 
biology, jotimjiluim, ani 
»pe«rft Th« he fxmni (hut, hy 
nwjw. (hr »tu<lrar!i |im«>|ifM>n. 

<ir acttin'vnrnt in tbii pv 
licnliir Kiitilish rlau. d)d nail 
romialr in the ralmit tfnm to 
thv KnRlKli teacher tor 

n*mpk. lhecb»iHBtry utj|iir. 
while ratniicebcitdmK man 
tlun tlw oilier sludvnls in dil- 
Imnt mpn. i»w ih«! tlnglttb 
iPKlwr a liw rating <if 4 1. In 
r«iri»|»<-l. the spwsch inii,)i»r. 
» h« had a lesoer pprct )jl.nm tt 
xhtrvrmna than any mlliw 
itudrnt m (he fli»»». miv«> the 
Knglish ifK-hCT a rating tit .i.ll- 
hijilw»i in ih* elm% 

"Ynu scf, lh«' irti*mi»lry 
maj«»r, •hil*' uiird Ui nt-eivinf 
liiW'rr itrniia. may hm* l«ii,ni<«d 
nmrr than nny tUidtnl in libf 
(-lata." mpUnad I'Hcn, ~'liiit. 
hwuiBc ii( the high itradi* hi' 
rwelvrd, h«! luy Ibink tbr 
laaclicr a tyatiyi 

"And' ^M (he .iDivck mjnr. 
whi» j>ere*ive*l Irti*. thtm any 
iillier jitudfnt in tbr ctaa." 

t-ontinued Panen, ■J* ai 

tiMliwied to r«'e»vtnf bifi 
uradi*, and thtrfonf fi»h «.. 
nsmwrn lo givi> ihf teacher 
anytliinfi but a high ralinK " 

Paicen also pwnled nui ihiii 
rbemislry majnrs in gciHT^il 
have a frailr (mini avcrjiitc- >il 
t i». while the speerh major has 
an iV'eraRC 1<I'A i:>l' H.IS This 
support* ("aiirn's theory that 
*Ii«M«ni! on a studvnl ' s maj«ir. 
a ttudent twromw acruMonted 
to iwi'iving i-crtain Krada. And 
ih». (»• nplaim, hn-imie» an 
mllufwing (actor in leat-hpr 
rv aim t ions 

In him article that apfiearni m 

tialleKi- EnRlM of January 
IfTt, Powell piiinis <iul thai. 

■"Students «iint israde*. and if 
llMy rton'l gel I hem Ihey 
l»«n» very tjilier " 

He |ii>mt» iiul in ha article 
that only iince in «) year* <if 
itudenl evaluations have 

MliMlenI tru^er Itrucr ;^an<-a. iind sraalwii 
\1ikr I.M\jnaMiiv .mit Vtmrk Kulfwli« ti\r ItieIr 
%U|»|Mirt Id llir fijiaiit'iiill) imublnl name ramn by 

kfeiHllnii n«n-h nl' Ihetr five Umr play init pool. 

Tbr Itnawrlally Iraohled Kamr mmn liav Iwen 

forcral lo MaH i-harumie >spiiaitM% himI other jiiAin*- 
naini reiinlar^ in i>n rfforl lo col hnkrt ipholnt 
lt% I jart t % nil I »o\ > 

' ■■ - iirinen nol to tie an in 
'III laclrir in raliniisigiven 
i., ,, i,-,icher The study thai 
^^l^pl-ll\ <><l Ihe grades-auHnlent- 
ri;'i'cnf> a nd ■ lhe-r»lin«»-gi ven- 
.1 ii'.K her tlMHH-y «-a» in 19!1«- 
.ilm.xl 4.') years ago Since (hen. 
I'owcll iMjinls mil, the 
i-orrelalions lietween grades 
rrcetvetl and rsiingi fuven has 
aclually increased PoMctl 
fnweeer. i» m>t irboll.v aguini,! 
uludi'nl e\aluatians 

"If there was swnt wtf tl» 
point oui to itudentu which 
teacher ts challDngmfi withniii 

cnndemninK thp teacher " 
Powell said ■11 might prove 
inviting lo a student, who 
honestly wishes to be 
chalirnged. to enroll in that 
le«<-l*r'» class " 

Pasen agrees that evahiatiens 
ran lie helpful, but are now 
basically biased t (km e think 
you can reniine the bias from 
student evaluations They 
certainly ran be tools lo help a 
teiBcher learn from his sludenls. 
bul to make ■ general 
itatemeni from a student 
evaJuatiofi is Imposstble " 

Profs major 
problem: marriage 

CfS - Marriage, not seiual 
dtocnuiinatlMi. may be the 
moat important inhibitor a( 
■'■male professor*' careers. 

• cording to rMtarch by 
1 iiivemily of Wisconsin 
-miolo(jist (ji'raid Marwell 

Mar»ell, who. along with 
sucieiogiala Seymour Slemuin 
of Columbia and Rachel 
Hosetifeld of ihe Universltv of 
( hiiajjin, l|-n**l til find out why 
mere were so few women in top 
.11 ademic positions, discovered 
:tut women ■often turn down 
iielter offers in othtr citiet 
rather than di*ru|>t their 
hwlMindi*' careers "■ 

"CIO the other hand." he 
added, "women tend lo move 
with Ibcir huitwiMli when the 
husbandt aceepi better 
positions " 

i'ommuler marriage* 
sometimefi help both husband 
and wife gel atid iMild top-level 
jobs, bul Marwell found they 
don't "always work out 
Eventually, one of them will 
probably quit his or her lob so 
the couple can be together " 

Indeed a I'nlversity of 
Michigan study released last 
January sliowed tltal women 
eiUtit pmidenta don't usually 
have much lo do with families. 
Women presidents are mueti 
more likely lo lie single than 
male colltge pnaidenlii 

Most women college 
president* say they get 
"emotional support" from their 
coUeaguet Moat male college 
president cue family" as 

Iheir major naarctvl emoUonal 
support on tlwif way up Uie 
academic laiUer 

But Marwell cautioned that 
"we're not saying 

dracriminalioo doesn't exist in 
academia What we're laying i* 
thai another reaaon for the 
difficulty schools have in 
recruiting female professors is 
the geographic limitations 
marriage places mi women." 

Car Rental 

snw. McDonald Rd. 
Prospect Heights 

Mi lie I ffliit 






Hair Oesigis 

Rolling Meadoiivs 


Kirchoft Market 
Buffalo Grove 


Plaia Verde 



Arlington Heights 


Acrois From Jewel 

fhfonnher 17, l*t7*i The Harhinggr Page 13 

HMniNCKR will rm 

Hat ■ffttipdwHl 
kiy arMr I* 

Jhljjl ^1^^ i^jJOt WfM/k 

mm i..AliHNGB». 

iteh WmI^ 

wimm oRBCnvn «« 

TJ. WmmM: Bmm nmMt. 
nJ»94Jt kr. Cmiw w aiMl 
lin«W.aiitfiltcaMiB. INK.. 
RA AT., tm. 


fUm p^lmiti! «ork i* tiM 
Tiiiht*} B«i« Kfcn imiy w 

WV:.. vM-4MiPy T 'MiifwiMiilNPi HR 
Can. 'MM. at ■lil«l«, 

' ''i^WRM KCLP WAM- 

■Aimnns n:u. time. 

iiirl *I*<F "«r «t«'ktitd* 
immmm »i tmBm — a i» pw 
'^^ - IMform 

tfhtirat 8lMivi>liit Ohm 

PMiT-TIME: «a 

tvomnft ami 
Gottid' uliurtliit 
py. *iv)]( in .prwNi- 
MmiMMialMB ranHm. M 
it WoodfttM^ Dr. SdwiM- 

Bactilml Of- 

•ri' M in ■arrtffiitnn Kilk. 
Omij Mglit nitki (rom 
Itofptr f rt* tmm A hotrt 
iMkai alary' In iMclNtiiit fnr 
ftiM e«r*, kiiai*)!. DglM. 
Ini«imIm«|imb Litta turn 
^MM. MhI iMvt a car. You 

.■i|M'rliii«itl •)Ml laragt. 
.Aiai'lalalc tint «( .viar Call 
.MlariMn. Itoalnnii at 'M- 
'IM. .tiiim«lia.|cly 

LOOK I KG roR hV- 
KtHATHlW I* (mrt liin* 
dap and «>•»•« ««» 
W'iit> (alK ar 

IMt 9. 

OMTnwn \m. Mt. Pmafwl. 


»M* WfflTt «•> rampua' 
Starlini pay ll.'lt^ln- Caw- 
tact Slialrnl Actwittat, ASM 

tAMIMS l( yiw can type Ml 

wpm. taivt giwit Rniinmar 
and' can iviiilt ai M r wt mait^y 

IX ImImvi' a wffBB, VRffiM InQUirv' 

at SHiiiMM 

Or futt Wiw (irrmammit 

only S.Nf*tar>.M, t)pit(t. 
ateimttrativt traluMrt. 
lficlMi<iil i' nfflc* ClaMi. 
('» pmy* hx.. 6$lmrf !•■.»,«• 
prf VT *"ii.U lawr** alfk* 
AH ii'ni. 4 w Hintr. HI.- 
um. »h . >» W. (Mt. «a> 
Mm., m MM N« mrv. m- 

.«...!»» A V FAMltf'S r«»<>T 
.Sawlwicfe's l'«>ki.n.g |.i>r 
«IM*imc iMlivUllial join 
■l:> (rowlKit nicrriLi 
fwlliiin* i:i|i*« iMt'iilv* 
MiMtowM <tM|: •.indi iiroii 

ApDly lit nriMi. «l W S 
eiinliunit M.. tm Ptetim 
or <-a.ll : 

H'..a,j:mo TiiMr sai.ks. 

t'loMgW' ii|i|iiirluml> Intnlp 
Hills W'iirti lu ■ rvtoiMl 
aliWi»|ilM'«. FlirxiUr hri.. 
total liaGfe|tr«»iKl ticl|ilui. 
M. :iiM mic W» »ill tram 
rer tmlnviw rail .»;».wi«( 

f..\K'r 'IlMt: li ■».. pt- 
wtw* Ifcwirk t«i (Mir #niplafii» 
M>**ii«e *pt.. Hiu«i» •:■ 
«..«,):unK iN«t>j4t)l«' k cawti 
,.•. •.• * Fii 

>i •!• in 
• a T'Mi 

I" ■ . 



WiX TME WV raw 
fart ttin.* ntKht nmk 
MMlMa unit tiarlmtlvr 

.A|i|ilr m pvntoi. GrmiiNl 
R<MII«1. tow :K .RlMfO*. 
tMMMi Katalaa 

tm f||| 

M'f'S'T S'Kl..l. CAW M.IM» 
H>KI> LTD mW. I««l 

tntmrttir., IK.uM) milts mm 
lima liM!luiM. (ml niMwr. 
calt I 

W» OAnSi''N Tl« Wa|*« 
Zietiarl Rii»t|ir««*m| AM 
f'M Mcrm ('a)iaM.|» Raitia « 
gMd Mirk Shin. Hrdutar 
liaa Etcvllmi Comliimn 

lirs MEBCtHV rol CiAW 
MJ. I'WayBlw AMTM 
(.'••iHMIir, Alarm. Many 
Opt kill*. EiictJileul f«n- 
■illMin TakniR AcM CWtw. 
MI.;ST N.Kl.,t. fall: 

adrr i tw 

' ' "\\"E«,ICIt. • 

(lomi CM" 

mcLinn *^iMi mi m- Matt (IMVur 

Cult.' i»iiiw.allart:<n 

ir*n} Ti'v l'»tig:in«l tlwiw - 
,,(,.„t p s 

\M f'.VI »iltl 
ivm •.(«-.■.«•■> •.i»ll*C«Kl'll>rin 

(Mtldv aal out. V*n ntf. (>■ 
i ,II#4m1 miltair Extra 
Smwri t nm* tIMi itr ImsI 
aMer t'U .:eit-liw. Aife lor 
'IMt m Lynn 

nvtt tir<*, 'im baek brakn. 
jiKt tmm4 a». mm master 
.cylilMltr, w* iMiiniv. Itail 
film call .VMin altar • 

Fanl Lit) (i<»d inlwwr 
AAtnt MM 10 Call W-iniS 

<.-|':H MAG WilCCUi 
»ttli'"m:>Mlo«Ttrw. »HHn 
IWM ear*. M'M vnndiiiori 
Nam« ]i'#iir prtct. (..all 
0««M|. .at 'atl-.tlW.. 

Society initiofes members 

m IMa Kappa., a nalMinal 
toiMir rnxmsr iMt. MtlatMl lltt 
Mi««llia »tiii»«nlt i«t«i lh# 

iMMly; Kanw Ahbate. Cytaliw 
AwlMlll. 'Dnnna Arciat. WaiMla 
Ham. BartMia BUtm, Q:kna 
itK-cfa.. UaiMl I 

nrnwn. .Jwimc CaUiMa. iwtev 
lirtaMlRil'. MarlMk CardMt 
<|ir«*tilc«i;. Joyra .€■!«•««'. 
Kathlipvii CliKurd, JalMl CarMt 
Ciwrdon CunuunltMm. DaMMa 
DaKcgt. Kaltfyn .|>«l>Mt«. 
Otawa DtvtlM. 'KatMttn 
Ili:nttr«. 'Daria Crlclaaa. 
ratlMl, OfM roariar. 
Ka«n« rach. 

Km (iariHr. 'Mariana 4]«ntielii, 
llarla« Gorckow.|arct 
t;ran<l»l, farelyn Oraach, 
Lnrraint Kanat. Barbara 
Henntnft, Oanna lldlappa. 
Marilyn Jaiakowski. June 
iuikln*. Cyntltia Knrft. 
J«aaplimc Kally Sawft-a Kom. 
rrancti Koaac, Scott 
KwylwiMlall, HatMcca tcaai, 
Jnhn Lrvandar, Judtlk 
Mai-i»rM<lki. Smp IMatayla. 
Debt)) Maltbtmsen. Kwan 
M«GaiMlti>y. Nanry MrCabt. 
SmMlra McDonald, Eilacn 
MUffcali Sftatry .Malanaar. 

Mdaao.. Tarry O'RiMlw. 'Carol 

'l>M. BBiii PaUicii, Varoniaa 
Potter. B Aleta Powall, 
KathiMn [Vivratsky. Eslella 
l"rynr. Sberjd Heynokl*. Carole 
Hichler. Michael Robimon. 
Frank Ro«mt»cb Judith 
Houilee. l-arry fluud Jeanelle 
Saindon. Sally Schlaller. 
<hri»lime Srhmeider Louis 
Shivtey. Alive Sloaiae. Karen 
lladtlandar. Lynda Slackllng. 
Csrimien Tteroipaaffi. Sandra 
Ttompaan, Oonna Tulnck. 
JacqiHtltne Van Mald«fl«m, 
[indi Van Natta. Jack viuMa. 
Arden W'ealhcrfofd. Valeria 
Weidnar. Janet Wyineki. 
Margnral Zlamer. Sharon 
Bmmamian. and tynne Zuller 


Tk^rri IliKKi"* 
To a ver)' sperial MaMl. 
Mmy I'linslmas. 
Ltive Vlrki 


Nlianr with . 1 bedroom 
Apt m Fat Area Kem tlSl 
per Ma.* '.ol'Vtl < 'all after 
ipm m iiw 

STR FEMALE Rooramale 
iri early ai's to share an apt 

» iitmv Mt. Prmpeet or 
Arll:n|| area Call T 
afU'r 5 'Mt 'Tw-TlHir ■ 
Of Fn Mon ( 

Tlitit it lor at) the Dan 
Tannas. Shawn Cassidys. 
Leils. Incredible Hulks. 
Incredible Hunks, Mat-ho 
Men and even Marie 
(itmoiKh al Harper May 
!iu«ar Plum Jaini-s boggle 
your brains Have a nice 

To my Darling C « t • 
I »afit to «torr my f.l m ynur 
RH t"ve IR 

Female stadent with 
rerciral iMtlsy loalimg lor 
ride 10 Harper (r»n> 
Slreamwood Plaase call Ml- 
IM4 alter t:Mpm 

To my lamrile Santa: 

We rimld have ii good time 

stutfine Mmte stockings Ho. 

Ho. lio' 

Your adnrtnc cU 


HfflW"* yaiir hwr lite 

With C'hanK and all the Kang? 

Sineerety. 'The l*'atcWal 


Dm'I be M ituil all yms' Itla. 

Put amm piiaii .in ymr 
lovtllta or aapraaa your 
for your darhaal 
aaeilon <>l the HAR- 
BINGER'S claatirf«d adi 
Fimr tinas for only § buck 
Do it now l>efore sianalMdy 
heals you lo it ' Drop 00 yvm 
ad In AM7 or give CMr a 
ring at cm «l And dont 
worry, yfjur identity (• to (wr 
•inetaat conddance 

To my lavonte Santa, 
t'hrislmas Kve willMu) you 
Moul<ln'l lie Chrtstma* Eve 
\(m kn'MK Klf 


More often Itian nut. You're 

inmydreemi Even (he one* 


«e tall oft the edge of llie 

Don't ever ttop tntiling You 

wouMn'l l<K)k t.iu> same 


Help Wanted 


HIQf w CnHm 

175 Al«wiquiii Rd. 

Mit lisiarcii totmrwrn 

ln»esting Public Contact. Flexible Scheduling 
For Days, Evenings Or Weekends. Good 
Salary And Working Conditions. On Job 
Training Excellent Job Opportunities 
For Students. 

Randhurst Sfx^yping Center 
for mppi. call Mrs. Edwards btt. 9-S pm K-WI 


Full or Part Time 
Two Shifts Available. 

Reiiion Restayrant 

Randhwat Shopping Center 
Apply In Person 

Hawks destroy McHenry 1 09-78 

Buy. (ta B BHUni Pn""* 

" lit Itarpt* men'* l>in*»*'»U 
IMM **m t«» ■<»«<««« •"•■''■ 
MingL MteiMimt ii f««i« i" '«»■ 

(iraillM w-torw» by tl«Hro>mK 
«c:|ta»> i»7i» l"t Tte»«k.v 
mmit m liHt H»*to tome ik«« 
llarpr Imc kim <'l>>f Iwi Mr 
ip(it«i «ij' mtmiw I'* '-'^ ''"' "' 

»l1ll.1l •liltto'.*' •':■:'■■••■•'<■ 

Imphs* «>i)tPtK»-!'' - " ' ' 
tH» apncmm t* «»»««» '•'•^' I 
twill * *• 'pilti ««» *!•>«» •«' 
,.„ff»i(ti» iilHwiJ llir TnK* mart 

-i..,.t»(H.>. ■• ' '■■■:■ 
uwlcffaW-d in >■« ':t'>ra"-n. ■ 
(«!■««. wifK > mtmi n< !■* 

•vi ' italrh liir 

I , , , . , •>. .minniTWl 

\-, It, .,: •, ■ ■ ^a i mrmimmm* 
,',., t ■: !«•» tmifW'tW » 

iNin mnt'IIUHItM 

«l«f«fiiiiW' npiickmrM «<»«i,n«. 

fim*"rl«». t't» rioi**! *►• ■'*"'"» 
rtli«» vims 14 Vf>m* in II» ftntl 
ImII. Tlwf Srtil* cwintfKKl «i 
IttjK' Irre I1M"«»'*- ta'n»ff> <«•' 
• ■, i:ht> H*wti» 

^ , , iin^t* i'l* ihr'i 

«li«»(l»TrW' i "i 

■fhrtawiimM'"- - 

/. *«iiiiil» fMii;»»iri(!. I'l tin'- 
l«ta » leml »» «■» •' 

T''l» iwtnnl hill ■>» •'> ''''"' ■' ■' 

*ii|>*irsl»<>l'tlw-'ii-' '»■•' !!,:i'.'k- 

,,.! \1. li- 

rt>il», u-yiiKI IB hiw •»*« 
iMitnsivr prwurr imrt (trl mir 
<■;■( hrrak lii-inu " - ■'" •'» 

11 .■ ■- ■ ■ - unUikr i'"<m.m> 
tlv ■ tioime. but (hm 

iriM...... -. ,u.,iin(t in trmw (yj» 

rtf fhrwImHs lourmmn-Bt ten- 

■ (rr itft'iwk 



*«rit« in Ihr »riii«V 
deilliilish'dlMitlhw H»'?» II >•'«• 


lull wt istarli'd »» (»t^ »"«'>l>l'l' '" 
uauBt,. iryMxi to iw** »""*:- ^•' 
|ila}«<l lit strnib tomtitHt . ■>•■ i-l 
H»rt>*f h««<* cMcl) MogtT 
B»rtltild. iifl»r »»l'.-hine 
f iMrv'iMH iKi i™» w*" •"•■ "* 
wmmi tMiilM P»'- if' '""> 
llMf acuvmiMMiK.. 

"Itu'vr Iwsn pljyinn wtth 
nmro ml»iiit»> Ita year Ttir 
iiHti«fice from 'iMt yam i» our 

t-ul ti.ii 

Irl 1 


-lo -ifwi 

vvlial (lur H*» r»n dm Tlwy («■« 
the pia\-mg um* now »nd Ihn 
whm *r (w« th*™ '« pre**""" 
»mmt.wm Om •*•» l*f «# ■•» 
thetr t»|i«WiHie». ■ ••" 

■TmUghl *« had good ltu*rd 
„rf9inrt »ni mtrjlMy »i «h» 

•HiinjWT'^ ^"11 "»K"1 MP Miir^'l 

ai. Cruiis, h»»lit»!* had 1« 

iKlifd 'lltrw. *hd 
ilsiitit.** I'trtS'n 

;. .. !iiin..rHi l;i>N»rt ■■■" ■■ 

,, ,. ;,.!i,i> ii,r iht' ■■'- 

gi¥f «« I "TO '» ptnmtv and 
llirtiw oMiw nrw thin«(|i in." M«d 
H«-hl<ild, who atai wtaiiiM!* 
Ihr tirvak t» give JrIT Martinakl 
and M*» Bayless timr lo 
niawar trma in|iirH?» as ih* 
tlnwksiinitrsifttil inlnthr iTwa( 
(rf ihrir Ktwdule «hMi school 

Tlwrt *T* "•• N»di» 
f Miwnttii « <Jlg* Kiiftiiit'i iiu 

the Hairprr «oii>«n"» |{ymn«'t»c 
tMin. h* »«eT ttwir (ir»l m«*t 
in ran y«tn. ihen weir jonw 
DramtuuM prr(«mU:nM> 
Th« iMim held il» first home 
Mtr alter heinft 
.jMt 'iMt MBWin ond' were 
„,pa ait liy WmUJun Colleue. 
la iBur-ytur nchtml. w iMi^.ts 
"Tliej <M ricelknl lor ibeir 
timt meet Thi* l«r»l m««« 
l^nMn-mill hflp ihem iirepare 
f«ir the nesi n»e«» ttimmf ti|> 
ney (Wined tn itirmiwl^'w wt 
Ihey i-ffluW »«•♦ lhrt««h (he 
natiim. ' "wt Harjier c-«m* 
iMMeblliier after her (earn » 
l^twmiice l«»l Thur»iJ*y 

"mvun hud «»» top 
Harper mark in vauliing. 
inninia handiF'nS »■«" '*" « 
§«.!*• ».l»o leored a 5,(16 on 
the iinev«it». S 1 on fhwr-eii »*d 
4 » on the l»«m 

ckJiM Cindy Curt* retetvtnn 
a c » roarti on lloor e« . Sharon 

NoUle a i>» in vaulting and 
Sandy Colglaiier a IIS on Uw 
uneven tars 

Xheir tient home meet » Jan 
% «• DuPage al 4 pm All 
iiM«l> are held at Wdfi M 

.>.. ol It «•»• "»** •"•* 
ittten *•*« irt*™ "» •*"» 
down on ««r rouiimw now we 
liavf to •or* on risk iitnl jier- 
••rttng lorm In lymnaato 
that JM*' takw time ana 
Ijcactlee I think they are more 
««r|»rwed wtth their prr 
lormmiMMi than 1 »to " 

Haifier (Ol some e«*ll«i« 
i>er(iiriit»n«e». most ni>l«.bk 
Saw mm imh Ulac* « the 
tieam anil (toor-ei Hiack 
(C<:ci««<l a KOIW <* 7-5 ""■ '*'' 
fliior rimttne and' a ' tMwt the 
tieniii She- iilto tcortd »«.»«» 


Kallty Blifce »cored. iaffi m 
tier fkMT i-otitine, rewiviiW a 
Tin 1,0 no along oithtiw ■* S on 


Alt •<»»*« ititere-sled m 
.pitting MMtial) tilioukl lill out 
■n iMMtct form m Wdg >I and 
rttunt W i« l^im Hiicteock • 
'imti*Ui% M 

Sports Upcoming 

rnK ni.t«'iimm'tBa«keltalUv» Mmtne Valley- away -spm. 

- home- limp m 

II pm 

I:iec' ;t M.-n s Hii*k«>th,«ll »■* l.iihr Cfiuniv 

OiK' Xl t*rr>UnJgv» Tntmi .r*ii_v-l! m 

Jan i Men»Ba»kHtallv» l>uPa«e »»«y 

J»a s - WreiUtmi w <;anha|:r ■ away ■ I p.m 

iati- I Woiiieif!i.toikell>ii:U*s « Valley a«ay ■ i w l> '" 

iMi«- Men's Baikettaltvi R«»k Valley awiy T'Wpm 

Jan » ■ Wou»n"»Cym-na»tic« vt l:iuPa((e home ■»(»'" 

Jan, to Women's Biukethall n Elgin - away ■ S p,m 

Jati II ■ Swim Team ■ DivWon "t Htlerfoile«iatf l,ham- 

iiionrtwp ftiitalo « a m 
Jai. II -Swim 'team Div.wan 111 Intereollegiati- < Iwm 

iiionhip t;t»ea|» -tarn 
Jam li Men »l«ail««tl»H*» J»l<et home . -lOp m 
Jail IS t*<imen»Cymnaitlctvii Ikil^e a*»y 10" !»>_ 
Jan U VkreslUng Grand Rapids Im italiomil a«ay It) a m 

Jan 11 Swim Team MavitMW III Inlenotlegiale fham- 
piumhip thuati* » a m 

HaplMimerr Kward Tim Ijigkw IHea •• 
iplMla ky l.»rl l-ynn Ipayl 

Harper iMiekrt 

Gymnastics loses first meet 






Ma a S MwiWi Pn»«r«m and Racaiva 1 Extra Monllw 

Wa oMar SupwvWon In CondJtlonlns walflht training 
mm mjw, .~F-" ^^ g^ Building 

IMS. in-fri »-! M 11-5 

WMitv Park 

Piau Mtiwaakat An. wM Paialiiw ■•■ i^^ 


Murphv Emplijymrnl has the 
mirtt i-omplrle lisling ol 
ruriTntIv availahle pasitiorei that 
\i« winViiMl in Ihe ChicBgo area 
.'luNi icll u* what y«u"re looking 
lor Artitiinistrative Sales. 
s.t ri'larial. TiThnical. etc and 
VI,. «ill arrange in«erview» lor 
UM with area firms t>ur local 
vhenls imiude some ol the most 
VirisliKious companies in the 
nation, and tiest ol all. this ser^ 
vice IS abaolulely free to you Call 
today at one of our three con 
tenient localiooa. »e will be glad 
to s«"r»e you 

Straamwoatf Barringtan 


l.iceniied priv emp agenry ^^ 


iMiroiH Ms are opm to aU housewives, retireet. 
MiidcBla. tcaobmi aixi anyon* wanting a good paying 
liarl-tiinc lob 

M ynr 'nMi M pll l MI I N«» summer layoffs. 
HriHI If tIM per wk. for approx 4 hn of yflUrtimea 
day. S days a wk We train you compWely on moitoni 
automatic radio equipped buses 

M Sfew his 620-680) 

for mora into & Intarview. Yoo must be Jl yrs. of age 
A have a good driving record AAornIng or afternoon 
fotoi available or both. 


ei:i;!'I5ii'!llil*'™''*^-«*«^"^^S^ "■*'■■ ■■■■'■■«■'•" 

IMvmher 17, l'*7'i The Harbuifctr PafK 15 

Women's b-ball 
team struggling 

The Hiir|>«-» wiimcn'i 

(M.itlictMI l«m <'^nM Iwiit one 
tnnntrw'"' '■»'' ""' "*" '*' '"•' 
■..iifiH 'in*'' 

%«(• «iiilw«?w;<; W""«' »■»'■«■*■ 
.lolMrt. iwt iiralj tad >» '^"l" <*'••• 
tUv Wiilvis to! al«i wnm- vi-r) 
■INBttttHMiUle iitlifiulmK m tttnr 
■Ml tnti 

Th* Ha«ta Uiund' lhi-'m»elvr» 
dwil •» >»» iiiU'f Wtt*"" *> "•■ 
iNit M not ih'"» '" Stwr iwtrl 

• tfi iht' 

|(jf pur's ^trawi Mil 
nM»*t>tirlt »ia» «li>w«J ttow" 
»l>fn tii(th ■"•.■or*"!: (""f*"""" 
iMi|*«>mr» *ei<lwr Imsttnl 
Ml »rt(i 7 •W rriMtumi "> '••» 
fnsM- Weiiliwr tiHl the Harp"" 

: rce itirnw* •« »hm prowil' 

inr «II«r«i» m lh« lto«to 
ilMH 1« nf M b«m« ««*>M». *htlir 

MM ith*. tfeMW »*» l»«»y««l » 
JnMt «ai B <tf ». l»«f't "« 
ipti-li wluwnn ngutmut lln^r 

K»th:y Mitmlrr Ihru* i» " 
frnrntu Jil««» w >'t< ffuhhtm tilM' 
ri-hai»Mli> Ijp*' Aim How »lli«Hi« 

.,t<h tmitffn, ctaipptnt tn 11 

.•.•«MMiiM»« Kunn DfMw* 
»Ke»rht'»cl*il III* Itorper 

Viv WVmHiw iumff <« lh» t*m-»> 

in (In Ml imcelh-ol n* «>« 
drfmw. timii ArniM ■*» Mary 

j^iw ijirnfflB »l»it awn* «« ™"" 

(»»* »,iiit t>»y^ *•" 

TheMBwto i-«i»«l>lTO't 11.1. h«»-lt 
,« tlMF «tinm.n« irack for N« 
irtay Ml they tol In n iairf •>•!<> 
Hilt* Vafcy i«»i» TW»- 

llarprr hi Hm* V»lie)» IP« 
i(« nwti ol a Iriwl ••< tatlim* 
.iix) rtwW not !»»*» >"'(« "«• 
ilifliTfnc* ihe ««i«Ki h»ll 

li«* Vall«>'« (Mt in II »lri«i»ht 
iit)im» allfr thr H»*ta ioiml 
lirit hut H'**- ^"l'""* *»* •*'•'* 
»n gri uft Mwiiiwl ami third st«il 
,m<TOpl« W "V^ «P 'hnr h-«l 

Altmii V»l WrKhwr heW tl» 
hot hitiMl tiiMitNim lh« rv»nm« 
«iitli » iuMtiti. ti in the »«<)•« 
hall nacwkr ab'O tut n dwiite 
ri«ni*i»l»i». thi» tillMf vmirm 
m II t«r H»r|»r 

The ll»«li» «»" »'*n1 i'-< 
MsraO »<«1 '»''i m ^i*' "■■'»■ 

t»r«itir» |*>y. »*''«• K"^'' v»ii«> 

rvtiMrf Itwir r«-««r«l I" '*"» 

mrr»ll Mul t I '« f**" iH'lwil 

|liir|i«r tail** '*» <»'«rl 

■gallM. M.i!iriiwi« VaUry, !>«■ 1» 
al Mmraiiw V»ll«> »t :• pm 
TlMn then ««•( >«*»' •>■* <* "> 
MMilM' MM' iiwftr««c» ipnw 
n IIWil«»V»lfc>'. S.«l|».ill' •! 
IHInnB Valln 

tnru OSCilR-TROn 

Ifli ||Mir x-mas 


lixnil'M.rM'V)!.*!:!!'' C^iii. M"* '<!:«• «'(»'<>ll'l> 

' 1,3 Miftt*! «:f«*" "■f*i**v " 

Debbie Temps 

MM can uMirti it out. 

M ( MkIwbOk f»IION»»PM»M l«» I *)»."•... (W 

wiw.i.«, i«M«.ii.,|ii*« **•"■!!:'' 

WlSai ••■««» :J»3.0W 

%■ Bl WrM«rr <lrK«» *»« a 

(HHHIs li«« WrMliirr* » f«llit» wrrr «a«lr4 »» 

al PuUmk I'aMkaUwn.i 

Reynolds wraps up intramurals 

b> %IIKi: mMH MM 

TItc Harpar intramural 

pnVBm It turnlnK ih* 
■ • ■ eimwr Bram-tuiw 

■ft 'vwri' idtkiniial 

_,,-- NlgW*" «• »«• Vialor 
lltKh SclMol. itw Mntmural 

[iriHraui »"• *•» a hum*' it ean 
call it* «««■ * l"***^ 
(ifH*Wi*tMK. •«•< '"•>'* '<" 
■iiijiinly. itiMhut int«f«l 

Walty Rr>n«l*< fauntMalar 
oi.mtnimura)* •»* roefBiWO'l. 
Hid ewter m iht jnw Itot Ma 
Itttt ytar ci( Mrarouralt wniM 
Iw ■ -'JteltBi mn y««r. • !*• 
(iir ua vi> gel »i» lino" »™'l "* 
»luil«>nlii waul »n«t »il! fwW""' 
loo ■■ 

AimL to iar. K^ynnMi ii 
ptaMMl irtlti •tat h* hat Man. 

"1 trnn •«" •nmigh tnhBrwl 

wj^myourprwiini" "^:"!" 
«ldcA-l'«:ai>AtfM.. I'dlikc 

t» aw «■' vr •• tMuitaiW at •« 
■cli*Mj Hiili J«iHir Jl airfM " 
Ai he M at tha hefUmiiit "' 
the y««r. Reyiwhla nmOi It 
dear tlial Uie tiitc«« <* ttm 
tnlrmmiinil vnttr-" "«» »** 
the student*. 

TJwy 'th« studenliii haw lo 
miikr thi'ir iwr* »«t "«nl* 
kmwct ■ He ajWMl, "We" M"'' 
do fverythinil (M^opl* ha^e 
[wWioomI '« •>«" **' *'«**>'"•* 
can try la *> a« much aa •« 

A l«a»»r iirotilem in Ihf early 
•tafct nt ll>e iniramural 
|)rii0'»ni w«» urnanuatMin. or 
rather the tack at il. Heynol* 
■liiiil \ow. the intramural 
pTOKram i» Weaaed wilh M 
hmklinit. *t»Kh wa» nmipleted 
m Xovemtier and Keynotifc 
plans t« circulate a pamphlet 
mitlinine intramural aclivHies, 
the lime* nt liie varimia ac 
(ivitiea. anil tli«il»il<ty 

THe M iJuiWing give* UK a 
lociia point l« plan ami hiaaie lit* 
netwilie*;" be said- "H pvea u* 
an idenlily " 

Plannin* ilie intramural 
aelivittea hai lieeii M» iwaltaW 
ntaiucle In Reynolilf atleflilit l» 
huild a aoim intramural 

•We've fiNtned •■> intnmurat 
rnmmiltee to plan and auKgeat 
mlranural acliv»li««." he taiil. 
• So (ar, we've lumed out nevem 
or et|hl activities (or the 
tliidenl lo participate in " 

Thl* Kinealer, mch activities 
at wriat-wresthnK. H»t 
(onltaal). a UlUarda UmriMy. and 
a Iree-tlnw cMltat kaini 'kaan 
aiiMiiiK U» evmw wfmmmt bg 
the intramural pre«raiii 

F«ir next nemertw. RejmaMa 
haa planned a floor-lMKhey cHih. 
a WmkicMlay ntf^l liaakMlwll 
lca«iie and open gym MaaMna. 

-Wednesdav ni#it haiktDMril 
thmald bring ua iwr UageM 
turnout al U» yaaif. " I" wM. 
"•We eipect ttm mtm .om M 

btemne very popular i»ilh Uie 
Mudent* al« " 

At (or the lutare ot Harpar'a 
intramural pmttram. ReynoWa 
lookt toward the phyaical 
education claaaea 

The lieft way to run the 
intramurala woukJ he through 
PE claaaes For instance, tbMC 
taking the volleyball data 
would he in a better poaltion lo 
(et up their wn playing limea 
hecauae Ibey are already in- 
vDlvcd in a cla»." he said 

■So. the beat thing lor the 
■tudenta lo get tnvolvtd in tn- 
iramurali i» to aifn up (or 
claiaea," he added 

HcynoMi would al»o like to 
■cc more (acuity participants in 
intramural activities 

■A lew (acuity members 
turned out tor the Harperthsn 
100 Homecoming weekendl 
But I think i( the faculty became 
more involved with the in- 
tramurals it would help thero 
get more involved with the 
students " 

HaWy WijaaW'i . iMrr™»l> loordinaHir i>( InlramBral* and 

Hrcri-illae li». hrm named thr Harper « allef r baM-hall CMch (ar 

Ikr liaMI uraiao. „ . . 

Itcnolds. »l» I* repiaeliig tlele llhiMa ka. «i caUege c«chl« 

,.lHTtei.« bat raa the hMraataral haaebai pragram Ihts lalL 

ipbMu by Kirk Kahnkel 

lioCtday season 

ll^rbinit'' .■•liHirlal stM li«it«i»m «• : KWl 
k..k«l>r naU. l<tM« M<*llr r»« ; an<l» 
taratrlln. Vil>rrli»iitrt MinaKir. »•■««» 
MtNkHkalkr. Frilurf KdllM: l»«« Mrll»«h. 

lii|i n.« . Slc»e Moskul. < iirUwiiKl. Top piclwni 
from Irit l« ri|{hl. liurMhy l'lr»»»iHi. VdOMN". 
Ja«n Prtrnnn. Kitilor-t«-< hW 

Building I ready, fs opening temporarily delayed 


tMic im (Ml wwlker Iwi ymr 

■<••'> ertmtat cnnntruelliMi 

IluiMnw J Hta not oprn 

Bl<H„ I tan ttm 
ttamia nitl tn«M. »• i 

»»>' claim selMliM tur 
Ki# .1 ll»v» htm hmwmI t» 
■llrmiir draat Sttmral n»' 
inn*. nwwtiiiK naim 
ialMmlDrMn taw bmm 

cctnv»r««'«J 10 l»iii|K«r»r}' 

RvrntDK I'lciaic* whtaluM fur 
BMC J will mmt in Dmtrirl 111 

Ih# tflKKlb. 

■'U» • vrry leiii(»i»r»ry 
thinn," mM El»inr SHwmM-r, 

( 'ollrgr rrlalMHDt >|iK'UitM 

Before <•»«»»»» c»'H begin 
iiieimnt im BMg J el«rtnc»l 
wnrfc ami pamtnit must tw 
tompleted Furnilure and 
e«|ii)|imnil will h* mwtd in 

Hi tilt 

I Ms. 9li 
tli» »Dfk '"HI »» enmoWrf 
sinnnniw tn tl» near IWarr 
TlXf l»o l»il*ni!if. locaied on 
llje Miuttteasl comer nt tl* 
>-an¥|iii«. t» til twww Ihe Bwuwm* 
and Sonat S<-i«n<» t)ivi»ion A 
lill loit let-ture hall will adjoin 
Ihe liuildiniiit thu* nivm. » ">^* 
al a in»trucl«onal faeililw* 

A number oJ »peeiallie<l 
(■citillot wUl he featured in th* 
new building! such as a 
■arlteltng tab. a data 

ironHiing lah. typtng roouia 
and a rhild care lah Tbe child 
rare lab has il» own wanhroom 
fat->hliei. direct aec««» to an 
outmde piayKTound and a kit 

The lecture hall conlaiw 
uphnlilered wain, a r«i*ed 
leriure area and wooden 

•allf II win be uatd 
fur mMvia. puhtk- speaken and 
IXMiiMy b> the Harper Player* 
Abu UKiuiM will be a (acuity 
staff taMwRe 

Harper received the grten 
light tor the ranstructron of the 
'>5 million dollar buildingii in 
IWS The buildings were con- 
Mrurtfd by the KKS Ar- 
chitectural Firm 

V4»l. 13 \... ir> Januan 15. 1980 

Vkilli.iin Kiiiin-^ Hiir|MT ( olk-nf. \lK<»»<)iii" ami Ktwlli- Kniul*. I'iiliilim-. Illiiii.i« MHlhT. :tl2-;i'>7-;«MK» 

Johnson receives 
25 year murder 


Mtaii ,Jtibn«m. connctert 
murdereT «( Harper coed 
t>sl(k» B<ild»'ln. km tmm 
lenlvoced Im m yean l« prtMii 
(oT'the kttltm J'ohnaon, a. aian 
receivrt • to year wntence (or 
the iiuempted murder tt Mt» 
BaliKiin's rmti'lianioii. Harper' 
»tu«lenl Slr*e luib The lt>-year 
tariR will rtn nnrurrenlJy wtlli: 
the hniprr wntewe 

Juvlite I'ltwaril St+iij Jr 
ha^mM. itoam the »enl»iH-e' \it\ 
M <• Kvanatni l>ram-h oi UiC' 
I'onk. r<iiMty t'lrruil ("ourl 
s«al» tmmi .»«*n»o»i «»»>• of 
th* murder jnd attempted 
murtlcr m i iiinlwr de»pite 
ilrlM'ic .irgunirntKi that 
Mtmtm mm ptyctHiillc at Iht 
tun* 111 Iht Marrt i ■muntof 

IJefense atioriiey Rtek 
H»l|»nn *»i«l Thumday ht' •»M 
appeni itif' rase llalprm aaM he 
'has ittready ftle.* a •«*«■ ol 
apprat and >t wouM ha ■< iMCt 
m to eialll IMHMIMI iMlfM* tlH) 
prelimlnnirf fMCMI 
» iippMl •iMld to 
H:»t|>rm «id the gnmnd* tof 
apix«l an- 'ti-ry technical I 
<|Mi"i ktmiw h«J* fd he a^We to 
nadMie it ••» etptowitiiiK.' " 
'Ht xnnined' it up hj' tayinf the 
iM be 'made m^ Ihe 
i <i( "jMdiietal efrwf " 

' Bal'pri" »••* •<• *"* «•"• 
cMMiieni on the <iuttaiM' of the 
IrW and rriuned tit rtimm th» 
of the pnnfflfi to which 
» hud been lent "I think 
that Is pCTMMl and cMlMiMiat 
mfinnaliiin," ht nid- 

Johmcm. Miia Baldwin awl 
Bush were all meintien ol ib«- 
hearing imiiaired (wofrim .<■ 
Hurper viheti the murder •»■ 
oirreii Johnnoti and Mis* 
Baldwin hud d»ud but broki' 
up Mm Baldwin then stitrted 
dating Bu»h Prior to the 
murder Mmmm hid limped 
Mm Biildwtm m the lice durtnti 
a cmitwitanim •"» <!»■ Umv" 
cateteri* ■* »«-unty gunrd 
Inim th* nlilege was aatifncd 
••> nnirt Mm Ba'Mwtn '<' 
rlatae* talhMtnK that atlt<k 
bill the guard ».«. <ho(iped alter 
m> turthi't w'lilenlt wx-nirrred 

tw MaTcli 1, hi»*e«rr 
Mkmmt utticfctil UtM Maldum 
aitd Bit** m ttte Harjier parting 
tot. talally Habbing Mm* 
Baldwin tn the eheiit and 
«MhhMi 'Bm* hi the neck 
Mm Mcr arrested Jotumin 
after traekimi bim to St 
Michael the Archamtel 
raimrtary smith ol the campua 

IMenne lawyer Hiilprwi »t 
iemptfd 1o prmr .lotimum *a« 
insaine al the time ol (he attack 
by calling in p»ychtelri«t» lo 
teKlily t'»r Kugene Mindel 
tntiM thai Johiinn kllM the 
girl m order n> ••«( recurring 
dreunt*. »n which «hi? appeared 
(o him ii« :i m«»»ter The 
*len«e argued iohnnou *ii» 
unaUe lo ditttnguiih hit 
drwnst (rnm rcuMy 

Local radio stations 
handle closings 

ctamii due i» m- 
weathcr wM he an^ 
niMWWl o»er tl mm radiw 
■lalinna' thin wmt'er Sludtnti 
•Ml hmillj ate urffd t»y ihe 
■dniiiMraliw Hit l« call the 
rwilife mlchboard to otnain 
ttaiiig. tntantat^ian. 

Annotincmienls will be mad* 
■ner Ihe lollow'iOf radio 
ktatian» *tiM.73b AM, WIW>. 
Sill AM ^IS M AM. . ViMAQ 
«7M Vt» WM»M. TUt AM 
u n mt -r: T FM WMET >« J 

riM t*NIl . •S FM WFYH 

IIS 9 FM Wl.lF m F*t. and 

It a campu* closing i» 
jieceMary beltire a radio »«■ 
tioiintement ran tie made. 
Jacully iuperviwir* will b* 
aiikMl. tn miltict depnrtaiaal 

II M«*rt weather nindilrana 
nuike it necCMiary to cluae Ihe 
campmi "hiring ichuul hour* 
iwtificalian wiH be given lo all 
siaH and students 

K«hlhH» lealartag career pemgram*. can-- 
Itnalitg rdiM'atkw cimnteM and wludenf ai-tltltlr« 
were aa display at WoodfleM Mall ii%er Ike break 

a> pan id the ••IMitwvef Iht H'*." program 

Meimbert ol Ihe tarally. «talT and tladciila 
were prenenl bi aaswer i|iir«lMMn during Ihe 

rihlMl. iphain h) Kick Kahnke'i 

Ascrow assists in problem 

S I' A«To* AmMifiatcs.. an 
architectural engineering firm. 
ha* been investigating all 
i.inipij* tiuildings lor iiiiv 
uructuiiil »«»kneitee» 

Ttwf invfstigalion began when 
» apuBdrel lell from BMg A II 
haa been repaired but no 

dtBhIleciwluaiiinon why it led 
ha> bum reached 

Currently, a spBindtel 'bet- 
ween Bldg* C and. P apfaan la 
be HiigKinM.BecauM o( dcaign 
unilaritin hetwcen BMg A 
and i'. an int'ealigation to 
delermine Ihe appropirale 
corrective nieasure* in un- 

Aacrnw Ai>>Mit:ialat will ntudy 
drawmiti of ihe huildinR!! and 
prepare a report on the 
measurca lliat need In be taken 

Alt a xafety meaoire. any en- 

Irances and ad,|oining areas et 
Itldg I* have lieen parlition*d 

(id andscaKolding placed 
the sMiiHig tiwnitrefai 

liit new mork 

A tmal III CI.SI a waa cnn^ 
inbuled by adminiHralor*. 
(acuity and Malt (or the im 
Harper College {'niaade of 
VIcrcy campaign The con- 
tribution re|)retent» a « p«r- 
cenl imreaue over last years 
ligure of ILTM «i 

line hundred nincl) three 
people plcd||<d tu the ( rusade n( 
Mercy (or isn compared lo 124 

in imi The breakdown of 
contributiona is 26 ad 
numstrators with pledges of 
ll.Xtl !S faculty with pledges 
ofll.l«i. 9:1 classified staff with 
pledgn o( MosiM; l« member 
nf Local U with pledges of 1144 
In addition. Ml in change was 
collccled in Ihe bosk store, 
game raoin and caieleria 

/%!' _' Thv UnrAiipwr Jmmiirf l.i, /'.«WI 


redefines policy 

T»» b*flmnlnfl of • Mmtster brings • number of 

dtwtgts. N«w clasMS, oew ttschcrs and "new 
maM<jtfWWi1" of ttw MtrWufler. Thui. It Is a tmtng 
nwe to rwleflnt HarWnfler po«cy 

As tn tt» (MMit, fwwi rtporttno will r«m«i« Wr and 
•ccur«4*. N«wi d'trKlly rt<«t)n9 to ftw college, 
•tirtvntt. faculty or »dminl»*r«tlon will be ijlven top 
priority Anfi«n<nc»fr>ent» coiK«riHng ctiiUs and 
warioui a»m eampiit arnnlMtton* will be handled 
Ifiroufh the "Upcominf" ■•cf Ion ot the newspaper 

In the feature section, the vmr^m l«cet» of the 

camput and student life will b» litgtiUthted. Also 
Ificluded her* will be ■'Vle«p©liiitt"-Wl«i«m de«lln«i 
with varlou* siAlect* iueh m mu»k. astrotofly or 

|Mty«lcal fitfwti. 

Etiwai attontton will be flvth to imm'% and wowen's 
sports Whenever posslMt, a schedule ot upcomini] 

iixrting ew«ntt will be printed. Intramural In 

'tarmatlwii c«fl' alM b* found in this section 

Stgdenti can Iwrn to the editorial pa^e for tfie 

Harblofler'i view of various happenings. Signed 
lottors to the 'editor will be printed m this section. 

In addrtlon' to tti**. student ideas for stories, pic 
turet or overall lmprovem#nt of the paper are always 

With t»»e cooperation of students and statt. the 

Harbinfler can keep its reportlnfl at the high level of 

quality already atabHslwI. 

Wendy Winkelhake 
Editor m Chief 

Sexual double 
sf andords dying 

m quick Im KCfiN mtmmtm in 
dW' ntm at dich and wmmm 
■nyiMn," »lw My* 

« th<Mw .piilW <»i»l; .S 
;prMii( nl' tiM' niM «m is 
IHrtMit ol thr n'onwrn itoai*' 
p.rii'V««t <>l <*» •ilHoiii tttc 
brtivl'tl i>( marrmcf M.a(' 
('■■rtpMhla niNctt iM mmv 

'CK'' ' "naii< wKWl 
'ittimtonl !• <i}'iiif. Al taaii llMt 
M tint (iiiidtiit «l PatricM 
M'at'r»r<|M<MlBlt., imustaM 
(irofMior of tiictat(i«)i al 
t"m*«nMf III Arswaia. and: Jallii 
ridUaatar al Nit 'UmtMnlty ll 

M>rC'(iri|ii<><i«ti> kid 
I'Wljinwter rm-nlly nepurtnl 
llir ttmM» i>t a iurvrj tt W» til' 
£1 }var'«lalit .tii »■ %iMtl Mid- 
W'Mrni rity Cnm Iiiaifia<n4 wi 
||M> aubjacM pilM virr culkfr 

"«r Dwr .* W. al talk tlM* 
(toy* aliiiiii I he **%a*i 
'rm'aiiMKiii." ]Uac4"<v<|u«<t*l» 
nlacnM. "iMt ittml wi Imniai * 
titat praplt'* tocii* Im aMlad. 

Ill iiftiiiarM '««■ Mm a* a 
\>:'h<iit. the (ugfMtMl. ha««'>n»ll)- ai-efpttd 
preiKirital m ittarv roadit)!' 
Dim vMiM-n ' 

■■ta».ny cmiplt, the ra«ii null 
i«t»|i»i prmwrtial ••». wrlitr 
I Kin ihr •iwiitw." Mi*'"' 
("iin|ii<Mli..irnlii. inJiraiint that 
»(«.iida.rd :*. n.'.' 
diad Bui « 'K'n 
•»kMt «h«l t-.>iMliii»n». 
._,™_j||ia llwiifht m% •■»« 
aM*filiaOI«"llir nanwo and w htti 
• wm acccfUMr fm mm. mm 

lfM"WIK'V' W 

sf aai 

■OMc OP iMv Pfltopaasons ARit .authorb. 


Future hints dropped 

At a nm (hvadr (•(?« «. 
maw imidcr and rvflrcl MfMSi 
1h» hi»i«r» »tiat *•" hav* 
nftaiwl. (he iww that wir Itw m 
and Iht ttilunt l.hal «f ire 
headvd I'ar Dumitn nature 
ii»«nii» la tm am at amdlcia 
rai-w>ii»ilj', rmwtantly »»af- 
rtm$ tm what vtll vrntm nril 

At an a*tnito|tr. I haw (iw> 

*llglll ail*S»lll(|l! I'vir itol id 

lniMi a 'In* thmm la «'<wk »ith 
Thi"r*«aff. I will timnr mv m- 
mglila. H >•■ taar wtlli nw: mi 
lit' Irciill Ihat inay h* m »lmn> 
liir name af lat thraiiglMttl IM* 
tmn year 

For llMaw Inrn m daM 
turtwwn \o 13- It, 'Sfailitor 
•nd fcla> HIT i'Tauni*), IMI' 
•ill 'brifii, a mm ■ftmm la yaw 
M», Vau' 'ntii,y' Imt raallaaa 
snmrlim* thrauKhMt the ywar 
a,nd Minr radical rtaanRc ma-) 
tai» (»la« The a«tmlnK«ra,i 
emnUirl that W'tll t» made la 
ymm Sub it thr plan«i I'raniK. 
•hK* hw h«ff< nicknamnJ 
Th» Awakfnfr \'our in 
AVMiuaht,)' and indi!|MWdiFni-r 
may hw-anw itry imfwrtaiit to 
vau' It will hr J iirriad of tcM 
rc:al,ti:a<i»n,. and a limr t» 
' lirwii axay ' ' tic chamfM^ tkm' I 
ir^ lit ptaa utiat «r w^htn. lor 
I'rwMt la auoriaiad with 
•iiMiMafii and l,.hr utx-i- 


Viriiaa. and ta i icMMtr dc|[ra> 
ftatat,, ta** h*t»'<»ji tht dal« 
af Scfit iitXI, and Mir ia'2ii, 
may Iwl iti* Saturmnr 
'Vlihraltana, til mtrtcttom and 
hanUliit Raip(>M(t>ilit«' may 
pl« up Vmir rmrfi ttvel may 
lie to*, your ntlihidn may 
beram* dawnnght irrtou* 
(iitard )ou,r health Don't 
■trry', oi Itt «c1,Imk-Iis gt you 
dawn Vmn. •»•* you can tram 
tt all TMi ii a gmnd Miir la 
rwlly crarkdiwn an yiairwif 
and itnu-tuf* yaur lilr Beitn to 
build tjiwirdik >ou iuak and 
•KttHtiiim By aaptMittcr, the 
I will tie aftr. 

In liar fall, Ulir«» and ArMs 
tMMi het«t*n 'Scill, M and Oct 
1. and 'Mar 2} »i may hefW la 
Irel the ■%ttmr kind al (lilfK-ultMB 
»iw«>l,Mi»e Within ihe remainder 

Saginanaai and (imimi txim 
.in 'hf *ile» helw-een Ike 11. 1,4. 
..nit .lune iM« may he leeling 
I he «4le<:l» of the »tow movuiR 
planet Neptune throughout 
miMt at the year For you. thw 
alHNiMhtaMarchiniiyear Ym 
may (M at d you lack dirac- 
tioa Look inude yiHirwit. find 

the deetiif m«ann|ts' af Me 
Titnt yaur iiUMtka. try ta 
dewkip A. I'ar tin* » the hott 
ttm* Intertigal* creative 
•fi|«irtiiiii(.ics B4F ,prc|iafed far 


» ,ji,!U m:A,i,.y 

•amitceii. hut itan'l end up 
|ilaynii' Tht- iinrtyr r«>le 
|le\' ' ■■ .■ifenr?*^ .■tnit 

:»puf '^ .itfi' 'i "iir 

gullbtniiH itixi ttinkr Mire vvwi 
ran d,l»t,iBfU.||ih tielween reulilj 
iind •iMtrart<>»ihtlii> 
I .III ,1'' fwrn iipproumateiy 
>• ■ ;, i It, luivi- • limit lertY'i 
planeiary fonlK't to their Stm 
Frwm the lurtheft. moat ei- 
wnlrti- plane! , Pluto M,itrh ut 
Ihe iitnueMX- » lutifonciauii and 

may nal mantint eslanially 
However, ihi* «yiitMlic)i a 
very .».bw rhangv, a type of 
penonal lriwrt>nnat,iaii, 

I'Mw't •.truRiih* aiiawct: M,Uiig 

,|t(i ol flirt ide«» or dMiraC'. 
i«i«ii« A (ier»ona,t i»'rt, of y«i 
rTiu»l die to iniike rmm tor new 
(!r»wlh on ^ hiKtu-r Imi'l 

All al rtn V. Msed 

on ftiani'liirs . ..iL.^n 1- ..iw! will 
•lo-ur to lertain iim •rttin*, al 
certain times I have mentioned 
only the mml •>ln-i<iu», and 
therefore, not all ni the slfJW 
•re imiuileij thimeh I'm sUTt 
thai life it<»il ^'laiid sllti for 
Ihem X^ithout preeiae 
a»lr«»k)«n"iil ' twrt.". I i-»nm«i 
pmai'bly numra-m oti ttieni nil 
Kui onij the moti »if»i('icam 
ccwral trend* 

.Miyiwu.' inleri-Bled m iier^ 
-.oBuiiKed (i«lrolo(!ical m 
ierprei*iion!> please submit 

•ipeiilk: ((uenlionii and riimplele 
tiirth data ,|)ate I'lty Sex. 
H«Mt Time AM or V\\ i" Hw 
Hart>m((er Mttiee l-mrdted in 

llldK A .«- 


Wendy Winkelhake 

;:!-:::;"* :::::::rHiiiS£ 

PIMM tailor. ■ __r.™ 

Asat PhatoEdi.o, 'sSJiMaSil 

nuHinaaaManiu ftndy Ctriwilo 

isuaiiiaaa mwiiis^ ui»'M«* Mill 

OiitritaitumEdiK.r ;:*Vi, d!^.!« 

Advi«» "T'^^^r^^rr 

ci.ff .I^ri Lynn Guy. 

""* VlnamtSurdo. 

Joe Kunek. Rich Hanqulwt. 
i>a<c HVkWuiid. Nora Norton. 

Mt RMiy, MIka Slnkui. Mike Bambw:!! 

The HIRBIMiEIl it the itudent puWicalioo li* the Harper 
Colkiw carapu. wmmumly. puWbhwJ w«kly except during 

holiday* awlfmal eiama *» <»«i«« tywatd are thoae o the 
writer and not •Mseaaarlll timwirf ll«teoU««e. iU admlmatratifln. 
lacultv or itiiiliiil My lukmlimt ■«■<» t:m deadline ti nomi 
Tuenday and cony m subject to edittnf All Lelt«r» to-the^Editor 
mutt be aigned, name* will he wltkhtld vvm requeal. For ad 
v«teiiia ral», call or write HAI^III^^CER. WtUi«B Ral«y 
Harper CwHlge, AHonqum '"d Roaetlt Rnada, Palattne. la.. 
ma^pimmm-mm. eat. Ml. 

JmtUin I',. I 'mi The Hiirbinfier Pa/tfi 3 


AutfttlAM tor llw H«r|i«r 
('•lt«f» SturfJo Thf«lrf 
fPWtactiM ul llMT miiMcal 

m'ftiiKf. Jmmry IS U 7 p.m 
» At», •mi mmu> <m S»ni«tof . 
.toMMrv M »t I p.m m AW. 
Th« »tK)iti<itiii »r« open 10 alt 
HaifpT iiiKlcnta. itaff. a* «•)) 
at arfuli nvntlivra «J tx* 
MMnmuitity Tl«n» •mlitioniin! 

M ■tnpBtW) ID (UIR « 

I iii*)r Of »««)' «* •» 

"Olir* **i(i lM>i" 
«»w., ^ Jtlii«l»«.»iiii>c; • 
•liaaM inl 'lit DMlMlid. TlMIt 
•ndiiitajnt are tlM' aahid to 
•mr cnmlortalM* (Wi n »' 
Ihty may aurtiy (»i(tkrH»l» In 
tim daiK* l>art of Ho audition 

••Ciit» and D«lli" * 
tchtdlutml lor perfoinaiicf 
durMf ttm \mt t»M wM*aii* • 
March (iima«Wi» atamil U» 
nidltHin ilMiuKl *>r <l<twt>d i» 
M»Ty JoWillia. A>». •« ♦•«» 


Tl» Hariwrr CoUiie Twiriiif 
t hiMren f Thraier will to* 
prrformmi "The Amaiin| 
t.nrarn at KaniJI* ««»■•" 
Halurday al 11 am and IIH 
pm M (tit ItMMIP 

CNMirs will atm Mt am lM«ir 
Ijcior to (iwfmrmanc* The play 
ii aiifiroprmtr (ar .-hildrvn Ii4 
MmiMion to ll» (orij niiniite 
tilHor a rr«c 

dtflfittion - c^<^ 

t« iprt TlCKEiS 

fm a 




Wrtttrn wfvfi for tte May I 
(iditmn d ■•PoinJ «>* Vww," 
Harper » hterary manaitne. i» 
diw P«* « t'opj siKiuld be 
luriiMl inlo Gtl Tierney in either 
F:1« or FBI Wnllcn roaterial 
imy alM be lurned in lo Jeaniw 
rankanm al the Studeni *<■ 
Uvttte (M)tt. ASM! 

Tl» *»ilHne tor artwom u 
Fi* itandKhooWhestitimiltri 
10 Bill Fawl m Cm Pholoa are 


ClipW III 1»» »!*»"• *'-<*"''»3' 
ealendart and the Sludeni 
ttandlwnk are available no* m 
tbt SHHtuid Aclivltw l«»ce 
ASli, Bolli are tree m« I'harKr 


f ■rttcipanis >n the nemtiutr will 
hear Irrnii leader* m martial 
irti. law enloreement. neig»i 
horliooll blitck froupi and 
prodMcer* ot oon lelhal 
lirotccttve »• 
tt (ree 


■lji»lTan«» In Pans' will be 
shown Friday at « p m m EtH 
Marion Brando !ilan in Itii* 
fniay on human nature and lUt 
ramplenilien Adratiaian i> tl 
«ith activity card 

Model U.N. 

Applicaliom ire now 
available Kir participaiKm in 
the Wli* National Model V nited 
Xalton* ronterence Over one 
hundred univeriiilies Irom 
iirromi the nation altend the 
jtiniuil ronference w hich » ill be 
tield Irom April 1* in New York 
City. Each nehooi is asaigned a 
i-mintrj to represent an"! «"•»>« 
preparation and rtirarch is 

Appliealmns are available in 
■to Student Activities (Hfire or 
in Htaim UaH Applicaliofis are 
due by Feb « with milificalion 
by Feb IS A penwnal interview 
may also be required Spon 
cored by the Political Science 



The Cultural Art* Cminmlltee 
«,|l spotwir a Sell Prtilection 

■Ml '"-■ • v-™enlloi> seminar 
l„, : the lounfe 


Job training in the 
Army Reserve 
can pay off for 
a lifetime. 

havtVS«t«rTh«nct o( l.nd.nt a cviinn ,ob Wtiieh 

. Tranicortation • *u»0 «tp»ir • '^^E"*?""''*"* 

. FowlGrv c«' • CommuntaW.«ig» * •*JSSSS« 
. Ftnanca • AiJmifiistralion ■ X-liay JtKhfiwmt 
. Pnarmacy • WumbOTf 

H you h*<« wnat It nhM. MM )«»SC]^ *CS?!S1II22 
««« twain. oowt"«.,y<»«-t'B«' '>«.rS.22'!2??SS 

and '^ wall iiBMlwtnMvoU'Ma'n Sack iwna. you n conimu* 

•n55rJ5!r»rii?I% cotifct par tor th. If t!0"'J» 

iSKwi widlwo'***** AoTOjat Tratnmt jwau out in TNi sfciM 

fou laarn e«MM pa» c« tor a iiwmw 

Call Army Reserve 

SSG Nikulin m-l9m 

Pwt ol What Vou Earn i* PrM«. 

•» iaiMi o«»o.i.*iit laaiaiitr 





Heip INantHl 

tmmirMau (•• •iw«l"'« "" 
cMopilt («f mk n>mt»« •mnw 
ligM. Iifui« *|i|ii-»«iiii»i»l» I 
m IHT WW* i'»ll <"in* "t "I 
•1 rnday tiw m mlirvw* 


mirit 71 HEGAI. UniJaii' 
IS MM mlks nil pmim Nir c«i' 
iMMMd AM rM nam rM tn 

imwuml II) wtlinl •"••"■'5 

onmins • t 
Ml #■! «1 1 

Cii '("Mir 
!■« Iiir sii inii<T»»»' 

SHBim FV EMP ACIEM"^ ridl 

lime iwrmanenl «nl> Sfcri^art^. 
lypM*.. •iliniiimriiiv* ursiaiiis. 

I affic* IMk. Nn l*t M 


._^ m laiuw. day <» "t|h' 

*rl Hi» i * •«"■» «•»«• 
•idiaiint m w aai ■!■«■» 

FAUX TtMC »ir«'ti«u«nii»s 
nM^M rvfiuRUK .ml Nma.mdM 
Caod nurtiiif IMJ Apiily in per 

■MX HimwiiuiSeti Fiir«>i.|ijr».. nJ 
E WiaiMtM. Dr 

**»«« «ArrEI» POTl tim* 
llsyii m lugliU Vf I'llll Town Inn. 
Ml fnnfurl Ill-fJS" P»1»IH1». 


WArrmss famt mm nmn 

limrtm ii • » i» » a" ** 

trail Ell*»l«««»«ill.l»K NW 

iis> , Ar Hu ai-uaii 

For Sole 


Kinm IM r<m> * WlwliMt •* " 

Mrton«» tor wnii* »i«''>»i"t"« 

uiai7.>. II Mil Mvlaii «i M^. 
pa.iin. aii am , ■li««« * "■"•■ 
w,m NaatrlMUKljMiMtcMMai 

M wtHiaal* rie* fall VM*! 

Bwker IM-lta 

tmyilHW •irsigW. iii»a» twm 

t«nMi> iMllaMlialaa. .-ordiaf 

ofHE mmtMim . 

mil M Palatiat tliraeiiiltaitmii 
lianar <;•• "•a' •"* •"" 'a 
tluM (ail •ll'«ai»« ■*>« > 


( mu •«• faur 
t«n't wall 10 

Mu*ni», titulty •x*! Malt Tht 
MAKB1<«>KII will TUB >»ur 
ctauifM "<« '"» •" <*"•• *» •■• 
»«* oil) iirOTi*^ Mm are typtd 
ifid art*vCT-rd to ASBT by Boiai m 
OH ■niwday imor la pWipfJ 
» *ili I ' 


.hue -I Tl» Marftiiifw /iwiinin- /. 

V, 1 9m 

Howks knock off powerhouse DuPage 73-70 

"TM* turn M *mI.. iJMg li«t 

•lUvi *•■ 'Ml' 'MW.. Ttw 

IwIM <rfl Ihr tUDpit upMl Ul III! 
liM«ry by knockinf tiff NC 

CtlllM. M§ lilt C 

fur waHMM' rwiaM Tkin i 
■tuftare Rote Uowij' ■im ctifii' 

tl liilMiiliifty %ni^y^f .iw il Hk 
IteM'ki' riW'^imt •iimliii 
Mr«A. vonltf <|tiKfct> end u> Out 

111 lllV' SIMl ttMl WHM 

« limit •li I'M *■)' 
AtnU'lla 'iw iiMl kiw tevt Ttm 
tj«igm:|iliy'M|liir'llHni Hmrvrr 
fWt ractitonl p(ay frnn 
twarywW' al htji tlimii li> Dull oR 

ill fMW amd' ttw <ii)iiraa 
It iMglnr TIni «l«HnMl 
lltctarMMr'Ol ilie iMin.." naili 
Nairpcr lMa4 raacM ftnfrr 

-tlH' l«U ••■ tiMtllg *«ii 

In tnw 
.|wK ont wtiil l» nmUiiihi 

Hw (Mill MMm Oiapiiank (« 
a piNiU* m Iht MRond halCi 

«>■)« nH nur ilrvntlla ixia mir 
Mwail sliiai]«iii| W* lii«««d 'llk« 

'iMtt mU and liak gwial ilMilt..." 
flaC'iMlil. prawd tilt ptty «l 
tMiiiiiMfi Dm Slravn and 
Sime I^Bnwk. IMli of 
Hi« cnnaidcraMt letMHi' 
PUmk wtni mil «Uli m i 
>n)iir)^ and DMlty '■■■ ■*• 
fnainiwMl 4iM' itffl Hw ivnw 'VHA' 

OMillW air Iht laUHll IW play 
*M ratal M 'Harpar't |M1> 
MraWM wtit wtr* Bra^i Millar. 
Mike Baylma jimI Kriaii 

TlM iaina alW' in* Iht rvtura 
«il Jtif MMUmW tho iwiijiiitd 
M Hai ilaftlllf .nit afMr 'Mltwig: 
tm alk fWMt W'Ml • IM III- 
tmv Martliiilli iMiipd riflit 
in to iKiiiiV til » laiiii' for 

' "M» nhtivMi iNne mti«:li iMirt 
'iltplli ■•• tiawc (Ilia year." md 
BMhMd We oMildnl Haw 
4mm a willMMit iHir (wnc'h " 

tm it ajtirmir va* m|iaiaMt' 
tit lla.r|>ir'* *iii H had la «■' 
liiglat, Tut «■•*• canit Ml nl 
irailint «*-«i 
I quickly Iw 

I iM lump mt 

10 a HMI imi tl apfitarml lor 
all 'taiirintii tlwl Ita^rpT would 

> IK nnl N«' lata. 
Ilr Itcn )uH unk over ai hf 
ptrMOally oulacamt tN^agt 
» 12 durinK a nlnt mlnutt 

•Irtlcti. Ttaat fwUili ahinc «■*>■ 
two baaktla hv Martintki and a 
IS'fnattr hy Slravn raabM Itit 
tiawkk In (Mil within two. IB-fO 
vltb t:M ramatiiMf . 

Uagns lu|H Ut ttmrft tmm 
m 1m miM a jwnpnr to knm 
lit mm* up »l sa atl hr put tht 
Hmiik* (w lop far fl.nMl •» hr 
driiM a )um|irr from the tUft of 
Ihr kry . pMmfi Har|«tr up «WB 
mill T II ramaHiitig In tl* 

"Ht tnnk «>vit and nn tilt 

lame ' taid BcthMiM «( l^ngiai 

Tim •*» rcaponalbk Iw nm 

moincniiiifi He tgnlltd otth Ma 

■Mrillf. hlKMII IIMM JtHMp 

tvoilisl finnlMN) Iht nigitt «lth 

1* 'pMni*. Ill eomtmt in tht 
iKand half Harper riM daufalt 

ftfipre' Kiorinii lri«m rraif 
■tavhnt. «lio chipped tn 12 for 
the uwiMirt. SUnwn added nine 
fat HMT/ml and I'latak pui in 
fl|ht h««<ir* he Win injured 

The llawkt iiel no Itt-up in 
Ihtir »ch»d»i'le a» ihey lake on 
•n«lh«r *tai» rtnked !«•» 
■hail they Iravpi lo Trtlon 
'iMMla) , »ilh the Up-oft al 7 ■ ■» 
p.m. TrlKai ■> m miirly waMin 
la»orilt to lake the Mf itlle 

Harper'* ncal lioae Iwllle it- 
.litiintl IHMioia Valley Thiir- 
Mtav, Jan 17 

That aai (ht haM lame in 
mm Hiiliiiry Mow *» have to 

Gymnasts win first 

CiMiM ihtr* he m htMr way 

hit Mw «t tim to 
knock on wood a* there an a .M 
of thMf* llial roufd happtn '■• 

II 'Ikt tun allMI ■ aiqr » 
dltailin ol whal'i i» ■»«»« talar 

, »'• 

Tht women started i«i hy 

eaitly •Ittealin* Collect «tl 
Ihifage ■»». ■"Bmt ■ tfinnal 
euMpMittlnn. Tl» Htffar 
««iiMi .Mt «■» «( Iht ft* taama 
tM c am f tlt an the i4vanc«d' 
tlMnl .Intel and Iht .Hawto 
ptatwl ripl aMji that ihay an 
a litait to ** miadi*! »♦•• 

)n Sundy (rmlglaiicr. who 
capt:iirtd the btaiii and 
nnhtRg. Catgiatwr. hamiMtad 
hy a (are anUt, wm tht 
vanltint wtlh an eictliant mm* 
al t.i and won ihe untvan hart 
■lilh a ncore oi *9 m ant of 
t MmiImM fiMlla. 

keani and floor 'eic Wack 

.Mctttd' i< U Ml the titnin and 
enratd a : H far Met a«at<ta 

__^ In aU tt» cwenia to 

MMrt UiMr 'tM: f tctoiT <d the' 
Ml f«Mi eiiM hiiM. pm^ 

"TWa rMlly 

'UMHitd' Iht' rtglmnal meet 
illMVat V0 'htM Uie 'XJCAA 

iiiliiwilii an Feh. ifi V'm 
nSiy "'tneiltd ahoui ihta 
HMM," Mid HarpfT lym'. 
naMtt' (Mth ttente Miner 
-tMt Hit ■■I' '• m M' 
Man. 'Tilliit '■' 'At *a||: Miar 

Xellwr praiMd titt per 
larmainr* <il Cindy Curtv, 
brb rohtre and Aiwt Ber^- 
niiiKtr w'tai' w-ia eomptuat In 
tier nmt mm 

Curtit"hlt her high aeantf Ikt 

tcart ol 1 IS on rioot-e«, 
Zrllner. who fondly catla 

Pofwet' ■'•KiMti,"" uld '■"Shfn do 
real imd on litr routtnei and 

them nht ruuld trtp and break 
htr noae wlitn tht itatht 
atray " 
Mttrt' dMfei'l iaa iatm «t 

in Ht vaullmt with a icMt ol 

I n and pta«*d •etood in all 
around with a 'overall ivorv of 
a H Firii place went lo 
'tMffi|||l wtth a icwt of J3 7 

Imtn^rr tn her fifit meet, 
•■a Ktcond m the uneven bars 
wtUia mre <>l !i t. «ecnnd m ihe 
hetMi wtlh a SI and ftnithcd 
third la vBullmt eamuw a mat* 
of i H» 

'When we nturted the neanon 
«r worked on the batlc 
ili:urtufe of ihetr raunltnea. too 
gel what Ihty wanted down, 
than rtart addini mown, tald 
ZeUner who it loakini ahead 
enthiwiaiitl«a% toward tl» r«K 

"Mow mr 'art •nfUn« on tor 
roii'ltme* and we alao ^re 
wtrting on movtf with mote 
ilifncullj Thm really help each 
iilhtr a W They *re hard on 
Mffl other and are not roally 
Ihai roniphmentary but tt'i 
hclpiflK m ««1 me I lake len 
CTedit ^^iihoui the prla ymi 
bav#nolbM« AM the pria an 
lood ■■ _ ^ ^^ 

'The W'Oiiitii''t nttt itittt It' 
.laa H. whtn tht» trawl lo 
Klgin fir a s pm meet.- thtir 
iml home meet li whan Ihtf 
Mice on Tnton m an Ml|Mtiaiit 
meet along with Oakton. 
rridB}, J«i> II al 7 pm 

Harper sporfs news 



lo try-' 

raniati roack Heyiinlili at 'tit. 

Wilt' 4M 

laMt ii*B: ftktMfy III 'hniMiat Intramurols 

M m. Apiifcatiitt and Mgli' 'The Harper Coll«|e lo- 
op lomi: pliia an MdOtwtMii .iramural 0ifl. ia ipaaartng 
.and lari ahttt can ha otMiM „„„y totgHti. MiimaiMiiiaand 
tn At athhtk!' ^itn, 'Bl%; _>*■ apem ■trntmoim and' nwiiM. 
Ytmm«yr«i«iinrhip«rtle»pnlt' „mi« tiaitt. Iliia ttinetttr. 
in baaebait tryouti train haglBHnt *tili • Mhlt itnnia 
iaiwry 15 through retmiary I tswwmMtl. IIlt»c«nH«rr»dai 

fnm It p m 10 > p m You may 

tidarhy ratliMttmat tht ligM 
ff Hit canptUUMi. B'Mi M 
liiair lavel. Ility will tiart. 
fnday. January ill, at noon 


Thtre will be an unporttnt 
women* track me«tut|. 

TMindBy, Jan. n. w.m pm.. at 
I M .li Hit i 

heal We rant alford Injunct 
with the rent of our iciiedule,' 
ntd IHWhtoldaf hu team upprd 
lit N* record lo SA) and overall 
mark lo» S l think that game 
proves we rr for real ' 

Rock Valley 
Stopi Harper 

In thru- game aptnat Rock 
V alley Ihe Hawk* had a touKhtr 
lime wtth tht df Iciali than ihtir 

Harpat mm vKtlroiud by 

'the 'tail m laraiidi' to aat thtir 
*i.x-gaime winnim Unak 'haltad. 
nock Vatlty'i Ron Akte hit a 
coeiwe jumper with )uil nine 
■econdi remaining lo give 
Harper iti firat kiaa, lltMM in 
H¥: cwitartnct plajr 

Tht Hawka wwe lad by Ttm 
t«iiii. who 
poinia for Ihe ' LotMt pHicd Harper 
withm one on a jumper then 
irand on • dri'ttng lay-tip and 
tht limit 
10 Hwtka... la 
callad and 'Iht huckat Wat rated 
no good Kvtn thoui^ iht 
chaift wai callad allar Hit 
that, tht beiltet mm VM rtiM no 
iood The 'Hawka wim tmt 'Ibt' 
only tbrat-ietond .lant eMalMi. 

~ I •■ Ihtm late in tht game 
couldn't alop itock 
Vallty'a hat ihiaating. aa 'Rotli 
Vallty 'hit St paraant 'tan Hit 
ftaor Mttuit 'H tar •? on tlcM' 
goal atttmpli 

1'Ia.rjier had onty nine plajrer* 
■uit uf m ChHi t*.lBiafc ■mm atUI 

nut with an ankle injury, but 
should return for Uit Haaito 
upcomini; ^ames 

The Haviky bctidet 2> points 
(ram Uigiu had double figure 
acnriaf afain from Craig 
RawHnp oho poured in |7 
pointt and got a It-poMM per- 
formance from Jeff Martinki 
Dave Slrawn preated uito a 
itarting role napondrd wiUi 
(even points and Rob Itoncy 
chipped in eight of his own, for 
Harper now 3 I in N4C play and 
M overall 

Car Rental 

snw. McDonald Rd. 
Prospect Hiishts 

Ml.*" I lay 





2* mKimnaBitN 


ttar* Tom. » p. n». till f Prtdavt / SimMy* 

1/3 prict drinks pish MonwrnMi* 


CMMren |).B or 

FREE SOUP BAR ««,ii»»i«r gjjjjjj; 

t¥trvd*»with SMBIA*m.l» 

L««ch l>urcr.aM cwtorem... ^„„^^^»» 

P'rm popcorn Llvt Action Pinbails 

For more infomatMHi can 
Hence ZeOner. ext W7, 

iMliil ksearcb htwitws 

Interesting Pubic Contact. Flexible Schedutinj 
For Days, Evenings Or Weekenda Good 
Salary And Workir>g Conditions. On Job 
Training Excellent Job Opportunities 
For Students. 

Randhursi Shopping Center 
For oppt. call Mrs. Edwards bet 9-5 pm K-Wl 

Board of Trusfee ehcfions set for April 12 


Trwlfw vi'U t» tt|» fur flwlimi 

iMHUMiity It t<«ri caiMMdiWi 
m mm i-jf**' ■<«•■ •» »■*»»' 

T»» wrnii ol Tn»Mti Jo«ii 

IMntit TomclMk tiMl nnan 

.Bartft mil l» 'ipn ■■• <*» *l*<^ 

A csMlAtc (v lh« tmrd 
niuil. to ■ rttten «( llw tJmM 
!tl»M« ««! to ■! laaal la y**rs nl 
aiir tit :iiMiM lw*t tMMl in 
(Mairtci Sia for •( iMal lai* y«ar 
IITMir •« M IFtlCtMMI H» oniMM. 
to a mwntw* ml' anuMwr »c:twi>l 
taaf d «' to a actawl tratMirw 

Viian HI tto •IMiMi' niual to 
cMiMmml (to I'lMlad' Slalat awl 
to al laaat M ymn of mir Ttoy 
iimM ita«* rf»NM in thf ilalf 
■Ml ri>ll«tr (tMrit'l («r al Imuil 
11 (lar* prond'int' lilt -ttartiai 
dale Viilm numi aho to 

r»t,i»ii»r»*l in »«<:• im iweral 

Tfi to' 'MMiiiiialad •• • can- 
<lMlii'it. a panmi tnuit tow a 
(irlilhifi ttfMid by III 'laaint M 
v(H«T» "r !'* prmnt of tto 
mlirrj, »hiclif-n"r i» lua. 
rwidint •■•l*"> Ito dtttrict Tto 
Miiii.iiiati(ini iB'iail to IIM vtlti 
tto iKcretarj «« Ito lioaril iil 

A itekiiiMmt «l candHlac'}' 
■igMMl % an awllMrlMl iwlarj 
pMic niiBi to ailactal k Mill 
prlilMin l>r iaiMt fcrr*. 

v-ic«nr««Klri):l til tdiitniMrtrali*!' 
ifrvinii.. lui btunt afipolnMd In 
•ci HI ito plat* Jif Ito ii«;relar» 
of' Ito toard al ininMica All 
iwnMary CnniM arr Maklablr 
la hs ciOtt-f 

CaimdMlaia* mait Itlc with 
Pirrv' a ra«ci|il Imn ito VaA 
Counly ctark itowing (hat thej' 
havr (tiril a Kalfmcnl of 
fcnnoittic Mtracia, ■• raqutrvd 
III 'U» nilnaii Cawmnental 
KtliKi Art Tto rmvipla muti 

to llM tv MaiTti 21. whM li 
<ilw> Ito last day («- (Itini 
pMitiWnt ot candidacy 

Pfldioi* may to lUed te»- 
i«'«imFi% 17 and March 21 Tto 
|MMiM» i-an only to I'iM 
MwMlay Ihratiih Fridays 
h«4»«tll I 30 am and 4 pm 

Tto «lcrti«m will take jilacc 
on April 12 bvlvcen noon aiMt 7 
)i m Tto poUinR plana tove nnl 
yrl torn pK-k<^ 

\iil. 13 N... 16 JaiHiary 21. 1980 

W ill ill III Kjliiiin HiiqwT < <ill«-f'r. VI}:»IW|iiiri iiinl KoM-llr K'kkIv f'.il.thiii. Illiiii»i« (i(M«i7. ;ll2-.t'n-:«HMI 

MirfMtti% aranHMl caa^ai ki *ain|Mirall«*ly •aalrn iMa^ Janwn 
Oiaa H va* aiity ■■* t«at afa- 

Board agrees to continue 
current cash refund policy 


Three areas of M 
building still 

undergoing work I 

Harprr'i BMird sf Tn»tt«» 

aKN«l to cowHnuf m U-:y«ir- 
liMI pttUcy m refumlinil cash lo 
!>(udMI» <»to haw dronpcd 
(DurMt raltor than ralin 
huniilf iliidcMi. on » di 
Ml]' I 

Tlw lintiiF ■•• rataad hj 
I'lnhw ul thr 
ning »l)rn the 
Mktd to approvr 
|M,ailli In (tiMh 10 to paMl mil in 
CMh rftmidt lo tliMtcnlt 
Daitor quMlMined why all 
rdwMli (imldii'l to made by 
check, tiMia eiimmalmg 
pupnmfc niKM la pR>v<4lt 
PiciMlllBand iwnrdi, and givlnR 
tto iMiard a tolttr idea, how 
many •tmSenla arluady drop 
cnuneat and w% 

Tnattw Jan Bane' ad(M ttail 
Ito btiard ha« Ion* lieen con- 
MtiMt «tlft Ito iwrotor <iC 
ntoitt Ito cotkiie iaiuo. and 
*hetto«' Ito hwrrt tn gHlini! a 
•true prlurr oH Ito numtor <>l 
fluiJrnti drep| ctanea, 

B«i«I» tn»l«!» wid itoy learcd 

tto casti refundi would n<J« 

pravldv the hoard with tto m 

itwn II has reqiwalcd m 

many *nd why 

#ap owriMff at Harper 

Anion Dolfj*. directnr oJ 
finance r<,ld tto IxMund rrtin- 
ilinf by chct-k tak« a lenner 
ttme and "ttore are itudnnlt 
wtowani raah Ttoy d<m't want 
ttoy wafil Ito caah 
* " He said itudaola 
W'ho pay in caili want caali 
refunili Stiidenli wto pay by 
ihtrk f*n only receive t caill 
refund il rtoir cheek has 
cleared ito bank, to taid. 

IMcjt Mid tto txi.OM would 
cnver about m cash reiiinds 
He aiMed Itol ■Indents are «U11 
requirail to M wl 'firm *»■ 
pliiintnt wiv tlMy are dmppuic 
Ito cminic hefnrc a rtfund it 

Daaher uid the policy 
" 'saund* Itto a ttirce <i( toM. not 
a iiMMl inanaRenienl pro- 
cedure", bul voled to ap- 
prove tto fundi Tto mntiim to 
approve tto tlO.tMNI pamcd 

In III tor aclKKi 
The hoard received an 
update Ml the "iallinf ipan- 
drel" problem diicovered- 
where butldtmi F and C con- 
nect Tto roileRe received an 
entimate of abotit tlS.IX» ta 
repair tto spandrel Ajrow t 
AtHcicalet. tto arcbitedural- 

engincerinK lirm that has been 
hirfiJ a» a cowMltanl <m special 
project* and has worked with 
tto c«ille|ie on tto spandrel 
pralilenii linre .July tVTV. ta 
gniiill In analyte tto structural 
condillan of tto toul campua. 
Mid Harper Pre» Janiea 

"TTiere are other upott on tlie 
eamixi." I m concemiid about." 
Mrfiratli sa<d 

Tto lanlative coal eatimate of 
tto campuf anilyitis (ram 
Aurow * tlS.OOO Tto tee m- 
rlude* a viaual check of 
buildings, a report with 
rwommendatioas for repain. 
preparation of bid spec- 
ifications and lonstruclion 

I'rei McCrath told Ihe 
board a donation of f}M was 
made to Harper by fn- 
darwriter's Uboratories Tto 
CMUcge aim received ;i donation 
of a computer and an 
anonymois lacully memher has 
donated ts.lNKi lo Harper's 
K-hotarship fund 

Pre* McCrsth reported ItiM 
tto Harper display at WoodfleM 
Mall in early January raanlted 
in M applicaliona lor enroUment 
and about sm uiquirlca from 
potential studenli 

Tto**' areas in tto new 
nhyaieal edmtinn huiMmt ait 
Mnc rtpa.ired as (to rasult tl 
proMeiM thai have Kxurred: 
since tto iK-ihly opened tail. 
MfRwsier Tto s«mm.Mi |Mll. 
facipiettoll nmrts. and tto' 
wraslling roam all itn 
derioinc Cflrreciional wtrk 

Wurt ■•> Ito pool IS ne«.rty 
mnpleted A m.a]ar leak w«s 
discovered. .»lter tto pnul was 
first filled' A I'lnal ctimpWinn 
dute has m:if t«ee'n »l tor tto 
pool w-'Ork 

Tto r»«|u«'tbivH i-nurl had 

Walllt. til'. I':- '-I 

«piml.tol.*i. ....• -.." 11. ,.....■:.... i>l 
'Ito walk B cvidrni 

A limat pr'i*leiii n.»t» 'in ito 
■ mitinc nnni where leakagir 
I'nwi Ito iMt»dr walb his 

■-'- -■■ Ttus jirtiWem toii 

.'rted Iwi' i» sl'iU lieiiBt 
'1 l»r ».my lurtber 
■i!iiili..t|it: The jthlrliw *>p»rt 
fluent hi»e»' Itot all re^mirs will 
to «tm(>leliid by the '*myir\* 
t:,({hi »«*■ nf lh» wiimi'ter 




no major 

f'lr* code impec-tloni tove 
to«m eompleted nl Harper 
Cilltte and no ma)Or 'VinlatMm 
tove surfaced 

Elaine Sloermer dirtetor of 
<"('>ll««r Relaltons. u>d Itol the 
inspr'rhtin r»pnrl Irom the 
t*it.blmr Fire Departm'cnt hai 

hrrn rercucd by Harper 
Kresidrnt .Mines MctJrath *m) 
w avaitinc llml aptrov'il by Uw 
hiiard of IruaMis 

Ms Stocrnicr said that tnme 
minor recoRi'mendatinns were 
given by tto tire deparlment 
and that tto cfillcft u actinn 
promptly m Ito department s 
ndvice The Palatine Fire 
Department Fire Prevenlinn 
Bureau will conduct resgular 
inspections in tto luture. 

"We''ve always had a good 
worfctng relaiionthip with tto 

Palatine Fire Department.' 

.Stoeruier said. According to 
Ms Slocrmer. tto college has 
frequently called the fire 
department for advice on such 

in.atteni at tto dUpOitl of 

The inspections "were 
prompted by a story in tto [tec 

1 tm. edition of Tto Voice, an 
annual Jciurnalism department 

lab paper. qu««iioninfi campus 
fire safely 

Ptige i The HarhmfmJmmr> 21. I'im 



Careful voting 
essential in any 

Ixxird elections 

How many peopl* «r» «ware ol H» uiKiwins Board 
of Trus»«* electlonf? How man/ |««opt« kntm »h«t 
four of ft* t«v«t» boaril s««ts art flf«n Utr election? 
HOW many people are aware of *ht e«ii»i«|uenc«s If 
careful. con*ci»ntiou> voting <iam not tafce place? 

With a malorlty of the sMts open, tpectal Intec est 
groups would liave ample opportunity to move in and 
■9m ecm'fol of nm board Thus, more aMentton would 
m fociraad on tht ob|«ctl ve* and intwe»t» of the group 
rt/nm tfMin those of the cotlofl*. 

Voters must rally together In order to 
th«M possibilities Year after year. It saems that th* 
only people that vote art those directly relalad lo 
areas the board is concerned with But decisions 
made throughout the year by the board attect the 
entire community no matter how trivial they may 
tmm at the tlnw. 

When casting ttieir ballots, voters should tatie into 
consideration the various candidates' vl«ws of 
Harper and the overall Harper comm«nlty and not 
vote tor the name that sounds tt»e belt Tha entlrt 
makeup of the board can change and IttaraHy 
thousands of people hang In the batanc*. 

Therefore, by enerclslng their voting privileges. 
volwt wHI not only ba abta to put their effort to placa 

tht iMit pwwta In offtc*. but also block the pattit of 

any groups wihteh may ataisa the power the board 

It good ludgment and common sania are not 
practiced In this election, th* spandrels may not be 
the only things tailing down at Harper 

BEOG loans given 
in wrong amounts 

'<■.«« than tutU lllif «•*•<' 
',ar»iii>B,al OfpmnunilJ 
..r«al* 'lli:».*i«' »»« <>"« " 
tflt-'ll «ff* ••••■r<»«« » ••» 
• nm amwiiM In !>liKl*nt»' A 
' S EM of KMltH, CttoatiM 
,.<IW*ll'art 'MEW> n<|>ii« »•» 
iwMl lh»l » pwwnl <K ll» 
•waff<k «nrt riUw worpiM «r 
imainwtMi. •wd tlut Itar iaui.J<ir' 
rtaoin *•• <•••' 'I* WS'-X.! 
•|i|»lk-iiliMV ImfMii •«» »■» 

Xmmt. «*• «•» «p<tl><»n 


1986: College's yeor of Money' 

by Jul'ian »«» 

i\ 1) ' 


Th* tfrtutn'inn i»iu« Ihal 
C'ltngrwi* **tl t"flin»i*r (luhmi 
iMt mji> not t» m *»mati« m 
t,h» Itnt strumile* ww »*|u«l 
right* I' or wn«n« athlH** «r t'h? 
t-rralioii »>l Uk I S (>>-pl "' 
Ellll«»li<i«". t»»' *•»' '*"^ '"*"" 
m draimi th«y ««ll auke up in 
«l»*m«m-e. For WW ** •»• 
ci»llt«« VriT ml M«m*Si m 
i<mnre»» •» poliltcmm »r«iiU» 
owr l<ii»l«l"» llm' *'!' '"' 
(iHmrr htRh etueaUan funding 
lhr«l«» tW 

Th» Irrnch wurtirt mrt 
{untmit will vhmtx with ilit 
(total r over Ihf pro|)«i«l 
HiMhtr Eu<tcal>an 
R»«ullK»riMlloB Act ol IdlO 
(»nc tii«%itt prwlicte a '•iW 
•md wwotj- <!«*•»«.■■ Otimn f 
It at a particularly hitter tight 
mm what Kind of dlr«tk» 
hUihcr (Khicltan xirauld leBem 
during «1» n««t l»tt d«"d» 

Tht r««itlwrtaitl«m M\ *iU 
iBTvi- a» fomrfiii" «uWiiH! 
Ictnlatim «»r virtually »ll 
(•derm) high nlutadon 
inragratm I'Ik It"*' ahtpr and 
MlplMiti* wtlt l»U a let aboul 
wlial wtU h«M)w to vartouf 
umiraiM ihrMih IN&. v'!*** 
aMMlKir r«nnh<irti»tM>ii »«ill *«ll 
'ham l»lN'i««iMid. 

Thr mam vmm« itt «r»l«n 
ii( tht acl m %t» tail bji a 
wlHIilMal St-li viMc inurh to 

tiie (w* m ilw w<n*ingiun 

.(iliKaim toW>> 'Til*' HffluK- 
■tlvr all, mtreaiwd fundmn Ittr 

a vitrteiy »( tinanclal aid 
•prtinram* ■■■ BKCKii. SE()G», 
»iirh-iiMl» , aid .W«U, aniffliig 
IWKh » IKllwn l<» W 

Ediicatton KiWbf tela mt mim 
. aiiw Cw opomium m llir actMin 
In !(w ouitimiltw - ch»ir«) by 
Sen ClaihrimfPcll BH 1 • l«» 
ral»c (unding tnr Nalional 
Endownnn-ni tor Ihf 

MiiitKciutM-.. and th* NaUooul 
i-Jnriijt^Tix-rvt lor Ihr Art* tor llw 
m-xi ti.M"iil \i-ir IVilh proframt 
*iirli with. Ihr hrlp lund <:«>lleg»' 

AlUsr Ihr Srnate cmnptets ita 
vvrmrn ot the twH. at coun*. It 
will K" to a Sifn«teHi»iJi«e 
i:oirfer«ir<> wmmltter to inm 
(lui vthit iiramata to he «ut>- 
•tamiw ditlwencM in fundtaf 
am) plMlaitniitiy It s therr that 
the lenor n( higher MtutatMin 
lundinK IhrmtRh the tinst halt of 
Itit ne* >t«;aile » ill probably be 

The I'lmKresaional Budget 
OHire (jrojet'ts that the Houae 
vrraion uiiuld aulhiiriie around 
147 bltlum Itr fi.ll«*e proframs 
tlir<Mgh I1MI5 Willie Ittat figure 
■locm't inMire a brighi lunding 

tiiture for tederal college 
program', il •»> cWBtderably 
higher ihan many lobbyials had 
nponcd Irom thia Congreaa 
Even «i. some pr»igi»B»s mighl 
tar threatened 

Tlie reauthoriiaiion bill. 
though Ihe most imporiani 
Mogle piece o( education 
legialalioB Uita year, imt the 
only cMm HM» due tor debate 
In Itao A«om! the more im 
pnrtant nnet 

A IWII (ieneral AceMMlhW 
(idii-e report declared the 
]juv»rnmenr» method Of 
evaluating itnd funding 
developing instltutlom ' was 
largelv unworkahle " Some 
•developing schools' 
((overnmenteae (or some two 
vear colleges were acttially 
imind ineligible far !**»«• *^ 
Mt year The diMMattM may 
be put in lifialative lorm Ihii 

Editor- in -tTiiel Wendy Wl«l»ll»ke 

.Pete Wick land 

SpiirtK Editor 

Photo Editor 

Anal l»hi»loEiilor... 



ilwleM* a'hii partKifaiM in the 
MBm; program, iboul 7».t*l«i 
lt»l *,n average o( IW more 
fifiam-ial iiid than they ww* 
rnlitlrd <<» About 'HW.IHKt 
»tu«ti«i» were underpaid It)' tn 
avcf age IIM, cscb 

Mist of the trrori couM lie 
traceil w •■proMeni* en 
rtMWere*! tjy student* and tn 
stilutMMW, in lltlmg Wit ami 
handlMg » ounpltcaled ^r 
Iii|:ieB»:»n. fnrfii " *!•« <rf the 
erron, (noraover, c:onc»rt««l 
caiimaieit id liinil:it»" fintneial 

The bill, mwrenver. providen » 
ne» formula tor dtatrlbuling 
nnam-tal aid UmI »iH paj 'or Tii 
(x«xTtit up Irom the prevmun 

'Ml percenl llmtl „• ol iHe coat <tt 
edwcati") l«r •>*">'« ••«*"'» 

II *at nolhtiig Kti Ihati "» 
IiiBljwlit lull." aorordliig lo 
.Iwt P'ac'ker'. wIm> sI*P* <town 
i,h» nn'iiVh M lobtjyW far the 

n • 1 .r< 


\,.» Howcvri llnr I."" JutlH 

III to the Senate, wbe'te mt- 
timcBi imtm ta 'be utrangly m 
lav or tit eitttlug ediicallan 


New* Kdilor 

Feature S;ditor 

. . . .lue Kusek 

". l. '.'". 1 '.'.'.".'.".'.... Rick Kntinto 


Steve Moakal 

Andy Caravello 

n«MMii> ....■■ Steventlray 

***!» ...Dor«thyPirovano 

JJJ7, '.v.'.'.".'.!*"'!* Henqum" Nora Norton 

'juhRealv Mar* Turgeon, Mike Bambach 

The H4Hlilst;FK is the alwtwil ptWioilloii for th* Harper 
?TlZ«m|,i» immunity, pyhli.h«l w«Uy e«ce|.l diirt« 
ta2» aldSLl e»m« All opmions ei|irw««l are those ot the 
wr^«?ndno^ n«.-e««rlly tho«e irf the ctrtlag.. «'»»<»'!;'»'"""«; 
Tu" ..r -udent brfy Adverttting »"^,"P*.f"S*»E 

Tuesday and c<w I" ««'i«« '» ^"^,f^ ^Z^^T^^- 
r.,u«i be .lined, name* will be withheld upon request Fm ad- 

•mi r«- call <.r writ. ltAKBINt:.ER WiU-m lUmey 
;,„^rCoW. Alg«mqwm and R.»elle Road.. Palatine, 111. 

January 21. 1980 The Harbinfir^r Pofftf 3 


Model U.N. Orc/e K 

ictMimn « 


• V4tf 

SMmm Vtaimmim <*m «»» 
iiun4r«d aHwrslUa* ttvm 
■cnat III* MtMn altami tilt 
■iwiMl MMiiBrfni;'*' mtiKh « ill to 
**m kiM A|irtl 14 M <Mr« \mk 
'. Cac'li iM'iuMi tt aHiiiMl • 
il »m mum 

. , C Wlil be |ltlW'U|id. TlMMMl 

audllMmmg itiv aim aik«l M> 
<Mar nimtortaMr ciollwt M 
'llMy may nwly (wrtlc^tlt In 
llN 4liiM-«' part. «t Vm Midilian. 

(iKlt K. B' ramiMIr i 

uniry Ml 


•nrli' <• 

llHr SliMint ArlivMlM 
in HMilia OHM, 

t« f«* M AlMMiHl 

iiu> dito 

MtiMl («y tnt' 'Nlliral 


Itofptr win lie telurtnf am 
tuMMHiMi al til* vorfea «( 'MntM' 
srl' aliidmt* tnmi Ha Umw- 
nt} td tllHMto al OiMiijplin. 
'rti* warin nil. to m ii M j i iDf 
Kwni' |i!ibinMri' « HMNik 11 III 
ItU'iMlllfl* r aiMl V. Tk* 
~ iWiM to out fl a 

^' IM 'Cilll^ ■■!* 


tM* liMM «itl .p' Imiardi |iiir- 
(tMMig. imr iMcrtanili* far a 
toca! arpliangi. 

Tlir dub mtMi nfilMi% 
TMatai:*) niglila al T.x p im In 
Asav. Par iMire inl'annaUiiM. 
CMilart llw Sludml Aiiivitifi 
tlffiW.. .Am 


AwtttiiMia tm Mm Mmtpit 
CXhPi* !*»IH*t« Tll»»l:f» 
(>i'<Klur'(wn i>( tiM* Ri'UMcai 
'Cii)'« ami IMk" ■!» !» Md 
■t rrldiDi, Jmmmrf s ai 7 p.m 
In AIM. and •■■» on totutiiay. 
JaiiMiir a al t pm. m Ai:ii. 
'TIm andWnni an oiini i« all 
'Haipr •MM*, ttefl. at well 
a* >MI MtiHter* nf ihc ' 
ainiiliillli%.. 1lMM» aadllNHiliic 
ifcwiM ffin# pfwpwffd fa wimi a 
MMH v'hldi my ar nay no* «* 
■hM (lie "Ckiri ami Onlb" 
life; a 

'i;uv( aiMi Dalit" it 
m'K'KImIin) far pwrfarniamr* 
diiiniig llx 'lact («t> «-««k«fait iif 
•taw ihr 
Iw ilinctMl' la 
Mu-TioWtlh.. At:». nl Mlar 


ltairtil'k>l(i •lit ttr 
iil<iim»rl an fridav. tt 
). at * p m in Urn li 


MaliiiM » limiMl Piibllc ail- 
mMMm II Kl Harper ictuileiita 
and ■lall are 13. For furllter 
iwlarmalMMt, mUk Uw 
AcltmM* Mice. IW-'X 

A speaker unlike any othec 

Nie kyntaym CancVIMiciliig*' 
.■(lealtar *Ma Mntktcad M mi. 

llieMgM'Wt *Ma«lin(liRl"l(]i 
Mfntidiicaiin cit Htaiil aiMi tomeU 
iH'iwfliwn. Tht' 90' IV IMii||i MMk' 
Ngit liandad:li> a mm hMl ol |mi4k- 

(Kifcrnnanc* dnm aid a lar ■ncae 

rWI nic 

'fciy^a|i|)racliialhe90l IVipcc" 
lactiiai 'pBlarmaiice, you mux enpeft- 
mce « toi youiiaf . Come in lot • llvr 
^tmonmman and hcM' (he ncwllilt 
Mipaii of sotind Mllie aiy aHtn. 

Italtasncy mfKme and iimM 

111, due to lis new tilia4tte»i- 
•ikiency di**!». a can pmduee ■»» 
Hitie nund wiAtmc mitli' a %wait 
aittplliif.ailteaiis)nal9I>l •mtia 
ID'— It i w i p ii le i, 

TNt ■ aaompWMid ^ adwtnred 
nm Mchnoloigy cormMino cii ttm 
uMque iiftKien-miMwl Nanaik. 

r ciMMiV' ■MMMta ol ilie 
901 1 V comlined 'wWi (he new Mgit 





«M Wf ««WH ■ 

1 «uie Anderson will be * Ri . in the LawiMr AdmitMan 

prrfnmiinj! totnnrnwt at 11 in t» tree fipoutored by the 
f>racrani Board 

Harbinger takes 

easy victory 
over WHCM 

White most students left the Harper campus as 
quickly as possible after first semester final exams, 
and headed for the nearest bar to forget their trouble, 
the Harbinger staff was demonstrating to WHCM 
(Harpers radio station) and Student Senate what the 
game of basketball was all about. 

The Harbinger used a tenacious defense and 
devastating fast break to wrap up an easy victory. 
The Harbinger might have been short on numbers but 
were long in talent as they showed what teamwork on 
the court was all about. 

AAembers of the winning team were: Wetidy 
Winkelhake, Joan Peterson, Cindy Caravello. tori 
Lynn Guy. Mike Simkus. Don McHugh, Mike Bam- 
bach, Sean Moial. and Joe Kusck. (photo by Rick 

<%«■ I Tim. Harhiiw^ Jmrnim 21. /W« 

qs I and J put finishing 

I •«•»' of Ow caapat. 
mm'tmmm Mw Hmlnnit-iiMtel 
Mmk* W«««« Tkwr is ■ 
Mlal •! Jl HMtracllMMl lartMln 
ttt«««i liw l»» kaUdtailC*. TV 
toMi—iCTiiiptw Uw plaM iw 
111* caaifai •■ ih'* »•"* ■•' ■■ 

ptctmrvi' ftw" IH» l». H«W: 
Ik* M* ml awlMwtaili IhM 
cMiaMO ilw !•• l«iB«n»»: 

iknh tH»l»» *" •!>• J»f* 

IwaM »«»»«i «* »iill«m»: 
■a ««rr>ll «i** •' t*** 
iiiiUnr— cMMrni MifayNl 
Ik* ■*« chlM »rr facilltic* 

whkli (tatan • kUckfartt*. It* 
•«■ w a i i liraa n i tmmf* am* 
dtrwl wctiM l» an aa*!* 
rla!>gr«iii4. mm <•( ik* niaav 
•ati'tart* la IW •«» S.l ai.iniw 
Mlar (ainmi**. < pkaWa kj- Hk» 


S11 W. McDqiwM Rd. 
PrasiMCt HcitMs 







Taste the pride of Canada. 


A'ie . \..i!Tl uH jiijsir of 

iiftrk '*'H> vftw* 'it Iwumi )iriii,ii.v r^.-n tiiiir upCTi 

,,, \],,t-.ri .lut l.vuistir »»i«il(lnt niT.,)(iiii7«- 

Jpuches on campus 

J(iniiii>\ _'/. I'HtO The llorhinisfr l''ifi>' > 


Unwwfltv Miininn 

14 Unit*. AN HifMir SiMMtMiiMt 

7 liMMMiM Cam IMitt 

PmHu^tm m itm 0«lt«tr«wt of Nitntnf Smviat 

On* of *• Onty OitafD Am* UM««nity H«|iitalt Fiiiv ft 
SoialT Staffxt mith Out Own flNi 

Ontv (Mvtfiitv MiMttcat Canwr in liw Chtctm taibtwiM 

Fft* Tuition lot mt a MSN at Loyoii UniiMriltv 

To laarn rmm alKiU'l y». (tin «rt«l' m,*' ■ ■ ■ vi**' nam*. i(lil»«i»» 

pitHxm mmim or CALL COLLECT 

(312) 531 3810 

Mri Trudv HariMtl. R N . Nun* Rtcruitar 


J tecs F.rsi, A»f M*»wo<Hl, 111 60163 



• im/anoAiP 

• zMVonuwM 


• lta|or Elaetrte A|i|itlanc« 

• C«Kl« Vlwtartloiit CorrveUid 

flMMBfadilvn MMfn li AtMKlisfMi 
for fi frtr f shmnte...('nn \**H'! 


394-4276 S 


F«^ 6 Tfc* Harkm/m hfimrt 21. IWW) 

Pssssf I Do you wanna know a secret ? 

kill aHl' ymi' Iwl tatAtB tlf* 
tliat •<?« yiwr onlj riaiMiil f«r 

tk* iMM'tMll 

ItewemlKw *ti«m yoo «■«* '•>■ 
««a> MiuMtMtt ani (Mil kll «r 

W'tU. ttin'i M itmai' unlit !« 
ItiMtr Ml 'HMMMR aar iMf'r, m 
III M .Mi 'ImhWI ln*«K c^nl 
MM' !|Hi *«t.. 'hil. tt m tun* (nt 
9» mm<**i Altiun. IniMi ■ hmi 
fnatt w'tttch wli) lie tlif' hmm» 
tpm w *»* «MMrT >•> ■»• >••' 
MMMll»llMt«f«a)iMl Ttwniw 
'PMf IS M BriMlway, y«<u 
^■Mif lie** IMWI f«f «iii»«t lo urn 

•Ml ym: Mn tar jiiM a* 
■hr K fMi nek <ift Urn mtm 
If '««». (Nf inailnair i* a 
taiMl ••Hell MM •» MlilMk o( 
r U S 

■i*iKl imninnhr. •»» tmm m 
Iwil il'rn«|p well ■» I> 
■■■nwjmtai aiMl. I>«illi««t. *•"> 
tiii», ** II apiMirt.. Minch il nwli 

Wl*»(II»«» ••!»»» »tX«l<l 'I* iNd 

tiii«i*«» Ttw imind o( Ita 
'UTiHlt <• timilar M 'Ihc Mund' # 
("lMa|> Tr'Kk. M )iii ■ UMitlMr 
fitgr m \tK»h anO p^War Mirit 
riff Krimt**} ii abn nanaUMi 
i>) iht tame Cfwaf Trtrt 
■namipr viianl: Kw Aitamaii:)' 
TW gnMi|>, IB caa« ym l«w 
minHili tfctin, «t»t, (ttUn* (lit 
mi llgMMlll ami pull-rtW'te 
IteUM* 10 fW Item Ifae teallt 

of a iNiinic iMiMl... N« en 
gtimmklMr;, luU Iiartf drivta' 

ruck 'It" rail Inn wfticli n Kraal t« 
<ktiiw III 

't^.^«"ry tia')r whrn >'<:« turn 
m«> I'rciin >■«» world lwy-y«ir 
iljwvmn vow tilp ami gti. o'laal a 
ttaiiM- hitf tiay in tiai* dm't 
iM'i (Mil (i( lifM* lakt a itaml 
ilnn "I iiui III trntd-mt ywur Iwkd 
tiw OitCltl ta »tll IW' tell If 
von (tai'l toy ■■ Thti u the 
amitll nil in tlw m-iinl whirh 
» alM' llir uprmng umg in (tivtr 
«*ili MH. ii* wfiK likt many 
alliar wmn it 'tnimmaMc. and 
tiaw Mm*' value m MKially 
fkignilitM flaltnwnt. 

"if llM> worM rtviiltriid acwnd 
><:iu ' wr w(iu)i( iry to «Mra|ir 10 
Utra il you lakv our rackfl 
I'imeI v«°» MHina ocap* ■ 
rant ^ yiMt try Mi itwi mt 
iirlliKiidii lOT'r* rimmi Ml. 
jfwidaiwii >'<w comr •rtwnd Mir 
MilliilMirlWMd - Diiniia run yau 

Ml' of Inm iiMiii' rwi' jtimi (hI 

«!' tmm.." Tim ia Bad In- 

dtcatwn. the rtmm » cairli)' 
after a ('(wiile of filoya and liai a 
taal •Imilar In Clmji Trick 

"Umkin' tiark all I m'rr 
vii'MM) «•( 10 CO 10 fclwal - and 
tM a RMrkm' lia«l|fUi)''M' «ll 0» 
<li.nii* nmld tat m»lh rmi »<> 
got 4 date frtday ntm a mmw 
«l 'tlir ht$h tclMiol tsftn • ihe 
tS'itd wn « IMl mrry'liody 
nuckifi' Ul" tilt .)t!rk» rwIM m 
who W Ihem tn'"'" Thii » tite 
Minn wihich ("imW Ixf ihe 
*)iirnatw# tit Uw -ntaclio iiui.n' 
• 'hk'h II M 'conl" (hiae <lay« 

Tlni Miig II ealM. Bully." 

Tlili ia alan « (Jiad rhraice (w iln' 
pttt^ wlu'i are noMuntltt m 
■ch'tKtl. iHii VI ho lircatnf 
MiiiMtKidy laMir. 

'"Tlwrt'i » dilll IHal I m- 
«litn iHa iMwn 'M'Ck 'your hai- 
and thr |wll Ihe rmanstt* from 
'fi'our irKi«it.h and the nay 'I 

Social honor, respect, high 
responsibility found 

in Capricorn 

Dear J»li la «1 « (Wod t*« U> 
tm lakiiiK mi a lafi |n»*tloo ot an 
orcaniMilon in ih* »*•' 

Mcrt a«ain.. 1 *m tilt Ino* of 
titn chart m tttf W* Mwit •! 
efi«ti¥e i»ll'.€«'|ir"«t"» Tl*i» 
|4aMK, as we'll ai th* Sun. arr 
|.lar*il m Ihe rMpontible 
»enou». ««hmou» sign ■»! 
i'ajirwi:>m Thn» indical** 
who «n artttve lorial hunor 
and' riapert. ur a uraMMMM' 
ItnaiUnn o( htglt mfniiaillilHy 
»»I»ci»lly it •ppll**! <» » 
rrMtiv* t)«iM. 

Thf pljmtt. Mar*, whieh 

rrfreatnl* c*iMi.t'llt« lor 
.|«iMlcri*.i|i. IS MUMr tli*tl*d <n 
Hit iMtIt hiMi* M ptk. .and 
mwUlly amhltioiia Vm, you 
w.i'iuld lie well in a l«ai)enhi|t 
(mninn raquirmt iniliatiM amt 
nrganiiaiKin But ...... niiK* ynu 

.are not tMlifardly the 
afgraas'tvr iy[«'. *m» (woitlr 
tmf tall In ra-nKnue your 
laadtrilttit abilitini., and your 
aktDi may hat* U|. be pnwfd In 
be acccfiled. 

You apiwar l» ".*htr» In l» 
iiuMlM. pracltal. and »«ry 
veil of'Hanmd ' Mayhe e^'cn a 
Mile p«*y ' Willi yiwr Sun in 
« annc-jim vou art (WffltaWy*a\s ("onKiouo of naiataK. 
iMCial a|)j»ro%al Vm mn ynu 
Ml tery High »la.ndi«rd» tor 
yourMlf. a» *»H a* eniiertMii 
tile ».m» (foni tverjune elae 
Ihii wauh out and iJkMi't ««« mo 
f rilKul of ihoat aroMid you. not 
.everyone may feel llw ■ante 
drtw lowardt pertertuiii at you 

Rtrn lltauiiti you are 
l*a.»w;alty iin introverled. type ol 
(terKun. gi'tting jlimR *<<ll> 
(leuitlv AmU he tmty far you 
Vou wem lo he v«>ry reapimfi^e 
tnd. lemitivi^ (o tlti< feelin«» id 
oMtert.. 'intuiUvi-lv knuwinn jusl 
htHt' 10 deal with them Thu can 
ht a Itrfwl advanlage lor yau. 
lor M* of lb* cluilleiiga* 
aMunrwted wiHi Imp ' |M»lti<Mw 

id idea 10 — r- — J— — — 

'Mm of .an xJ^ .^^ 

» near /"'^T 

r loo* of ji^^yZL 

kauMtl /\(T 

ca|Mcll:y. far Uiia li whM* your 
■tiangaal lalMIs he 



horial hnfMir' A'Lafn'rA.n^cc 

iiiniHaiiiiaial #^WUI ci iwaa 

fey Jl'Ll REAtV 

u the ability 10 he a good 

"jienple |ier»an" llaarver. you 
imiit he' able lo ditfervnllaie 
when yiiiir em.otiaital wialllvlty 
a adtamageou*... and when il 
cotjld mteTlere »ith your 
rcafiunclbilitMs Vim ithouMit't 
let tenlimf-nt gel m lite *iy ol 

Prr'»«»nnel «n.aiiaie.ment, 
teacltlnt. iioctal wark. writing. 
puhlialinig. contmumcalloni. 
<naurance and banking are a 
le* area* ymi may he tui- 
funalul m Whatever field you 
mlgbl fet involved in, you 
tlKMld strive tit work in a 
m.ana|iar'Uil or organiiatMiMl 

My (Nily recoennwndation li> 
y«Ni i» U always be camciouniy 
aware of your .attttutlaa lowardi 
lilt You may he a littl* ut 
liciaifitialMr at Dmea. lending to 
•ear diiwn your energy level 
Ihrough loo much wnrrying 
rhw cun m-galively al'tect not 
(iniy your iiwn lllr. but the Itvis 
ol ihoiie .1 round you a» well. 
KememfacT. if ynu're al the 
-top" imiftle depend nn you ftir 
iwinriiion' tlna'l always he ■» 
wrioui Work at being an ^ 
tmiijit. look at the hrtghl fide ol 
thingi il may make lile'i 
difficultif* a llttlt eaiuer to 

.Anyone who may he in.- 
(eresteW in attrological in 
Irrprelatinnn may suhmil 
tpetHtk- (^uestiom; along with 
(tie recjuired birth dala 10 the 
I'larbiitgcr Office toealcd in 
Btdg. AXIT Uok there lor 
lu'itiier de'iailit 

Birlh (lata lo he printed with 

Hate 1)1 «■«! Time « il« PM 
Place Clgln. IL 

ijontcart" m »he puah back her 
hair you iiohiely throw her 
«ul ' The baby boom 
Keneration has 
received va much altentioo 
lately Kramer v* Kramer, and 
ihii «eem« 10 tie aimed toward! 
them But. il ahm applic* to all 
(he divortad mahs who have 
^tucrumiwd lit (tie >tnig||ie tor 
pi.iMU»«>ont and ematio(M 

The music ofl Broadway 
playi It line lar daneint. and 
treat lo ulng along U> Oft 
Broadway is lite heat kepi 
secral in the midwesl. but ai the 
word leak.s <iot on ho* tine ihit 
tund l». Il w>U he impoanible to 
MC them in ihr local clutat and 
more importantly their recortfc 
will be all wid mil I urfe you 
not lo miw ibiii group in our 
>rca...aiwaf1»urlM-*l. Kroupa. 
beeaiilt it .Mtinii Ihiil once they 
leave our area moal. group* My 
they are (rtim sotnewhept elM', 
and not from the great city «f 
Chicaco agrea 

in I Wim Wm SMnt Recriits 

Umpire High School and 
Small Coltege Games. 

Wwi% t3V-19 *tr ga'RM 
0«:|iH* tlan «ko«t 4:tS 
W itl mlgl i li . durinfl kUmI MHiMlcr 
W OT l nw il. iwring ttimmtr. 

CMtxt: Lie Fikrizw a9-7S27 

Market Research Interviews 
Part Tim 

Interesting Public Contact. Flexible Scheduling 
Foi Days, Evenings Or Weekenda Good 
Salary And Working Conditions. On Job 
Training Excellent Job OppoilunJties 
For Students. 

Randhumt Shopping Center 

For appt. call Mrs. Edwards bet. 9-5 pm fflZ-Wll 

Work For International 
Freight Forwarding Company 

In Elk Grove. 

Mmday Through Friday 7 - 10 p.m. 
Some Saturday morning work. 

nmty of Tine to StHdy oa tiie Job! 

Salary Negotiable Ask foi Bill. 


..■jiBi3lliiiBiiil«>i-i " 

Jmiuiry 21, /*^> The Hnrhumfr Paft 7 

Cable TV tunes college into community homes 

WMM: It 

« mm of laaMnii to MifiM! 


ttrmR In (ticvWnn 

I iMvnsM'iiy DMCwu tml'. 
Wfe 'M)«U •at* mncv liiai% 

UMaii t» 'Uw 'bnwdaKii «( rrt^H 

Tkt MiirUiii««l Mtinictpal 
CiMiiiNiKciMiiI'Mi tiicadllMt 
ht «v«IW.lMi «( cable amt^ 

piiity |trii| Once tiM 

«¥»lij.»it«in art m, «»ct> 
munK-i|iatlly vahliig I* iMcaiiie 
pari. «{ UW' «alali tsmm wUt 
'MfiiMa • rfMKtite aiMIl liH 
cWMpiM:)' nt \tm\t cMc«. 
Hnnwvw. dm* am i^rt»iw!iit l» 
fMorlMd.. II will take a{i- 
|iv«aiiiMil«<y MI 'UMIMIk tm tte 
Mrvkt In tKT iMMlM. licit 
Hill iNliyMiilnRiiy 
k! If ttiT})' will (mrttripatr a 
'in* Ml* •yi>l»m Ttw> will 
hmm lit* <1kiwm m itifir 
kKaltoR and the layml of 
utilltw alrasily lit uficfalliM 
A nitle vaMini waiM allnw 
uneut f'tralou fit ciirrvM 
mviliim tm'lurff» livv 
if*»l» u( •|H'ir«iti4 i"vmli 

varMtM cHtta ami, ihrwgh 
••Mie Inr puWic 
c allege <.Te<l(t 
CMld be uWerwl m 

aubaervbtni to the 

< AMordMig to • rtfort Mi tit 

Si>|il w «Mi(« >if Alt [lall|( 
HtraNl. ntincniilHm rails vary 
witli dlWcretii roniMralca 

HMiwer, I'm • tHk Carfe. 
fMn to tie MDtftr ilie (■able 
nysltai. rsDKt Iram M.W In 
tll.SO |Mf inniitlt Tliiitii ail 
statwMW nil .lif ' ImMlM M wiUt 
ite iiwliafr. TIM' tuMair 
lirkmi |MH.'ka|t wll Mud In tiM 
tame X wtUi an oMttkiMl 
fealurtim leveral »tyle» a* 
niovtef !iU'bi*rnber'S w«»uld 
nseeivr a mtmthly litll lor line ml 
«(» lyrtem A »m«ll tmi, m-hicli 
bin-ln Mt nttitc ilatMni and 
»»rtiit» • caltKf |in»(|r»iii». » 
ailjM'NN) ii) llM lelnliMna lelt 
•ml »«ili«€Titwr* I 

■•v»> KtmU praimne m- 
tormai.Mn attMl tlie cotlnf r and' 
nenu Koinf on at tlv cnlltRt.'* 
r«,|ilained Or tJtwrfe II 
VMKel ■i*r«i(r»in (WleMtal 
de'iiendi. tm cattle time 
availaltte. " 

Wiirlt*lM>.|Mi awl ltctu.rr 
MTNi tmM alw be Imailcait 
CwnluaUi claiaca' cduM Me 
iillereid wetr Hit raMt »Fi«l»lli 
riMi iTMlimK nflMmlwiirk .laa 
ilidicull lar ItomelMnind' 

liavr alrtad:* beti) cDnnerttd to 

the rahlt system Wautxwiee 
(.'nfnmunit:* ("nlteie <a tcliaai 
Mmilar lo Harjier wilh a 

Lmalier ennUmenl < tied into a 
amaU csUt cnmpany in Die 
Aumra area Three Itundrtd 

itudaaw m* rarraMly tnnilM 

HI lilt CalllC IMMit, 

Dalta* Camiwmlly t'oUtge 
caUt* Ihroufit a pulttlc 

braadcail iyitem itimilar to 
titt OHeMiland (liaitiiel ti'> 

and lAer' Xl perteni »l its 
curriculum #ver tbC' itystem 

Smt* txitli Harper and Ittklnn 

t'lMWnumty cnUefea ewer the 
same municipalitiet. 
rei>rt«entaii»r» (rom l»il> 
cnlllMta will lie «(irliinf to 
nwrilliiale ttie procnam 

Alread|\ OaLMn tiaii begun to 
uie cMiries oflertd tliriHiitli 
rhaitnri -M Inr rredit Tlwtt' 
• ere diryeliifwl as telt«i»liin 
cairMt' then approved hy tilt 
tlKlHItl foromunity folleitr 
Satrtl llir rredit Tlw cniitRe a 
thni' giwn an aMieaament par 
i!tludtnl fw TV Maie. 

Tfit' an* sumuMlMig Trilnn 
I xmmunit): t:'iiila||t ban tUtm^ 
•ortfi! obi thr francUit a.nd' it 
t»ei' ■ "'"fr the cable 

*)■>'■ ■t'Img to Dr 

V'ncgrl. ihiii >et!> tlirin e montls 
a<h«id M tlie 'gamr 

HometHmnd »t»deo\», »h« 
WliicrilMr t» llie eablt lyaleni. 
receive Itii cretfll tw any 


IdliiwiiiititiM IwruJti mmd lAtlV 'Hit' 
«Mltm\Cii'i':tt wbi'l ri»fi ymir 
riMDuMiMt «) frtt «iif I'tntrit tm mm 

MINI fllll™IWlH||||!lp| III <M|jHf |IJ(f IMIOIt m 

For A 

Quel' Ht Hi Ctaiiliii 


<.«n*ff('W'i **»*'iMttiw ** are 

ml <anif villi • 
• rtpily (tiia'aliii* 
(vrpuntiiiii Ci|> * lAfMf • iw 
MyM, liM' «B leHK nam iMI 


JB fftf tmWB 

>tr» 'Vwli 1 1»> Tour *|ril »t:l 

|:M ilr^mt* 4m fl* I 

Mummtli** i!r»4i< S>«» M 

•■aat niml mUMmi 'ike ni • Me 

IwaalUi' Ci»ii»<« l"a<it (twiaul •« 
M»-IMI. tm Kmi *• KM lirmm 


a hainl ala* wlarii' 
*»m liimMiMl <■ Ma 

Itfcnlar) tall ar part IMW 
T>p*g. vriiiat '(iii' liKwai' Pur 
<Mri»' riiiMo aniMMalliit tnw 

M M Itr I 'tMMM^ l^aai rlllHer WH^ 

I* aai* .Jaa* laJulf S Marp* 
i;«llat^ (mlli tmm II. HI T<Mr 
mmim *» ** ■•■•^ ■*•"* 

fart lis* <:a>h*> 

■•■MiM* I* 
raniinB' n>r mi* Iwol*" •■™*' 
)<ll«ii nftim; *,|i(in««»m*»* !■ 

ati *«i*lai iw «»* «'ni«w"kw* 

l^watalf 'liwMeti writa fwfwhrat 
^liy iMuaa twr nte 'la Hai iwi' 
I'tai) Mfnaimiaii mt taut ('all 
lai'I'iw «IMf |'» ni' M I'lw 
ni'Hiiafw Om\ 

•mam rv KMr .msDci'. rw 

rw 'lain tall M> 'Hualj' w-icii 

la |ia«M'. tm •» ■•via' 
ii' w mi'ww' jiiii"*iwi 
•rlDMiii ■» « 'ImK ■•'•■1. 
'(•api K* M»« m-mm 

C'liBiiiipi'' fmi 

C'iinMiiirli lt«l , Hw tt.U|. 
MIl'N,. At IMftl 


IMHT Tin I' •«nrf>i#i»»»iili*ii«i 
MMNiliKl «<i"rriifii!w wmI wwlutfiift 

i#fi |"tir 

I" «"'Mi imm-n ^im 

Nflt ¥*IW »iK'iiPI*f H*«r 

I It 


**r* |.H"ilLrf ^MMl*R.iW With 

^^kKBuel. liiMltiiait liw • dllif •IM 

•IS' M' iMI •illlkr 


•lull ntl t 
H'r:: hi mKi Inn 

tlw !■'» R'l 

! 1 'J iL ( h \ ' 

i*itai Mivwt'tnata' 

■'•■••fl'IIMI' •Mil* 

.■■Ha' t'lM riM)i 

.* ,„,, • , .<. !■'«<«• »>»■ » N'«r*i>''"' 

>., ,,,,,. nlMn »•• "« •■* 

t«|M' I .11 ■■!■♦ l'** ■'"••' I '• • "'' 

'Wl ■ I 

.«! 111." I-Kl t.,.r...' t'.no 

h^sMC iiKir*#*l fw ■" 

.(i\4t i««H"ti*'*<'i ..( th* 

I It - l,i ,.|.!.r.,l ,.,1, 

' ' 'ur «d m .%aP <e $ivv 

i,K ''' «^ll 'W aiMl (IDM'I 

council laketi thramtti the cable 

tystetn at no addllMnal charge 
Inttetd III letting up a ((Itt- 

riimmittet to bandit the lO'- 
formatlan on the cable *yatem. 
the Hoard o( Tivalct* appoinled 

Brian Barch, in wrvt;. as a 

llatton 'tietwMn the hoa'rda at 
ttic municipalities and tbe 
cnlltge* involvMt 
The munic'ipalltita and tlie 

roll«n» must W'lirli, together to 

mtaMiih a set of Franchlae- 
ivchniral tpecihcaliom 

It will lieep compatabillty in 
the lulure between com- 
muniiHS. commented Voegtt 
Vocgel went on to explain that 
Ibrper will not be charged in 
term* of tbe catile Ittell and 
stresied that mo»l ol the 
d»«»ilon making n between the 
miiniripahties and tbe cable 

A new YOU 




Ml CQ[lC£RtFWir.PiiU«»! 
lplU4 TlCKFtS Fil.213 

^%£alre iicHrt* ar Spot* iu:V£is 

^■f/imt/S lWP tickets atr/ti*J^ 

^'- - OSCAR-TROa 


S'lJ iiHIill 



It «>•««•**•. I MC'l 

vtMacaw.afai.ul "ti 
i>i«M(iiM a>«< i«l 

MT raoiracT I taLATINE 

Jl«: Graad Ave. 
<« Blacfc E. •( Rl. <l 


OripMi Pm 


avtrvTutt-tp-m. '<•'■' 

1/2 pric* drinks 


everyday with 
tuncb Purcnast 




FrWayt / SiwMys 

|S|CH Mwn*maa« 


Cntiattn tl IS "' 

n»wB<i»$.it rhiTilDi 

SHRIMfttiB <-nic»tn 

CMMrei> »i K B J! 

Cnildrcntl S 

Live Action Pinballs I 

Pfi^i' 8 Jh* HaMnt^Jmmr^ ~'l 


Taiwan team shows Harper 
how to play the game 


"nsiMina' won*""* 

I nfwtuniteli'. 

aSnoi'i mm M ■«» ■«»•■ 

_. ill M J»» »■*'• .^ 

iMd Hit Tii*»n «■•«" *"."■ 

'MM fOMKHt out <^ ■*■• '"* 


■niDc »iT»w|iNl The !*•«• ««■"' 
tiol (InaltiMl tmul Uw >•««>«•«» 
More !*• putt.. 

-Itefpir* '!«•"•« •■■J* 
■ tn Mai *r»«gli' ««» 

dlvtelon »ii«l «•• <»'"» 

_^ _ to h« 00 1»- 

Wfiialiwai fr»«»t *-»■» o* '•» 
POTdIc on «)<t idaiMiaf mm 
mWM ■•■• l»t|»*ni "»»>"«> 
U» WW'* II" lnA«A Staw and 
eilM m «•» 'f *• »"^ '"?'' 
Uitin » me» »•« to"*: "» ■» 
stooinng ««■ "n <*«:•«•• *"* 
!■ IB SI Loui»." »■<" 
Mcfiralh on Iww tl» 
,^,™ ._.«• to te 'f'*"'; 
rvcrytlunK morkta oul »'« «■«> 
two won-iBi, one to mtkr »ut» 
lilt fyro *»» t"» ■«! t«t> •■» 10 
diack toitue rtth*. tN< Con. 
l«»tiict'' it It •«» ok"y " ** 
plajicd »n eitra «»««■ " I hop* 
iniirins more tNn|«» l*« U>» i*' 

hack iwii ye*!" *•• •'>* ^"^ 

nvinaiwr «i<t ttwy ""hi 

•h,„»(ttU)i *«•« ■<*• >•«••" ••" 
vews Irom ni» " ,__-, 

■n» Mlional le»w tlW"**" 
some «»ul»"le »ho<»»in|l ih»< 
wMili) m»li«' »"> '*'** ptoy*'' 
ie.l»M the "»«*• •"■" 
MH„r«tat lw*y Uiere «» ""^ 

iiKh » «l"«»« »» " ""^ fTHl 
play in women f toliege 

Lakettoall The T«iw«n cttem 
Kit »« tncftitlWe JM fw«»« 
from the n««» A »»**"•"' !• 
e«a«t<tered gooi for men . 
n.ll««e»r«m the Iree thro* «ne 
We c»n I nhoot that well H» 
tree lhre«» They shoot well. 
rm well it's the «a> *e hone 
„ c.n m They were too 
quiek ind «a.V <oo l»»l They 
keiM nmaaiit md Mrtd u» wl 
,«,4l woment "or" ^"^ 
TeKhtier "I kne* <'*>•' ■* 
timt Irw the ««y >»««»™'^' 
compelitton ii |»tay*<l *" >" 
ptoy .ojhffldy. •» »«• «7 

mnMJt«« ■■ . . 

The Titw»n team Wia » 
dev»»I»tim f»»l hreali, <«n_ 
.(•iiUj «wm« Awo fotirt with 

Hin.l or 'UmJ «ituot>oni Tiie 
tounim ie<"ni oiied effective l«in|| 

ringe pumuuf '"^ '' *" ", 
■f'toia toe^eryone attending that 
the plJiyer* hud been li<«ethet 
!«»■ iprte •*»»l» »s t'>»y **■'■'■ 
■■«««« r«fht w>wre ttiey utmM 
l»w' tveti m their t»*l brenk 
I never r»n » hard m my Me 

,„ «,y«er «oe. .,. ..r ... ot ker « r-».. J^JJe .ea—le 

MAyM^e"**'*'""^ p.:„„t, lor Ihe Hawk. Vy 

wrnre Thee roallv hunted in ««»r s«fn anytiody i*""* o" l** 
^ S tawk ■ »•■«» '"»•»"'«" pertortet Ilk* that « i« .«. • 
Kinhy Ptoender wlio wr<»red S> w ni )un " 

I never ran » na™ m ■".• "•- ^^ ^^ 

Harper wins 78-53 

-. _.»- Kjm anark <inee imtn inlmiily »»• *"*• 

|i\ nil- KIM^K 


Women gymnasts 
win at DuPage 

, i,ijiiit»tmK 

(M tm. •«••' "■ »«««■• 

MMMsr *»*«« *•' *•■ * 
litm ilMt >e»r' •"■« H»f*"f 

The mm. tmrnm "» "'• 

Btotk then rarae 
rapture tir»« Dim* " •*» "«*f 
ei. b* iNllMnt te«mm«t« KijUiy 

HMe t»y »» !**"■■ ?5^" 

iaiMwd: the jmlp* .«yg.'* 
e»re » leore of 7 «.»>"•• ■•■^ 
icnreilai ■» lot •nnllKf M«»f* 
t*e«(>. „^ 

tondy «'otfl*«iee •on !"• 
Tsimrr hart hy hning her ti**! 

Th*' t««ni l«i* * *•••«•"'*»' 
Miwart the Mtionah "hen it 
win the HuFage Invltationat. 
iMvaling Tnlon one ol the fe» 

'IMN* ■*«• ««•(««■ <■ •*• 

The liii*k» took Home the 
lirtt til* trophy with III » 
pmwia. while Triton •»» ruiwer- 

S «t» ».l aiod. hoit thirage 
leed ihW *•* • "*"" " 

1 Ml (>< iht- t«m mmm. mtm 

aw three mid It^»rr4 nwomd » 
iw„ olhim. The »«.»i. *«•'■•; 
on the heom •■i<h *>•" '*"*' 
mwk i-tmi <wi«t »»•« •«»"■ 
nmget •*» «•»« MMnd.. ••fc** 
.letioixJ ««h a wori «l ** 

";;,.: '..rihe ye.r •«*»", 
t-fflJghi,n«T-» iifwuw »»• •*« 
into the iBeel •■•••« 

Ann* Berninger. •»» the 
•■■rail ««n««er "'t* " »* 
wMiid »eofe ol «■» The oidy 
rrent H«n«w dklnl «*. »«' 
!i»»he«J ieeoit! »hd Wrt »«« 
P*«. Flared •««««« «** 
,ng a M-ore ol T i and ««»■■ 
»Bg«f •»• th'fd eaming a 7 ,f 

'•Tlhirak even though •* *on 
,1 ihnMd m<ire than luythmg 
elMr that « ni««J wore m*«* 
mwertmre," »«1 «•«■■*> '*'™* 
toKier "The grrb are reoliy 
workmg twir*'. ""* *'■ '* 

*mk>m <« *'•"'«,?'" IT"!!! 
■sharper, ttieii »•<■ n aM more 

AflVriiJl} ■ . 

Tljc wome* «'" '■•">' ■' 
.•.miwue their wiiwinf *■■■ 
«h«t. Ihe* tM«» • *i«l ««»' ' 
mkhin Tm****' *tart»nf ••' 
11 m Then Ttwmlii>' H>»T» "" 
, , ,, ,.,";■. Ill mi«ri 

Mayhe ihta ■» •* 
inraewhal lonier 

The Harper men s I 
Man snapfied. a <'»^-«f."* 
Initig itreak *hen they 
rtonpiid lHmoi» VaHey JISD in 
« N4t- comerence battle <« the 
Ha»k» home court laul Tlw^ 
«dty mght. to »uil on amgher 
winning rtreak 

Hariier *hohad been ptaytng 
a niJ«-l»man defenne earliw in 

the ieiMin. iwitchwJ l«» a M 
■mm for the game agalnat the 
ApaehMt Thli forced IlMnaa 

Valley w. nhom trom^ •■y "*■ 
M they cnnW only >«""«'* 
pit >ent a«iir»«)( trnm m 

t«h*n the Apaeheii did 

mantle «> «»t a »hi« off the 
tl»«fcK ool» W them haw one 
,h*m"e trtally rt-wiinatmil the 
hoard*. Thursday night. holMini 
I «-l4 reh«i«ind»n|l edge 

Ttw Hawk* made it qurt* 
elaar Ihey *anl»d to get. •»■!* m 
tlir winning Iraek jiimpiiW to a 
iMge B 11 lead with a H'tle o»er 
«« minute. teJtm the fir»l hall 
The Apachers pulled »ilhm n. 
but T.m Login dnIW cme m 
Irom the top ol ** hty »»<l 
rraig flaw tin* halted one Irom 
the comer to put Harper up «»- 
m going mto the tekerroom at 

■IMMV the SUB mart *««* »«•* 
t„ the mmm tarpee mm 
si»nim-H>*ew»" and «-T m N» 
eonlerence ■aclimn. 

■Im ple«»ed with the (iclory. 
Illtnon VaUry » a good hall 
eiub We needed this »in. we 
had lost thre* m a row. now 
we'll try and huiW another 
wimiing streak." Mid Harper 
,f.a«h K<»ger Beihlold I 
thought OUT guartte 'l;^^; 
I»aw Sirawn and Plaiakt did 
great loho on our lone delera* 
ind I thought fraig iRawtmi 
«(m1 < Mt ' Martiniki did a groat 
)i)t) on the iKiartb '»"*' f*^ 
♦election wai giwd and «e 
dxmed » W of pattemre <m 

tifl'ena* . 

-•W, went ta the »l«w-<l««h 
lieoiUM they were ■neeer out ol 
'thc'iiiiiie and »«• 'lidn'i want »o 
M Itaw hack m *"if *t«»lve 

J wa» gond tonight I 

wait bJipPJ "'"i '•"■ *"*" 
liecause we went to tlie »kiw 
down during the istrelch and did 
a good )ob on it " 

Ikchtold also praiaed the play 
nf Brad Millar, who has been 
coming o(l the bench and 
playing well (or th* H«wk» 

Harper was led m «"»*"* 
.gam by l.ogi«i who hit f« « 
noinli and also had nine aiimw 
ind two steals Rawbns. w^w 
lull hit in double figure* for 
•Imwt every Harper game had 
,« (or the Hawfci along with 
leading all rebnunders puUing 
down n tmard* Mar(i.«hi had 
1 1 reh<Mmd!> and put >n >" V«*^ 
lor the wtnnens with m* 
Donsey adihng right point* «>• 
IM own and Plaiak and MiHw 
having 5i» p»i>nt» api«ce 

Triton drops Hawks 

IHinm* Valley cluaed »i*ii» 
,,„M. SiU "ith ir" 
remaining in the game, but the 
Hawks rattled 0*1 U P0""» <" 

tackel. by UifM. Kawlin* and 
llrad Millar lo go up «•■«. •'tlh 

»-m iihuwing an the cl«k 

Iterpcr thi-n went into a stall, 
torcing lllinou Vatey to nimr 
,wt and loul man to get 

the ball The Hawkf iced Ihr 
game with fhru Waiak P"' 
tmir ;r«' thn>w» a'Kl 
ri(( t'lucket 
. , whine nir»l g»l« 
■akeiinihe Wright 
i.iv ifleraooK, '' * 
i.ii>.b.rf them»elve» 

If only tour pl«y"» <««* ">' 
.,«rt lor Trtton, the Hawk» 
wmild have won by almost »> 
Hut inrtead. Tnton ate> had 
.lc*nniet»alker w»« burned the 
wt» mr 33 points in leading hi» 
team to » W-ft virtoey over 
Harper last Tue*da> mgW 

Tne Trojan* handed the 

Hawk* their second to«a and 

necimd S4C settiack in a row, 

the Hawks lout to ■•"'i'* •*"• 

the previous Saturday > 

Harper *a» led in jcorinil hy 
!im l.««i« *'«> pumped m in 
i« ih«' Hawks Craig R»w!i» 
[lOured m li. again bitting m 
double figures and Brad Millar 
ram* off the bench to add ll 
Dane Straw n and Jell Mart,iD»ki 
bad eight points ap»ce and Rol;i 
IMinev added si* 
lUirm-r found itaeK trailing. 
. . halttime, but pulled 
,, lis Martuiikl go* hot 
^M ,««rtl thw taickets in a 
raw UWW hit on twin jumpers 
thm ratwd di»wn court to steal 
ihe tall. breaWng up a Triton 
(a.t liraak *r then took it all 

Ow way downeourt and threw m 
a revome left-handed l«y,«P •» 
knot the score up at 51 all witii 
13 niimites left on Ihe ctock 

Triton aniiwered Willi »•» 
point* liut 1^1" and Maw 
responded with lour free lBrow» 
to tie it up at «l-«l 

But Triton s Wesley look »»« 
and hit three straight <*«*»_"• 
add.'d two more on a tuni- 
armuid and Kored h«s team t 
last three points on a stufl shot 
that turned into a throe poiirt 
plji^ when he was fouled 

I Im proud of the twm 
[ilayed. said Harper cowh 
Kuger Bechtold aflw ha tiMin 
had faced the state ranked 
Trojans "I was concerned alter 
the JoJiet Ion* hut our intensity 
was there again 1 thought we 
ptaved with character 

The Hawks were oul^ 
relxiunded <7 42. and both 
teams ."thot wmewhal p<ii»rly 
(rtZ the field Triton only 

hilling Mp»r««>'f'>**'7r 
»w) the Hawk-s «ly li.ltmg » 
per cent o( theirs the low 
percentages du*- to both team*, 
tight delenae* 

Draft meets mixed reactions 

h, MF.otliy itPUKKIJIAKS 

P»wi*«l Cirlif'i itKittm m 
llw ratntoMifncml of »• Sftcial. 
•Itrans SyMwn •i* »««•"' 

Qtttm m 

that la 

■( ■ pnipMl to 

KfMeiu Tl» |irori») •»"" 
I1MHI HMj rmiiif* »» )«■» 
laMi m nf »*»■ tr t:l» *•« » r». 
rnmrlMl flit* a:in«imwMil 
ntrnt U» W*HlMBitai> woitnt 
Airinv t:tw Mnual Stole ffll lilt 

ji major 'In|l4c <ll' *' "'■ 

Araunri ite Cam 

ntpiJiw «■!«•> m the Miit- 
•teMimmi Thfutatnt-onnnKil 
Dmm ixJlW ««» tHc tlmml «l 
«ar Owl tlW' rcinMslOTMliI 

t> 1 diiift lhrr« tti a war cwmlnf 

up I want ti> live, fel m«nii>i 

and have kidt." atoloi HotMrrt 

Kiinilll, II 

tM>y McCMtond. It. tati 
that "tlwy ilMiiMn'l ^ ii. 
■Vntrady wnuld go with 

m*mi<rie» of Vt»l Siain 
lifflCmiw m I'd «> to Suutli 

Aiiwrte*. "" 

WMtc Pat I'raMr mm ml n 
(anir «( tiK faatlaleincnt. ttr 
did f««l MMiir ami tt itcllon 

■tMNiM tw Mm "I"m mm to 
(**'«•' M t think fl » n«r««l««]» 

1 tkink. ** MW' ib-wihandml and 
imlifriiuiiMil, ' he «|»tainifd 
T*«-nty y«',»r nid tl«'lh 
Wallgrm Md itmilar «ir«'« ' 'I 
ikin"! thtnk tlM-y «hai>ld 'rnn' 
»(«» tl» <i.wl«n ■ I a»t«iiiw tl» 
rMMHi iMM' is tlw Ihnat 'lit 
«ir " 

"I'm nfifiiifd la it K>|(hl mm 
t di'in'l thtnli it h iiMMiMry.' 
nuniiMiMiNl fXr T)iimi<<pim>ip 

Ri«lati«Tly It* ttiidenlt 
jtrftil with (hr fTinita.ti*m<'nl 

mn tkoit Itiat dU agrM wA 
III* iitMWMa'l ImM vartauc 
n*Mm (or dnDif w 

■"!"m M (a«if«»( it Th» pMfilv 
nmniiMl llw amy »rt ipMirant 
.c irymg to rwaj* the utiFttii 
It's iW (Hily pltcr far thrm lo 
NO." Mid Kiilhy HnktOMfi. S. 
Htxnwtr. M« Hohiwton wrni on 
i<> sav „ "I »<mWn'l «<>, I'd plead 

■ <l K<> I'm (00 tild lo 
Irani ■.. «|»ak Hu«».lan I'm an 
Aiwrit-aB awl •Iwn Ihi' i'(n|i» 

•H'fi*-h*' h«nti similar 

^,, . ^ „, . f.i«>i ,;imi ^i ( '^rmir hut 

il mmn-' 

■nW, 1 III ►• 

«> milisi IrDin V . 

v«'(l}. II w (llfW ..■ 

^liitr Mime may mil atree 

« iih thr rdn»laleineiil, they *d 

iw) thai i( thrv- were dral'led 

liie> itiNiM (t|||M lor Uir linitwl 


ttmn w no raama. w% ( 
uiiuldo'l en I think I wouM g» 
twause It IS npecMd o{ me." 
TtmmtiMin raptiitned 

Smith had dtlfpimt reaiMMt 
js 1(1 why hr wimtd llehl '"I loit 
:; tirothen in VtiH Nam iitw) I 
riiuldn't live with myself 
kmm'tnii they're dead and 1 am 
livinit." he noted. 

'■' ■■■ I'cld \el amithiT 

■' drp*TKSflv tm I hi'' 

'i»h«>Ihef I d i!i> II 

,L' lor .^mefK'a fliw 

. 'I In 'I fighl f'Cir n 

I ilw 

tiul il *iiuld N" his 

I uiiuKlii'l like it 

■hrlaw iitiiur b'lri 

.itway* apee »"h 

'.^ urn aiid ntt (tiiinit 

wiiuM mil change il. " »l»e noted 

The rest <if the women polM 

rVNchrd similar det-isions m Ihe 

<-a» ..f il female draft moat 
would ti"l K" »'«! ""> *<»M 
wjpporl brothers-husbands 

dei'isions to mil Ko 

Id Ret rwt loa »afe pJaee Id 

do iHiyihing I inuld lo net them 

i>ut 'i( ii ' explained Ms 

-I hi>|H> that I don'l iiel 
I- ■•'•-' 1 ™«Hild prtitiaWy «n to 

1 \«i«ild wit want to 

.il .(nd I ijfMildn t vtant 

.hitier to t!ti," 

tjerd it.iil t'ijt>ra, '22 

II' ■ i iH iusMin «1 '.tinii> thjit 

M-M. -..ul.l li>cl nii.rr ..(iliiiiled 

m 'ih'P List- ''•( ,1 ^ar 

..nieii would tn" more 

■ I ski' iioMher route in 

i.isf u) .1 tcniiilr draft 

rurliT w.ill send hudni'l 
(irop<i»iil? Ill ("imgrens next 
rimniti' MP thai registration can 
ivi-Kin .iiirt if ih«-y arine. lurther 
iii.ihil(/,Mlnin needs met (|uickly 


ni' l(. 

Vol 13 No. 17 Jamian 28, 1980 

tilliuiii |{.iiii.y HaqK-r I ;oll.j;f, \l:;i<m|uin «ri>l Khm-IIi- Ki.;iiIv Piihiliii.-. lllilKli^ WMKiT. ;n2-:ii»7-;«MHI 

Comeaux resigns; Lavanway 
takes over president's seat 

Wile Lavaawa* wlH •» 
Maieill. Ktiiale prraliei 

' affklallv •worn In a" 

I al. Timda*''* teaatr 

'kwN iftiMiiiiig' I Mi"iM-'a'iiMiiia 

Mark .1 CO'iiieau)! ha* 
reif'iKi'ieit -'»* pri«iilew o( ttie 
StiKkinI Srmili' 

In a lellrr 'miii 'Wedntaday to 

the uludent tHxly and IliC' wmtm 

al tiaiper . < ■■nieaiiii laahed out 

iharpty al the Mniate'i and *( 

the "'twlrnl trustee's apfwrcnt 

i.ver this •cidemrc 

T'lwaui's Mlar aifeMl 

.csignation of icminn 

i.t the >"r»t(tnjition I'll' Xhe 

,Kli>ril tniKlee il leadi?rship is 
ii'i'il dtcplayed in the future Vm 
president Mike IjiVanway will 
ri-pia** r'oroeaux a» prianieiit 

.;' ' "I'lH-aui will conlmue in 
•ri >.■ ..- t lenator 

■Tliere ieemi>d lo In- u lark I'lf 

■■■"mf'akwe generated ircim on- 
til ttiem 'this senate' and trum 
ihT'in to iw," said t'limeam 
l.''0«ieiui!«, fUlled, IIMI then' is an 

apiwrcnl level of afinthy in the 

*.<'.i'i..l»' ,*ru1 h.»|>t*"* thai hlR 

o''t Itiir acnalf 

. ■ ..,\ feels Ihat 

ttr wrwtt' ha- ".ome MTy im 

(■irtaiil nsuei lo dt>al with in 

upeommg miinlha such a» Ihe 
tWli'l!ilil Kludrnl arlivitiei 

LaVanway will be iiTfli-iilly 
tiw'irn in as prasldaU at the 
sfwite'n mi-etinit Tuesday at 
■.' ti p m in room A .'US 
LiVanwuv »aid he is pleawd 
that I'omeaui will no 
the senate "I feel Mark still ha* 
Li lot of g<wid 'ideas to give tiM' 
".I'l'irttt" l,.')\ jinw.iv vaid 

Hoth t'ufiieauK aiid IjiVa-n 
ij.,.n %j,iii'tih«'j w«'nMli»miiv«l»t 
itii' '-luiti-m Uitly » .it'iiiihy "Wr 
'.li'iri ii'"'! n'HK'h»lij*'til ri»p<.i'i"w 
111 Jilt ' said t'omi-aun 
(,,iV.H'iii.,n .Kldrd (hat ihc 
-f-n.iic 'ryini to tel 

Bone, Barch both file for reelection 


■w llolM nuMtng far' nala on tlic 
.Harfier Board of Tnialcea 

Mn none will bt niiuiMif 
under har Mwil nam* of Janet 
tt Hone She nianM to ran 'tor 
r«-«ltclMn tneaiiite ihC' .ftcli 
fliat flM! can do a «aid jKb.. Mtm 
itana aim faela thai har' ei- 
perlcfKe 'OMiMi hel|i bmUtae* the 
Mwperiancc of angr new hoani 
■Mnihctui liho naiy gel elertait 
Aa a iMtJarMy nl tlw seat* are up 
fotfllactiafi. Mm Hone fceti this 
la «t|lii()cai)i Slit' alio taya il» 
■i^liy* Ihe cha'nce im h* an Ike 

'MV'a' ifont fetli thut iht 
of Mr. McCrath as 
■ lawn a major 
M li» Iht iMiart 

iIONhi a 'llgMar drill an Omtt 

t'laJ matlari ilncc she hai 
.(otncd the' tmartl She CM' 
phasito that the bciard 'Wixhl' 
a* a team Mnt Bone'i pcnonal 
aatunpliahment has .heen that 
she 'hw iT'iel to do her 
homew«ir1i heloee and hetwerai 

Mrs. Knnc. it elecled. hatltMa 
Ihe hoai'd ihouW he as 
reamnatile about upending 
money a* piMiihle Mr» Itone 
eipaets Willow Park (."M'ter 
rlai(.tics to he 'shul down Khe 
■ays tlH't the iMiard i* Mwifl al 
wayii in which it ckii iiaiatrw 

Man March » runmni (itr a 
teal on the iMtwuM' he 
tays (he ichoul taard at ''an 
area of fnterM I have lliai I'd 
tike lo puirntit' " 

aarrh tuu wly lM«i|. on lltr 
tioa.rd MiK-e latt July. 

then., he 'hai wirked to nal. » 
ternal f'iuaiK'Uil r«p<rtiii|i l» Ihe 
hoard to dn a toeitar .tnh of 
lietttng hold of fuianeat 

Bnrfti fMli that dccuiom 
aboul 'Where the »cho«r'» 
linam-e» slwuW «o need to he 
amawered He feela that Ihe 
hoard 'Should develop ne* 
praf| imwad of jiait Irytni 
to keep up at It* peeient pat*. 
March says that neo c<»uni«i 
sliiiuld lie adiM and that the 
laolity shimid he kept current 

Ban* » running (or a full 
throe' year term, tot may have 
to 'run !!«■ a on* year term If 
elected, ihen Barcti wants tonal 
up a strategy lor the ilevelo(»' 
meni i.if Ihe follcne 

Harch't plan lo develop new 
prtigrtms and tn net the cuUf«e 

««nc* is a cemplii-ated one 

HMch sayi that charfc- larks 
will net the coUcfe Mie money il 

If a itudenl esit'l pit liar claic 
hi- wants al a collate, and mutt 
H<t to an aul'«f'diiith€t collefie to 
lake thai coume. then the (int 
coHege has lo pay the Mcond 
collage a .set ariitmnl of money 
Bereh mm that Harper im't 
pullUift in much money m this 
w'ay Ke Mi'y» thai if Harper 
rtcvelotied 'new programi which 
other area cullefcs't have, 
then Harper's income wtiuld 
utcreaMr He says thai this 
would make up l«)r a dechne >n 
m.r<illmenl that is peirilcted 

i:)av)d Toancbtk and Joan 
Klu»»man. both up for 
rdeleclion. fouklol he reaetod 
fur commedl 

iirnaniiert and get some new 

'hints unmit- lait Ihe student* 

;ninB in w ilti 'id«"as and 


rill' ^lU'drnt uiimues office 

was rfluiiu-ly nuiel about 

I nmcauK - resiRnalion StuilenI 

■ H'tiviiies director Jeanne 

('.!iik:itim '.said she see* no 




miin» from the 
The senute'ii 
' ( tl pri'fwri'd fur 

I icMKiialloO " 


(■■lOii-aux said he's ready to 

'Hivf Ihi' senate hell" and 

hopes lo Ri't a lot done in hts last 

senieBler a.s a senator. 

Ci'irneain wa.s one of three 

(.ickcd from the dutis 

iijiaiiiiri niuncil in the 

Mil ..iiii ».js elected a.s 
■.i.'ii-u! I'f the senale a few 

*■■ Llli'T 





The intblic Safrty lyepart 
mem is stnkinR witncsaes lo a 
111! ind run traffic acadent 
which ■w.-currpd >n Student 
t'jirlims Lot No R on January 
.■;- i..'i».-cn« Mam and ird) 
.1 111 An>i:ine who witneased this 
accident is requested lo contact 
the I'lihlic Safety Office, ex 
tension alt or :W Any in 
fornuiiitm will b« held con 

If students are involved in an 
accident, they ihould report it 
immediately to the Public 
Safety i iff tee If one bits » 
)iark«) vehicle which it not 
'KTupied, State Ijiw requires an 
immediate report to the Public 
Siileiy office and a reasonable 
attempt to notify Ihe owner of 
the vehicle Anyone who fails to 
report hittinft an unattended 
vehicle can be charged with 
leaving the scene of an ac 
eidenl which cvuM nwiit in 
•uspposKin of a driwr'a llte n a e 

Ilipr .2 Thr Hrnhmnvr inmuwy M, I9M 


Cable television 
opens 'Pandora's 
Box' for Harper 

Wot* pMf>(t think of untttttcd vtrsions o< current 
ntrm, Hv« brOMlcctts oi various sporting •vent* trom 
around th« country or even the »tmple pttaiure of 
tminq able to watch a proBram without commerctai 
interruptions But to Harper College and the 
surroundlnfl conrifnunities It can mean much more 

ThroMflh caltie stations set aside for public 
broadCiast, eoHefle credtt courses tan be o«ered in 
hornet subscribing to the cable system Eventually. 
homabound studifits will be able t« keep up with worit 
in Classes while at the tarrm time members ol the 
community can brush up on thetr skills 

Mormatlon about the college and various 
pf oirams oMerad here cou'ld be promoted over the 
cable system Of course, programming potential 
I on the amount of cable time available 

Lecture »irl«f and worltshops could also be 
broedcasf A program such as the self protection and 
crtme prevention lecture given on campus last Friday 
could benefit the entire community, Uteralty 

thousands of people in the surrounding area couM iiMi 
Hw Information ottered but relatively f«w even knew 

••lllwpragram. Cable programming mmtitd enable the 
•axpaygr* that support' tbe cpllege more insight into 
enactly where their tmmnf •>•• '*''*^"« •' •** **"* 

time Infbrmatlon appllcabl* to everyday life could be 


Eventually sporting evenH could be broadcast 
throughout the are* While Harper students certainly 
do not throng to Bldg M or tight tpr seats to wltn*«t a 
game, community homes may opt to watch the 
Hawks rather than a iwttoiMlly hriwicafi .pragram. 
This, in turn, could i|Mr1i conimiinlfy Inleratl tn the 
Har'per sports program and eonetlvably boost at- 
tendance figures. 

Ot course, all i»f this'can not take place with the 

wave of a hand. Once an agreantenf It reached bet- 
wwM t»M cable compgnlgc atMl Itw mwnictpatlttet. it 
takai ai(irb»Hitalely U* mmttn for the cable system 
tg be IntlalM let aWme setting up cable clatMt. 
gaining, programming time tor tecturet-workihop 
sarta. or even broadcasting a batketball game. 

Mbwever,. cabia TV is a bright spot in Harper's 
future and tlmuld definitely be brought Into full locus. 



KMOMdMi amhouncEo tmat the 

H0?)W3E:s had COMpLE-TfeD RE&«DEMCY 

.AMD Would be freed. 

*^ ROC'ic^ M'r.« 

rrJ f? 

Letfers to the iditm 

Comeaux gives up seaf 

X ki|.\* swu t«! I« I 
PmMlMt <:■< tlw .S.|:udi>nt 'KaMlc 
I (to titw wilti (Imp ntxrt ant* 
Inpr llwl I))* imn proiulrnt. 
MAr L;iViin».i\ . t-aa A).* i<Wl 

I inukl itfiotoKiiir to ttw 
tliMlriW* vt MirjXT ("Lilikiu lor 
tk* lark til itprcwnijitiai uid 
l«Mltf»kii.|> tlir Sliii)«<ni S»w.l* 

am StMih'Hl Truiter \»vt! 
•htnm H I thi>uBh« thinies c«iu.ld 

I'm ctHi'iiisml Hir Ihc kwkI nl thi" 
•tartrnt Mty iliit rtklgnlim 

wmkl nrtw itave 'taen wrillm 
I lufw iiiv n*i«nitiaa will ■« 
Hn' «tij<t<'"H'i gtivwunwnl nnwiBf 
11'm.i'ril ttw ii.iMl tM l«Mlttf«lll|> 
ttnty are n!»pcii»ihhi' Inl' If 'in*. 
It* siiwknt* shniM mil tm tin 

re»«|lniii*«(n« «if tl»r Student 
s-fu»tr »rKl StudrnI Trmti*, 

mitli tlir rnveplHWi <>f a iinall 

tnt W'itu .give UiBir vmy bol it 

All Hum* 


Mark J. 



<'l'*S Thf' MSUJil f(>^''('>liil:n>n 
ni.,:»'". tw frw-rr, twt tl #|j|ii'r«<(i> 
'I.MI I i-io) twW'l lor Itw 

In i.,i.tri-v Miirpiliii, a riMii'- 
wl^iir .It M'><l(llrtur> < '•">H>gr m 
V«''r'iiiiutil, «.iii'i lw'»ltk 
|lf»lll*»»(iH|.»l'» O'B Ml'kgr 
naiipiMi' .iiirr MM' ■urndi'iii' 

I'lmt'-Hlinl I.. ...'»'• huM <ll' t:t»lt 

mil'' ■' itiik«:t« »IM> 

k»y • ! rmfitW'tial 

l^'dJ'tirm ''. 

M'itr'Kn'lH. a<wanllii|t In iEiHiiM> 
\««'» .Si>«i»»', 'fkii'im ttitt tkf 
ktrfiM III iMtait iiiuiiiac> on 
isMpiB liav-ra. timxt otuilnti 
ma'Wl^-ndiin) iinil itrprniniMl 
MMt rwfft ran t« IM*' C'*iiM> i<t 
bMiturlMi.. *Mimi<-ti iiclMnt (Ml 

Singer's arrest 
shows opafhy 

11 •tHilal ixvni lo n>* Etial Paul' 
Mi'Tiir I ' .-i-'mtl'y 

l«t>t.iciiiii . . . .\*p»n can. 
Mil), ttr rttlnntnt *i • memmn 
•I ta MMiaiiit. ir at «<rri ImM.. 
apillir Intarai' kit oMiiiHtliili 
m wril a* lit* •tKliirm'v 

If am iiii|«fii«liDita» «»W«f'H> 
traiM|i«rl.i tuck a niatilr 
aitHNIIII' i>r pMTly rmia:?«aM: 
'(■Mtreliaiiil tmm ■ ot'tlrcly 
r-*||ital.i4: eimitlry. it only 
««i|lllll(lMS lilt mdift'cnm* >» 
mu'*i («'*! Kmitrd'i t\a 
'l,>riilt'»»»ii»l c.»mui.('tiTH'nt» 
I'liul *<"»i1n»y i» m» n 

Rtit ttl* tlMMF lim tt' Ml M' 

much Ike |»»rf«ir«*r hHWrlt a* 
It i» Ik* muH'itudr il faW' wkw 
t»ld ir'krt* In Ike' c(«ii€-«iti. 
priifM.m» to h>» »rTi«t *I"1«t 
'•MKiinR over a dtcade lor tiw 
former HMile tm return 
••ka'iytdn'''.' ihry levl .|UI.I a Ml 
tMraynl that iknr HM M' 
dkaimrltmlj' tetniited 

prmmmnm am) amimiaMlly 

'Ike nm^llaliiMi el Ihr Japamite 
Ifflur* H' MfCartiMf)! *« lo 
determini'd t» hrtng t,ke 

marttuaoa into Japan, ime 
m'(iuld.tltink tm rniM kavv fmuid 
• txtlef' place la ktilr it. raOier 
ckati sluffing II Mo kii peruana I 
kiggaiMr t'lr m >t timply ik«t he 
lias 'kecom* wt> cilMskied » i (h to 
nwn tmaff Ikat h* Ix-ltet'od 
Ivtmaelf to Itr tifimuM to .petti' 
t-iisi'om la**" 

.St'til. dMfilfl' Hie liMtial ip' 
(o'nvf'nifiicr. Paii'i may ke 
.i.i(i'mw» ai Ihit tt mmiM not 
iiiffria* 'iiw IM frni'tly if 
MeCartprj' 0U off »ilk a 
mminal line at kett and i* at 
IWRMP ule and Mwnd ky tke 
ttnr (lit* piiia to print Etlker 
»«*, Ike latcn 'rem»'in the 
tanw' KKLMXl Japanese tan* 
who huvr waited in vain lor Uie 
retu™ o( « leRcnd 


HM>M:|iM tWendyWInkelhitlic 

fitrtn Editor fvte Wifkland 

feature bMnr MikeSirnKtin 

Sportu i:ditnr JoeKuatk 

I>koio Editor.;;.'. RickKofcoto 

Aail.PkotoEdltor.. ijnLynnOuy 


Manniicr. jaixJyCiravelki 

DiitntHilion Steven Gray 

^dviiHir t)orothy Piravano 

SKW..... Kwk Henquinet. Nora Norton 

Juh Healj. Mark Turg«m, Mike Bamharh 

The ll*R»IMiER i» tk* ctiahitt puWioalioii tor Ike Harper 
OollaKe rampia cnmmuitlty. publifhtil ««cUy exc«pl during 
kolidayt and final «i»in» All upinioiis eipreaaed are thoae of (he 
wrlM- and wM Mcottarily tkoae of tke college. Its administration, 
[acuity or ttudent body Advcriiiinc and eapy deadlii>e is noon 
TUitday and ««ipy i» iiilijwrt to editlm. All Letters-toihe-Editor 
mufi be iignwd, namet mil be withheld upon request For ad 
vertiatng rat«. call or write ll\RBINGi:R. William Rainey 
Hanxcr tMlege. Algonquin and KomIIc Roads. Palattne. III. 

mm. pmnc w-am. exi. aii. 

Januan- l'«. /«/«« 77m» Harbinger Page :i 

Enrollment on upswing 

hi. tltltrR'kllllM'll 

Initui ifitrallnieiit rifura* («- 
th* aprinc HiMMr tmm htm 
rt^mmdmd. at Uw dam of )■•* 

[>r Jolm t^ucm. dirartor al 

lilannidK »n<l r<>»»iifch. 
Druivrlrd lh»l iK* fnd <»* 

r«igi»tra(««i ■ EOK. or Ihr Uisl, 
day a ilwh-ni <;»ii »*1 a rmmm i 
rtguraa wouW r«ieh I+.MS. Tin* 

. t|flMafe!ii Imtt fimvi* 

vtwld Iw M>. UM.TiaM (It 
..^■rr !hir ffrim ttmnttt «if 

II cMim aflcr a Harpn- all 
(inu> tafh EOH criidit haad- 
counl of IC 432 during Uw tm 
tall iwmatrr And. includuiii 
Bun^credil sludifnli. 10.15! 
studpnu attended Harper last 
nemnlw marliing th» firit 
lime Harper i studeni 
{■riiMtiilnm rrartwd iKr AMROI'* 
nuirfc ilmken down, the tell 
EOH ifHinl ilMiws • I to- 1 ratto 
a>( iMtrt-tiine ttudenta to fuU- 
liiTte iltidenia or ll.m to 
t.OM ("ufTently. tlwre are 
M.mi pBri-time and :i.Ml full 
time tludcnli enrolled at 

Fred Vatsvil, director o< 
placement and career, gave 
credi* for tkt aptiaf cnraUment 
inettiat m Half*' oihibita at 
ilM RairilMiat and WoodMd 

■We concenlraled on 
Waodfidd and Randhurst. and 
thmj^M It aat rxcellenl We 
handed t<ut mi to 7m »p- 
))feallofw in tust two dajs " 

Steve Catlin. student 
dipvelofMnenl. added The area 
papm tad » much an rtfecl on 
ihr i>nr<illmenl drive ai 

Cimcenitni enratliawt dipt 
frwn (all to tprmg. Dr Lueaa 
pninwd mil that such dipa are. 


Tr^tflti icmtratly Mart hi Ui* 
(all. (aid iMcaa. "and you 
ilim I |«K-li u|> loM many ne» 
itudtnta In tin apriiw Ha » 
'm«« II* .hw. !«• M ipHi MTt tf 

enrollmenf rise 

K. %lllil':IIAMIIM'll 
I ir^i<4it<Mr-tarl*rrln 

I imr leaclMf* *» lat tl>e 
,».; .... Hariipr 

In the !»"■. ;« vch'wl \r»t 17* 
rulJ.-.linw lMi-(»r» »"Te em 
ptityed .)< Ilj>r|ier 

Thai twml»T (wahed lo tit 
iiilt-limen en tlir IKW-n schiiol 
■umr and hm »iiii-e clipped to 
ml. ttie pcement nii.m»ier of tull. 
nni.» leathers nl Hirprr 

In .t"« Harper 
rinp»oj'«* .HI iwrt-lim* 

leaclm iturimi Ihe ia.ll iwn 
<em«ti-r and SHi part, iiniers tn 
IN" *prm|i IWii •iem«ter 

Ihr nurnher n( pari lime 
feachen hai* sim*e iMrm\ sttradil) 
infreasiDK. altbtiuKh (lippinfi 
i.liKh()) la M«' pari -tinier* in llie 
lat) ol iWfli. and Ma pa.rt-liine 
lr»c*Mfr» m The iprini «:>l iWT 
The. il parl-lk.iMri hm 
•M-rai.!wd to .MM for the .(all im 
*i'm<f»t«r a<nd. currenlly. Ihere 
lire 'm tor itat*. the tpring 1M> 

l:}r David William*, tice. 
|ireitMtm<t nl •cadrra.ic allatn. 

Schools face frog crisis 

CHICAGO. 11. <VPS ..A 

dtelmint »>i|>pl'» «« trim «» 
•Mil laave r«i«i.rcl»ir» and 

«y iluitMi. wnMrn **" 

cluii««l!Sii «i Ma) pif>. ac- 
cording to Unlveraily of 
( hicago ataiitant proleaaor 
Ktchard Wi 

tickets cost registrotion 

AI'M!\ r\ CCS 

rharfinit Lhai the iinit'.cn>.>l> v 
tnipri>.perl> "atling like a 
rtmr)'' " in Inrnng him accac* to 
frU(*irj*iTmi Iwcau!* hi* hadn'l 
iKiitl his ■■am.p.U'% lurkiiig 
iicliirls. I niver«t» ■>( Teiait 
iunwir Mark Sfiatigler loal itie 
iir»l rijuwl «i* h» hatllt to 
iv!'-'.- - ■•prinn »ema»l«T 
' 'ir- - tnurt TtlwmO lo 

iiriir his cm* Um* week 

S.|)a(iKler' owes KM m Mkel*. 
Iwl claiins hi! «»• not milified at 
hi» <il»ligali<Mi itithin the 
required ten daj» 1 am ni* 
rtmtcsling the tkkcls." he >ayi. 

I am pnttrsting hrcaiaw Hit 
iim»«pr»ily denied mr my Hlfc 
\mendment rigDl lo lake 111* 
iickeli to cowl." 

He »•¥§ he" II lake the caae lo 
the l' S Supranw Oairt, i( 

Callin. aim. poinled oui that 
emrollmt-m imrmalh drop* .% lo 
10 perreni Irom tall to s(rmg 

Economicii played a ipoilcrt 
roll in Harpers spring 
enrollment rue Said Lucas. 

The htgieat incrcaia for any 
semoiler come* Irani part time 
tludenls ' He added that. 

when unempkiymenl goes up, 
our ennHlment got* up And lite 
unemphiymefil rale in thia area 
hat md goneilmra.'" 

I».inlt oui thai. "A> our 

mriillmrnt j|ne» up, so iloeit (lur 
mr ol larl-time teat-hen ' 

Knrollmeni ligunia lor the (all 
;» !.em«iler' «iipp<irt WiUuimii' 
-.lalememi .»« M.I52 total 
iludrnii »».ri' apporlmned 
..;i.»non# lh«? aloretneiilioniKl 'Ilii 
part time macliert. Both 
itgurec are wliMll Wfliw. 

Ikmner a kicical queslinn 
.«n»rf- Why pari-llme 

The (larMiiger eu.mi.nni llial 

('Hrlil 'IiiI'IBIBB . 

Waiaeraug layi pollulion. 
comtrw-Lion. and human en- 
croachment are cauang tti* 
ihorlagr ol frofi. nhich 
hiokigitl* Favor (or research lor 
a numlwr of reaaon* 
W'anaemig •attmauta "miUMm 
of Irciga" are cnl up in 
American aclMlto MNh 'ymt lor 
elemtnlal binMl^ IniHB, a'lid 
Uiai hundnsdi of Mmaandi at 
otben arc laaid la Uamadkal 

But Mme frog fuppUen. like 
Ihe I Hiverally of Michigan 
AinpMnan Facility, are finding 
(t««r frog* In brteding 

is looking 

for a 

apply at 
or coll Wendy 
at ext. 461 

A» a reiult. many educational 

pragrami are reiorting to using 
taw pin ia tew bwlagy and 

" '•11. MMad of 

ct«f ittion - c4^^ 

m COJlC£Ri pw». hii I m 
mm TICKSIS w.2t3 




Are you ready 

for th* StmiRMr Concert Scaaon? 

E.^«r\<o.ria know% tha l)«i.r wey <o «nii>V' a concert 
ihaum. or iponi «vant i.< fnm I'ha iMti Ham 

anlBrtitnaUly. wtitn p>i> 'Imv iieiiaif you 
fwelv imw O'hai von an pning. 

HW tow ma caa tiKW .tor lunit 

ILK tmmpnmt ■• .■•>" laaiinf • •••citi niHt tim 

fm ^mlv 13 do fO'ii ^Bin fia«« tlw complMlv laar anai 

■ .«^in.p •'--3 'nanaimp 

■<•.. .•■ waca 





•i«. »««o« ■ ■» ««»' OuwOti »OU) 
au'M.iO aaovi t HMO 

[XO AAomtov I*' Tuesday I «iUwcdn«Ml«)rl3 I Thuriiday 11 Fr 

rut',: wi.tiM\.. 


wtuwrA i)uj'.vi.i-: 


Itli.ilTl Ik I'.' Iti«.n ■ M;ir(.< hljo 


1 1 '<imTrt 

I'" Hi- Ariri.«ilk«l 
'•'hnkir'. ! Ill- .• 


t.VX IH'M' 
lllAirVMiHh \u,\Y 


WHCM IMS a IM'* . 
Iiuidr. I'rcv (» (farpn* itl 
i*»'lf iii«J (M-uKy The |w ,„ 
(MMk dOMTilMS lilt Vfpt nf 
nwitir WHCM hat to (iflcr aloni 
wit)) twm inlcrmutiawi shixM 
mcfi j> News <>( tl» Wwk ami 
llariKr Sprakx Out Hek up 
|iril|[:rjill»» 111 iht- *Ml M .nfli.:.- 
HdK A»l 


Prstpact HtliHts 

MM tifi I ■!!■ 






CPR Class 

Tile He»lU< Srrvir* »iM 
■ptn ■!» «;illerni(j iTH i-lmtei 
(liiriitg tiK upring urnMsster 
These dauin will tie htM M' 
Wetfiiesdny* from '.' p m. In « 
pm ttne mu*l »ltmA Iwn 
wmmwiilive ctasiet in iirder lo 
(fiiiihf> a* II («rtlfl«d mcner 
The flrrt *«»ion »>W beiim fiito 
« KeRiclralinni will tit (« ■ 
■Itm come fir»t «r»«d" l»*ti 
in llMlth ServKC Bldt A MI w 
l>y calliiiK ffil W) 

Ski Trip 



WrUten wort lor the May i 
(■dilKin III "TmuiI oI Vie*-; 
Hiirpiir'i titmri' niagiiiiMt, ■ 
dkie Feh I Cify ilwiM to 
ttirned into Ciil Tiefwv « either 
FMI <■• K-I::.i '■ Trtot 

uinyalwiN- !ir .nw 

I'siilumn lit " 
inille* MfhT 

The lieiKltiti. 
r#h' lt»iKliihiK.^.; I- ■'.. r ' <•■ 

Id Htll Filinl III I .:,; r'-.. I .. ,:. 


The .Siki fluli has a 'orrlirmi 
inp tilMiited im Fi-I) H in Ihi- 

I W' ^-'- ■ ■ '-'■ .11 Kib ««in 

tain Aiscumin The 

<->:•( iucW mllje li:i*» 

[iriti- ,,u-i, KHii'xl trip tmn 
v(i4iTl.«tiiin ;inil (w<< hii^IiIk 
liatiiiillB. twi> lilt twkrtii, and u 
meat ll n Iw lie a i'i>()(«e 
Hiwkfttid twvauM m xtiMlenls 
liir* |>linm<<l In lie fkiitig Ihul 
iMiTknMl 'Vfiii »tt fiit'dUriilM'O 
i<> iiiin up Moin iieeaiise S'pact' i '■ 
tlnuliHl. ym nvaf, al«> l»"in>! 
ir'ij.rM) r.»i<i.»i-i snwlnll A- 

"Guys & Dolls" 

Inlerrslert slurtettls m 
i-»mmunil\ irit'nitn-rs »hij 

nrntlrt l*r u> (i|ji> m the <» 
rCuslni !«■ tin' lliirper ("oMene 
siijrtw Theatre's prmlucliini ti< 
"(iiim jiiil IMii" are wktd In 
««il»1 Or, Wihert TSUhIiiimi: in 
Ihe Mwir rie|il... n aM nr 
|iiri\'t..t .)( Thi-3ir<-, M»r> .)o 
V^liliv r\\ i«< nr .'ic, 

TlKuM" miere»l«J m wofttlNI 
( « iht ttajir i-rifw are atali MkMl 
l(:l Mi«e U iHi^ ni \1 M tif chI) ewt 


ll->t!«'r ( K,lll.-a.' IS ..llcr.ri,; .,.. 

■ ilx- lllini.p. 

' "I- V . Mini; ,,n,) Hfjifth m 

I,.,.,..-.. Uf^tnun enam The 

■■■•hop will In- iin 

■ lijiry I irfim m ,WI 

Hi : u I ',»,i (J m 

Tuition ini llr 'Anrk%hiiii t^ 

mc pcium Of i i%kiB 



with the purchase of 
3UDXL C-90 Cassettes! 


I. .Hill. 
l-K,! 4111 II, •" i"i 


'■'•"', l(,iiH<»fk InMirjinri* 

.iiiv i-t:'prf»»iii<ilivei. U'lH 

iin|iinr'«-hr>Mr> iihiiml 

-- ,i<im III (HI ,,1 m t(i 1' (Ki 

I' m in ihc Mmlenl iJmime 

.irr:i..( 'h<- \ Hide 'n irilrrview 

1 .■,,,tf<l 

.1, ....- M-i.irv.-iii.ilivc 


Harper ("nlleff will offer 
■'l.rgal Asperln irl Arrest. 
Vmxti .ind Semire" im Kndav , 
Frtimurj' I (mm H':ii,i ;i m i«i 
> i«> ['• m in Bldg Hum 

I! Will review legal 
' ' iifid rei-en( i-ourl 

• I" 1^.",,. .!> tJiey apply lo law 
I'nf.irremetH nfficer* and 
private >i,wiifil> |[ir(if««,»i[inalii 

Txilmn Ihe ceminar » I2!i 
niirt nrluiile* ail maleriah 

" -, :-te[- in ,»d*»fii„'f (>v 
>' llli> T'linlintimK 
■"<n Adrmiii,lnnis. est titi, 


Mary .In i.rwri .ifu] Shirhfy 
tilkev w ill la-rlorm ii harp (iuH 
TImrwIiu ,l..ii n „, mdn ^> 



\n itiini fritw-erls will he held !,• i-> I I-, pm in HIdR 

r K, ..,!■,■ -11. \.inu};siim 1.* free 
1.1,' .1.^ -.hmiK) rail. 

• ■^' ■■Mri.iliiiTii 

Mini-Concert|»T < «lkiif> will prneni a 
IKTformann- t.y harp iluo U»ry 
.III (ii-een ..nd stnrley Lukey nn 
Thursday, .Linuiiry ,"11 The 
mmi cimcM-i will take ptoee ni 
rj r. p m in H!d« I"MIS 

:i' v.. on v^ irii' tiuf schiKi 

■■ .i^hl-ll Til full !itf 
I ,-i ■'■n,^ .ll lAl :'41 


TIh- SUii)i-ni .srnali- is limkinK 

■ ■ '■ ■ 'II M'lAe im a 

'mil Ihe iiee<ls 

,. ■ "( Ihe student 

<Mll<•^ iii,iiK>-l Inr itie l»l«i 

i,<'intiii si-iii ,\rl^ iinii m 

In .i ■ 


Thi' miivif F,i-I Hrrak ' will 
!»■ (>i'i>«eiiii-(} iin Wfdni->da> 
tinutirv 111 .ll u" i«i niwm in 

,,\ilinissiiui m ii-iT Prenented 
I'l (he PrtiKram Bimrd. 


Harper (■..lleuf will offer an 

■ill ill y iimew \MirkNti"p tiir 

■>tuilcnl> lakmu the lllmois test 

lor real «iale s8l«mai)'» and 

iirnker'). license 

I (..- u ,.ri<..h,„(. •» M-lieduM fur 

uary IK irom 

■ "' (I m in Kldj! 

Hint! 'luitniri is II'. no mirt m 

ilutk-* nialenah lum h .iiKl 


Hii'KU.iii In, .allinK (hr 

1 iiiHin.iinK KiluiatliHi Ad 

- ■ ■ , ■llii'i- ,11 .-itl III). HJ, 

''"' ' i™^ im uji,lil)|f » llfirUK 

' mI They're PfavinK imr 

•^"I'l: M'^, l,.ol«ey is involved, in a 
iiuinU'f III sct'iinif .jod rtmrrti 
iTuKii prin>,r(ini'- .,1* Uilh ii 
),«"l1i:irmrf und Irartw*!' 

Point of View 


To Sell? 



Ext. 461 off A367 

liy lulls r\HT>\!»hi 

A nufjiitne itrviMeit ii> the 

lilwary iinrt i iHtil url,», entilUfd 

Fnint III Virw,' which waB 

irin|,ioianK rfnuuMtl trnni Ihe 

~l, lUHll llWll'i '.''l^ll 


(id Tteriiry and Hill (''.lusl are 
thin )>r«f'» aiKl«or» Irom Ihr 
1 .iw.pi.1 ,,..>i-! •i'ine,Art»rtivi,«iomi 
■ tiiinaliy htamr 
1(1. ,ii(pr<>«imalelv u> 

M'.ii;. .Ji;ii unci was (nUawfiid l>|' 
in *-)••! I y Hull Hull Ml the 
|M mil lieeawe ol (WTSnnnI 

Tta" iwNicatmn i» l!»idH:eled 
I'ly Ihe »iu<h'nr aclivilie* lural 
llwt|if,iifitt for ItW' maiikfinr 
Bmi'i<Milslo,iiin«:'andti»e-hj|,H jier 
ttni ol th" Itital (urnl 

Harper *Iu<Jenl» liebhie 
burster Mid Krin I'lepetiihurK 
.«e this year"* fdilorn Anyone 
intereiiied in suhmiDinR 
maieruil ftjrh at iMMHnit anii 
shun sinrie* w ill ha\ e in im*! » 

»-.* « iti-adline sturtents ire 
iiii!«I In i-inn a r^elease lonn 
inrliciiinc that their malertil IB 
"tiLiUy Ins i.r her own work and 
fi«» not intr,infe,(iiiawj' exiiting 

Stiii'leiiis ti'ill ,c-h<i«ii« whieh 
iii-ni-- -ir." til w (Hihlished and 
,,.|<«i-tii<< Hnth Ihe farully and 
Ihe studi-nis have an awart) (or 
the lieM writine* 

■"Th«Te hSK lH"en a l<>l of 
noKlaiidin^ work done lor lhi« 
iiMfUi/ine."' said Hull She said 
i,nl"lwnc«» irnist ol the S'tudenU 
In Mitmiii ilMfir writinit» lo 
diflen-nt puhlicatiom ""Siime 
n ntinits iire j<'<-vpied hul many 
.iri' re)efi«"d. ll jusi depi?iiils on 
the taste* and needs nf the 
inblisher. " said Hull 

Former Harper sludent 
Mltia I lliilihian had articles 
.itifx-ar ill a popular women's 
inaKazine and also wrote lit-lion 
material published in a gnlf 
ttiaiMKtne Malvial by i4her 
students have been UMd for 
varwus nmtmt 


2H. !«'«<' /''♦• '/arftin^er Piifse 3 

Irm-VS. M,aiTiage 

. ,• ,»,,»«« *-pirt ■•'■■«7' 
•iy..,...*. '• '"•» «""'n •"■** 


,1(1 r»r«in«*' •»'' J""*^' 
.rrrmiirrn"* ><«>•.■ 

tnmuM. mm mAttMliKi » •!►■ 

„.„■ ttw wti <<»*■ ™ • 

lifanng '« 

I ..A-r»tnii« l»" '>»> 
laf ««»■ mbmd ••*•■ «wi'm« « 
,Hnwrn-»ii rmmn » rflgW*' •« 

Wtnl» I"iiin«ii«»i. tad !«€•" 

■■mmiirt •'• >*" *""* *•*"'*• '•'• 
tmm'il «tiiinrW««i«>' ■■■jw»*»<"'' 

)*•(>. vrt Ptrvmirh •■lum il »«» 
.■r<«d l;h»i hi' t»d m)« hwn 

,,,,;„ ,M Parwurt ftaimrf t»W 

miMtf » miilafc* <• '•• '"■'••■■ 

,iMi tM He ii«i -mm *«; 

(|H> *wniiwr 

Ip iww ><•!* "■■|iy, Vmx 
I'Xiitu'' '■''■^' "-T»wn Hy»n» 
•ctainv.. rrjrtXlilMr 

fnaiT'WsJ li » '»"■ '•*' »•"*•' 

r«ljr»<J iliirrcwr al »•>•■ In 

larnaMHUil Swittmt Strvtif « 
"irw Vol*, »•>» "*• <•"•*"""■ 
itr\\rrr i1 She thinlu tlml 
,\nnTica» «rf iw" ""'■"« "•"■' 

ttM* <••* dill httan iht' «»■■»■ "i 
Inm fr«i()l,ii«t. 

.%ui«tK»«i" tvMWtm 'Ol ll» 

mmI, "i wtiii>ijii"tl»t«»qw»<* I" 
Mtfip «« »m f«ir>»l«««l " 

TN- 1 \> i» krnum •» f *<»• ■•■y 

„n ihf !r»B:t»ns' nuji)i»l». 
(■»>««, juit m Ci»«- 

(Jim-iw l« tte WS. "•)'». ■'*•• 
*»'» *«nl iw»(«lt to mirrj' Jwil 
III «l««' twn" 

Court Makes Bar Exam Easy 

^f'd Card X ^'/V Sky 


On All ChrtttmM lt»m» 

•Irii-Ti-li? "Ipik Ml SilKtiii 

We Carry th« T«i»«l BrWal i-\fm 

thtl iMf ■■«■ «t rrtty ■«« ^« 

«1UHI1 (li«w '»»•■ '"»•''■ *" 
Itiriwn inM ■ nwlion al tlw 1»» 
to I mi<»t sttxJrnl* dm h«<Jl* <* 
Tte l»tl>»r» ran* r<«»«q"™'ly 


^, ,io irn- oi rli«rt» «"r om 

•<«« lilt)' »riw.<«i«i '«»> "I* 'yri* 

i.i>it *.tl»fri<t 1» *«' "> "'"" '* 
■»• TmmUW 1»<" » !»««»"»■" 
*§•••• nut UK ■»■"*■>'> 
tmtt •<> to • 

Thr p»rt m( tlw Ictt thil wis 

i.,,ntl<in«><l *a» a muUipl* 

., hmcr -*<.itffln called the -multi 

*latf ■ ,\* It* naror »U|!i((«iil». 

Ilw iimlti sl»l«' I* "'*'' '•> •* 
uumln-r nl rt»if t»r 
imnruttiiiiil In 

r»M:*mt>tT. Arimwi Sujinsm* 
Court fhief Jwittf Jurne* 
Iwkc ('nmwim ruW I'hiit thr 


iniMini; standard <rf H7 on the 

iiuilli >>'»t«f had been "too 
high, and Himinatwl tl» m"*f- 
state Matron lr<m the formula 
uied K> determitM; student!' 
jierromanie <« it>e entire t»r 

nam . . ^ 

(•jmeron'i itnoti allowed 

i»wil»ier W Ktudent* to pua tHe 



Wlmfjer It hi The Pprsonals! 

sii»*m *<»«■• i» 

.(Hi mediMdaJ tfoin ««••»* 

latptn starti<itP» •••»•'"' 


l.>lir«ltl« H> «»'•••• '* 

rmiMO l<» UMiN tmiihi* «■«■ 
litU. UHWi »,|i|it««ll"*W» •' 

SHKUTS. e% MP MiWt-ir f llll 
UM IIKIIIWIWI ">l)' »«■'•<•"••. 
l>-imt». ■il»tnl»>l»>l<« Inl"**- 
IKtaucal I arttrt llrtllli N« t« ti> 
ti> SH»<7l» »<•>"»; 
Magicto I>> (*»<»■ *•>■ * ■'*" 
Ml Ml» •• • ••m». im-*"". 
S<-ti»:»«> «» « <**■ ■ 


_ t*tf Y T»tl . * »•■•» •♦•••* 

I 1/2 price drinks 


I Lunch Purchase 

I FrMpvRCwn 

« GriipyClMH 


f r)4avs / Sundav* 

*#«ff l>d>,n( t«r D"!* "'ti" •»• 

-wrft-iiim >■< iii»».im wt w w "«' 

.1,. .Bduilr* W* "■••M 

I'l.!.-! Ml FW '«»' »•«•'"•' •» 

lUhri . 

■>1 *H clj»^ 


FRY ».» 

Cn<Mlr«i It. a 

•-MW •!» *1I«" 


CniMran tl m 




IS ! 

(•ivUT'TIMU ■■•rilKuHfoian 
iwmiMi *niin|i «iiil MiakMii 
(Ma)' ttartinc ■■•? *IPV*f ■• f 
■■:. H«in«»ali*«. f unmute, W 
E Woidl'iM l» Stilmmiilmpi 

\kAimES» **ltE:il» farl-tilM 
4int. m sifhii. yt *'M f—' t". 
Ml Pr<««|»*l. :IHt-JI» P»ta«.ne. 

M^tHilHl * •«e«l"* **»ri.oii>it 
•■.niH .1 iiii»i«»»n<"i" • '•'' *■ ""•> 

•Sirtti ■*■ A.ilH*ll« „ r<™>r« 


r«riitiii -»•»««.»•«• ™ **"'' 

niiltDIMl. litalMtilwr. IIT' 
■ MuJitiOBtf i-.rli«Ull«. <tr«P'ry 
n«ti» (unviu tmlcimj Storiit 
««»lif« iixt Hrv" *■»• '■" '"'" 
MMl nlKrwrnn »» P«r "" "i_" 
■n-ngi •«« i 1" M <* •«!«»•««» 

InriipMM (lerai* »» V •" *■'•* 
iiv«ail>l» •rr«ii»M>»"« >" '"■ 
ApmmilMum mmMMC* I* " 
nililwhm t MiirdiMi w "''W' 
svidatito tw BW ln*» '■"■ 
aMgvrWcrt on MWrigKto f" 
nmn inli» cilt <I|Jf»a 

r#ii>«l» ■ttniltw «'•* cnettrtl 
likliiy Unkilit tor rt* "• «»'!" 
fnmi SirMi."r»"«"l «"<' '•<* •■•" 
■|.im »l»r '-» PM •*« '» 
Hirtairt Kllwi 




tDH «(T' 


For Sale 

HW (■■iiMrli »»rlt«lf"» •W 
mull »tf l» •»«'■'»'• *•" 

,»llwl nxKlilion.. Il» « •■•I <** 

Tu Jij!> Wl¥»* Iti*** »'«rri«* mr 

«|,ilV,«l.lf t'"'"^"'"" 

Ihf I'KKSiAM. !»<!«:ln»i M "" 
MARKINxKH S ■•'••••''•'' •*• 

niur iiiu» fw "oiy • t^"* ' 
„« hdmr«- taneljo* l>Mt» yo" "» 

(-|M|« « riiw •> «' «' *"" •• ' 
,arfj »«ur l4»n»ly » '" •«" 

MncWut con**""* 

F««? '» "« Htmhinftrr Janimrv 28, I'UMt 

Some memories can't wait 

t «•! drivttwt 

, t UlTBWJ « 

; gkrta w iterfi as Iwr 

~ 1 Wi »«i 

■■ton r»in«mt)«r tot aWt ■»» 
H»fin»Bn » Hfrmili. "Mri. 
Bmsfi Ymi'v* Cn« A l«*«lj 
touChtcT" And Wl»ll«, Ilit 
eliMiM' f«int, •■Imnilat m» mm 
)i<iii. 1 do I thmk •tMMH you day 
and nuhl « » tmty nghl, M 
iMi* aiMwi tta gtt ynn It** ani' 
imM iMr ti#t. Mi luw 
iiigrilf'r " 

■"Hntdt-uh 'I i*iii»«ti«rtd 
■iMf* 1 rint htani tot imm- m 

mt Utk pmrh Unkmt umttim 
■INHinrr iky 1 ».!» lHlliillll*! 
Mf Rtum tiuTing Hit dkilt Mr 
'UK al W lulworUa lur* Mnlih • 
lM)r«ii<Mliy-i|irMa li-anitil) 
wmrimtifT ln^«■llt■^lW in mv 
MrMint wMD mjr dMii «illclal 
It DtamviMl •tyliHi 
irajil). whiett liy Hit way 
»<irt daiwn the record wMll 
rv'vrt (Hay itngln«. Hi a eaM of 
■niaffinar*' tliouiwMla €m ym 
nrntrntm ih« tr« iiiiMf wni 





■■■I IMt ol efauvto 
M t ham playmt 
Wh0n I iMaf 
my daaaica I gM ■aa«>-p«iii|ila» 
alt war. jual (ran all llni* 


fliiw amny (imm liiv« you 
•ad y oar Mandi taard « MTiaiii 
iMf and aiktd. '*0i> you 
ramtmlMr vhen ihal Mfig cmM' 
Mt*" Whti«fv«r I l»atr. 'i WaW: 
M Hold VMir ItoMt." or "St* 
( Vim." I fan IMnk at (Iw 
Kd Sullivan iitKW or (ht Shew 
sudium (Mieert. And «tlh my 
ry*f chacd mil n(t)l . I can «•<• 
myscM as a I<IU« tyke wilh my 
•|ia» glwit u> Om tub* and my 
iHfwa liimilii tn tlw thnnti at 
ynwif '|llt«|ali (cntalta 

Ttilnliinc Ixack la Uic day* ol 
thr f umnirr w^tam I «•• ■ kid, 
1 wmild Itt Malay 

tf I !i*«1 Ital lumullunu* HI* I 

1 remembtr (iiitting mj 

)rjm4»iM raflio uwlrrnrath m\ 
IMlkM ju»l lJ> hsl«n 10 my 
t can <iliit 
• .||H' MllltM MMI ar «.Ml« 
(If Ilia Bay ' or tvm the B«atl«»- 
Lady Madonna ' Lwiking 
tl 1* slrangf how 
1 wai. th» »«ar of iK-inB 
tauilit by my parvnu and tbe 
wrvilablf ptnatty «( no mar* 

I am twlng M my radio rlfM 
nnw. MarChlnR for my oM 
lavontaitalMNiSuiMrCIIU But. 

*lm Ibry m hnter esuit a* a top 
ai I'tim'Mii iMi a» i> nr«"<'Ulk 
Halm. To k««|> M lunr with i1h> 
youtd of today I Uioui^ 1 wouM 
tun* into t)w prracnt Uip « 
swhm WU TIml mm the 
lUlMia thai had larc«d m\ 
(iH'ilitc SuptT I'K'l. >nu. 
•■tiiniiditlt il» tnrmal >•• iIk-v 
havr m4 cihimanl, llwy rtitl (>ljiy 
llHP ln|i m I oupfKiM' all ttw k'iil» 
ciill Ittirti Id ihiii lamitii 

I am 'iMflnnnf in raali/v non 

(liat ilMnga da nai dMnfr wiui 

do ttji 

gmmmt 'irwiiNr*' ancad m* if I 

knew tlw WW tang by tiir !»' 
maltis, "■■Dirty Water " 

t Rasprd. "Thai > not nrw. it 
wilK (imi don* by the Stan 
drils I M that *ink tn h* 
cer*brum and ttMMi faid. 'Rid 
ywu know that Dick IMidd. tlw 
guitar piayrr al the Slandrlla. 
wac iinv nf the nrtpnal DlMfy 

My brothar iUghtd, "Wbo 
caNi' awwaiy, I'm «<<rry 1 
mtmi imt. i 'Unit i|waiian'" 1 
•SI auriinatd Mtte. ■» a maltar 
n( (ati. I ««|icclcd ttiat amwnr 
(mm htm anyway 

\mt. 1 'mlv (trl a t-haiK"* in 
halm ID lop «a radio when I am 
on a holiday Thti iMiot hottday I 
luntd in <» (lir local top W and 
(ward tlw' Hoilln' "And I 
I. "VI- Hit" »nij t was •>aitaln- 
^iih i<n Irtwn lond nirmnri** 
\h vmmiirr tinilh»r» UaikiKl al 
nx' liki- I wa» Mimv kind •■< ii 
i«-iii-h wlrrdo I ioiif llkr l»««ly 
cli«l >n thi- m<>«ir. "Hard IUivk 
%<llhi." I kn*» nil il» chord 
llwlllt•'^. i>M III !)»■ t\T\c^ and I 
mTiMni'iTffl wlwfi t tirM (irard 
.1 Hill. I riiuld mil. lake tlir 

• •nnliint mliTru|ilMin» (if my 

Hiipdully llMtuKh. mooda for 

imxKTnn IT Itv nn *:iv «■ "I V"V 
miislc whicti IS bubhiing un 
demtath the mam»lr«am rint* 
now will catch no and lop 10 
radio will he playing tonus like 
the 'old day*"' Some of th* 
H<riii!> iltiil I hnpr will rsitch im 
in« Iwie ihr ("rrtend«T* ItrflM 
in I'ncket. • Pearl Harbor and 
the E»plaaioi»' "Dnvm ' The 
I ndertones Jump Boy». iWf 
Broadway Full Mmm. " nr the 
Speeials' "riii the Ihig " 

But, it's funny b«f>uat 
rlMmcK M*m to he liked by 
other Keneraliom as well After 
all a dassir it a r>la*BK. n«ht! 
tui vtm remember th* rrtwcuts 
"Sbh Bwim-'"""''''' 

every pwy iin«in||, «> a c«». »• jnamp .^irptn lemaim . _... ™».™....„ ~ . _ ^ .,.„,,^ i.t. CiikeVkil 

ima.RiMry tb«iM«d» Cm you TWnkinc hack to to day* al »!»■« **f * "«« «««•'«•» "J* . . ' ,L J UP*"'' 

remember the tlr« time yiai the lummer wham I «•• ■ kid. •"«•«• "■J'J^.f'Tii v'! \ r " 

luted. "HaiW To»ii«»*r"' haw lataualari I wmM b* Malay yiamgif "Iwalliat*. «*ad me if I 

This guy's not fhe 'marrying kind 

-n-r Ml I am « male UaHnnt tham i». itpM"*"* * e«»ipliiB««.ry pa*, and far (e««iii» ol odiart. rn-tn tougi kymbaltai. ) 

rf»2 at Marmr and 1 •«*» ttam. «r (l|||Wlll« lit tolT you. the •«n » Piacta The ymir lh»u«!it> seem to be hi- Umemaybei 

Letters to the 
Submit to A367 

-Hear Juli I ■» « vmU 
atndiMl at MarinT and 1 •«*» 
Mr tn know •tmi field of oc- 
ctaiMtMm I am bent fUitwJ for I 
wnuldalM like to kwiw what llw 
■tri I marry will be Ilk* "* 

In tlus rlii»ri 11 repre»eni»«l a 
pcniHt with a W of venatility 
and the p«'i«eni«al <« <J«el.iptn» 
many »k»il» You leero in he the 
tyneol pemoii that n»«d» * W of 
'»lb«iw riiom," mt tmly m iiiur 

Ywi amid do fairly well m 
»nm such a* alhletlea. bemf a 

liaM inpraaaMatw*. 'hiiihiiig. 
rail: aatMa. wlas, m m aMitIc 


encell in the lleld* ol cnm* 

Kifortement. police wiiTk. m 

yeatlialmn, the military, 
tliMillihlln«. paramedld. being 
.1 ipifiltm irjiliT A p(.iiltl€a.> M 

in«t. a stunt man. <•««■' a 
crimu»l', etc 

»ry pa'Ir. and far 
ytiu. Ihe tinn li Piacea The 
other w^alcr sifm. Cam^r and 
Srarpio would miit yon Juat at 
«*U wtail* yma mgM fM 
ywrMlf atlracted t» ilw llary 
■yimi lAric*. Leo. Sac..!, thi* 
rtmee cnuld Ifiad tnta a «im- 
peMnf relationahip, and ii nM 
a ffnd tor 'Mimetluiig 

Vow m'unt ra m amher. tot to 
Sun sign im't always the 
and you ni.*> be 

IfvMwfi of odiert. twan i ... 

vour Ihougbt* sacm to be in- 
iluenced by yiair emMlomI 
r«a|iiinae» ii> ibcm Vou will 
have to put a little eatra effort 
Mto a relalioraihip to keep it 
harmonious Iton t expect it to 
tjappen by ttielf tloo t be loo 
impulstve. or forceful with 
ynurwH, Vou cam war* .iiniit 
mce pea(ile away 

l»ra«ent,ly. y<iu may be ieelinf 
the "iti'h" to move I'ranu*. to 
planet of luitden change. Ii juai 
Miimnd the «lh houae which 

•ymhaiMa your home. The 
time may be ripe to break away 
and aiiert your individualUy 

Watch (or npportunitiea tot 
may be headed yimr way With 
r'tlori jit"r!»is1etwr. aijd witti 
help from Mher* ' which is how 
you learn the be»t'. I'm sure 
you will find succeM and 
liappineu Good Luck' 

Anyone wiabug aitroloKiral 
inlcqiireMlioni. lalaaae submit 
itpedfic (juaatknit and required 
birt* data U> the Harb«n«er 
otlkf kicaled in BIdg KM1 




tt, n:i.i nfcAiv 

urollmKHial lite, latt m your 
rawtiMial •.«! loeial in- 
tdlMmatila aa «•» Vou n*«d. 

I that graan ytai 

|. Ml' ba a' ' 
streak ol rtalk . . 
iMfatianct wtmn you. that ymi 
Ml#ll mi Inialraaiii. d you M. 
yoMTnett ipl inyiiH'id ■ alatK:. 
mha'fflgmg. «»uat:ionB, 

In be that «l i~— ».. ^ 

m •iliiBtioaa •*« far* T"" 
Willi ctallMigr. mk or danger 
TifUt « .phlrnty y<m re die kind 
if pannn tot Km*t ■•■»••■_ 
fifcrnaiii m your hi* finm. 
wiUimti Whetw'ta*. «1 mtghl: 
come Imii wiflllll.. « »"»«* 
(«»r«» .aa l*mt*r'l«na. 
•rtnimee or mrar-anfaaaion 
Tina, la the fimi. empltaaia in 
ymir chart 

■ The iNwaid,. • jaur aaliiral 
ability (OT' wwfciaf » 
conperaiiom wtlb troupt of 
people or ortaniiaiion* 

MCM - .MOiicn 

Could you use $225 
a month for college? 

cbailimf tag and wouM indy 'put 
viair Imt ikilli to at* 

As to « hat k wd af fttl yaii will 

caa: t piaawi mm 

owieoaie 1 a.kH> haw Id toh lll aa 

that yw aren't etaclly to 

(Mrrviag tvp". I'«<">ni wry 
alMf aial tnadnn bound. But. 1 
can elu* you ai M to type tot 

Aiundagleaily. the Mwoidl 
I the indieaiar of a 

allractad to other ■ .. 
l».«M«r»» *in«l»i <|ujilit»i!* Ke*|i 
tn mind for your match to he 
rmoiMMaL. adaptable, and a 
.».r««ituc Icelme •.rirnii'ii 
perann Make suit that you can 
relate on «» intellectual level 
ate. f« ibi* xRm» almoal 
miif» necetiarj lor yimi than 

,AI times, »"u m«v he 
..iwiu'W'twii in*cTr.ihM- '>> tile 

If mu ciould. start now Enlist m the Arm,, M«« 
.(NtMHrn tW aiut 175 a mom'h irom your pay. .and n 
«tl ba malerMWJ %3 tw M «n<le' llje Vete-aos Edu- 
eatwoa* .**»i»iance f rofram Atter r«r J^'»f 
fnMmnnt, thai t»uld nwan up to 1215 a month for 

Call Army Opportunities 

, Jaw tht |i«i|ile tKlW>»t loin-d lite tenw. 

j4WlHiry _'«. I mo Vw llarfoiifiPr /V^-.- 

College Fakes Grades 


Mrd ('iill««* tlfwait't looli bkr 
ititsti 8Hii*.««l<ii»«tin» fn^tm 
Mtrm m milw rm\k i* Lm 
Aimrif*. ttte itmuuitnt 
rinim* <iitmlf icrviMt • lixal»»ity (ift«i«m)i«d Willi 
tlar wanii*' ami tautinf >n- 

i:nnl recently m vrifMij 
iHvenniMi mm ■fmrti^M hj * a- 
y#«r»« liwknlitii i«»y«' 
MMWI4 CValg (iinicrt. who Imi 
) «ir told ihif fHiiiird leam to an 
im.|inf»»«w mi !*«s<m jnd • 
herlfc in lb* slalt small cmlligli 
NsMtiall Mmmj^ Uillint'i 
(MTlnrmaiKt ••» riritinf 
manili to liitMl Uv aeianUaii' of 
t«M' UMwmiljr tt Mtw Mciics 
baitliMMl ncnitlw M«mf 
(M4tMii InUipeiJ GohWein 
twoHMMly vonvtiKcd llilbcft 
I* IramtiT lo Na* Mrmeu t« 
III* 7* » »e»»«>n Bui llw- 
rvtfrutlniviil. anil * flut* 

, lljf 'iwl'** ■*t*«**^l». 

ilarted wHat » prnftiWy •!» 
■itiril oilhf »!>«<» wamto'l 
«ini-r tlM- early IMI* 

Tt»r K-andal rwulvei itrmmtt 
iillvMaltMs that »|>nrla 
I>r<»tr«m» al New Mexico, 
Anama Slate, Sam J«iae Slate. 
Ortfim. f>rt|Hii» Slate and IJ'lafc 
• a mimta- of ntlwr Mtwnla are 
iilM under invemliialiani 
laMic^ the aoMlemM- rnrnrih 
«( Mnte »)* Its athletes to help 
tlirm nw»1 M AA iflli*«llt> 

'tti* atilt||»t:liini tave wliMi a 
number «l mrHmt. quamwia 
attaat ll» lm«>l» >« w'l>ir«> mtm 
»ntv«»itie* wtll fa la a»a«il*le 
'wMinin« IMimc 

All: ttm qiwMMM were raiMtl 

stimiat lay itilatake last March 
when the Sew Metieo 
urnantied Crime Stnhe fiwce. 
intrsliliatinR illegal KamMinii; 
operalMm, ia|ifiinl a phonr 
i<i>i»eriallon belween Gold 

»t«im and Sew M«te» (laad 
iiiairh Niirmait EHenbcriwT that 
tmptealed '»»th in a repurled 
»tlteiw 10 l»» I'raig GillMTfs 

ralltfe lniiMn|>l:» and make 
htm eltgiMe Iw |ila) I'm' the 

(iiAhMii. acdirdinn, in taw 
rndweiiMfnl eharnnt. Iiad an 
A 1 1> u q u e r q u e p r i n I e r 
miMiulaciure m nmcial »eal of 
;iiH»' •ttident Mercer I'ounty 
fommmiitv CMIefe in Trenlon. 
\J (Iwldilea allef»dl> ui*d 
the icat la make hogu* Mereer 
credtto apiwar letittmate. and 
ihen, »re(irdln« to proaeeulon 
arranged lo luive Ihoae take 
iTedil* mmed In with Gilbert * 
iixnard i-r«^»t» Inveattgatnm 
»ul)»enuenlly ctiarged thai 
<;«l(i»teio c»n«pired with 
(Hnard Irainrr Robert Maniea 
to pav Mnard of AdrnMinna 
I)r John Wooly tam lo mix in 
the fake Mercer credits with 


Friday, Februarv 1, 1980 

8:00 P.M. 
Itaiyir Ciliti Lanp MMiii A 


(3 Public. 

$2 with Harper IJ. 

ri.kii> Uailalil«' In Sfiiiiriil Artivilit* CHfMT i:i;M» 

(.iKn-rii n-al (linard cr«llt». 
.inrt thus make the ptajer 

cl,i)jil.W' to trawler to awl plav 

)■« \ei» Me»icn 

And on \m 13 FBI agcntu in 
l.u» AnKi'lr'* inlercepled a 
Mieil Mercer tranacripl thai 
had Iteeit mailed special 
rtel*wr> (r«<m New Jenwy 

That'i when the scandal 
I'iritati to wirivel 

The Albuquerque in 

v«ti|i»lt«n, lolhiwinn a trail ii* 
sm,tll ."llene and extenfi0H' 
,ervic<> irwlita, smm spread lo 
i-ast dotjlit on the academic 
recunfe of alhlele* at ilregon 
State, the limverstty tif Ifregon. 
and thr 1 niversity ol I'lah 

In some ca»e». alhhrtei had 
Kolten academic crodit willwwt 
ever attending daw In some 
other*, the athletes hadn i even 
known tlwytl bean •nrolted in 
the claiaaa 

Kwk Kichmond and Mike 
tioneyrull of l>r««on reeeived 

<-redii from enlmwion rou.n«a 
ojlered bv Kockv Mwnlain 
I nlleur iif' Mitlinn* MT . and 
titiawa -KS 1,'mverilty, 
Vrtther player l»ad ever at- 
tended class When itregon 
Slate liMiiid that tiM^liail player 
l.-r..\ Kdwardt had alio 
infiMti credit from IHtawa. il 
checked lurlber to find » 1><«U5 
((rtdr from » FUwida junior 
colleKe And thuugli Cmveniity 
ut I'lah basketball player 
Iiannv Vranea wan ortKinally 
cleared o« chargoi that hii 
(HIawa credit was improiieT. 
he wa» »ub«e«iuently ruled 
inrtiKible to play, and I'tah had 
to lorleit live baitkftball (tame§ 
lIliaMaMn Simitar inatance* of 
atademically ineliltible »tu 
denla playinn have cauaed 
Arimna Stale and San Jaw 
Slate lo (orfeil name* m w»ll 
Goldflein and Eltaibrrner, 
meanwhile, have been forred lo 
reaign. and lace criminal 
char»«« ol phomr and mail 

(Mbarwiae, the players are the 
mum payini moH of the price irf 
the M-andai lo far Gilbert, who 
rouldn'i mcel M,"AA iranafer 
renjulreroenln of at least •• 
boon of credit amt a 1 r»de 
potnl average, i» only one of 
about a doien haaketball 
player* who can t perform thin 

Cttv ( ollege Athletic Director 
Bob ' Dinaberg remembert 
t.ilbert as iml raw* d a 
audent. hut A ball o* a ball 
player In fact at the «nd of 
tiis' first City l"olle«e seaiwn. 
«;ilberl found hiBMell short of 
toMl»i». and wan ruled incligtble 
for the iient »ea«on 

Had renaiwd h»» gra<ta by 

the m-7» mum. wbleh he 
spent at Oxnard. a taam thai 

usually (jeti a little more preai 
It viiis alter an Oxnard-l. A 

Trade Tet* game that Gilbert 
was tirst approached by Manny 

He came up and asked me if 
I *;int«l lo lake a ride " 

(tut rumiirn ff over- 
,Ri;r<'»si\c rwruiting al Ne* 
Mf'VH" made- GilbiT' wary 
Sorio- iriend* lold .ne it «a,» 
like Us Vegas ' referring lo 
thi; I'niveriily "f \fviida-lJi« 
Vegas basketball pnigram, 
uhicli has t>een repeatedly 
M:rulinii*»d and barred from 
ctiampMimhip play lor high 
preiMjre recniiling practwjea 
Ttiey Mid il wouldn t be long 
tn-lwe Ihev 'New Mexico i were 
caughl Bui I ilecided lo lake the 
rtde with ihis guy and I sa» the 
crowd «l Itie Pil CNM'i 
arena I, and decided thw is the 
place ■■■ 
(iilberf* *tofy i» not atypical 
•There are any number ol 
voung m<« who are put in these 
iwUlulinns who rtont belong 
Ibere.exclaimsGenrge Killian. 
rxeruiive direclor of the 
National Junior follege Alhlelic 
AiiMCialion NJCAA' 

Hut big follegre court smalt 
collide plavers for several gc»id 

Carman DiPoalo, football 
cnach at Santa Barbara f ity 
College, ciplaini-. The ad 
vantage Ihal the junior cnlk«e 
plaver repreaenta i« that the 
recruiters are looking lor 
players lo fill particular needi 
The junior college playen have 
tiad two yearn to impn»ve 
Tticy re more of a known 
quantity tlian player* )u«t out a* 
tiigh sclwiol 

And smnc "I 'he small 
coltoges actively push trana 
(er» liiJ'oalo regularly 
prepares and dislributes 
jithlctic retumef lor his mare 
talented playen 

Yet aomeumes 'tbe 

univemitiei are kidding 
themaelve* if they think Ihay 
can take these kids nut of the 
junior c(»ll««e» and expi-ct them 
to performacademically. '■ the 
\JCAA » Kiltian i-ontends "At 
the univenaties a kid plays his 
t«o years, and teaves without 
any -dtg'ree " 

BUI playen. aren't the aiMJ' 
victims I m finished." slgjia 
Hob Maruca the Hxnard 
trainer through whom (ioldatein 
iiilcfedly tried lo fu Gilbert's 
lraiis<Tipi SillinR in the ciin- 
verted trailer that botjses 
tnijiartl's athletic d«-partmenl. 
he swears, it a ridictilous All 
1 il<i liere is coach notxvr and 
tram the kids " He pick* up a 
MX-rerhall.andsptiml "Now I 
«nn t lind a job anywhere " 

Asked why M-hoola »i«iW 
londone sucti shady practiees. 
Marut-a silently takes a slip of 
papar. and wrilea one wonl oo 
It: Bootl-tn- 

•Youre a pawn. I'm a 
pawn." be explaina 'We re all 
Iiaw-ns If V (Ml don' I have money 
^'•ij'rt' .1 [Miun 


• Too »»iiiini- It lio'wan''' 

• Irwm imA otw 'oOMtl 

• Sk.p mill timmm twnwif emitt 

• a*m» NMM atilMn HM«i.t o* bqpw»A«. Ml piavaa 

• I KhMiatuM: an waHiM ai*( Inn ant- lii«i«liia>n 
. ¥oorn#tiai<*illwf««*«««»Cii»«lrt*Cli 







"Totd o» b«>"D without cradii, or up to your neck in 
•minimtim pavmanti'T With this book you *ifl laatn how 
10 mafc* the 1300 billion cradit industry rump at your 

ONLY mm 

V ,iiial«.TOaMl%M«Tail 


.Ml tTM AVf 





Season never s farted 

Swim teams go down the drain 

ll% H-%tNK MIKMIKAl; 

tt'i twM ■ liMpiMMnl^liig' ialt 
arat viinlrr so far tm 'Steve Bui. 
hrtil umeh i4 (tat mtrn't »ni 
wonwn* swim teama 

"Sure il'» fn»lrtt)n<." tw 
sawl .ittHnii lh« caimttatiai of 
ih* tiwimniinf nuiton lor \Wlf- 
m "Bui wtat «rr you louii tO' 
(III; iiratilcfns anne when y«u'r« 
dcattiiit Willi mna nquiiniMPnl 
*iKl yoii have to Iwrn Id ilm] 
»i(h tt " 

In lm-(. llie ttruMtnt with 
lising .Ictki In ilM> swimmifli 
pool. cTKlu m the rat-quetlwU 
cnurl*. and lunouK olher 
•Init-tunil probteiii* to« iarmS 
uliMitir tcantx. and in iaii thv 
commumty itarlf. to fnitliKine 
the mm ot thece laiiMiis 

'I'm' mtrr Ihat t,h* puWlc n 
dtsaiifimnM with the iMays 
aim." Eul acknowMiled. "So 
the Mtiner iliey'ra (tied, the 

Eul. wImi fauRhl »t Nnrth 
C'arfc Cfiltase licfnre Rettiiii the 
'fub m swim coacli at Harper, 
wtd Ihtl he Iwt Iwl: a I4N. of 
•vimners. toll) male and' 
Ivntalc as ■ mmil M 'Hit ean- 
cetliitlM nl ilie immm. 

"SuBie of Ihew were top 
itwrnRwri in Ittgh scImmiI." IM' 
Hid "Hut unltM. Iheyi rhanne 
Itarir mindo tiet«f«n nw and 
nn( vear. il lixiks as tlmugh 
!(»>■ wi'in't reium "" 

Tlir learn icili nut trnfm 
liraetlcriflM until ncMicr. and 
mm then they wtti havo !r> 
riMW^Mf' ■■Swtm f'ttnti-^ 

Ihttt a (all tpmU team eiiiin<t 
IWRin lyarlm iiRtrtally until 
%iK«iit»r Wul Eul miteij Ibtti 
<<«imt»fn "o'ltl twim nn Iteir 
<mn anyway SwimniittK >i 
thaiuiihl "tn te' a leam »|)(irt. 
t«l iniually ifi n»»i» tit m 
indivMJual Ihing " 

Eul titles |>lan. when praeWr«» 
I'lexin KKl year 10 inrlude 
water potii iimi water voUeyhaJi 
ataiK with <itlieT water acttvi- 
ties asWlir fnm swiinmini, iiiKi 
the swtnmuiK pronram lor hli 

Tte recKMi for thi* is quite 
kifics)." Eul putnlctl out "You 
can"! juKt .«wini and swim and 
>wiin By playinii. Ultle itimet. 
•I relanes the swimmers- and I 
leel It hrl|]c thvffl (ortFt about 
1 he wi'irltouti lor aw^ hilt and Jual 
l»vf same tun 

'In the Mid. the swimmeni 
*<U h»|)eful(y relax to the point 
ul nrni'enlratinK much better 
wlwii the wnrliouls am) mevti 
heenme touithrr " 

t.'ntll the tauHM beRtm. rul 
will have In he content to 
arrange intrauraural athtetit- 
imii|t«iiw. alonit with doinR 
uttm rommunit)' relation*. 
w'orfe (or liie atMctic deftartin 

Eul plant to ticfin ImililtX! lor 
lop itrca prnpn-ti wi»n and 
dljiurcs that it will take Iwn or 
tlWOT yelin hefaire the swim 
mtng team will (wseome nMn 
prtilive on a tevel wtth other 
area mIIcm»i.- 

"But." E^ul em|>haiiie'» 
|.rp.-m1mg <m the lalen* »r «n 
K-rl. wr couMI lie lough m a much 
,»hortw period of time " 

TW Hawk»* Uatr Mrjwn >imi< . . ...1 l>r«~Mk la^ip m liar. 
per • tl >l Kin mrr Hriiikl « iiUvKf l^** llawkt lakr <i« IMiPaKr. 

Turtday j< knar at : :iw The womrnMram will plat ImPaitr 
al i p.m IMh wamn are free Ut ttarper tludemtt and dad. iphaln 

h| l:.ari tynn (•ui> 

Softball meeting 

There will tie a sol'Iball 
meeting tor all interested 
««men on Wtd . Jan. X. at 4 : IS 
p m The mevttniE will he heM tn 

Wile \1. room J.r:i Inlemtled 
■*«»mi*n -'hMwItl ffttw'i iro U 

HlilK \I 
I Mm 

In roiiM^ oMtHittititK |HH»( 1111*801 no iirarOrr 
lor Harper > men'o and wommi »»lni Irami 
The tram* wrrr u-krditled lu start prarUrr in 

lair OiMirr Iwl rrpairt look mwh laager I 
e«l»rru-d and the team were tarretl ta I 
'phiMo In Hirk Koknkri 

Basketball slips by Wright 

by jtie Kim:K 

Tlr handful of (pretaton that 
lia|>|.H:'m^d to wander in a'tid 
ratch Harper't ttaaketttall ||a:iil» 
hod a liard Dmr diatiniiUBhinf! 

tviwiTn the team that was. lo-tl 
.ind tin- leaiii Ihsi! wa* |.; 
I'la>(ni! liki- il via> 1 iri a m 

nuteaii ol :l .lu p m . the Harper 
meo'a learn woke up in time to 
rtup the HMti,n« Wriuhl Rams. 
<il...'i4, Ih* jiaul Thurwlay af. 

T»w Hi)»t«» will neit lake on 
I ■lil",.,.'- I ..i...-.l.a al home at 
, 111 I- :-. .::.■; the women'* 
(Same Ttie iiirrr then will battle 
Hoc* Valley al home Thursday , 
.,e,-,,,. ,,.; ■!" f "I, The I>ul>ag«- 
..,i;'.. ■.-■ '■•roadcait on 

w u viM t- \\ ■. the first (ime 
r\t'T .1 H,,a^-K'i A^mr IS on tht" 

\'. ' ' ' . ■' .• ,i!l 1.1.- 

.hiln I 

I. If, . ■Mill Hi'igrr 

hif>f>\ tuner 
j-.r (-.laja; with tt>e 
■II »Tf let'tlini! e8.<iy 
tlw'.ir*. tml iImh' 
itinit >. ■! 

tTi-n t -i 

IW1 'h..M' 'Jiv^ 


lii^i tediii I 

..h..K (41 nl 

■ iili'il -.!«' 

retM,:iutiil W<" 

•hflto liul lhi,n aLTcri'i t£iiin(i 

(town and that kepi Wright m 

the itame " 

The ItaW'kii shot a dismal .i~. 
fafrwnt from the floor, after 

only nianaKing to drop H 

(lercenl <it their Khoti in the flmt 
tia.l( This wan the third eame m 

M row itial Marfier tiat^ iM'^'ti 
plagued by cold shnolmg The 

Ranin did even worie, hittinK 
only K perc«it trf their field 

Koal altempia for the flnil half 
Harper artually l<>u.nd itself 

down t>> eiftht points. £!.14 with 
M'vrn rrnmiU"* left in tile first 

toll uniil t hn» Plawk hil a »> 
f (Miliar. Hra.d Miibr added a tip 
m and Steve l/'Brerk pumpetl 
in four points Hislastlwrkel. a 
lay-up after itnjipinii a Wright 
(•layer of the Itall. knotted thi! 
M."ure up a! TI all 

Tlr Hawk> (imlly link the 
li'ad iiri two (ree ihrtms. hy Mike 
Ba> tfs* and then got lw.o rrmn' 
(»inis Irom Iree ihriiws tiv 
< fatg Kawlin*. in give Harper* 
.:i' 1* ifdge Roinu into the 

Harper iifially got it» onHBI- 
in ijear somewhat, jumping out 
Hi a v,'.m lead in the second half 
Tile Hawks got tmekels by Tim 
L<ig.i!H., RUh D'Orsey and 
Kaw'lm It) increaw the margin 
ami Just hold on Iodk omwiih to 

"I'm glad »<■ gill ihw win 
It - ,1 U'lni), ii'astifi and I hii^r »>■ [.iii'li mirselv« up. We han- 

'• ■ .■'"-'.•-iv.'s going." .said 

' 'ii'in'i have all Ihe 

.. .■•»* m Ihe wtirtd il «i ciuii'l play with in- 

lensity rviTv game we'll be in 
(rimtilr " 

W nghi cimtrolled the )xiar<h>, 
liiniling ttM> Hawks to only tme 
^hiit earh limr down court, the 
Ram* holding a Xl-li reboun- 
I hng edge 

The Hawks got double figure 
i^riirmg irom Rawlins and 
Ikirwy with 14 and 111 points 
respect I vely I'larak had nine 
[annts lor thi' Hawks and JelT 
Marlinski added eight 

l.fflgisi, who had been 
jM-raginginer aipnmLsa game 
liir Harper only had sin this 
lime out. but he rootributed 
•n dvfraie wilti five steals 

Harper's Tim iJHliu tU|m tn 
two polls while performing 
withthr Wright ( ollrgr 
arrabalk tram. 1 photo b> l.ari 
l.^nn (*u% I. 

Intramural news 

Intramural Table Tennii 

resuits louixl 'he women on top 
ta.»t wM»k Thi> (irsl round of the 
^(uglei. tournament wa.s held 
f'rid'ay. .lanuary 18 with 
shariin i'arhon hring Ihe 
uiidrleated winning tour 
malch » The numtier twi> 
|tii(\cr was Mike Hanriii. whu 
'..•"" fhrw and iMl one The 
.thi-r (ikm-rs were Raymond 
|.'.niil '.'harlie Ayres, Ken 
TI'M,' lirir,,imur.ii fiepartm.'.nl 

with or without a partner 
Matches wilt l« ftjrmed hy Ihi- 
matrhmaker. Wally ReyiKildK. 
The Imirnament will be held Ui 
th«> lower liwel nf BuiWing M on 
Friday, Fehniaf> I from 12-a 

ii:iiiK Intramural 
.. It... !!.,sh..thalt 

1 , , 

1* i'i .t.t! . ,j.i .mi] v\!.tfc;in [ iliiii^; 

I onifK-litiori Krtirtiary W Sign 

ip *>«*'• wrek prior to the event in 

.*L' \t I!?. For more m 

■n.ihiiii iiintact Wally 

iti-Minldf. em 4W 

Ihe gym and weight rawn 
will lie available to all students. 
faculty, and staff during Ihe 
lolkiiwng limn throughout the 


The gym will be open: 

Monday 12- 1 p m : Tuesday. 7-9 
a m and 12 I p m , Wednesday. 
'..' I .mil ; 111 p m Thursday, 7. 
■ ,ii m and l.t 1 p m . Friday, "•» 
.* m and 12 i p m 

The weight room will !)«• iipen. 
Mwndas, 2 4 p ni Tuesdas, 4-* 
|i m Wednesday 2 4 and «]() 
p m , Thursdav I « t» m . 
Frwlay, 12 :! p m 

Senate proposes seven amendments 

bf Mf KK ■AMBM'H 

Tlic SludMl iMMt* I 
««»fii amendintnt* t» tll« 
Vmic amtitutiofi cltcHid • 
«ict'-|>r*ii4ciit. aiMl 
I il 

Cmmtmm lut Txtmigf. 
Htm StiMlml .taialv'pnaMiiil. 

.Mihc ttVanii't]! I 

n.. 'TMt pfiqNMNl miuM 
tnrMk a fMt4liii« itwlrnl 

MBt«M«l»liW to Vtm Stmw, 

'•fii' cmM' fat cntnUnd ■ m 
niiiii'ii iimi: III cffiadit I 

111 Initl in pm ccBi of lilt 
• luilrnt Itody to |M.f> affi 
iimriiitmrni Ki I'tur Senate 
("nvlltutMD wa* tcniMrarily 
(ml (» i» Sraale imfniliar Halt 
ltarki>.v i)t>)ccled t« Itm ideai, 
rtwumraw tbal «n> nmrndmcnl 
t» ilic ("unstilutiMi ahajM 
nctiwifuiwnl tmni at NmU au- 
la ptr cMtt «( flit Harit»r 
•liwliml tMMly 

Tile S«M.l» «;l»ci(l<tl to 
■MiKilr tl.M tu lilt Sptciat 
t>r«>)cclB Flimk im wAw M re- 
(-QVCT iKKil tetitai. and puRtai* 
»•• 'pnol nita fer nrKI y<wr 
LaVanway exptainnl thf 
Stsalr'f. dt*t-«»tan In a«i*l 
StiKtwnr Activitin. vtHich 

mrnuli} with wrh n-' 

•Thpj are imnnaHy in »l» 
hldcti,' ka«il t„.aV«n*»y, 
• •!»»«■«. thfj- an m iJir rwl 
Ihn srmrclvr and Itm Smutr 
ilft'ttaj «r ithould hamllr the 
alkmnml «( mniwy a* a Moclurr 
loSUidf'nl ilc'livitlcf " 

La Vaniray alw |ir«i|)MHMl tlwt 
ad Mffiatniai rtttiiom 'Itt Md 
m lad Tlir rurmi JMnto 
Hi«lnii» aw IwM iwiee a y««,r; 
owip in Itir iprMg. la elwl twH 
rjl' tl» S«ifflte. and man in (all. in 
utiH-h ||M> .rmaai'MH in«ni.ti«r* 
•4 ihf Scnal* mv ■i-luiiien, 

.^11 S#nat»ri *tr»«t (Mai 
stmltial 'wWlMn be enMlM in a 

nMnimitm al 12 itkIH hours 
This rrnuiremrnl. li(i»rv<T. 
«■»!• Wiiwetl m lh» rleclMHi at 
l-eTMi EIi,a» to I:!* S»iiBl,e *'tw- 

Tm verj <»»cil«!<J." said 
Klia* ftl hffr unanniTOUn 
srkTiMiit. "-ami I'm tull <ir 
cimfidence Itui wr"il lMi«rr 
many fhanww l<ir «Jie ttudrnl 
hid:* "■ 

ai|)iiunwfflmt. both 
1 jiiVanway ami' Sludvnl Trutlep 
Hnm bnra mtiUmi U> tnrmtr 
I'resident r«ini«»j»'i leimr ml 
rrsimatxin 4'iinMui. ill a 
Iwtler (m ttac iiartMigiir an- 
naucinK M» mlRnaliim lail 

Monday, lashed mif al Itie 
Siudenl Semie, requcstinf the 
!iliidrnl body to call lor the 
rsmgnaltons <>( the Student 
Senate and Sl«jdi-nl Truttor. 
» ith ihe ei[»|)iion of a few who 
give Ihfir bent al all Dmes " 

Zanca rebuked I haven't 
mad*- » romrnfnl ahnul 
<"(tmeaux'» letter to Uie sludc^nt 
hiidy amt di^i't plan In 1 feci I 
tiaw rtniw my utrnw in keeping 
my ear (qien tn what Harper 
ituik"nt5 wart I think I have 
*ine my tn-sl " 

Said [..iVanway, ■■Mart"* 
ktim » MimulaiinK, vkt'iteMltO 
Kel nur ■tnmS' m Ki-ar " 

\iil. 13 Nu. 18 

Kchniarv 1. 198() 

lilliam Kiiimy|Hr ( .iltrj.. Viuoiiifiini .iii.l lt.«ll.* K.m.I-. I'.il.iliin-. Illiii..i. (,(Mk,". i 1 2- i'»T-,{«MM» 

Trustee Klussman ponders 
her bid for re-election 


BiNratM* of perannal 
mMmm. Marptr TniaM* J«m 
KhBjtnan, in not certain 
» Iwther IV iMit ihr ttialt run fir 
re-electmn in *|>r»l tor Itae t 
of tmalm.. Un. Khannun latd 
•he will Mike iv iwr mind a 

Whtte <■ uie iMiant. Mm. 
KtaanuMi laM lh«l ./tm m- 
I far dian«r 
of liir 
wttiek I 
reatwiation «l trnwrnt I 
ftaben .Lalill. Sh* ak* .Mid f 
ckBimuin (if 

appoinltd • IliMlKtel CMD- 
millee fer mtm MMMt. af- 
(icitni twrmi «f fiaancHl 

repiirtMil to the bMird. 

Mi^* Khwanian. wlw m 

cMrreiilly preiMtent <il lb* bawrd 
nf irmrteei. luid iltai abr and 
dUnT taard metBden were 
reipmiaible (or the anpoliiliiia of 

Jill ^ 

khwaiMn indicaM that wiih 
derlining high tirhMl 
cnrattnienr »»mr board 

■imilllWfll felt rt better to IMrt 
Ik* ediieatioital concnilani 
bMaaw he wDuM keep an eye 

•1 1 

Mn. SIWMBtii mm tot •!>■' 
wanlad mrart emwtiv and 

(Iwmeial. rtMuninw UT ||w Imt 
tht kind 0l t wfitm mm. waiiMd 
FiMf of Hitt'iinnMi'inMnbcffv on 
iiw taHrd ill tnaiMs will be UB 

JaiMW mm and Urtan torch 
have Hid Itiey arc nimiMig for 
anoiher lerm <im the tKiard 
Troftmr tiavid Timichek t-nuW 
not br reairhed (or ranment on 
vtm^her he will lacdi. a hmimI 

Board etortioiB 'wtll be Md 
April II Three 3-yoar Icniia 
and one i year term wtll be up 
lor cleclian t>eiiii«m for lho« 
tnierealcd in runninR for (be 
board are a«ai>al>le m the otTin 
al Jainn D Perry vice 
preaidenl ol adntmiitlrative 
lervieei Petitlom, for can- 
didacy may he filed between 
rrt It and March 21 

Candidalfa nual be II yean 
of age and 'be citima of Urn 
IJnitMl Saifs They mint have 
resided in tbf ital* and college 
datrtd (or al laaM m days pr'kir 
laHit'r " 

New tenure law in effect 

i>^pf:ii«j, wiciti.r!s» 

r«ir the flfit time in Itmmf. 
farwtty nenben at Harper and 
all 'lll'tnioi* community 
collile* are 'noof covered t»y an 
oMlKlaJ tenure te» eoai-ted bv 
ttm iitair lasMlanife. 

Ttoncur !■«, wbicb niefil' tnui 
rtfft't Jan I. cnstilai 'Macben 
to rewivr tenure altar three 
yeir» iil ner'vice, l*i»»iiinijy 
tMc Mtue' o( leaiire «ai a mailer 
t'hal MK-ti lilmois comwtimty 
L'<itlrt|i' I'landied pcrsanatly. 
villi no^ inlerveMian rmm Iht 
tint*' at afl Harper laculQi 

alter' fivt ' 

Haaion after mwh conlrovcny 

■nchatlng: a »Mo by Cm'tmor 

Tboinpson ■•■hirb ttn- lt«»laiure 
•werrmdi' The taw will inrrease 
Ihe numtier of tenured faculty 
• i HarpiT fr»»m l«» people to 
1 1: , or tnm '» per cent to M .per 
cem ol ll» faculty *«-ordin(( to 
Wiltem Miller, pmidrtii of the 
I'acidty laino ehapler at Har 
I»r. moti s)a({ titembcn af 
iwrted by the la« are pleated 
ui(h lb ndaclriMilMin' 

'Tlw Board of TruMewi wilt 
lake an otfic-lal halt al (be new 
ta* al itetr' «ml me*tin«. Feb 
t*. NiKwver. Joan Kl<u**man. 
IMiidHit iif Hie board, uid tbat 
tbe^Mard -•ill aMe by Uie 

The new Mmire tam alaa< in- 

ritidcf ctau*e« on tlia 
proecdwreit tor firing* and 
layolfi o( aU etnployea* lenimd 
or mil 

Af Car at the ba'rp'ining 
agreement that (he Harper 
faculty la* with the haa.rd of 
tru»(e«. Miller uld he was 
unclear al Ihii poinl" at what 
cta'nges tn the wgriemeni would 
riiKH" abmn ■• a re«uH of ihe 
■»« law Miller' the ne« 
law may allert ciauaci on 
tenure and radwiton of lirce 

"rt» law diM artec! all lllinott 
rnintti'iinil) coileges and *o I'ar 
'"ifily one r<i)l««r ban iipnkm nut 
.ixaiwl Ihe law John Wood 
'.'oUege t»as filed a *uil aganni 
the law on what Ibe 

romety of Harper raHefe 

Registration begins 

Harper t'otiage witl be par 
licipaiing in a couaiy wide 
voter registration campaign 
until rtb.. H Tbr collie wlU 

MTW m a tamporarty locatian 
of regiilration during 
lllit period Laurie Mren. 

••crelary in the Admiiuttrative 

Sarvicea Office, hat been 
depultied ai a temporary 
figiatrar She i» authorized to 

receive registralicm. from any 
eligible tutmrban Cook ('"ounty 

To regiiler. a pcnaw iniiil be 

it ITntled' Statta cilim, it yean 

(>f age. and must be a rendaiM of 
a suburban Cook Couilty 
(Hecttan precinct NaturaHwd 
cilitena mnil bring 

naluraliiation papers la Iht 
regmlration office 

Ciliienn may register at llM 
Administrativr Servicei Ofnce. 
Itldg Aa» from a 15 a m to 
*'M pin. Monday through 
Friday . through Feb 1 4 Harper 
I "liege dislricl voters who 
r«isister during Ihv period will 
he eiigtbte to vole in (he April 12 
electionK lo siHect four Harper 
College (ruolecs. 

to Ibe law 

How two Harper 
administrators view 
part-time faculty 

— See page 3 

Pt^ 2 The Harbinger Fthruan i. I<tm 


Women begin to 
shake under 
draff pressure 

In caa* anyont hasn't notlctd. talk around campus 
hm switchtd trom 'what art yoo doing this 
«»a«ktnd? " to "what wilt you do tf the draft com«s 


This switch was sparked by President Carter's 
recent announcement of sending a proposal to 
CongrtM calllm} tor the reinstatement of the Seltc- 
tlve Sarvic* Program. This would call tor all malae 
twtween the ages of 1« and 26 to register for the draft. 
A presidential decision concerning the status of 
wonian In the program Is expected within ttte nent 

Mwiy wowen argue that "I could never hlH 

anyone". But how many of those women stop fo 
eoMldar ttw fact that many men hold the same 
MM? No one really wants to go to war and kill 
oltMri; no one wants to be drafted or have family 
drafted; most feel an obligation to delwid their 
country and to uphold the liberty of the land. 

Ultimately, no one thouW have to be drafted, let 
•lone serve in any war. But with wonwn currently 
pmlting tor the ratlff cation of the Equal Rights 
Amendment, they will have to accept so-called good 
and bad of the overall situation 

According to a column by Richard Cohen, (which 
aanaarad In the Jan. 31 issue of the Dailey Herald). 
women votunlwr* ammmmi to perform In almost 
evw^Y mimary foti mim» enmlMt. 

The reason? The law bars women from actual 
combat. However, the army appears to have no 
qualms about enlisting the aid of women Of the Ml 
positions offered by the military only M are restricted 
to men. 

By entltttng. women would not only be serving their 
country, they would also be able to pick up benefits 
formerly reserved tor males. Veteran privileges 
would be gained in addition to e«lucatlonal benefits. 

There seems to be only one thing that both semes 
agree on in this whole heated debate. Fear The tear 
of dying, the tear of our country going to war and, the 
fear of another Viet Nam. 

Moel feel that a retmtalement surely means a war 
it soon to come. Should a war break out. we must be 
prepared to defend out interests and without the draft 
system it Is unlikely that enough people would enlist 
to properly defend the country. 

And. whether male or female, bettind enemy lines 
or behind a typewriter defending our country and 
protecting our Interests should be our only concern at 
this ^aiMl any oMter titne. 

War: a big business like 
any corporate enterprise 

Sow *ij 'they" will haw a 
war Jind nobody wiU cam My 
tnmli c<»vtnc« me Dial the 
lHn|)l* of the world want petn. 
i-«pii:iaUv no* liwi an *U wrt 
umr ulmosl certamly enliili liie 
tiMlt«ratKw M iMinuin tile At 

Thanks fo 



In loss 

I »«nt to publicly ttiank the 
two ymmg people *ho found my 
ircn kns hetween (' and I) 
iiuildin«i <m Jan Brd 

Thank Clod. Ihey found them 
and that <>ui p««l» happened '» 
I ran when 1 *a« martilii to feri 
(xittic »i the k>»» ol (lie key*. As 
a result time lost »a» minimal 
in i^aiion to what cwild have 
occurred had the keyi been 
IM'krd up hv iilhef than Uiei* 
tmn w.«nderfui peoole 

Thank you both again' 

Manaraie Potter 

lOfneooe hat uid. "the living 
wouM am¥y tiw dead " 

Scon in Hk cuntMl «< hinory. 
war ia a bisiaau lilir any othar 
Kreal t'orpiirale enlerpriie. only 
more profitable than ijKiit. 
TraKtcally. our economic 
■yslem apfwart to need the 
mfusion of uncontrolled 
military lipending about every 
IS years, and if a war a not 

handy' we are n<il abov* 
treating one (liven an Increane 
in urban crime, one reapoose iB 
to double the police force A 
more rational policy i> to deal 
dirwlly with the cause of crime, 
exploilalion broken prom lies, 
dupantirii of w«lth and op- 
portunity, the planninfi 
morality o< our civic and 
nalMwial imdcrt The Mine is 

true. I think at the international 
level Tragically, we iiimulate 
democracy at home while 
supporting fatclalic govern- 
ment.* all over the world How 
else could sin percent of the 
world family command 35 per 
cent of the worids energy and 
reaourns, an enclave of weniui 
m a sea of poverty'' 

While each person must 

wrestle with the issue of 

miliUri-sm and the draft Id be 

imlincd to take issue with K.H 

«ho m the January Jll Issue of 

ihe Harbinger, indicated that 

she would nol go pleading 

Ifflianitv • If I were of draft age. 

1 for' one. wouM not go 

•pleading canity " 

•^ Kicnanl i jx-kwood 

Humamlies Faculty 

Bditor-tn-Chlef Wendy WinkeJIsake 

NewnEdtor. Pete Wicklund 

Feature Fi.ior MikeSimkus 


'.'.",'.".!". RickKohnke 

'V. l.nri l-ynn Guy 

Sports Editor 

PiMM Editor. 

Aist Pbolo Editor. 

Group billing vandalism solution 

-4MlM[|t iMMllic oiklali fmni 
umm ttm eamtty aai dur- 

». To 
(TtMing iMimben ol sdwoli 

lave remrtid to ehargina a8 


charged KIJ lilasl April for Ms 

"-shatv" af dtt SIM <n <">•- 
daiun danaps (SUMd m his 
icctmn of €*•««««<<• HaU. a 
Maryland dorm In September, 
WiUouKhby swore that. "Hell 
wilHrWoverhelwe i pay this 

Wtltoeghby paid the bill. 

m in ««oW r«t*«« 

alltted diimagea " 

The university began 
charging groups of resident* for 
dorm damage* two years ago 

We have worked very 
rarafttily «itb legal people, 
Hoideot Life Direcior Richanl 
Siimpson told the UH 
IMsmondhack. It's not 
■mnttliiag »« entered tnto 

M, tmmt M avoid pa:yln|. hia 
miSAattol dnnn < 


Wayne Wlllaiighlty «•> bMr 

Then he took «»e umveraily to 
small claims court on Dec 1 1» 
hit IW 1* In his legal 

Me mU. "I M DM 

mnpMn said the university 
slarttd group billing lor 
damaflea after campaigns lo 
Mkntify the people responsible 
for the destmclion failed 

Ruainoa Manager. Andy Carayelk. 

Distribution. ;:::r,i;"I'lL^'I!i 

Advisor Dorothy Pirovano 

Staff " ' ... ..'..'..'.. .'.'..".'."..'.'.'.'•Rich Hencjuinel. Nora Norton. 

The HARBtNCBR is the student pubUation for Ih* Harpw 
College amtm «iiiinn»iKy. pubHah ed mmUy "<;*J* *y^?8 
holidSnininaid exams. All opUUom tap reiae d are those nf the 
wnierandMH mBeaaarilytlwaeirf mecoaege. *«» •*«'"»'^»'i°;;; 
faculty or student body Advertising and copy deadline la noon 
Tuesday and copy is subject to editing AU Lettara-to-lh^Bditor 
must be signed, names will be nrHhhdd ivon r^uest For ad- 
vcrtialni ratee, caU or write HARMNGEK. WlBiaro R*ln«y 

«eas7 Piioae sn-aaes. est. 4ti. 

fefrniarr 4, 1980 The Harbmgar Page 3 

Why? Because they're 'cheaper' 


MM lil«ti N«t entncidnitally. 
thf number «! |»rt lii»» 

«aachM-s tme t» «• - alM a 
HariKr lliill 

iMmtibcf flf 

al Haiyw 

to ifl - ttm linraat 

■ nf lutlUmcn tine* Uir 

llllS.1t mtumt yaar. 

Shi mtnf fesm Um nmnbar «f 
(ult-timera itoeraanad »l«il« 
inrnllnMrnl antJIw mmbtf of 
part-iiiM icacliere havt in- 

lay* facully 
!i#natt PriMMtvnl Wtlliam 
Miller. part-timer*. are 

rlieaper " 

Milter nplalni, "rull-llmcrt 
iire all eavercd by caiuact, and 
miiM of Uictr banallla arc in- 
fliKM tn contract " 

And althmwii iiartliman and 
full lirenfrs mcetve (lie atame 
ovrrload (•ay scalet, pari 
limerii arenl cmvered by 
cMilrart therefore they don'l 
rmteiv* tJie rwiure. insurance. 
pirwiMHinn. tv other bendili 
fulltimerv do Hence, |iar« 
timer leat-hcn are chaaficr 

Thai k *hat malaa parl-umc 
MMlmra inaal ai!v8iil»«fm» - 
mmMiilcltaiilMWy -Vnidonl 
have to release them ' etpJatna 
llT David Williams, vice- 
pnmiaaA of acadamir affair*. 

"ym Jntt don't tiira Uttmi We 
have to keep a ctflain balance 
betateen full and partllme 

Thai -bBlance- ■ a HHa ratio 
el fun-liUMn In prt-Umtn 
it'i a guidelloe." aatd 
WiKlaina. in lanna of in- 
■Irurtianal mat. Hiilackally. 
l»-«l w where we've been aa far 
■I balance » concerned." 

Iritnirally. it was severe 
K-nnoniic itraint that led to 
trdurtKm in lorre raeasurai 
(turint the ({iring al l«» The 
Harper itoard al TnjalMa wai 
forced to top off 14 fuU-iime 
poail'ioni a'nd thrar pnamm in 
erdar In mm t7W.iMll (ar the 
ivnMO biidfet nm. ^n lum. 
(ifMnMi tlK door for an inf hn of 
part timers Now another 
queation armta Why not em-, 
lilay an cnlifv faculty made up 

of part-tinMO" 

"TeachiBg is not the primary 
vucalinn lor mo»l part time 
teachen." said Williams You 
moaldn'l have Uie contiauily 
from a part-time faculty as you 
do Willi the full-time faculty 
Full (imerii have other 
nbti|ta<ians la an imtllutMin. 
unlike part timers, than strictly 
teaching " • 

Williams continues. "By 
I'mploymK a (acuity made up 
ioldy III part time teachers, 
you have neRated the reoource 
ol someone who could be 
dedicain) to an institution ' 

It would also lie to the 
ditadvanlage of the student* 
•Becaute part-timers don't 
have office hours." says 
Williann. "a student may not be 
aMe to meet individually with 
the teacher " 

Williams m no way : „ 
that part lime leachera lake 
away from the quality ol a 
student's education "Both our 
full timers and part timers 
have the same qualificationa" 
Milkr agrees Being a part- 
timer doesn't mean a teacher it 
better or worse, just leas can- 

Inevitably, the rise or decline 
will depend upon enrollmeni 
und the «0-« balance A» 
rnroUment rises, so wUI llM 
number of part-time teachen: 
vet not so much as to tq) the 
Males id the balance. "Our 
resource." said Williams. "i» 
Mir people" But. he adds, "It's 
n delicate balance ' 

NKXT WEEK ruil-timWi 
look ill part timers 

No increase in room temp, seen 


If students have been coM m 
^nv claiaas lately do not hmfc lor 
any inrl of relief due m 
FrMident farters energy 
poHqi ol public buiidtim tant- 

■ year la IS 
I F which ia down froan 
Hw ■ danrent P temperature 
eiiAirteid last y«ar by the DepI 
of Energy. 

Ilie foUoartnit anm ciampt 
from I he S& degrcta 
requimnntl are library, nunt 
lataoeBtnry. Ule children center, 
lom the T V 
I Ibe tape litirary 
Roaemary Murray, the 
reitiBlerad nurse m the HeaMli 
services renter, said. 'We are 
seeing an awful amount of cohk 

thia year. Bui. we can not at- 
tribute this to the kmer building 
trmperalurea " 

The temperature readings 
are taken From the top ijf the 
diak Many people find that thia 
la not an accurate wav of 
determining temperature Carl 
Butlerfteld. power plant 
operating superviior. satd. 

The term is ttraliflcation The 
warmer air is near the ceiling 
while the mucti cooler air Is 
found near the flour To give us 
a unitorm way of determining 
temperature we use i jeskiops 

Each morning Mike Klasa 
checked every classroom lor 
temperature with an electranic 
Ihermoineter The Iher 
momder i* accurate to 1 ol a 
degree In most every case all 
rooms are » ithin the 2 <if the Hi 

But. like moat things in life 
where many pe«iple are con- 
cerwd. the power plant people 
receive many complainta on the 
mom temperaturea "We check 
oul every cnmplatBt," Klaaa 

■We have gotten more 
complaints this year than last 
vear." Cart Bulterfield said 
■Many pe<iple are not sure of 
(ust what a degrees (eels like, a 
tot of the time people think it is 
coMer than it actualfy may he 

"ImU week a counwkir in A 
bulUUig said It was lancnM She 
was dpiiacd in a high cut dnaa. 
while the other counselor waa 
rtre«a*d m » tweed suit com- 
tiination. she said it was ok We 
checked out Uie temperature 

and II waal degreta hl#w Ihan 
federal law." Al Templln said. 

If the federal controllers 
come in they could fine Harper 
tui.«w if they find Harper 
continually abusing tem- 
perature control In most cases 
though they will give wamlnfi. 
Harper hai. yet to be fined. 

' In any moment m time there 
IS bound to be someone who is 
tioing to complain ab<4it hot or 
cold But. there are 7«,(l«» 
square feet to control and in 13 
different buildingt, ' Al said. 

"The heat or air conditioned 
air comet from the slots by the 
overhead lights Many times 

people say bM much hot or loo 
much coM comes out. but. quite 
frankly, this is air which is the 
right temperabire Last week a 
teacher compbined and said 
the air coming out is loo cold I 
checked with the thermometer 
and the air was nine degreaa 
over the limit." Al said. 

Al gave his advice in trying to 
lUy warm thia year and said, 
-Sit away from oulalde walla. 
minimiie cold by wearing 
appropriate clothing ' ' Inveat in 
more sweaters this year or buy 
yourself an armed forces 
amount of vitamin C. 

BceauM of the drop in lemperalure. this gtarl ■ mhmt i was farced 
la wear her Jacket to data. Below, this open door only adds la a 
cooler baMiON. iphoUM by Rkk Knlinke.i 

pt^ I r»W llarfci'Mfrr F.-6nirirv I. /'WW» 



Art K»h«l>il 
Fiftmnirv » B 
"I; of 1 muim 


Mint c 








• P.M. 

f » P 



WMIMi fwii*. «« ll» nay I 

'||iii^"i. Uftry nutwu'iic. » 
(Ml* f'<* • €<m *•■<"''*• '* 
'WrnMl ii>ti> (ill Ti«fi><f> » «Uw 
rWi « FBI Win«« m»tm».l 
mai »km ixr tumrtt m Id Jmnnr 
I'sKkann «l lf» Slii*rt. Ac 

tit 4mimm (if •rtWKt*. I» 

rf*> iniiiiltlimixi »«•■■•«•«»••••«• 
u> Bill rMM' III CBI. l%iiKa an 



miCM «■*•«•• pwf*" 7iiMtii. 

■nil* tft» n» M»f1««» •*<•*•"»■ sni*>ni 
ImI .«!■ t»ciilly Tlw I««r»m 

,„,* d«crita». "•<• J»>"J™ 
If ^^ WHCM KM' •• "*•» •■*• 

*» «« iiiiw'j--**;"! 

IZrw Sp«.tu CM Pick >* 
,.i.*r.irm in rhr WIM'M '<«<«••'. 

til ■d'* iwi '"' 
StiKtani ..^rtivdin txnw • 
tlldi ^ »«rprr .luA-nl* «iM» 
«li*iiY «-»r<l» «» »'fmill»jl 
Irwr F« irt(iini»»in» '*" '"' 


CPR Class 

Th. IKsalW S»rv>ef •!» 

SlW m ■'f^J^STm 
Thfif Hum** »»" '• "••". *" 
Wr<l««Jjiv* (ripw I l>"i 7 * 
pn <»» """' "'•"■' '*" 
liWiWtllW* <*»»—* » "'*' '" 
imMlifj* »i. ■ wrtitKNl ttmwt 
■nr (imt. iw«»i«» *•" '••"' ^ ™ ■ 

■lifKl <-«» t«T« ■nmtd' •«>•»» 
,n HMitt S«f»w» BMH- *■■■«• • 
I.,v «:»«< ««l. »• 

MtUSiii- t"i»f».«2i z Worksnop 


Tl» lilm i» •.»•"« "> '■'* "*'"■*■' 
b\ tJ H. tjwwwx* *•"* *** 

.ilim-lrt >>v 14*" ■".<»»» T** 
t.lm » III"*". •.•"' «»*««■»■ 'J* 
(.riM>clujiU.y »ct.i¥* and ««u«l.i>' 
m.iitiir«^, wto *«ll«' •#•"»' 
ihr «>fi(m« iJl » "»"' En*']* 
mmtim •"«" *'"' '** "*'*>' 
...•l.m»«l li«y«» (>« »«.-«•»> ^ 
*t«j«ly "I WKUO'I in***"*** '™ 
(tajlil.. «» "HTf "Pt***" *'"• 
nbW HmtraWmi. yiwm .t«»y» 
.11)4 hiiloT' 

tnt turWwr ii»<<inn«l>iin. 

ulMw cimM-l Sutanw .Hcmn 

„i «i wi or Olfl Wfimr «» 

New Club 

iwhntrtt rtuifcJiiW «•«» """W 
lllw li> iotn " «ri»ti»i»t«"» ">' 

iiJlUfT rnj(»m»nn(S »t»m«rt.» are 
«.i>lci..m» Hi i«l« tlarK'''' 
KnguMTnugClub. Ttat •*• «'•«* 
^iil) Ki mrt'tini! at l'» pm., 

w, • • -■■■■' ^''^ 

ciwiminuli cfllhff r,^-- , 

)l|.r d«i.i|«»»« •«>rtl«»«« 
•lulMirtafi .•'«• 

AiaMcatMins •» «.vmtn>lf m 
in* Timncmi hut «.«». W* 
xm .*|lfiPMi«««> '«"• «•»**• 
»• n«l(Sw«l »■! •»« to Of ■ 
KilMii* S ni»|i»ii»:H •• <•<*» 
Itlim 'Hitrt* B.. IW 


. , ..■iniii'tii 

.,..rr( >« Wt-riMIHbl). 
(fl . M %tlt tllMIW- 

:., II m«i»ie») ir«w(i 

niiiM^ ».|i'im"nM I'll 

1 ■..rk inf" ..I 

.11. i^i 1" ji II y 

I ur'i.' l:hf 

Ttic Hurfirr CnlifcHI* *<mmi * 
f'rtigram » til't**"* •» »'♦■*'' 
...ftalu'*, ■■I'w «■■■'« '» '•" 
<.rt*>ii»""l" "" W«J"«4ii?_ 
..,.,. .. .,.,,.. i.,,m i<upii> T»» 
1. , iw tin- m*. A 


I,,., ■!(«..«■ .i.-mir*ni>iiiir «* 
i..Mimn t'r«i|ir»m. •«•"* 
,,,„d,r,j liumdy tlnrper 
tflinewtur. «ilt '"O '»•• 
«i!ifki!ilM»» iin"**t«»'' "* ,"•■'•' 
iMirlif'l'P*!^** *iitli N"*<ii*. lull*.. 
,„j ■ m..iw> rBiin»|.»«n*n" 

Thi- . j»( i.iirlu#» Glunda 

lt*«rfl ^Miin 
I ,rii1rn .iii'l 
tlriiiwf ll'"«ii I'uhln: All- 
!!«■«(«« ii» B rrnis. sUKhflli •>» 
(ri>««ith*r'«'>'i«> c«.rd TtwIH'i" 
»i1.1 N'Kin at * Jtm <» •■•"• 

Tour Europe 

Guys & 

.^ri> ...iLuMii intivnw.lMl in 

' '■ '.rprr 


IH'i.«:.luilii.irn'l 'tiins ;>"" lKll>»" 

I* mvtti)il to a mm*mi. *«* 

,,^. ..,.., .... V),.rnUv Kch i. »l 

. r nid 


...n \t..i..,.!..) n«! ^f!.. ,.u-c m. 

tiWwlKi *hi.«ld cmMKi Mm->' 

.roW'iHw A \w.fti *tinifais 

l.,-,:, mui! K«l»ni>«r|l«»' 


i.t-m*-:i.>. " 
Altai u«»M.ifa 

tUr rtmiWiBi •»<""* 




i. .'..., 11 i."-i.ii «. 1i'f.-.r -ii-l'M* 

ml «'»rn 



",',',',,' .',1..,,.. .1^.,' im «l. 

..'"' ', 1, ',• ..... - .1 1 lit! «• 


PSI ' 


T ti .. 1 1 .1 r. 
'A i.rk-h'il'' '-'I'l 


■fl. ■! 

: t..tu<»«'ti» '> 
ic4 » .•W«-t' 


Kir mi*! 

on*l rif< 

■.■•,', A 1 riin <"H)!tw- 


..r »i 

till- HI'- 


Entries in th» Fiiurth Annual 
l>Tint and Drawing Enhthilion 
nn ta'ing accepWd at H»r|»w 
thniuRh F<* n 

To l» eligiWer drawint •!■ 
print muikt w»rk» muit >» 
niattiKl and Iramwl, ana n" 

liirirr «h»n <"•"' •«*' *'* *^ 
five H»t high A» many as four 
rntries may be submittrd by 
each artist *nft» tmml be 
»«w«ro|>ani««l by a («e iif IS W 
<or the finti entry and « DO w 
im-h additinnal entry Ea«h 
(mice IS lo be labeled with the 
nrliifs name and ad«lrei«, tlie 
title <il the warn, and its «ale 

All entrto must tic delivered 
and pick«l up »t »'«lg t'Jl* 
Entries chosen l<ii 'he 
fHhibition will he on <ie» m t 
aiMl 1' BuiMitiioi Irom March 4 
ihrmiBh Z> and will he eli((ihle 
f<ir cash »«ard» 

fmr "Hire inl«>rmali«i and (or 
tdemifKatmn UV and entry 
t-ardit <*n ihe i»rt d«H«ftnwirt at 
lilt. 1*1 


l'*r««i ■■ " '■■ >.,-..* 

(rmi. ^ P '» '" '•* 

tilde. A •*«•''«' '*«••" 

Tlie i*«rk*hiip w.ill IfR'us on 

1.1 It-KMllT ' ■■<» "«■ ' '"' 

i.-..,,int: F.iluojlixr "Uicf 'if 

-;>,sM(.n!, ai rtt «l«. *W- «■ 

i-i.r more intormalion 

..iMiit ih» Wumfn's PrograiB 
i-all fXt Wl 




.•••cliN.ofBI » 

17«- Grand Ave- 
H BiMll E. ar HI. «1 

I OritfMiPM 
< CHwrCraM 

tv«rvT»»tt.»l»-m ''"^ 

UI price drinks 


everyda* with 
tunch Purchase 


Fridays /S<'"<'*V< 


CKtldren t) ^ 

-Meo ■'« *"• 

CMKlr««i II » 


or m 

Cauntry I 





Cr.MOr»n|i a_ 

Live Action PinbaHs I 

Have a Vakntim Message?? 

TheHmM\('tH lIKiKTSPEiliL 

New T.V. Club 

Classifitil Classifieil 
Need A Job? 



MMlmra. hciilt) *Kd itM 

u««*IM-.t> •til run 
cliBitHiKl »<) trw ol ch»rp l< 
•Mt i»h iiroviiM •!»? •»• 
(Ml <ll"U»fTll«l » *»' l>» 

IK* Tum*n i»rn» » 
*«■* ••11 run •<»««■•« 
^myonr * w*h*ni *ll** "^ "*' 
itftiin tnwt rvwulMltil tlH w 



tmiH Haulttli iw •■I* 


■« |>iaMI SUpw "WM" '•••^•' 

jMMt tiw cm ai-ii«i •»" * 

.,f , g, ;• 1. m 'H* 

iiliinn* l« •■«'■ 

rmmitwt tact*"' »•» •*'*' 

Mi till* i«*' «-*'** J-?*!-;'' 

I Hilt mm. rw* Af**- • * ""■ 

. giali kvtr AM anil f M 

i(»!i.ip*m If «» « 

IBM «*» <"»i r» r«<i nm w 

»fi»wiiiw8««>r<ii»«' vwyyy 
*>«*l . f-". l>-k *"! •!?*: 

ml« T^Uli -fciti 


ii, sum vmitw 

If you wrre between i!»»m» •* 
HarixT Ihff week before 
Chrmlmas. perhmpii ynu l»^» 
chance lo walch the TV 
nroduetion pnl on bj 0» newvy 
(ormed VukoWpe Produclmn 
I tub 
In lull color, too' 
The tape w»» prtiduewl tor *' 
thrl»tmii» sedjon In Ihe spiht 
<,{ Chrislmas, the students 
-topped al The Hedon Place 
where the Imrtender miied up 
two luncious looking drinkt. one 
usme creme de menthe to miilie 
a pale (sreen Rratltwpper and 
the Mhei usinR creme de miui 
FreiKh for nuts ■ *itl< "*nw de 
laia.i to matte a pink xjuirrel 
topped with a green ohve 

From there the group »ent to 
WcindfM-ld to tape unusual ilem& 
in »hop windjws a* a »ug««»t'«i 
lor {hrwtma* giil« 

■The itrar* minafera were 
nuite fflccommoditinf and 
didn t mmd our t»pin« at all. 
4td (iearv Kochentperger. «ne 
„f (he club meit^ber* and 
™*e«per«» for the cluh 

From Wnidlield. the metn 
tiers tartie back to Harper lo 
mtervie* some »tud«it» abttul 
Ihe meaning o( ChTBiliTiai. 

Members o( Ihe Harper t» 
provided some of the 
hackBround mmic 

The lotal lime i»l the 
videotape «a» in minutM. v«rj 
rlo«» to the e»umale ol » 
miraitat whicb 'ttie 

mtde m the planning stages 

•toitially the club startrtui 
September with 12 membere. 
hut we had trouble getting 
everyone together to work on 
the production, " »aid Jan 
Myers, another member. 

Tbii production m ju»' *•» 
begtitning. said Kocherjperger 

■What we would like lo do is 
enlariit' our membership, with 
t-ach memher actively involved 
in some phase d vidertape 
pr<iductia«, he said 

FjLch member will use his 
fiwn equipment Chuck Swan 
provided his color tape becauae 
Harper itill has only black and 

■One of the things we want to 
stress,' said K<>chersperfM\ 
i» that people will not be 
locked mio )u»t one job 

■Each person will have an 
opportunity lo do camera work, 
KTipl writing, editing, selling. 
all aspr* Is ol production lo get 
praciiciil iraimng " 

Km-heraperger (eeU that B» 
clu»> "in wort hand-inhand 
with other duhs on the campus 
lo let the sludenls know what is 
hflppening around them 

•■We are a new club, out we 
ha»e a lot of ideas in the can." 
he laid, "and all we need are 
more students to implement 

For those who are interested. 
Ihe iieil meeting is on Feb « 
tietween Ham and 1 p m in 
F!l(i, the TV studio 

,11 HI .•■■ • • i..."«* '"••'' *'•• 
inHi .iii-'iiitiiwo <"i»«in> m <..'i>; 
t-a-rt ■J.liaiixmi t";»tr • i» t"»" 

lim.m*rli:iat* |<»l* *t».»**» 
Ampm' *«^' i^i'".'*' 1 «'•!*!** ■• 
,_- . U'miii M)|ji..r.t.."-".|> 
(,M'r 'w*"*'!! ""..«^i 
iinldrt I'liiir m if«.'. 

For Sale 

..|>|. i^.rt uow Jm.mM.|*1 ^wh 
..'*«ri e*l l«l|.-«fn. 


EVM-15L $200 LIST FOR |W» 

■L. ttTEc I mmt' 

CALL us 392-lfllfl 


im-ft •inTiin*'*' uir» 

W# h.«*i**^ vim tiavrn'l 
,,i»i «j»«»rt •ortiilfwiUl 
■l» !>..(« THK ST*rF 

It II imt *:«n»t. fll "i« 

., -,,. , , ,,TO.k„ .ltd Jan M»e" deiBOB«U^ale the how-los 

TV oiIm-t t1.e .ewl.v-t«..ul ^"^^'JZ^ZT^^ 
oesdav Feb «h, l« HI. to ''^'^^^^^'^'"^'^ 
i-ootart the TV «I«U» In H l», i phot* b> ««'c* """I" ' 


{Across ■■ 

, „...».- LileiiMii i» t" "f 
:,^l ,.,wrf»<lrnt?r 

f%r6 Tk» .Hmkm§iir^ P*kmary 4> 1980 

Discotheque does not smell? 


'liiiaiMin bciniii have 
• Hi mneil 
In luday'* Amtrioni oiUure «r 
have many pviucu available 
ID tilt CMMHMar m iliaguw 
Mwmti tlial w« dialike 
AlMriea*ii'.|iM>« llian av iKlier 

aiMit HlM- 
day< til i1m> ymr. 
UmI wvck. Pridajr 

I licy«iiid my pfrimcMr 
my ronm .ind apitt 
iMHWiil mjr liani aanicd money 
at a iitoc* kamm as. Cinderella 
RndiiMia The dlaco cuat 13 IS 

ll !■!■% 

tarlor when fun la en 
Rut. wlien ItM itaniMin latd. 
Ml bad. htKauie my friend liMl 
to im home and chanit. vMt a 

IN flClieT f slaMH MM 

•an* 'la ihe lac*l HC' 
Danalit'i and' waiMl 
My ttwnd ran up l<o Oif door of 

or car and KTcanMl. "M'a 


byHilKEStlWKfi' ,A 

We oalhtd up l» IlK dnaman 

and P'lw him a wry tmile, wie 
(fiend taid MitnclMllf Uial «■• 
not very nke. Bwl, «• an 'tatal 
about the heaal*' »* lueuifwl 
onec «e were Uiaidt.. 

The caahMr taid in manaCone 
vntoe. "W" . there oaa no '|il«ia 
or an emniiaii hi 'Ihe late. We 
Inaked at each oUicr and dM IM( 
know what to think, six dollars 
u a In) of nnmey to hear canned 

Afttr recoverlnR tiMi Hie 
shock we walked tnio the layer 
I ankfd (he coal room lor a rnat 
check, "il carta » cenis again 
ID a motwKme v«iice I took Uie 
caMw (rom my pcx-kH and ■■«• 
her my jacket After all «'• 
IMI money". I repeaM U 

tWtail quickly walkad around. 
diae«veeiat imaU (tlacet to hide 

m. jm> in caw mv ankcd 
Mmeonr'i Rirl to dance While 
wr walked around. I miticed 
nwny thinKH which wife quite 
hiiarrc Simie ol the weird 
ihinKiwere the ceillnga which 
invclope* the dancer in hue* of 
blue, green, red. or yellow The 
reilmK g><«» up or cornea down 
al ndd times of the nnp. I 
nuppoae at Ihe diicretMin «f the 
person working the control 
panel Samt nOmt oddltica are 
Ihe video 'menNai* placed om 
ime of Ihe hart. hut. what ui w 
hiaarre it that the mnniloni are 
nat of a DePaul hoaketball 
fame bul are you ready far Ihii 
i:rf the dance floor! 

With all of thete odditiet. 
■omethint was itill bothering 
me. I fell like a kid becaiaie I 
knew I waa ao cleaa to figuring it 

We than went In (lie danoc 
ana. we all had (twnd a pamicr' 


SomelhinK slruck me m my 
Iranial k*e. but. what it *m m 
km I ceuld (ifure ti out. vaa 

twyand nit at iMa immi.. 

Aa aoon as the dance wat 
over, I aaked • fellow Harper 
»lijde«il Ken Fnhcy. "Well. Ken 
what do you think al this 
place' Ken (aid. "Voucaniee 
11 lot of people hurting. " "What 
d« you mean ,Kan. tome ^tort, of 

kmely heartu club?". I i 

Yea. I nuppoae M,'" he 

The four words that Ken said 
kepi rc|>eattni Ihcnitelvca In 
m\ mind 

Finally It slrack me. juat 
what w«» the mailer with this 
place ('indervUa Rockalella II 
ihd not smell' It had no scent 
what to kpeak of 

(an you imagine U Bun or 
Ihal heard o( this' Can you 
imagine if all Ihe room 
deodorants g<« wmd til my 
Aacoverv*' the diaco would 
revoluli'onitr the deodorant 

With all the new furniture, the 
new rug all the new painl. there 
was m> weni There wa» no 
evidence that human beings had 
ever tieen there 

Alter much lho««ht. I noticed 
that people all acted as If Ihey 
were mechanical The majority 
acted as i( they had done thia 
many lima before and an 
licipaied doing Ulis many times 
•gain The people seemed to be 
going Ihrough Ihe motions As a 
matter ol fact, they were 
robots Void of any human 
rmotlona. void ol any human 

II you warn lo see. hanr and 

(eel future shock go lo Ihe disco 
Cinderella Rockalella If vou 
want to see all the programmed 
people, a result of our in 
creasing world «l computers go 
tnthediK'o If you want lo smell 
what the future shock will be. 
stjiy home or better yel go to Uie 
nearest nly garbage dump 

Would you like 

to review 




Ext. 461 
Mike A367 

Twin brothers could be some' 

My brother and I are Iwllia, 
tmni within fifteen minutea ol 

each otlwr. Vat we are as dll- 
lerent at, lll|M ilMl iftil. He'* 
very catf gah«. aelHai to •aay 
(or him and he's quite raacrvea 
I'm the other ntreme How can 
iliis.'lM MMlnt at how our Mgma. 


.Aatnilig}, with all of I'la 
comptei.itMi, can realty make 
wir womkr Just how big of a 
rtiffwence can (Klatm 
rn.ikp'> Moil of Ult 
m-lwlwi, th* Sun. 
^Um to make a 
itiderrncr These planets 
rcprtacnl: the basic su,ilar'lt'lct 
b*t:iN«n tMa lieo tt you. 



poaallMhiy <if you and your 

brother having differenl rMng 
sigiH. and differenl flgtw ruling 
the «BriOii» hi:iuses Although 

mH as common, the moon may 
I aa wall 



h» mU KEALY 

The M'Oon must be com:m»red 
lepiralely, for lis poalllon. as 
w^ell t* those of the signs, ap' 
|iear lo rtenge (i|utte rapidly due' 
to thC' «a.rth's rotation. 

Hwauae of this, there It a 

Sfmbolically. the nsing lign 
r ut r ea c j i is how' others perceive 

you: •your image', and the way 
you»lety respond lo 
your environment If these are 
illlJrreni signs, they would 
■Iwftjrs tie consw'utiw In order, 
one lieing mirovcrt. and ihe 
i»l;her extrovert. The same 
priirii^e wouM apply lo the 
mr«)n'« .iiign w'hich symboll»e» 
>nur "-motional nature Thii 
(XWiiblllty could account lor iinr' 
«)' you l>eing the outgoing 

aggrecaivc lype and the other 
passive and reserved 

Age It another fa'Hor (hat 
should be ronudercd Astrology 
iheoriie* that in youth, a penum 
tends lo act out the cha,rac- 
(erlslics ol the moon's sign and 
nsmg sign moresto than those of 
Ihe ronaming planets As in- 
ctividuals iruiture you could say 
thai Ihe* mjH o( "grow into" 
their Mjn kign iririri" und more 
\n persons change trom 
ihildhriod to udulthood and 
ii!.lr«ili>,ijy does redect Ihis 
ttriMlh. und change 

I'niorluMlcly. you did not 

tm-ludc VMur birth data, or your 
Iwins Therefore, I cannot 
»n»ly»r specifically how 

iistroiogy may account (or your 
similarities and differences or 
Imw the am* (actor may fil m 
But II ytw perceive yourselves 
n complete opposites, perhaps 
you (ail In look below the sur- 
iace H«'iiealh the outer per 
sooalilies you may eventually 
Ijegin to detect some very 
similar <)ualitie&. (hough they 
may develop in different ways 
It you aren't aware of them yei, 
someday, you may be. 

Anyone who may he in 
leresled in aslrologtcal in 
lerprelations, plea,"ie sui'mil 
specific qucslions along with 
the required birth data lo the 
Harbinger <dfire located in 
llldg AM Look there for 
lurther details 


. tt 


«l*ar ih* mghway aai 

M Hafpct'Canegewega.... iHMtabyTaay Flaresi 



r^M* otaoi ' 'las wftr ouNOft eoao 
aur»i0 oaovt <t Mil* 


Feimutry 4, 1980 The Harbmfib*r Pagv 7 

HjgregJLguts^six JTi doubb figuma 

Harper knocks out 
Rock Valley 104-72 


■■•IMI IMPanir B»»*M 1*4 

wki tall* «■ rmm •> ta»t rrl«»y aiaH. «?»••• »» *^*' !*•" 

Kwmg* m M «w«ti. 

Miytte ih* Hiirper meni 
iMtivdMll l««m (tidn I acluallj 
(launl <l. hui (I «» dearly 
<:*vtmi». ttet 111* H»wk» iw 
mrni»ly rnjoynl tlirir roul ol' 
K.K-k ViUey t«st Thurjdsy 
night lasl Jiror the t*o team* 
irarl ll» Hjwk* were (obtwtl h> 
t,he (iff'kwh, and Kirpcr »ur 
Cf r«J ■ ol»^p«^mt loM Thi« time 
It Mn't mslter what Ua <il- 
tkiffiit M at the Hawb titaw 
Rmcli Valley oil the raurt l<*n 

■■•E^enoiw »a» pnychtd far 
ihK aw." Mid Irtafunan guard 
ttaw Rlrawn. who has rmcrgixl 
»» a nl8rt«r lor Ihe Hawks. "We 
wprr u(i (or ths one aft«r Ihe 
IHiPafte gam* " 

The WW imtraviH) Harper's 
N4C ftmferenee mark m 7-4 and 
Its m-eraU record to IM 

■'We plajwd our «tyle of 
haalaUHll," Mid head coach 
Rnftr BeeliUM 'We could 
iMiard with titaie peopta- and 
when wt can Iward with peofile 
we're l«i#i. 'Um tlMit enabloi 
)■ In IMMral* air tait break. 

"I 'llMiik vliin we twitched to 
man-loman it tunlMd \m. Wc 
>lot« Ihe ball and created a hit ol 
liirnovers. ' BechloM coB' 
tiiHied I wat proud of Ota way 
wepiayed We've hiM having a 
lot of na(gtng injurwa lately but 
they went out und played 
ToaiigM we }uM. dM atwrytMnt 

Car Rental 

ill W. McDMiaM Rd. 
ProsiMCt H*i«lita 







Women gymnasts 
easily defeat Triton 


JuKt when the sun had < 
10 ••hine (.m the Harper wo 

itymnastics Usam. 
pulM Ihe shade 

The team cimtlnil o<f a taf| 
win over Triton, lutlercd a big 
\mt when Anne Berninger 
tirnke her wrisl .and diitealad 
her elbini during a |>f«ctt« 

istatilliih iHeK as the top ofi- 
tionat team for llHnoH junior 

"II wa* a freak aimdenl she 
waan'l dotng anything new." 
uid gymnaMic'* ctiach Renae 

Berninger ilarted ctanpeting 
<n .lanuary and immediately 
■ilarted helpini Ihe team She 
wnn the all-around competition 
ai the ChiPage InviUlKma) and 
mure revenlly won the all- 
areund for Ihe Triton meel. 

Harper knocked off Triton in 
w dual meet m 2S M I lo 





IXFERIEWX. .« thi» unM|ue 

afiKirtiBlty from liARA LEE 
!»•■ hmin-week. .daal (or an 
Aftianling sludml or 

familiar with bookkeeping 
Requires proficiency on 
calculator adding machine 
Good salary and pleaaani work 
environment For interview, 

« t\»*T%MM' m «. 

MO Waufcetian Kd 
DmrficidL I amis 

MS-m eil. MM 

equal opportunity employer m f 

m the maven paralM ban. 
Sandy folglailer captured first 
place with a score o( « IS Anne 
Berninger placed second with a 
mark ot S t 

Mary EMh Black waa a 
double winner for Harper. 
taking (Int cm the balance beam 
with a «'.« and winning the 
floor -CI l>.v earaint a score 'ol 
1 !i Kathy Btake traced tectand 
with a 7 IXt and Berninger viral 
third with a e <!.■> giving Harper* 
12 3 sweep in that evenl 

The nllariiund was Uken by 
Hermnger with ■ compoail* 
*care «{ 25 no. she alio placed 
second on the balance beam 
scoring a « for Ihe nilfht 

The victory puta Ihe Hawha aa 
the team lo beat going ItiM 111* 
Region IV meet coining in 
February tiul have been hit by 
Ihe mjury |lna Akmg with 
Berninger. Kathy Blake and 
Barb t'ttlvere are nursing in- 

-'lis a strona poaaibittty we 
amid go to nalUinala." saM 
/rllner But we have to gat 
rveryooe healthy If we go, 
hopefully we'll be rcpraacn- 
lative I don't want people lo 
say we made it in becauae 
everyone wa« not that good 
W ith Anne out Ihe pmasure is on 
everyone to puH raiM Uielr 
scores " 

The Hawks travel lo Triton 
for a rematch Wednesday. Feb 
(. lor an important 7pm meet 

The two aqtU'ds playisd even 
twisl «rf the first half until Ihe 
Hjrwks started crashing ihe 
iKwrds and engineering their 
la»tbreak Harper figt hot and 
imtiscored the Trojam IM m the 
lasl four minutes of the first 
half rHiring the hot ttroak Jeff 
Martinski accounted for eight 
Harper points and .Rob f)<r«e> 
put in si« more The Hiiwk* tal 
'« |ier nnl o< their sMs fnm 
Ihe Hoot With Dnrwy bagfitn« 1C 
I»int» Wore going ihW the 
locherriwrn it mlermisaloo 

In the second halt, Harper 
survived some incredible calls 
and then no calls at all by Ihe 
«»fflcial» The Hawki Tim 
Liigisi was whvUed (or his 
fourth foul only four mioulcn 
into the second half, then 
Strawn was called lor two fouls 
in a a»icc«id apan. He didn't 
last much Ian0*r. (wilnil wM 
with n minutaa ramaWii In 
the game. Iravlga glHr pum 
ping in U poMi lar Hit Handts 

This enabled Rock Valley lo 
pull within II. bul that was all 
she wrote for the Tro]im as 
Harper put together anoUiK 
scoring ipurt The Bawka 
opened up their lead to ». WtM 
on buckets by Oaig Kawllm. 
Martinaki. Chris Plaiafc and 
four free throws by Mike 

Harper just padded Ha Irad on 
free throws as Rock Valley 
hacked away m an attempt to 
gel the hall Free throws proved 
lo be a big factor as Uie Hawks 
were 12 » from the line in the 
second half, while Rock Valley 
weni 7 (or 21 from Ihe free 
throw stripe 

The Hawk* put sin playtn in 
dmiUe figurei and another had 
none for the winners Martinski 
led Harper with % pointe. with 
rinntey and Rawlins pumping in 
i« apiece togiai added IS along 
with diihinn out seven awiats 
and having five steals, tkm^. 

(Hiured in l« and Strawn Ihrew 
in 11 Baylem chipped in nine 
poinls after cuming off Uie 
liench and BecMokJ got good 
plait Inim Steve Ijifireck and 
Brad Milbr 

The prevwus Tueaday night 
the Hawks couldn't shut down 
ituPage't big man in losing m- 
-M. The game was much closer 
than Ihe snore indicaled as Ihe 
Hawks wete only down by five 
with twti minutai remaining in 
the game 

In (rtml of the biggest home 
<-r<n»d hI Ihe year it was 
liuPage s turn to get revenge as 
Ihe H»wk.t earlier in the season 
itumped the Chapparals 7!l-70. 

Behind Rawlins 12 finl halt 
poinls the Hawks led 2I-lt at the 
halt Bul Harper could not bold 
m as DuPage took advantage ol 
the Hawks height diaad 
vantage, throwing in alley-oop 
paaaaa to their 0-7 center, with 
the Hawks' tallesi player at M 
•It was » physical ballMme 
and that tended to favor 
DuPage as they are bigger 
inside, ' said Bechlold "What 
luirl UK wan not getting any calls 
down Ihe stretch i it had seeined 
the officials put their whittles 
awav when Harper hgi the 
ball I " 

Harper only hit M per cent ol 
Iheir field goal attempU while 
IHiPage made good on • per 
cenl of Its triea 

They did a good job of 
slopping our inside plays and 
we were cold from Ihe outside." 
said Bechlold, whoae team 
takes «m Triton Friday night at 
home "The game was much 
closer than the score indicates. 
Rut when we got behind we tried 
lo rush down court and gel the 
good shot bul made some turn- 
overs which they converted on 
Then we had to foul to gel Ihe 
baU and they hit Ihe free 

Haf|*rt i^iinMribl 

from Anne B tr a l ngee. The a nl rl ia nd 
hapartaat daal iMet. Ipkala by Rlcfc 

Pa|gr 8 The Harbtufcrr teltniarv I. I'WU 

^ % 

n.n. l^tfUMI um* i^nl l.jiikaw*ltf frvpart r«r Uir \ U 
Iklt Daliiriay. Tk* Ka«lii m wamt arr itmmg «■••-' 
far Ikr % U Utlr < pkota k« RM Mm 

Wrestlers prepare for N4C; 
Weber, Leggett lead way 

hj w \\M-:iiii:Mi»:At 

\(irm i.inelarr tlmiithl nlxxit 
lliu seiuai'ii wmllirift •tiluilicici 
(or maybe ii lecoiKl or l*t> 

■"Von know, «e'vf N'»n 
tia.ii|ttflK im Ite year by thp ikin 
iH imt n»lh." h» satd when 
i»krf hiiw hi» wrestling learn 
\m^ mannsipii In iset IhiK lar 
•t»r«iKh Ihr s4?ii»«,'a se»H)n 
■ ' ■. h taut hrnunW liivelaiT - 

,,:ii mnrr Injuries than in an\ 
'u,'vir that hi' *-aTi. ever 

"r»rb»«i>h<rre*i» yearn," he 
WMi, emphaiiuinK Ihe figure, 
"and rrvtr htvt, I had %o many 
injured wrntllerj in am !»««m 

■■»'i' are hortm' fnr rertain," 

■H(!l h*« M:H,a<,ihr^ 'fK(*«^> lurti* 

>l.l\r nil- •■<->l Ihf 

r;!i ■. i' I',:'' •' >!i,n» 

■N lime 


., . ^,,„... ... ,.,.,-.. .n'lothrr 


Bung i»i mother leani is i»i 

HI Ih-' ' l.r»Wl»<» i,his 

-wa*<'i hi* I earn is 

i,^ ,l-,.l "I (-H,.li»i.. 

H»Wk» still haiT ii ihmt .1' 

Pfaender nets 39 

Hawks beat DuPage 
in women's b-ball 

■mil'' JOB KIplBBiK 

'OHuiit"lE* ijatfk. tlHinii lilk 

Ihfy 0t» away. .HagrlMt i Uwa k 
r fkPMar. Or at iHil. pnt 

wax tainuil when Viv Weidner 
•tnl mu witli a knce-injifry 
early m the saeond half 
Weidner Jnl came oH a dil 
fetant lii|iiiy and wa* {dayiiig » 

Ttioae '*(wo" are Kalhy 

naander and Val WcidnaT who 

ciMiiilnid tor n at Hariier'i M 
faiaia ta Uic Hawta' ft-ai 
victory aver DaPage laat 
TuciMlay nigM, 
Hacndar a iraahman.. laUM. 

fat M .paMa. ikt MglMl I 

haSL». 'jlapiManara HaMnv 
hit (nr n fotntM aciudinf nMnf 
•even (or eifhl trmn the trm 
thrum tine 

Harper, wttti tjtc IW ron- 
lerenee «m., u|)|icd iH record la 
T"l «tf all and 1-4 tn conlamict 
i«iti>n They wilt lake on 
Ketinedy-Knt lonlght in a non- 
«NilBrcM-e lam* ««lli ttf^-oK at 
T p m 'Phetr no:l Mt" ruio- 
ferenee game >i w.lieii ttiey 
invrl u) TntM TuoMiay far 
amlticr 7 ii.m Itattle 

"•'•e iiilajred muth tallar 
tMi|M lliaft «• dill, « tht' 
nomliMt fane i.Har|i*r hati." 
taid wwucn't lM«t aiarh fan 
lanehmar ••"•» were mo^re 
I and we w«rc' nellmii 

lian)ar''ihMic awaited vklnry <aie of the iBnie' 

m W^ I 

makinf Ike' laaas '*e 
«aid Teachiitr 'Thia 
hurt ai we were wailing tor her 
10 come liarh " 

The Hawks lound theoiaalvaa 
down by «i lale in the (Inl laH, 
DuPage lef ting Hariier in llirat 
on one and Itarae on tam 
■ituatwms with Hawk fuanfe 
Mary McTigue and Karen 
MeMoti ail akawi on defcnaa 

Weidner and nacnder Uiaii 
ignitml a Haider rally u tkr 
llawkx oudnred tluPage Il-f 
II) the lacl four mimiMa in the 
iinl half 

Weidner started ttiinga oM bj' 
!» ntr an errant OuPm01 
p»m and hatUiii naander wllli 
,ji perfect .paaa mt ttm aaay Iky- 
up Piacndir knotted die game 
up hy httling nottiing by net on ■ 
l:'i'loii» jum(»er tnm tile 

The >tat>'ii.». a.tta goi haifeata 

tram Lee tan Kaae. wto wared 
<« J .rebound thia and \ - 
Weidner added' a hadun 
hi'ttinit a lay up after drivinij 
ilown the key ihrough tratfic 
Ptaemler wa* re»|MiniMbie lar 
of the ganw'i beat, iilaya a* 

the woofed a tMiPaga player te 
uve a fiire baiktt dian iMk aH 
in Ihr opfnaite dtractton villi 

the hull 10 Korc hcraelf. 

With Pfaender hitting for » 
and Wwidner adding IS more. 
the Hawks look a Si 41 lead into 

the tockerroom at inlermlmion 

Harper tncreawHl its lead lo 
7S M with (even minutes left in 
the game Ttachner cleared tlie 

befKb lo give everyone wime 

plaiint time as the Hawki 
enaaled to the wm 

"'Th'B win has bevn a hmg 
time <"omtng. " »atd Wndncr. 
who ain tied for the team lead 
in rebouMhi with nine She dealt 
out ie*en a»»i»l,i and accuunled 
far faur iImIs lor a balanced 
name "Wr played with more 
Atefiuly and rontrolM the 
grnmi mmt iha,n we d'ld agaiml 

Pfitnider haiidec ttmmmg in 
::* 'innts bad ntae reh<.iunt> «> 
aim«l.s and three tteali 

** i. " ''.. Uiriwm carnr iiff 

1 tup rtitht [,«'iinl» 

I ' ' i-Ts firjtfl T«"«<,'tier fol 

lt»(Ht piiy trnm' Roue, Linda 

.Arwitt. fk>hbie IMIla and l.ynda 


' i'«r (lid no*, fare a* well 

" '.*'vi night, luting lo Loyola 
iMil The Hawk.* were M in 
icmrniK by Plaender with lA 
Ham aetaunlfd loc H and 
WaiAiBr added n fw Harper 

kniidtmg them ofl Feb in the 

fiiinferen** Meet at Clan l!:ily'n 
The Hnwks tint to DuPaRc i.i 

,'l earlier Ihis year, hi,ii 

Liwrlacf liguref, thai with .Li> 
Kvans ■!»■ back afler havinu 

two o|M>ralniii» an his left ear, 
.iml olher Hawk wrestleri. 
re«"ov'ering from other itiimir 
^^llmfm^ Kfl HrndiT'ick. t». 

I 111 imt t« mention lorn 
f'ti-i li's turn knee cartilage. 

■■U*<i itnkleii. Ifie Hawks 
■■'- ji! iMiLsidr thaner ol 
«ini'Mii,K i,hi» i"»»ntereiH"i? mwi 
Ltreplii'Ce I'an lake eomfort m 
ihc tact Itat all 11 of hit 
wrestlers have recoT'rts nvw ihe 
'inm ttuirk, ji.mong theiii l';\';in'S 
'ifrSi, llan Weber i:M--iV4 
.itid H i:> l.e|igrtl I H2 '* 1.12 

I 'I'M- oi the mam firoblemn for 
'Im' lt<r.iks this season has Iwen 
Ihe ilis8«ts'iHH.a({e ol having t«i 
(iirle'tl iw or two wwighi clasiw* 
ftijf to tnjurie* 

li"i 'tir h*N,*v y'W("»Kh' itivjsum. 

s*";*Tt M*'*j.i»t tsiwjl with lorn 'knee 

• '.srlitagf. II Ml itther weight 

I'litsMS hjiH" 'tad to tie tilled in 

>itii iiiher wretWlars .Lovelace 

..) ttiiil, although h'lii lop 

•■ Iw-en hurt at times, 

- luiii other Kuvs 

-..> hart to ill. W.- 

■« , i li^iwri thf ItIM' 

■'Tbtiiaone heckiiva team we 
'have 'here " 

The wrestlma learn wat 1»-:J 
liisl >4>ason iiKaimt Divnlon \. 

II and 111 K'hoois Tbe list of 
opponents for lliat year ia^ 
eluded Purdue and Indiana 

I Itiink tIaat'SMyinga lot for 
my lioys," slreBiied Lovelace. 
You're talking ahoul wme big- 
time ichooh there, and we 
knocked Mme of Uiam off In 

lad I know that a few of our 
Kuys cnuld m<ikr those teams 

Wi- VI' hart i|Uite a lew wrestlers 
»:i'i [iirke'd Iriim the bigger 
univ*Tsilies " 

The Northwest Suburban araa 
is OTM- III Ihe moot competitive 
-.pots lor college wrcsllinK in the 
rnunlry, accordinti lo Lovelace 
lU' alwi reels that the N4t' 
(livisirm. of which Harper is a 
larl IS alsii iitic M the beat 
>'ollegt> wi-eslling divisiom la 
lb* Btale 

l-»'«ing w rpslii"Pv lo tlie bigger 
'S<-bniib cr«-;iti"> ,. ronflicl lor 
Lovelai-e Wti*-n irari.s(ernn(( 
lir t«Tl.s priHiil that his wrestle 
li.j^ !(«iiikI a placr lo expand hi^ 
MIenis ,in<1 receive ftraaler 
^:wjl>licil> , tiiji cm ttie other tianil 
l'» "hates III M» Ihe kid j!o ' 

■There art- two thing.'s I'll 
rieviT get us«l lo lie said 
(lausinK in collect his thoughts 
'lim» IS having lo let a kid go 
,ii..r .,n.. vi-»r 111 cscellrnt 
■■••i-ausc he grt a 
. ,■ or whfil ha^'e you 
Not "inlli I hate to *et> ,i k id who 
1 know IS a kimmI wrestler 
•l«-tde. lor one reason or other, 
I'lol 10 come "Ui 

Lnvelare lo<*(*d kiwards the 
window "verliioking the gym, 
..I'K'l vhi'wk his head ' 'There goes 
one (ip Ihe stair?* o«»w, " lie said 
jlmwl riK'wriifully 'He's a 
good wresllrr. hut his priorities 
aren't in wrestling What a 
waste III talent Hut I Kuess you 
have lo make a ctwiee. you 
know " 

Lovelace experts hai team to 
tx' ready lor the conference on 
Sulurday. but doesn't expert 
any miracles "We'll go with 
who we have. ' he said, then 
grinning, added, "and that's 
Wiually been good enough" 

I al Wetdaer «« Harper (nits ap a jamper to Ike Hawki' i«lS wtai 

over llnPage WeMner llniaked Uie aigfcl wH* n p elnti. IVaniBiale 

Kalby PtaeiMie* led all tearan wMi 31. ipfeaia ky Ijart Lyaa Cay) 

Jamison files neglect charge 

k» mmm i.MKmrMit 

dicaiifMl ttiiitm wKh' 
lanlinl ^tef liai •ecwHti tkr 
Miitc MM)' t>c9«:rtiiiaiil tmi 
mttfh Sorv'icM Kith Mflwt 
•Itw ttmy Twlm*4 to telp Iwr 
|tl t)«t*«M MkUnp f* and A 
iMl. TlninMlai' HnMi Str virn, 
tmmmm. • fwnlcnding tl»i ttir 
f«>ll»ff wa«. willt the rn- 
rouniiniwnt of Mi JanUMit'i 
iMillier. Irylni to 


tallcit the Public Sattty 
Hc^rtntml TtHinday li> id. 

nftNMiilMg, riaVI^. A. 
mim' uU tlial tM^ Is • 

ttftiidard tiriKtdim «litR 
■idrwallis iK«iMnii tmmmt mM 
tUmmy II iiw) txM liiMly 
snnwinn far the tiwo piwMM* 
day*, ami »l«llt ■»*» »•«■» 
rttolltaiy cltar inm* »li|ip«-y 
and «tl .opnlt M «i*i M* 
Jamiann uid the calM th» 
iwtillc wtel) olfict «h«i uM hcr 
itMry were m iliv way to pick her 
u() siw mid all* vailad 'half M' 
hiur iMl no «• iIipmI ii|I. M*.. 
.lamisMi calM' aKnn and «at 
ihen Imld itiat Health S«rvic«» 
tail MwtrwtMl Public SaMy nm 
In bnUwr with Ht Jamlaon, 
lllll illr «■> i|uil« iMc Id rnakr 
It on her <ivn. ilx laid. Ms 
Stmmm wat loM' hy 'l>ijtii:lc 
SaMy llial health !iervic«a had 
laid PuMlc Salcty Ihat "liie 
dM not litni help She can |it 

In clan hy herwU tt'i rail ic^ " 
Bewildei^, Mt Jamiaoi then 
caiM thr nwdis Mnlcr whn 
•Ml a ptmm Ut M*.'iiiMi't 
did Mil iani.iHn ia:id alle Ml 
Kuiily alMill Olii .but it -utaa all 
thai i-iHild be done. "Site Had In 
anp nerythinM the wa« diiiiif 
to help me.." said Mm Jamiaon. 
"Tiny are ymy huay »n the 

Etttaheth McKay, director tit 
lleallh !>«rvicts, i>aid thai her 
(li>)wrtmenl did tell Public 
Sulely mi« to Ret M.« JamimHi. 
but with Kood reaMin Ttw 
walkways were not. icy." taid 
M* McKay Apparently Heallti 
a«rvic*i If tryint lo kpI Mb 
Janitaan. » become mure m- 
n( o( nthcr pen|ile't 

twip Ml JaniMMi'i liviUnr haa 
■aid Itel the ii -*perfacl))r 

tuppiirung" ol what HeaUh 
MTt'ices n duind 

-'W'hen the lidewalk*. arc 
t-wered with mam. at mufM «e 
hi-lp itir hiindirapped stud- 
crils. ' !.aid Ms McKay "We 
slwayi. try <o help out when we 
ran. hit ihcae (tlwlenUt have to 
try tj) tiipe with niitie o< the 
tirwbleiai at nmi We." con- 
linijed M« McKay Ml McKay 
mntendcd Ihat Ml Jamimn is 
'loftdy and rieachin|| <i«t lor 
people " Ml Jamiion ha* 
advertiied for a ride (ram her 
hcniiie In StreamwMid to the 
<-ampus but ixily one penon 
calM (m titr ad itnd that perMm 
chaniied her mind M the last 


Mt Jamiaon laid that aevirai 
areas at Harper are still 
ditcrlininaliiry to handicapped 
»ludefils .She laid that the 
rampt coastructed (or the 
handicapped Kludenti are. in 
reality, loo steep for 
wheelchairi and severely 
(TippM penpk! 

tm mil ataie. I know (or a 
lad thai there are others' with 
the same probleins." said Ms 
.laminm Ms Jamiian a^led 
Ihat there are many more 
facilities lor the hearing im- 
paired than (or the han- 
dicapped "Wearelhemisnti," 
said Ms Jamiaon Ms Jamtaon 
said she strongly believes that It 
M time peuplecame to the aid «< 
thi; handicapped 

Vol. 13 No. 19 

FVhnian II. 1980 

liUiiilii R.»iiifV llaqnr ( otlfp-. Alt!<>ii<|iiiii .mil Kiim'IIi- Riiatls. Pabliiif. llliiKii- h(KWi7. :U2-.t"l7-.ltHKI 

Harper launches new ad 
campaign to snow Denetits 

TIIIM l#i a «a.iripAe *»f tlwr «4« rrtlMememt aelm.i ilwiie bt the 
'•lal.t<Hi* il*f«H.oMiil. le ihww lllr kenrrits at Harper ("allece 
teaarieiiy «•' Itariprr l.«|i|e(e> 


•V pw» -niM'n.i^.nu, rampaiUM 
■ «,i..UiT)iiiiii. itr ()iTiHit!i. i)( at 
tiuidtufi. lUrpift liat lieen 
»t».rtnl by (he ruhlic RelatMiii 


lite CBHipS'lgn titled "Harper 
m.ahil!S a dltterenre" i» 
reeelvliif a tremendous 
reapliwr. attarding to Elaine 
S.tii«nner' dirtclor a( public' 
tvlaliow The' cainpatipi in- 
'i-iilve* thf' running of adi 'in 
miiKl I'll' the 'majtir subuHian 
ptpmn.' .afid preaents Harper 
liiudeutt and iacul'ly ex|ila.mlng 
ibe' tiendils et altemUm Har- 

Vm Idea of the campatin 

ram* (riM Harper Prei. Jamca 
'^Irlirath whn paioed it on to 
Mi. Sloermer and her crew 
'This H really a cam.ptis-wide 

(irojiH'l,"' said Mi Stoer'mer in 
rcgitrds In ttw tnany drpwrl 

Counseling spreads out 

In an fflart in ituiit e( 
(eclively neTve sludenli, 
fiiumctiiig tervicr*. 'will be 
'Ofle'r't>d (rO'mi Ihrw Student 
HtvelapaeiH Centers tealed in 
RUM* A... D and t 

Each venter, which is sWted 
by lour ir five coumelim. will 
malnlaln mlarmalinn m at- 
eupatiom and general cullcie 
(•lection (ijc use by any atiMkiit 
t'p-to-iliit* iransler i* 
(urmatioii. tm-Mim speritic 
liiformatioin on prog'ram 
miiutireinenla. lor tranrferring, 
to cnlliget ia alw avatlahle 

special Kervicw Dtviiiiin.. 

The nidg D center will be 
held responsible (or 
TechnohiKy . Mathematics, and 
Physical Sii'ience and Uie Life 
Sciewe and Human SerV'Icea 

Bwineta aiKl Social Sclem 
will he houiad in Hldg I 

These career pr(i||.ra.tns will 
be located in th* (olliiwiiig 

The center located in BUg A 

■ 111 serve sludtnts in the 
ConmunicatiDn*. Humanities 
and Fine Arts Divmon.. 
I%ysieal EdticatKMi. Atti.le«.iat 

and llccrtBllMi Divmioii and Uir 

t btld Develiipmeni Urnlal 

►I \ I! ( •• n e F I e r « r n n I ..■ 
t'frbntiluit.v . Htirticulluri' 
Nuriing, Architectural 

TeelmaiBly'. Opera'tlng Room 

Teehnieian. Oi'mlnal .taiice. 
(Hetelic Ttcbnician, Fire 
S I 'I I- n c <■ T »• c ll <i 1 u y 
MMhiinical Engineering 
Tn-'hiMhic Park and CrouDdi 
tlpcration M.anBiement. and 
RefrigC'ratinn and Air ("cin- 

HalUlag I 

Acciiunting Aide. BaitkiDg. 

Finance and ("redil. fond 
Service Management. Legal 
Secretary Marketing Mid- 
Mnugemml. Medical iMtice 
-\ssistant. Supervisory and 
Mmtnistralive Manag 
(iau Processing Techi 
f Iff ul I v«' Secretarial 
t>f\ floprnt-nl .Journalism. 
Legal Technology. Material 
Mmtmrnm and Real EaiaUt' 

ments involvnd with the project 
All <.i( the peofile m the »*. are 

pltber "itudcnti who csplain why 
they attend Hirpi"!' iir faculty 
who I el I the plita.>ur'eii u( 
wnrkitig at Harper Joan 
Voung. of the public relalKMK 
(ttpartment. has done mixtl. at 
the inlervMiwiiig (or the ads 
The college grapliia depart- 
nicni has been recponaibie lor 
all the .photDCopy work 

The results <)( the campaign 
appear l<k be Ihut (ar rew.arding 
I'O the college "Il'i -the 
p r n g r a m I u u r k i n g 
terrtlicaily " M»ni M-s Miier 

mer, ved .many 

lavDt.:' nm" M» 

SKtermvi ^..m liiat the ad- 

vertisement, emphasixe the 
poiiM thai l)a.rper baa a very 
good faculty and that (he 
college IS a sch<iol (or peofil* dl 
all ages, tine ad (eature* a lady 
'thai I* returning in school a(lcr 
I'lesng away from educaUon. for 
iiloog tinM> 

Ms Stoenner said thai 
confi'muiilty reaction' to the ads 
has also been "tremcndmis" 
rampus enrollment is slightly 
higher hut Ms Stoermer i» not 
5urc how much of this can be 
iittritmted to the campaign The 
.1(1 cimpaign will cnntinue lor 
the inK-mning MH-rind weight 
wwks regisiratuai jind possibly 
lor till' summer and (all IMO 
cla.s» reguttrations 

Registration remains 

Harper ('"'ollagv will he par- 
ticipating In a county-wide 
voter remnlralion campaign 
until 1 1* 14 The t-ollcKe will 
serve as « .tempi'ira'rlv location 
ol registralion dunng 
Ihis firrtod Laurie wren. 
•secretary in llaf Administrative 
Services Office, has been 
ftepuuzed m a temporary 
registrar She » authonied to 
receive registration Irom any 
eligible suburban t'tiok t'ounty 

To rmislcr a penon must he 
a I'nKed Si«.tft eUiien.. (• yean 

of age, and must be a re«d«n( of 
a lubitrban ("<M>k County 
cln-tion pr«ciIK-l Nalurallied 
I'lliien* muM bring 

naluraltiaiion papers lo the 
regatratim nKicc 

Citirens may register at the 
Administrative Services tMftce. 
RMg AXMi from ■ IS am lo 
130 pm, Monday through 
Friday, through Feb H Harper 
College district voters who 
regiiler during this period will 
he eligible to vote in Ihe April la 
eieelinm to select four Harper 
('ol.lege trustee*. 


In the story entitled ' "Senate 
propoied arven amendments" 

m (he Feb -lib nsur ol' the 
HAKRliStiER twiMTrors were 
nmrte First ihe current 
Sluflrnl clei limi* are held 
sini'll!. in thi' lall. ni':il twice a 
>e«r rt« reported .Senators are 
ci:imi<lenng proposals to change 
this Secondly, il wat reported 
thai .senaMrt take a minimum 

III nitr credit hours and were 
altempling lo increase the 
minimum to U credit bom per 

The Student .Senators are ntiw 
requireii In take li> credit hours 
and are currently trying 10 
krner that figure to nine We 
reRiet any (woblems that oc 
i-urred because of Ihis miatn- 

F(f|« 2 Th» HwlnmgBr ft'hmary IL I9m 



Senate lacks interest and cause 

•H«v« • Miifwtlon? W«ll, tham It!" 

WW pottar h«»fllnfl •ftowt »»»• $fu**il 
tiiM' box lOCtlMl •» th* ni«tn •ntr«iK« ot 
BMp.. A. 'is tMt ItMl a play 'bn mrHa. or doM it iruly 
rtftact ftw MutlfiMnH of' 'tht miwI*? 

Omr of itw main dutiw of' m* tonatt 'Is allocating a 
'iwry larfla budgot to tho 'various cIuIm ano 

ortaM'iations on campus. Obviously, ttiat task is 
'takM'Cara'Of vaar .aftac yaar , But tt» studmt S«wt«, 
tl»' i" < p" 't ia« ll >l l¥a fcWiy ot Harptr'sanrollmtnt. cootd 
cwpfalniy 4I0 mwett mon tor tt» bwwtlt ot tho 


Primarily, tho laoat* should pubtlclit Itsolt to tht 

studant body. Mmnnq iim« and placas should be 
IMMM:al'<owltit' stMlonts to atfond and bava a vtAm in 

ttwir ffovarnini body. 

Another fietallillillv Is "public maatlnos"'. that Is 
holding th« m«*tlngs in a tMpular spot on campus 
Tht A Bids. IOMnfl« would providt a saaminsiy p«-f«;t 

plawlttba WWia waaWnp.: ittswtilpo|Hito*id»»»ih' 
'Sf udwits af mm« mum of tho day and 'II It a canlral 

"Hviifillfifl" tho cafolaria would sarvo a doubit 
purpaao for m sonata. Just by strolling around 
lOfialars ca«iM.'plcfc 'Up on tliident opinion and idoas 
wtiMat Itta i«iw»tlli»t«aWBi thamsol vos familiar to 


WWIalhar war* dotng this haunting, sanators could 
conduct polls on various Issuos concomtng tttt 
camp«M. Currently . tha Idaa of an escort larvico Is on 
Mit lanalo floor. This vwould provide escorts through 
tba parking lol lor ntght studenu. A twtall an 
nouncameni was madO' to IMs mm ol Iha 'HarWngar... 
If merely gave Wia sanafa oMca antiralon nwmbar 
and asked Interested studMtlt. lo phone In thtir 

The Harbinger dnas raaeh' a good number of peop'te 
and thaannoufictment should be placed in it But wt^y 
alMWW the tanal* expect students to come to them? 
Tht entire concapt would have more of an impact if 
the senate actually conducted a poll on the issue along 
w«illieannouncemenl and showed students that they 
an ilweare In their efforts. 

Polls could also be takon on establishing a real 
lounge tor students, the somewhat forgotten bike 
path, getting better furiililllllBa for the current lounge 
or even work on reopening the snack bar in the 

An effort to reach the students has bean made on 
the part of tha Senate with the addition of the 
sugpatlon bOMCS. However, tht choice of iocaflofi 
leaves something to be desired The main entrance Of 
A Bidg may well be the busiest place on campus with 
people coming and going ail day But naturally, the 
bOK Is facing the going direction 

Senate could also work on gening more people to 
attend Harper sporting events, increasing the scope 
ot live WHCW broadcasts and, in general, generating 
activities so that new (aces will be seen mingling with 
the "die hards". 

These problems arc not new t«' tlw ttiMta and are 
familiar to any collage the racwtt rail^nBtlon of a 
president and the swearing in of a new one simply 
resurfaced them. Under new and proper leadership. 
the senate has a golden opportunity to — -—- " 
themset vas In f l*a ayes of the student body 

LM.G.'s - 1 don't like 'em either 


Tlw senate simply 
Mhalna woka of ttw ft«dw»t body rafhtr tli«t tht 
fmnm whiipar ot a few. 

IMi-intt «» wurir of <ii» iif 
iniy imift it«?hiI %'i«t» to '*» 
mm'* litvaioT)' >n 'A iMMint. I 
mnie acroMt ■ Itlllt rerw lllal 
pniiMtly eaiKiin*. my scit- 
!iii|.riil» nbtrnt th« I'rtntin 

'Thti. •«■»•, *hirli t 
«lK<»v«T»«l hMm in .■ I»r 
.('rrvicr of ll>r Iwdtmm ttall. 
■i,«T«ln'-« mi reiMfrnWanf*' lo 
fAttnt. Hcmmi(«ny Mo*eii*r. 
WuHer ..ljiri:tbM.n »au,l«l be 
IMriilr »ith n>v> It i* nnty 
mm Nns long, bul I am, a* :m;y 
Knglish i*,»i.**T» tirl'<»K ■mt. m 
..xtmirfT <if quatlly. 'Mil <]iim- 
my So Iwre .(i:i»» 

( talclriinjarei, 

t 'hiilr mf,l«'«-i'vT'l» ganil* 

liM I hate Iranian 

mnrr than anyllunR 

t mtsl cn'mlctt tel 'I tavr 
mvn s«n an Immn mrtiir. 
€«ie mm I'"' "* ">> 
Jimmy mniB pi»t iTwiKl implits 
iwti cvkh i'«n'|Kiuiid«^ can ftt>l 
[trcli* M,»l,y 

Pcrhapi m> Incnd' wan al 
icmplmf t» <lraw an anaiiHI}'. 
hfflwrvw vaisw Piftwr*, l( y«iu 
Kit'l. its.iiDi RusAtan tnaps and 
.•.(Kill hiisun tantD in tlir 
Irmuii mtiitld'i cm Ihe tmnk ot 
{he l*irnan ttult So* Ihafi 
imt helluva imiUMTyrle gant' 

Bul Miilr from tht tibmom 
tturimt meaning, my I'nend* 
|.»«m. *!»pt.t lis (.acitettly 
(iretntcd m.Bi>Mr, iKtkls m 
mrn Otntptr meaning t» me Wi- 
lli kmm that Iter* are M 
.\nicrk-am who art tang hrf«J 
Iwitagr tn Tehran Bul do »ir 
rriMy realur ii" T.4<-i'in(>nhii» 
hrmuKtil all l«"liivi."i ihrt-nns. 
into i"ur living r«iin». and m 
living cotar. But tan *t- talhom 
Ih* i.|«i|»ri iwi th«> 'ftwiagcs' 

Vttmt thinking in t«rn» <ir our»dian- tif«»d», «i" can 
rtflamly rtialijte Ih*" impati 
H.ctd rvmtit havr uikhi our 
in o \na. i'i>niiid«>n« Ihir pricr 
III i>ii> rTi.iv file lo CI a «alhin 
i,ht» •ninimtT. »•« tan PSsiily 
tympilhifr »iU> nunclva 

Anottwr g««d "(or intUnt*' 
• tht poiaibililv wl itmtHteT 
mtliiarj^ draft Wiih itw 


MiKK n%'«in u 11 


Kusmunt moving inlo neigb- 
iwnng Alghwitttan. there l* 
viTy real thrral lo out national 

nftMsillni, mor* spucifically 
thf olltel* in thr Arab staw 

Willi:)!' vet twwg hami'Med l>y 
lilt Hmiian iwaatnn 

Cwlailtly »» am sjmpalhiwf 
«"ith th* young nifn land 
*i>mnr I wtwi m.My again ha'** 
10 HO iittrnaiJ to 'defrtitl' 

What my Irwnd'J. vi;rK ha.» 
indfcrtftly t'orced me 10 *.>, tlnw 
o realuif the im.|iiKt of eveni.^ 
that, m first !i,pp«itr to t» totally 
irrel«enl lo my life, and yi-l 
n-enHuilly fore* roe to lalw' 
nnlioe itf «ha,t ic renlly g«ng on 

1. milling buck at the t«» dayN 
tietore the Iranian frinBi. then? 
were evrnt* thai did not hold 
mucti imporla'iice lor Ike 
maiorily o« u». ImiI have now 
Iwrome » iHrnct |>i|wtii» <il 
fifintionii in our Uvea. 

There are, of coune. Uie l»l«li 

rnstii of gat and the punlbilities 
of a niilllary draft 1 have 
already mentionMl And now. 
hKiuite 111 the Kuatian in- 
vaiion. JHere » a ct»nc« IJiat 
Ihe l-ntled Slates will boyrott 
the imut Summer Olympics 
wtieduM to lie held in Moscow 

The tragic irooy li we. the 
I nited Stales. wiiuM have to 
tight lor Iran's autonomy' I'l 
tlmuld our anug<m«ts in the 
Middle Bant he atlaeked l»> 
Kuma Irom the MUlh 

Tht* temp me indimtly 
l«ck to my triend's poem 
Tta-rr are thotie :|>atno«». Illie 
mv friend, who are willing lo 
iiivtio their i-ountry *nd there 
.in- ihiBif [Mitriot* who. like 
mywif, ure willing to give 
tieiauw of their counlrj The U 
ArmTican hoBlagec in Tetn-an 
,ir.- l»>lh 

.Mid It IK lo 'llimi I have 
tWvcaied this poem, whwh it a 
result of imptration from my 
Iriend » |xi«ii 

Violence is red; 

War a lor a few 

Lookout Iran. 

We re gonna get you 

Editnr-m-C'hIel tk'endy t«f inkelhake 

Sr*-s. Editor fete H irklund 

reaiure Editor MikeSlmkus 

Sport* Ed.lar liieKusek 

Photo Edilor. RickKohnke 

Asat tniotoEdltor Ijiri l-ynn triiy 

fartiionisl Mtket:;r«ch 

Buiinea. Manager. f-lndy Ciravello 

Dnlrlliut ion Steven Gray 

HOvimir, , Dorothy Pirovano 

Sl*f . . ,..........— .--... ...... .Rteh Henquinel Nora Norton 

Jul! Realy, Mark Turgeon, Mike Bamhach 
John Partynnki, Wayne Kiendeau 
The HAHHINIiER » tile Maknt publication (or the Harper 
College camp«» immunity, publilbtd weekly except during 
holiday* and final enams All opinioni tMCMaed are those of the 
writer and «* necessarily thou* of thecollete. iU •dminislralion. 
facotty or StullMtt body AdvertiiUig iiid copy deadline a noon 
Tkitadiy tlidcapy i> subieet to editing. All L«tten4o-the-EdiUir 
must be signed, names will be withheM t^ion request For ad- 
vertiaing rales, call or wnle HARBINGER. William Rainey 
Harper College. Algonquin and Roselle Roads, Palatine. IU . 
«0lie7 Phone sir 3000 e«l ««1 


F*bruan II. /««f> Thr Hnrbutfier fage J 

'fhtr4 at a i<iv-|MHl M«tM 

Do part-timers effect jobs? 

,1- -Wl . ««iiiiil»llit« «i«lll**« v.tail«M (rem mtm l„ulty memb.T» .t»v€ ta«n *>"'!»"''!? 

<M% iwrlwini II 

Hariwr »#«r< of Truttee* 

«kl>yt4 |H».(««M wortti o* huOptt 
- ■■ t iht ralMM d l« 
I m i 

Tw!(> r«««ii«B w^tfv |i««n (or 
thr rui» Prtnunljf mm Mmr 
jm'i timWily lo 
lai levy in Wi. 
nmiuaclHt 1 7 S inercaw In I 
(nr rvtry llOB 

TiM MMid caMC «rM due In 


th* Mtiml'* acritmalativv 

Mtrit n^MMtint' AliMsi mm 
tttlllMi dnliam *cr* cut out o( 
1m fctaMl'i I1«-» hudget »'«<1 
Hiirper » «•>«»! deficit e« 
(jrnditvire t* «i,p»cl«l In reach 
lta( fitiurv b> the cmi <>( tUi 

Am wMMMlng taclar iin tl» 
•cfwoli ii)«kr»lliii (Wicil ilwutd 
h* MttHm iiiily f*r ctiil ol 
H-arpfr't nnrrmit' cwmat from 
Hi <tiir#ttni«in . wliik ttw 
schMl'"! mitwin ttmis »r» Bit 
tMMKl Nfiatt in (»» Jtatt Tta 
other one Ihird «»» menu* 
CMDM tnim laxei amJ *tj»t« 
appwrlionmed't Harper 
nre«-*<» JI cents f<ir evwy H«> 

CMx:.a<Kn.*MC MM* 

Even witn no eiparMnc* «•'» 
work Willi jrou •»« Nelf rDu tt*l 
r»««f for worli 

• Vou can oarn • GOOD 

t Vow can ttogln work 

• Vou*ll •>•*• an 

in loday'a •m»ii<«»» woriol 

a Vou can work WHEN and 
WHERE rou want tol 

,...J vilualion (rem ia«o» 

and a fti»d •mmiitt <i( dolton 
fnstn nm »lirte for lenerated 
crifdil tiours 

Miwwer, TtW i>t the tai 
tmrnt* Kimi' lo the ofier»lin|i 
lumi md more tlian tiatf of the 
witlMi money «««• tm penonal 

Ounnd ttie t»7* fin»nct»l 
t-niii. l»«i l»cult» and ad 
miniitr»li«ifi liecam* involved 
in • crMita nf their mn 

Finil. the faculty Wasted the 
Board fiw (ireaking thetr oiird 
In AuKuitt of \wm ■ fKiard 
Idiurr told the lacuUy 
iwniiti«l<ir» that the tay-irft 
< ■'tauM' m (he usacher'si cnntraci 
would he toMl ally ai a tot 
mcaiurc te ili»t **m« mnnth, 
Hariter prentdent John 
Mdjrath reiterated that laculty 
. lay nil* will t» uned only after 
all other h«d(iel cutlin* 
rneinMn» are tined In Sep- 
teinher. Mriirath apin taid 
that Jaeulti lay ««• would he 
uMd only a* a last measure 

Then, rive moiillM later, the 

Hoard aimouacwi thetr d«v«ieit 

i« la|> oK imB.IIMI rron thr 

r« hudnet Since then. 

• ofthoae laidoff 

lacultv memben, have been 
rehired in itifferent positkwa 

What haw been the eflecta of 
ih* t«i \mim cut*'' Fnr <«t» 
there ha» heea an incteaie In 
part-time fatuity And. while 
rnrollmem tas riaeti tlinhtly. 
there has been a sltght decf e«» 
of lull time facBlty 

But ■• the lull lime iicutty 
clamMJd in HOT mil there a 
lack of parity between part and 
lull time lai-ulty' 

■The common I'oelini amonn 
runtime laculty ■■ explained 
iisswiale (>role»»or o( 
pnvfholo©' ••■'■""'' i-Miver. "■ 
that we have nothing againitl 
thr part. timrr» per Mf But we 
do feel there thould 1» more 
(ulltime laculty 

What niivrr u alluding to la 
ihe (iiicd ™mb<T nf full time 
lat-ultv to part-tune faculty. 
»hicti'»»4«> "The ratio." hr 
Irels. "» not corriicl'" 

Lrotta Palmer, aiaociate 
lirofea»r of English. »0m» 
».tth ttitver "1 thtnli we thould 
hire more lull-lime faculty " 

Hul.asotiver pointitoul. 'It s 
iu»i ch<>a|>er lo u»« port 
timen " Palitief. meanwhile. 

tyinpiilhua with the part time 
(acuity They should t* gcttin* 

a twttrr deal: not only (rom 
Harper, t>ul from every 


Neither liliver mir f»alm<r 

*«■ (liiui(tvanl«g«i to paH lime 
laculty "It *nuld lie diffictiM, ' 
said uliver. to run the school 
itithout port timers There »r« 
<-ertain programs which almoat 
require part-time faculty " 

Tve gotten some good 
rrportjs I rom .student* on parl- 
lime laculty. ■ said Palmer 

ttitver. however, does see a 
prohletn in the continuity of 
parl-ttme (acuity "They are 
not equal in what we give to Ihe 
«hool he said "(■'ull-tiroera 
iirf* iTi*ire a* are *>1 tlie sctieme 
(if things ■ 

t»r David Williams, vice- 
pr«at*«it i>f academic affairs. 
II certain that none i>f the 
prehlems that aroae in tstw will 
r««|i|]Mr at Harper, as in the 
current thic^jo school crrtis 
■tA'e try." said t^ftlliams. "lo 
*lav livi' vears ahead of our 
Ixiiigrl He adds. ■ For the neil 
vear 1 can guarantee there will 
lie no m«irrcut» in thr faculty " 

Books will be bought back 


If stwdamla -vant -la rani • 
typewriter or a atenotyiic 
machine at Ihe Harpee 
hootaore they can. but if they 

wan! the store lo huy beaka 
hack Ihi* tern il'i loo late 

Mr* fat lurtak. the 
manafer of the Ijookslore. 
esplaMied that Ihey can t buy 
books back 'Ma« because they 
don't knm what books are 
giMg lo he UMd ncit tarn 

"We'll huy back hook* the 
week of finalii and the ne«t *f«* 
or tw-o tieete. 11 we need Ihem. ' 
lOie said. addMg that the best 

time i« the first week" 
Some of the publlahen put out 

books every two yean, to the 
bookMorv haa M buy Ihe iM* 
edltlanB ilnee the oM ■•••• ■« 
not availahic 

That is why there are iMime 
hooks available on the 'lale ' 
.JhUH lar pMow a» tow -aa » 

' '"'Laat year I briiava me 'mM 
about tmjm mim of bonte. 

new and UMid." aaii M"- 
■ Fwrtak 

All of the publlihert give a 
siuRgnted retail price with the 
store adiling J« percent tor 
profit . and it's Ihe same ivllh 

■For art suppMea. the stip^ 
pllcra five a suggealcd M pice 
and we mark the suppliea dawn 
to percent in order lo kcef 
competitive with local Mipplien 
who order more i|uantitle« and 
( rin t"h.*ri!*- le^ " -^tie Raid 




tt ^HPKR smilElST* -tahrte- HeartsfleM diirina the baad's vWI 
here Ke* HI fpholo by Rich Kahnkri 

OhjOMAws mit Irmffad 

A I 


with the purchase of 

3UDXL C-90 Cassettes I 

Dees Card & Gift Shop 


24$ W. Dundee Road 
Buffalo Grove 






MargarHaa Sarvad by Iha PUchw 

Strolling Gutiariat 

M -Sat Swn-tvaomfl* 


-■■■ Hf tSftSBm • 


203 N Dumon Ariington Hta 256^7075 

Pofff 4 The Harhingvr February It. I mo 


Wiitnai't B'-ftill 




tia rbitcs 


Bkma Drivr 

» am :l p m . 


B»^t Them 
Kun&kji' '* 



IJeiiui- I^Brun 

K piTi 


Asrifw* F'lcdwi 
Film Fwlivil 

ilart m»r. 
'MM««(k' Planrt. 

a««r Maul 

U mmn h p m 

"V BWk Dming Kcwn 




' ■>) 1 1 M im 


There will \w t x-iciicc-fieiiam 
lilm Icclivai Saturday. FM> l«, 
ill irnin. « Ihe l>tn>nii Hdmh. A- 
iSldg Ttw imival wiJI tKgin 
»ilh DARK STAH dir«cl»<J by 
•lithn <"arp#nier ' ,H»lli)we»ii. 
The Fof'. tnllowed by 
LASERBLAST. ime ot the 
s|iecwl rffivu tikicklmtlKr* tit 
IfTT 7». and finally FAKTASnC 
PLANET, • icjence ficimn 
animBled (tnlacy AdniiaMa >• 
Scents Frw Nfraihinents wtll 
be served. Bring Miikcls ■nd 
plltow*. SpoMKH-ed by the 


m Sitiintoy. rebrwary »rd. 
at s p m . profcisMinal Square 
iDance caller. [MM MMun.. vill 
be aUiiiM Uie 'MpMlw JMMi 

leachini tiie 'nmnlwl itqii il 
H»r|irr"» third annual Smiarr 

Dance The etantT will t» held In 
thelmince Tlie <-<»l will only I* 
e at the di»r uid thii. will m- 
fiuifc refrmhmente Th» event 
n >i><>n*i>red by Harper'* 
t'aiholic I'aimpiis Minatry (.'lull. 
Mup tn .Slaidint Arttvitiet a^nd 
VK* up a (Ikir 

N.Y.C. Trip 

dev*l(i|ilnR an Mtvtduai tmir- 
relMwl project wtth Marilia 

SimaiaM. tbr Mwr advimr 
ApplK«li»ni and further 

mIortnatMM un the tour or the 

tour-related project ran be 
sMained t>y ralllnf ett mi. A 
depwM i>r Itnn m ntfurttt 
mincdttlily' li 



The Peettval- Harper College 
Cntiimtinity Cboru* drew* 
memheri fram wvcral com- 
munities in the Northwett 
suburb* Director Anthony 
Mastard» of Elk Gmve Village 
wouM like to have more area 
rewdeiilr add their voirts to the 
dmrvt (>; cr men and wcimen 

Periums » ho miiuld like to join 
Uw Choruit may niiend ihe 
weekly Monda.v evening 
i'«*e»rwil» fnwn ; -i;> in in is 
i> m inilldg Pan Noaudttiont 
ii-p re«}uired, 

For lurther injorniallon 
tcliflMnc AnltHHiy Mutardo. t 
»m M"« p.m weekdays at an- 
an or Mil (ieonge Makas of the 
H»rp«'r f'otiege Muiic 
llepartmeiil at eit SM 

Mitrper wilt iHianaor an I 

week ttiur «l Mew Yurfe rtly 
(rant April H througb April II 

Students and community 
reiMlenIs are invited tn ptn (he 
tour which I'oMs SW iwT per 
'•on The cimI tnclude* rwM) 
trt|i. airfan. Iranelen, (our 
(lighl* at a Arst clam hulrt 
• triple or quad romniiii. • 
theat*!- performanee. a 
hartoiage Rroadwny tour and' 
viail* tn tamout historical MIet'. 
ParlK'tpano may ewn one 
Hi by 


MeiiMi Serviw wlU tpommr 
* a'Hiwil htood drive Weil 

nuMliiy fnim » ii m «n i |> m sn 

tliKim AH'i 

l;>i:in<ir» *t»«uld weigii .ii i«isi 
■ l« iKvnck itnd lie IT yean aki 
t-'umilm iif (luMirs will he 
rintred by ttieir daauttion'. 

mK'M HITSHEKTrelt, 1. 1 

D'liB (■"ngetbeff 
The Koniknticit 
nil iroaitoay 
Timi I'elty and 
(tan iritakcn 


Tn requeit rhetw alid oUMrt 

JiKhribbit Shm 


Htghltn the Ruts 

m Komanlics 



IWimn the Torpetloei 
ilesl. m 

Trip for 

Harper (College students and 
area rtsitteti'ts are invited to 
parlicipule in a t6'day 
Mediterranean cruise and study 
tour for college credit. Tbe tour 
deimrl* from Chicago for 
GeMia. Italy on June » Tour 
meaiber* will board the SS 
Elltnis which will cni«» to ports 
■It Siaiti. Italy. Egypt. Israel. 
Onew. and Turkey The cruise 
ends July i w'hen paruc|uinis 
nay returti to Chicago, join 
other excurtions through llatji. 
of continue traveling in- 

Hariier students participatlitg 
« the t»ur iTuy earn credits in 
Kumamties tts The cwt of the 
tour IS based on shipboard 
arnimmodation desij^ Cabin 
tM>rtlw begin at tl. 169 and Iwo- 
hed cahim are ll..'M» per per 
ton The prices include round- 
trip airfare from Chicago. 
irswfen and baggage han- 
dling. H nights' ac- 
cofnmodaliom aboard ship, five 
meals daily on shipboard, all 
nie*ia aboard aircraft, and all 
ihi|>tioaf-d entertainment. Tour 
mem'hers should alio plan Im 
twdget atM.iut t)M.i lor sb.ore 
excumion and tlM for lane* 
and tips. 

A tlU defKicil i> due im 
mediately to reserve ac- 
CMnniodation on the tour For 
more inlormalian. call Martha 
Simomen or Jack Pageler. m- 

ipHBIi, It * I WMSt . 


student Senate is iK|u.iring if 
there is an interest amoc^g 
'Slwtents lor (he informallon of 
an escort service This service 
will bar for the purpose of taking 
night ctudeinti out tn their can 
iitter class 

II anyone is ititerefted in this 
irrvu-r. please contact the 
Student tienate est 244.. or 
Student Activilica eats M and 


I)eni» l*Bruri, will perform 
ji Harper on Feb l.'». at H p m 
in the new HIdg J auditorium 

Tickets to tile (lerformam-e 
are tl .SO and should be pur 
rhased in advance Irtim the 
Student ,>\clivttie» I'Mfice in 
Itldii A Harper students with 
activity csfiis are admitted 
Iree For infiirmatian call mt. 
:'« or 34.1 

New Club 

Inlerenled mgmeerinti and 
lecbmcal stud«>nts who would 
like to join an organiiation of 

other engineering student.* arc 
welcome to join Hat per s 

Engineering f '.luh The new club 
will h«- meeting at 4 :» pm . 

DM Yotr Forset?? 

G/m The Valine They Won't R>rga.. 

iSusse s 

llowirv t\ (iifi. Inc. 

Ell at Ivergmi 

Mount Prospect 
Fl«twtrs, ulanh « fliftt ar* a»r tpMialfy 

Daily Hours 8:00 A.M. S 10 P.M. 

Call lor Special Holiday & Sun. Hour*. 


Wed. Feb 17 tn mm Dial For 
more iiiformatton call or come 
lo the .Sludunt Activities Office, 



% minor is Zen 


But yon lie a 10. 

l-.spci.ially for 
Valentine's Day. So 
if you've got a 10 on 
your mtnd, now is the 
lime to send him or 
her a very special 
Valentine; The 
FTD Valentine Bud 
Vase. It'll vkork, be- 
cause lO's know they 
de<,erve the best. 

vase ts usually avaiiatM ick 
•ssltiaoltOOO A»an,o. 
iJependeni businessman 
'Oaen F TD Fiofis-i sen hi» 
Ownpiices SwKieeen.swue* 
actdltion'ai Most FTD 
Florists aixaDt Amarioan 
E.i'piass ana oinet meiai 
CTidil cards "ItMOFtonsts 
Tiai«i«ort(] I3«iivery We 
sand tiowars worldwide 

Helping ymi 
S.V it right. 



(.,».. I,.,-,.' 
^k.i.i (... 1 ... 

«(!,.■.■.>. - 

'^o*e 'watiti <.«*Tdtr '»«■ f'Wl»'i 

t lw^i»r-'<„rttj [hfiii ma^rm** 






""TirBd ot ■betnffl 'With'ijui credit, or up ns your neck in 
minimum (lavTiiiiftn'? Willi this book you will learn bow 
to make ttie UOO billion credit induttry jump at your 

command. " 



NtHVVORK NV 1001* 

t'nflto*»<l •• 1 



Allow 3 wvufci '01 it«liwev 





y'^3^ _____ 


MM ljM-»l*l»«»«i«»» 

Lim K.i<*»'"l*i» -IJ*' 


(I*. »»lllitll«'t t)»| I •*■'» l**" 

SI % (IF mmancEOF 
V on lEN's t woErs 


rn on Kotiiui & PKFERie 



Witti Thn Atf 
Expirtt March M 

My aiaMlil MM H 4»lt* 

BUI mm *w" «OT|'.. wr mi ■!■ 

Yum <nM#l « 

•Df I Ml ■• 

MrinMl WWII Mil •"Mil*. 

T» I** imii will »» Miw ••»•. 

Science Fiction 
Filn Festival 

Feb 16 Saturday 
nm Noon 
Dming Room Bidg. A. 

.Admission i 
Free Refreshments! 

Bring Wafikali « 9Wmm 

February //. Ifffi) The Harbinger Paf;e 5 



rn l» yav vcliMiw 

Till »• «••• «■•• *■ 



SIltH Hrvrffl Surl'dAlK-r wifh 

Stianm IxiXlinfi »r J» « •«» •!■• 

IIB « li«l «llm IJMM" 

l"« H* U> •»• l« 
ir ya> M«* ■!■ 

win tm^mt 

WMt I HI ■■« 


firl WHO iKva™ *< MiHm «f nMi i,iiiiwiii»liM 

HI Mat ■•ick irn pl«». ^j]^ imav Mr mml ■« 

lautvmitilaVaManai* _, ,__^ ,^ —• lit 

«• I 

.111 u fw'ttiK ■»' VtMMI*' 
I'M M )m iMf I**"* ■* 

»!■' 'hmd nn-i W-i n »»■■ 
- - Sfcl 

MOM SM* ••.!>!, !««■«€• 1«m; 

l«m lormn™» |in«" »»•«»•» 

To air !«•<>• «■ 
Ijl. Vi. J * c 

mip wmm 

■It rtnkir* ISwirM *•€. *ll#ll. 
I* lAMtl. Ip» mllMiP. m. ama 
turn tm«m^»nKi»m. 

'.S^'SSi. WscittaMns 

riair bcand ■«• »" OaMlyiar 
TMif* MxIMto lor •■ 
aik Mr Mirk 

lini >Bor «< ttixly "■ I""* ■** 
•<jl.i»»l»m tlKUOliic rourMt 
niniiiiMail FlMiMo lio«in o«r 1>» 

taupm. pml «'* •** *'*" '"* 

I.Mk«<| riir mnoleoi W (ly la 
Dmvvr lo ftftt tht Svmmit 

< Bfwplionritfiic. Coppff , K^nCBM, 
A Bvuiii ov«r Sfiniiai Braik <A|irli 
:ird49th I As Han h p wl tili ' 
Conlac-i Pom ' mi tlw Book iuv* 
l ut wno w I'W or iiImmm m- 

»«,ITKF;f* **ITrRS Ptrom.!- 
liiri or oillw* 'V» till Twn Inn. 

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lo( m nw. 
.,ll> . bauM •■torn " ••• 1<« « 
1) Willi or tht !■'•«:««? Portiof lot 
Mil 10 Hl« l> HI* «*•■"« 0( 
laral Br Mnry Lou MulvUilli 

hmttean fwrnm !*mmrmmtt 
rmr«nt tMedmt m> »*»■ 
tiOruayt* SuBinior .!••><» cofo"' 
•MdCltor <nfo. SHEAF AX ll«»l. E- 
» »<■ tm. Fori, Ant*». ** ■■"■• 

1 tudroMii •!«. "1 laumnlloml 
villot* M*ri-h IM (all ]n«n 

tairM|M> >ooi« loiiu"* 'or t 
—-^ lor I I 

■, «. (ooUot lir B-l* •*« w 
inurMMi "> rnnktiK no >ir «< tlw 
i-nonwIK »nti<»trf *» "•« 
l>nMr no inor <mv *mmm •• 
(«Mft»'li»m"»»i>r"*"> ■linVo) 
llolicr ni Ml «!•* 

l>'<ull or i>nn Haio JnntMrwl wnt 
rin. In MMni#M to i« • ni M-K 
ht 10 »l4in CoH W-ilti, 

■ nkMrMnrk 

Frool* tlu«l»ot «iHl corobrnl 

IMloy loaklnll ror rt<lr 10 H».rpr 
(rem slrMm«oo0 on* t»«* foil 
at H4I ilUr 5 » I'M *»k lor 

Harhofi EVitn 

Umly I boaroom iiuxl lor rent 
All miiil . i»rat» ovoUnWt unin 
LocnWil in Sclioanilwrt Cill 

.Mnrttjm m-MM 

rntmoi *• oi» twinnij •■ 
^i><M«oiir>«wit)ilipt Wrhnw 
g^nn^ la Ml t lan-Unw 
iMortnnB 4 doarfuwik. No «■» 
<nc Will tfom LMral tanollM 
A|i|it} 10 iisiMi innt • tngilir 

fViMln ■roomiTHK' n«««l«l lo nJlor* 
nmnlioMH* tlww i<> ttetvor own 
rowm. *Ji'»'h«'r rtryrt U«'iJitir*, 
.>i«ii»Mri> furnifclwl 1-'«H l**r*» 
Imr iwirr mio i" 

CKM cnrt l« I d«ll*n« » »<*- » 
vr. , * » nmum I "ni » ••* 
SoUry ami liny 10 li* I 

Ucullv ami tun Tlw 

iitiiMiiii »iii '■"" v*' 

rinwfwi iMl >F>« M ctarar lor onr 
«Mk iiMly r""**" "*> •" "''1^ 
.iMl (Mlvtrod to Am by naon on 
itK Tu«»»> DTior «o nihlioniloB 

«ll »* » ill run tor ••• to* only 
Anyonr •nftinf Ihoir •<! to alvani 
4«iin mu«l rfoubmll thr ad to tilt 


Many Good J«bs AvallaM* In NW S<itourta 

tref Jiili (.iiun\ihni; lor /Vo.s/x't Im- 

Vuil- Turn- iiipluanls. 

C»m« In or Giv« Us A Call. 



'09 E GoK RoAd 

Si- r,,1',.r.-ihirf3 11 AP 

'mind is on the brink of genius' 

M Mm Mhltct 

"I till I, 


<ir rNnMK my Ma)*r It t 
tIeM oil- ■ " 

II l««tliiil 

thai tiM' '__ 

em tocniliiillli aMi dUltaill » 

a 'WMiiaelly,, e«ii iwi ••«< *«!* 

m Mt <iMtl> Putnam tfuHM he 
MDlciltlMMi M liiiliri ite 
njiYidniil #c4lilMiiilC' .pralM'tains 
MMtey thin'l M IMf-aifMni* 
v«i' in yam MUMftB Itt' 'iitiiMr 

eipiMttMs (tH- tItCMM Hi tMw 

prMrl'Ictl MMl: ■Ml|tirftl Your 
Mmd li «i U» brink td «»»i». 
IS OK l««or •m- 

iR yMir dMil. Uwl 




ky JVU RULf 


■IM art hM amAalk for 

MM fiiu may haw la daa) vM, 
)■ Uvl at lMiliU>K up •tlM-ipl'tnt 
ami 'Ull-ilifHsfalioii imedied to 

Ml a vmy imnwatiw 
pccini logatlwr inlorTnattan in 

itt mhi: my. m •• npMMl 

nia te Ml atfaitvt ami 
palltw qMaNMi. M l gH lit a ly. W 
may ba dilltaill l«r yw » *«» 

On Uw ^poaltiM liit. yoM litM- 
tiw MfWan and latent lo r«r- 
kriUlaiK imiilui und 
ittnni In dtirwrult probteim 

Im (la HMjorlty M 

clMommi tiliU'iMM VM may 
Maw te ilttw taw* «l>« »u»>)t«t- 
ananar linlqwiiidnitls. utlteog 
Ik* many rtatmrc** ■» 

(limigli the asiial raltonal 

pntnaarm Vaur mlmt and 
ymt ablUly far inwnat dm- 
i-mlratmn owitiiBad with of- 
licient wganiMliaiial ikilli, 
lirwvlilt ymi willi i** 
hackgrmiiNl itt ctt*U in. any 
Iwld »( rcMarcli. icMMIIte 
ttiidy (ir anatyak. 

WMc t (ccl Ihal cctmmniai w 
■11 etMltnii carorr clM<!e far 
ym. then are other area* ymi 
r«ild< alan di> very wdl in 
tnglMiertaiE. medicine, healtti, 
nutritiiii). (Md proceuine. 
lashmn doign. niiin.gMnrnt 
mnwlling, iMiitiHas, Wtr'ary 
rritM.nn. or any lidit that 
rtqutria i|iKMliitd tkill nr 
kwwindil* Ynu may rind that 
«iiffeiii| llirmiRh a ||«)v«!rnni«nt 
aiency or tnatitutinn Inr a facial 
caiM* •ouM brttiK ym a Rreal 

•mef* mv lndfcaliiii» in your 
ctiaM. Ihal you may haw been 
MimritneMn a period al per- 
MiMl and eroaliama) »trefa 
IhriMKlmil Ui* pad l«a ycant 
<ir !» Vwr health and cmrty 
Iwel m»v have hien greatly 
<to|)leled W<im«> and tiK need 
tar ad)uttmenl> may ha«e 
imerferod wtth .voor fti**e» 
Tto lime period nhouM haw 
hrougM alMMit Mnwia diangea 
>n yixir periooal vaJUBi. at- 
iitudM toward* «rt(-i»««th, and 
lomu 111 icU-«tpr«aaMin. 

I'm pieaaed to M ym know, 
thai the peak «! ihn itrern 
cyete' it (uat about ovw A le« 
mure miimr lenaiois may artic 
•bK* you shouM be able lo 
widl tail bv mid Hummer By 
then, irel'lef''. v»ur lite should 
take a poiulive turn. bruiKint 

von renen-ed vltalily. optimuni, 
iind many opponunitie* {or 
personal ard inlellectual 
growth Good Liuck' 

Anyoiw wtuhing aalrologicai 
mlerprelaliom. pleaae aukinil 
«p««iflc iiiwtiona along •«'« 
ihe r««|iitreil birth dala la the 

A/Ve mean it, maan ! ' 

.Kaeh .pad'n'nill' 


■nan Remewlw the wonfc, 
-t:»ide".'-C«l","Man-, "llain 
Ma»", nil of »h«b meant the 
lamr thtng Weil "here »re 
many term* which »Te m- 
(amiUar »llh Ihe alder 
jteneraiiona and of lome id Ihe 
Miuncn- people who 'are am 
« iih if 

"We mean it. maaal '■Thia 
nytWI 'is wait ranilllar-mlli Ihe 
|Mf* 'roekers From the S*i 
PiBlal* *ti<id Save the yuwpti' . 
Ihe lerm meaw ewctly *»>»< n 
latk, Ihry mean it What, il 
niier* to i» the shape in whidi 
Emgland i« in today When 
penniMnctng Ihe ttrm, make 
sire ym etiend: the a wiMnd. 

-|»imk". aeeordiig to W* 
■tero illelaoiiiBry. it meami a 
male''hoiw»e)tual in priiaii' The 
MMl loilBy m m.o««i oaage ap- 
lltet Ml « perioo »hi. tiket 
■ekmimlary muitic *nd lyric 
Usually Iht musk; ii very 
prtMili'fNi bM very loirf 

■1»'pr Hfiil it»b-l" Th» is 
prmhi'bly <««■ of the most 
preloumi toyinii by any ft the 
Hfw (•neratwin ol mwwaoK 
ApilllcM'loii IB atnoat unlvenal. 
II can he applied lo mayor*. 
presidents, aulomotnle*. 



hy.MlltE«MKfl> JLi 

-.New *a*t". a term 
reitof Mg la the nnisir athich ii 
miMtt usually electroitir pop 
■Mnil.i«K Crwips sueh as 
TaMM Mamla.. .BO*, cars, and 

•■J»«fl»", m Ihis I* not the 
fomiliar itrm that youngster* 
oit to jump anaind with It t» a 
«nc» that the punk or new 
*a«e dancers do in the ne* 
*•»• bar* and dan- 
alMllt'-IMliMy". Ibis •ord is 
liwt i«y mdi ID the pop and 

Rwd «ln<« peeple say 

■■Hey.tiuddy". iiiiteadol 'he^ 


■ . 1 .etw 11 to Beaver 
nw ym and your 
1.,.....,..-^ ...T." Irien*. 1 haw 
(ound tte i» * real huii «oid 
.i.mon|S<l the kwal nifht diuh 

-Bloektaadr* this wnrd has 
mtl cha'ngetl lo deJlultMin stow 
th« ftrsi time it *a» ftnt used. It 
• msgative »ay of sayug the 
atrsaii Is nol in touch w«lh the 
■real •«!«•. Th» imi»ii- that Itw 
Item » iTii»l «i*rict the 
0-nu|» I .I'd 3!rp. Rush. Af'.tK'. 
asiUM.l.Iy thi' heavy metal sound 
.-.t Ihe mrly »'« The word is 
ii.*nl trei|Mei»l1y when 
ilesrribmg » cult toUowing of <i 
cerwo rbieafit radio slaOon. 
their logo u* *een all *»V'or 

'BiKiftw Boy" ■ lorro 'hir » 
prrwii m'hi.. t» devolKiHi In 
woiuinimry iirms The^ grwii 
Cirvo It respaiia.|ble. 

■-Grown, up" i word 
describm* a person who ts 
«upfM«cd dead, mrthinf lo do 
»>th iidults I suppose the 
correct i«inillon «§ a lombie 
usually a person who has torio* 
jtM what iiie la all abaul 

"Winker" not esacOy a oW 
%«ird but w*ird that has been 
used in Britain lor quite »o«iie 
itmc M has tieen used more 
often tm. that Engliah grou|B 
are more popular. 

iiiane people hew made up 
t-uie short tWle lerma wlildt 
are frequently said m ««me o< 
the new wave clubs 

Would you like 

to review 




Ext. 461 
Mike A367 

Hafblniwr IMTice looalMl in 
BIdg Am Look there tor 
lurther delalb 

Hirth dala for chart 

l..)ste a-LI-M 

Time 3 -27 AM 

l^ncatHH). Boston. Mass 

-I'm kuida wooden" If yon 
run 'Mm Hnwone who tays this 
to yon.. 1 »d»»se' two thing*. 
> irii i-hn k to M» If there IS a 
puiMp It (here tt run away 
vHiinii ii there Is no pulse eaU 
jfi jimhulam-e. Ihis pcnw t* on 

I .iin t TKt IiBihur«eT" Of 
iimr«- ihi-. i» tMH Ihe cbeeswe 
U list It II a way of saying 'why 
vxm t >i)u ilarwe with me"' 

• ^<iu may see Ihts on a 
txithnsim wall'tir even 'bumper 
slickers II means euctly what 
It sayn 

As lur i» I know wonk like 
"hip"- '"gig", "cool", "d'lg «l' 
>.||ll mean thai they »lw»y> 
.1«t But. when he lw« pointer 
(injtitT. are struck logelher it 
means the person t» « 

I have listed moel u( the 
»<>rd.» which are used 
(reijuenlly II you know d any 
more please conlacl me. in A3ST 
.'IT est *» 


m 14 TlCKEiS •»^'' » *- * » 

lefTVUjlfr " 

J itHltIt 




.i«. KiKot • ■!•» Wis' m*n»« »o*o 
iu*«*kO oeowl I* ««■» 

h'rhntan 1 1. I'^Hil I fir Uurhmufi I'lV 

Electronic, heavy metal and pop 

Pleasure Principle 
Gary Numon 

Review "fjii 

. .try f^umiin • 

,in' ifvff -W-- 

Korld, »»«¥ *«'*•• *"* ''"■2 

I. ant lucaiwiinf «» »»)*•••« 

.,...,-< .mi«w-, or *• ray fi1*«x>* 

,,U il, "lnill oul" 

lilic tllk. tirli if til* • <«•> ■'•''•^' 
HiuiuiiR tlwtiUl' it' • «»' "• '"» 

im. Jilt ■Ml*** '"cart !"'**■ "' 

(liMtaisiwiaind' ••»•>• tmrmnl. 
'MHks ••«» •••••»' *««• •»*"• 
«|ai HI* tfrtcmt cfflBlmito <il il» 
jtltwiTi art taiik. W* »oii| 
lilta Hi»l <w»'«r r«»«* l>*f«i«l 
aM mmrd:. «iMI iHint. » (lit pitit 
iiaiiitiKt*. iM (■■«» to tumOm 
tow iM! ciW' «■•»» • ■pxxl *'*«•«'' 
Hul with Wis iiiy»Mc4«ii». •"■"» 
Miitvt vnMw lalniwt Hkr «art) 


M«» m ytml. TMcfei. 


'■iPEriALS ON 

iisM. imittsE I mil. msic hm m puviy 

EVftAlSl $200 LIST FOR IW 

IL. ILIIC 1 tMlill' 

CALLUS 382-IQ10 

wid: roitwrKimm *» « •ell 

nll»ii.iii, ' .fctrptim* . " II »•■ 
••iHwni»tit»l f«»«» i*«i«ci«liii 
tt» tin* tnuMcsi t».|««n ol' i:.i»n' 
Numafl •»! ht* toiri. tormrrlj. 
Tiit»**« Armv Hut fhts njiinf 
w» ilnnvxi ••««■ '•» K<»l««» 
.ilbum,. til* iml)' ro«m«w suU 
MsmMiiiitig !• P'M'l Girttitw m 
<«» fumpln » a ««"« «•"* 
't» churn in E.m(l»™». 
.1 our .m ttif (wwwi,*<;'«"» bt<'«o»« "' '•* 
(WMM *«» fitlKn- !«<»'■ "•« "I 

hM-dgrowKl Tlnintmg •■•«!» to 
!,.•;• urtunii miitKwt ■*•!■ <»"•< >"•*' 
iimioni lUMl MW »•«« ■•>•" ■ 
( 'tm-aw:. Mill ol G»rf iNiUm.n 
Minus -on ■■I»l«in»iiriJ Princip-' 
•mrm In law » fl"» »« "''''■■■ 
.IrumbiHll •it* •«•"•' 

•yiiclinintBWl taw. »*' '*• 

Nuiiw lita- Fttan, Oh«i«'v«r and. 

AtttoMltti (III* iitoin ■ i»« ■•- 

lynciil «>mleiil i» 'mit •» *«*' j-' 
Iteplicak wten Giry aikii llic 
HWk'tit nu««ion '■•»(» frtank 
,,i, ' I* » finely 

pi iHim with !•« 

duiur Aim iiK** Imjlwtrti. In 
nt> opinx*,, «;«ry N«M»n » • 
limm* 1 niMKi' «l» 'I** rawU, 
wrilt all lMi» ««(». «n« »«">■ 
'piaT piiiin', iwytwarili <i«J 
(ii*oi»m<», HI"! *l»«i 10 Ji»*it» 
Ito »llpum W»li,* «"H. »« kit 
mm M itMi upaintnc 


<::.*!i fi 


•,*.'l uu 


Live Without a London Calling 
Net Angel the Closh 

■ -,m.BS, Il ■* Iii'i'*', '*<"*^ 

.■ 1*1 niitmir* luiM'e 

.Mid mart tixwl "< 

itw x)v'«itiii(a» M WmM »» 

.'Vnitrt'u "■tJve W'lllMMjt * S*f 

MsytMF i[ It wiren'l (iir Iwi) 
MitBtT Fnii* DiMiwi biil'feiwtMS 
<«ll r«lllilKil>nt ..houl* f>f ""twin 
Urn Ami(l!:lf» 

[««!«■» '>! nimi-r-»iii«i 
,,nj(«Ti MiiiBtrti'nilji mm, 
,,.„,,: *(lht«t 11 Ki'i' «uuW i» 
jn OK Jittwin 

. •,M-.i;i liiir .inn 

•.-4 rjuve mime 

,, .ill .'4 thi- 

\iii iw I"-' ■..■., ,rr,u\'i im 

\Hi naiTH ■■ •■■ ".■*i 

■iih*'' m"W ■ ■■ ■ ''''-111 

cwrwitly ta 'M- rttk 'f' roll 

world .Iw Slrummtw, KWtor 

■ ■ - ■ ■' itic gn>uti ('!«»(> «Jiid, 

lis. havr Inrgtil wtat 

i' .~ ,i!l st'nui " wtwn 

' !«- new 

!')(>ul)le rffori 
11,;^ r-r«-kn'-. 

Tn» i» »n ui .«}■ itoi. rw;* 
HUiljin art 'Ml|i««IWl: to mmi 
l*r M.oy <,1»* »« rirnefw H«U 
itniJ i(yrtta».i«!r» lilt» *•■ kiw* 
run to»r i.n W.«,<11>M pian" 

.•liffpiMMd '' 

«Bin«to«itly lusi luniK'n <-•<"" '"'■ 

till liwiii »-it.h » iMnnmw. »wl ••' 

■ m-m hi.ii; imlil lliry l«<lf<i f'lUt 

.-cordmit "' 

'...■1 h»» II I"' 

.. entre duuWr 

..rdeil •« tte 

,,„,,.., .,., v«- Ctm«r afd 

tlie U>nit Hcai-B .\iTnii, m d» 
mtuii (tij.i.ii(y ruffly rtaittw 
I'raDi tlK iiii!*iici» rwnnHng i' 

Clf (iwmw. AiWrl, • n*»l kilo** 
tar ttolr wmiwI ()«kI«ic-W»(«. In 
r»<i mi tliti,r tlinr iirwiwi* 
".■i(ii¥» tafnf", -White 
<„m Earth *• It t» 'n 
i'M-j' ■-'" *■'■•"■'' "'"'» *'■•)' 

•ill ■■'• ''•" 

#h"'.. ■ ■'*' "■■"■ 

■•aiKi'l l.*»v.« Mf Uiwfij'"', •«! 
Iil»ir iinall niWiiil.. "Wklt 
ilgtilmnf. " 

DM th.> .(hI!er»K» tetwewi 

i:(«,«. rw..r(t- aiift «•« one li 

■,' .,.) iHi'l yrtlfflg 

•■> ii«i the uluilw 

illwn'B n»ier«n'l r*e«ir*iil«t *• 
!Mnt> *!.•:«» I'wic CwiHr and 

ih» I !«»!, Bisicti Alt™, 

\ngt4 t< tui .a tHM) tiind it 
j,i,!,i ■ 'i,.ivm"l liHiiH « 

'«,,, . >e {|Mtr •nniii. 

«,r, i:.ii virfl ht wii 

rin>'.n,l il'Wir tu 
nuality, An|#'l 


.lullix*. 'in (lie !i. t-'riBlanO wtiich 
ted seen |r«it unenii>i«»jfm*n«, 
II... .■.•nimuinn war with Uie 
ixilici- iiiid thieves, 
..... i,avi.»m.. andtJieteeling 
vcio »i>ii!<l tow If you *we « 

TN- I'liiili .dii«i mm ah«.ndiMi 
•iK t.-»-hi!B» iM- ii» iirnblemf o( 
I,,,' ' Ihiil il 

ti,, .'ji .ill the 

Tiwuh «l|t» wmcn inahr Hi* 
Clmlt fflw* i«ind !*« a (««»W 

■ tan ttiunt IWr 

..luld be poaatble 

.\ li The moit 

[. -■.iinrtUy Me", Chr 

.■hi) iurmtintca 

.null i.iui ol the 

.-•it (if (ad *• 

M,wg r<-mi(M». nir ol a otdie by 

the' M«rv»:l»«et.. m Marth* 

Kimir* wm) the Vai«M:to. 

"Wning Em" B«i>"it" a "*• 
amu'weh m Clai* music e» 
■iitm!. fh»' «K»l bniit» ttm t"»^ 

f tfned Oiverse ■> Ui»» t» 

■. . •tonMrxptar«t«»lIi«Py 
... '.a II It' h «.o.iit,d have 

'i( lill'Wl-llMl 

„,rK Whixir ■mium' 
■ -:,, y«i mlinil, 

::. Ihet'lHlS. 
. ;)t'..uif the 


._fct*«, ( * 


r rjMPli 11 G« i 

Pwi Tint* Touri. Ine. 
ice we i4»J«'i — 

r H V«i.» IK.I. " • 

% "I*, ftw. .«...* « ■ \l 


rw,-. g.irf. null,. Th. Cold. 
(%«S8rv« >tw S«al 'Mow!! 

HJHTm* tO'Jl!i 

I) l.ltl^tl i IH t1ION» I 

ItM »ii»a*vi 
ilWckN oUr 14 


i;<T(,;,ritml, ,««t. 
, Hlock l: III Kt «l 


•¥«rirT«t» tp.m.wit 

1/3 prkct drinks 

«ver»iS»» with 
lunch Pwctiai* 

PrM Roffconi: 

:'# SMHnai-A'g 


frtaan ' %mi4»n 

fISH Mamt«*«« 

Ff|Ttl,l!> LASAO,NE 

Cfitloren II S 

'Htw Sit* Sill" 


,C,MMrwitt.f| tl.S 


Llvt Action FinMllt 


f%« 8 n» HarkiHgar Fthrmrv H. I WO 

Women throw game 
away vs, Kennedy-King 


Whik iMut •liMtanli •nMnd. 
Harprr lavt DcMi Mt tiy the flu 
Dun. tliF wmmtn"! ktilMttatll^ 
learn caufht that draadcd 
■*liil"iiwtf^V ■ 

iWl. UK! 

iNVfiat til wrcrall 
ntm4 'to ?■• 

"We itlayMi MrrMt." latd 
womtK:'! eoaeli Timii: Tnclmer, 
•In was oal. tea ptaaed wUli 
Ite wmy Mt team ptrtmnma 
■We Jutt made im inany tan- 
damcMai mialaka Wewaran'l 
iMwing tlie ball and nut UiiUUni 
•It tlwre In the fiiK tmH «• 
ttnm wvaji atamil *ii or wvw 
S-«i-l"» aMl »-M-l'f In Ulc 
tmmt Mai «« kcfX them m the' 
game with Ine Uinmm " 

Hariicr turviwd 1« first haU 
tinowen to take a 9 3(1 lead at 
haHlinw In the (intt tialf the 
llawki were M m H-oniig bjf 

I W tS I 

The Hawki tncreaiiwl their 

toad to a-M early w the firM 

halt iMit a raah <■( lumnvers and 

a ihrac-potnl play enatiled 
Kmnedy-Ktng to take the taaal 
tor the rtnl Itme IM4 wtlh II 
miiMlai renuMUnf In 'the faint .. 
Hafpr regained Iht 'lead for (he' 
lact twin- when Kathy Waewler, 
|Nil tn a lay up after n tteal 

Ttir«e limes Harper pulM 
■ilhin one. but cinild not keep 
the nwimralum m turmiven 
ateayt put them a step back 
alter mwvinK two §!«)>• lonitard 
The fiiMMat the Ha«ki came 
was when Mary Ann t^rmn 
(wmiecWd on sn inMde alMit l<> 
make the wamt SS-M with 7 m 
ihm'tni Ml Uir dark 

l'[ anynne has a ipa^re lag to 
diinatr they ihould cMtaci 
Mphomore Val Weldnwr 
Weidner «» d the team* 
leadinK mrers. wit hampered 
the w'hde game by thin iplliili. 
Then m rap ihinwii oil ihe 
tufl'ered an ankle injury on the 
■Ime let late in Ihr ga^me to 
let'bark the Harper ottente. 
Detp'ile be'ing caostderably 

■lowed Awn. Weidner still 
ma'na^Red' to Uira* in n pointi 

i lihe the *»y we started the 
game bui basic hindammtal 
mtslakn Wort us . ' said 
Tesrhner. wbooe team plays rta 
next Imir out of fivw remaininf 
ganiea al home ■We threw 
nay a Iml oJ paiaea on the last 
lireak They have to learn to fo 
to the tide, ihen the mtddle 
They kept trvmg to go to the 
mtddle lirst and they ' Kennedy 
King! )ust picliMl off the ball 
Karwi DeMoit played ■ good 
game She husIM and worked 
the whole game Bal they gMta 
Stan playing togrther ■ 

Row led Harper in tcnrtiig 
with 17 points, while Pfaender 
lidded IS and Weidner IS 
Ureon in a ilarting role, tame 
through with six. ai did 
DeMoct Mm logging a M ol 
playing time were Mary Mr 
Tigue. Debbie DiUts and Linda 

The wiitnon take on Moraine 
Valley at hom* tonight al7 p m 
Ihen play at borne again this 
Wnlneiday v» LakeCiiunty at 7 
p m 

IIERK'iiTHI': plan. Harper waoipn'k rtMcli Tom Tricliaer givri Ms 
leam Mnae ln«lmrti«i> ttariRg a limraul. Ixwlilng <mi are lee Aaa 
Itme is;<. Karrr lieMMo i|«> aaii iJnda Amoll ill>. The wenea 
lake all Mnrainr Vallrv timighl at hamr at 7 p.m. iphaM liy liOri 
l,yna (ivy < 

Howks point to notionols 

|-|.tm\(.. <HT 1> Mar> IMh Hark while leammale ('■hMI'V farKs 
helps out during prartkr The women defeat Trilaa lor Ihr itecwnd 
lime this teaxai to emerge at the team la heal at Ike aproming 
NJt'AA Hegloa IV arel The Hawks hast the meet this Nalarday. 
•Mh the Hril etenl to start si ii a.m. The leam. barring Inlarle* 
have aa esrellent ipol al imint (« nallawal. hstinx Ileal Ike iMlv 
athae !•• leaM« Ihal tmnpnr tw Ihp opuamal le> rl VKainsI Triton 
•he wamea hH their kighrsl leam *core ol Ihr >raf lo keep their 
weaea eie'aai., ' nhaio ky KIca Heaaahwi t 


For the ,ne«t week 'women's 
Wymnaslics roach Renew 
'Xellner will be knueki'Dg an 
wood every i-ham-e shr gels 

Heading into Ihii Kalurdiiy's 
\JIAA HedKin IV meet the 
w'cimen carry a record of 7'-0, iMjt 
list 'MInpr IS wril aware of. 
iinylhinit can tuiipen A prime 
examplf t»ing Anne Bernlnfer 
tieing l<ml far the leasun due lo 
an mjury suffered in pracUce 

Harp.T *ill h«»l the NJCAA 
Regional rnrel thit Saturday at 
II a, m Intlldg M The Hawks. 
Iiarring any unforseen 
problems are the odds on 
(avfcitis 10 l>e Ifee inks In ad- 
vance looationab 

The women look a M« iHp in 
uppinfi their odds <« aiKanclnR 
10 nalnmab by defeating every 
leam ihat competes on the 
mplional level Their molt 
rfc*nt win a '7li ♦'•«» X> win ovot- 
Tnlon The set** of 7* 4 was the 
Mghcci mark they have hit alt 
tttwn. showing they are really 
to inake their mark a I 

■"Our g(Ml as ■ tatrn now ■ to 
A> tmr very best m Hegionato.' 
»a>d lEelter who brought the 
leam twck to tile after it folded 
tj»t vear '^We )u»t need to 
isilish our routines The judge* 
» ill he very Wogh al the me«t 
;:i™l will pick tjul every little 
mistake .Just knock nti wood 
no* thai nothing goet wrong, ' 

After a little prodding from 
Zellner. kuthy Blake was 
convinced lo go in the all- 
around and surpriaed hcrseU by 
lakuig first at Triton with a nice 
score of 25 5S 

Kathy k<T>l wiynifl no. no I 
eta't want to do beam tone 
rvrnts in Ihc all around ,' 
towghed Winer -She is the 
type that »ays I can't do it. I 
•ion I tiaM; a chance" but alter 
ir* all over' she'll c*ome back 
.11x1 say 'that *m tun' I really 
liki- thai now 

cm the uneven bars it was 
iiaady ColitkiiHr takint fint 

'With a. »€!«• of 7 J and Blake 
pla'Cinft mmmi with a 6,4 
<.'olglauer also 'won the vault 
wilti a 7 ». a pemmal best and 
il» b«'Bt mark reglst«r«l by a 
HarpiT Kymnast this season 
Hart) l»oivere was not far 
Iwhind limahing ttnmd with a 

tm the beam it was Mary Beth 
Black with a liTS and "I don't 
wani !o do it" Blake second 
carninK a iS5 Winning the 
floor-ex was Black again. 
iwistim ami UnnbHiw (nr a 

score ot «.i5 with Blake second 
In thetr meet vs. Elgin it was 
the Hawk* vs one women 
Blake wnn the llooreic with a 
7 .1, placed Hec<iod on Ihr bars 
w ith a » (I and finished third on 
the beam lor the mghl 

Polvere won the vaulting for 
Harper earning a score of 6 SS 
from the ludges Teammate 
Sliaron Noble wa.s second wl'Jl a 
S 45 Tolvere later placed thurti 
tn bars with a score ol 5 1 Blake 
finished second for the ail- 
arounil with a acnre of n 45 

Injuries key loss 
to Lake County 


If It isn t his wrestlers that 
are out of arlion. it's the of- 

That s what happenad last 
wr«k when the wrwUIng team 
went up against a tough Lake 
I'ounly squad, kislng S-ll 

Coach Norm I^ovelacc and 
Uhe County's wrestling coach 
were (arced to oHicialc the 
matcbet thcraieives The of- 
ficials. It Dcctns. didn't show up 
lor the meet 

Harper woo matchea m five 
weight dIviaiMis: till. 1211. 142. 
!». and IT7 Lake County, 
though winning only three, won 
on points Hi»wever the Haw ks 
had to forfeit a couple of weight 
divtsiom due lo injuries 

In addition to the lack of 
wreallers. Lovelace feels that 
Lake County « coach "was 
calling them far his side I tried 
to bend over backwank not to 

be blaHd. but I don't believe he 
4d that ' 

The Hawks have improved 
physically, with many injurfd 
or sick wrestler!! tiack in action. 
However, the Hawks sllll have 
nobody in the heavyweight 
division and don't plan to when 
ihe conference meet is heU at 
DuPage Feb 8 

Harper can still win the 
conference if they finish firat 
while LiuPage would have to 
finish third averall 

To achieve a tie for con- 
ference bdoors IS a l»t leas 
dilficull The Hawks would have 
to win the meet in order to share 
ihe N4C divisional title 

Although Lovelace is not too 
optimistic about OuPage 
finishing third, he doei feel that 
his team has a shot at sharing 
divisional honors We're 
workin hard this wetk. " he 
■aid. "and I hope the rcwdts wUI 
that ' 

Advice on how to avoid a ticket 

ky RMH HKNllt IM:T 

.•» m tmmti to lia|i|i«n tomm or 
Mm 10 »nyii«» who <Jn»«» 

nMCb. %Mpaimet tiM ihovn 
I naeta it Uic 

■M km nml-IH* 
th» <)iiarry «( a 
■p— iMfcMad to ' 
'•ttni* it allMilt cwtiu to I 
if (mKnfi o* l»<lt " <■ I 
Ma tliMn tptll mm into feor «r 
raar. tw'N tw toit The tltuaUoi 
w « (imtliar am tor Ac 
•rresling olficer Ht'« had 

monjr rahMcisI'* In 
Umlorlt Why not bf preptrfd, 
too" AnlMniatr the prtwum he 
may apply ■«! he ready to keep 
tiHil and u«r appropriate 

rirvl. don't let the ollicw 
asaume he'a curbed a defenae 
by curbinf the drtwr'a car 
Maki nvt ciMUrol of Uw vehicle 
it kept and all manuevers are 
»ignaied m the driver obeys hif 
on*w u> pull over Once «to|>- 
ped. the driver ihouM slay put 
Ml hii teat, get out driver'i 
ticeoM. and atait for the of 
fictr'l aniMdi The driver 
sbooMR'l aili Ihe oHIccr why he 

«a» aMpped. The officer iliauld 
i-xplain Don' I deny the clwr|e 
or aritue or make exoitci He 
npecl* reactiont like that and 
w dtantMi when he doawi't get 
them There have been timea 
when (omeone haa «aid notbint 
more than an occaiional 
monoiiyllaliel durin<i an entire 
encounter The reault a uiually 
a "we'll M it |o Una lime" 
rct^onte and a •amiiig not to 
do It actio 

In usiRi thii lemiitlenl 
technique, be careful not to 
iippcar diadaiiiMl or wilrasad. 
Above all. 


What if the driver haan't 
tikmn hw stack or tat hii cool 
and the otricer KtiU raaetaat for 
his iMMik of citation formt? Cofi 
have been known to dianga 
their minds and put the book 
iiway when they've lecn the 
driver pull out a dip-board and 
start f llllnK out a f om OB tbiir 

If the officer panHls In 
writinK » ticket, the driver 
shouldn't compare what he's 
wrttinK with what the officer i* 
putting down The stopped 
driver might he giving him a 
chance in correct a statute 
nunitier thai docan't apfily to 

Ihe thtrge. rather than iBing 
that niMake in the defeme 
latir. Tl» stopped motonst 
mi#it alao be able to argue the 
tocation and time as mitiflitiiig 

Hopefully the motorist 'i 
behavior and determined 
dnncanor will convince Uw 
guardian of the law that he itn't 
dealing with someone unaware 
of hi* rights Lastly, be 
prepared and hopefully all of 
the ttepa in preparing for 
situation will "get the driver 
oft" with only a warning Good 
luck and watch that 

Vol. 13 IVo. 20 h>l»riiar> l«, 1980 

%ilii>liil Kiiiiirv|..r I ..II.-. , Vl^..n.|turi illlil K..-..-llr KiUiii*. l'.tl,.tiii. Illiii.>i> (.tMM.T. ;»l2-:i4:-;MMK» 


Part time summation: a 
lack of continuity 

Mt MtllK ll\MUAiH 

tl'airtt •! • IMr-p i 

tn itie MMTtMngnr'i aanea' 
on part time teachem. an 

mtenpi In nanine iKiUt die 
iidvaniaRn <ind dnadvantaget 
of («rt'time (ai'ulty from t)» 
liical pa:»nl at adiiimtratitrti. 
tulHmif fin-ult? and part lime 
fat-ull; Hits made 

Tttrwuihout llm series, one 
luiti in« I < an ol part ' ti mc 
l«:ulti n misl appawnt ' the 

i«-li ..I r"..iin>.ity. Pi-n-ttmetT) 
l#a*!'t»r t.ji'wrrni'** M^tfofiato 
who in in his third seimster al 
t1arp4*r, agreej^ with iht^ 
siimmation ■'•ParMime 
(•culty ■ add' variety to p«n,t» <i< 
View. iiMl K'* »■*" IW ••■■ ■*■•' 
diversity " 

Alimg the same limn of 
wmtmutty, there is a wonder of 
Ituw ihr deptrtnienl* keep 
trai'ti Al Kidividwl part-timers. 

Itasicady. the separate 
<trp«-rtmefil» present the part 

(iniers n'llli a syllthuS' and 
ri'iurse (lulline 'Ilie depurtmetrt 
it'lMi stiKiestii which tmik tor 
liniksi H «»e, hut the liml 
'diwMian li talt to the part-limer 
Mnnnitn pBinbt out that. "They 
Ihr Art liepartmeiil ■ have 
eiwn mt ii syllabus and ideas to 
api>n»ch certain ttemcs und 
hiivF iMwn very good with 
supplies. " 

And yet. ho* do the depart- 
mentt know ekacliy what a 
(■art ■timer » accfflin.pUii*iliH m 

■"ITiey don't." says f'aculty 
Trusier I'resideni Wiilmm 
MHIer "The dtfiartmrnis will 
«Tii«i<>u!ly «it lit nn a etas to 
srt him .1 tlMK'hCf' i»nrl», hilt 
(h(«'» il 

"Whai If." Miller adifc.. "a 
leachcr hB.s * had day" Ttien Ihe 
*pa.rl.meni. wmiW iwil h»v.r 
<evn tins teit'hvr at his liett ' ' 

Thrrr nrr. iit course, nmny 
• itiicr >.iluali<»]* Ihai riiuld 
N-Ittll ■ le«!iher during sm-h » 
Mi in and • dep«.rtmmt head 
»t«W irver realtie it Then it 
ran >w assumed that partial 
Munir ioc Ihe lack of conitnutty 
in the pa.rMtm« lacu.lty can »» 
[llBCTld 10 the departments 

rhange "The openness between 
itw fiilMime faculty and parl- laculty ha» gotlen. much 
twlier 1 don't think we have 
th<i5a.nie causes " 

David Williams vice 
president of academic affairs. 

i-oncurs with Ma.n.n»to. 
■Teaching ts not lh«! primary 

vticiittnn for most part-time 
(i-achers Full-timers have 
(ilhrr iititigatlont to an m- 
stilution. unltkr pari limeri 
than 'Htrictly teaching ' 

"B«ing • psrt-timtr 
doesn't make ■ tmchtr 
bitter or worie, just te»s 

Mlliam Miller. 

1 ■ca<eiwlc »* 

lt.aiiiialo. who i* also the head 
of the rellowship 'Of Chnit 
i'hunA in th'Ui .area, agrees. "I 
.|Mw a riexibte schedule thai 
allow* me to produce work I 
wouldn't have ordinarily 
jirnduced " 

Neither Mannato. Williams. 
i.r Miller helieve that part- 
HmtTs lake away treiJi the 
((uality of education Although 
itiey receive different beneftt*. 
inih tiill timers and part Itmen 
must have at least a Bachelnr of 
Arts Iwfore getting a lob at 

"Being a part-timi-r dcicin't 
iriiitic a teacher tietter or 
*<»r»e " said William*, •'just 
less cnnvenient." 

•it :iM!«t fomen down to." 
odds Ma.nnato. ""11 a teacher i» 
.."ompetent or not." 

.lust as there are two sides to 
iin argument. *o there it one 
major advantage tn part lime 
laculty t» argue the maior 
disadvantage And that it 


Miller enplains, "Hill-iimers 
are all covered tiy contract and 
miwl of their benefits are m- 
. luded in contract ' Therefore. 

f»rS timers are cheaper "" 

WilliaiT» nKreea "You don't 
tiavf lo let them go. " he sayi. 

you itel dfin't hire them " 

II I!, this ■ economic 
finihility m Williams calls It. 
thai makes part lime faculty 
moHl advantageous During the 
faculty lay-«iffs of last spring. 
many depart.ments were forced 
to bring in more part time help 
liwause of hudKPl cuts. And. 
with an increase in enrollment 
over (Jill Itm lo the i<m fall 
semester, .necessity dictated 
that more part lime faculty be 
tiroughl in Now, there are «» 
IHrttime leacheni at Harper 
compared lo nnly IR] full-time 

This IS a ratio iil about 7l>-to-9(l 
(wrt-lime to full lime faculty. 
»» where near tlie eo-*. ratio of 
tuil time li> part time faculty 
that Williams has called "I 
guideline in lerms of in- 
Klructinnal cost " 

While the beadcount ration of 
part timers to full-timers is 
almost 70 30. the ratio of actual 
number o( amlaci hours it ttt- 
4(1. full-time lo part-time 

In the long run. there are no 
clear cut disadvantaget or 
advantages lo part-time 
faculty Economics will always 
dictate certain situations, while 
there will always be somewhat 
of a lack a the continuity of the 

tHRPIW mSKf^Tmil ciwch Roger L 
plan durlni! Ihr Hswkt »'-*1 «>»»rliliir win sg 
T»e»dav Harper licad* inla llie \Jl \\ (>ecWi 

•I t'aacwdia Klvrr-Karrsi. fur mare I 
page s. .phoio b> l..ori t.viMi C>«yi 

Weidner scores 85 in fwo 

gomes; women w/n two in 

a row 

ftpr 2 The Hmhiitftt^- Fvhmtm IH. l*tB(f 



Co//ege voters 
show slight 

During tti« past »wo wmk%. Marpw took |»»rt In a 
votar registration campaign Nearly 100 students took 
a ttw minutts out ot their day to answer a tew 
questions and become registered voters While 100 Is 
not an overwhelming Ugure, it may show an 
awakening antong collage votart. 

The II 21 year age group is perhaps one ot the most 
polantlally powerful ot all voter groups But on 
■laclton day relatively lew art found anywhere near 
tfw polling locations A lesson can be learned Irom 
America's senior citizens Once politically passive, 
•anlor citiiens »rt banding together to throw their 
behind various candidates and Issuat. 

0» course, the younger crowd wilt always throw In 
«m "H I can't drink. I'm not going to vote " excuse 
without ever realliing the influence they »re passing 
by. Groups could be organlied, rallies could be 
promoted lor a candidate who favors lowering the 
iMtt age Anott*tr poaHWHty would be to band 
Migathor against candtdalm supporting lagislatlpn 
Wmt would harm the youngw gwwratlon. 

More recently Is the it the draft com«s back. I'll be 
sent to war and kltlad anyway" attitude. The draft 
issue is a goWen opportunity for young voters to rally 
togatlMr and prov* their political strength and 

Young voters may still be politically active without 
participating In ralllas or various groups. How many 
hmm»<*tr taken the time to write their congressman? 

man ttw question was poswJ in a recent political 
science class, a few hands in a good slied lecture hall 
mmm raised; all hands ttelongad to older students 
returning to sctwol 

People should not expact every H year old voter to 
plow into a campaign, but young voters should 
exercise their right to vote While one vote in an 
election may not saafit "heavy ", if Is a voice In the 
local, state or federal working govemmenf that 
ilMwM be heard. 

am-r. again. 


Tiny crowds more rule 
than exception at Harper 

VImi i:( «li*» lave a •■■• 

■Ml IMlMy CBDM* 

A» Itariwr Uiii cwiki hepp™ » 
IM mmm mm iMwy V*^ 
thii*. with liMf cTO«* "«• 
the rukf ttan llw eiiciptlai. 

Tliii »»c« «i« nomml l««ie 
u OK,!' would iiaturatly mmant 
that wtlh «|ipnniim»lel)i l».W» 
rtudnili nmnim artiund the 
{■■in|iu», t«i«l iports tiiiBi 
waild tK »hlt «»*»<• »t !«••« « 

Bui «« Hirixw, iiwctawn 
could br cbtiified »» *n 
il»iiierrd-»|»ci« They're 
there hut ym hive w tank «« 

Iterii*' he* «v «(. it oM the 
rineit alhleiir (acilitlfs In Bldg 
M Everyfine ptid (or «l Ihrough 
ten iMt il »mnm itranti 
iMitedy *a««i to tm wllil Uiey 
paid (or 

Harper sport* leaiwt ■>■•]' >» 
the >!*■ tonterence. a coo- 
lerenre cnnsMleTed to l)e one of 
the (mighest in die »lal« U «•» 
*niM happen <o accMlentaHy 
»and*rinlci a mm »or women"* 
l>«»ti:rthatl game ' or any other 
.port lor Uial matter, ttiey 
*tmUi quickly »•• that the 
i-alilxT of play » mw* l»i»hei 
than hiKti school Many athlett* 
trom the S* go on to play 
m»J»r colieg* hall, wlfxlinf 
Big Ten Pac Elfhl etc 

But. Ihe main thing that 
puole* me, l» that all the gainca 
pre free to student* Ye*. 
t HI' I \t\ itnngs «liacl>ed 

Ml imr h*.» Hi do » walli in. 
talii- » teal " the bleacher* and 
Witch tome ol the be»t »port» 
•ctrnn m the area 

It tahet iwire than good 
plavers <ir a good laciMy to 
liuiid » w inmnn tradition It a bo 
take* »omr (an participaljon 
the filth roai» out there to let 
the playert know they aren't out 
there (or iwthmg 

It <wt» no money to attend a 
Harper athletic event Here ■■ 

From the 
desk of 

Joe Kusek 

one thing that student* caiinol 
rempUmatxjut With Uie ganwa 
ttot taking an) weight Irom your 
wallet here i* a perf«t op- 
portunity to take a dale far 
»ome eacellenl entaflainment 
and not *l>«nd * !>*"■>> 

Tnie. many people work after 
cla»ie». hut it wouM be nice to 
set »oroe new (acea Imlead of 
the %amr 10-15 student* and the 
handful at parents 

Here i* a perfect chance lo 
see two of the lop ncorer* in 
lllinoii. when the women take 
on Thwnton tonight at home, 
•ttarting at .*> p m 

Instead of comptoming Iww 
dead Harper la. ihow up and 
start maklaH the diaage wMh 
yauraair Baing aaaodalad with 
a winner begin* not with the 
player*, but you the (ana 

Be there Aloha. 

Editor-in-Chlel Wendy Winkdhake 

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Tlve HAKKIKCiGn i* the •tudent publication for the Harper 
» c.,np» «»nmunity. pubJl.h«d we*y ^^JT^ 
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Lgffers to the iditor 

Fehmiirv IH. t<fH(l Thr lltirliin/n'r l'af(» 3 


Student compelled to speak out 

Tim I* the (M iliM I tmit 
mm urttlcfi to » paper It i> 
fiiimettiini I liave alwayt 
•antwl i» ila, iMil iwar 'iauni 
Om tinw", iMhr :lMikliig almit 
Mr Lacli«pf«4't article all 
mmk. I flad mjiall eomiiclM 
In (unili out. 

.Usi w'Mt . he wrm» ait article 
rnttlM. War A 8t| Buainoi 
Like An> I'arpmalt En 
tw|)rii«r In <t. he «pok* <K 
|irw« H« nifninetilcd that Iw n 
eonvinetd Irmn lila Iravdi thai 
iht pcopto of tbt wnrkl want 
paaioc' Ttni ta vnry rtlrtahlim 

Jomieson responds 
to Feb. 1 J article 

I. iarbara Jamietan. a 
handiCipffad tludcnt with 
rarabral Palay. wouM Uk« to 
rmftml ta tii* article written id 
the rahniary IIH) laaue of the 
HarMapr. IMIat' rliU tn the 
nmJMana at Vnt wall* 'between 
Bulldint r and Buihting A. an 
flw iiartkular day I called lor 
aaMUm fmn the Health 
SliiincM' llMi wjiitat iMSTB fwl 
mdyiliMnylMt quite tlltipery I. 
net Mag llae oily luMUea|i|ied 
pnan at Harper necdtag help. 
Ttafc were nlhcn in the unw 
poaitian I «ai in One |irl in 
liarlietdar in i wheclcliair hMl 
received help frwm Lenore tram 
the Women* Cetiier Lcmire 
tillered lo help her becaiiae of 
the !illp{iery cwMtittona Tlila 
iiMtc thu Kirl takaa tn BulMng 
A ii the Mine rnule I lahe 

Hiw»»*er, when I called for 
help. I Willi told the walkt were 
clear by Lit McKay and 1 ilMuM 
proreod alone Being cauUiiai 

of 'Ihe mndWiona. I evmitM% 
I'ail nil 'i i ai l aiaiitaiitw alao ^wm 
l«nori. When I retunwd tn the 
man huiMttt. I then ca^Ued my 
oMUmr and MM her atmul the 
Mtuatton She immcdlalel> 
called Health Service* an4 
talfced with Ms. McKay At? 
cofihiii I* thC' •laMiicnt in it* 
pravioin aniale Ma. McKay 
quoted my mallMr fUBim tly' 
hy alaiina thai ' 
te«tly (Hi 
venallMi «iii ally (Mtng. liial 

i( mndtltnm were cumplclKly 
normal "BarttMr can allMipl 
the walk henclt " With any 
type of now, we. ahiih or wet 
ronditionc I would like to have 
my dauithter receive lome 

Does It Iwjrt to HELP' 

Ml McKay's other quotalton. 

We always try t« help out when 
we can. tiul these students have 
to try In cope with some id the 
problemi of real life " Thit may 
t>e true I think we m han- 
(heapped people do make i 
itrnuine attempt to "cope" with 
miiny probtcmt and do very 
well With what we have, 
however, iuoie problem* are 
lieyond us to "cope" with which 
nuikn m lun> lo other* lor help 
IJnkna you have the handicap 
youmelf. no one known how far 
yoo caiJ gf> or "cope." 

Ml McKays third <)uala. 
"the li toady and-reachirqi out 
.liir people" Now (ta ia an 
wiai.lM flalatncnl.. it I were 
lantty and raacMiiK out (or 
peopio I wMddn't be ln>« for 
ihem on tlW' Mtewatkc If the 
were aware of my activuio and 
tnendi the would he able lo la* 
I hat my Itme n very M and 
hapiiy Hccauac a peraon ia 
'ihlfereitt'" doean't mceaaariiy 
.make them. 'Iwely" 

Agatn, I *•;. I strongly 
hcUew Uial It ■■ Ume dial 
pcaple enme to the aid of Hie 
taidleappad whan they "tniiy 
need' aatlslanct" 

Bartia.ra Jamicaan 

ctttf ntlon - c#/' 


Mtiiiii UNI XlCKEtS ''^^^'*^ 

Iby 1-4 

rhi^trt fkUtU or Jjporl- fjcMcis 

'"™ - OSCftR-TROn 


,(•*.'•• I«W» 

Groncf Opmning of fh® 

l».reeli Village House 

Faatwrlno a variety of SaMg, 
$«ntf«vidt«t., Sttaks, 
toft SMclailtlM Kk* 

mmmm. Egg ttmon Soup.. 

AMouMiiia, Patltisio. So* Iwaa, 
SQhM •Urt miK'h woro. 

Ononl d«y» a wMii at 1 1 a . nt . 

Oil Rolllfif i 

Oh MoiMan Witt ttis atf 170-9718 

Idea' I )u*t woMler vhat 
rounlric* he vvtled to find this 
nut Were they t>y chance, 
Northern Ireland or F^leitine'' 
l>r maytie perhaps Afgh- 
anislan Iran, Africa. 

I'akiiitan or any of the otber 
doiem of counlnca in the wnrM 
who will leel the direel cfMct of 
war rigtu itliw Yet, the paapto 
of the world "all aai 

I happen to think that we. the 
people of the United Slalei. seek 
world peace ai well 1 also 
believe our government ac- 
tually hclievea m that concept of 
warfd peace Perhaps Mr 
I.ockwood the I.' S should take 
the lead and lay down our arms 
to show just hnw willing we are 
to reach thai pinacie Perhaps 
we should ca»l aaide mir 
wwaponi and imtead drape 
ftowors acroaa our shouMcn 
and sing out how much we love 
and trust our fellow mankind It 
would be mtereating to Me just 
how long we would last I 

conaider mysdf an nptimiftic 
perwn. Iiul I w outdo I give ut 
longer than tS houni More our 
fellow mankind would be 
irrawllng all over us Not to 
congratulate us. hut rather to 
kilt Ye«, kill u» 

Vflu alio commenMl abMit 
our country Mppnrting FaKitIa 
governments all over the worhi. 
Could the Russian invasion of 

Afghanistan be perhaps a Jolml 
i'lA Kremlin manuver to 
tM>Mer iiur sagging economic 

s)»tem'' Possibly, maybe 
Mickey M(m*e i« In reality a 
Itussuin .«pKy its well Just thiisk 
•it oil llie revenue they receive 
m Walt nuiey (illBS 

Vou speak about the 
obliteration of human life How 
about thr suppreraion of life 
that 1* going wi m Communist 
oiuntries .ill over the worM 
Wtuir do you think wnuld lumpen 
It we let the Kuuians run iin- 

cherki>d throughout the world'' 
4u.1t tinw nmiiy professors of 

Humiiiiitie» i» ynu think there 
are in Husaia'' 

Vou nee, Mr I.ockwood. t 
support my government And d 
It nmris 1 might have lo riak 
my life lor my counlry. than I 
shall Not because I want to be 
soRie kind of hero, tiut faecauae I 
value very much that ideal of 
world peace And I want lo 
preaerve that ideal lor ihoae 
who now have it, and to acquire 
It lor Ihoae who seek it 

We all have obligations and 
clutie» as citizens Like the laws 
that govern our society, we 
cither follow them or suffer the 
roiwequences As (or the draft, 
Mr Lockwood. 1 am reminded 
of the words of a lamous saa 
captain "If you can't ride my 
ship when the weather is rvugh. 
than yiiu don't deserve to be 
aboard when the seas are calm. 
Please, get off my ship " 

Jerry Huichunon 

Has the melting pot 
burned out 

Han thi* coimiry bacnma Midi 
a melling pot that there are no 
Americans left' ]■ this 

tolerance or is it croaa 
negllgMiM? .Nobody likes war 
Nobody Hiaa !• internipi their 
tite aiM perhaps di*. but that 
lias never prevenM war Why 
anyone would chooae to be 
killed rather than fight it 
beyond me. I was always 
taughl, and ha«« come ta un- 
dtrttand. that i 
more importaiu 
men al the caat at daatll. 

When sanHliai%t lalli' me :|liiy 
would go la Canada ar tan a 
draft caril, I aik myiall' Is Uila 

would do anything he had li> 
rather than harm another 
human bi'ing, or is this peraon 

!>» Ignorant that he thinks he can 
*v(>id the war, return at the end 
<>( the war. and continue hi* life 
totally uneffected by the out- 
twnmf The draft does not 
neceaaanly mean war Its an 
rsieniiai i-lement of a 
physically til country that ia 
alert, prepared, confulenl. and 
capable of interacting in today's 
world What could be more 

I've beard a rumor that if we 
step ap our defense via the 
draft, that Kuaita will be trf- 
taMM and thai «« will have 
pnmliMlwar I pemnally hold 

a lot iif respect for a country 
ihal displays its integrity 
proudly through a strong solid 
Unvcrnmenl To roe, a cotmtry 
that appears to be on the way 
down IS lacking It seciiu to 
invite not war tmt invasion The 
I' S can I ct> on a reputation 
We need to Mlidify once again a 
nation with one of the most 
impressive hiatories in the 
world This must be a united 
effort, and doca not include 
rntertalning each individuals 
preferences It means the 
government of the United 
.Stalet. elected by the people for 
the people, must be able lo 
count on the people 
fUll I 

Draft decision 
awaited anxiously 

Mow that PreaidanC Cirlar, a 
wppirier of lb* Equal Rfglila 
Amendment has taid lliat 1« 
and » years akta of both Maaa 
are to be raglilarad, t await the 
I with milted 

Htaantmeni Uial 11 ia mc, a tf 
year old cannon fodder, not 
someone over 3D Here, when 'we 
are to begin our bves do we s«* 
them come to such an end Pear 
that "It" wiU happen lo a 
Inther I diin'l reqicct heroca. 
It IS merdy luck that ktepa 
them alive I reapcct a penon 
that will stick to their values 
they are male or 

Kiteomaadoamiobeing pa.rt 
of a war to achiavr equa I rights. 
than I wdl slap cheering for 
their paaaagc to oader lo live my 
life ai a | 


Piii^ I Th' Hmhingt^r fV^miin /«. /'W 



Eilt iJiuMtiiRiR 
1 i'2 nntm. iM 







Mini wmrert 
Fliilf* I nttnitcd 
12 r. pm . P'»6 

|»"ilm The Inbwt^ 
I p m J l« 

Hav* fw' 




All lacvltf. •latl ■.■Ml 

•tMlMit* MM i»«lM' l« m 

IMMiawy a ti 
Ml' A HniMiW M: '" 


SclMMMllM'rg «lll hf tlW 


Hariwr rollagt CMi tlM 
MtwMlMl* SiaatUriiin and 

CWi - n«t Day 


''mutpM 'inWt, A. : 

ImtnctlMi. vtU lM_g«wi_Mi 


•■fMf HlllHa'VlK lit MM W 

maiWN 'tiM 'ftrilc'ifMii' 

%ii<My lyitam" otll bt 

MianiiMl for mutual ■iwpaiil.. 

EilKallM : *iwii> i * i ' OMn. 

mla 4M. 411. W 3M. 


The Kftritf; CMtge Cmt 

Mradiiee a 
"Nuclaar Pnwtr in IHimia", on 
Timdaf «miiifi Irom 7 UtlMI 
pm rnimMairel>4thniii«liMar 
4 Tte class will maM a 
Buildini I.U) 

InalnKliir (ar llw' eaina ia 
Catfeeriii* l)«iln. autbar. 
apafeir. and 'ra i ai irth dtractnr 
fnr p0llatton and Kn 
vironmrntal Prablcmi. Inc. 
if'EP) of Faialin* Tlw CMirac 
will (eatur« Itlmt, tlMa 
dvidaMlratlons, and guaat 
iMtiwrira 'praMntiat the pna 
and' fiana of mictar tncriy 
Taplc* to be eo*«rtd includr 
Mala and. Icdaral lagialatMin, 
a|pnl (uci ilnrage. cvaoiatian 
naitann plaimiot (or 
r aecloanti. naclaar 
I litaltb 

■ml flflaiii on I 

•■Ml and 

Ttiitlon for the counc ■ 
titan enroll by callind Uia 
Continuinc Education Ad^ 
m i ni a m i ome* at «it 410, 411. 
or »l Partldpanti wlU be 
1 by mail 

Activities Motivation 

Th» «im*dj »i>d im 
pni«it»lM»n itrwip, EXIT 
iJUfCMWl... »iB l>* apiiiwnnf 
i at nanift in Ilia laumpp. 
II tac: S#aii' 
I by i 

liturgy i*- 

Eni»rtainm»nt '«» diicimmt 
<rou|ian boobs art available tn 
■lie Sludcnl AttivKMs tifficc. 

MM. lor tmm 

Fr«a Ltagal Advice m available 
far Ha»far inidenti every 
Widiwa*ay Irani >'«•>' 4 w in 
Student Aclivttif» (Mfic*. 
Mat. Ad'va.n<:« retervalioni lo 
•lib Ihe lawyer are 
racanaendcd Mate an a)*- 
pNMmail HI the Student Ac 
IMIMb onka 

ran Thaatre Tldiati. load for 
admlaalon al Waodfield 

Thaalmi and many olMarm. are 
available in ibe Student Ac 
tivltMa (ifflcc. AXK. (or nw 
•adi Umll of lour licfceli 

!ifrta|| Sladrnt Arllvlti* 

t alendan are avallaMc free of 


The Cianw Rooni ■ op«> an 
Mnnday ibriMiibTliurtiliy fnim 
tlWan until* Wpm. and on 

rndayfrainf' <H«UI:3a 
pm Ticiel* to all ibidail 
ictivitj pragramn may be 
purclia.«ed m ibe (.iaroe Koom 

■fIcT 4'.N. |>.m . a.nd tliidaMla 
ma J piai billiardi for onljr U W 

IHrhaur. BntoyaiUidy'braak m 
Ibe Came ReoBi. lacalad an llw 
lliird nmt of KMf A 


Stadentt muct pelltton (or 

gradMMo bf Maitb T In 
qualify lor » dofrt* or car' 
tikaie ibit tpnnii wmeater 
aindcnta can oMaui a pelitMw 

Irom ilic .Admiart— (Mfke 
I Buildloi A. ■ 


(.Ml Satardiiy. Febmary Srd. 
St I p n profeaaianal Squre 
Dance caller, Don Johnaon. will 
eatMnt Itia aqMrea. and 

jdniH uie aHvntlal iCaBi at 
Haqicr'a tbM aanaal li|uare 
ttancc Tbrdanre will be held m 
(be lounge The coal will only be 
n at tbe door and thit vitl in 
dude ralraabinant* Tlus event 
it iiMinanrMl by Harper's 
f allliilR Campua Miniatry (lub 
Stofi by student Activitia* and 
pick up a (Uer 


Studenta who definitely plan 
10 iramfir to Western tUinoii 
ttmvcnity. Maramb. lUimMa. 
lor Ihe (all Mmaatar will have 
the opportunity 10 advanet 
nsgtitcr lor claaiaa here an tile 
Harper campus Thii is Ihe 
etghib year thai Ibe Admisatons 
lifftce at Western Illinois 
University ha,> offered lhi» 
service (o Harper studenia 

In onkr to participate m Uits 
advance regiilration, (be 
ttudenl 's application must be on 
file at Wedam no later than 
March 14. inn AppUcattoaa 
and further information is 
available tram Ray Hylander. 
CouMclor. in Bldg 1)17 

Hariiar will oflar an all-day 
seminar. "MMIvatlon". on 
Tbunday. tram »:m»m lo 4 
p.m The ncminar will lake 
place in ittdg Aiiia 

."temlnar leader WilHam 
.ledlicta li aaaiatani prafanaor 
m Harper's Buainesa 
[ prasram and bM 
I seromani for scwcnl 
suburban rttrporationa tn 
*Mollva(u>n " Jedlicka will 
diieiM mottvational lactailquci 
and (heir appllcalian 

Tuition for tbe seminar M 
ITS M and includes lunch 
HefuttO' in advance by calling 
Ihe Conltnumg Education 
Admiaiioiia (Mice al eila 410. 
til or Wl 


The Harper CoUagc iMlibile 

III Manatrmcnl Devtlapment 

will olfer "Ap|va.lsbw Per.^ 
(omiBnee Ohjecllvea" on 
WedModay. Inml Ma m la 4 
p.m Tbe seminar will (ahe 
tilace in Bldg A Hla and b 

Smtinar leader Randall Brett 
m Bini^nyee Relations 

management, supcrvialon. and 
romultinR This seminar will 
omceiKrate on tcchiiiijiMa lor 
giving iKith negative and 
potitivr leedbatk lo subor- 

Tuition it I7i 00 and inctadaa 
lunch Rrgisler by calling the 
Continuing Education Ad- 
missions fWlice. exi 410. 412. or 
,<MII For more inlormation 
a'boal the «minar. call, exi, SW. 

avarv Tuts, ♦ p.m. fill » 

1/aprict drinks 


everyday with 
Lunch Purcha** 

FfM p^corn 



PISH Honxmaoe 


CMianntlS » 

"New Bits Siie' SSSII 

CntMlrentiw fj ]_ 

Live Action PintMlls | 

MnttJioonis BA^moTOM »ouAmt 

ciMc«t*-*am'tM« Hvnmaii (•••<•■ a^iraai m emwcct jat nn 


Os'r titwaans ar>n>iii;is'ai>4jse nvi» aifwsiM <«> ran mttmoftMurn 


Niecww n r MM Orttat Put. JIlim tniMa» asitwa 

AAulvihill authors book 

IStllBUttll IJPIwMMMBi". 

In Vmt alMiM: IhHn, IsHi aboiit 
tiMan or mm tcaclt a clta 
MtimA Umm Bat. Or M«r> I.IM 

DtMaw A Syclamtr Ap- 

|ir«*Mrh". i» i-iiiTei«,ly in Bit 
protlw-ttM *tii.||a wMl ilMuMI tir 

a«*>tal>l* ■•■ncUiiic MXl 

MiilvilMll. wlw tm m^ at 

llwiitr l«r ttglM yaam 'Hwt IwT 
Mctuiv iMMai at • 'tatia tm Om 

manuiK-nDl and claimft (tot iilic 

ran into m> major 
iltinnN tto K'tual wrUinf. 

I think the fact (hat I m)ag 
hNTtunnK and kuve teadUni 

tMul* a <lifrar*m«." the immi 
I cwtami) ma* under ftmrnmrr 
U> »•«( MlBt daxtlinai." 

tHa 'Ml !««• bmk cMUi'Ma 
M.u(ly ftsiiilni and gliiMUtrici 
votMn ewrh ctopiOT aiMi iMMnt 
Ml illuatralltmi 

■Ktiit lilt m nMgit art. ttm 

if'hr (MititiiilitiiM ('Irni Mad ar- 
liati nfum it Most <il thi! iilMita 
ar* from Nnrtlntcat C'lmuiuinlly 
Hotixial. " tamincntcd 



jmiKE t mm, msr mm w PUitY 

EVM-15L $200 LIST FOR I* 

M. am t wmm 

CALLUS 392-11111 

M imt hlonhwesi Highway 
Affmgmn He/gfns 
i Across fmm fe//n»d Depot) 

Thr wMc iitoi. <if wrtting n 
booh eamir alMWt when the »ai 
)infcin« (or Witllaokf tultablr to 
ttodn* tlial itie waa tmchmfi 
I (earh BUhtf \» In 
trndiK-tMwi in M:unia« DiMast> 
and I wa* toV'inii a harti dm* 
nm^f 1 cnmprvhrmivr iMik 
and me thai wa» •■nttirn tl tht 
afpr'ofinatc rcadtnc Irvd," (he 

TritlMHik after leilbonh 

cMdiany aflar nmiiany. th« 
raioM not Incalc ttw rigtit tanak 
(!»■ Ilia elaia. Sates rejirewn- 
ijtivt* l(Mm MlMfd If sh* »«iM 
tH- intmlMl in wntinK Editors 
(r«n ttM' RoJwl .1 Brady 
puMmtiMii firm, a mlKidiary 
i>f l»rm(lc»-Hi«ll wliirt <laalc 
with Inotts in the allied heatth 
fields '. rimtacled Mulvihill and 
sstieil (or » nampte' <>l her wurt 
Market rcseanrh btitan and Uw 
wntimi MHin (oHowed 

'Thai'k htm it all camt 
.ilwut." tauRhcd Mulvlhill 

She m* only took a tystemattc 
Iwik at dlwiaict tout hmk Uie 
wine ainiraach in her writing 

She take* diseaMs at Om 
various »y»(emE then 
-tptctficaUy related Dieni hack 
t« the matfuncllon or the 

"I lliink that It i» very coni- 
prcheiulve but not nvtr- 
wMminii. " the itattd 

Extemtive reading lied ta he 
itanit h«-<ore the writing proeess 
I wtd tiegin and Mulvifaill feck 
ihiK ihit ixnefltttit h«r 

Frovided that everything 
■liyit m uhedulc, llw hook 
•iiMiuld tie avaitabte ntit month 
II oil I lie tn |ii|perba€k form 
m^akiitg It at(ordal>le (a morv 

"f taipe that it icrvea the 
puriKai* ftv whkh I wrote it." 
riinctiided Mulvlhill 



AM/FM Stereo Receiver 

Th« Only W«y To Innprov* 

QuMlS-UeliMd Tuning 

the tipeiK 

think Quati'- 
._ ^ -, Idikeil Timiiif 

^ n llw hell in the 

butlnc^^ V t)nk*o maile il b^tlrr «iih (iilc(i*ie<l 
■.iFcuilft I ling lJ^llnll. iiiol (ynnini ..omiHiici nuali 
ly It'* Iraprovftl -i'>lm| and added tHmci wo, iO 
i»al,("i per channel, minimum HMs, ." H hIkih both 
chanwK 4riveii from 20 Hi lo 2(1 k H/ . «ii li mi more 
than 0.1% U»ial harmonii di^Hidum h'ftiticno' 
mpmm lS-30.(m H,» i ••• i dBi , And ■ hm of 
ol,llfr iinpfcwenicnii al Ihe same to* com. Sec « ••11. . . 
mt il MMM. 

Sfwclally Priced forfetmiary 




tfhniitry IH. I'HUi flu- Harhinftfr Pti/cv > 

Health services 

Stck on WMlneaday where do 
you find a doclor'' Try the 
lolleMe phytlcian located in the 
Health ServKie BIdg A Mt2 A 
(itiystnan is available to you at 
no charge every mnminiE Inil 

Tills service m made 
available froni the Health 
Scrvict* budget and »tudentji 
•Ktiviiy fee Thr phyiiican can 
irrai .vou. write iwoicrlptiam 
liir mFdu-aliont. laboratory 
lesti. s-rayn and refer you when 

Cnmprehentive health car* la 
available from H IS am to l« 
p m Mfindays ihniugh Thurs- 
(lay and (ro«ii K ii » m lo 4 » 
pin on Friday Kefiatered 
mirwsi are available lo care lor 
yiHl during theiM' hours Vou are 
able to receive free tesling 
-.erviciai for mtmo. pregnancy. 

lufaerctiloals. strep thraat and 
venereal diseaw during thew 
Iwurs V D is also treated free 
iif charge in llie Health Service- 
All services are completely 
( Miridrallal. 

Vnu are alao able to receive 
luin prescription medtcaliona 
lor ciildi. ure throati, coufih. 
hay fever, upset stomach, 
headaches etc . simply by 
Mopping n to sar one of the 

A raal araa is available if 
yjw're tired or ill Ju*t come m 
and lei Ihe staff know when you 
• aiH to gel up 

These and many <itlier ser- 
vicis are available in the Health 
Service Sta|> in and see the staff 
when you need some help. 
Health Services are kicaled in 
A :iG!. next lo ihe Student 
llevelopmeni (enter 

WANNA WRITE? Contact the 

Harbinger offices at 

A-367 or Ext. 460/61. 


Mwlnitii, iK-ulty .ind •lalf Hit 
M«KBI«iI.rll «ill run your 
riAKwrmt: U'll frw at cil«»rar l«ic omt 
>wt nnly |iri>*«M. IKey art lyfMl 
M\d ilrllvrr*)! to OB >>> MW m 
llM* TuM4lii>' prior In (luMlralMMI 
Ml iiilitoillnfifiiriw miit'Mlsi 
Anjrnr •■(iiilf Ifeell a<l U fft 
nfBtm TKmt rfmAmil 'llw M 10 (lit 


Imimirft »na bwaiMMMRi m the MW 
tutMjrlM Hnrl buytrnd t;hir prtcw* 

HiHiin I. hruM^k nut your liglttH tiul 
tkw>' wi(i iiiicht up vflur tvm < «ll 
WIrMhiw* Flpi'trtr IvOuy So job 

KM! bi4t m tn) imwVI Wk-47H < "aU 
mm l«r -« I'm tstimntr 

Rariiry, I kmif'ym', Mr "t*" 

Fwrnwi'l* '«iiiiii(lipn<i '•'itlh 

piMy biAtfiii tm nOt m Hmrpm 

V'lIM nUet ^ m VU Arti lor 

V'immy rtiH'win.tTMii Ur mwvhMl In %tmrr 
r lM«il<r«wkim <h|i> >wi imtriuttwinwi 
viiuiu- mwvh HI i wi> mmm 

ilyl I 

■ MN'l:*rm«tii«i»« 
.■ ■MMTMi' iKfjNirr 
fMprtm ycHiir 

tin- yt t---'. \. -.rTtiMum m tdw 
H.Milh!\<-i-.K '" ■ fii!Mi.*lti**i »«M 
f-'^MM' hntro, Urn tmAy a Itnjt'll IJW rf 
I'NiM ta"»nrr i»«»n*ti«ft<lh' ftfiatft ym %» 
tr IM-«»p Km. vwMT ud i*t Am m Km- 

for Sale 

Neip WaiW 

stt4fii|:)<i>iK jiiKAiinijtiii Sma lull Umr 

ma Ui ikkMBt m tMCkinR. ibi|i|Mntf, 

ianH mtMlH'iii nKirttnmt & profll 

'iblytrium twnHiftK A|)[iilHi;anti plMtte 
• #11 ■inimn* rjKt u Sijiuiire 
r<j)f».w4«i:| . Ml i"* 

Will McUffl Ktundincv with 

%Jir«FniM« litrultniiiik ti7<» *w wnm aim 
l't.ll m hm. udw m^m 

!'«, Ai" rrutMt. tiH. Hmr 

IMufgtr Sil«tf, V'in|rl Trnfit. KM 

if"f»K«rt|» aiNli tmm (M-ptri. 
corrci^tiiimtlv'iic't'. r#MUi»Wf. «1e 
FiAtw Mun tt<i It H putrn C«U t 

imfi (Mid thftt nmMli UM'iniiKini 
wwl'HUf cl«riinH viili»ik''rf ("wn piny 
met iw imu i *niimvf*- M* 

«iiM«w# t KibhiMM wfUt ftlk. 
tniHiiMi, iitiirl|iMil, «st{rmw rWHn. 
Qiirftiir ■walliiiiWt Km HI iUlH., 
miismm trnm * wnm im IH 
nilcs frnm Marpvr. JhvtlliM* 

Apni 1. 1MB tmmm 

nm anat 

«i|M!!ritKmii Iniiiill) p«rt t«mr C^iaU 

WAfTWKMi WAmmS Fnrt-Ctnw 

<!«>'*» m ntgMM. Vp <'Mi1 TMrii Inn. 

1M»1 im 

Mw'i'i' W«>inwfi'' JulM un lOinpif 

t--^i'.' i-."T~.(rt»t viii*tfM<Twniirt> 

:t-?-t ii*»> tttirW 

■■rT (JltMH- carfifT 

... „... i '.KAf AXi.*r|rt f; 

M Hirwk. JHiM l''iiri Af)R#link. WA WMJt 

'!'!u<»irv *»• iriin 

T l-tJJ tW^-illJllll*' Wt 

,.t«'r*H.-tIv r;jll V«l 

F«»4<^«iikff 'hiiiiiiitl<iiiipf'a wwanl 
In mmmt m Ughi 


Pof^ <> The Hmbmfitr hfhnmrv IH. l**m 

Chart shows sensitivity; security 

__ _ ,h, .r.icllfctual lypt Try Anyone wuhiiHl ••i™io«ie»l Harbingrr oBlci 

lMniM«|*. mi. ifmm m ■"« VA^/^ 

abaui my j^raiBaiay."" ___( ^ 


Ml ttiii 

iDMlwMy |«t t»o very •«•« 
Th« rinl « •» 
I «( planets in Ikt 
w_~. -.._- Thtt r^nmm^ 
mm who l« mtToiicly MfMtlvc. 
maa«|y and aiMttaoal II ako 
rvvatlt abllUia* (or (>>* 
d«veloiim«iH of miuiliOTi, 
cr«»M*lty,- inj»|inil>«n ••m* 

chart la iIn 

^^ of planila In Hit 

!M«itli hovat. indadint ■■<* 

Sub, TWa hoMa* ifrnkalliw 
oUltr ptiifl* (n ywr lite, anC 
iipMrtricBlly. your r«lalioiia*ill> 
«iUt your iwrtiiw 


c— rw>d vMli olllira. alwayt 
I iMtililliM «t»l' ■*••¥ '•■'- *''^ 
hmt UMy tmsmnA to y<" Vinj 
want t« bt i««iirt. and 
DTBlecltt* Tfo« ha*« an 
- |«t Iwlpnf 



fey Ji;U KEALV 

ytNir •ymundtnRt, «aiily 
tHemtwi in with »vtf yon* «(e» 
moodi Tbii fragile tUlt of ycai 
ti prolwrted by • very sertom, 
inirdy. ilm«n-to<arth type of 
in>iKi> thai jou proiecl 
People in need of aaaManca 
ntay he attracted to y«m f*c »li 

Your M«» L 

holiiet ho* re«eeii*« you aft «l 

Vtti arc idealHUe tn four 
value!!, and werh pertttlenUy M 
r••«^h y«ur goali You may have 
the tendency to get carried 

a*ay with ynur idtala. and in 
Iimi, you may iilM»e ralioaal 
and loRical appnachc* to 
ihoughl and prmrtem «ol*l«t. 
Thii is an otalacle yiw may 
have t» atnagll* W overcome - 
iNie apfiraacli. thai may t» 
efleeiiw for y*u l» try. ia la 
aiMctoie »ill» ptrwna «hii *f 

the iMcUectual type Try 
ticmimi. libra* or Aquarlant 
In aid you m these matters 

Your talenli can lead you tn 
Mcctaatully iwnie careera la 
Uiealre. drama. Illmmakiiic 
photofraphy art. muatc. 
piMtry. dance, nuralng. tocial 
work, at even the highly 
uwmual (ieldi tuch aa 
medium»hip. the occult or 
aalrolDfy You are bound to 
reach your goals, but your chart 
indicatef a long. alow. dUticutt 

The year of W«i ha» aevefal 
pomtbtlitie* lor you Vim may 
rind «Mne career opportunitiea 
made available through some 
friend* April may bring 
communicationi from »n 'old 
a<|uaunance" June promiaea 
Wfiameni, with July being 
me for romancing Be 
_t twn* change* ■> fall 
_,„j, ynu may run into some 
untapeclad moneys September 
jiMNikl be very proAictiw. a 
good time (or accompHatang 
iomethinn practical Octohw 
may reflect ianaiona within a 
■drained relatlmiahip but by the 
end «< the year, the whole 
wlualion will Uke an unin- 
tended turn tor the better and 
ihwM leave you coasting m 
rfortW Happy year' 

Anyone wiahing ailrolcgical 
interpretations may submit 
specttic questions along with 
the required birth daU to the 

Harbinger office located in 
Bldg k M Uiok there (or 
further details 

Co\umn\%\ reviews 'new' album 

This »««* t thouihl Ihal I 

MNlM lUte to revie* ■ record 

Mat a loaat nwfd iloce hid 

thrown my way. 

The yenttim of "»»''> "■» 
You" is quite dHHwtml from the 
venWon done by the ShlfeUea 
This version lacks «» tim- 
plicily and the Iwtnetty that Hit 
Shireltai had »ith the Hal 
fJmvidBurt Bacharach simglt 
There is none "1 the weak vocal 
thai the Shirelles had ac 
compllsfied, Wheii llie litd' 
*ingef of (he Slurillll' •M 
■■Bahy, it's you," you're 
poittiw that tlie means tt On 
Ihia version, the singfe boves. 
us in c«ifu»««, htthw yel m a 
tlaie of ambiguity 

ciB; "A Taste el Homey", my 
dog would not «tl ne»'f «»' 
tMSdroom while lh« song was 
playitig It wreaks al ciashtnf 
harniMilas and ttmptistic lead 
guitar 1 Thoughl •! Ilrst 
tiomeone like the Flying Luartfc 
were *iing iW* "■g. The 
reaM« I thoHgiil Ihts way wo* 
htrauM' It sounds tiht ihty did 
t, ohUr thty can mi»m my dags 
eats stand on end'. 

Yea. you inighl as. mil. wrila 

thne ituvs off aa Miaert. because 
I hey <lo not have orlgUial mmd. 
They will ne«er •'■lil* »" m I 


NOTICE: Letters to columnists 
ore welcome. 



iNt the song 'Anna <gn to 

him I.' the vocalKt plaadi wtUi 
the liitener. he actually eroooa 
like (lingo. Ixii m * much more 
j-nmirraporarj way The 
(Irummrr mipUiys » slick 
method like (tun E Carlos of 
Chtap Trick He sneaks the hi 
hat in with the pleading vocal 
The guitar reminds me of Kick 
Umn or the guy in the Knack 
At times, this beat has » ftair of 
the Cars and then at umea haa 
m influence i>f the new waven, 

Ttw tAttts *oi»g» on. tiki LF 
KOiind » much l.ike the Klltck. 
the Cars. K L o . Chi«p Trick, 
tlic Riimantto, the Beswh Hoy*, 
(he llam.ons. m » matter of fad, 
ul n"ery new wsve group. 

The songs like -p.S I Ijwe 

\'mu, 1 Saw Her Stand.lng 

There." "t'i<» Vou Want To 
Krw» I'V S<frrt ' jind ' -There's 
\ PUi-t" »rr iKti. hitt They 
»i.«Mid like ever) Iwnd that 
.teem* to ix- around in the new 
floKi cif pop >»d vocal music. 

Uost of their material is too 
primitive The Ip name ts 

•HeiMW. Please Me" and the 
cover art ii so take I mean, 
good gosh, who runs around 
with white sbirla. black liaa. 
black boots, nice .ntili and 
h»trcul» that never rillea 
through the style And worse 
yel. the record cover in the top 
right hand corner aajra 

Stereo " How corny 

Could: you please wait a 
miiiile'' My dog wants to come 
hack i« BOW that I have the 
■(itremenUoned I p off and Uie 
of the original groups 


TuaadaySpwiM ^g^* 


20? H OMmon. Arfcigton Ht» 256-7075 

(ih, by the way. I thought I 
should tell you who the group is 
» v<iu can make lure you don't 
Kri ripped olf like 1 did This 

itrisip. the Bnlles will no! make 

If IK.wHata joke'TheBcatlca. 
ohitt a name 

UCLA recycles 
student records 

_ ^ ■ "t».*j.- 

U» ANfiEUeS. CA .CW..' 
The WLA dean ot students 
oilier has bemi usMg con- 
fidential itwJrnt grade, rteee* 
aa scratch (•.pet . «ccofdi»t to a 
repan m.tht t'U.A !>•% Ikniia. 

Slacha fli lefBlf h paper made 
IroMi tarda that included 
f»iff llililt •'»«»l sludenta from 
their namaa to 
in the 

[„.. i.Ients Bryitn 

,Ailiinion:s office The reriir*. 
targelv of Claas at IfTT l>hi Beta 
Kappa ciandMlBtca, are legally 
private Atkinson, himself. 

iidntis their use as scratch 
paper. <f«pe«i».lly » a 'puhhc 
place, pnihatoly vtolalea both 

federal laws and uni«*rstiy 


"1 certainty il«n'l un. 
*>r»i.a«i«l" hum Ihe records weMf 
.fee > fled »» K-ralfh paper 
Itkinwin lidd the Brala 

■we've 'reanNed it. The 
likelthood IS that this <»mm 
happen again I'm kind of 

II ts not the first lime cw 

ridcntial records have been 
rclaiMMal *l IH'LA During an 
an miiilerm last April, a 
'pruhpsiar pasted out scratch 
paper that tumid out to be the 
.wademic trallterlpis of •- 
«»me !>ludenl* 



M Fff wnplv I ptilmi «>Min< 
tiHIaskiM onr svKial «scM( 


With This Ad 
Expires March 11 


tehruitn /«- '''«" ""' H"rl»n>:»-r f'.i^"' 

Tennessee accused of racist overtones 


■4nilnttlratMiii •(Wmi* •• 

rrtirtci a h\mk MtmtKm 

■mgrain •' •*■' UbI«ihI|| ft 

TaMMW* ImWW » •«*• ■ 

Ura-kMDlioiil. (In arroM <■ i> 

•nilMit* •«»«» «"• '•Uz 
'Of lag — '— — 

tan* IW mm" w» »• -■■■— ^ — 
!■ imMiri tht nail <toy ••>• 
IJT OiM*** ia«» ««« 

Appsrmilty. Math ili«*«'i«l 

UK iiipilif Ancior of UMk 

II mm «mmm *» "•««■"«««■ ** 

am iii<*»«itlf . •Ml •! *» •* 

back i«m«rti«t <■» ffl«r«» «« 

p.1 or .ilHi. It. ht «■• 

la T«lttt «>'»».. " "^^ 

K»**' rtcallt «•!»•« 
Tif»miyil» ""I 

vYi<lC«t« for* call«l the 
univeraily'f «l»ciii»n to 
dtoiplMr tlw II iludenia •*» 
w«rr amied "a ilan M Iha 
facr ' a( UK Maffik M 


Jan. II. 0mm tl 

WtlMM tyMt •■- 

ht ••* pmnaim •<• 


CWIMfBi' Ci«tnr >WXi. 


[|«|Ntc pramiaw »• immlBllty 

titiin both arreal aiKl ii««fll>jr 

•I Ok WX im" m 

a.iT<ala, lMiiM««r. had 'Wt m*" 
vltiKnt tacWHU.. Otm llyaa 
c«lla|)Mi at llw VfX. and wai 
hoairiMliicd Jof -imtirwtt- 

ii« ' Hmw ktBt ilM 
ne|0l*at.»lia JlWJJf W» «*» 

Tilt aiHIBnBilW ^»iii»i» — 

did lli« «»■ *«"«' •'"'' *■'* 

«MM l»i« T«Wliali«n «<» ««»' 
M «| dMMiida. 

Once faHer cleared Itie 

bwildint. "••" iir*n«l lt» 
iCC el«*i«» The ■rarder prwnr 
lad saoUHT praiai thu lime a 
IHMtMlnM marith to Reeae'a 
nflfte ««» relta<«"o »* *•» 
aUMlenlit, who ch»:nle<t "II yw 

A,B-l .»« ihe W-X..*!;;^!! 
I^na t:loMe (hi* V * *h* 
(•haoMtkir UirtJtlanid hirthar 
•»€li«n tt the unlverelly 

Imkiiaa wa* dUflWted. 

Tlie leii»«oii attracted Ui» 
attention 'rf t S Ri1> Mamld 
rord DTS" *ho viilted 

On Jan M. . 
MSW wemhm- Roaai Wayne 
Tlmitr on ch»r||e» 'hat t» 
(IrelKinihed the »tudenl »c 
liviUe* olfice Jan »«, two dajd 
More LilHejohni liaaalw wa« 

Tmer had been amcUad in 
(ictobef. im. r«ir partkifitlni 
in an AASl,F iirolert to the II T. 
Hnsrd al Kefenia SWdada had 
uhrd the nvm •» •* *• 
universuy'i ineeatwieitla *• 
tirm* thai eonducl tuiatneia tn 
South AJrica They rejected Ihe 
pmnmal. and iaur ttudenli. 
whNiiig 1\irnaf.^t»«w"ifT»«g' 
m llir en* ' *" ' *' 

Current AASLF Prealdent 
J»lte Green announced thai the 

Jan . MHO. flrehanilMmf ineldant 
mm unrelated 10 the «tni|0e 
mrr the MX", and thai Turner. 
«l«!thFr or t«il he had anythinf 
In do with the incldtnt. did no! 
rffrewnl Ihe AMMLF 

for the UMinent. Dean By«». 
who has returned aftw * ihort 
medical leave ha* reopened the 
Btr v> ith a (ormal invitation to 
hlark tludenls to partici|iate m 
the cenler » reorianlialion 

A* the confUct entered iti 
third wwh racial nMue» were 
btfinit tafldled more quietly on 
i.ilwr rampnMO' 

In Greensboro. N C , the (our 
loctner North C«r<ilii»» A»T 
Mudenla who introduced «tlina 
■• • tartic in the civil righta 
miivenieni » yeart ago were 
iMmored by city oJItciato who 
once rormally difcniniBaled 
aiiwiMM Uwn. 

To the north, a caurt iiphaM 
the deciwiw ol Ithaca 'NY i 
< Olleili' »dmtnt«lrator» who 
MiSpcnded eletien wWI» 
students who niaantieradid a* 
Kti Kta Klam memheet taal 

Hut in Oklahoma . Klan I 
John Clary announced he wia 
brKinninK » campui recnrt- 
meni campaign in the wake ol a 
racial conJronlation in liny 
IdaM. Oh 

Mt, Prospect Park Distuct Presenis 

Skp/Siipiilir Ml GilsN 


UUrist 111 irsci 


frtammMp tmmA Utm 

fridav February 22 
8 & 10 30 pm 


M Ajdwaticc 
I4.S0 At WW 

,:ker Inkmrwrion A' 


MAKE M RE to not mii* the •« eihlWt thai l« 
carreallv ihcm* in ihe < •'"H •l»l«''^ li»H»».* 
Tlie arr»li»» teaturw ruMWt. b\ »rnl»r art 

.laienli •» the l!»*»e«lly a( Ittlneli The show 

will he «« dliplay i«tll reh. n. i AWlVl.i ITm' 
Mrrhapr master- h? Robert Mlc*al«.«hl 
(Bi;i,<m I Bom* tod l.lp»lh:li* by Ijicy SuUan 

iinuMiK by Kick ltoJM*e>. 

f%r « The //jirftiVit'fc Ffhrimn IH. I'> 


Men's b-ball beats 
Malcolm X in OT 

Many Mar|M»r ftnt arc 
proMily' BiiiMiil l«»*«r», liui the 
ttkrm' Umi wii* *' **" mm'* 
liail«i»ll m"" ^*** Tutaday 
ntgtil wen dafintliJjr kM «iiI- 
dM or laiig«> »fi«r lli» lame 

rat most «« 0» I*™* ■' ••» 
fi««4ii'tcv«n <<tv« Malcolm X 
|i«r*r* ami »>* <«° «<()<'<•>'> ' ■ 
M Ite lto«*» piT*»il«l with • 
W-tr wfrttm* win in itwir final 

rMMIW IBIW <>f Ih* »«»>" 

KariHir wM vhitlM lor Tt 
tmuh im-lu«»mtiwv« txchnicah 
liv thai* ««inil»riul m« m lh« 
biatk arKj wW*-»<ri|»e<l ihirt*. 
tut slili manaigHl to pom il» 1* 
«in of the wasan aga<iiiat. 11 

llw hour m t» cmiwcltd on the 

■Mond ffll 1*0 trw »•>«»« ••* 
« Ml in tl» *»"» to wnil Ifct 
llii.nic into (wmiinf 

Th» Hawks Mrucli rt||ln awaj 
m Jt» o*«rtim* a» Jtolcotm X 
Darrvll Spucr f«jl«<J Craig 
Rswlim on a» lip-ofl Hawlimi 
ptejnkrt ii» ih* •■"' fr«f I'm™* "f 
iilMt hmm Mtmlim tnn mintd 
itw ««:iind:, Tim Ltigm w»» 
right Ihrrc for Iht rchound ami 
lhrra<lrd • brhind Ihe-hack 
paM to Havlwt, w)m> tankad it 
oir the glaia l» pM Hatfcr u|i ll» 

Miil«ilnt \ put'** »ilhin on», 

n-e. hut l»» Hawk* BraU 
Miliar c»m€ hack with two irm 
throw Rjwlim coniwcttd on 
iwo mor« fr«t thrown and 
PbMk addwi a taickel U» l"» 
the dam* «"«' "• "•*'* 

Harpw ftnalty got nomr <rf th* 
whiMtat to go Its way m Ih* 
onrtim*'. making U<»t 16 in* 
throw* to coail m the Una' '•» 
niinuloi of iJw fame 

i»» Mwdifd « win like that; 
said Harper coa*h Hoger 
iiOTlilald, whow team had lost 
in overtime to Triton the 
pr««<Dut Friday afternoon 
Its ii shame the pme •«• 
marred by the offioata It «m» a 
fiMHl tMukelh*ll game, both 
leanu ihut well I'm JuhI happy 
we were ahle to come twrk We 
have to have more mental 
ditcinlliiP. we loat our com 
poMirt a fe« liiM* and had 
■Ml* cmt'ial tectinic*l» catted 
on un " 

Milcilm X head cnai-h John 
WUaon w<n not m kind with htt 
vxtrik "'That foul call on the 
lump hall ul the start of the 
overt tmr was pratiaWy the 
W'omt call I've e*«r lewn and 
I ve hm iimoeiated with 
(Misikethitl for «i yean,," »aid a 
w>t UK) ha ppy W iluon ' 'That call 
titrned the whole game around 
That wisnl Itasketball out 
there It wtniM have ti««n a 
hetluv,*, twll 'gH'me without t,h«' 

louM up ofridating " 

The Hawkii traiM throuKlMNil 
miMtl ti* the game with louto 
killing any moroentum they 
wouM »tart to huiW up Harper 
wa* liehind by at many m 
seven. « 57 with mne minutet 
left in the game, bul Rawltm hit 
lor two jumpers. Rob l>or«ey 
banged in two more bucketi and 
lugtw hit on two free Ihrowi to 
make il «7 all at the ; 27 mark 
Makolm X went up l>y five 
agjim jiod ,il stayed that way 
until there was about two 
minuies left m the game l-ofiM 
then drilled two jumpeni from 
the lop ol the key and added two 
Ire* tbrowi tn pull the Haw-k» 
tiock wilhin one »T» until 
Plauk hit on the crucial (rat 
throw to go mill the extra period 
and keep Harper alive 

'N«w we wjint to build 'Home 
trinmentum going into the 
lournamciit." said Hfchtold. 
This * ill help our attitude , we 
tat a lot of clofe games this 
>i'ar Thii. team is determined. 
they do mil, give up " 

LogJst led all scoren with » 
pMiila Rawliat. in the final 
career, ended the night with U 
fareer ended the mght with H 
Ihwiev pumped in, 17 and 
Ptoiafc chipped in W) Harper 
alM got «ime mcellent ptay 
(rom lirad Millar. Steve 
l„e«red«-k .mri ,1cff Martimiki 

■IIOMNERri't, *i;l«>^EH Harper scaring maeWne *at 
^., H, Ike lUwt., «eM»er kit .-r •* rt's? ':iTir,atl 

;Xe.d.. .Hhl„ llf».«-*l.g ««*« U'* the .I14tme ••^■^-••"•' 

.earing re.'«t4 tmtimmmmt womea, 1*. •«o.fa •■*'•'••; 

,b,, •k.ah.g streak by dei»»«.kl-g Marthir \ •■»» •?■« « l^' 
liwpasi M<i»d»» esei*f ipkatohj • «rl l.yi.»t.«> 

HlliH ll.VISe. HAt*K MarpertC%rti PUiak scores «« » lay-«p 
In a past Harper game The Hawks start serllMial play Thanday at 
taaeordla River Kwesl The Hawk* defeated Malrolm X the paal 
Tue»d«v mght inotrrllmr f T "7 ■ l«n I vnnt.liv i 

We i dner scores 39,46 

Lady Hawks romp 
to eosy victories 

In loe Kaiek 

Usi year the team beat you 
b\ owfr » pomls and now you 
liet them withotit two of your 

stailers One of them the 
leading scorert in the sUte and 
ibr other your itartln* center 
rmw 'o )u»l thro* out the 
ta:sk«-il,Mli .ifid hope (or the 
l:«-sl, rigW Wrong 

No) when v»u havp V»l 
Weidner on your side The 
>ophomore forward poured in m 
politti from all over the floor m 
|:eMliii« the Harper women":. 
twakelhall leam to » T*-»7 
victory O'ver vistltng Lake 
rounty last Wednesday 
rvetimg Hut Weidner's per 
(ormaoce wasn't the only 
lughlwbi, It was the play <>f the 
whole team thai pleaaed coach 
Tom, Tenchner 

Toniiht was • good team 
efton They started believing m 
themselves.' said Teschner 
»hoM> learn climbed hack to the 
im mark for the season now at 
<|,» "Wiih two slarttrt out I was 
concerned twt they played 
under conlrd and were running 
the last break right Out 
itelen»e did a super job I think 
lonigW Mary .^nn i Larson < 
jirnved ts a tjallplayer Linda 
Arnott. Debbie Ditks. Viv 
WeWhter, everyime down the 
Itn*, did a good job " 

Larson pressed into a 
starting role, rtaponded by 
toniroiting the backl>oards 
tarson rttw«d down 13 reboon* 
jind contributed lit potntx at 
< life rise 

Teichner ahn got temt fine 
play frwi guardi Mary Mc 
Tigue and Karen DeMoait who 
ran the offense and set up 
Weidner Inr her shots Moth 
either setting up the Harper 
lastbreak or slowlnt Ihingi 
down whei the ittuation called 
(or it 

Weidner just didn t gun away 
lor her shots as she hit aM»f her 
St field goal attempts and wa* 
SIS for sin Irom the free thfww 
line She also had eight 
rebmindi. seven stea,li and five 
assiits ftut probaWy the best 
ihing that happened, didn t She 
survived llur whole *l minutes 
vt iihoul gelling hurl 

They were just giving me 
escelleni p«»»«- said Weidner 
who hit lor n pointi the 
previous Monday We were 
llitng to low this game sup- 
ptmMf. But we got our game 
gotmt and put it all together We 
needed this wm " 

The Hawks trailed much of 
the game, when Weidner hit on 
il drive down the key and 
Uraort bagged two tree throws 
to make it M-all with ll minute* 
in the pme Weidner then look 
;i hand in the nest eight Harper 
points, hittmg two (ail-away 
jumpers, threading a paaa to 
Dilks for a fiw^ket and whipping 
a pass to McTigue who popped 
in .1 15 (MJtef malting >l Sa-«6 
aiid Lake County never 
Ihreatened (rom there 

F««- the (aw. It was time tci sit 
hack and light up a good cigar 

as the women routed Moraine 
Valley (i74:i. Monday night 

The Hawks hit Moraine 
Vjiley early with a full-court 
press to open up a l*-4 lead aflar 

10 minutes of play 

Again the Harper oKewe 
centered around Weidner as she 
l»mped in n (imt-half points, 
finishing up the night with » to 
lend all scorer* 

Harpers Linda Amott also hit 
lor double figures with 10 
points Kathy Pfaender added 

11 before going down with an 
ankle injury f'faender 
Iwpefully will be back when the 
Hawks face Thornton in mc 
tional play 

•They had the open shot and 
look It. ■ said assistant coach 
Mike Hensley A game like 
this gives conlidence to the 
players We've been working 
more on defense m practice and 
It s paying off ' 

The women take on Thomloo 
looighi at home, at 5 p m in a 
game the women are looking for 
some revenge 

They will host the NJCAA 
Sectional Tournament and take 
on Thornton again Thur»d«y 
night at7pm to hopefully take 
their finl big step toward 

With Weidner'B K points in 
two games, she currently owna 
the second highest scoring 
average for Illinois junior 
colleges, and ties Ihe single 
game scoring record tor both 
ihe men's and women's team 


Senate works on new committees 

The student lenaW crwitd 

Ihrac new cominillM* ■Ml 


A tJ««h •• --- 

cMnmillM. Mii « IHiWIdly 
eommitt«t •«« all «»t»himi«d 
M active tcmtc ciMtimtttaai. A 
pr«V0sal for an Elcclion 
ONiitnttM* i» »»»«t"ll tmnm 

(}««1( conunttlw 

1 1» diMim lona and 

tirna imI* <>( ttm (cnata. Hit 

cnfiuiiitlt* will tlM adwiat Hit 

DnUWtMV ]■ fi 

i'tMTin«ntnt nmmlttM lint 

mcttt m tlM ■print •«iu>Uy to 
diacuaii ttw ayfrapfiMan of tiw 
tludent activMlw iMdpt tor Hit 
caminK whool year Thia 
•pring. Kim (lamer al WWCM 
Karen Terpin Trom the 
Pro|r»"> »«»"' »"* SludBit 
TniMee Hruce Zanca. will atalst 
Senate Prnident Mike 
ijiVanway and Student Ac 
tivilici Director Jeanne 
l>af*a)iut with tl«e duttaa of Uie 
I cnmininct. 

TiK PuOttetly ronunitlOT wUI 
Mfve several funrtkoni A 

refulur iwalc nmndctMr *iil 
he one primary snntw 

(Mmr clwraa wUI Include the 
coniiniUMa acting ai a (HiMIc 

relation lmr»u lor laiale 
ilectjim. and neoale «poi»or«d 
events The Publicity com 
mlltac will also he reapcmnihle 
lor pUicnnK itudeni ideas 

A propoaal (or Itie eatatiliab 
mm* of an election Committee 
has iMcn pwtpuned (or further 
dkacuttton Thit election 
C<»mmt«*e wnuM t* • per 
mancnt Hiture on the senate 
The committees" primary 
cmrem would be the regulatton 
at llie senate and student 
iratlec decttna 

in olber student acnats ac- 

The tcnala wiU be esptarWf 
ways to poasMy r»4ipen the 
Front f'circh snacli ar«a tn A 
tnulding lounfte Howevw, Dr 
James Perry, vice president of 
administrative services, has 
told the senate thai (lie coUefe 
can not altord a complete r*- 
opening of the area To do this 
would ultimately result in price 
increases in the book tttm. 
tocauae book slore proilt oHicta 
Iffiod aarvict loia. 

The nenate approved a 
measure to cslaMkh a "coffee 

giveaway " service Thia 
service would involve placlnc ■ 
table al a particular area on 
campus where senators couJd 
give out free coffee and hear the 
concen» of students first hand. 
The senate is parUcularly In- 
lerested in hearing from ni|M 

The senate is conaidering the 
establlslimeni of bo Escort 
Service lo escort night students 
from campus buildings to the 
parting Iota The senate will 
pool students' respouM to the 
idea and from Jfaere decide OB 
spMSific action 

Vol. 13 No. 21 

Fehniar\ 25. 1980 

News Briefs 


control When mainlensnce 
work IS needed m any of the 

vduclat an uulMdc garage is 

cnMiaeWt tor npalr' imk.. 


Squad car visits 

science division for information 
and locatums of the apeeclina. 
The lime slots lor the spwchaa 
ha<< been set at *S X am, 
11 20^11 M>. and li-M W 



Tritsla**- < ph«la t«irte«« of 

ra— tig far re^leetlan •• Ifce I 

Tomchek begins 


navid Tomchek baa an 

•ieetlon to Ihi' I 


•aum (ik his oHtetal petitiom 

wmc limie m «m very near 

Tomchek, who la enployed trf 
lit* Ilhnoit Ediicalion 
AMOciatM; ciled hi» role m the 
saMrliOT' of Jams* Mcgralh as 
pnaidint of Harper aa 
major achlewim'tnt while I 
<« theHiMrd. 
"I IMiife I made a sigmficanl 
I «kt H. , 


null mL HHw IW wwmh ^iiiiiM' 

„„ •• a ithMm. Tom- 

dNk <llk«l i» tdiiki'i flnancinl 
utaiuii as an csainple, 

"I ihmfc we tihe hoarti li«»e 
!t very fnod .grip on oir finan- 
cial eonteniB." said Tomchek. 

Tomchek « one of dw in- 
.-umhcnts whose Mala eipira si 
ihe end of this 'term Ttai far. 
Jan :iMic and Brian Barch have 

A 'M« palriri car la now In lite 
t.v the PuWic Safety Depkit- 
rnenl The car, a IW Di4|* 
AsiiMi. was detivtred <a the 
eoUcge late last monlh and m 
rcplacinii sn older vehicJe 
which has since been rttirad 
Irom service. 

The new car is one of two 
vehicles the public safely 
department tta«s In the 
denartmentt patrol of the 
nOite gmunda and for trklflc 


Edward Burke, a Chicago 

AMerman. who Is mnninf (or 
tta- .Ofuwcratic nomination for 
•■talc's attorney will sprak l« 
poMieal science classca today 
A rapretenlallve from Stale 
Senator Kicbard Daley's 
Burkes opponent i campaign 
will also be speaking Persons 
interested in attending the 
speaking engagement should 
call MoUy Waitc tn the social 

George Evan*, of the 
Phyatcal Plant, died Tuesday. 
Feb 19. of an apparent heart 
attack Mr Evana was oin- 
plnyad by Harper since April. 


Orda may he sent to either 
Mrs JounDeckardoT Mr Mark 
Evans, daughttr and son of Mr 
Evans, at »l« Woodnar, 
C^ryslal Uke, XLtm* 

STt'DEIvT !iE?«ATI-: is considering Uie farmatian of an 

ipkotoky Rick IMMkei 

escarl service Mr algkt aladeots. 

their' 'hMli tor rt^elactian. Joan 
KllMiiia.n has yet to make a 
(iMkl dcciMfi conccminR i*r 
Pelltiaas for can 
being ac- 


In the last Issue of the Har- 
bimiftT It *»» reported thai 
i*'il'lt.»m Miller m.a(le the 
rtatoment, "Being a jiort-iimer 
iltiesn"! make ■ teacher better 
or wiirs*. Juat lesa convenient,"' 

tn acluatity the statement 
was ma* by tiave WilUanis, 
vice preaidtnl of academic 
allaira am Miller. Faculty 


go to 
- Page 8 

f%e 2 Tib Kwrkmifpr f^hnmin 25. ItHO 


Cafeferia theff 
hurts everyone 

in fhe long run 

Wttat Mrthty Qood wowW « h««vy «My >«l«t bowl 
have for anyont? 

Th«» It wfwt e«t«t«rl« pwiowwl hav« bmn trying 
In tlflwri out foe 4onw time now. An incrMtlnfl 
numbM- of »r«ys. sllv«rw»rt and bowls h«v« boon 

dtaMMM-lnS' from ttw cototoria 

Tho culprMs ar» nof totally thougt>tlo«* thougb- 
ftwy loavt trath In placa of tho missing itomt, Sovoral 
monibart of tho cafotorla crow aro In chargo of 
doaning tho tables not bussing thorn. 

In Wto long run, no ono Is "wlnntng" tho tlttlo ganw 

of M* am MWfc that is boii« playwl. Tho more Htlngs 
thai mmpmr. tho mora ifiiMV It tahat lo rop'lanlsh 
Iho dwfwHtng wmply. Tba^ nmm It bigfior priooo for 

II only lafcos a minimal amount of effort to pick up 
ono's trash, placo It In tho propor rocaplacto and »lt<lo 
tho tray into fhe nearby racks. But ttat toams to bo 
too mudh effort for tho Pepsi Generation to a«ort. 

It seems that the "Clean" attitude Inspired by m 
many ecological campaigns has faded with passing 
time. It IS a shame that we live In a society wharo 
bofora anyone can attempt to clean up corpora** 
watte, start rousing urban renewal campaigns or 
simply clean up their backyard they have to be 
ramtndid to throw away a tow scraps of paptr. 

Lgffer to the Editor 

■mis »« ovit ^* 

sraaiAi. ix 

|.SMiOM Fl». 


'/ don'f care' attitude 
dominates campus activity 

t (Ion 'I «■•« 

11 I rniJO Iwvc tin lor each 
liiii<> I »ay I *M>'t ore . I cwild 
rtiin (rmt colklr »ni llw in • 
con*! m Ltm-oln P»rii Bui. I 
am mil •low in thti cattfory. 
ntrybcMl)' tayt '1 don't can' al 
<imr wmt m •iwUlw. and nmw 
M i» my il 100 tmA 

€a.n <tm cdunl turn many 
Hmm vnu m»id ""I don't care" 
|j<wl»y Cm ym honeally say to 
vmirneK (hai >ou *> «« lay il 
when rutrn-ing lo imiionam 

From the 
desk of 

Mike Simkus 
Feature Editor 

Wten UiMkliW of all of our 

Amurican heriMn, can you 
iMBRint If liiey had »»<». "I 
dmnt car* Men mi«* «• fat 
Henry. Ben franklin. Abe 
Lincoln fDR or even Tom 

■nMi* hack 10 your early 
morning meal, couW you 
rememtw laying lo younwM. 
ah. I don' tare *hal I eaf" 
And in many cawa wtihtnit you 
had not calm what you had 

Bui. what i» realty ui»e(ting 
are the peoplr wIhi »ay , "I don't 
care' lo e»«rytlilng Whttlier it 

Concerned student sets 
music columnist straight 

l» nn <»ti<* .ilnHJl Ihe 'ilraft. a 
iireaidential candidate or which 
ktiKl of noor wan to <••». ««"« 
peofilc can not make up tlieir 
mind ot fven wish lo Onnk 
■bout making up their mtad 

I Mrloualy wonder il Ihia la 
(ram llie Wi ME generation I 
meet many people, far too 
many people who »ay. '1 doo'l 
care- And yel theae are the 
same people who complain first 
alKiut the draft coming back. 
high ga* price*, ninaway in- 
nation, or any current event 
problem And in moat caaei 
Uiese people are not regiatarea 
10 vole 

Here al Harper I i«* and 
meet students who do not (*t 
involved' 1 work Irom « pm lo 
midnighi iniialing lieroaene 
luroeis at o Hare airport, and 
yet 1 (lilt attend our fpurtlng 
Mains or our clumu. or our 
playa or even our itudent ac- 
llvttks I'nlike lellow student* 

In all ncluallity. I would gueaa 
there i* only MO people who 
car* atmit tliu ichool And this 

IS aad. t»ecau»e coUege could be 
an unforgeUble experience On 
the paper ttaff of Uie Hart>ii«(r 
lliwe are only 15 people who 
contribute to the paper. It i« not 
easy to cover everything with 
the shortage o* staff but we try 
And that is probably the 
problem of moat every club or 
orianiulion on thin cimpua. a 
•ihomigc "I lar«. 

1 tiate to preacli Inil Una 
■tlitude amongut many of the 
students is sickening Do you 
lead live* which are tilled, or 
are you the person who ne«da » 
hours to live in a life than can 
only give 2*" I doubt it 

The Student Senate has tried 
lor re»poi»M» from studenia and 
has had little success I don't 
tliink their methods are al tauR, 
I think It IS the students 

This IS a community roUcfe 
and I understand this But. I 
sIlU can not figure out why iO 
many people retract into their 
shell pa»l 3 30 on thii campus. 
It IS like a morgue around here 
at * pm 

I surveyed 2S ttwdenls and 
asked ihem whal they were 
iloing tonight l>i> you know 
whal I heard' NOTHING!'! 

Mavbe the best thing that 
could happen to the people on 
this campus is if their TV aal* 

blew up . „„ 

And then III say, "I DONT 

Pear Mr Simkus 

Mow can yoii call younelf a 
niuBlc criHf* 

Hrmcoiher your Febniar>- It 
column'' In it you refemd to 
lilt Electric Light (irchciira as 
a ""new wave" group Ym even 
went M far as to lump the CUI 
into a CBlegory with the Knack 
Ike' €»», a^nd. Cheap Trick 

Now come' on'" 

U you're Kcting to write « 
cnlumii. Mr Stmkus. 1 
t you do ^'our homework 

The ELO was bom in lfl» 
iNm one of England's most 
npirtiini rack groups, iht 
Miivt J«a Lf iiM. Bev Hevan 
and ttov Wood, the mtclcua of 
EU* htiiti the 
Umry of mtiing ( 
rock wtth the inslrunwil* and 
■rrangemenis ol claaiteal 

11 escapes me 'how you could 
possibly call the electric Light 
ijrchestra a "new wave" group 
n s obviou.* that you don t know 
100 much alKiut the froupo you 
attempt lo crittqiie 

The BLO has given rock 
many i-lasaict Wilhmii the 
(troup's unique mfhience, rock- 
II mil would fiever have be«n 
ih- same In IWI Eli) gave u 
iheir timeless versMn of "Knll 
OviT Beethoven" Ijter' came 
■Steiwdown". "Can't liiet il oul 
ot Mv Mead" and "Kvil 
lannwn among many othtr 
hiu Jeff Ljnne who wrilM all 
the lyrics and all the muaic lor 
every instrument < including 
celkt and vtoiin'. has produced 
such LPs as "I'ace the Muaw" 

T'ii , "A \e»' Wiirld'i iMcnrd" 

■77. "Out ol the Blue" I'TBi, 
and "Discovery" 1 'Tll> 

The Electric Light Orchtatra 
la not 'new", iwr is it laddiah 
ELO IS vintage music 

So ttic next time you discuss 
"new wave" music, pal. leave 
Elxi oul The Electric Light 
< >rch«tra is lor those of ut who 
appreciate quality mule 

As the man said, "Roll over 

Heirtboven. dig ihcte rhythm 
and blues " 

liM^ttiilly SiibiiiitM, 
Nancy Rarahatao* 

FS And maybe youd brtler 

asl umeone who knows what 
year the llearh Boys got 

Editor in-Chief V*endy Winkelhake 

News Kdilor ''*""" Wicklund 

Feature Ediiw".'.'. Mike Simkus 

Sports Ed.!.. r oi'^!Ji^ 

iiL...~c-^i»r HickKohnke 

PholoEdltor. ^^, „_„r:„.. 

^L-r"^*'" ^*'™-^ 

arrLneger. """^^^ZZ 

f .■„h».«.«« sievenuray 

IJi»tnbuMon Dorothy Pirovano 

sSI**' '.".".'.V.V.Ricti" Hei^uinel Nora Norton. 

juh Realv. Mark Turgeon Mike Bamhach 

John Partynski. Vfcayne Hiendeau 

The H.%RBtNi;ER it the student publicalujn lor the Harper 
Siege c«mp» community, published weekly "<■«?« """"K 
holidays and final eiams All opinions expressed are those o the 
writer and m>l necessarily those of the college. lU admlmsiralion 
lacuily or sludeni body Advertising and cow noon 
■Stay and copy is subject lo ediling All Letters lo-lh^Edilor 
must be signed names will be withheld upon request For ad- 

Zmm rite., call or ^n"' "S""';^^™^*'"^!,!? 
Harper €oll««e. Algonquin and Roaelle Roads, Palatine. Ill . 

maa Phone W^m, ext «1 

Ffhrunn, l'.>, I 'WO Thf Hnrhirtf^r Po^ .1 

The official Harper list of clubs 

Astronomy Doto Processing 

Clwli aiitfi la Mitdmi* 

OrianiialMii <iitcr»stc4 in 

lo rind nut 
L ind Is MUlf IS' gift 
Mi» thr (mM. tttm ttmm^im 
■t CoMac'l 0«raM 


Ttir bcil way In irl on ID* Job 

tf«m»nR I'Mi r»dk} ftUtina For-' 
mnt, (jcopl* (nnilerrtng lo 
major uni'woitiw (ound »«- 
[wrtBic* (n>m *HCM telplul 
Cwi'lJiet Kim (ii>r<ln»r vn wcond 
rtar A Mdi WHlH trfllM 

Program Boord 

ritt Program Board wu 
miMxiitblc (or giving la tht 
groufB Heart and Jmnmy. 
They d«cid«r on fulurv cooeafta 
and activltica See Fred Wawra 
in ttudcnt atslMty olflca 

Catholic Ministry E"9i"e«""g intornationol ^P'®*""^ ^"^'^ 

ataM eM' arttlt 

aliai^llita and 
iriya and lava 

Swdcnia inlcraatad in Uw 
«ii||ln««rlng ftrld. Lcvturaa.. 
lialii tn|B and |in4ww art 
lilannad. To Iiimm inart; ■■ In 

tlw maatiivi. rcb. n at 4 m to 

CwlMi SWar Mm m 


Fashion Design 

RiiitriliKiliMt litt fJ 

Circle K 

Callaia' Mrvm cUh aiwii to 
a f i — ' ta flMnsna- Tlwr main 
flail It H 'ii» on MrwK* 
flpafMia ffwf itnMFant cauaaa 
afwid tlM contmuiiity. audi aa 
Mim4 drivt*. itind-mliiiifl 

npRi to all tttidtiili. TMe 
grou|> ha* tociat «ctivitita, 

parUaa and Wd lri|» lo placaa 
lib! U» Planciartum. Tht chlb 
helm dimlcti) iludcnla' BllgMl 
■MM ulbar' laifflfliiiaBt iiriiMiiiii 
fjMlnm iatuntags at l:«0 aiid 
Ti«iday«' at Nmii la na. 

i. O 

Jaci twatt ail IM. 

Collegiate III. 

iraMia lar iMin I m flii r i i nqr 
•o camfkig. ilMw nptlwii 


'MuMk •. Cmitatl Jokn 

TtilMriMi tn llw (tearing ini' 

alMfeMi, Wt' 


Opn ctiih. tMit nai x-uv* at 

inaaenl time Tl» I'Int iiie*tlni 
will de w ainiil a nMalhand Itie 
llril Uip plaamd l>>- AptH 
ItTvwaii trip ••re to torltai. 

rmton, 11. or iniBt araaa in 


'la an tf*" arflaiiiiatMN) and 
m iMt cantiiw* 

MiiMlmry 'llMCMllii at 1 p. m. in 
Kl(i« A. ronn m Sludenla 

iMer«iled in wofking (or (tie 
paiier *ho*tld a Hand tlieac 
I or call cat Ml m tttt 

mm Poor Group 

TIMF iiMr fnii9 mmmtam 
■rw MiidMla They' li^|> aiitb 
(Vlvntolion. tra'ntcTipti. maylic 
your t-»r»«r foal*, a^nd l»ia,j*e t* 
yini need mneoie to lallt to they 
at««.vi> glw ym ttm ear 
UxalMl m BIdg A neat to Uie 

Politicol Science 

HlMii to itudenla ■lUtnaMd in 
pttieal 'icl«nc<e tii»a»««d witJi 
'■Mm ifpti of actiytttct (I* 
■ringing political igiealteni <» 
ca«'|m».. >2'> Model llimoia 
HdMnwieinl. held m SprWMfieM 
in April and <")■ Modei Unl'lwl 
%aiKini' held m Kew York 
Uttu «( S':» an Wednaaday* 
CWMaci clijli prvldaiM. MiUir 
teanger. cii m. 

Sun Kiss SPA 

And Tanning Salon 

fmoturm^. Our Luxurious, Privote. Whirlpool t Steamroom. 

Mmmjnst And ESALEN Sr^^to Massage 
4i«W»te Upon fim'UBSt 

Etvning iitmn Arv For Cmtffkn 
?o £«"ap# /fill* Ytmr Oun Ronumtir Sestlirifi trea 
StM:Hheii Hy Sterm^phtmit- AnttmiMintmmi. 

tlh ApfHuntment Onhi 

HoMTt mm ... $#.■•• 

tut KMld RWMI 
'■••Ml « Frtntogt Mb. 
(Nmitto MckO'aiMi 

30 VISITS FOR $30 

mim-m mm% 

Ofm t»*tiident> Intereatad to 

■k.iii(.. GcMrally niaata Ttam- 

d«|« al i:» Cnwtact Mm" '" 


li: 'Uie (ecniutinl tWd.. 

speakers and lake field Irlpa to 
pla<-ea like the Civic Center or 
the Chicago Tribune are 
featured Meets every Thura- 
day momtog Irani «:(KMl:M) to I 

Student Senate 

Studnit iicnate ii die etective 
liody mhich represents the 
Harper students ro the (acuHy 
admimstralion. and Board of 
Trusiw* m Uie lormulalion ol 
polinis that afferl stodenU 

Senate if also reapontlble lor 
budgeting itudent aciivlties- 
Meettngf in BMg. A at t:ltt, 

Cafe problems 

'Pelt)' thievery ia a cimuimm 
probtam to big buatiNaa 

limns wini as tn.iaiiing pen- 
eilt. iiaMrr. .envtli^s. and 
paper dtp add up lo a nih- 
ttontlal inim 

Mlaalng trayi. liliwwnn and' 
piaftK bnvb can akio add' nn la 
a wtatonUal ito», ae««rillnc to 
rinr Wener. Director nl food 
S«f'vt«e Mattagemenl al Har- 

"BVary time miie«w walhs 
•.■ay vilb a (ray." be said, "It 

"Tile iraya cufi MW apiece, 
ilin rjtnitif mNto 'Imm.|i onat U 

tiMwi m cento afwct.." 
tf iMily ffvt tray*, aaeh villi a 

plimtir twwl and' time ptM* «f 
.litMrwarr. were tolmilMii Hi* 
eaMer'ia every day during llic 
icbool lerm i approatinat^y ■ 
days I and not retiurmd. the i!«nt 
al raptoceinanl woiiM antwid U 
riotc lo IBM 

thai doaa not to- 

elude otbar tteina in the 
cafeteria which Wener aald an 
•ddlng lo the expense of 

aimg the taidnrto. 

I waUt away with I 
tiKhaa 'Of Mlflltaia and waste a 
lot of condiments." be added. 
Friday is the smalleM day 
(<w cnstmnicri." said Wenar, 
"ytt we use the 
dlmemto on Friday " 

In addition to Uie 
utensila and food items Ihare It 
a prohleni of trash dispatal: 
stuidenla are simply not clearing 
the lablea aCtar they eat i«M 

-Aboto two or Uirat tloMi a 
year Utile lent noucea if« 
pliced on the toUta aaUng llw 
lo idenr away Ihtir 
imer." he said, "bul the 
probleni is getting wonc. 

"We do have tour or five full- 
time people whicb shouM be 
mare than adequat*" bat 
billing lan't pait of UMr Jab. 

C«Ma kacp gBMg op mi 

share, "prices will go up 

iramandmBiy," aa 

Most eligible 


(;aftnide Kerbii. Ar- 
chitectural Technology 

'prnAtoanr ai Harper and i 
<if Ihriie. reamlly v>a» 
ant of the ten most eligible 
ia'amen in (Chicago by tbe 
Chieagii Tn.faiine. 

Idea", said 'KerWa. "'It 
baaed on women 
fuanclally independent and 
meli-«atabliahed in their field 

Ail Ihe women m the llsi are 
■inxaathil m their field and 
have <hMie nlgniflcani work in 
their ftold of cspcrttie 

"U dMJnt affaci my life I 
watn I really inlwaated It was 
tust a Inn kind of thing." Kertais 

!ihe did gel. .phone caUa and 
tattar*. '"'The rna| w nn a t ware 
funny." 'Said Ms Earim. "1 did 
get a pimposal to one letter I 
laiigbcd It was all for fun " 

Kerbis has been leaching full 
time at Harper tor ton yanit 
Joe Yohanan. hand «f htr 
tfepartmenl and Mtyar 
Kuihilph. alsa of the dtvarl- 
metil. txith attended Hannrd 
with Mt Kerbit Yohanan 
aikcd her to join them in tbe 

' Us an caceltant daparlneM 
and there's a very 
an) the 

the field of ardutachva. Tbiy 
go on to di> a tot of advuiMd 
woiti," said Kerbia 

She previously laughl at 
liniversity of Illinois al Circle 
and Wasbuigton t'mveraity to 
St. Umi». M>aa«iri. 

Her inlareat In a rc fa H tcb ii * 
came while attending tbe 
llitivfr«ity of Wiacanam where 
she was studying Liberal Aru. 

Frank Lloyd Wright's boine 
and studio were near the 
campus Kerbit visited the 
estoteand was impre aa ed by his 

"I decided 'it was .an .'to- 
lereiMig Md." She laid. "It 
conMiina scientific and rational 
cludies with aesthetic and ar- 
tiatlc atpacto of life..' 

Ma. KMrhlt la Iht { 
the c;hleago Oiaftar of the 
American Institute of Ar- 

I'm a workaholic " she said 
im al Harper all day on 
Mondays. Wednesdays ani 
Fridays, ahways working ' 

Some of the buildings she has 
re the Seven Can- 
I Building at O'Harc. the 
Sfcohle Public Library and The 
Air Force Academy Dining Hall 
in Cokirado Spring 

Ms Kerbit lias given talks at 
Ball Slate Imverslty m ladlaai 
and a: the Imverstty of Ne« 

*• * 

An* 4 Tim Hmbmf^ F^hnmry 35, IWn 


il (lay* 
■itl VutM 
hum* I 


I /%«■» 

« diys 
Wliilc Sa 



DM dan til 

firm Ytmr't Eve 




aiMimtl Thornton 



Jama Dickey 
■ An Evening 
WiUi • 

» p m J 14;> 


Hnl up. 
tit ■ lont 
haul tU 




Miirvcr CnUift «ili prtMfit 
an »ll-*iy mmtmt m 
-LeavtrtJilcinit* ''•'["'•JJ™ 
Saying &)«i*y»" «" TtaH*!'. 
I'M) m trmn • am tn ) p m 
Hm 'Imattto ■»»« te in lilt 
IhiiMng A. Baai 

Harper C«H»«* 
Audrey Inbody will h 
I eaptoffliC tl 

ichmot" marriage (Ji 
empty n#»t moving 


Catholic ( ampu» Minntry 

«in again sporaiar an Ap- 
palachian Service Project 

liunng *priiig tweak ' April 7th- 
I ;ith I and fotatnlean are newM 
u> tel|i^ TIM griMifi ••■) Iw inUK 
to Ravenna. KanHidiy. ■Mdi it 
locaMd' in the pooreat cimKljf In: 
the VfMma Slalet. and ic laoUni 
lor > tan iMilwili' •!•> •I* 
•llltni la k^ «•' piwwtjr- 
itridien' « te Appaladiian 
Mountauw Mu<* o* the woi* 
will he manwl lahor such a* 



la i«« 'w 

r sKlaaa) and Mcludai 

To MiioU. call the Con- 

, EdiicatMn Admuatooi 


The Student Senate, in 

c-iKi|i«rai*«w »lih the League ol 
Wooian Votwi. will be i|K»- 
ioruig • candidatoi (aram for 

camMatia of the upcnmliit 
Baard <i( TruMcca elaetion^ A 
ddMtedaie la yet to be ael far 

For IMW* .mf arawtioi) atop by 
the Diaplay Table toeated in A 
Biiildtn« Uiunge during the 

«Mk n( r«o. am. aiiMr fmm 

Ko,-.:..^^^^ m..m^ "•■■■-■■*' — iHilliM ICIiMin 

Campui M:iiiiil«» at tiaipff. 
vtill be on hand to anMMr 
quealionafram 11 I p m 'M««. 
Thun < or clia ttop by Student 
ArtWllei to pick up a Hyer 

The Imf of Wom» Voltet 
•ill help with the publicity irf 
the event The student nenale 
«i!) attempt to cimvinc* a> 
many atudenix as poaUMe M 
register and vote in the elecUon 
on April 12 Preaently. vffllwa 
regiatratMn ha« been halted, 
but It will continue after llw 
March li genaraJ priaiary 
elect mm 

80-81 AID 

Apply m* for tWMIl financial 
aid ApftlK-atioat are available 
■n the FinaiKial Aid Offlct. 

Bldg. AIM 

J AMKS DICKEY will give a rt«dhig oa aelected nalerlal Frtday 
al *^W p m "Idg. J la. »ade«t« tree with activity card, t^et tickeU 
la MadeM ArtivMy onice 


Diane Taylor areimnt 

eteciiliw tor Memll.. Lyw*. 
Pierce. Fenner and S<nilh, Inc.. 
«on«Md, will lead m all-day 
.nininar. "Making YouT'lldiiey 
wmt for v«." »paiim«d by 
the Harper Collar Wnmwt'a 
peogram Theicniinarlatranit 
a m to 1 p m . »«d , Feb . W m 
the Building A Board Room 
Tuition ■ ti:t9« and iiichidM 

To regiiter. call cat 410. <U. 
or W Heaarved child care, fiir 
a lee. « available by caltiog. 
eit xa.. 

Mom & Sons 

The Harper College Women i 

Proirara »*•' """■ •" ■"■*'' 

mmtmt, "Molhar* and liaoa". 
■■.Sal.. Feb. tt. l»ointa.m. tol 
put The iBeation uUll he i» U» 
Hiiildiag A Hoard Rmim 

Or U«» Kahn, paychologlft 
and therapiat. will keynoW the 
hcliwe-dliCiiaaion wilt^ .an in- 
diiplh Bnaly*ia of the miilher 
.ton r e I a 1 1 n .1 fci P 
pnythinherapifl Mary Turea 
wtlt drncMM male female 
mcuages learned from 
cMldbiiMl. through marmge 
FW«mi*iand.t»r. Barr? »eb«T 
Id Anndated Reaource Center. 
Sehaumbirg. «iU dimiM the 
stage* ol i»ale development and 
haw cullnre and the molhar'i 
nlatlonahlf litfhunce • <i«»» 


AintfMan peel and author ol 

■Mliafaaac. Jamaa Dicl«y will 
gto« «' raaiiat ol ha l a l wt ad 

pmtn w*iy «' • f*-"*- ■*•■■■ 

Make Mwc tO' tm ticfeela now, 
bacauae acallng i« limited 
Public adiBiaaiafl it It M. 
Hatpar atadiiHli art frae with 
aetlifity card. Tlchett are 
avalMda m tludeMt aellvtuat 

She was married at 13. 

She had four kids 

by the time she was 20. 

She's bieen hungry and poor. 

She's been loved and cheated on. 

She became a singer and a star 

because it was the only way 

she knew to survive. 



tliKiiitjirrinBMAl-Kl.V |iANi;Ul> IJAItN HEl-M .S-iwufilaj K 1X*1 RrKMAN 

BtM«l>«i thi? Atit*itn.«r,ii)hv 1^ iJ.WriTA l.YNN with i ;W H iK \'K.CSEY 

E>K-u(iw> IS.l.«vr W )H l...-VRS>N I'r.«lu«;.-d k HEKNAKi > S< -HWAKT/ 
l)im1*dKMICHA' ' '-' 


Opening March 7 at a theatre near you 

A HAKfCn MwleM on riMHtMi k> • dliitWMttf fMally iii#Mih*r 
.•Mtr tkr kliMlcitt nilMMd Ihr** c«m«cittl*r rtaM •mwlmM. I( «imi 

f BM Langring p Cl W w J a 'tMM> of *kll> Inr 

l|. « lant*' Uk 'pHl TMmiajf.. ipktito k> KM 

Grand Opening o/ the 

Greek Villaj^e Hoiise 

Featuring a varlwty of Salads. 

Sandwichas, Slaaks. 
Graalt SfMclalitias Dka 
Saganaiti. Eflg Lemon Soup, 
Mousalta, Paatlttlo. S«a bat*. 
StfiM amt much mora. 

10% Off 

Optn 7 days a weak «n 1 a.m. 

SIS3 New Wilke Rd. 
Roiling Meailows 


On Mondays with tMt Ml 

dtttf niion - cM^ ' 

Van Na'liaii 
April IS 

t1|«alrr tichf t« or Sporf iicKeis 


'liflr K#.!t^ 


SO % OFF mimmm.wm 

OF QUI WKl t wiErs 


Iff Ml repw I pmnH ni 
nl t Ml ilMt Mr 

or ft SAVE 

Willi TllW ^M 
EHplfw Mardi n 

Harper heads 
to tourney 

Tto Hmrpcf Hawk*, aftar a 
wason rMUn« T» 73 viciory over 
Illinois Vxltey. head into the 
NJCAA Swtraoal Tourney thu 
Friday •) Cancordia fiiver 

The Hawkit S-S in N4C play 
..nd IS II ovwali. will (•« the 
umiM-r «S (he Wrtghl-Oakton 
game, »hK-ti will t)» played on 
rhurwtiiy night Triton, which 
linutiwd in a tie with Joliet for 
Hie NC title at II 2 will play 
the winner ol Malcolm X- 
Trunun in the other quarlar 
(mal game The winner! <A the 
semi finals will ihen meet in the 
championithip itame Satiirday 
niiihl ill 7 W p.m 

Karper liaikelball coach 
K<>Mer Bechlold doesn't tllilil 
the Iwo-weeli lay-off between 
pmeo will hurt hti team In the 
toumameni I think it's gatng 
to be helpful because we've had 
injunoi. ' uid Bechlold, citing 
ttrin F>lazak. ankle-aprain). 
Jeff Martimki loal-proMentsi. 
and guard Tim lja0Ki (gmin^ 
Injury^ at Harptr's waking 

Fehtvary 2^. I'iHO The Harbitmrr Pi^ib S 


A track and lieid program for 
men and women sludenla will 
be held Monday through Friday 
at Mdi M from « to « p m 

The progrum will lie directed 
by men's track coach Joe Vltlon 
and will include wei.gbt liftinK. 
running tutd fleiitatlily eier- 

Men and women inlarctted in 
('(impfling for Harper this 
spring are rncouraied to »t- 
irnd, fm more inlormalnin 
ciMlact (inacli Vuior at ext . «». 

EhSV m>»:s IT. Hirper'i Mary Mcllgw <]Zi pMs i« Mie af her 
l«« free throw » In Ike llawkt' ;2-7« victory aver vIdUng TItarMaa. 
OttiiiK ready for (he rrhnauid l> Mary Ana l.ama«. The wameii 
wtll (arc Tharnitm again lliia Tkanday in Ike .liecliaiial tmniamenl 
al Harper. The game will hegla at TM p.rn al BMg. M. (phola by 
s<aii Amemanni 

Classified Classified 

HeyBrni! FindAJoli!!! 


IKlMMltfWllli. iMCUllt)' 4IH] ilJifl Ttl# 

M.4lllil%<.f.n <^ai rm ymr 
diiiii«i4.fiii<cl >ti*l rrfT <•! I'hiriv im <im 

ja.inHiil MivfinHl u:> AM? tiy mtm m TUMMlty ptmt tm poMUiiit 
^Vl) itih witl nin I'nr mm w«wli tinl)' 
VnyNWUf wti«hfiiK (Iwtr M4 w «|||M!i«r 
■ililiini'fli w>j'*l I 


m wmm 

For Sale 


wtwwtiiii.. I'lymliiMiin KHuumfMiir Ldih: 


Amt V IN) pn> -mtim 

.Sm«t'<^r l^'i'i|i).Miiii Untiit §twmt 
tfkwiiL'liiiir «'4i;lh iLMilritPMrt fbuimi bunmI'. 
*«■« f**wiKl Hw \mtntmm VTl *"i».l 
*»« atim \ 

pmrrtiirfmliii NNMliiMlftlMui%,i^ 

\ amniil'ut «. M tw< JiiMrtm Hmwvfr W- 
Wit (A fm rhtrinrl Vb THI> In 
Mmt 1 imAiiion Hm Martv StHbir (Ml 

Skm Ht^ma mx 

#«i* Pttln B«rrecriH*r 

1'fTri lor iHwarkif ptvcm i5&'-iZl? 
St:M> * null nmvm cmnwt, -m: 

MnitiutlMm. viri'.intwn Itwni. riucIi 
nwort' f'^ull Turn CHW-'IBt 

'\i$,tih^m. XL WHHOt. 

\ Mm.Mhji TK nam 

T7 Kiwit t..irM 

, (Htm iA\. ■K'M •mimi; 

■ -m nm fii<lal.i(iir. 

KtwIktiiiNf aiini 

Tumt tm Imi a lU 

. Stum tkmmlbK \^ 
(iriuciniitMy i.lp » ftetimi i HM\- 
mtm X Wi» inc-lkpfr AM FM 
Stfr«i.. K*Mr(»Ml Pt#jir««r 1 1». 13.46 
rpni'i Muiltikplwix. AuMiltery J*dfci. 
1 'vNori i|pn fiir raicwr^ Wi'thdit 
ntrt wMNAKm hmk. tUm 'Cwc-wlliiil 
wiMiiiimititniK iMMv >i»f lurmlurt wwifad 
rnhnincv »ny fwmin ' i.>rtiiniil 
Nctimuittc ttncl >:Ntrninn MmMHl 

»m-iuiiMi \m\i^t m ttii nm^m 
«ftinr ii w IIM W w nh iiM w h Aniyitm* 
Atll I'nr l^iit m hmk't jraw iwimr 

tMiitiir kmmm. Ml Pnmisn:l mtw* 
fiii ptif hftir liwMiir tt til iMK'h Ihimry. 
tHbiindi. tccliiM. vrntiiift w^wtcver 
t»mir fan*- j »h i .... MarSJinNW 

%«ti hr*fj -* itfi vinif '>":pm|['' We dn 
r>fii»ir«irch iin4 i«rm fMiwrft. 
vorrtnpttmirfict rtraumts, etc 
n»im start «( II a prngw VMi Ijnoa 

Um t Hw \itiifuiniJ Ji*«m-«iiiichi»ct«r 
HIUiiMf miiUI «ai<tk N(i tM&nd If 
fwiMd iHi'a!.*- riinuti Tom 


l->mj(ii- «itiiJrHi m.,iln crrebral 
(Mtm;) tcHmkinii lor ndv to Harprr 
Irtm fytrmmmtmd anril twcti Call 
'm i:m« ii.ri«r ^ iM) PM AHli inr 
linrhnrju Vilifa 

Looking For More 
Roonn To Live? 

HlrMifliMr'. * •wtleih in liii Ml 
iwnElt ft UMat iiinniitliimifit «'■» ««%' 

tMi 4an"t «ff « f-Ml aMA doil't Iw a 

\ffwd mti rlfrinriaii"' Wr Mr^'tcv 
t i.nd <M»kiMiwi» m ilM- Ml* 
nI iivfiMtf CMir iiriew 
«i«m"t ImkIi «iat |«ir HgSMUi tMil 
itwf' win tight lam fmf cym Call 
Wp ' ialii'ii n k KIrtirIt imkty THo ]«ili 
KM) tfii «ir tao umall 3N4-<lin rati 
iRMft fot a fipt* « 

/''"'■■■ ■•"*'"" ■*■ 

h wwaW- mamMiatt twatfid to 

i'Uaitr Marrti ibi i atl 

Find It In 
Our Classifieds 


J>k^ § Thr HmUngW' F»l0mtn' .'.v /'»0 

Country and western current primer 

TOi ipM «Mk I km 1mm 
tmeky tonhint. «imI iMwt 'it* 
tMlhnnf » mf tmrnn* mum 
•nd wHiMti atlniiiis I afKlm 

■tlh am at ibe l>itlMil 
of amiilnr iMBtc. 
of llic UiM 







kt MiKi: aiMKt s 


n mrniy Aw muniry KW anii' 
t ■ aouiil* of imiyli ft- 


EM) «»tal it» tiMMt. mmliv 
muciT ••■|Hm|«I« I****' *»»■ >« 
gin cotntry niuaie • gMtf 
iwMi. »»•«* tuty •Ttw •"<>*••■■ 

:IMli.. litt mr«Mf tmmm la 
(MMllf . nKt'n' roll. )aa. Md' 
bltMi. w«' ixitii <(*i ttet iw 
nam iwipl* nn im). brnatf- 
mlHlMl wtwi It rmmm U mrnte 

nt UOmtm I* ■ IM Uwl' 

kom «iJ ii» tat* enmgtlti. H 
•KIM* iMl.v to #TC tM nwjtar • 
Din liM ol iM>|Miar cNMry 
•lUiMi* ilwl •• »t«l: ■r» 
Uy avklWilt tMl tIMjr 

ll'ltU« Kclaaa Mug! 

Ilj Wltl;i# 

Mak* l< Tlmugli ttir K'ilM", all 
<!(' wliwh art <l<im in Willia'a Mil 
mulodir tiiw W» rmwnmaiiil 
lIMi Ip (» the inn** ihtt y«i 
••m M' ralax M fntnl ill • oict 
lli<«.Mii MM. .Hw naiMt 'Italic* 
alMt a 'M«.. 

.Jul* I^Mil' (Nt Iqn Ml* 
iaiMtl> and Joe«ir A'tiuiii. If ilMwncr 
■mm m» "" Juct 'GMd CUt 'Itajia." . 
"Tell Oll> I AM.'I ito*. tfv 
lifttar i:*l Houk". "initii ti 
Cnmc*' ID Cim>|lrii 'We tuil 
Can'lSa.)! %in" . all of whwh arc 
MMie ()«* cuniiiln ■>< 'tanfey- 
tonk miiittrt' ntutlr 'Th* uMlia. 
tjFlwcal iiJ wmrilry [*o|ilt.. •!» 
atwaii iMMr <triiiltin". rhcabn 
•.Did: wmm sK dune ullli i.l».i 
tech: wMidi" witli iMiiik)''" 
itHik iniim *m1 M (iwt twiur. 

ihk, wiw u*v 

'*M» a:n<l 

Pamtitt %' l)« 
iMii Iw aiMlliir' ana .■!' lima* 
nctliw i«M«. Htt • <tflaii. IB 

!hr wav tic can pull al |Mr 

imrUtrwii Bo») adiM, "TM* 
srauixti wrird., Ixit. Che iMtt 
(MifiilMm t ran five i» |ir«<ly " 

'M^ Vrrv -ffimlal CianI* bj' 
<.;c«ruf Jf<n« <iei>rfe i» 
proOaNy m prrmm i«fM.> li fur 
i.l>» ««ry 'Hard cmnMry tan 
ijci<r||t'« f|MKM gimts arr 
Waflttii Jtiiiiin.(t Jamt* 
T»j'l«f.. Emm>'lwtH«rn». Linda 
ltMiiii|.adl. Tammy Wynette. 
i«iini> \»lfon, .iahnny 
i'aichiKt 4(111 Elvii. CwMlo. 

ttrrrWrAnr «ilhBmmylou 
» tte iwD (:i)m.t>inat.iiifi tt mala 
and I'vfiialv axintry arltota Holi 
Mid.. "I w<iu)d buy thi* .allmm 
)u«i (w I'Mal mnt. L«l alMir any 
nl.iivr nl itt* Mniiii. jMxa It one 
i>( mi (•»«*«» ■ 

W'bal liOT* %rmiait I'a 
\riM>nd by Wayttin 
Uayka i* ttir prntiicr penwn (if 
llw (■>»' «'avif .ol 'cnunlry m.iiak 
Typieat Waylon. ha'd core 
<iMMry.. Waylon's tiuiiMr and 
oil: are an Awn ta ecrtik It m 
DIM' III Mit ■cmictlil.iit iwpilar 
tlW'l to M .AiMfwan. A lyiMcal 
WayiM ■latanMiit it atm. on the 
tnrk <«v«r wiln 14 *a.ys, 
"TiMiialu Id Tony Jor (or (inky 
.KWlar and liack allay iar- 

Ta« tiM-T« Ckanae by Jerry 
.)<* Walker Wafcer it a» d«a* 
(i> n ro«lM>y m ymt can tri m Uie 
.m.h (vntury Walker bat it 
vmat that ha* a 'rwigb 'Cdiie ibal 
naUy eaiMlim (lie 'lame* ol 
timmtry tmmn. Songa like, "Too 
I ltd Tn < "hance' ' . ' -'CMd SmMh llle 
I uwNr^". and* mm %'er»l<in ef 

I .\-'- ' i ■.••>«> l.tkeTbii.". tbal 
.ia J 1. .>.>n m the one 

dona ■ . ' ' iliiklp'it worlli 
the li H..I ii i-oiilii 

I ttacty <M l%aU by NoyI 
v»t<:in Hoyt vm htnm knmm 
m tbe Kinfwrllcr ol "Jay 10 the 
WarM" or "Sever Been lo 
S(»ain that Ttw»I)of Nil* had 
ciM-mm wiib Tbi* tp ttwm* thai 
Axton'f talent la llnatiy aur- 
iK-tnf a* * imgasr ol 'Ma own 

E%er»k«»il< • •••a ^ » amUy by 
Johnny Puytbiwk Ttiii guy i» a 
|.iving lenend Hr Kained 
pi«:i|)Ulartty "ilh Iw "Take Thli 

•li* ami Sbiwe If and "Me and 
the IKS" another album 
liai-ked with up lem|P> iiiiniMl 
riHinlry tunea Paychtck k 
twlpad by fht beal oaiiilTy 
rm» In the buttnoa today. 
B(il» added. "The mutk-ianaDip 
on tllla albufn ti *«ry 'hot " 

Jeery l*» l*wl« by Jerry Lee 

l^ewli We both can not say 
enojKb Rood thlnfla ahool this 

Ip Ijnm may b« the king ol 
rtK'k n' roll piano This album It 
a piano thumping daicslc He 
inixe* 11 up witJi country' and 
nrt 'n' roll fine ol«t»'i beat 
d'Jorl* in .a long career 

u.. I.U.IH .'..iiidgoon WW pa)Ma 
<•■ «aiit 10 say. ■!» 
ir> i'. >uu II likf II ■ 

Bob concluded ■country 
muMc a uniquely .American. It 
I* like miHns apple pie and 
ilie'vy * " And I would have 10 
agree *iih him 

All visual entries 
for the Point of 
View magazine 
please pick your 

material up. 
(Contact Mr.Foust 
I C223 

Talents will lead to the intellectual sphere 

"1 ami 'CwreMiy iuiiowin(. a 
CMHiatlMy in rnginateif.. 
thM m 'dM'rt indicaie UUa 
muM he a gnai datM'T What 
■>' be acevpla'Mt alter'- 


UMt oMaianding IMhi» hi 
fmm Chan, iwtali )•' wMtiMt 
rlilil a«ai •»•» by •••- 
••tni«f«rai.' la tha.! llM' 
■naloMlf al iiiaiiMa' an m tlW' 
waalatii' HiH H' tw clMft.. AH 
IM rtmaUiB It (ha Mann. 
itolalMl by dteif. diraclly a^ 
pmm tt Om oUiar ptanttt.. Thia 
r«pr«iMl»' Hit 'IfVt ol ptmai 
wha ■ ttMhCUy rwaettee to 
llte't clRwmtaMM ami of- 
partlMlltiei. rather ItlMI OH ato 
taafea to direcU) i-«MnI' UMn 
ttnHNlb wr* iMllatl've TMa 
aiaa ■ymMlita that yau art' 
coMMmed and mottvalad hy the 
adwoa and. raHllVM' 'Hi aiMtk 
Yet. with yoof' .Ainiaillia MMNh 
ttngM 4101 and •ln«t ■» ^ 
nrithouae.yom' "" -■^•-- 


M nMia. Willi yaur awn rmoliaiial 
■aa* awl dtalrn tor in 
difatalanco. •qtia.ltty. and 'in' 

ilivldiiadly Thare la a da«|i 
bumaailarian ttrtak wilhin 
vou. a'ndi thtt may haw to be 
applied ihrouihiMt your daily 
Itle m tirder tor you lo led 
.panuna.! iatialBC<.ia«. 

Vfur lalaniB tlwiild laad: fiM 
)«i«nt Hit miaUaetiial avharm. 
«r una ia 'ha« yau natmHir 
ninai** Mt.. Van. are wteilol. 
•fgBiiliMl ant a:naly«kaL Von 
prrtably react to Hf«» 


by JUU 'itlDMLV 

e*eryilay eaperianett 

i ian l lfa ilflfi ol Maaa. At 
yoU' may find ymmalf m iNHad 
dawn Willi Ilia dmik oFaw 
laaM, Uial jmi. 'in«f Iwm dlf- 
ncidiy' makiiic dMMMa. Italai 
a pcrfeeikaiM M'l aany. 

How da all tl tlMH' trcUa tU in 
'wtih the imalWaMlaiii iaonlrad 
(or annlmMirimg* Wail, you'i* 
iol tht pttancc, .pf1acl:MniBin.. 
cTcatMty and datail-oritiMad 
mind. .Alto, you are the baal. 
working at. an emiMttyic. rathar 
than .being in charge at 
Minaihing younatf If you ran 
»eriou»ly apply youraeK to 
gratp tbe malhemalleal 
tbeorie* and lechnlcal 
knowledge nacaaaary. I'm wr* 
yau cmiM do urall 'in thia {iaM. 
M. II may not bring yau (be 
miaal' aatialav'Uon. 

*• I .ev'ahiateri. the voutloiial 
indicators in your rliari, Uie 
>l.rongc*t Lmprtaaion* thai 
.rane la nt were tlw (Mda o( 

|i».y'cn«Hiiiy . p»y«'lii*iry W'l 
MMMllMal W'ork. athrrv you 
would te danltng with people In 
a hclprul tashioa < You may nol 
reallie it., bul olhcn iwe ynu at 
an emotionally 
penam.. and can b* i 
very ro'm.('ortaUa In yaur 
'preaeiKvi t'ou could alio excel! 
in (he wtirld at luallcc and law. 
n lib a natural knack ol knwwing 
now 10 ntaidpnlaM i 
III cleverly pant 
III puraMI ol a caraar. you w ill 
My have toiiw panoiial 
MnillM JfMl dilfirultiaa to work 
Ml as your chart indleaM* thia 
m a itraiallil area. pBrl'lcu.larty 
al Ma lima, it may tceiit at U 
tiaaifll aantaiaa la your' ti<le haa 
tMM: 'Pltlng aaitaaa praiaiMt 
<• yon in ralatlan M. thia, 
cnaaUiig lor yau IMmp «( 
eitrttne rcatlatanaaa aid a 
iwed to )ii»t "be yminelf" 
Soon..» will be looking 
brighter This February a 
•cUpaae. wbw* tymbollcally 
conlacled your chart, it a ture 
indication ol new beginnlnfp 
and by the end ol Uw lommer. 
your gnala may enmpMaiy turn 
around and head la a dUMraiM. 
dircctwi! Goad Lock. 

■ m BMiia Qfr 

' Of) any regulsriy pnced 
I album Of 'mpe 

j TMstMar 

I 'wactalaraa'ltHMin. 

IB nM imcMm^ 



Tincwp Po»s Shoooina Center j 
1211 GoH Rood I 

Rolling MNdvws | 



Anyone wwhlag aata 
inlcriireta'tlont plnaae 
tptciSk: nuealiona along with 
■lie r«]«iired birth data lo tbe 
Itarbinger office located in 
BIdg a:kt Look there (or 
lurtber deUilt 

Hey, Scorpio! Having 
trouble with a Leo? 

Consult Astro Aworeness 
Harbinger, A 367 

13 (,RF\T I.IR »T1<)NS I 

ItW avlMAV* 

t awck w w ai •> 
■ aiactN eini ■• 
MT raospccT 


't aiock t M 


tI<T (iraai Ave. 

■■■, Mack E. al Rl II 





tvaryTuaa.t p.m. till T 

1/2 price drinks 


everyday witti 
Lunch Purchate 

Prtc popcorn 


FISH HomamaOt 


cniiaroi n B or 

-Htw mit sue" S252rl« 

SHU IMP B« ditcaan 

CniMrantlJS OB 


Livt Action Pinballs 

Music Review 

ftfcwfflil -.'.'.. l>M(t The Harhmffer Page 7 

Boomtown Rats each week day 




Rdic have mifwtri wltit IMr 

Unnl U* antitM The Fine Art 

itMif fitvt iwttiM' wMi Ml linilf 
--1 Doa'l Uh .ktaiiyi'v Ikt 

trii* story nl ■ KhMtlttrl 
■iftnliii rir* and thnvting 
Mvavl lebadmaln at 
mm MaMHliy mormng, MunUig 
thf wtMito incldcnl on h«r i ptM 
for llal Ay i>( lh» wwk Tlw 
•aiw opcm with • practM. 
■wMl^tif |M*nu and a btefead 
Willi ■ (MM of vKilina. quiM ■!■ 
iniMc cwilrasi in tht vtoltnl 




OO^ Mnte ita«»lt 


202 N DwMorv Artmgton Hta 256^7075 

'^i*^* ¥l*Dt 

CifiOMint Elk Grw himWwrt rwital company rwwit 
«INC* tllllls. fiflur* aptitude. Ilglit Ivping 
'fr'tanUly MtpiMm ptrMMMHIfy. Will bt mslstlno 

In owr corporal* ofttci;. 

Good imnmflH and phasant 
working conditiom 

«ai 'Mrs. MctnMra m Mr. Crswf«t<d lar an 

tflnMHrM' iWHI JD'-4v IMMtiffli 41 WMHIi 



'M(#' nf Urn Mnt> cm 
lit :para:Wilc Mwiom run 
"t • cmiplF ollwr numhen 
al»a. 'HavinM my Piclur* 
Taktn". iMJ "Someonr'i 
Lookini At Von' Th*«* 
Nfercnca in a wit uiTlicttd 
IMriecutMin arc nm unctunmon 
fur the dynamic, nftm cnam 
lead It inKerMnK writer Bob 
(Md«< 'known as Motksl Bob 
by the BritHli prtsti who hu 
mmignt nme heat m llie past IW 
•am* ol hu public lUtrments 
wlllljl IwKi 'lis record company 
■nit tlM ImMic to take lum and 
Nil Kali ■amrthinc lew than 


Hmwvar, Um Hal* tre ■ertnia 
niMMil fmfclnc ilMir miwlc. (Mr 
riak-aU Muberancv wldMcti 
that, but OldoCf |iaro4yliv 
iarcaun b amoot the beat at 
jalAmg typical pop muale 
tinafia, Iw .Maadb Mi (lie name 
liM Willi CIvia CiiMMk) and Ian 
Dury We really cant take the 
Boamlow n Kata too seriously by 
appearamx* hut the tarcaatir 
Uiemea do dcacrve tome al- 

The HaU. like Uie Clasli have 
luund themselves m thai con- 
irmpiiiary muitic void that 
iidvwtismg men know «$ "New 
Vixvt!" althouKh they m»y even 
eKa|>r calegoriiation m that 
coiwJomnited area Thl» lanl 
list uriiilher bunch of iuy* In 
tklnny ttes and leather panla. 
iwr are they the true ilaah ami 
bun pink npinaflk After the 
pMing laaMiM nf pmk liad. run 
tia brtel' courtw ■IM Uk tm tmO 

leitM (iK RaH' 
rade It out with Mime titrang pop 
bit* The Hats saw the trend 
punk started, (hat is. dumpmg 
on the tsiablisbinenl has 
become a tUndard slatemeni 
10 many i>{ today > handi 
paradoxically creating their 
ni*n establish 
ment Celdof takes a sardonic 
vle« of all thlt and is the kind of 
stuff he and the Itats like to spit 
(Mt a I us They defy pigeon- 
holing So on Surfacing we gel 
a fine album full of the Rata 
gofid iluff, energetic pop 
variety induenved by some 
good liliB hooks a little raggae 
but while they do have 
numerous iilylislic influencia 
they don't »tick to one 

On "WheB the Night Com«i" 
Geldof recreates the 
Sphngstecneaque back street 
image he first put down In "Kat 
Trap" a tune off the band's 
previous album ■'Tonic lor the 
Troopa " This time it leads off 
with a flying synlbeswed nff by 
Jonny Fingers 'the origiiial 
|ia)ama a» fashion wearer' on 
liey boards then the song 
curiously lurrounds ilaeff inth 
strummmg Spanish guitars and 
(mger sna'pping. 

Bi:t as I 'said, energy ii a 
primary melody lor tfaeae guys 
The rushing beat of Simon 
<.:n>w«'t drums and (he whaling 
rtKa of (Jarry Koberta* and 
t;erry <'»tt s guilan keep tMnga 
hustling through "Nice 7i 
Nii'al", • numlier that hears 
MlW question the rallfiiNM 

intent of a friend lurncd 
clergyman and atam conlaiaa 
inme fun sh«w wop Shoo wop 
hurried up chorus, straight 
(rom Motown Another toe 
lafifier. Keep it Ip ' is sharply 
cynical view of a womon't in- 
lenllons Between tracks the 
Hals keep ii moving with their 
Mlincal talsetlo quips Uiey've 
become notorious lor 

The Rrabblng chorus on 
Someone 5 Looking at You" la 
the kind of repeat that stiidia 
with you all dav lung popping in 
and out of your head 'Diamond 
Smile ", another urban ex- 
perience for Oldol IS purely 
vigonius song restrained by his 
conlrolM vocals but seemingly 
ready to blow apart on the next 
best 'Wind Chill Factor' 
I Minus Zero I is a repeUtively 
lorceful tune, a la Talking 
Heads, with a lot o( going on in 
the background as all the bays 
take their shots 

So, when we put the eaceawve 
^pI^ll of the Boomtown Hals and 
ilie lyrically voluble Geldig 
together, it seems easy (o 
dismiss (be accusations of 

Bui remember don't lake the 
Hats too «enouiily. their sar 
casm IS part of their allure 
Tliey may nol tie fine art but it is 
line rock and roll Catch the 
Boomtown Rats animated. 
rnergclic perlormancr next 
monlh at the Riviera Theater 

Charlei Yorlie 

Music Review 

Buzzcock's tension 

11 by chance vou taiv«n't 
heard the music of the "Buii 
Cocki" yon dtrn't know what 
you are misaing I am sure yiw 
are to yourseir you 
would never listen to a group 
named the Bun Cocks '. but 
Uietr unMiue blend of punk and 
pop make* llicm stand out 
aiWMig lilt typical pop ba.nds. 

Tin' hand mm tammd in tim 
bf ■ Me flhallcjr 'Mil Hdward 
.||W(M». 'Tht baiMl' Mad • IMg hit 
■ England ealM -■Boredom ' 
(hat Initially got them noticed 
Alter thai Howard Devoto le« 
the group, and Pete Shelley took 
charge <il the bond Their last 
American rtteac' was "Sdigka 
Going. Staady" a coltactMin of 

Movie Review 

(heir singles they have 
releaMd. Almost like a 'Buu 
cocks greatest hits album 
Anbough It was a great album. 
It dtd not get much airplay 
Maybe that will change 

Their new album is called. "A 
DttferenI Kind of Tension ' and 
It IS a strong follow up lo the 
singles going steady album The 
album cover a series ol 
fteometrlcal shapes wi(h a 
pirlure of the gmup in shadow) 
IS very much suggestive of a 
modern band 1( reminds me of 
I he l>evn import album cover 
And ihe musk- is modem, (rom 

■yjw tmy you don't love me" a 
powerful pop love song, that 
would even pass lor a hit on 

VtLS well maybe not lo (he 
punk (M-at ol 'Mad Mod Judy " 
this album keeps up a very high 
energy level The song "A 
liiltereni Kind of Tension" is a 
line blend nl guitar and 
keyboard that a different from 
the lyp»cal Bun ("oeks music 
1 Helteve is a power pop song 
in which Shelley states his belief 
ilia* (here is nu love in Ulis 
world any more and believe me 
tic stales il 16 limes! 

All in all, I hope the Buzi 

(ticks get .1 little more airplay, 
ibcy di. have »ongi that could be 

pitrnluil hib. and rem.«»mber 
vni> heard aboul them here, in 
itif Marhiniicr, lirsi 

One joke film O.K. 

"Bewg 'There" is a film thai 
con(aim a fingle .joke bringing 
many apparenl possibilities 

What it a person was ncv'tr 
eipoaed (o (tie nulside W'OrM, 
■Ml' Out only w*y to 'Obtain 
knowMge it through 

Chance i Peter Sellers i is 
mis per'Kon Taken in when 
IW' <k'ii!t five by an adoptive 
(lather. Ctance has ncvi^ deem 
outside' other (ban worfcinc m 
(he ga.rden When hw adoplive 
lalher (ilei, te ■ forced to uke 
on the ou(sidr world 
'Waihtngton nc ' bv himscH 

Tilt screenplay, baaed on 
Koslnaki't novel, offers the Joke 
lo divert tram the whole concvpl 
nf Th»i <>attrF But. tht KTipl 

never goes 'Overboard' with lis 

ninceil Koainsfei believes thai 
t V make* Ihe viewer, in 
Chance's sKuadon, an innottent 
child, (.Inlilte ■•Network", which 
uses a (rem led approach 
toward t,v , "Being TlKrc" is a 
wMk of control 

Chance's character is an 
•ctmg Usk which H superbly 
brought off by Peter .Sellers Ifs 
» rarily to nee a performanc-e 
(hat imiudly standi iwxt le 
other distinguished comic 
performances Hes proved it 
tiefor* in the insanely 
tun in '[>r Strangelove ' 

This darlily humored satire is 
kepi in Rictiruliwa detail The 
man behind this is llal Ashby 
AsMiy has applied this deflneaa 
in other movtea like 'The Last 

iK-iHil sti.:impoo," and 

■ I nmmit Homi- tie is able to 

make us believe 'We are seeing 
\^nshlni|lM] DC for the first 
time The way Ashby preaenia 
ilie i-il> IS refreshing. There Is 
ont- particular shot that 
dt'MTiiies Ibis beauty, a Um 
angl<> ihol of Chance walking up 
thi" nullum <tlnp on Ihe highway 
in Ihe loreground with the 
( upilul Huiiding in the 
iijickRround heightennl by 
Kumir iHtidato's score 

To say that "WMg There" 
works a* a talire is an un- 
drr.ttateiTieiil This is a 
masterwork by Kmnski. Ash 
by and Mlars. 

BUI Sternberg 

Tfc» llurfewiffsf FtbriMirf 


Gymnasts headed for Baltimore 

i« pvilMilc •I" oefcHu » 

li«lttm«ii* Wit "•"* V ^ ..^ 

plMM. Bat «*■ <*» • "l*^ 

TMiui Mtm «» ««« two 

tlw 'HamM' wMiMM'i 

0'niiii«uo teim, -wiK »-» «• 

At' tetalH* IIBWB •«t*^ •««> '"• 
Itow-ta i» w» ••■ KJtAA 
Hagimwi MM: ami ■tOnmm to 
iiaiiiMal* »• » t««» t**"* «••■•»• 

Wingt.iii »»••'«■ ■"■f •* 

••miBani «Ut ht Kalliir MilM.. 
Bttrb Polv'tre. Msry talk 
Mlaefe. Cialy CurUk. Sandy 

(-ollllaxlar. ami «•«* «miw 
XMMiif , . 

Hariicr mm OK MM ttU* 
•Kb • •««» OlW ». Trtwxt ••■• 
■MiNIlt with U 90 '"d 'DuPagt 

■•t »•■%■ «»»»> ' »«>rn««l m 

Mir iarflw«€* ev'«i«» »!' v*»r 
ha** IMM 'IMM <MM> dOW'**'." 

tail year ttic team fakM .dut to 
iank o» i«im«»ri and «i*» y««r 

the *mm mm «l ill 

•Ctndy CiMflta' ptrtwinaiiet 
• at I lurpriH All ytar ttw Ml 
btm tlwrd t»r Imirth. fiui »«• 
niriieiwrt evwyon* will» » In*- 
'Thti ti tin- flnt tim* ewf l(ia« 
Har|Mr ta» l*al«n TnKin a« the 
HtgMwal n>«*l " 


I a wjort af i..» <« 
„„„„■ nwiiii* •» «» •« J"* 
,tlM« MID Urn- t>t»t mai* «« •»» 
MaiKNi TeammaW Mary •■III. 
Blai-k titd (or tWkrd wiUi a ■««•■ 
,rf 7 oa to liw Itarpf »*• pi«» 
It wiwM to wtf-W ■• •••■; 
Mile. Ital% »mm wm tm 
behind wtlto a mar* i>« T 10 and 
Barb l»<»lwTt h>l a 7 OS. 

Tl» hitiMt 'w—.f y' , , '" 
ba a laisand' ■!«■■# lif ■• «■•■• 
ai Ilhcli <■»«»««« *• ^ 
plM>f madal •nd BMik* ••* 
bum* ll»t itc«ind plact (i*it« «« 

to,r*««rt, ^ 

BiMli impn«i«l tl«t Jiid|»» 
MMgb lor a i«iirt til *m to 
aaii§ win ll>if baam Utle 
Slakn. »l««» only •WMad t«B>- 
prWli in Iha ill wound » ««5*J 
ol «r«hs ago, t>lartd ammm. 
with a 7 W Polvf* »1»» 
i«m»tlii|i m th« all amind lor 
HaiTier l»d » »«« «* « • 

Ttw flntl «»••* !•■« M»fl»r 
lis bifgaat iB«r« n* «!■ ■' 
irrmiim » f'wivwt. « bar 
Mcond vaullti* attrmp). Irt 
twr lanllnn and tttlnnO her Itnct 
in a (all. Stw ftlll mnaiwl a 
icon 11 7.7S and cam* back 
It'lar » eamiiirta in tilt t»tt "• 
■lit tmM» !iii.mly CdHtatmr 
iMlclMd. I"*eft'» «*■«•. •••» 
WMillf a T,n «« tl» Mawta. 
wMlte Blaltt Wt * ",» _ 

lalltewf « «■ Wtawint 
•vwit iralibed a memA m «be 
uncvm-ianllel tair$ btlUnf a 
lark dip dwniiufil <» t^l a 
WW* u( •'« trim tlw )«tl|t» 
Pil'Mf* MiiM dmn a Hxrv <>( 




tm toadtaf <« llaHimar. «« .Mar** 7. !»• S ';'^'^ 

•waifn IM-IM Ibr HriMaal trafHy at »«»* aa« ibiratr 

1 wan iii»l (BMW '0 try »'^ 
build d prtiram Iro v*ry 
happy »n.h the w»y ibinf* have 
lurnifd <« But '< «»» •*■ 
wi>ro«n that *d all the wiirli . W* 
•widn-t be i.n)wJ*« witlmiH 

i.W and »lal«.e a S.«. 
Id the aUarwind Blak* 

finiabwl up • »l"«« thifd with ii 

(ii«iBp<»te MiJre a» 17 « and 
l»n»v»f» came hmck to J>la<« 
fttth with »». 

Wbrn I came in I had no idea 
wiMl M «i|ia«."' Mid ilellntr. 

I' or a linm. «h«:t dtdnt even 

iSrtia- mrwm .piil««i«iiiit mmm nniM diio'ii .a ««.« « wmi m ..aii^... ~™ - — ~ 

Grapplers take second at N4C 

- ..I...- ....tiaraaiiinaaailwatlierguy aimlher 

leaoi lar the aaliaoal mcel. The 
Ike title k» deleatbiR Trtlaii and 

(Mii'tm.* o( Harper t'oOeilri 

r«iit lasl year going to 
nationals a no small lakl No* 
I he women will join some o* the 
cuber finest gymnaaliCT teama 
m the nation as tbey travel W 

c<niW Ihere be n dynaaly Ml 
the makinn' 


HMr 'hti timiii. hiwtii to 

jporta. It wa* jiMil a tam»it 

«wk« atb whM Nunii U»«l«* 

hw chance* of 

I ennlerenc* cban):pion. 

iMd slim. «i thai 

Sut •■uMenly... iwrttoe* a 

ma III Mtt IbmIIW" OillHliCldll'' 

thm to. m, mt "«»■« ■* i 

litmm- t*'*' IM *'*' '*"■''''■' '"* 
Hawk wraatlan had llua. in- 
mtyinK habit ol gelling inliirMi 

iM •• Willi all 'MUM •■<' 
cliBinpiliHi*hi|> .i:aUhar, thty 
- a «ay la 'be haaitbj 

,j lar III* Mg nwet. lli* 

I hi» llii aMhi «Mt "*■ 

til' ■liiirtlili hmft V'thi't 

ftJ'to'dii'Sini •»• *«p«!t««l t«> 
haw., .■llMial. m a prawqitNi* 
to qiiafcy. t» vietiiciaa. 

In (aet. il H ••r*ii"t (or Hi* 
.(arleimre o( l»o •**.|l« 
cItaMMcalluia.. th* .K*«ta. •»» 
liMiefl*. iml#lt haw JiaM p«i.!lad 

At II «ai, DiiPag*. the 

HMih*- -tahMi" m Midi. du:.!-int 

1lia.aMMii «« *• MM B''*-*- 

Tte «Mai« tod !■*' W .»'«•' 

(arfdl o« h««»rt«i||lil. ««*•«■ 
and OUT Iw-piaiiHI eiMpw**.. 
h* f«t(t tauidy 

I.ow«lace went <m to sim-ulate 
Ihut -Sean 'Moia.!- eould've 
beat *• •rtailer that won lb* 
heavyweight division " He *l«» 
pointed out that DuPage 
•Mailer eaptufod « U»i"l li***" 
MM. to the i»piiund divtaion. 
^e had 'Ml Brodeflck in 
Itart," he e».|»lain*d. "tuit t« 
*•>» toelore the m»i «» walked 
in and lokl me that he .<uil So 
reonn. iiotfnm. ■-■ I couMn't 
b»l.l*»» It *• l*>»* I"*"*' 
litcaMie DuFii* »f*rtlir laoH 

third in bB ptaee" 
Lovelace gave «r*«ll (• 

llilfii*. hoiaewr. f* ••■■ 

vMiw* -«ii«i »•«;» •"i 

IVMfet tail yaw *•». '(»••* 
■■When you're prt(ia:n»il. Iw* 
iiwM iiwotipporttiinty. and Inaj 

MUMikl —iip^ltliw w'tl) he 
heMiaWartWM||i*n.'MM. Inmi 
March »-Wli 

(ertiMe meet, (or ejiample ** 

were burning ihoa* guyi ml 
«ben the final period came 
arotmd We had th* enduroniM 

when ym need It the moat - the 
lliird period- 

■■.A.nd th»r» the trie*. t» 
imche a g»iy oW and in la»l 

linger lliwi 1» «» ««" " 

yow're m»t » tired., it doain I 

inatHT .*■ ■mnf a» m* o«li*r guy 
,t f^fttma ffUt h«li«»'li« y«i 
ario'l , 

'■We've w'lio a lot. of .n«ateli** 
.» milurawe alone That"* on* 
tMMlit Of all the work Oma 
py* tow pit. in " 

liiwdaet Mild hia .. 
lilcw M* am) lia|a.i* >•> 

anulher 2 hour setiioh Ol 
practice Long, hard prairt***. 
with barely a break in bM»««a 

■Come on, you Ewy**.'** 
demanded. hi» voice aounoiiii 
hiafie from weeks o( com- 
tiniKiM* advice, leaohing. and 
itauting as nngjnaaMw ot M> 
Hawk 'Team. 

Women's basketball carries 
big win streak into tourney 

liMlatt fart* itol. to to! • 
( wreallera who alio ta«t 
I ilM* at winning at i 


'.' Jay «••>*. 1 1«). 
Oan Weber hMk mm Ml. 
Rietordt ( l.«> 

H D. teggett. faiil 
1 .iiliowike B.ob Vnmboi-en. 
.\M.> ■•K'ott MaltMil were nei-owl 
liian (imiiber*. »nd Hmbwy 
M«WlMi1ar' rouaded trut ih*. 
Ma«t 'leorihi with • thirt t.lai» 
s'laadlng m iHi- -.ilptmna 
it* won 

Lovelace jdmitied he mm 
•.iirprii»<t at the recovery wm 
ol' MM* U 'hi* iniured. wriallini. 
IM dMn't •am to 'icdle far 

t. of (to' y*ar 
•'"I bali««e iDaii) Witor and 
ij*y> Evamcandoil. Hire," h* 
laiiimatier-of.faetJy "Look., all 
of' thaac .guy* •««* *»irMii«i» 
hkfil. iMia «• 'itoni to« won 
weight AvmoMi i* to'v* .placed 
««11 m ilivMeii* that arc W 
pnuMfc 'or more o**r thair own 
■•eight Th*>''re wit afraid ol 
«n.vtK;idy '' 

'Uveiaee ilanead anHPid th* 
mat and the wrwUen and 
eiatlmifd "'l think •«*» < 
mml II**.. I ton* itoi »•'« *» 

It lh« Harper womtni 
lMMtoiba.ll l**m can win with 
Vm ■( ita tiarlcrs out and' tia 
'iHHiMig »eorer out almoat liaW ti 
the pu». w'»t •'•' 
wliMi they play that team 
■I Ml rtrength' 

Jwit yf* valuable » Val 
Waidncr to the Hawks' Well 
wton W*ldn«' went dowi w'rth 
■1. aiilla miury l*t* "> the first 
halt Harper M »» and abe 
ati-u«nulal*d B o* U* Hawks 
first half poinia 

When she re-entered the 
Itneitp the 'Haw'ks U»ad had 
.Iw indlad to seven poinia with 1 1 
minutes lett on the clock With 
Harper » icoring thrMil slowed 
down, Tbomlon kept chippthg 
awav at the lead and were 
trall'ing •« *•*« *«dii*T 
fouled (Wt T'immton knotteil the 
wot* <l» all with a minute Ml in 
the game But Harper « tithbi* 
t..>illif> put one m oH ol the *lai» 
(rem wav out and Mary Mc 
Tlgue bit iwUi end* of a one and 
00* ittanton aa Harpw •*•*• on 
m vM TB-TO o»ar Ttomtw, laat 
Monday nglit. 

The women will lace the same 
team this Thursday night whe«i 
they t«t ll» NiCAA Sectionals 
'With games «.la'rting at ."> p.m 

Wetdner m Harpers second 
conatciittve win. had )u>t an 
averan* mght. hitting esacUy 
so 'P*ITei»t ol her sUott ac- 
counlliig for one-toB ol tto 
Hawks potni total with 
dtshing out " 

having ihre* »t««l» 

When tto »oin*n lake tto 
court •fBinM Ttornlan for the 
third lime tliia season, ihey will 
have hack their second leading 
,c.,irw in Kathy Ftaedner. who 
„ coming <»ft an inkle injury 
iind sljirtmg cemiter Ijse Ann 
Roar who has been sidelined 
•kith a hack illroent 

'■This was a good tea.m »1- 
(,■•(, Mid coach Tom Tescbner 
whoae t««m tohoi on Kiah- 
wiukee tonight m a Mine-up 
before sectional play '** 
worked Uhe ball arcaind and 
showed more patlMice on «d- 

■We played a very good fii»t 
latr Uit our oH'eraie died for a 
»ihile when Val got hurl Mary 
Ann Urwui did a good )0*> 
tilocking out on the hoardi 
tonight Mary McTigueatao did 
a good job on delenie Umighl 

McTigue, Harpers human 
pmbali upeni much of the mgW 
either ijounting of( peopl* on 
drlrnae or diving for looae tolls 
for the Hawks Even Uiraigh 
eollecttng enough bumps and 
hruiises (or a year, she managed 
t» hand out seven asalata. bfwak 
the Thornton full-court 
j wl direct tlie Harper 


There will b«a women » track 

meeting Miioday, March :> at 
:l : !» p m The meeting will take 
place m BWg M in the mam 
g>m All women who are m- 
iBresled in parttcipating on tto 
track team are urged lo attend. 
If one cannot attend the meeting 
leave your name and number 
for coach Renoe Zellner or caU 
CKI 4(17 

Watershed reps selected 

„^__ • ■at iMn Ban' 

|ia«f b»m ifiiotirtiil to 

m am fmumum m «!« IW 

Ml Cr*** wwtnlwJ PTOjKt 

THi* pnim:t »n»olv«i l»» 


•lit tw pr***i>tc<> •■ II** 

Iwlni pi*!!"*'* TK* r«e«i>» 
*»nl»)» ■» «»»<**»"'»' •'"' 

WMdiMd SHoppnW M»a» «I»« 

AH te«rfol<li»t »>*» »'••" 
,«««* (wm tl>« »'^,'! 

,,«• «nd «""••"*'•»*'"" 
laaliaiit (ruWtiiw in tl» »•>" 
fmm bttn iolvwJ »«) »" "m*™ 
to Uc »*li»tKlory, it ••• 

ncamnitmM' *» awtfl u« 

bttwm »W||i C and l» imm 

rnwiilj. Stnw ttiw. •"» *" 
vffSlJIWiiion into thf sturtmt"* 

et ill s|«nilnt> tmt turn. im 
fH«-m«i . 

friiw 10 'the iMCt BMTi <* 
Trwite* «•**«« '•l»»««l •« 
M«r«*H »(►»' «»««*''» 
m (rnw WjiW ■•««»•««• P*" "* 

well l^Ktartir* 

M|^ KiMXil 

,^W, ,11 'Oil ..•*«**. S 

tak«« «er 'he <imt*» «»' 
pmMMi. d StiKl«iH s^i; 
•inn llK rtrti»»t»«< "« «■'* 
CmiiMBit. «■• f)ir<>»»> ■■*- 

Meeting recap 

Trustee e/ecf/on 
pefition filing 

. ». j,„., „... ih. »iiH.-# July IKW when he ww 

Ijst Thuntday •»» «•>• 
llni d«v <>( priiinn filing (« 
iFh* Apni n Mmt4 of 
Truit<«« tiMtliM 

Janel W B«»o« and Brwn 
Biirch. hoth ineufnti«nl:» 
m-w Ihf firti c»ndldaw« to 
(ilc|)*<ttk(mt Mr» Bonr wta 
tivf» »l »J N M^nrti llftve 
tn Palatine, las bwn on the 
Diiartl of Tni»ww» iim* April 
I»T7 Harch ol KB >«<!«^h 
Forwt Arhi»|[l«» He«ghl». 
las hern a (Kan) member 

since July ikW when he - 
iippwnted u» fill ihe vacancy 
ol Kataltr 1*eber who moved 
Irom «t» dirtnci ' 

Bt«lh Bone and Banili CiM 
tor three y<Mr ieati Ttmt 
are f;!' three v«ar seals up 
tor elet-iion and < U one year 
Mot Incumbent Kavid 
Titmchek vi ho hai announced 
h» candidacy (or re-election 
had no« nw ■» oC taut 
ThurmJav The UmI day to 
(lie peiilion* i« FTlday 
March il 

Viil. 13 \"». 22 

W illiiii" KiiiiM"' H:ini«f «■»••• r'" 'V I 

Marrh .5. 19K() 

I K,^.1V K.Ma^. V.d.,m.: 111...".- 'HKH.T. 3l2-.i'.7-.MHM 

Board considers 
perimeter use 

■Th. viiiaae at l*iaill»t iwiw '"««* »**!* T; 

"rut Mariper cmm ~" 

■pmUim loii tm tttmt w iHe 
Sail Cretli reanrvaw . 

The nuKTOtr wlU b* »«•* hy 

th» nucfliKtal cwmar ar 

Ai««-,u* and QiiMHili ft**- 

.-v«» » iiere*' Thehoara 

,f.f Metroiiolltan Samlary 

l»i*lrtcl pBrwiiatoii to imild llie 

at a oeettng. iMt 

At a meeung on Thtinday, 
febniary ■- varioa» «Hictal» 
InMi r»lini«» •*"" d» '"""^ 

t« Komtiam mm <>» ^'>"*<f 

liavc .aceaaa lo Harper i 
MMnclar «md »nd areai m 
MrhiV Ma 11 and 11 » >>al t** 

Jirea ««*> •» tawMt a* a 
recraatwn cemter Kpemiiitton 
ia B«t gramled. Hi»« ll** 
renervoir will bt oneiJ only ««r 
ill priinary jiirpoae' of flood 
eoMmt. mrm mm «l 'Pstal"*' 

iia - 

vtlkge «ouW not ton* «ii on a 

cuwiderable amount ot mioney 
imaM. (or m project. 

Tilt board ailnd' queatton* of 
HM aid «« Fred Hall, a 
nyreaMitative of the Palatine 
Park Diilrict ,^ ^ „ 

A board member awed h»m 
atwui llahilUy Hall »aid thai 
Itarper could be added •• • 
rider to tlie park diHrict a MV 
.uraiK-e policy »o that Harpjr 
would tiave iw liabiUty Ai the 
meeting ended. Truotee (ieorge 
IMlilwr Mtd that he wanted that 

Truatee Hay Mill» ••Hed 

«m|a eoaing tn aiid taking 
'ZmOm tend which ih«.Ud he 
(nr r«r»«ilton It *•» u*" 
•Rilnled out to M* *•' "•■ 
reirreatiiiii»l ««"«» »ould be 
(•Mly vlUbk Iwni tlie wadwde.. 
Mayor Bum "Id that the 
Palatine Poltce t»epartmrnt 
w«iM iKibre the mnm 

Truilee Mn Bone aiteo a«»ut 
, poMiMa lee ilinerentlal for 
Ihe 'uae rf the recreattonal ureii 
hclvven Palaitne villageta and 
,n,ii Palatine v.Uageri Mall 
«id thill there would l» 'e« 
iliHeretxtiata only if the activity 
taking pliMM •! At lake »■■ 
tcing spomaoiwl ■» » P™ 
*»tnct program 

Mill* MlWd t! Dialrict S12 
r«!ii*nt» from »uc* relattvriy 
faraway pl»€»» *vt*> »» 
Witeeling and rarpenlertville 
might ttml rewnt hi.ving Harper 
g,v« «ii Mnemenl to the 
Patttin* P»rk District Hall 
mid that peraant (roro Ihoae 
areas already take advaniajf 
ml Irw program* iilfered by the 
Palatine Park DBtricI 

Sevoral «»k»d *Hy the jiark 
dislricl had to «•« Harper 
pBikMg tot*, and why couldn t 
the park diitrict (Ult botld 
lariung lol« an the east iide of 
ijutmtm A Schaumburi offeial 
aiiending the meelmg wi«d that 
the area ea»t of Quentin had 
already been loned !« the 
liuildtng of condominium* He 
■ Iw said that the land on which 
(he reservoir *ill ***'"' •"'' 
alreailv »»»«» ««""* '" f"; 
*Mi»inium». and that that I»"m 
had had to be given up by tl» 
«)• vetoper of the cnndominioms 


■#■'' lijii 

ITH IHHBTH I thai Ike raev^kall tmm 
•W ke r»«l> (or U» «ec»«<l elghl week* «l Ihe 
»emnler." «al4 I»o», in cl»"r«r "( «"•- 
^rtlaa irf MMg *• H' «« repair. <m me 
cowrta k»»r iwi been completed and preiea* 
It are amacceplakle, 

ll.|>a.ln. an the P«d. .»•<■•»". are«»lat 
laner Ikan Iboae •■ Ihe eaarta. 1-a.l week Ike 
B«il 1... deane* and ikti aeek MWc hapet Ml 
mlall arv. tight future* In Ike p»«l *l»»r iWt !• 
ilMe. the pool will be filled and le»led («r leaka 
illarkinger (He ph«««i 

Budget panel ponders funds 

Bon pieced 

on night /ogging 

A ctwpua wide publicity 
'itaMpaign. hai been launched to 
alwt 'Hlmlenla ami community 
» to the dangers of after 
A ban Iwi been 
ll M' dawn jotgiiig 

;^ and pgrtti"! '&■ ■«*• 
Public Safety Department 
nciimmendMl Ihe ban whidi 

mm approved 



Student* and commutiity 
member* wh. jog on campua 
are anked to do m> itoring the 
daylight hours only, wear 
brightly colored ctolhia mm) 
yield (ht rlghl of way «» 

The budget commmee haa 

come op with highlights (or nenl 
jcar* Student Activitiet 
Budget Ati apprommate gueee 
lo the final amount of the budget 
m ipeculated to he about tum 
over the cost recommended by 
the Student Activitlea Hffice 
Aniong specuUted fundi arc 
an increase of MtW to itudent 

bid* on a new van 
■oM* tor sign printtng 

•Student Senate lecretarj' pay 


-po»«hiliiy Hi '.ending, more 

tludentj. to the Political .Science 
I tab » trip to the Model I'nited 
mcreaned tranel 

In other Student SeiMit ar 


Tht! fommumcation* foni 
luittee has contacted the library 
to have a copy of ihe Student 
Senate ConHitution placed in 
the library along with meeting 
minutes and agendaa of 


Praiident Mike UVanway 
qucattonad the Senate about 
w hclher Senator Dale MaHuy » 
in good ataoding with IB« 

senate, Markay ia on leave of 
abawnce. The lenat* deddad W 
chaMe the number of « gofd 
slanding tnajorily from til out 
(>( ten senatiir* to five out of nine 
r red Water* reiHXrtad that Iha 

Operating Koom Techniaana 
I lub haa asked the student 
activities office for '""daTlie 
Senate which is required to 
vote on such appropriation 
meaiMirea. agreed to fund the 
club with tsmi 



heads to 

-see page 


f 1 



Senate begins 
to show some 

signs of life 

It looks at If tht Studwtt Stiwlf "body" imt raody 
(or burial yat 

A iwllcaabia aHort to raach studanH and wt tha 
whaalt of flovammant hirnlnfl again has baan ma<(a 

by tlia Sanafa racantly. 

Ona of tfw affortt It a "coffaa fllvaaway" str- 
vlc*. WMIa 11 It a ratatlvaiy timpla i«laa and raqwiras 
• minimal amount of work. II may |»rova to ba ttia 
moaf affacfiva way to raacli studantt. A tabta i% 
piacad at a tpactflc location on campws and mannad 
by a tanator. Tim ratulH ara twofold students can 
att a warming cup of coftaa tor nothing and Sanata 
can taarn of ttudani concarns and Idaas first hand. 

Parhapt aven mora important It^an this Is tha fact 
that Sanata is finally tuplorlng savtral araas that will 
diracfty banallt sfudants in ffwir dally campus ac 

AlttaMigh M» raoisanlng of f»» vm* araa in A BIdg. 
lounga HitMWIwl (a raopaning couWrawW »" rH'/HI 
pr loia in Nw boolistora m ordar to olfMl food tar vtca 

lotal, Sawala »• working on altaroata plana lo raopan. 

THa Sanata alM lawns to be showing loma growing 
concam lor rtttht tfudontt. Tha aatabtlthmant of an 
escort tarvica lo bring students to thair cars from 
campus MMlitt It finally gaftlng serious attention 

from tht 'llMto. TtM Ida* wa» kicked around quite 

soma tint tm »W* '"•'^ •* 90 dona. Now, at 
- - - t» gdftiarlnfl itwdant opinion on tha 

Minute* ol Sanala maWttige and ganaral in- 
formation sheets have also baan poatad outside tha 
Senate office. Although people are not exactly 
flocking into the area to road tha shaats, It is an effort 
to inform studantt that something Is getting dona. 

Three new committeas were alto eatatollshad within 
the Sanata. A goats committee, to establish 'go ajao* 
tha Senate and offer advice on how to raddl Ihata 
goals was formed. tt>e annual budget committee has 
'Omn reestablished to allocate funds for the next 
•cadamjc year, mt • iwbMclty commlftaa whojia 
main dutlas ln<llli»' iiiwrlng' ttudeni "•■«» «-• 
issuaing a regular' iMMlId nwiflaMjr waa 
Tha committee will •totirW'«li»*"|wW'lc I. 

to promota Saiialt ataeltona and Sanala 
red acttvltlaa- 

All of these ideas tr* well and good but will they 
actually be acted upon? The h-ut test of the "rww 
etlaWlihament" will be to keep tht momentum it .» 
building now going More students ^t beginning to 
notice that a Student Sanate does actually exist on tha 
Harper can>pus not lust in the handbook 

While tha Sanata may not yet be alive and kicking, 
it is at leaf* iImwIbb »!»«• ♦•»« " >» brMWilng. 

% e«T turn McsKA4»f 

yi»v botiV HAV9 -» un, 
mm •/»«. ru9 M»4t>// 

Students should assign 
standards of good teachers 

GMi ilmly lubll*. 

pr«fiart>iliM f<ir ela**, tlMwinn. 
inltreil in cl«>t. aikina 
ifuoiMM and showing u|i for 
elata M HiiMf arc all clurac- 
icniTick tliat leacbcrt find 
desirable in a good studoit 
Himtvtr, th«rc arc alao 
i|ualitics thai sludenla l«ik tor 
m a ««»d teacher 

Seii»*»t«r after irmcster, 
lh«re art ceriain teachers 
«h(iiie clnsMi Till faster Ihan 
nther teacherk ottering Ihe 
name course . Owld it he lint 
(heir name afipcars firtt on the 
irinKMC Or maybe it is a good 
(line fiir miat studiiilS'? Theae 
lire defiiall* pmsiblitlM fm- 
thoM dMMMlng clamas (or the 
firsi lime, hut those who haw 
heen amumt > while longer look 
f« ioiiieoiie »l» will alter the 
NqaMd maicrlal 1 
'}•(. aeaitcinic, aUno 

Teachers shoiM r»»ch out to 
•tudeoli and show that they are 
human too Not muGh will be 
iiMompiished in a clasiroom 
•here students (eel total 
domination by Itw teacher By 
thowiiiig ufi (or clats a tern 
MlHim earl> and talking lo or 
jnUnCanNiid with studenu. the 
teadwr will establish a betler 
working relationship with 
tludent* TtMS may bw sli^U)r 
dtffictill in large kKture clasMS 
t«t there arc always the small 
disciMion clatias for a leaclwr 
m 'aMatillBli a "nersonallty'" 
with their atudenl*. 

Students are expecied to show 
U)i (or tima at the approfriate 
time and teachers sfiould also 
Wkiw this prtnciple How many 
limes has a teacher shown up ■ 
few minutes lale and then ended 
tap ke*t>ing sl-udeot* an eitra 
mi|iic <>l mimiica to get through 
the day's malcriar The whole 
(MUisat It defeated tiy holding 
students longer than the 
tcMhitod time People .get edgy 
■iMMl Hft .mliulat heforc dwa 

From the 
desk of 

Wendy Winkeihake 

The difference between a 
■■good" and a ''bad" class is not 
only the academic aapect o* the 
classroom but also the com- 
inaradcrie U»t develojn bet- 
ween inBlrudor and stodenla. 

The "tiMiiring ' principle 

should be followed by teachers 
as much as poiiible This 
lhc«>ry lets the teacher i|uaitl(iii 
the fludenl on material and 

■■lorce" llie student to really 
think about the material Ttiis 
lets the ieacher know just where 
sludenls are having the inoul 
irauhle and amcentrate in thoae 

Smdentt will alie be more 
willing to walk (or a class that 
ihey really enjoy rallier than 

jtiil showtnf up. 


to the 



Submit to 



longer makes tliea more time 
rawioua and leaa likely to 
fimeeniraie on what is ha|»- 
pning iBdfaws. 

I '«rl«>ii<»t 
KuMiic*^ Matiiiger. 
I> ■ 


Kdltormrhier WendyWinkplhattr 

N..w»i:d r •■'•'•• ^[f"'"'" 

FMture Kifitor Mike.Mmit«iB 

.;_-. fj . . JoeKtjsek 

X::^;:::::::::: ::::::::::::.....rk*k^: 
*»•"•"-"- 'trik''."Z; 

.Cindy Caravelio 

Slev'f n tiray 

■_■ .7. ... v. . Dorothy Pirovano 

.Rich Hemjumel. Nora Norton 

Vuli R^lV. Mark Turgeon. MikeBamtoch 

.lohnl'urtvnski WaywH«''«'ra>' 

Kann JohiMWo. Bill Sternberg. 

Pat Fulton and Charlie York 

The mitlMMir.R IS the student puWicatton for the Harper 

Vatieftf .-amputi TOmrouraty. published weekly except during 

liotidavs and (inal exams All opinMns eiprewed are lh«e ol the 

« nterand not necessarily Ihoie «l the college. lU admlnisiralioo. 

fatuity or student body Advertising and cow dwdltne is ih»^ 

IXiesday and c<w ■» »"''Fct "o editing All Letters to-lhe-Edllor 

must be signed, names will be wilhheM upon request For ad 

veriismg fates, call or write H*ltBI_N«Ea^*iUu.m Rainey 

Harper College. Algonquin and Roaell* RoMb, Palatme. Ill . 

mm Phone xmn. em «1 

Tht Htirhinfter. Monh f. /W(/ f'li^ .1 

New machine can help the deaf 


l» rm^: 'tMMK 'lb«y crnv* 

■'t CUM* ■■ fHy 

ft It ■% liMlmiiMii 

n. g' mm, um tnuiis 
il's'a MM)9« WMMm •TTY ■ 

lM*l tliBt'i a draaai 

nractaw Una >Ml eta bi rMHi 
iwr*r II UW' pmon la i«mii 

RMWitly. tHt MaM of iniiKtt 
twi (wrehtiml I4« TTY 
machint* Evfry countjr 
r» fflHi** •ifi !!■*«■ ant 
WV i^JMHiirMnf # 
■nil la |M • 
oMtractar calimalc or In rM 
an inttrur dccoralnr. tlity lw«« 
■• vtaH aadl plac* anl do • In! ot 

Uf «« tk* «lMt iaii'i Ua «>]'' 
rraatratlog tMnt auniiiig tn 

UMn li Minyiiii. w«n ■& 

Haipr €•• rtBd lip. and •«»» 
can iprill'' "Wtam t tind out a 
'patMNi it. deal altar lUnint a 
amvcnation »iih llitni, I get 
ntrvois Bui only u">» < *■■>■>*■ 
wlial im dMin 1 iry <»> »!«•* 
etoansr i( <hey e«» r«ml l«|» 
SmiNtimM I ftnd inyseK lalkiiu 
lM«ar. m i( itiai really Mp." 
■ap BMIi Cnepin. a ••ii|*oni«f« 
•I Harpar. 

Kiiirttr lii«t*« »' » "*•' 
*lul«r. Dairtd Mtdiawilii. who 
taittna ihc Wiatar Olymflct 
ifila year 'H**! onaof I** nn* 
l«lMita«l dMd aliidHiti I kM« 

ttmmt. wtm liaa btm dnaC 

llMC afe fl'V*. bMaiait at iplnal 

(kiat maeUiMii tuck a* 
dapmrnent •tnrat, mmW 

M « •«a«i* now. ««>jr • «•• 
bnafilait t««*e Ik** for 


tiaiMl'kBW tovalt la ■ i 
to tar help, writing I 
ttity want to ^taj- It 


daal "tall a M ■«! f)mf» I 
ihM iMv'fa'MannrtMMMat 
. TMa tnahat aw- 
1 1 know thty'rana 

Daaf MidMia are vaiir 
imnar It ktialji it»i iMMa._ AII 

lima af ika daal atndanta at 

•Mlar nruMm. Kol all of 'her 
faiDlly kiNm *tfn languaia. 
ku( ikiry flat ky Matthew, wki) it 
H. wrilaa wliat Iw wantt la say. 

i( he can'l get hit ^lidca aeraia. 
Since coming to Harper five 
vears >(«, Hunier feels very 
mnforlable witk Ike iicafile and 
hn )tii He tulart and cvuniala 
ite deal ttudent* and taachta a 
ilon lat^nafle ckaw to kaariat 

One of tke iiiMr|ir«Mrt, W'ha 
tnter|ir«<s a ihrae hmir claat. 
laj't fh* learnt »hile tn- 
lerpretinK She ha* taken tome 
if ihe clataot. but ttlll laarm 
mare Ourtnii her three hnur 
ftatt ihere are two in- 
(•r|r«l.eni One taka nolaa 
durinii (he ftrat half ol claai, 
!hm afier Uie break, the two 
svilch roles, one lakis notes 
while Ike wlkcr doaa Ike in- 

PrcaldcM «( tke tlliaali 
Aaaociadon o( the Deaf. Hunter 
and the other membarc arv 
making II paaible to inlorni 
everyone that deal pcofite art 
like M Tite major iiriiMcnt •Ilk 
ihedeaf tt the laii(ua|» barrier 
Hunter iklnka Ike deal are 
bekind in the haarlni warM. la 
ihe knowiedRe ol what it kap- 

pfofng Bill now Khoali are 
startup in early cMMhood - 
leaching Ikem la read Up and 
uadtntami Ika keanng people 
The AtaacMliati't goal » to 
publish deaf awaremits, and la 
(Mlucatr people on how lo daal 
wiih the (Jea(. 

■'People get nervous, cold. 
haea ttraafe altitudei when 
they find out they're talking la 
the deal Hut Ihey are fricBdiy, 
xnd sinlie alot." said Huntar. 
"Misl people have met a deaf 
periion and can generally 
handle Ike tituallon." 

And Ike sltoitkm it gattlas 
ketlar\ "IHiopleareninaniaiap 
Inward Ike deaf." Hunter laM. 
There are new laws and new 

One ol the law* is Law SM Il'i 
■ federal taw that requiret 
any iniitKiitiaa that receiva 
federal lumk lo make the ia- 
llilalion harrier free That 
nwam to equip it with ramp 
for people in wheel ckaira or lo 
have interpreten lor the deal 

[leafneaa meani the inability 
lo hear It dncaa'i 
inabltty la iMak 

■ mi 'OFF 

On any mgufoffY ptcod 
atoum Of rape 

Oflfe Draft dodger history 
. rang*/ 


131 ) Golf Rood I 


rw 1*1 nm* < umu wiflii iihio \4 nwi> 

hair perlorincrs 

ISII mt'ikail waaa 
RalMBg Mradww* 



>('t'S> - li i/'ongrtaa endofica 
President fartert Jan » 

propoaal lo brgin mltitiry 
retitlratim. it will he Ike 
'Selective Servire System '» lint 
«iimng »iw» i«« But n will 
KM tie Ihe [inl unM? registration 
lai been brought back from Ihe 
grave The I" S hat employed 
('■nous kind* nl MOtcrlpllon 
««'<ilemii periodically Iw o«cr a 
hundreil .vears h brial hlatory. 
m MiMinaii from Ihr' published 
*«irh» of Boston I'niversily 
I'rofesmwr Sliehael fwrm 

Tke nation's fir»i rtralt i»« 
.■nacled' liurmg lh<^ I'lul W.»r. 
■ (J<r liw iTiHfiejed 

..', > I I'hr favi 

uinmrti (iraileei. tn lure sutt 
tlitulcf. and la buy eirmplions 
(or tm Tkut Ike w»r aC'^ 
■•ordlng lo ■ popular wiying ol 
Ihe ilay. *a» toughi ■'witk rich 
inrn's money and poor men'* 
bliMid ' 

The t»», moreover, wat 
inediomi iM the am.oiti m« 
I'iillrt up III ta».i. mne per i-etii 
hired »«lii>itlute», I* per cent 
pnd Ihe delerrociit tee. snd « 
•t h«ip|iing. Til p«r ml riwMted la 
twdtcail and other eirntpimns 
tinly ibripe per crM li Ike 
(lf«(l**« »■»« tofmally in- 

f'«ai-« rniM Ihe dralt. wktrh 
»j» rail rnwlaled until Mirld 
**«.f I II •i.ifffliB.iderahly m«ire 
rlf>ti»Tii Ihe lecand time 
(■>r»(lee* in-counted tor Ihe 
mo)ocil> ol American soldiers 
I or the iirsi iiime in Amancao 

.Ground 14!). Ml rollege 
ntuiiei'it* lairved insleiid in the 
Stutksnt Army Training Cfirps 
ilurmg Ihe (.irwil War A.lm(itt 
hiill Ihe rtradees claimed 
phytical or occapalional 

I II hers protested more 
il.recily Numer'ow anti-dralt 
rrwrrhe* "W Washington ended 
with Ihe .piling of the marct) 
leaden Various unions ■ 
ntilaMy the Induntrial Workers 
ol ih* World " urganiied 
resBlance and were nearly 
tiesi roved a* the result Charles 
->H-tiem'k.. an oMicer ol ttie ihrn 
tormiidaWr Jkniallsi Parly, wns 
arrested for merely circuLiltng 
a tvlilioa artuuig Ike drall 
violated cuntlilulional siric 

lures against mvotunlary 
HfTvtlude III* rate endad witk 
'SuprniM- Ciajrt Justice lUlver 

Wendell lloroe* historic ruling 

ital llmtlad freedom <>l tpeech 
in timet ol naliooal emergency 

In all, the War INijartmenl 

lilted missing war 
resitlan two yean allar the 

Treaty of Venaillea «■* aiiiiid. 

The draft ended tfith Ihe war. 

ami remained inaclive until 
itMU when Ihe t' S began tit 
tirfl peacpiime conwriplion 

The drall cspired in 19I7. but 
the Trumati artmmitlralion 
•orrwd that v<»liunterr rates 
»<»ld he loa hiw :•■ sustain t'OM 
War military policy, and. »ut'" 
t'ettlully !H><.iniwred amilhrr law 
which, with certain 

.madiflcaiioM. rematnt « Iwee 
toda> Kut the iia.tion'it wcond 
■peaci'lime draft d)4 incite 
protest Resistance wa» loud 

enough lo force a liberallaMl 
ilefermenl system 

Indeed. Ike defermeni lytlem 
was m diicrelianary that a 
iltsproportitinale share <i( Ihe I .$ 
million men dralted into Ike 
Korean War wi-re from working 
class lamiliet 

The pa Hern continued 
thrnugh the Vietnam » ar. when 
draft resislaniT hit its peak. 
Siimr tlutlies suggest as many 
.IS 2MI (mil mrn illegally tailed lo 
register while another 30U.tlMI 
i-ither relused induction or 
emigrated lo avoid induition 

Kesistance was so liroad that 
by Ihe early TO's the military 
»ystt«n was under attack by a 
large proportion of the yaiaiC 
men wh<i were supposed hi staff 
It In ia7'l. I 'resident Nigan 
i-nded all phyiical exams awl 
indw-IMM Kegalralion was 
suspended on April I . IITS, and. 
ihi! Jk-leclivr Sitvut Svslem 
was ulficially put im standby 
status in .lanunry. VfM 

Draft anxiety? 

for Ihne studentt who have 
been upiel with ail <if the talk of 
a new rcgitlraUoa for Ihe draft, 
can braatht a :il|k of rtl.i«( 
After lalfeiag «ilk Col Jim 
Sirackan Ika Harbinger ha* 
leamid tooiethlng thai all of 
the tiaff waa turprued lo find 
out and umietklng that the 
sludcnu who ware biting the 
emh of IhMr ftaigfrnalli to the 
quick will be glad lo hear Tbe 
1.1 S Army t* agaiml the draft ! ! 
Sirachen said, "the Army'i 
official pocilioo it oppoailion lo 
any form of military can- 
scripiion We feel tkia n an 
iisue that Cowgiiii mutt decide 
upon Ihrougk Ih* ponpl*. We 
wmM like lo have an ail 
volutticar Army In ikii way wc 
wiU have people who waal lo ke 
in (he Army " 

The IM.IIIM quaMioa wai put 
to htm then, at« the U.S. Arinad 
Portat matUag tkitr quotat'* 
■OirrtBity Uw Arnqr M maMlng 

of Ike country 
recruitRMnI is far heltwr levato 
of vokutleen that are ncadad. 
For eiiample. MUwaakea k 
tneettT« only 65 percent of thdr 
iibjective The Chicagoland 
area is meeting and exceedtng 
at limes their objectives " 

"Probably the best way for ua 
to improve recruitments it 
through advertiaing Our lalcat 
incenlives are educational 
opportunillcsand Army retcrvc 
opportunity IWe feel this is the 
best way lo encourage people to 
serve in the military " 

With the recant crMli in 
Afghanitlan and Iran the 
Harbinger alio acked if 
enUttment hat inc r e t i a d "No, 
if Ihey tign up lodiy tt hat not 
been from the inlarnational 
critit It hat been becauee they 
have always thought about 
serving tn the Armed Force* 
And il there were poople who 
fell the criait Is Ihe reason for 
enlulmcDl they have not told 

Piyr I Thf Huthinptr %l„rth .{. /'«f> 

Fill in I 
Manli ■ 


4rl bhiMi 

M#ffil 4-JII 

"■itiiMMi: Frw 
i tlmwiiig 
Ci f>Bldg» 

«•• III 


l|i.m., P« 


' _ 

T Misl«fCla»i H 
' John Prrrf ** 

l*unlsl f W 

» 1« a m n mm 

1 'I* tin' 

Film • Ikmm 



B pm ,.liia 


Wt'n h«I 

80-81 AID 

Apphr mm tor INMII Ikiwncial 

aM. Appllcallma art avallahit 
• III* Pinaneial M >.>ffi«a. 


Wmmt <ir U»' im AcMtany 
Awwd for B«*l Fmifn ntm. 
Um nitn conrcn* iH* tlliint al a 

tktri Hit ««ii immmm ol 
SItarla. ilMvii VHla. utmn (In 
MiMMin mwt dunni Urn c*- 

pMHtHH), iMCMIItt llMf gtUkt 

Umiiigli lilt tiiicUy 

iHiiiiiiil'iiiiiiiii uimI timr 

■flttiw Olrvcitil b) Akira 

KwrtMava, tlit I'ttui >■ an 

•■•Mmc portraial ot Ihr 

■tioiiplmly of 

liuiMn *|Mnt 

iatJS Harpiri 

Willi iclivity rard Friday 

Marcti ;. at « pm. In Hldg 

and Law 


rwun. hqiJintiii Wwtmwky, 
Mareti ll at i pm « the 

.MMtHl 'Rinlwii* ivlll. ItaliifM' f 

lM«llli. !••, kiMwry. and 


dpiMMtli agtnS includ* 
Hary Halfta Turas, 

l>t)wli«l.licnipicl. "Who Am I' 
Rrtvaluattng Idwnlil) ' 

Jiiwic WMIiiiw. 'pti^ical (It- 
liMtraC'lar, "»<t4f 
.. ' Mafs l« Cnpt witli 
Ann Ivtatar. atunvy, 
•Wtioieij and ili» Ijw". Pat 
Mulny . lormtr i lafl mnttiar nf 
tiM iuilmran Cfncral 
AlenMlBin L'ntl. "AkaMlaai 
.MjftlM. m I>i]RlMilii|)r"*. a:ild 
Sara Him, Kurtliwaat Op- 
pariimiiji Ciiilw. "Wtw 
Mwiiufii .ftv 9iMiift€ INtanan'*'* 
Krta Hiward. wImi< pit> 
iWpaM. In a twi^wat* Mantnir 
nn vmhu'c litiiary at 'lafili 
LamiM Cuiligt, ikiil diiciii* 
"WmiMi'i Riaitwj '" He- 
claiining Ihi' i>iitt". and Uxuae 
Wtkih Sckrank, Har|M.r In- 
•UiMtar awl heiiirtr nn (tlnu, 


tliari: Mliw ■iMMt utimtn"! 
tiaiMa. tlaeltfmiiid f*adl«i 
iMIarkal wfN hr previdid id 


TttWiln lur Ite ceurw ii 
WtM. HaiMilar' % etlVutg tli* 
WiiMtitii't Pm^am at tit m 



ill |M"taiiiK a 
J«*ii Perry 

rl I9 ptaiUal Jolin Perry 
•n nmniagr. Mareli t at ■:« 

P'.M 'flK priMiHiiw «lll tafet 

pwtf la a ni| iiiMH|y .a .ma iw hat' 
tl am iMBw rarulty at Uie 
Oniinifaitir of southarn 
(MHonia and ha* iai«li( •« tti 
VBtwranj' tl Tom and 11* 

Pta7 ha* a Maattr of Miaic 
dcfftc frwin the Eastman 

Sehuoi ar Mihk aad' hat mdM 
in Europ* m t PmMllll 
Sehntanhip H* la iht 'oliaar of 
clal Honor) in ih* 
rli* bmR Inicrnational 
:Plami Coinptlltl<» in Part* 'ami 

I and VMti tail 
QMKiwlltlaii* In Italy. 
Ptrry it »«U kmmn (or Ut 

MtrpraiaUiaia tt 

hjF a rt«i*«tr at 'II 

P*M aa havlni "the ahUtty lo 

limjact a tana* ol 

tonal and dynamic eonlror ' 

Public admiuion 10 th« 
c-onccrl la DM llarptr 
.■tmlMiia vith attlvltf cai* 
aliand ftm.. Perry •tU aim 
condiKi a piano maattr daai 
front » m a.ffl i» noon on 
Prtdaj-. March T in Mdg. Ml. 
ctall Ml., m Idr MdarmatiM. 


Til* na.rptr Colltge ronmrrl 
tlwir and ramarala SlnRcra 
iv|.|| be 'fwatHnnd In ciMMtrl on 
.ilMoay, Mkrcli tt, 19M. Thf 
nnwram will bagiii at 4 p m In 
1% JI43 

'Hm Conttrt CiMir Mil hagin 
the program «iih iht Chriii 
theme ' Alleluia " trrni Metro 
Uoldwyn May«r"i Bim Hiir. 
anwifMi by 
1 llaiaai. rolhwiiit la (ht 
"AnH»em Ii>r iSprlmt" l>f 
MaaeagM frim -Cawallarla 
Rmtteana" Tlie Camerala 
SinRers will prtacnl 1 priinram 
ol Renaluance ramte, i«- 
liiidini •oit» by Wiirle) . laaae, 
<ll LMsm. and HtMlmcrdl. 

Ttte teeond half of l.h« 
program vi'tl Itatiir* the 
dramatic *eqii«i>\* "Ood't 
Trombiitiea", with •jirtli l|y 
Jamea WiHdiin Johnaon and 
by' ftoy Klngwald Mill 
I dramatic 
by Haffir wfatt 
John M'uclttnore a* the 
preacher and Sliaron Mc 
Namafi aa 'tht pfiiywr I 

I 'la inne 


The Harper Ocrn'munily 
Orehe«ir« will appear in an all 
Mendelisohn coneeri on 

Mondai'. Mardi tit at 9 p.m.. In 

.Kmrn IM (iMf|» Mahea will 
fondnel Iht' ordMitta in a 
raading o( the Sim and. Slrangtr 
(Hiertuie. iht Plngal'i Cave 
(iverlurt. and the Third 
<i][m phony entitled "The 
Scotch " This all Mmdcltniitin 
'MHitert will tic (aaturtd in the 
new audllonum in J R.|d| ., 
iMalint about .an people Thit.tB (ini peT(orma.m:e of the 
orchcsira In the new 'qua.rleTa 

This perfornuMHe la open lo 
the piibhc (t«e of charge at' one 
M a atria of conctrli apiMiattd 
ky Ikt' Haipr Ooliiti Miaie 
DvyartnMH Ww 'ftarlllW' .Ni- 
iwmailaa,. aO. tit. M.. 


Women* Hislorv Wee* m 

Illinois »ill he ohaerved by the 
Harper follege Women's 
Program .m Thunday, March 
11 with "Women's History 

tiay" Thif all-ilay program of 
free wortukhopa and (ilins will 
tate place in BuildlnH •> 

The keynote address will be 
given by Sharon Alter, 
aaaiwiale pmtaanr tn 
and dMlgmr 'OT Hw 
■'Womtii; 'Tha .Amtrican Ei- 
perience " Worliih«p« will 
lociai' on women's rant.ri.but.NMi> 
10 family, worl. community, 
and poittical lite "Recnrdim 
¥«ir Family's Htit.ory" will 
illftr laehnlquat for' reaoartM'ng 
family 1 radii lont Theae 
MMquea alao can be applied 
to rcacarehlni comnunity or 
ortaniiallonal hittory 

Films shown ihrou^ioul the 
day wtU •pMlighl the paal 
•Iritiglai anil iriumphs of 
wiinian in a.ll aspect* of life. 

The Harper College 
■"Women's Mlilory Day" ts open 
10 all lumor high and Ngh 
lof l.)irc<:i(n.munlly. 
'Thnac wbit plan lo aliand are 
aahed. lii.add (half naiMM 'is the 
giaai IM hf ciiNinc cut.. 'W. 


THe Stiideni Senate, m 
cooperatiim with I'hV' t.«atue ol 
W'Omen Volert. will 'be spon- 
.Korimt a candldatei lorum lOr 
raMlidMis Ht 'Uie upcinini 
Baa.rd <i< Trualeet elcetinn A 
deftntte dale la yet lo be let (or 
'ihe Inniiit 

The iMfur of Women vmairs 
•''ill help, wi'lli the putoltnly of 
th« eMtnl The student senate 
will attempt to conwnaf as 
many students .as poiaible lo 
register ami vole in Ihe elactloci 
on April 11 Preaenlly vnUrs 
reglatraiMin has btrn halted, 
but II wtil cnntlitue aftar lb* 
March .tl flntral primary 


The Legal Technology 
Program and the Offic* of Education al Harper 
CoUcie will apnmnr' a atminar 
about «a:hi* 'dtcMm 
and profettioaal rti{>ilily 
Inr paraltgah en JMarch S from 
Di'Xi 1.0 t.m p'm. The 'sem.iiiar 
will be held in BMg Cm 

TopicB to he diaeuaaed (»■' 
elude :' leflaMhlcal ditemnuu. 
moni rtMoaMg in adulu . and 
Ihe ImpljeMDni of profeasioMl 
diR'liim mahtng and rcapon- 
*tbiti1y Throu^i group par- 
ilcipailon, analytit, and 
diiscuk*.iiin. sevmat implieationa 
fv re8.olving legal-ethical 
di.le«tmaa. and thar appticallon 
•0 the pa'ralegal profeti.iM9 will 

will be Jean 

Marqueile tiniversily. and' 
.Sliarrie Hlldebrandl, cnor- 
dinalor nl Legal Technology al 
Harper ('nllrge 

The rtgislralion lae of lis M 
tncludts iiiltion, materlata and 
cotfee Fur more information, 
call Ihe Office irf ContinuInK 
E^ducaliiin al eti Mt Register 
by catting ext. *u>, 4U, or .-wt 


The Woman's Program of 
Harper Colleg* i» offering 

Career Oevelopmenr , a 
three day comprehensive 
coume dts'igned (or the woman 
who want* lo discover her 
ihillt. compelencics and 
potcBtiahi. The cnwrte wi'll M 
"(fered on Wednesday. Thur- 
sday., and Friday.. March !>. li. 
and T (rom » a ro lo I p m The 
claca will meet in the MIding .A 
Hoard R<»m 

In-dMrld luiiion is Ml 50 and 
mcludea the materials fee and 
three lunches. Oul.-af-dtatrict 
luition IS Ml n 

To enroll, rail (he 
Education Admisaions twficv at 

ext nn. m. or mi 


Ticliets lor (he Studio Theater 
production of "Guys and Dolh" 

w ill gii on sale Wednesday m the 
.Sludrnt Arlivilies office Ad- 
misston IS tZ lor Uv public and 
tl for Harper students wilh 
irlivily cards 

I'erformances are acbeduM 
lor March 21 . n. 211 and HI al « 
t> m in Bldg JI43 Per 
lormances are also offered al 
i! tti p m <)« March 32 and JO 

A dinner-theater package la 
iiflered with Ihe March n 
(lerformance Tickets for this 
package must be purchased in 
advance. WiO tor the public 
jind 17 iW lor Harper sludenls 
with an activily card 

The musical is under the 
direction of Mary Jo Willis, 
diomigraptied by M Mueller 
nrcbestrated li> Lynn .lessen 
and under Ihe vocal direclion M 
M Mueller 

I n addition to Ihe student cast, 
three members of the Harper 
lacully will make guest ap- 
pearani-n in Ibe musical 
Karen Keres and Jack Patieler 
o( the Liberal Arts tiepartmrnl 
and Tom McCahe. Kngineenng 

Mathrmalm Physical 
Scieme will debul in Cuya and 

Grand Opening of the 

Greek \ illa«;«' HoiiHe 

Featuring a variety of Salmis, 
Sandwlchts, St»aks, 
GrMk Specialities like 
Saganaki, Egg Leinon Soup, 
MoMsaka. Pattltsio. Sea bass. 
Sqoia and much more 

11% Off 

Open J days a wmk at 1 1 a.m. 

S1S3 New Wince Rd. 
Rolling Meadows 


On Mondays with this ad 

and Pal HukMnp, instructor in 
Cnglilh. Alverno College. 

lltlvaukee. Janine Caskc, 

.ii m lft e ,nl ynitaaar of Lav, 


For m»n and women 

'■ i.u boflv indoor lannioo »of 'men 
#nf| ^^.(;ffn^»'^ f uste- yer wtf* •♦>:..»?" 

Th0 Hnrhmpr U.,r. /. <- /<'«" 'V"' > 



mWfc SECRET? llinsin>r 


h hi riw IWsimfiLs! 


Site's" "i* ■" i»y "• • _ 

social Therapy 

,( Hi.HAD* 

,)L,-[b And<^ 


For ^career in the 







an M. OvMon. Artin««n Mt. 2S«.7075 

t*avt out «w> 

»*m«V WMTHO •'•" licilr 
()■)• i-« MiM» V«- I'M T«i»ti Inn 


Harper student 
in Miss III. contest 

■I •■111 ui»> m •">" "" ' *' 

Ml 1*1' .ir wi •<»*" '»* ■*''■■ *' 

:n!M l*W' * f''** rttiinJtl* 

For Sale 

,„ .,,.«.niwr:p«*<r*r'?5: 

Mack •••••' ■•'*■ """^ ?;!. 

iF»c*. am-'li" <■■»" f'* 

an *Tri« till" »' ^I* ""J! 

Lookinf" For More 
Rooni To Live"' 

Krj ijuys *<l ^o" •"«" ** 
tave * «eethe.rl on "ur 
Harprr «miiu» who «ill >» " 
the mm III 1*«>"1' !»•*•"' /" 
c«« JM mwt I.I.O* *•»' f" 
viUl st«tl.tM:» ore ft to » 

r»:B tw»i.l>lul '>•»• »'"«^ 
wmhiiw tv»ir .nd oi« ot «» 

It Karen Ann ""»■ *•■ ""JJ 
r^^,vc IISOTO m It* »"fl 
prtm Amlmu«-hWt«ry«l .he 

And lh«n uUlm«t«ls. M'»» 
Karen aid I »»« <«« '" 

Mi»» in the Mm* W I »•• • 

1 {in<t becanie »iiv*«l In 

niirant!- Iwauie I •«n«eo ™ 
M, mrther. unlike m<»l okv 
teilanl parents, did nut puM< 
nw She, in (ail did not want me 
10 Kct involved in p«i!«»t>l» But. 
after the first iwgeant I mel^to 
many penple. had to much fun 
and "a wa* a chance to net «*■> 
from il all. Karen revealed 

In T V movie*, the typtcal 
ptttwt! m one fl( lt"«»l't> ^ 
w^ Ktri*. tow rttwoded. 
•Thai >• f»r fmm *t triiUi *• • 
malter of fact everyttm* J li»*« 

none to a pageant it h«» b«M] ^ 
mce vmi don I want It 10 end 

In case your girlfriend 
hapirm to he P»»* <""*>:™i 
shoulder rmht no* and ""J**" 
vihai vou are reading, tel) ner 
ihis "Nest year you nhould iry 
the Mis» 111 Beauty Pat««nt 
Vou qualify, it yoft* *«*««" 
goto school mill, and you re 
»in«le With the last »ord IH 
your voice drop down U> a 
Karen ».id.Tve read mw 

artidea abiwt beauty P«l»«™f 

i*r; in another pa«e«nl » 
T7,' ,", girl would win 
t"tme ^tU. rxplatn. w*^ 
,„y .corecoard reads dU^ 
ferenlly after every Mia. 
jVmerica conteat __.,.- 

Karen » hobbies are cooking 
and she al»o do«« creative 
mitchery She » studying ac_ 
counting presently And 
eventually hopes to be an ac- 
cMunlanl or model She alio 
works at K Mart in Schaum_ 
burg Karen ii a Fremd High 
SrhOMl graduate 

The pageant will be televiaaa 
„n*<;N So this St Pattys Day 
tune in on Ch » at 7 30. and 
*aU-h Karen become Miss I U^ 
And if you fuyi have not talked 
to b«T by then you might as well 
target it She will probably have 
a kmtl waning list after the 

Find It In 
Our Classifieds 

„,„lll\(.Ht •lit '» '">»' 

,., ■ ,,•', .,..: Hr* al ttmrtr If"^ 
.;,., ,>■,.". y.r...i..t»«Hlirjlif»>!'I»^ 
,,«nl *nv.»r»>) 1« *.« *n mm m 

,*n ntf •ill ■""" '» "^ *"* "" ' 

>«.i» «M^ ^rnxitM' •»* "* '" *' 

Bring ni»» »4 li» 


- K«iw« • FREE 
•I « BMtatMk 


want money 

W\MtlV.H>N IM > PS 

rtir « IBM M 1«W ■ this >ear » 
rolkgi" iTwhmen is more 
iiH«e*led in making t<cumf\ 
than prior ctosses. the annu.i 
i:,'l \ .trTH-ncan rouocil '" 
|.-,.|.. .'v has found 

"( , I ruler Asltn, whti 

, ,,riii',. 'i-'i ''■■"• -u'*'"* '""" 
;u.H.".l'lhai .rr*hni.-n arc itiore 
oialerulisln tfcaorf « per 
,.,„! Ill itir llki.iW' »ludent» 
,:,w»li<>ned taid ■■being very 
(M-ll olf rtiWlfiaHy" was cme «H 
itair miiit importanl goals 
. .... ,„,...^ni ,.i ita-i'lassof WW 
goal as 
s survey, 'he 
vhnien planning 
:-s utM) im:reased 
V ihri?e'qii-»rtrrs 
,.shmen seek 
■an juihority m 

„ ,.„, 'ither altitudmal 
irnrf^ 4i«««fred b> >he poH 
. Krwrt iludents than laat 
„,ar Ihiwilil l»*l»' x**"^ "•* 

too eaay " 

m\ tietd 

.Aa.N A- .H.jjjrE™. vr.T^rf^.vrrsr'.: ss 

III Wawh ker •• Wl«^. *• "' * "*' ' 

Last week's 


Review by 

Pat Fulton 

. Krwi-r (reshmen entered 
,„llegrwil(iM' or higher (trade 

. Fewer than half the Iresh 

,:n.iin rlji» M 1 7 million lav<« 
leg,*linng marijuana, while the 
:a p«Tren« »ho fa»or lefaliting 
*bor1:i..r r < Inim last 
vear > ■>' vrrmw 

V \nnh tolf the freih,man 
das* favors legal sanctiom 
aRiinti hiimoarxoai reJattoo 

ftpt ft the Harhingrr Mmrh .% I*f&i 

\1 liHi UlLLlVti^ 

Columnist advises chemistry teacher 

•1 ■» imMMDr Wictuiie V T~ "^ 

»m oqilinnc • «»•■■• «l T^T 

IMlMilltlMtafWMlMMlM' ^<Av^<» 

tmmm awl ftrtmial /^ ff 

MtMkctM:t mm tkMiM I \^ 

"I jam wifWHIMniKIV 

tCtllHlMBt ''Ml 

eatwr. "mm mlfW t My .to- m 


MMMtM:t mm MM i 

lieMit* iX M mf fMillB and. 
■iniimiifir TiMnks. " 

tmwprMBt UiM' fartictilar 
(fiMi.iMi csfiMMjr a cMimtt. 
tar B to 'MM Iht ckarl of a 

tmiMiatinn (or ym woiM bt to 
invcattiatt lt» poMJMlitMB of 

tiiiitnciw owntraAip Von havt a 
tialorat know how (or Ihe 

\ hamlllwiM of fiitaiM^.^ P^^V^ and 

«l(ll 'iMi kind ol puraiiil. ftnd 

ID rci|M>id to every iiluation or 
<<(wll«nge thai amcs Jiwl to 
prove your inlegrity and 
C'ouraite l« oUwrt f\ad an 
(>ul(el (or your lympaUiy and 
Iwlpfuinn* Itiat will mtvc a 

uctai cauie. even if juai a 
rational volunteer work 
Through Ihia. you will lurdy 
(eel emotional (ulFilliiMnl and 
peroonal tatlitaclion Good 

KyiBbollict • (ompiea |i«r- 
*-«, airit har*. la a parfa«i 

ilk Ml »m* «r mtMey 



property Virfortiinatriy we aH 



powerrul aiMl emtrilonally 

MMiillw pnoiwlily can t* 
fMiid Von ar* t«ialMitmt.. 

hetpni oUwrt "bail aM" of 


4im 'undMriyinii maait far rndal 
Mcagnitlon. The proMcm iMa 
im«y kad to ti that it conflkta 
wtth yiHtr basic Aquarian 
nalurt. \aa prvliahty value 
ymV'traedMn am) independanM 
Wiraatly. < nol lo tpeak of y'OMT 
pifaMial pnvary thai ym 
may never (eel roniilMaly 
cMnltelable playinR a laadlir- 

(iMWCial pta. 

Vim may want lo 
(MM* luch ai photoirapliy. 
sale*, computor tcchnolofy. 
inveiligatlon. writing. 
puMlthing or •dverliUnf 
There are indications Ihal 
MMiimiay you. may travel in 
aaaoclaiWii *>il> your joU, «c 
worh from your liiinte 

My Urontetl reeoaa- 

('■ (urt you could he 

An ufHiBual buainaaa would 
suit you ((cal. alaet It W'OuM 
alia* ihe real part of your 
paffMoaltty to come nut Vou 
ciHiM ify ikahm with booka. 
tnlii)'tie» *|>nrli tqulpmtnl, 
unimali, icapecially horaaaand 
equine tupplieai. caaiMMn. 
audio lond-or vtauaX Miutp- 
numt. the melaphytical. or 
tfiMrtaUMnenl and amuacmeni 
ctffien That ihould give you 
itiniel'hint to ponder' 

In your personal lite ym 
ihouid strive to truit peoiplt 
more, espenally when In 
c'omprtilion Try lo be mora 
(i|M>n with your UilenlMni, w 
dtat olhcrt may not be miikd 
Doi'l licl a< If tboufh you have 



Van Halton 
Aiirfl IS 

Marcli U 

^™ -OSCftR-TROn 


t'*.' (IWi<J 

be very luceeaaful in poaitMaa 

vIlMti require llMae ijualitlaa. 

Yoit have escaUtnt ttaekmi. 

altillliei. altlMNigh your 

methods may not be Ihe 
"lyflcal" It Mama aa if IMa 

" I \m ptrwuwlty laUalyint 

■iMketla«. Nat. %nm dte 
dandpmiit ti taMSMag 
tlaeU hul tram the IlmlM 
anouni of income it oMera. 

apailier. Il pr«baMy malna .ywi 
IM goad about yoifftdf Ifou do 
'iMva a need (or riManctal 
Mvurtljr and ovuarahip «t 

■Mai Praaley • nol 'God. 
Vmm ilwi MKif of y«M have 

taken d««p hraaHla. I «lil' 

CIvts. Fraley waa. a pot- 
fanner who «ame alang .at Uie 
riflM tiiiw and ilie n#l :fflaMa.. 
Ito gained' (a.m* ind maiwji' tat 
Ha 'siwaying hipt' Tta anman 
thmiflil of ti'im a.^ ilie atvlMit. 
•ytliM ever and Uw rmi. 
dMiglit of him •t.a hero., or idel. 

Klv'ta f'realay waa ui Uie 
rock'n'roll torelroitt with 
notable flan like Buddy Holly. 
fUdie ('tichran and ntany (tne 
rork'n niU banda Mng m the 
(orefronl ithe Clvia nieani m 
prt'vaci and lliU* tune ta the 
publUr without mobbed 
<li«n lor autographa 

Blv'it could not ha.ndlc alt the 
p reaau r e of 'beMg a 'Iwra*. It 
tiMh IM iwi la ENM' haaltli. He 

'Elvis is not God ! ' 

•id pilia,. bcMiitMt a 'pliyiieal 'wl 

Hw unhealthy 
mot* drag! (Inally kilM: Blvia 
Pnalay Many of Ma hard cta« 
(•■a had MM. publicly crM aa 
they did when Elvia died, ttnce 
.JPK wat ihot down in XMm, 
Many of ElvIa' hard exmt (ana 
.iUI bafiavt ilMl Elvti 

Tna f 

believe xlorlaa in Ihe 

that are (wind in 
aMfc check out luwa 
\ rmd ELVIS 



b> %I1KE>.I.MKI» ^ 


WXmm. m C:IUCELA.f«>"". or 

Many Elvt* lam can nol. 
believe lhal Clvw let hii health 
deteriorate They alt Jump on 
Klvta' perwnal doctor Hey. tie 
imk the pdli, tie put handlula of 
junk liMd Mo lua iMndli, iha 
'loctor ntverMpd.:|iliii. Want 
>et.. the |M< daaa' aol .raaltae dial 
the caua* far al 'Hw drug tailing 
» from Iht hna IheoMlvet. 

BM. EI'V'ii Prenk?' 
Hit corpae Ilea :in a 

ta in a concrete vatdt, 
which I* surrounded by hup. 
utormc and dirt The medical 
and coroner neporta lay the 
pcraon bur'ied there is no one 
other than El.VIIt PRESLEY 

But. eivLit Preiicy tadmd. Or 
tk he'"* 

Me died * little 
ow 1 yenra ago or did he' Hia 
lam talk <A hnti now aa d lia 
were still alive 

The tans buy aoiiventr 
program* They buy Elvii 
memorabilia They buy 

unytbing with Elvii'i picture on 
(I They pay money lo tee die 

moviea Elvis m,a<k They pay 
m.on«y to .Me Elviit hiographiea 
And they pay money to 
El*i;i frealey JMITATIIMS 

A recent iurvey hj Ihe»ricaD A»»aci»!ion of 
Perforwiert reve«.led dial "at 
laal counl. I oul of every II 
performeri are Elvia Prealey 
imuun Thia ia ait ineraaae 
of am percent over tlie laal % 
yean At thin rale, in ] yeart 1 
<iul <>( every t per'(onner» will 
be Elvia. Frtslcy tmilatorx ' 
The (i'gurtc arc tlaggertng.. 
Sure. I alway* knew 'Dial there 
'WPtrt 'kicfc people in the work! 
lacking, frwn Iheir own pcr- 
HMaMy But. what is much 
'worte. It Ihat Elvis tam are 
>upp»rting the tmllalor*. 

Mayttr it » me I do not like 
Myone who It making a living 
off of aomeone win is dead 
Sure, if il il a biography it 
Mieni* O K But, to worit day 
after day. itoing Uie same show, 
welt il t ndlculoui Maybe the 
bael word to describe ihaac 
people ia 'paraaile' 

IM only are unilatora at 
lault. but the fans art more hi 

The tolution, 


boycott all 


mm mum yrui^ • IMflUCH'C 

W UWI fmM d • IIUMCJI « 

M f If Mr n|ilir t p u lwrii cistNws, 
III I isk iliit NT sfKiai fennt 

art SAVE 

with This M 
Exfrirm March II 

Tfw HnrUmf.*T Manh .1 tmo Pa^ 7 

C.I.A., colleges appeal to court 

TK* CmWtl li»ltlUi«nc« 

IB in ipiical (rf a llae vm 
Hm-mrn toj V S Dmlrkl Court 

,,„.«_ •irtBr iB<i«llc»H«i 

Mtpertnumtt PuWtthin* it>» 
mmm. CI* l»wy«r» mmI, ^ouW 
iMha il tawdfr (Of the CU ts 
l|t( iM« ii)ialtl|«nc« imirtai 

"ttM siiriuB m lt» <»■• •«» 
'MMM» W#>- Hit OA ■l«i»* 
to MM'WMtMi. SMi WitM « (•* 

nliga and nnivcniiM (tend 
\m 'Iw '•<■■■■ CTMliiu.Uiy <f IIm 

M H' .iMdMllciaM who pr- 
— '— -^ tti a* i>i»>icl» It 

FW «MlltplC, JUBt flW CIA 

•iid at MMt II 
<i«lHC iht a> and IM 

Wl>y>«> Review 

riA laM tilt tmirt 

"(NkImih* of tht n 

(■•mM would conslllult a 

clearly uii»arraiil«l invaiiin ol 

thrtr pnvacy " II addad <lat 
insitituttom and r«t«rclHni' 
involved in MKULTRA aiait 
inltlligvKe tourett, " and 
ihuft «fT« prolwlMi undtr th« 
Nattonat Smirtiy Aet and tht 
rnnd«ni <* Inlormatuni Act 

Jiliii Sitna. atMiia> ai Ilie 
IMbltc CiliOTn IJtwattom Gump. 
and Or Stitaey W<)1(«. diraeKW 
(d IlK Public Hralth KciMlKil 
(iioup lutd the CIA in \9t* 
under the Fraadtun o( In 
farmatMn Act, ctaMnint iiw( 

ol alM 

iwiimKlait tttiralwM: ui 

tlial Md 0ll|Kl 

IMKllTRA The CIA hm, ao 
far. revMM tht ntmt* nf M 
thalthcy claim did 
to the discloture 
III AuKiatt. l<>;: thm-CIA 
dtractnr SiaiMfMd Tumar told 
eongrttiMNial nmmitlaM that 
;ll ntMrcti (tHmdallom atid 
'CUMiictf and idianiiatMMillcal 
camilMfiaa. 11 hoaiMitah and 
{•llnH.'s in addition to thote 

unctalad with univcrsltnt 

•nd' 'ItiTM iicnal inatttiitian* 
tn MKvl'TRA 


on unwitlinK 

'wilw were g>»en ll«e 
dm«» in 'latehouiwa" in Ne« 
York and San Franclico One 
comiMtund devalnpad by 

m a pain killar (or amfcm 

"Moa* (if the people and In- 
•iiiiutiom involved are not 
aware o{ agency iCIAi ipon- 
sorihip Turner letlified, 
puplaiRinR thai much of the 
rneardi fund* grantad to in- 
slitutioin and r m a r d i eni . had 
been donated through foun- 
daliois ettablnlwd by the CtA 

"I am a riliicn fim and a 
ictentiil second. Hichard 
^ort u( Ihe Cape Cod Mental 
lieallh Center toM the ( liroiikle 
of Higher EiacaUaa. U there 
was any violation of ethica I 
would ftlill put my priorltiea in 
Ihal order Yortt iiaid the CIA 
funded renarch he did was 
** important '' 

John MarfcK o( the Canlar lor 
NaUonal Security 
raaaarch publMhtd by • 
who knew the CIA MpttarM 
did not al«ay* in- 

dicate why the agency arantad 
the work done 

However. Marks told the 
Chronicle, scienliita would 
siimetimei anawer apectfic 
quesliona poaed by the agency. 
like How to give LSD to an 
unwitting subject " 

Finally the (afehouaei" 
where subjects were given 
drugf without their knowladge 
were eaiablished becauae 
laboratory reaearch could not 
provide the CtA with all the 
inforniation it n a t ded. 

it i« important not to biaint 
people tiecauae of thetr 
cooperation with the CIA." 
tlarki mamiaiiu "If reacar- 
<htr« Into sentory deprivation 
■aid people should not be 
fubiected to audi cxperimaati 
far longer than aix days, the 
agency would put people ifl auch 
sHuationa for longer than ilii 

New film is a comedy on chic 

I by: Jay I 
I hj; 

'Some movtet hno* arhat 
tiay'ft almmg for Juil tell me 
vou aant do«aa't know 
•lMiM.i*aiii. '«hai MMa taht 
Ml' tut!, la 

Klngi i» tht aawar of a movie 
sI'Mlia. a Aibborii tycoon, a 
IMiwcr (kend of targe pompoatty 
Bonct Burton. (Ah McCrawi, 

hut mistreaa. is a succaaaful t,v 

Tryint *» advance 

raa%' a «id i 

on ••«. corpurale power 

slngglaa. and ehic 

Tht Itlii iMi' • .pnMilaiag 
■lart. Mil •*■: difarW' iMn 
Milioua, IwUy cawi'lnietad 

•he wanla la tm Maa'a Mudlo. 
He refusaa. sO' she goes tor a 
young mcorrupi play »' rile 
Peicr W^eller' The ratoition- 
>lup betw'fen (hcM two paifla ia 
too thinly drawn to even itdp 
miM inliraal. 'Tht nal oUhla 

drama pMi along with blla of 
humor that arc scattered 
thmughwt Ihe film as though 
they were for comic relief oidy, 

stead of biting wit. but being 
unfunny The only really 

amuiing scene cornea when 
Bone* ehasca Max through a 
shopping center After catchi'Hg 

him. i»m|[ II fixiCbaU lackle. *he 
faeal* 'bi:m « th* haad tran- 

neatly with her puni' 

FranlMT i* the ri|M word for 
ihts siylt. Lumet'a manic 

paring goes from mare outrage 
(o gloomy, but he falla in 
balancing the two eitreme 
levels, unlike director Kiirman 
Jrwison who skillfully 
demonstrated Ihat task with 

.; And Justice For All " Scenes 
like a depreaxing interlude with 
Max and hit alcoholic wife 

Dtna Mttrrilli. and M» going 
into a tcmmiDK 'Suppoaedly 
funny I fit are w indiscraMly 
mi«ed that the miivie lakes on a 
hellcr-skellar lone 

There are good parfonnaiKiaa 
by King and MacGraw. but they 
can'lhelpclarify the disordered 
mtentiom of this satire The 
style Is there in Just Tell Me 
What You Wanl". but without 

Rating for "JuBl Tell Me"; 


Music R«wl<»w 

New REO l.p. good 

Ihct. it itii 'tmmtt. tm li W. 

The WagM. ta* racwtly 
rtC'Ordad "Mina Lives" . an 
a.num that Juai about matches 
thetr "Ttaa" l|> with rega:nb. In 

This hard rocking lllinoti 
band has only reranlly bean 
e o nanla r 'ed of supentar calihar, 
«»h»«h, m everytodj' in ihe rock 
'buatnett knows, usually lasu all 
«f a year or m 

•ul tm w wlih RED 
nagtaniaf with thair live "You 
IM Utal 'Vw nay For' ' double 
Uvif alHlM a few year* ago, 
Kcwlai Oonln, Clary Richralh. 


albuma if (he (act that they're 
not hits just because the 

prMoui one wai. good. KBO 
had. only mimir aucceai with 
their li*'i unttt Cronin joined 
the group permanently. 
haglMniint «ith' the t«« album. 
No. the raaaon paoplt hlM' 
gone (M>l in hOfdH' to pMl np 

ihey'KhaaicallygiKidrqcfc Tht 
kind of rack thai everybody w'hii 
kmiwi what rook it ag|ir«cia'ICB 
and savors with each' piaytng of' 

AlilMugh iNte I'l only hit k 

i", the 
Vou tuSgiii."' arc Mli 'done 
nut Side I IS the beat side by 
far. and the mat well-known 
Beginninc with ■Heavy on Your 
I^ve ". REO pump out "l>r«|i 
I II*. ••.mly Ihe Strong Survive'. 
"Eaay Mioncy". and an oM 
Chuck Harry lun*. "Rodi n* 
Koti 'Mate." as oMIy RCO can 

Many rockars agree Ihat REO 
is a sure bet to ba conaldcrwl 
line of ihc top groofi in rock 
iiodiy. and' 'Mnt Uvea' oon- 
ftrini thnac opiniona. 

Wayne Hlendeaa 



^v.v*'* Call 888-4111 

jl<<5ii^^* Doofs open at 8:30 p.m. 
^ •V'*'«* Ciub srans 9.00 p m 
*jji<^ (0 f2:00a.m 

Varlcfy of Mittic 

SMppltod by "REQUEST OF TIME" 

iv% m w* mm a unit Ottca 

Arlington Park Hilton 

One Itiird Milt East of Routt S3 on EuclM 

J ,%\ET liK'HKK e««B«pily:hui Ike ce»rec« 
■ad faatare fw the reheanal at ■«;«>'» a«d " 

I J (iKEAT l.«>C*TW»J<S 

— -1 

>« aiack I «( 

ItW avlMAv*. I 

I aiMk w •( ■< n I 

<taiactN «<at »| 
«T raoieccT | (»*L«TiHi 

1717 (If aiMl *v». 

H Mock e «( Rl. II 




OripRH Pn 
i CriipyOMt ; 

I>urc1ia*« lIcfcrM lar Uw I 

I>1 Kick fcokakei 

every Ttt«».» p.m. till? 

1/} price tfrinlis 

everyday with 
Lunch Purcltase 

FrM popcorn 





FRY «»'» 

CKiiarwi«,J& «• 


' - Mew Bttv Slit*' t^WkrU^ 


cn-mren II 16 «.L 


Llvt Action Pinballs 

'A I 

Basketball drops to Thornton in tourney 

mm Maratr 
bMMMI did « 
Ktmttt ttmU a*k tor. tkt^ 
rafeouMlM: mitt, wiw latitnl m 
■illkM** and plajwd lalrly veil 
Mt Mmn*. Biil Hit Hiwkl. vaM 
twn, nm nMtiHT lintt Nnril tiM 
triad, pM lilt ball Oniicll Uh 


MMINr waa Ita-cdiil frnm tli* 
(tar «m ill IMS hm in 'Thorntun 

''lit Mrncd oK ilMr oMiiiaa In 
lilt OTCniKi hair," uid mnmm't 
cnacli Tnm Tndmirr " W* jiail 
•i«M CUM and ttacn «larl«l 
mahliiit My intatakM and 
KM''! playiiic wgttlMr Tlwy 
•HM 'Mito Umi I'S-i MM and m* 
dMa'l raart M it" 

Tta tfai<ik* MM (Ike ilHi 
" f« lilt 

tMk I «( I'M M (Md |H>I 

itm tht lait «ev«n miatitw 
Hi (In ftril haH The coM f nalli 
«nallM TtKirnton to cJoat llit 
|ar MM-Si , when tl» iwti laam* 
licaiM mm thr tocktrnmim al 

Th* Hawki cmiM wM iliake 
ite cold ■pcl> in lilt sacoMl liall. 
llMMMtm a dtsmal »'(OT'-,ia (niai 
tlM (laor for ■ ptfcant. a 
pcrcaitaft kw tiy anyiMd)r''a 

ne Hswki nuld lltaralli ml 
buy a taatkat at th* ball want 
tvary whicli »a.y Mm II M 
III* Iniil of lilt rial, tiN kack af 
lilt .rlna. Uw 'fMt a( iM rtoi.. iiir 

maittaa tlmaa tt ndM' In and 

Miiliir lilt luefctaa Harpr 
flat amman tlrnti nut Hit 

Har|i*r wmim'i tekaliail. 
•ndliv Hit Maaaii 'Wtiik a twtm4 
(d ll-lll 

ItoflaBisr* Val Wridntr. ant 
at tha ntaai pralttic Miirm In 
Warpr hMmy Im 'man m 
wmmB,. IWahad 'lar latl ipme 
at Harper 'willi 1* painlt. 
Anatlltr MplMniara ihat 
'tadmar will nava a bard itmt 
ratttarint l> Mary MrTlpi*. 

Himka lUU km la Ikr vhMan II-ST la tHJCAA 

KntkMial pla) lau Tkanday nlglit. Tht Mawki 
fbiiakMl Ihr <rtr wltk • rwardaf ll-l*. tflMU by 

TCIItHIMmN- Harfcrt Mary McT««iir alan( 
•Hk a TImrvlan |>latrr laat* lar tlw rrlwen 
dralnlaa aa «Im> tM* ikr hall. MtTlgat iiwM 
auicb af Ifea niRki baiUlnii for lamr balh bat lh# ScMl trmmiinii > 

M«Tlgli»dtth«d »ul a team hlg)i Katky Hacndar had U iMlttti pinnis Also playing waU ' 

•It aaiMl* wMIe aeiiing up the and a tram high W rebaundi Viv Wvidner. Clebtne thka, and 
Harper titfemiv* attack and l^m Am Ktat* dUpiitd in 11 Karnt DcMuea 

Harper sends five wrestlers 
to nationals this weekend 

hf MW. KtSCK 

AlMMii thit lima <>(' year 
ikrpfT oivlliiic caai'b Mnii 
lin«lan> 'ilart* (ilannlng hi* 
amaial tr'ip m Wirttungitiii' 
.IHMMMila And'ltiiiMiaMW'ivna 
*lltr»nl »t Ijxe Harp*' 
■ra|i|iltr« vtli l» heading to 
'lb* naiianat matt thw W'eaftamd. 

41uallt'y. mx quanllly Nat htan 
Hit <l«arn)il:kiin tor lb* llarfMr 
vftalUng taam Ucvptte 
I Ml a couple oE MMglll 
■, 'Hw Kaw'fci managed In 

ta> M^IM IV 
MPage'l m M. 

Tliree Ha»k» walked' ma wtlh 
lint place tn^ciiah and two 
allien pUiced third In' qwaWy 
ttv natMmali 

Harper ctiamipww virt Jay 
Kv'am al W I'ht . Dan WalHr 
IM lb*, and. R<mI McWimrl* at 
I'Mi Itai H' D Uigetl piacMl' 

Ibtrdai l«! Ila and ,>eH Ktdiart 
'«a» third al 177 Ita. 

"1 wan't really wrprlaKi 
ttilb our perlnraianM. but I wae 
vi*r'f pl«a.9«)'."' latd Uivftacc 
whUBC'laiiinia'alway'ii Mem .|i*ak 
al laMraa.inanl u»e "I think. 
(Mr idliilil* hat to do a M. •Itb 
>|. Early in (he year lantt al lllc 
Inirna'menis wit 'wert in. '«t 
•erv'M'ay over aur haadi . But at 
'llw audi af the aaaion ib* kMh 
art ready in parfarm '" 

Marprr''! firsl dianp ml Hie 
arirrnMa »ai EyaM, wha 
ripped «l Kane «( Diii>a||a M 'in 
the' fumh Kane haa Ml' «nly 
ivtct all year. bMli llmei to 

"Jay II langb at mUm Hr a 
haueally 1(11 percent hatier 
than last year." tatd Uwelaw 
-'Hv't polished up m hit 
lacbuiqiie, that'* where hit 
tamcM m^provcnieiii ha* <«me 
Kilht mm he » putting t 

Cmid wrcitling 

Til* Hawks neit chaa 
pUHliipcaiM'IrtMi Wfbtr. who 
Ml iMi'diMlii that he wat headed 
to tlMf riul* Wijiwr (unned 'hia 
way iiitti the luuli then edgad 
t'imy Harnafm o( l^ke County W 
lake tane tlie gold 

The higgnl surpriae for 
Harper came from the per- 
(ormam-e o( Mc-Witcrrter who 
won al M lt» McWhortcr. 
came into the niMt unacaded 
and dmirayxl Jtm .I«nea o( 
ttaPage H'S HI ft* lemii. Uieii 
won by default m the ftnaii over 
Hcrnard Gitea of Joltel 

'Kiid was a (uper, pkmaint 
»uri>r'|:ie for u«." said Loveta* 
nt MrWhorter MrWhodCT vai 
heal oul an hit own team for (be 
tMandlUtpul* "He'thernup 
and down thia feaaon, hut w^hcfi 
he's 'hot. he'll hoi But with a 
rtnrd of '2i-« I gueat 'he'i 'bean 
mar*' tip th«'ii down." 

tagieti til earn a tpal In Hie 
nalimak, blew away Iwo-time 
Icvw'i »late rhamp Stevr 
SlaveiMmn <M Black Hawk. U'i 
lar lllird place Richarl earned 
hl» Irtp to Worthington by 
roming back through the 
wreelte l«cka and defeating Jay 
Bwiwn of Triton »-3 

l^vfiace It kiMmn to be a 
ttirklcT liw ronditioning and lia 
laamt alwayt t-omr Uirougli in 
the lair stagea of a match. 

'Thr llrft thing you da ■ 
alta'Ck their pysche. theti puah 
the heck out of their em- 
duranee." said Lovelace w^ho 
:iail years" team producad a 
national cltampicm tn Mike Hail. 
"A guy can have the nwal 
mm-ei. in the world, but it won't 
iki tiim much gwd tf he's ttrcd 
m thr ihird period There arc a 
lui >A rnatcba won in tbC' tbird 



i - 

II WI.IM. %H(HM> Harper* tiaady Calglaiter gaea I 
itnrt en parallel bar raatkie ander Ibr walrhlal ey* al raacb React 
/ellnrr, Calglialtt alang wHk the rr«l al her trammatrs will be 
lirading lar IMMlBir* tkl* wrakmd tar th* naUanat meet. 

I' J KUi R PHPlMflHHMrl' ' 

Gymnasts prove 
theyVe here to stay 

WIM III vol luit a ased rar Inan thl« man ' Harfier l>an Wrhri. 

wrtMler. alang wita leammate* Had MrWkorter. Jay Kvaiw. Jell 
WMan and H l> teagru wW kr haadlag lar IkaelklaigMa. Mia 

wMia this wrekcnd .lar Ibr \J('AA 

» l»y Hick lltnawlaal * 

'I honaitly ilan''t thinlt any 
iram >< -.n lietter rondilMifi than 
we are Eight minuleit of 
»re«ilinii K heil and If • kid can 
iigtiT thai off. that** ene m«« 
•■dfe he'll have," 

If the breaks fall right a 
tnuple o( Harper wrestlera 
rould have l>ragging right* nver 
all the wrestler* m every junior 
collage in Ibe United State*. 


Well surpriae, surprit* Like 

the Fhfwnls. who roae (mm th* 
asbea. the Harper womait'f 

gymnaat'lcs team came from 
being noneiistenl only a year 
ago, to be Region IV cbampleat 
and national i|ualiricrs thia 


"This ia a surprit*. we >uBt 
w.attted 10 Finiali the neaion as a 
tea'm." said Cindy ("urtis wb<) 
surpriMd her'self wtlh a first 
place tmub <n the floor '«i al ibr 
re#on mctt "People were 
droppi'hg «ii but we bad a 
iiueleut of • team the whole' 
year ' ' 

One pemon wiw 'has oijayed 
this year i'm-mcnae)y ii 
»ophomnre 'Harb Polvere whti 
Mas victimt'/«d whtm the team 
was furred to fold last year 

"This year has been a lot 
better I really wanted to keep 
evcryane interatlad, 1 raatly 
wanMd. a 'Main IM( year. " said 
PdImi*. "Una li 'BB tkffereni 

for nte. there's to much imiee 
clotcneu on thtx team TWa 
year there is more of a real 
lamtnitlmeni It's |u<t not 
cuming here for gymnastics and 
that's It. we're mure like a 

Basidet Curtis and Polvere, 
the other gymnaala heading ftir 
Baltimore thia FrMay are Mary 
Beth Black. KaUiy Blake, aad 
.Sandy Colglaiicr, 

Martha Bolt women's 
aihlettc director I and Zellner 
have been very supportive this 
year Many people didn't expect 
anything out nf us and didn't 
sia'rt ca,rinK until we ma,de a 
iijme tor ourselves," said 
Polvere who had to make the 
big adjustment from competing 
on (he compulsory level to 
competing on the more atl- 
\anced optional level 

Curtia profaabty summed it up 
hast on the reason lor the 
(earns somewhat surpriaing 
tuccest "It's ail teamwork, wt 
don't have enough people to 
hae* flan " 

Vol. 13' ^*»« 23 

ft. II...... H......> ll..r,H. . ..II.,.-. Vl;:.....,..... .....I K..-.-lt.- K.....U. l>al..ln..-, lilm...- 

March 10, 1980 

»»(iof.:. :il2-:w:-;tiHio 

Constitution Amendments approved 

AinttKliiMnK to the Siudtltt 
.KMMr CMitUittta Iwve <■*■•• 
■pfr«w«* T)» »mendineiit* 
mull h«t|> m « smwother 
<ifarmti<» in ll»e f«i»le dtrtlon 
Md anlMCf the qu«imd«tim» 
(Mr mmtin, oflkm »nd il* 

HM MIoMAt t* > compnfte 
lUt «i llw p^pmi uncadintnt 

«ltt(XE I 

■mi Tr««»urw Ont 1 1 ) riprti- 
Hitatin (ram Bukimw ani) 
SMtal Sciencei: ("om- 
muaiKalima. Kumaniliet. ami 
Fine Arts; Technoloiy 
M»thein»(i« and Phy«'c«l 
Science: Life Science irad 
Human ServtMS. and Ph|iic»l 
Mucalion. Atliktlci. •ml 
RtcrtailM and une •)> 
rtprMenuuve ttum Stwdtnt 
II#»«t«.lMii«ni. two tJi 
ialliNt (roin p«rttJine 

»nrtllm««. <•« '*' 

riiir«9«nUti¥e» »l l»r|», and 
the Student Timtee 

!«rrtl«> i. QualUirallMII 
Repreaentalivw mu»l cmO 
and »ucc«sifuU|+ romplete a 
raimmum at three <t> crwlii 
h<Mir» per netnesler ifunnu Iheir 
term «* «ff»e <Nin« »»«" 
required t.»r the Student 

Rrpretentatlvti (ram tlie 
a<radem.c dJviidw* malt l» 
declared ■ major in that 

llvada l>- Haft Malaii gnm advhw la a MadeiH 
IM «* a( IIM »e« rs elma*. >»Nl •«»"* •• 

Harfet. <l>afia FMa) 

New PE classes offered 


TW physical educatton 

d«|M>rtm«.l is tt^tim. t«« «•« 
physical education clMaaa 
Thejf are PED IW Wit and 
Saaraae. laught hf Aaaoeiat* 
rrajtawr Boh »>l«n awl Dr. 
CMi Ifcherrer. and PEO »# 
rrtwrtbMl Biereiaaa, tawlDi 
bj Jim IHnciwwtiai. f* •••» 
Vniienity of Utemra Ctntl» 
Campii*. B*«th are i»- 
dlvidMltied' «««rciie proframi 
damlgned 10 Improve ont't 

pbTtiral fttneia level 

Nolai. <t«p thai tte two 
CMITMS are special, and they 
dlller Irmii other courae* in that 
ttmf tiMcr penonatued phyilcal 
niMia MMSunent The (itiMsa 
*ia««amei>l» are then (ollwed 
hj an ind.*tcliialiwd fitnes* 
program (or tacti itudeni 
Molas aayi that the counMsi 
itadi pmipto hi«t to eierciae 
iittrfltHMtlly in owhr to improve 
thtir health anii'drviiin|i a mort' 
■ctlw Weiitjrie, 

Some ol the laHtng «*«! «» 

conducted in rown MXa. 

Enercliw unsaa 10 he uaed wjll 
he M twildJnf » indnw runrtnn 
• rack and Nauttlw "Mghl 
r«wn (MIM't 

PEIJ l« tt <i((er»d ih» teoind 
eiglil »erftt "* llw »e«ne»ter 
r'l»ii«» begin on March II, and 
ruB oil Tuiailay* and Thuredaya 
(mm 1 » pm. to .I'll! pm 

reo t* «ll ti««in *'"> t** 
ilart o( the fummer sei»ioo on 
May », and w" ""> "«> *•""■ 
daya and Wtdnodayi (rant. • 
pm. to. 7'.M p.m.. 

divitkHi or be enrolled (or a 
majority o* their hour* in that 
4.rtaion The part time students 
should be enrolled in claaaes not 
eMMdtag »lx I « ' cr«fll hours 

The repreaenlatlve from the 
Siudent t>evelopmwt area shall 
t» a student aide *ithin that 
area and carry a minimum of 
ihree -Ji credit hours 

Under unusual circum»tanc«» 
individual caiaa may be 
reviewed by tht Student Senate 
Hmrtion 3. Electbn 
Ballotiag (or the Pr«ildent. 
Treasurer and five IS) aca- 
demic divMuon repceaentaUvea 
m ill comcid«> with the election 
i..r siudetii Trustee in tl» 
^i.nnit semeiler and Vice- 
l'i»sid*n( and remainiiw 
elected repreienlatlve* shall be 
dected w.thm the tirtt six 
weeks of the (all semeater 

SrctMM 4. Term of tWlce 
Tt» term of office «* the 
student Senate (or the frtt- 
idem, Treasurer and five sSi 
academic division represen' 
native* «hall be Jrom July 1 to 
Kie lollowinR June m The term 
i:>( office (or (he VicePrwident 
and remaminn reprmenutivei 
shall he from the tune of 
elect ion lo the follotvint June X) 
The term of office for the 
Student Trustee on the Studenl 
Semite will tie from July t to 
June M 

Srcllnn Z, dualificBliant 
(Wlicers must enroll and 
suceewfully + complete a 
minimum «if nine i9> credit 
hours per Moiatter and plan to 
attend hath the (all and sprtng 
sefneaters during their term ol 

*lIod«r unusual cir 

cumitances individual caaea 
may he reviewed hy the Student 
ARTiri.E IV 

They »hall hold office until 
the (oilowinK June K 

Student seeks local seat 

A 'Haiftf ••' 

-- ri»runiiim(oftl» 
WiaHip DiBtrki IS 
.•dueation M:ad|e 
Sfitlar. a ltolltn||. Mead«wrt 
rmodcnt.. ia U»*e houit away 
(rom c«mpl»tin| her 
rfquwemeiiila («r a l«a«h«rt 
aide certificate 

Mrs. Spi.|lef is wtry e»cit»d 
about her first attampl at pubhc She «t|tala. 'har iwat. ca.. 
I)critm-e m a tai nanlMr at 
Pal»l.i,ne and' Ro«lii» tlto*low» 
Wih S*'h<»l». her »«lunte«it 
wotfe .at a local mental health 
center, and. ol count. htUf: t 
mother .as crtttfta' tor mMm 
lor the .elew.»ttr| tclmoi 

Mn. 8(i.Uar's nator' ' 

la in ImpnwinK students' at 

ti«iid« and »e« ime|«s at the 
eMwantary level "K.idi vmd In 

Otoe out of elcineDtary sehaal 
with a positive attitude TMs 

will help them tremetidously in 
hif h «ch»»l and the rwal wiiirkl"', 
taid Mrs Spiiler "A kid should 
he able lo look at MmseH and 
say Itn |ood'. mi maltar what 
Mi wleresli are." she con.- 
i.inu«* M». Spllhf (eels that 
poor atiitwdts » yiiuipr »••» 
lie a major cttntrtbiil.iM to ding 
mi crime pnblcni m htm 

Another (aetor that Mrs. 
Spiller feel* altribules to 
cMMrena' aitiiufci 1* how their 
lfic»«ri alletl them "A 
r shMdd ht open to his 

If any vacancies occur amnnC 
the academic division 
representatives, they shall he 
filled by any siudeni within thai 
division 1 declared major or 
majority of tounn pelilloning 
ihe SSIir If there is no one 
petitioner from within the 
division at Ihe lime the SSHC 
dM>m$ nominatioos clostid then 
Ihe vacancy may be filled by 
any student petitioning the SSH 
Section 5. 

Any individual represenlaUve 
or officer may bring im- 
peachment proceedings against 
any other member o( the 
Senate Any individual student 
may iniliale impeachmenl 
proceedings against any 
member ol the Senate if he has 
a minimum of signatures equal 
!o im> perceni of the ballots cast 
in the election in which the 
officer or refiresentative was 
chosen Two third i2»> votes 
of all Senators in good standing 
are required 


S»Cl.llMI .. 

Each senator shall be 
r<-qu.r(d 10 serve on at least one 
institutional committee as 
imilimd in the SSHC PoHcy and 
Procedure Manual 


Secllo* t. 

An amendroeni to the con- 
slitution must be paaaed oul two 
meetiiw* hefare it can be voted 
upon A 1wo-lhird» il-3» 
majority vote is required before 
a proposed amendroeni can 
pasa the SSHC The amendment 
must then be ratified hy a 
pctttioning of 1.000 students 

Section 1. Keplaeemciit al 

Officers shall be replaced 
from within the organlation 
The Vice-President shall suc- 
ceed to Ihe office of President 
Replacement for the Vice- 
President and Treasurer shall 
come from within the 

Hid Mn- SptllM- Mn. SplUer 

tMl«. that a teacher's per- 
sonaWy should be evaluated 

h«id« Ml ability 

Mrs Spiller contends that 
tsauaa sudi as budgeting iciy 
he a (woblem to her hm »he is 

trying 10 owercmne this 'Ob- 
ttacle. Prewnily «he is laklng 
lo as many tanchen and ad- 
mlnUtrtlow as prnKUt and 
liatening to their opinions on 
iasues About ihe budget M the 
district. Mrs Spiller h<ipe« lo 
Mt her knowledge of runnlni a 
family to help her in where cula 
should be made "Like In 
rusniat a family, when I have 
to irim down on our budget I 
will cut Alt the ununiMceiiary 
I^IUs fiBW For ei«m|llt.ilililf 
mt for dmner 'Or In a show." 
Mn. St<.ll*r mW.. 

to visit 

Biglit men it"> women have 
heen chosen lo represent 
Harper College at thts year » 
M.(Mlel l:«lled Natinns ■ M C N ' 
lo be lield in Mew York this 
coming April Th<i«e chosen by 
Harper's Political Science Club 
»hich spomon the event were 
l.vnne Brown, VHaliy Dceger. 
Lena Ellas, Enc Jacohiiin, 
Mike Livanway, Geralyn 
Mctall, and Sheryl Reynolds 
Chosen as alternate delefales 
* Drster Eipinoaa and 
l>el>i)ra.ti Kyllonen 

Harper's dclegatum ts now m 
(he process of oMiintng the 
funds (or their trip and ts dnlng 
the Moroccon research It 
anyone can hetp with either 
project please contact Molly sponsor of the Political 
Science Club 


UN reps 


Candidates will vie (or 
delegate seats al upcoming 
political conventions in the 
lUtnoin presidential primary on 
March 11) The Harper College 
Political Science Club and the 
Student Activities Office will 
present candidates al an open 
forum 00 March 12 at 7 *) p.m 
in Ihe College Center Lounge 

Candidates will be invited to 
speak and answer questions. 
The fiMiim will be moderated by 
a member ot the Political 
Science Club 

For further infarmatlon on 
the (onim. contact Ckralyn 
McCall between 8 IS a m and 4 
pm . Monday ihrou^ Friday, 
al mnesa. exi. xr 

/^ 2 The HmbmfUfr Marth UK I WO 


Salt Creek plan 
Harpers link to 
surrounding area 

Toioim tt rmf b» (uit •fwitiw hot* In «vt gnound 
bwf M W» Harpw awnmonlty »m Upptr Salt Crmm 
Watwthwl ProlKt couM tm a goldmiiw. 

This pra{Kt ln*al¥«t «>• conttructlon ot a rttarvcilr 
«n f»» norttmit' camtr o* tht c«mpo» that will emm 

n acra*. Varlwit P«l«t(n« ottieiait hav« aakatf tha 
tovd of Truttaaa It^'CaMMr MlMigi tt»' wtti«9« >"•«€ 
MBMS to parlmalw rM* Mi iMrklna Ms n and r}.. 
If partniulon It gmnlml fha araa could ba utad at a 
racTMrtianal lielMfy. II not. it would simply iwvt it» 
primary pwr|HW Of flood control. 

mint' to" Mi fa 
collact ducks (lllit il 
could tM put to food 
cofmiminlty iwawiBars. 

tha rasarvotr 
of tatting it 

I oMw Mtos on campus). It 
us* by Horpor ttudanls and 

OMwIawty. moro paopio would bt attractad to tha 
caMpls In ordar lo us* that facility Thi» would 
provlda a parfact opfiorlunlty lo itiow off fho otiwr 
leaturat of tha campus such at fha thraa naw ad- 

SInca .Marpar could fed '«4dad' m a rWlar fO' ttw 
P^MIM park district IfmiraiMt' policy, thtro wouW 
fed fw Itobility on tht GOllofO's 'paift. 

Partttng slwuid not bt a probltm tinea tha hoavlast 
ust of fha facility would most llktiy coma during tha 
twtning and wtakand hours whan tha campus is 
virtually unlnhabltod. 

A taction of tha' 'parklni 'Mi coiiW ba paHlf lonad 'Off 

for' tht solt ust ol tbow iitlMil fa tm tht lake. Sinct 

ftils couiM poaiMy caiiM ■ iMllif' Incnnvtnitnce «o 
Harpor sfudMifs-sMf. WlMti ralVt GdUtd ba on*r«i 
on boat rtnfals. etc. 

The construction of tha reservoir could also open 

the doors for several new courses. Instruction In 
rwlntk Cdnoting or even llshlng could be offered to 
MtartiiMpartlas. A logQlng strip on tha perimeter of 
Km lah* woutd also 'be a plus for pitysl'cal fifnass 

Lake Opeka, a rtcrtatlonal lake located in Des 
Plaints, started off rnwet* the same way Bui with the 

•MtMi ot a golf courit' and a marina if turned Into a 
'iMior towct of ravanwt for the community. This 

t for a cut' In fd«tt and befttr pmrk distrirt 

Ovtrall, ffi* Woftrshtd Protect wouid fully open fha 
canput doors to the communlfy in addition to 
prmMDm •»»•"¥ benefits directly to Harper 

This is Marpar's chance to become fully Involved In 
• program that directly involves tht community and 
H IS the board's opportunity to either sink or swim In 
community affairs. 

Those "involved" need time 
to get together and have fun 

•19 nf 'lur MiiiNil. aeiMtlH. I» 
Ikty spoftt. cMm. nfgaiil'- 
:iaiiMt w miiiiiit aetMilw. 
||lMM<la inl rMM> MlK ttitlMr. t 
■HI not tuTtiMi (Wt .[or yw, niir 
di) I wmt tn iMSla. ynw tisMr. 

I'r*' "III' 

Wr HM invtrivMl. «« 

litrd aiMi «w iMvc nin. rlghr 

Wdl. m«ylM» wv dn nM IWM 
CMMigh niN Wt tiawt .Mill 
itiiw f(M- FiW- UmMity. iM gal 
dwne vim aur setinty In- 
vnlvfiiicnt and go honw Maybe 
<NM» 'in ■ KHIt •« •« mil. «i(ll a 
|. IM*! Mir rfspcctlw 
ha** FUN 
Bui *v r«r«ly *M oUmt studtnta 
wlu art tnvolvtd Why don'l wt 

I: pUpHili M: activity vhcrv 

'■w Mi SH "tn. tateOmr It 
eiHild h* ■ wck hap' in the dUM* 
itwito liewldtoe*"ailayi»il» 
I 'In Iroiil of tne aoMMn tM 
in aiiriill.) MVt of an 
It cnuld IM a 
peak M i«» (if the ncichlKirlng 
But. niaat 
l(ly, H will Iw • pH 
(hoM af IS. •!» 
car* And it will be FIJN. 

Wc do mt luv*> any l(lnd <aC an 
fnd «:i« the year oeMmtMni. 
Sure, RriMlHi.llM la kind of a 
ctlatiration Not all of ui 
icraduatc llMiugli Many iraro- 
(rr. many haw a >««r to |<> 
Wliai tiX'ter way to f nd t'lw year 
than »ifh a hug* ••ffi 

Hut «li> do w* tttm In wait 
ml thv lad itrtk »f school lo di> 
Ikii' W« (iouid always atari 

'■■ittint one anotker'" vtry 

'ikirtiy Tlw if Dm tine tiuni. 
ttial tM'i kIkioI liac alwayii 

lackad. W« nacd a place to meet 
<« Friday ut Saturday niglll* 
i.hat »ould play "our" muiir, 
mtmtt vt could m»«5t "nur"' 
t:ype<>( «iud«iti> and liavC' "mr" 
typt at tun 
CaiM It II* done" 

Well, ]M. I think m> If we 
couM talk lo our Studenl Ac- 
in-ity Dtrvctnrt (Jean Pankonin 
andFrad Water* > and prrwe to 
Ihrnn tlial ii would not coat the 
sdiool anything 

U tie charged a nominal ' one 
or two dollar* i !»« for entrance 
we cindd nuik* tltta activtly be 

From the 
desli of 

Mike Simkus 
Feature Editor 

one of the few itudent actlvitMa 
m the black rtnancialiy The 
money wiMid go nui (or the 
rnom )renl-de|»sitl. Campw 
pnik* and ckan u|i The clean 
up operation could be rotated 
between clubt only If we are not 
Intriiwlng im unon contracU 

The room I have found Is 
located in BMg M and it par- 
fert II toalures a high celling. 
wooden (l«Mrt. and Altec 
theater tpenhats (or found The 
dance ttudto ia lUa room. 
Bathroom* are centrally 
lit antf (ar 
away (roim aiqr d a tm i it )( 
there were any late PVklay or 
liatiirday nl|M 

Each Chib or 

I or 'Chtperones. fn 
iMt way. each club vouM be 
reapaniible and couM have 
money In their "hank" became 

of any profita nude i 

The inuaic pari of It i> eaay. 
Kimmy and the Spinners at 
WHtM coukl pMldlly hel^. 
■vincr the tpetkm ■■<. tyttom 
are already there, all m need 
are the re«ordi. I own one 
(<wlh o( the rtc«Rb WHCM 
dues and 1 have a couple of 
»t*J own over 2,000 
individually. 1 have 
cofdi and there are a 
> of Waitilnters who have 
done the twne. 

II doc* not always have tn bt 
itKords Once in a while we 
could have ■live" club bands 1 
know liaodB that would jump at 
the chance, some wouM do it (or 
free juat (or the eiqwaure For 
example. i( we had this last 
year. I could have had "OH 
Broadway" <a local group now 
very big on the natioml concart 


Let's not waste any more 
lime I'm pttinc eicMedt Let's 

Midiael P Simkus 

Meellnt for those intetealad 
Wednesday 1 p m. AIS7 Call 
Mike at ex< mo. Ml if unahit to 

Editor w Chief Wendy Winiielhtke 

N..*'» Edi'lof '•'•"■ WK-Wund 

f'Mture Editor ^''1"' ^'Oikus 

Sp..rt» Kdlt.*, ^.'t'i^a^ 

pLo Editor.;: '*"?");"„';t! 

A*»t I'holoEditor> 

I'jirtm-Ml ^ Mili.->.r.'.«'_h 

Business Manager. rin<l> ( araveiio 

jj,j,(( Kich Hemiuim't Nora Norton. 

yMllHcaly Mark Tumeon. Mike Bambach 

.kihn Piirlynsiti, W ayne Hieottou 
Kartn Johnion. Bill Sternberg 
Pal Kulton and Charlie N'ork 
Tlw IIIBBIMlEli IS the student publication (or the Harper 
I ..llcRf cBinput coinmunity, putollshed weekly eicepi during 
holidays and final enaras All opinions eapreaaed are those of the 
writer and not necessarily those o( the college, lis administration 
latully or student body Adverlising and copy deadline is noon 
TMiwday and copy is subject lo editing All Letters-to-ihe^Ediior 
must be signed, names will be withheld upon r*<iuesi f or ad- 
vertising rates, call or write tlARBINOER. WtlUam Rainey 
Harper CoM«»b, Algonnuln and Roseile Roadt, Palatine. Ill . 
gWlCPhont 'W-JMO. *«i. m 

Thf Hitrhinarr Mar, h lO. I'tHII hlfif i 

Plagiarism: who is cheating who? 

hr MMiA mmm 

ClMMUii* m ttm mMiM' it tin 
■■•It' ant jwt alwul nnry 
isolltgi m unlfwtlly emupm I* 
tiw targtt. 

Hcr» at Harper, (nr inalaficr. 
iMllvtin Ijoar* recenlly 
for "HeiMarrh 
bjr a rhiciiKo 
firm AMi a C*Mf<inii« 
(Inm wtita* liflto "rmmniii" 

Vci-ardini lo «»• »<J- 
twrtiMinant tlw sitidani »m 
SMI* in line Mlar (or ■ nutaf 
which «!»•• "rwKty a«- 
ccatibihiy to (lioiitands <>( 
quality rcdcarcb papArs 
(WWi'ilt ail ralltttc wklwt 

Several nemlwri <>( iW 
laciilly ana coactriwd that the 
itwtnil* artr hcing eiposed to 
■dvertumt media tliat m- 
i-Mranfs tton u> ctoai 

"Tham* omcvrna (flrma> are 
ennilanlly advcrtlslnR and 
Iherr are nolic«ii put on tht 
taardB" said Rotiert Piiwetl, 
Aiaoctate Dean of Coin 
munieatkM. HmmMtim and 
Fine Arts 

-*We fo irmimd ranwmg 
Item hccatiic it is obvieua thai 
the <i(i|xirlumly In cheat ii RMn 

10 uhe student hy llMw ad- 
vcrtiier*." he taid 

Powell (Ml* ttM ihire la a 
definite inctease in plagiarmm 

i-O'PyWK iinutlier't idea» and 
writinp and pauuiK them off 
aa one's mm • m part due to the 

Social Therapy 


now is the TIME 
For a Career in the 
I?L,i H^ilth Bem^ 

framing I" 

— Th 

M»-»l 8y^ 


Supo'vi»'0" l"' 

CItrucll lnl«»«»*^ 

•paper milh and in part due to 
channel In moral value* 

Ano«her proNem » that 
HHM •tudenl* are not rtslly 

eUiar on «hal plagiartnn ti. ' 
uul Pwwll 

■S<»me Mudent* are not »»are 
thai everything they read and 
then *nte ahoul even 
newspapers' hak to be credited 
aa a noun* " he pointed out, 
"■llll H Ihey are just repealing 
tht Ideas Mulhmit giving credit 
tolhemmce*. it i« plagiariim ■' 

A nmilar comment *«» made 
l>y Fran* Smith, AiSiilant 
Frotenior of Enfllih 

I thinli the real pfohtan with 
plagtarliini t» that the itudmrt 
» not aware of It at cheallng," 

K|i wjjl'jill 

1 discovered a perton 

cheating tout lemealer and the 
fluilent wan tailed, but I am not 
aware «( havin* any .student 
. hem ' Intelv." laid Smith. 

I ,).«' t warn to spend a lot ol 
time hein* « cop." he added. 

There i» always the question 
<it whether too much cheating is 
going on and what to do to bIdi> 

(»r i( there is too much 
represahm, wiU the serious 
student be harmed " he said 
The recurrent theme of the 
(cacN-r* interviewed is that 
there are two types of 
plagiarism one conicimia and 

the other uncdnaciatM 

InCTinscioiB plagMriam i* 
widespread and oufhl not to be 
penalutd said l^Roj Moltla, 
Assistant Prolessor of English 

il IS a definite fail if I liixt 
ibey have copied word for 
word." he said 

■i know Ihe level of the 
students writing and am of 
fended when the student tnes to 
pass at! a paper thai is copied " 

He pomied "lut that style. 
diction and syntax mark a 
prufesstijoal writer and that 
.■ven an A student would not 
know I he terms and 
terhfucalities lhi,t are known 
only in the pratesaion 

Slotita Cited the case of a 
student who had turned in a 
paper whieh was obvinusly not 
his work 

It took me ahuul eifhl hours 
of leardung ■ to match the title 
of the article 

i was furious," he said 

Not only did I spend all that 
lime searching, hut I was alio a 
day late n returning paper* to 
sludenla in one of my other 

I am not personally aware of 
jriv increase m plagiarism." 
Mottla said, "as much as I am 
aware of a certain altitude 
which will perhaps lead U> or 
excuse ptagiartun 

He went on lo explain thai 
ihiTf seems to he a ftcltng 
iwlMv that -one doc* not go to 
rtiliefes and univ«T»itie» to be 
•■dui'alecl, as much as to be 
vrrtlfied " 

Moltla believe* this kind of 
thinking could lead to d cynical 
approach where plagiarism 
wiiuld he acceplahie 

To Dr John Muchmore. 
I'rolessor of Speech, the issue of 
chealing is dwper than )u»t 

Not (tot the problem doem'l 
fxM." he said. "1 am can- 
cerned " 

But he believes that the 
significance of cheating In- 
volves the student as a person 

The student has an abllgatlon 
to iullill and his ■■own 
credibility is affected either 
positively or negatively on the 
basis of how the student 
documents the ideas or 
malerial. " he said 

There seemed to be 
agreemenl among the 
[irofessors that the student who 
intentionally cheats, whether he 
io[>ie» from research' papers 
or from mher sources, deserve* 
I o be faiM and that the student . 
in the long run, is only cheating 

Dickey entertains audience 



PtVCMOLOGY i i 1 i!.t.i!>*wr:." 

Just prior to his poetry 

readings, novelist, film-maker 
James Dickey held a brief 

„„>illi' li 

neifio s hair studio 

\fu m >(/i(Hi<n/i(irf Inlernulnmtil I i/Zut-*' 

>j>f<-iiilizf\ in 

!5% off 


niUin^ n.mliliomni: rohr ^^t,**';TjlT"'* 

Pnfetstanal vark imty 

On ptrms «r 
fi»M trwH. 

lering on 



1 was intarcated m lelliiig 
the story which could he ap 
preciated on different levels Aa 

an action or adventure story 
thieollhegreateslof all themes 
< m that of the hunted becoming 
the hunter 

I « as also interealed. since 1 
sho(g i using a bow and arraur* i 
in deadly metaphysical checln - 
tuiw and arrows versui rille, 
using the element of surprtte 
and out Ibinktng the other guy." 
he said 

Dickey, the poet and 
showman, then entertained an 
audience of well over Kkl people 
on Ihe evening of February » at 

Pt*lry >» a very great ac„ 
i,viU ■ ijiid Dickey 

l" i«-g4i!i to get inlerealed in 
urilmg whet) I (ound words 
uould'say what I wanted them 
10 sav I found » ptiwer in 

vvorils >ji> th*' things that 
are important lo people, he 
And to hear Dldtey read his 

word* IS like hearing a ptamit 
playing a difficult passage 

He chose a variety of pieces to 
illustrate what he had written 
over the years •The Cage 
Country, The Strmg," "The 
Night Hunt of the Five Year 
(lid " excerpt* from "Jericho" 
a proise poem', ""I"he Sheep 
I hild" and a poem from a mm 
l>ook nut yei published 

In his very marted Sattthern 
accent he regaled the audience • 
with explanatlMis of his es 
periences which led to the 
writing of his poems 

At one point he drew hi* 
iiudlera» in, asking them to 
anticipate the end rhymes of the 
piece he was reading 

To illustrate a point he was 

making. Dickey iiunus. the 
Soulhrrn accent ' did a 
ifmarkatile imilalion n) 
William Buckley tTi-iting d 

Al present he is finishing a 
new fKieiry Ixiok and there is 
rmothcr ruivel in Ihe works, Ihe 
nrii fifl> (MBfs of which have 
l«-n (pulilished m the February 
I'ffi. issui? of Ksquire under the 
title Cahlll Is Blind " 

f%i 4 Tht Hmbmntr Mwth 10. tmo 


Harpr CanNniailty 

• p.m-. Jut 


Cnlcr Uie Dragon 
l« ■ m * It noui 



An Cxhibil 
m BldK C 



Corky St^d 
I pm . \MUBf 


Viait a 


IC^Mtccrt CiMir t 
Camtrata Singer* 
f pm . J14I 

I'jrnation, call llM SliMiMit 
AdMtMt CMlloe. «i(t. Ml. 

80-81 AID 

Apiity now tm wmti llnaiiclal 
aid. A|i|ri!kailio« art ■vailalria 
m Uw FtnaiKial Aid Offlct. 

Bttig AJM.. 

ond law 

mti 'dUeiiMimi' tl tndal Imihi. 
'Iwatlli. ••». hlatwry. mud 

Mary »»\pi» Turw. 

KiyclMtlitraiiWt. ••Who Am V 
•■•valwatinf tdamtny". 

WiniMMi. pliyi:ical llt- 
lualnicior. ■•B«ili 
^ Wayi lo C«ip* wtth 

iMai"; Ami Ivoitr, attnraay. 

"iBiniiiii ani tht Urn", I*>t 

ilw "Latliarsii Ommti 
I Unii, ■• 

'Sara WH», Norlliwaat Of- 
nfflTlimHy C»ii»er. "Hrm 
hmWm tor BallarWI Wtmwn" 
KrM Hiward, who par- 
MpMl Ml a Pmt-mttt Mmtnir 
m wmam't Matnry at Sarah 
Umtma Collate. wi« liaraan 
!• Hlalory - ««- 
jlhtPaat", andLouta* 
St'hraiik. Harper in- 
MmMiir and ittmm on Mma, 
mil. $rmm* ami diacim new 
(tlmi ahoiii »omen't 
Barkground raading 
•iU be prMtdid to 
TuitKMi Mr tlw conra* la 
> by caUtit Ilia 
I M Mlt. (H- 


Righui Asiocialioo and can 
dtdatr for delegat* to the 
Hepublican Naltooal Con 

Atm lunch a wifkiiiili win 
be M by J'OMi. TWtT. aiMlMr «l 

tUrfm Collaiie la . 
■-««iii««l'i HiiWry Day** on 
Tkuradsy. eovwaor Jamai 
ThomiMHi -baa ptMlMnwd Uiai 
v^omrn"* HMwry Wa«li be 
iitiMrvtd amwlly lo eimnraic 
pilblir awamieii of and Mil' 
nlivity to ■inm'i rotas n tile 
devatopmeiM eH UltnoM hiitory. 
wcMy . and rullurc 

Sharon AHer. antociala 
ItdMaaor o( Malory ai Hariiar 
CoUage and nMntict ol tht 
Nalioiia) Womcn'i Politcal 
Caucmt, will lngiM ibt- •amlnar 
with an owtrviwt ffll' •omaB'a 
i-antrtbuti«ni» 10 nallanal 

A panel diamnaioii «iU tn- 
cliHlt Adade Wheeler, 

Eria il»«at4 
preiidcfit M the mttonal board 
al the Girl SctwH al America. 
member o£ ihe biwird of 
dirattor* ol Norlhweal Com- 
muRily Hoapital. and past 
chairman ol Tlie Bridat and 
Palatine Voulh Servieaa 
CamiMtMa; m4 Mstitwrlia 

An a»-*y thwaint al tUam :F*f"^ 

tributed lo cullnre and hrlmi 
ctviMtation will 

mrrentl)' with the 
■n exhibit fealuriHR 
articles ahotil and by «om«ii 
will be dimplayed in the Harper 

College library 

There la no i*a^rgt (at at- 
tendance at the aemlnar. 
iMMWver gucali are aaked to 
regMer in advancie by calling 
Uie Women"* Program al e«t 
Sid or ITS 'Lunchmm raaee- 
vatloM can ate be made at a 


I'a Hlalory Weet In 

lUamla «ttl be otairved by the 
Harptr CoHege Wo«ien*i 

Program at Tluiniliy. Mardi 
II with 'Women'! Hlatory 
Day" Thla all-day program of 
free wfttaMip and' Him* will 
lake ptaee tt BaMug J 

The keynote addnat will toe 
givan by Sbarofi Alter, 

peritnee" Workihopa will 
locia en women** amtrihullona 
to family, work, wimmiinity. 
aial poMcal life Recording 
Your Family'* Hi»tory " will 
oflkr lachnlquai for reacarcMng 
family iradllioni Theaa 
l a c l i ali p i a a alao can be applied 
lit r«M«rehing cwnmunity or 
ofwinliatianal biaiory. 

Pilma ahowi. thnoglaat ii« 
day will apoillght- the paai 
•triigglei and triumph* ol 
women in all aapeci* «( life 

The Harper Coltafc 
■■WonMn'i HMiry 'Day" it ifaii 
to aO Jwior WHi and- Mgit 
idMMil atwliiila. orgmdiatlam, 
and: rariiitnta of llie communlly 
TlMac who plan lo ttland are 
B*ktd to add ihair naiiMt M Uie 
Hiaat im by callng eat. Ml. 


The Harper t:<»mmuiill| 

Ordieaira wiM appear in an all 
MendebiMihn concert on 
Monday March I0at« pm in 
Hoom JIU. Gtorge Maka* will 

cMilhici the dfcfeaaira- in a 
.raadifig <il Iht im a«t Straager 
t>»eniire, the riniBl'a Cai*: 
Overture, and the Third 
Symphony entitled 'Th* 
SeaMch ' Thi* all Mendelwiolii 
concert will be featured in the 
new auditorium in J Bldg , 
leattng about add people Thi» w 
the firal perfnrmance of the 
I in the new quarter* 

Cont. Ed. 

Rcglalralion I* now in 
progyaaa (or the leeaad eight 
••••a af Contlmlng Education 
al Harper Peraana may 
by ttlciihane (or any 
with Mume numbara 
byLL. (See the Second 
iSIgM Weeks Couraa* - M- 
iile availaMe in 
tht Cantlnuing Education 
MniiaaianaOfTirr. Bldg C lOl 
TtldMam a munw tclaeouie or 
In ngMer tor claaaa*. call the 
oHIilC •( exl lift. 411, or Mt 
from I :M am to • pm, 
Monday through Thuraday: 
aitam lo4»pm Fridays 
and • SO am to noon on 
Saturday Keglalration can be 
MfnpMed by phone and the 
•I'UdMiti will be billed by mail 
who wisli Ml register in 
may do ao in the Con- 
Edicalinn AdmnaMna 
Office during the «ain« haun 
haled (or telephone 


Siegol Concert 

CMty Segal wiU lie ap- 

paaring. m concert on fnday. 
Mart* H. at ■ pm. In the 

OiUage Ctenlar Lounge. 

TMllNB lar (Ua lameart alMmlii 
be purchaaed in advance, aa 
t«alii« it limited Public ad- 
mlaaion to » Harper Mudwila- 
it.a(f ii ^■•■ 'ytx-- ■" 



wlU be 
abomi TlitMlay at l» am and 

noon, in A»l 

"Ealer Ike Dragaa" 
repreaenis the tint HoUywood- 
■tylr dramatiutioii of the Asian 
arte of tdf-defeme and i* part 
al the Bruce l.«e legend Ad- 
miaalon is free Spomored by 
ttir Program Board 




IWa pertortnaBC* ii open to 

lliaiwkBctr aeafcliargeaiane 

% Ike Hariiar CoBiti Male 
M.. Par further i»- 
, alt e«L m. 

M f 

The Harhinger Manh in. /''«<» '''«'■ 

Porno letter stirs Umv.^of Wash. 

■ ^^ .^ ..•it»r'<. tmmtt tall B**" lor «» !»•». __ _ _, ,_._ .__,_« 


ModHt and |irti«««. • *«* ^ 

OaHy" bi' • *|i«niin mm 
■«• ••• "todiMiiMt y j* ' ^ 

Ttw WW. which tiieliided 

and e«i(tau *t»«l» <* <l» 
»n»oym«m» »ul>>«»r» »H«i«<' 
iciual «l*wtliJ«« «'"' •*" 
lamwinvd (ir«>l«K>r» ««< «•* 


I Qa any reguiaii)/ pfced 
J alttm Of »P*' 


Tincup Poss Shoooina Center, 

I2U GoM toad 

fh» iuiHwr'* •"■•lo* •*■* ***" 

I>»t.v «liK»f ''*^'» VlUier* 
nriiKwi llw !•"« <>n »«» >»*' ''"5' 
;»,hfji* riirliH«ii«»5ihr*y.lii» 
iut-mP*. <l*cn*d th« 
publwilkm 'it <he 'l>u«.PW" 
M an «*mr>»l "> «« '»»"<»•"« 

■The n** wlnor n ""• 
naiMMtiNc for lh» letaelMm «• 

riuiwia! m any «»«» 1>^«« '" 
th»» <Kir »tm«lJr material *i" 

wtl apiiMr in i.h* (utur«. •» 


Hwmhrrj MiMl 'h«t Villtm 
had ptaUM* th» Itfw '" • 
(ar»»ell "i"* '*■' ««'"°™ 

Hinie ffllhir "wiuiUir' ii«n» 

In a |in>«ii!«i •«••"»■' ''h* "•••*• 

rM A»«Kt«rt »ud«i» <»« 'h« 

fn>vM»itv *>( Waihmjltnn 

Barbara llr»*B. jmWiiJw «t 
I he l»»iH and 'a™'** advttwr to 
tlM- paper told the "tleaUle 
PMl-lnteUlgeiKer that ih* had 

been ill and "•»»« "■<»» **^ 

atlKt dunn« the time Villtira 

wat pro«liir«8 hii laal tJapc 

I wcmIiI have tried in en 

oturane ihem iwt to run it." 
Itrnhn iaid. pwtrtint <iuHh«t the 
tiailv I* n"< iubjet" '" " 

mmiitlratrte femwnhip 

S<, while the UW B.iard <* 
fuhlicaiitin* ha» amMm-ed Its 
mieniicira (<• diimiii Hie l'>aHj' 
«lit»rMl Jx'iM-y <ind ihe teller. 
Humphrev -,:<%> ^.-vprytxKly i» 
(Mmi <n M^ !*»»' '' «h«iuldn'i 
haw haptjened aiid « wmH 
happen .igavn. ainl that »'ll •* 
the end "f it >*«» '•' "* 
pari lea invt>»w* han* I 

111 rtintacl Vlllwr* simise the 
letter appeared 

to the 


Submit to 




For All Siniles 

■•fwMfl nw A«M o< 21 * 4S 

SuMliwl «»» ■HEOUeST OF TIMt 
S«?r» »0'» Wtth A tW»t Wteo 

Arlingfon Park Hillort 

OM HlM Will* i«»t •* »•«»• " 0" ^"*"^ 
MiMtt 6»trY W«»n««*»r N.ght 

Dour*. Qp»n«: 30 pm ||||t 

Club Stiirtt '« 00 pin IMMI JMin 

Transfer Day Tickets 

Miithemaliri. Physical 

Sci««f* will de*iut in Guys and 


SIlMlcnta mMm '* '*'*"' 

inCmrm •»<>•> '» tranafer 
■,r,Kedure». adrolt»ton 
remnreiMfUs and linameial aid 
opporwiiitlea' ca« *» » alj.tie 

^Sal »!•■« mmlm Day. 

WieiheMlay. 'Umtb It. m iw 

folNr <■'«*« U"««» '""^ "' 
J, ,„ i.i:ipin »«t again tnim, « 

\'. . ■ .r\ tervvc* repreien- 
.,,i,„;.j '^in atei ht i» tiand '" 
«n»w«' (juwstiimii »exl *»<-•■■ 

r« liirthtr int«mal...i. 
0ml*i:t Janat Fnmd. Bm * 
W. «t IMI> 

MI»Hlf<-/l(l'>(>' 'lilll* 


R wr*" '^ ""''■^ 

^.f '.- 

■ fv,...-. 

oriiH » i'm< I-"*! "" 

til I'wuMot. it«(«citiia 

wiitif \ nri. i« » Mr\ Hm 

«' ".a 



, tttm !■««■*» tw >"«r taa>* 
H apirliBMi Krlat mk »* lar 
Jt pnWMl ■« l« ilMMlh* rrlM 

.l^rckaar iflkM •«>ilal>le 

.t>i«lniM<l (uraime He tale . la 
pwfeal ■ la ferteal •« relaM. 

sni tCtyslon* Court 
RuMinfl MMd«wi 

Tickew for the Studio Theater 
prod«M:1«»"t "'tiuyi and i:i<ill»" 
* III «<i <rn «»le Wedi'Widay tn the 
Stwlml tativttiea Wfice, Ad- 
TO.fatiw t» ri lor Ihe pulilic and 
»i 1..I H..rprr rtudenla with 

ivrl<irmince» are 'ic:hedul»a 
i,ir Miirctlll. a. » and at al « 
,, ,„ ,n BldK .rw:t rn 
niriiian<'« are jI» offered al 
2 .w [I m 1* Muri'h S and M 

\ dmner'lheater iw-kafe » 

..Cfrred with the March » 

,;i' Tirkrt* lor lte» 

;!urcl"ia«fd in 

.' n» putiJic 

ii,.r(x>r ftudenta 

_,, ...,...,: ;s undifr the 
dirertinn of M»r> Jo *illi». 
. hoeei^raptied t»> Al Mueller 

on-hristraled !>> l-jnn J***™ 
arri ui>d.'r the v.*al (lireeliom «»f 
Al Mueller 

In aiMHiM to the student cail, 
threi' memhers of the Harper 
lii.ultv will make gueat »P' 
,.<■.. iiHic-r* m the musical 
Karen Here* and •'»<-"lt l»»«el«r 
111 the l-ilwal Artd t:>*?p«rtmenl 
am) Tom McCatie. Engmeering 


Harper folledp wifl i 
lunrhlime minl-cnncerl 

teaiuring "pera lenoT B<*er« 
Johnson tm Thursday, March 
:», from tS'liio i l> pm The 
perforroamre will take place in 

Bf«ll« P » 

A native nt Willnwr Mm 
newla. Johnson Has pertwiiwd 
wtlh m'Oil o( the major lym- 
tjtxmv orrheslrat and "pern 
rompanies .if (he United Siat<-s 
He made h« Mew York rny 
..ptva (Jetiul in l*Jl as .Almauva 
m The Harbt-'r of Seville" A 
former Affiliate Artist of Ihe 
I'mversiity of Pittsburgh. 
.lohn-ton recently made his 
premiere appearance with the 
Vi-nrruela National l»r«he»tra 
in r.iraca» f:"hica«o aodiennjn 
will rememher hiin as Tamiiio 
m Ihe Grant Park producKon of 

■The Magic fluic 
Admission 10 1 tw mini voncerl 
is free, hui schixil gro"!* f*""^ 
call ent Ma, for reaervalkina. 

WHi'M Hitsheel 

\Urch 111 Itmil 


Vd> eiitarr- In I tKpta 

He Be le.«ilr»»«e 

<.<•( Happy 


I m Broadway 

llama Ihe 1 

Mad I Jit e 

l lofHa 

EK-K coitcllo 



Tiim FHly 

Linda HorolstBl 

To K«|ii«al tlwe »i«> «*•» *«•• ""*' **" 

(n. 1Vt» *4 «IW 

liair peTwpnn^ws 

Mil Trowir 
«(iril 4-12 


WaA« riaia 

at I Kirrhair Head 

IMHnl Meadaw» 



dittf n uon -- cM 



Harper salaries 

hj JIM l>A\ IH 

The salarie* paid to the 
i-mployees during ihe IWD-TO 

iicademie year amounied to 
fa.H:».«>«*l 47. accordins lo 
Harper^ InH-rnal Auditor 
Frank i-'itak 

The salaries i-iwi^i-iifil >il 
14 IZI,M6.«>. for ihc lull uiw 
lai-ultv. »1,M1.«14 4(1, lor pari- 
- imc licully and M27,2«» 1 1 . fw 
th«' admirasiraiive personnel. 
I'residenl James McGrath was 
Ihe highest paid otfidal on 
campui with an annual talary 

I*age ft Thf Hitrhingtr If orr/i 

/». I'm) 

Leadership manifests in emergencies 

"Omr JuU 1 wn airrently V j / 

Mtirad^aadatiandliiiiHariwr. I X,i-S^ 

ham btn WyMs vMli tlw ^Mm __/ ) 

.rf|iiiag.lMr*twlMlOTiO«rw. Aw/^ 

M: ••■Ml ■■!• nil m*' .IBlBll jr\ff 

■HI ■■!• lanqr .MM ' 
BamI on fvm ■•trtrfogk*! 
evatuattwi after kwklng at my 
dilc of birth 3 17 H), what 
antaiMa of maltr thoiiM I 


(MruMtlon 4n ym: taal '«U1 to of 
mtfrfal to mc'*" 

Many t|itdttci <it chart in- 
larfMafioa are autonulically 
■ttiailiiKlad without an actual 
Mrlh time to wnrfc with Bui, 
gtmrtl tkacaciafMfct sra tlill 
r«iMlMl hy (la plaetiiicnt of 
the plamel]! wttMn thr sifni 

Your Sun. Moon cambinalion 
holh to the (101 Ari«a rtprwcnts 
that ymi ar« inwardDy wry 
strong, aggresiivc and im 
p*(iait. a good iniUaUir for new 
projtcii You have good 
lcad«riht|> qualittca which 
(itaniftM thMiurivw the beat in 




«ai«rgtiM:|' •ituaiMn* vhao 
tMi«» lawi ID' l» on* of <!0"l(»l ' 
Viai art' quit* MaMgnil. 
ihiwgh your iilaaa may Iw a IMt 
unronvcntlonal. Some may Me 
rou aa jwt ahead of your time. 
You are hasically a rational 
^mrnxh till at tinw. ynur 
tiMMigliia may b* anHMl 'by 
vow lectlng*. tapcUly in tl* 
way you communicate This 
makes you not onjy emotional 
ywiracir, but senattiw to the 
lacUnga <*. olhert. 

You ha»« eicellent creati'* 
■l>tliliea. and with your 

tmaginaiion. you are quite 
capable of new and unl^ie 
styles <A ei|irciiK>n You cwiM 
apjply thcae talents very well by 
punuinK an elkicatloo in the 
aru Yim ihould extieriment 
with graphic m fine art. music, 
photography. filmmaking, 
pnntmaking. cartooning or 
wrillmg Moat likely, you wnuld 
tnjoy wrftlnt (Ictioo. iclence 
fiction, thorl storiiM, poetry or 
lyrict over joiimalism. though 
you could t» (ioccenaful at both 
Other pumuits you may find 
satiifying are philaaopby . 
theology, tociology or the 

Willi your gUted mM, and 
your adaptability, you teem a* 
if though you just enjoy 
•ducation purely for «liica> 
tion « «ake regardless of 
what it may be that y«i ar« 
stwlyliig No wiinitr you can't 

make tip your mind I hope 
these ideas will be helirful' \iid 
tf you don't mind my getting 
personal. I feel I must com 
mend you It pkaset me, that al 
this point in your life, you are 
still an achiever lelting goals 
for yiw»««l( Typleal for the 

Aries go getter So go gel 'em, 
and Cioad Luck' 

Anyone wishing astrohicical 
interpreiatioiK please itubmit 
specific questions and complete 
birth data to the Harbinger 
Office located in BIdg A367. 
Uok ther« (or further detaila. 




HAVE A SECRET? Whhiwr U in The Pttmmttk! 

sMMkiai. tM-uMf *Ml «talt Tlw 

Htitai\<>rK «'H """ >■">»' 

I i«t«.fl«i *<i in« in f i<«r*f lot mr 
.M* mif i>rot<*<l il«>» *n tiiM 
MM (l»l«-»f«<l H» AilSI ttf II.IIIH .■ 
ilw Tu«l«v gtm m ptotMMMii" 
,«l Ilia « ill fwi lor •■» •••• tinlj 


IMP Wanted 

For Sato 


t aiia i i i f w n siMw syfrnm 
tlsWpiii M">* m*>^' «»■>' 
tImM. men !kik> IW'M im- 
•■'kit. CrtcT r tl. .-•rtri(l«» 
MMslllMIU IM Mi m >-*tu iKxmr 
■im^iAHr SlilMdmly tlA FTKt HTV" 
*asll>i«r MitniliBSl t>* FM 
tHalul laawr nan or KM iiAkr 
Wtn Mil Mpwaial) Call Hmii *t 

n DatMi nw, « td. MkiiiiMt. 

iMsly raSolM tnfllH «ltfe 
mmwmy. HihUm MK turn 

f m nr wMhaiiAl. 

no I^MH MMiy Cil«sniMllt '• 
•mtiix • l>nil«a 'swafeit 'Hi 
WtMM H>ni>r roDlIt llillali 
M' anwli m ca&mt Iw 'lit 4||MH- 
mtm »"•*«• •■■«• m »«»r«f» "I 
WM IW'iiirH IMT wwh wiMl win SI ID 
m hmx w nun CmkiM' arw 
ranjalMiMt l»r MiiMinl iK* l*<iMx: 
'MMj CIWMn otill tl> 'la* tn- 

'it l>wl«K Graai mi ruOf 

C<irMll.<» M •!) tffilMIMM 

«i>uci (liwl Urm: Klif <m 111- 
CmmM llaiko a< ilM f^Mc kMiy 
•lllct w "W" iMiMnt. MllKllI) 
ilriMali rr«l») . 1 • • '» '!• I •> 


■ciwIiM i ti«lroMii V, li«lS 
»l)«rlni»iil •■'IB I»«I«'<>1> I" 
•tiMmiM- <'l>ililHiai* wilti pM*. 

tiarair mlMlia: IMS aMiadl. 
■aclHlM laal t <••■■ 4ial !•• 
milicj lr«n iarper' A'vailaM* 

rxMtal. iMiiUltliif aiMlalrM'M 
■dMm, 'Itli-Maeniaa mlMtt raar 
ilnlmi'ttr, Imwjreiiiiiti ■•••I 
r. ami »-ln(li AM-FM 
mm » Ml' <i<l«r t'*!) 
IS>..MIt xni 



50 % OFF ON miR aniCE OF Of 



M Fv mr rtfilar t pre femd nstanrs. 
can I ask iMt m mcai Ustmi 


Wttti This Ad 
Expirts April li 


Moderns , j 


Program Board Presents . . . 

Corky Siege! 

Frtdoy, March 14 
8:00 P.M. 


Students. , . »2 

■ ■ -r: , »3 

College Center Lounge Building A 



rhv H<irl>murr M.inh f. l'>iU> /Vii.-. 

Ska: Newer than new wave' 


brailMr m ««■ Nti" «'■»• »•««. 

Jlicl ■• all ttW' (il>'viuusl3< 

mMnlwrinad. lii*«tlti«iiv« 
jnuimlM* haw pw- 
•Ml iwtM t» »Mk 

• nli»rr»>fing»i rotttn 

l«r|K«tli« the mtpte. auulhir 

innd tmt alMMt ll» etmita'nDy 
• of ihit nrarl)' 
UriiC' (x calt N<e« 

Fur i:l» tola* In Uttbimm wm 

iMk to Pmrta,. tor tlMlrtiiic 

» > 


*tiTiitiiT«' KiMCAii ammt 




aa *» IMrnfwv A/-ting»on Mt» r» 'O'^i 

irktari' «e turn u Japin and in 
etnn<tmpm»rf iii«»ic Ihoaa 
hmty teyi acrii»» Ihe «*BH are 
I Mep i>i»ail (i( m and tlw 
•iirM Tliia nt» muiic haa fol 
t»nia« •tcitahk Enilnhmen 
<Nit jamiiiini il» danw <•"«•» 
aiain Th»y call ii »kB 
( (jrnnfiiHicvd ultaj > <r revtvil 
or wtiBirwr. »«» <iwr H»r» if» 
lor ti» mam. ana llw nkiii 
iMiii. cwlairtj not. fw il» 
piMlia Md rtick«r«. mwlcally 
llM taw trnui* are mutuall]i 
MMsiiat'f*. Hen in lt» i; S. lliirt 
!• miHtoHucltM. far m Britain It 
m a claw McrcnltatuMi. a 
■Mtal MfsraiMn Om* the 
miBMr Uu oir ■>■»«. the 
mimnKcklnt tlirilt aixip Mr 
'ttert m Mnhair jacMt aMi 
DW EaMwiMid wraparound 
sunfluMi »Hh '••>•"■ "'•■» 
BrllMi, It ■It lounds alike lu 
me" atl*tud* react like 
n«ryMit etee' lliey dance. 

llert't oM it i>. iti 
like tte 

••From now on 
anybody who 
owns a 

that makes 
waste has to 
lake it home 
with him to 
his house." 

He Imm you. Do what lie says. 



aim U)t» k STlOilil • (■«-»« kj MAKTIN BRECMAN 

ammmim^ mMtSMn. IRICKMAN 


nim*mi, UMLSHAIt BRK lvMA> • i«*«.*r- 


Selectnr, and ll»B«it •l»dr»» 
twavilj t>(r Wualieal. re«|ae and 
•ml Mm tin't really new «( » 
Itie formrmam to rf«i|ae But 
dravinf from » puna CtoodMi 
irnsK wene and mixing witll 
Mutlieal and Mul is. I'lw MNind 
has nharp toraaa aw:ti<in« wtth 
thf imminently fiauMltnt beat, 
idtm'i icl «<lcndMI. it'i acrt 
■ittmi > atid real live barmoniw 
And boy can ■you datM* tn it , ye« 
dance, that mliMlto* pleaiure 
iliat all<mn is to iwraiiirc 

After experiencing three 
■hcmn in lltr last cinipic «««kf 

tn the Jam, Madneat and tlw 
Speciali. there Isn't enmiflli 
Bcniedrine aramid that cmild 
jiet one m«re paga «»» t)< me 
Thtt ifflund MHieews that in- 
voluntarily (uHky body 
mnvvmeni twi of ui and tt hat 
hrmiRhl hack Uir ilance floor 
Wher«^« Ihete guji play. 
(hetr Witlenng guitars and 
double Mewing hrasi shake the 
place, and penptr move But ai 
ihp hea! g<M« on and Ml indtm. 
1 think the impact dwindle* 
Jim aa tke tmprovlsational 
beiaily and ewil o( early jati 
««i loigli In 0M on plastic, the 
•flarfyadka ta equally diHicult 
to reproduce on alliumi The 
Speciate and Madnes» have a 
remarkable rapport with llie 
.awdienre. ihry welcome them 
on stage lotlance. they leap and 
grnnvc with the audience The 
out -of ■control frenty <>t a 
rhMirful of hopping (am i» im- 
pnialble (0 create in your hving 
mm. through two speakerf. 

Ron Stewart 

This >i entertaimnent, that u, 
ihu IS dance music 

Lyrics have become im- 
poriani agaTn. their im- 
plicalioDS and inientioni arc 
being studied and interprded 
hy the sociologist* and 
psychologists Ska owes to 
punk, but cant eml>race ili 
attitudes Where punk is angry 
and political, mod ska is sul>- 
dued and social Punk boiled 
with dwire to tevolutkmiM, 
attack the establishment, 
ihrealenlng with change Mod 
vianis lu unify, pull together 
Punk was a mwement. cutting 
hard and violent To Mods, its 
alt cool, the mier racial blend of 
musiciam of the Speciali subtly 
suggest togethemfat. 

The Specials album, ibang 
the moat popular) tt a relatively 
sparse afTentlR of what their 
real live sound data to a hall full 
of volaiikt bodies Produced by 
Klvis Costello (hardly 
noticeable I the Specials )ual 
tk'tnted to gel il down, and they 
did in ]i»t two weeks, like the 
flash who did the maslerfully 
nciling l/.ndon Catling in just 
three weeks i Fleetwood Mac 
took over a milhon bucks and 
I wo vears, somewhat like the 
Eagles Does that give you some 
ideas' I So get nut there and 
hear this new music, dance to it, 
move with il, hut don't expect to 
be thrilled by an L P Ytiu don't 
have to lie informed by Hugh 
Downs as to why you' re dan- 


A Harper original 


t»r RtmaM Stewart, peofeaaor 
of sociology at Haipir it a 

pnOuci of Ma pcntaaoet. 

Stewart has been to tdnol 
during the HUas, sixties and 
■ivcntiet alMnding a two-year 
Mllcgp and seven universities 
nt teacher he is today "is 
prnbably a combination of 
about five proteasora I've had 
ta-ing my sdwoUng. " Stewart 

During his years at schotil he 
has seen changes One im 
portani chai«e. since he's liecn 
leaching is his eiperwnee with 
sludenls talking among 
themselves durtiig lectures 
-Wtai I was In schtwl, that was 

Duni« one of his sociology 
lecture*, he told students, 
■■There are certain people in life 
that take thtnis serwiisly. They 

actually take things seriously 
Thev try themsdnw and I hey 

expect others to try But they 
always give you an nut -you're 
free Bill if you go with them 
and you don't cooperate, they'll 
gel on your case until y«« see it 
like they do " 

Stewart has been lea<3h>ng at 
Harper since it opened "1 was 
with the originals in '«'? I "a* 
the one and only sticiology 
profeisiir at the time," 

Before Harper, Stewart 
laught Adult Education in 
Texas He Idiea Harper but 
says. "Oilleges really aren'l 
different Its the levels of 
education you can leach on 
People who era coninittMl to a 

specialitcd area want to be In 
class and learn." 

He entered the sociology field 
by "pure accident" He was 
going lor a Maaters m History 
when a teacher suggested 
sociology He applied for a 
Masters al lUinoia Institute nl 
rcchnoiogy and finished at 
Northvrcstern where he got his 

One «i* Stewart's intereala i« 
people 'I enjoy being with 
people and competing agaimt 
ihein," he said 

Stewart has been with all 
social sroups and classes of 
petiple from the rich socialities 
to the blacks in the inner city 
He spent ten years with the 
Youth rommission in Hoffman 
Estates and also did some in- 
vestigating (or I he I'n^ 
derground sprv.ces for the 
Catholic Church 

When he ftr^t arrived in 
rhiragii from Texas, he decided 
he wanleii to find Ml about 
every inch of the clly. and so far 
he's done just that 

"After I got into the field. 1 
loved il 1 only regret not getting 
more degree* When you know 
you're successful in mastering 
il Iwdy of knowledge, you can he 
anything ytiu want to be " 

Stewart was raised on a 
ranch Hi- grew up virtually 
outdooni He camped and fished 
and he rounded up sheep for the 
first time when he was five 
Today, he enjoys traveling "I 
like 10 go to water and Sim to my 
wife and I travel to Mexico. 
Central America and the 
Caribbean area," 

Pagt « Thf Harbin/ier \timh Hi l*mi 

Harper b-ball closes out season 

fe; JCIi: lll;!iEK 

fir many y«ara. Urn Hariwr 
Rtwlt ««f* Oytiig ■rotind 

wWiMll a MM in call' (Mr iMn. 
««. mil wmm tht Hawks 
(Inally cam* to rMtt. and ihm - 
wtUi a liMR swattud |)lac* to call 
iMr mm Uw Hiir|ar mrni'i 
' ■■■ 1 am lilt 

tMW' campilgR wMk a wi? 
miiaetaM* I*-IJ raconl 

'Itie Hamkt tte year btcamc 
a laain (>i ba rivliiiiml with, a* 
tiiay riniaiiwl. fourth kn Un 
iii|wr-toiigli N4C eonrcrencc 
wttli an «•< ilate Harptr. 
•nriHilc tn their flnt wtnniiiii 
mamn in a ioaR lime, bumpad 
nff parannial Itltiwia Juiuor 
«iiU«C» ^ponarkiwia I>uPB(t 
'indaf aiMM mr$ Wfm ^• 
««nMaiiccS' and lonft. povorftil 
Triat iini» iivertime in tint 
mnliiiK «( ttw i«» 

Tl»' N1«: It c 
niany H tic (he 

(kraw* in tha Male, haviiw 

(lira* tcamt rated' in Ilia tap (iw 

[or all ll'tiiRw jiiDinr coHagH 

"Havins yw own facility 

I a •«rhl wf i~ '" 

vim Idit itx idajrcn dwa i« In- 
iuriaa,.||radaa and othn- varioat 
raaaam durinR ihr rmirM of eh* 

"Evarythiiv waa m pnaUtva 
thn ywar. The |iia|tn cntojwd 
playing They were conridant 
fflny could win e*«ry time We 
were doing more of the detailed 
tUaga nccMMry in building a 
winning program Thinga like 
liairing your own locfear, hairttig 
a plaice to tlmot ■raund. a IM of 
(Hnc* that we've never liad 
mean » IM " 

ProMtly iht: MHMl Ihetor 
nir tile Kawlis afiiimuig. laaaoAi 
waa the outatamlint piay of aU- 
MntorecM* guard Tim Logisi 
The lopliomore tramter at 
tintei would take complete 
charge df * game and waa 
alaoii iinitic handedly 
reapiMiible for die Hawks upcet 
victory over DuPage Uigiai 
accotmled lor abcail 30 pi>tnt« a 
game, leading the team in 
I awrmling %^ * game. 
Mcond leading 
ling in 16 3 pdnU 
par igtne and M' the latin in 
■tNotlng parctfilift by bagging 
St percent <d his ihola 

"He it the best guard I've 
Hen on (be junior rollefr level 
,ait|«ar." »aid BecMuld of h» 
"ilfNT-ipitck point guard "He 
didn't take b4td shots and 
always hit the npen man 1 
talieiie he it a lolal team 
ptaiw. he always liMiki to pasa 
first. At one pitiiit in the season I 
raquated him to thnol miore 
He's wry good defensively " 

"He hat the best court 
awames* of any piaycr I've 
cnaited. Me knows where to 
paaa the Ml and what lypa of 

past t» use We didn't ha«* to 
work on tireaking the vnm m 

mucli. all we had to do wat gel 
the liall to Tim in (he middle I 
raal:iie now the* ihst 
•gWMl'Pilllt guard can make for 
a Mmh and it will be very lougti 
to itptee tieiit year " 

Logix wasn't the rmly player 
on the Harper team, as 
Bechtold vmM count on itcady 
per formaKes from sophomore 
forward Craig Kawtaa. 

Raw^hnS' ilH UW' 'laain in 
tciirlnii and 'raknnmUiiii and, it a 
solid candtdate for nnt-leam 
stl-conference alter being 
named on the third learn last 
year a* ■ fmhman 

The M Mphoraore htl for 
double tlgurct In every tlarpar 
game and enM the wesson wKh 
a team- !♦»'■' •"«: i" i .-.vrjiiir 

Shooting 4S perccnl from the 

Hoor Hit also controlled the 
hackboariii, averaging id T 
boardt per game 

"This year Craig finally 

r«achcd the maturity needed to 
make a good baiketball 
player said Bechtold of 
Rawttm who even though moat 
of the lime gave away Inchei 
and waighl had to defeni* the 
oppaglllg team'! lop player 

"At one poiiM in the season be 
'btcanieconKiBtciH and the team 
depended on hit coiwittciK-y . He 
liecamr a real player He wat 
paliant and knew when to make 
tbagt happen, he wouMn't try 
to force ihtngi " 

One of the reasont for the 
Hawks luccest was the strength 
of their bench Bechtold could 
(v,,.|c -.,i~'i(ute at any time 

WMip<i KIW H\HPEH Harprr'tllrad MUlar <ia> Ml. and Ttai 
l4>Kiti ' !l > helow. ralltel patatt far Uie Hawki dartaf past (tamt*. 
The Hao 111 mdnl the teasaa aa a tear note, laalag \a Makoln X In 
the !W<tl«ial rhamplwislilp gaa*. Harfwr finlfhed Ifcr traHo oHIi 
aa avrrall rrcoril of it-ilaai Ml* Ihr V4I conlrrrnrr (ur fourth 
pisrr Mlllsr as thr teaaaa pfagre and . contlaually <•«» thr team 
■esder all >rasan, rooilag Ihiwagh with the key hstket ar making 
the Harper laal-hrrak clkk The two will he sarely mliMd ant 
«caMm Thr Hawkt ak* hliailiUlig greatly from pla< big an a cmn 
(hry (iMiM rail their aa* al ICaaaa. Harper, after pItylaK at Xl 
VIslor't ifcr past yaara. Ikaa% aiavad lata Bldg. M. (phaU by Umi 
Lynn <•«> i 

Intramural happenings 

" The Harper College In- 
Iramural Baskettell Leagues 
mwntly pljiycd' IMr flnt of 

lour competltioa' pines. In the • 

p.m league, ihe Boigi Sipnd 
beat the Hawks 51 tO' » Tiie 
wlMiiiig laanu (or the « is p in 
league were the Sentry'j 
againal ihe'Runnm Hebcls < u to 
«i. and the Kilts apinat tit* 
! Cmlsers •« to «> 

• ofthcTpm leaiwfind 
Dirty Dotcn and the Ptgakina 
, Dirty Dotan 

lUieiiMii's Tenms Team. 

(M to .IS) . and the Ptpkint best 
the ITidtnowm iSl to W) 


("ii Hcc Floor Hockey 
I'lMry I'ieadlinc' 

WW Jtt 

Dsle el Cveal 
Friday March l« 

1-9 p.m 



Intramural Calcndart are 

it ill available in the main office 
•if Building M , come and pick 

.yours up today - 

The dance room is tio* 
availatile fo tludenis faruliy 
and tiaft members, un an open 
basis, during the tltnas pastad 
on the dance room door. 

M Th 12 Ipm 

Tues-Thu»-Ma m 

and not have to worry about the 
tub getting burned 

"CMher years I'd look down 
the bench and we'd be In 
traublc," commented Bechtold 
who freely interchanged Chris 
Plaiak Dave Strawn. Brad 
Millar. Jeff Marlinski and Hob 
Dorsey ■*Thii year we had 
three good guards 'Logisi 
Pluak and Strawn i and they 
handhid the guard spot ex 
irsnely well I think apinst 
moti oi the teams we played 
this year we had an edge at the 
guaiil spot" 

Strawn and Millar were very 
ptaaaani nrprisaB tor Baditokl 
during the aaaaan. ProattniBn 
An«n emcrgsd at a starMr 
midway through Ihe season and 
Millar kept getting more and 
more playing time as the aeaaon 
went on Strawn « 1 points a 
ttame and leading In free throw 
(wrcenlage. by eonnccUng <m n 
perceni nf his altcmpls. 

f >avt was a surprise for ut " 
siiid Bechtold "He's quick and 
he's aggressive He made a lot 
of freshman mistakes but hit 
anlhuiiasm and aggresalvonest 
nude up for ihem" 

Millar, after somewhat 
rotting away nn the pine earlier 
in the year, came off tlie bench 
when Ihe Hawks were hit by 
Injuries and made the m«t at 
his opporlunilies The 
sophomore averaged five points 
a pme and was always there 
when things got lough un- 

"We were surprised with 
Brad s performance this year 
He did a good job in a siqK 
porting role, there were 
numerout limes he came off the 
bench j>nd did a good Job." 
praised BechloM 

Bechtold also praised the play 
nf sopliomores Plazak. [>orsey 
and Marinski Plaiak just 
missed iveragtng double 
figures for Ihe season, ending 
Ihe year with a ll,> pointa per 
Eamc a\'erage. Doraey was 

right behind with « a coitteit 
Martintki was the hard-luck 
case of the year Last year he 
wat named second team all- 
cooference and was preparing 
for even a bigger and baiter 
season But the sophomore 
owingman was hampered by 
injuries all year and could not 
shake a nagging fool injury 
Despite his limited playing 
time. Ihe sharpshooter 
managed to average II 6 paints 
a pme and collecl 7 » relmndi 
every time out 

The Hawks were In every 
pme, never being compMcly 
out of It always wllhifl strifelng 

"l>verall we were mud) more 
consistent than last year.'" said 
Bechtold Last year, the Hawks 
would play the best team in the 
stale on even terms and then go 
out two nights late[ and gal 
blown out by a team that waa t- 

"Rarly un wr played good 
basketball but we didn't have a 
good record becatse of the 
(|uahiy of teams we playad in all 
ihosepmes Iwascoolldeiil we 
would have a » inning year This 
IS the loughlesl schedule we've 
had so far When we beat 
DuPap It showed we could beat 
one of the best teams in the 
stale, that got ik over the hump. 
People now have a lot of respect 
lor Ihe Harper basketball 

Bechtold got some fine play 
out of reserves Steve LeBreck 
and Mike Baylest and hopes 
both the freshman will return to 
give him a small nucleus to 
start nut with 

It's going to be tough to 
replace Uigisi. Rawlins and all 
Ihe others but hopefully we can 
gel some quality players and 
gel better as the seaaon goa 
on, " said Bechtold. 

Even if the Hawks dowmlide 
next year, it will definitely be 
nice to play on a real "home" 

Andmtson picking up support: Duquoine 

"What attracts 
me to Anderson 
is his total 

William Duquain« 

delegate (or Illinois 


Johfi Anderson 


Th« prctidcmuil dclifalai 

tnm II* IJlh 

DittrtetlwM •!»•••• 
■I ttoipr 'IMI 'VMnway... 

Rwnald R««|«n ha.i Mi 

"I Just got back rruin 

Culnrado, •nd I can cay tlial Mr 
Anderson li galoinc tn 
pilNllantjr," lit clalnu 
11 I* IKM (Uffictilt lo un- 

dcntand why AmlarMD It 
■atainf in popvliHty His 

■tralgUhinirard hwcaty and Ma 
•tronf tiMiwlag in the 
MawachuMlMa and VanncDii 
pfftmariaa tiaa ovavn coin- 
padMHii 10 Jlnnny Cartar'a 
(■realtlnitlal riac in ItTt 

"Whal attracted me lo An- 
dnann," contimad Duquaina, 
••mm Nt UM cTMlliiltty " 


Anderion hat accumulaled 
■Imoal 13 S million in campaign 
riandt But. while tllinola tiny bt 
Andcraon's beil bat lor a 
primary win. he la nM con- 
'iMarad a 'national' c i a H JIia H 
for th« Republican party 

A Chicago TrilMine poll 
publithed latt Wednesday 
fhowed Anderson only 22 
peroenlage pomls ahead o( 
IS parcaoiaie 
I of the oUiar major 
RaplMleas caodMMa €«aiia 

When pressed about Ao- 
dennn's chances for a GOP 
nod. DiKiuatiw said. "U you had 
asked me that same queatioa 
ihrei wnaka ago. I would have 
laM Wtlt or mne. But witfc tte 
ha baa taan 

Vol. i:i ^^11.24 



liMwiii HaiiM* Iljirju-r I i.II« :;r, \l(»«»mjiiiii .*ii<l KuM-llr KiiaiU. PjiIuiiih-. lltiiioi- (>IHK>7. U 2-:i*^7-J<Hk) 

Double digit inflation causes tuition increase 

"It's ituiiiani (ht «iiti 
:ra««iiiiei we can cuMtral." lail 

im. Dor caB' 

dspend on a t« 

•■mini "tmm tte slate in 

"HM StUlMlB 

hecn iniTvawMt (o diath l-ain 
fympihailc ii> the idMMC* 
, M il '■ nai: 


Xanu's niain conearn Is that 
llit'.pro|Maal iiritiM* a f a t ai l iiil 
r«ailitni|. m yatrly i imnn iia V> 
Ibrpar't luitMn. 

-■ - - - ol 

t and ffe0ainsr, said 
t Metaaw ifoas :mii 
■ ■ n arHy lat imcwlcnt. 
*"tfca' liittlom 



AiMnlft I>bIImi will lie 

wlMi will 'Ml be in CWi Ctmnty 
m April II, clactMn «lay lor (tie 
Harper •■"'olitg» iaari .nt 

OiaaMM viiatS' miiM 'b*' a 
Ifnilaid' .SiaMB cMaaii. M 'yaart' 
III »$it. ami raiiii la il* :tiai» 
ani piiilage dMrkt dur Ml days 
prinr lo the •lncMni' A ptmrni 
■mat bt' rsflitaitl t* vote im 
I^^vai liiwi^HH lu a I ■uiiNiiicv 
taatfdi tm the tnUagt lialrM. 
•''i|ii*fi am appltcatlon (or 
"s<tol«* tnllot (or llw 
i-mrfm diiction. mlafs shMM 
call tht> il'iliitiiMrsUw Wain 
(XflM. c» mi helwcM l"ia 
1 m *b4 '• » p m . MoniB]! 
.'Uroagti Friday C'nnplfllaall 


April. 7 
be made in 

ay. April It 

Tie AAifnialraiive Anairi' 
'.XOce ia locatad m BMi AJli' 

in lis IhMIm inerwM*. 

The scIiooI'b n intniaa 
Mnwitaf ' iwur. U iht firtipMMii :1a 
paaaad, li a Mart' drap in Hie 
cmnpftrw^ to the In-' 

al: OUW nillegc* and 
largcsl tuitm 

II 'per cent inereaM by 
Maaaaehuaatla Inatllult o( 
TadMMiliigy. MTT's imkm will 
na* from •t.Mii iMs year to 
n,lM> neit year 

The l.<Mi>mity nf Cluaagm 
■nmaMd! a tiutlon inerea** nf 
lU par Mil for to iHO-at 
acadtnt'ic jmar 

Or tev'M WiUtaim, vim- 
pmaldM lit academK' aflalr*. 
wMI lU' I* concerned ihai «mi- 
tlnnal tiniioo intrcaae* will 
'Mar •tmiiiii rvgiatraiioii at 


-Student* tnlerostod in 
'iMKoining eamfida'lait lor the 
pMltlon <4 .Sludent Itaprescn- 
iiailm' lo tte Board of Tnistias 
for tlW-ll rn'Ml fud'mj'l > 
C'OmpM'tii dactaralion ol 
canMacy Ions l« tbt .ttiiiliinl 
*eti'»lllt» t»rftc« by nowi 

The StoaiMii Mufnaaiilaliiit 
■Ti'intl enroll In a 'MMhmm ft 
mm criattl bow* ilwrlNi bMh 
the laii atal iirliii MMaalen •( 
NHM't *eil iRuai r««l(ie in 
Iterper' tv«i:i»ii» iMsirk* ill Th*' 
tiiitaianl tnaU** ii HMfd by 
popular ««• li 'itie I'lindaiil lMa%' 
•Ml any iliiiliiil mettiig' Uie 
crltarto 'iiuy niR fn elwilin 
Thf Mrni ol' t0Kt rams tnm 
April 15. Mitt lo Apnl II. I«U 
The elactloHi fe set t» Apr'il 'i 
Mid 1. 

Furlhtt Informai'ion and 
nmnaary lorms art arailaMa 
m am Stijtm ActMtto Olllca. 

barfaiii. ' continued Stambury. 
"compared to other uiuveraiUes 

"Harper's lultlom m nil) a 

'The rfpamMttont nf not: 
inrreaaing luituin i« sttmitlala 
rewentie intate could mean the 

•nd 111 ceriaim priigraias offered. 

by Harper 

"Wemwl . 

JKatMlmry. "m <w to not lata 
mr oMirlnii at Marpar." 

The final pnipaaal will go 
before the Board later thia 

•• •** Aoolysis 

•^ "Vitol signs ' demonsf rote 

a par ** 

Senate's solidarity,stabilify 


Tha Snilntt Stnale is ilMniiliig 
fit life OH. that's I ' 

neat, hut pMipla art tliially 
taking nisiliie:' iim^ t^ nWw g 


confirmed the Senate's 

toltdanly a'od lonf'aoughl 


The Senate hasn't dona 
anything artraortliniary, 'W'tml 
you iMlcad, It ha* been (he 
llitte things the .<ienB'le baa done 
thai ba'te uipreaaetl cymca. 

And It 'has ban Mlka |ja 

tVhan La Vanway took owar aS' 
prvriMnv of tile 'Saitata on. 
Jamnary a, tiarc was bii- 
tentas and tanaMit tai'iMing be'- 
l'«<«*li the Itfvalors Outside 
crllW«m wan not much ht'lp 
ailliar lieniaaniiig oMwiieflta 
iiom tt'iidents ami satiric 
cartoons puhltshed in the 
HariMiiger ffi!naraetcv:iitlng Uia 
itaiala ■• a luntli at 'pnol. 
playing :biiiloona all aMad v to 
a frositraled. tncfTactJue '.Senate 

The Senate's internal 
(TiiMeiiis reaamhled a ilofiiy 
cluii"and'dat|er drama 
Student Trustee a:nicc :]tanea. 
ipbu aliM) hotik a 'icat on thc' 
SoMi'tc. had been asked by bis 
tcllow tenaiors lo ask former 
prwMlmt Mark Cameaiia 'to 
reslgs. Z«n4ra refused Ms 
'WWniiMi. aakimg them to give 
ClwianuS: anmllire' 'Ctiance' A 
iMMlk later, the Senate, mima 
t'lMMHiii.. again mtmi X»mm ta 
iMk '<?MMaii* m rtaign 

lenaa, 'Mho la the anly 
iwMi:biir 'III lilt Senate who 
cooM ash C'lMtaana to rcaiiin. 
.■ga'in rettiswt. asUng in 
Mllca'fues to again gt've 
'CtMicau* aMMlMt chance. 

Whan. ■ 'iMailh later, the 
ttnalors again approached 
bnca. fa:ni;a knew what was 
I aCMd. He . 
to raalgn. 

Urulsed ego and deciiM lo put a 

illnk on the Senate 
In his Mier of 'nMgnailim, 

Comiiaiix aaliM tine almniii 
to. '"call (or the 
resignation tut thc Student 
Senate and St'wiini TniMte 
tXanca i .. with the csception ol a 
ft« who SIM their beat at all 

Xanca. however, invited 
t'omeaui to reina:m on the m a fambir sayttwi 
CoiMatta had tlmpty. '*o««r' 
citawM himself at prcaiiieM " 
Clomraus ian:eptc<l, tail, still 
Utter. i.iliM tliai he was going 
to '°g:l.«t the Senate tielt " 

Time has beahMl some iif the 
biliemess between bnea and 
Comeaux. htnivw. aa Zawa 
•nd Oineaux are. "to the point, 
of lalUi^ to each other afgtn. " 

It was tiila type of sttualion 
the HiMJlMit body saw. and 


itie Senate. 

Al the time of Comeaut's 
resignation. Zamea 'himself 
bafdl tutnh iTiiicttm from 
allcnsM itualents win taW' htm 
.iS a go between I'rom St:iidenl 
:S(!iu.le' «.nd lo the Board of 

Zanca. to hi* tTedit. didn't 
raapoiMl lo bis crilict. tail is 'SttU 
'bluer jbout the misin»on ol'bs ,|ob., for which 
'Iw O'lnSiliy Mamcs tltr Htr. 

l,ji 'V'anwaj. who Imx* t-alh. 
"a dynamif leadiir with ibC' 
uniituf combiitatton of 
rharismii tn4 leadtrthlp 
<|iiatitm." pu.ttRJ together the 
ilirediled ScMle The 
nent <i( Luna Ellas to 'vtce- 
presUliifit it alio ■ plia in la 
Va.nw.ay's ^nrner 

Klias has become the prime 
(mmplltlration of the tScnaie's 
"new" aliilude .- 'qniel, .yet 

They have fought thatr 

biggeat battle against student 
apalliy. wlHeh has become the taiget of the Senate. 
They may not win the war. but 
they hawe taken the alepa to 
combat it Iji Vanway has said 
conitantly thai turnout* at 
student actmites sponsorMt by 
the Senate are "(Mt. real bad, 
but ibey could he better," The 
Ki-nair itself has a more 
rralistic view of how to attack 
'tludeni 'problems. The Senate 
Iwars complaints. Inil m La 
Vanway says. "You don't 
ilwayi see what'n done.." 

lanca, whnae term runs out In 
mid A|>ril. has said thai itudent 
apathy is. 'not a characteristic 
of Harper. Iiui of all colleges, 
particularly community 
collevcs, " 

Zanca remains a coh- 
trmcrcial figure. Me is oroud 
.B.nd MiMt'imca appears ilmail 
arraganl. but. a* he sayt, 
"ihal's ihe way I am " 

There are still problem to be 
dealt with, and senstilve egs 
ihal need an occasional 
massage bu! the Student Senate 
isbetiomiiig ■ solid organtzaUoo 
in whiili slndnK* can lake 
stocik. Iliey can succeed, but 
only as far as the students will 
let tlvnm 

Notes from 
the Senate 

^Ihe .Enginecriiig anb 'waa 
oMenlly .raoignlMd a* a club ol 
Harper College 

-A committee was lormed lor 
the buying of a ciaia gift. In- 
itr«al<4 parties call «xt 344 

■Aannuii is now » p r agrai a 
(or the beat suggeation in the 
Student Senate Suggealwa Bus 
itocatad ui lower knuckle of 
BMg D and th* aacoiid flaer of 
BMg Al 

f%i, 1 Tht HmrUnfitr Mmrk 17. I'tftlt 


Changes add to responsibility of all 

In y«4 anmm etfcrt to mcrtwe itudwt »» 

mt^mmnt and aw^rwt**, ii» StiKltn! S«i«»« pM»«l 
^wwwal mm airnndrmnn ts MM' 'CaMtttution whten 
will •tloiM lor a imoother aprtltOll fc •HcJ^toii awl 
owtllfm ttw qu«ime»ll«W' •« ttwitw*.' oltlcwt and 
«»• 'itiMlenf tru»tt«, 

Vaitnfl tw th« pratldant. traaturar and «¥• 
wadamic raprescfitafivat wilt take place In th« 
spring atong with tht altction rt tht Student Trurtte. 
'TMt mow« will allow tl«a MMtt I* to aetlW'dwr Urn 
Bummar. Irattad o( tminfl: dormwrt #«rouflhmit f»» 
Wak. Ttila w)tl atio allow for a smootlwr transition 
o«d and naw wtian tha rtinalnlnfl oftlcers are elactad 
tn (ha fall 

SiMdattt awaran«»» will ba tncreasad with tha 
paaMoa ot an atnandmant making It mora ditfleulf to 
•mutton. Ona ttwiMand at'iidantt mutt 

tm patltioned bafora any proposed amandment can ba 

rallHad This may well ba the most Important amand 
mwit mada since it involves directly 'consulting" 
with a good portion of the student body After all, the 
•mandments are tor the students and they should at 
Imit be aware ot any proposals. 

impaachmanf proceedings art also easier to 
initial* on the part of individual students In order to 
Wing abooi proceedings against any member of the 
Sanala. a student merely has to have a minimum of 
•IfMtiirm aqwol to too per cent of the bailoH cast In 
the election in which tha officer was elected 

All in all. these anf>ef»dments demand more 
responsibility on behalf of the senate and more 
response on the part of the student body 

Bolh parties must work to uphold their end of the 
bargain. Attar all, everyone is In this togathar. 

to the 

Submit to 

A look in fhe mirror reflects one's own truth 

Tint Mltcr day I mw u M 

(rtoMi III inm. Mt iMi'l look 
««ll at al, Hi appaaram wai' 
Uiat «l ant «■!•» I* mtd. 

J lilm 'whal wBi new M» 

■Mttvcrad tn ■ qulwrlnB «■««« 
1 |i»i t>r*« liioaa,," 


,._. mad w» 

Uie iniiit. rm niaklnf all my 

I itavw do Biy 

I la tta' iMaia. I'm 

■ |lri three ytar* 

■ tMan ma I l>a*« i««> 

► Hi Irian* ■- mt «r<MP 
»lKt4»*l,gB«<»»ch<»l «n<l «<»k 
Vtm callaf ■ J«»a. «>» oth«-» to lo 
,,. __ -.^ -_j»l« ll»a Bi»r 
• Ml Me. I 'IM/wm M'KMii 
I'm hat, rw ||t««m up 
(»n*»tr»1:l«lug " 

I was aglMiK I ilMa't 
urMal iw lay. FinaUi. I 
Hni '«liat l«' nalty M *» 
vaatad la dni. 

lit nhriiitcd. "Somctmcf I 
Itist waul Ml pick it all up and 
iiMw <Mt to tlMF «uelis •nd 
Koptfutly Himc itajf |ffl • 
imatiMaa af my ii«ii ptni."" !■ 

"«|I|:."1M14 "I'tliMk;! kaw 
)-au Mil cimiaD' to kmm (lial 
yciu »T9 Ml rtally «» tyF '" "' 
iaio ttii »prkim worJd,, 1 ni«in. 
Wi t«« II. •!■• yim »erf wi* 
Ae«n« .fo« wert comatanlljr 


•Nil. It was all rmbl Itt 
ti— liivad van I wtt « nixid. 
I«a Iran I auMnt alwayi 
hmdhr the icctiracal iiuff. but I 
«aa laaratng I< wa* jiat iM 1 
waa JiiatltnB <he worli *ith 
tdMMil Bwrytini* thay olltrfd 
am »: lull line ftiol I KM 

MMelc. Httic down. On the 

illMr tand, I Ml I was abava 

ilM' wirkii 1 Ml I 'MI waailni 

"You ibvuMn't worry alimN 
wlMi alliars Hunk". I tald. 

••«W I kian ii i_ 1 knan! I 

•STmS t a* a cdArity 

From the 
desk of 

Pete Wicklund 
News Editor 

and I mm tvarytindy kwiw» 
n* and ir I do 'MMImHNiIIB dtl- 
IcToii thty Will ad craali dawn 
ufion mr " 

■niili Imll ikli," I "ill 
■•Yi'iu'r* i»*«ly Maylie i-«* «d 
this Khoiii could liMaatly 
rwoini** »'«!. *nd to Ult 
CTimmunlly. ime «i » miUliB' 
Vfliai cM dn you iilc«»r« 
ytmrmil «"" 

I lianiitly«m«iy sckwl. well 
hni^ around pcnpi* my ana 
brarkat wlw ba» similar ira 
iicrcBia Viw kniwi' I've a la:l«iit 
Willi my Wtw kiwwi. •tth 

■ liiil* iwlD. I minltt lit able In 
im sompwhm wiiti n„ t •alay 
my ctaaaMi I'm raally .gMUlW 
iMi^i out tt tiMii. I wwar 
'Mtlcad (liai m Wtfi sffikwl. I 
lajiny iir, ■ t.oliii« 

fhealtr ip«rt»„ 

lllaraiUTC' ' 

•■Viiu like sclicml — " I Mld- 

'M •»} artp'i ytm datnt your 
•iifti'*" 1 aakcd 

•iff nil alwayi iWiaraallm." 
II* said 

"VaaH, it's laMraitint." !>• 

Hall. t*im « hand Irom fhe «lty 
liBintlnii tbt direcltun I'm 

ilM|wr«la. I'll lake any adviea 
■nybwly ein'giwnia-" 

I «itilM at ttm. and iwik • 
ilMfi iireafli "My friend." I 
•■111 "jimplr can leli vcm m n»t 
lu *> unill ttwj sre Wue a ihe 
Irnie Hiiwavcr, tliere is noUiini 
(tial tan eliange llie way you 
liwi de*|> uttde Ymi have in go 

■•!*»," I replied, 'hul il pm 
want tantcthing bad enoutk ymi 
can gel avar oliaiaclaa." 

"Veah.. hul. ihart are always 
tnmmiplKins Itiare are peopk 
to Me. 0rls to data, my job. 
triandt ratumlnt IMn coOiga 

I liMerruplad Mm "It's only 

three weeks till vacation Altar 
thai only a month of school and 

• tag imuMr braak. 1 fWnk 
yw taoH pi a hM of MxiaUliS 
dnneikirimtbaae kra a kt . And II 
you work hard duriig lilt aiatk 
and get Ihe bulk, tl your 

with yiiur gut raactifWi That is 
the «mly way yim'll ever be 
happy Vou are your own 

fwrson Kobody ran chai)«e 
tlwt Alt I'll Ml yow IS to alow 
il(.iwR TtwTC i> .ilways planly o( 
i,ri«- ),i-* ituri.tiffrrtnl lh.lnK» 
I)»m'i worry atioui. wltat ol.lii!rt 
think KiHivBhiale your Im 
mediate commiunenti Dump 
what you (eel is nm lor you You 

can always come back later. 
Well, enough preaching You 
(tail have lo do what you want 
Wdl. I have «o be on my way 

We'll see ywu lalar " 

He sighed, "Yeah, ihanto (» 
llMi-mni: 1 Ittii* ril trnnur fut 
iikay. whatever 1 end up as 
Take care ' 

"Sure you will." t Mid. And I 
walked away from tba mirror 

Vice president attempts to 
set the record straight 


1 miuM like lo cammanl on 
Ibe articles appearing m the 
februan » I "nti M»r«h ' >«»t»e« 
III the Harbinger concerning the 
student Senate of Harper 

V«Mi know what r«aiy bum* 
me up' Wlien someone claim* 
eredii undue to them and then, 
wt»al t» worse » when they have 
(lerve enough lo brag about it' 
It IS « naaly practice that is 
usually overlooked or ignored 
m oUmts But. unlortunately, 
this trail has com* to Hit 
Harbtngcr stall 

Kacently at a Smiale mealing, 
with • Harbinger raporier 

dapiellng the Harbinger a> the 
impirator (or the actions taken 
by Seualors. <hie to Ihe artlck 
written in February 

The traib being, ptant had 
already been acMd on .even 
before the lint article ap- 
pearad' 11 is a aiiame that sudi 
an otherwise fine paper, 
reiriptenl ot 'he Asaociated 
I'oUtgiate Preas Award, can 
allow tuch deceptive news 

•aaM bt iiin.." 
*•¥«■'» 'ilglit. • J«« *>"■' 
' ' ill ilrectloa to $/> I 
wouM tell me. 

dteeunUit Mib* l><ai« aiMi' tdaaa 
tor the remainder ol the 
semester Ollen informal 
disciamina ol plans have also 
been held, within earUiot ol 
Harbmger reporter* In the 
February ll iiaue ol the Har- 
htnger ihere appeared an ar- 
I icie iiattog idaaa' -tt prapoaal* 
lor ilie IMeni Senate. euUi- 
adentally ibanc same idaaa Iktt 
had already been discuwwd at 
previoui Student Senate 
meMUigs. son-ot a-gun' Uter. 
alter n«ny o( our idea* were in 
action, another article ap- 
peared in Ihe Harbinger 
MOgratulaiing the Senate on lU 
activilias Also appearing with 
tlM article was a cartoon 

reporting to go on 

The purpoae of this letter Is to 
i*! the Issues straight and In 
h«pe» of joining eftorta with the 
Harbinger stall in that we can 
work together and be of belter 
service to Harper College 



Ediurin-Chiet Wendy Wmkelhakc 

Me** Fdilor f<-ie \^ icklund 

Friilurt- (■Irtili.r Mike Simkus 

>(...rivK.t!i,.. 'ci'iPt'^^ 

A»«l Photo Editor Ijonl-ynnGuy 

(iirlmwiisl „ Miket.rusch 

Busine«. Manager. .Cindy Caraveuo 

Itixtribulion Slevent.ray 

AdCSr..::^:::::::;......;.... Dor«hyp.rov.„o 

gljfl Kich Hemjuinel Nora Norton. 


JohnParlynski Wayne Ricnrteau 
Kartn johnaon. Bill Slemtaerg. 
Pal Fulton and Charlie York 
Hie MARBISGER ia Ifce atiaiinl publicalior for the Harper 
rullege campUB (immunity, puWlahed weekly except during 
holidays and final esams All oplniooa expressed are those of the 
writer and not necessarily thoae ol the college. iLs admlnulraiioo, 
faculty or student body Advertising and copy deadline is noon 
Tijeaday and o^iy is subject to editing All Letters-to-lhe-Edllor 
■mat be i«ned, names will be wilWieW upon re<]uest For ad- 
vartttll« rates, call or write H.VRBlNGEIt, William Rainey 
Harper CoUege. Algonquin and Roaelle Roads, Palatine, lU . 
80067 Phone 3W 3000. ext «1. 

Delegates visit campus 

Thf Uarbinger Manh 17. I 'Wit higw 3 

ftabiltly and wirM miMKl ' 

And«ruM>. m%o I»tc4 U» 
enure camialin on ll>« in> 
imrtaiicc nl WMi<« itrmi mH- 

■mtfrnek tm the nsUoo, to op- 

puMl Id a iwval btwhadr amt 

t nf • mlHiary 


dtpwidtwc* «> 
(nnitgn oil by increMinf «ur 
»»erifice ■■ Mid Schl>ckni»n 
"Wt camwl lit dcfMMlml «« 
Mtddl* EatI ml and itill 
maintain mmU r«H»tct. ' ha 


tlii* tpn Kand-in-taand «i(ti 

AnitrM«'i Ml cmti fa* tax 
propital vhich would 
<liac«ura|> Mtettalf* ■■• it 
tmnMfmrn (Ml. 

AltHmigli he was (kul Ml Ml 
ihc rinrida. l>or|ta and 
Alatnama pnimriot, MiOmmm 
rwnvMl an cndoncmenl (ram 
i|» Watrk ftwnmumly 

The He* Joaatih U>w«ry. 
niU«inal leader i>f thr : 



Chritlian Lcadarililp Con- 
(craw*, utd ttit Dnniicralk 
party "had lakni the black vol* 
far granlad " 

l/wtry addnl. *'H thsy'rt 

the (MP) M-lma abni* Um 

black vole. John Andtnon iia 

randidale (ht black raimnuiiity 

can laak •(. airimily.." 

Thaft am thrwe Andenon 
datagaltaon Mamlay'* primary 
toM Sdilitfcniwi. Ctaqaine. 
«nd Marguiiite Kltmkowikt 

(HiMr delagalat who attended 
lait Wednesday"* prtaa coai- 
ferenc* Eugenia Chapman 
iCarlcri. tiwen Martin 

Carter I. LwciHe Gallagher 
(Kennedy I. Shirley Farp* 
I Kennedy >. Maroa Frank 
1 Kennedy-altermi* > , Chartei 
Wlihams iKeancdy-allmnatti. 
Kichard Slulinian (La 
Wauchei, Don Tot ten 
iHcagan!. Bernard Pedenon 
tCran«-IU»g«Bi. Elotoe Can- 
fldd ( Crane-Reagan > Wiffiam 
Phiinpi i Crane Reagan I. 
Jamm Ryan uncnmrnuudt, 
RumI Putey < uncommitted- 
aJternalei Marilyn O May 
I imcomimitted-alwrnate i , and 
Edgar Feldman < un- 

■•» out OUXOH »!. 


apply at 




r studio 

V»'M Ml .S«/Miij«ifei«r/( 
Inwriuitional VtUafte 


Bl ■«»% «n4y 

"Ht: IANDER80NI will 
campaign antll he nm aat al 
rlriR MKki. aad »e have 
attured klm ht will have 
cnangh cleaa Mtcki nUI Jnly hi 
IMraM." • Cienr SckUcknaa. 
drlrgate far illlasia 

longmiimaa Jahn Andenaa 

Speech team scores 
in Triton tourney 

The Harper Spaadl Tikm 
scared a victory al ll>e Trttao 
Harper tournament, held 
Saturdav Mardi I. al Trtim 
CoUege HariMr'i Sweapatakes 
and Interpreter'! Theater 
teams each placed first in their 
respective competitioni 
Memben ol the Interpreters 
Theater are John l^oprieno. Rob 
I)am. Bruce Zancs. and Janice 

The following itndMil* won 
trafliwf tar 'iMlr individual 

competitioni: Laura Harpv. 
Marilyn Hati. John LofriCfW. 
and Bruce Zanca Other 
members of Harper's tuc- 
cessful learn are Beth Jonea, 
Sue Ward, and Ken Buaac. 

June Luviai. the director of 
the Speech Team, encourages 
all studenU who are interested 
in competing ui fall competition 
to contact her at ext 2M or 
leave a message for her in the 
communications office, eat. It* 


Students soundoff 
over boycott 

Mary Klasaer 

I DONT IMlfe N't fair I* Um 

aihMes. Hwy mftmt pralty 
hard at M. Rlssaia'a aal galag la 
chaage Ihelr nslad. and It really 

MS'I have anything M do with 

Have tttrawB 


Mick with the naUaaattim af the 

roantry. sad try la teach the 

M KIND al ladMlerst. la 

ae aapccu M's fsad hecaaae I 
Ihlak Rassls has la get Ihclr ad 
la (ear But I think M'l bad tar 
Ike slhletM u have ta praparc 
far (aar yean aad kam Mw 

"I THINK he's ritfrt li aa« 

•ease. Hal be shia W .tktd aaoH 
place else la kald Ihc Olyaiptes 
It's acklevemeat. aad 
achlevencBl eilhar la a war sr 

Olympics weald be a sarcaas far 
the Aaierlcaas." 

Photopinion by Nancy Karabotsos 

IV ' "^^ Hathmii-r Mrirr/i / " I'tHO 







I'M * 
Jan Bead CWKMt 
t p m . J 143 

tpm. J 141 

HotMrt JohiHon 


II IS pm , P-K* 

I Studio ThMtrc 
•Guyi * Dolta' 
I e p tn . J HJ 

I Sliidta Tlwalrc 
-Guj« * Dolto" 

I uuiner. « pm 
Plw. »pm 
A Btdi . J 1« 

I studio TlMitrf 
Gusri * DoUl* 
h JO pro. J-MS 

80-81 AID 


Aid OJrm. 


TMnw Mr UN StiNia 1M« 
ptoiMtlMt «( "Gu)(t iod IMI* 
«tU gl* • «"• W»diie«»»)r •■> «» 
nudent A«ltvltli» <•<*•*«• **'- 
miiMn »»»•«■•*» P<i«"e •«" 
fl lof ttorptf 

Mr MuMll »,»»•«"•»■«• 

~- in tMi:. Jm: »••;; 

't:»f.lll. -^.. -^"^ 

1I.M IW 

aad D'JV Mr Mtfir 
•M an telWiy t«fd. 
«k> •nwtcal i* hl 

In mmUm mtht Hiid*»« <:■* 
HiratnMinlMn •! Ha MifV* 
IhcuHy wM "«•*• ■»•*. "f 
IMrnncf* tn ili» •""♦••I 
bmn Kim mid Jack rmato 

flw* Wind L» - 

Icaturr l»o in«»*»n>«"'» "' 

VtnMnt P«»*«*""*^.:*2. 

phaiy »>. • l«r ftmni^ Tl* 

•Oft. roBiiBt«t»»n«<* , ^y 

WMMngM UiiH«*l "• ^ 
Uniis. Ncnnw • ««!«!ylje2 

tmmtHMMf ?!5iCSfC 

«t flu> niiUoniUi iJiCii'lliilNI' "* *^ 

mS Se.t»r. »•"••••' 
c«iMwiK« in »■ i^jfi^iS 
pcrtermcd »"»cI<k>» , R'W" 

Viufhan ^t"'*""* "Vr^; 

»CT«<it«M> una* Mwd*!' '™" 

t.Minardl«nnMln; *m» •">•* 

**™ , TT--^ (a, iIh Ifm 

(MIS ■»■■ i»y l««*«* *'*5r2.. 
tilt J«i» Bami * ««**? ? ' 

■n- Hum: jonaa 

|i">iid SaHdailaaa-; 

'*ii"» Oil. >» NiW" •"J samunir 

U« ••« C««» VaMa*.* 

Mnay mttmrM, and 

jam rty No«" •■ arraniad. 



r« rurllwr miofmailon. 

cMtad J»i>W rnnd. BMg A 
W. •* M« 


Ttita Khwlarthip •■ to 
nnanciall)' amim ■ paraon *»*) 

IMH turn ■ •■ an av- 
iTcditad KlMWi iif nuninc In 
Iwi-une ■ r«|ilter«l prn- 
faaalaml nwrm, ar aid a 
ikidant «ltii it airaady cnrtlM 
In • iwnlnf. pratran at an 
iiceftdJted schooJ of miraing 
Hw applicant iHaJI b» a 

munily Hoipttat. Arlinflon 
To annll. call tlw C(Mlmiitn« 

BkitaUon UntiiliMi Offlcc. 
nda. «UI. «ll. or m 


Villagt :af Mattw ar PalMnt' 

TT»t MtrpBf O _ 
for Heal FJitaUt Edncatmo will 
4tcr a *iirlBil>0|» m "R«»l 
Eiital* Matli" *»ii Saturday. 
Alirlll1Hroin»:»a Bi lo4pm 
in BHlR C. m 

Tlw vwrkfliav will cover 
BrHlwne«ic Itaicliiwia. ptrcenta 
intanaw. dticnunta. tnark-'Upa 
and niarfc -downs. capHaliiatMin 
rata*, convtriioni. and 
cakuJating a«a TtaUan la 
tto iCI lor Miiior cltiMMl 

To r<igifl*r. call tlxs Coo 
tinuini Education Admtixion* 
«mc* at aula «li». *n, or »1 



imiM tM ac 

cnpiad if. ar anrallad ta. an 
■ccradMnd adwai M nuratag. 
prior in ninrtf »n« (nr tkia 


Tlw apiiitaatiaB ionn mmt to 

lalotinaVion coinaet Or 
nnnlMNi al aw-W*. ntanawn 

SeMwahly OuHrjOTWin by 

Appiiration tnrm* ar* 
availaMc tn the Olllea of 
rtnandal Aid. Bldg. AM. 

TIM Gttki K Oiib i* span 
aorlng a •tudnnl-teulty 

MMHdl aama an Apm t m 
•Ml. M .OMMliMi Inm ■ to 
l«;ll> pm All iludnM and 
(aadty art wikoine to play or 
waldi. TMa la a good 09- 
portinltjr fiir MuAiMa to play 

against iheir favorite or leail 
favwrlF inktrurtor All studmta 
are unted to sign up and lign up 
a laadier al the same time Sign 
up for the game in the student 
activttieaofnce in Ktx S<gn op 
m won as poialMe so a team or 
teams imi> t* ftrmei 

Guest Speaker 

The Engineering Oub wiU 
have Ken Jaudi a« a gunrt 
speaker in the Held ol Elactrica] 
Engineering All p««vic In 
lenalMl in Engineering pleaae 
attend t*e itieating on Man* » 
at 4 30 pm in room D-»l 


Studcnia rompleung their laat 
semester at Harper should 
wnlact Mr Dan Cash. t>unar In 
the Business olflce. to arrange 
lor an exit interview 

Stwlents siMiuld call ait. STT 
by March Jl to arrange tor an 

The e«it Interview is a 
requirement of the department 
of Health. Education and 

MatliMMtit* -nifalcai 



lunehtim* mini eoacert 
laatiirti« o|a»a lanar 'Roliert 
Mmmm on Thursday. Matvli 
ita:lll«l tSl>.ni. Tha 

. If' !■. 
A-aiM «l Wllimr. Min- 

Sec. Seminar 

"Ilia 'Pew .Switari" . an all- 
(kf aainiaar wliM) ollan' 'Htv 
MigiMa imn tha tiadllianal 
euHMpl »l ifca iwwainflal 
.piaMMi. '•All' tenlMmi Drill* 
Marpnr Cri^taga Wwmaii'i 
ftofram' Sniiinlny. Mart* « 
irooi I am 10 S pm In the 
BNH. A 'Hoard •aom. TulUan ia 
Its and iMiiiii 

EMat 'l»«ltra. eaimr 


wWt HMlt ffll ftm mnjor »ym- Prol« 
pbgny nnilMAna and opera d*»igi 
imnpwdanatilMiUiMadanMa. untm 

He ma* Mi IMi V** 'CWy 
iipara dalMl In Ml aa MaatM 
in "The Bmrher ol Sa*«la " * 
(ocnuf Adtliain Artiat of the 
Univeralty «l fWatairik. 
joli.naon raoanllf '»•* kla 

on ohtalitlm 'I** Certlfini 
Professional Secretary 
dealgnatton are among the 

f^eaiab*'" ' 

eats 1l«. 411, «rM. 

The Legal TcclMnlatf 

I>ri]«ram. accrelfltad tqr tta 
American Bar Aa«>clation. la a 

statawide apprnwd proram 
<niipirail»t ttWnalaB 
at oUmv camBiailty' 
^...i..—. I^ior to entering this 
pra^am. prospective siydaita 
miiit ptaa an entrance exam 
The .na*t taam win be held on 
Tliufiday. Mkreh 27 si » 1 m in 
BMg A. MT ^^ 

Intaraauid (ndiv« iMtf 
(MllWt lie iUrper Osll^p 
■illaiilllaM apptlcBlion and UMI 
Mllad' tha Col,l«ge TasllBi. 
CMitar. eat. Mt to ragatar far 
the exam te the schediilad 'laM 
Oam, ap pDcnat a nufll ■*"*'■' 

'C«bl»to iiil#f«n««n mi 

Jack & Jill 

g yg Transfer Day rff^ 

'Mm aa l»»iin.i SiSS by t 

tn the Onnt Mk ffradictlnii ol 
■•The lUgie riiia." 

■ trw, I 
f)all.'a«l. M. lor I 



'■»* H»f"i-' ■'' ■'"'' ' " ' 
'Bjiiit:*!*' *'.-■■ ' "■-'"'"" 
i:fi«»«liil ii <«'i«in; «'i tij«»di«) 
.IbtA m it •• !>-»• » ■• 
r«toie fmm Ummm* »l* 
A, 'the program ^i* <•»■« '»' "" 

to - 

inlirmation m irannfer 
procedures. »<Jni.t»»l0'n 

•fafilrenKint* and ftnaneial atd 
niMrtnnUlca can do so at the 

3Sil Coltei* rtmrntm Day. 
w«l«»ii»y. M,ar«li 9. •■ «i» 
(■..ll«r fVnter UniHii (ri» M 
J,,,, .,,■)(:, m .«d: aptn frtaa • 

. V ..ccrirt rxpreseB 
.it jIho t» «i«ini*l. 'I* 


The Jack and Jill Wortaliap, a 

cnnintan-imiat af»m«ch tnr 
dMiltng tallb cMMmt't ac- 
eMMta and i Ma ai a ai. «lll be 
oltarnd by tl«« Harpw Mtegr 
(Wooien't Pnvain lai Tuesday, 
March B (row » a ra to 1 p m 
» ihr Board Boom o( Bldg A 
Tuition !• m» ««1 inclialaa 

The workshop, which it 
dnaigned for tnothan, lendiai*. 
ramp c«uiii'«>orf ami bthy 
ittiiw, will »» «>ndii«*d lUf 
lliiiM' AM Rlt'hai* md Gtaida 
«i3<fiiiii»t:l»r, emwimci mint 
SorthW'Wt • '•'■'' 

, Wtorcti I* 

& R Rusk In Concert sj»6«"»"s 

Al 8. Gmmngs 

ISolt ft Mtacliiiin Roait 


Thr Harhinfcer Manh 17. I '/SO I'iifii- '> 

Director of Theater is dramatic 


mm « tiiiin i« iMil i Will I'riiiif 
M I •!•«!» Imlit Sit *"■• 

vMt I otnlad Ml*. MmbI •■• 
«•■■. ■« Mwr und In My. 



-FimiwM' if lt i n i ■(•■■Ml' 

II mm iNT IkMlif UM •» 
qmragail Qm ■rw. "Mjr paranU 
war* imarttiad ta miMlc, 
marsmr*. tht Arts." Mtd 

WiUU hit Imm iMcUif 
»l HarvtrtwftvtyMra B«f«« 
tliti. liw lautU r<Nr you* •< 
Lakevirw High Scbml In 
Dtcatur. lUiiwti. Sht'i (Mm 
dincttag pl»y!> for nine fmrt. 

IMt MMHBler *h« « dlnctlm 
Uw inuirical Guyt and DoUi" 
li»r* It Harper She ImMll 
|il«)«d Onaral Cartvrlgitt in 

Guyi aiMl DoUi" nfhllt It- 
tading Ball Slat* Univtratty m 

la hMT Mgh idiaot and coUit* 
)Mn '*e rartommi la a M of 

llM to be a pcrtomMr, but I 
Uarttl have a limot <Sf««l"t 
rertorminf *•« »" "> 
priBarallen (or dirwtlnt" 

Sliei ifireclad har tavorlle 
Btey ■■CaltJnaHotTinRooT' by 
Tanmaiaa Wtniamt two yean 
aga at Hariw WiUiami n her 
favorite ptaywtght I l*e hit 
character! and tltc mmsmI ot Uie 
dlalogiK." Mid Willi* 

■*i a director. I think I do 
better »ith drami» than 
comedy And Im very critical 
of my wortt I tsmm «hat'i good 
and what! bwl what worha 
n't you've iM to 

<3iie of WiBia- pretaaon In 
ooitage. -and linHlaWy iny beat 
(rtaS" had Ihe tUmat eWacton 

htrWMlllllSlodiy "He9l)ow«d 
hia iUideiili what they could do 

He waa raaliattc yet he laid ift 
okay 10 dream dreams He 
helped me •** all the 
poiilMlitiaa I had." WUUa aiM. 

In her years of directing on 
the Harper campus WlUis has 
Found the studcnta lo be ex- 
tremely coopo'ative and en- 
thusiastic "The kids keep me 
going with their en- 
couragement They give me the 
strength to hang on They all 
enioy the theater and generally 
•ant to be there You really 
have to be with all the bours you 
(Ml tn. " laid WUlis 

And the perfect example is 
the musical Guys and Dolls" 
The Undents must reheana 
every night jtsrtmg this «m* 
so they are totally prepared 
whea thepUy opens 

The play is your whole 

being You spend all your lime 
on It And the people on campia 
are «o helpful with the play The 
maintenance and moving 
people, the lecrrlBnes and the 
faculty They all go out of thatr 
way to help I really appreciate 
that You need tboae kind of 
people to help you akmg." Willis 

Willis' ambition or dream 
IS to work with profesaianal 
aciors She'd like to direct a 
Rep group, which is a team of 
professionat actors who work on 
a scries of plays ttarmitfiaut the 

"But right now I'm so in- 
vcilv<-d with thr prooram and 
niakins it uork that I m second 
on myTisl Someday I'll have to 
learn to resolve that If anyone 
has any suggeations. let me 
know ' WiUis said with a imila. 


-rriti « ««i laralwrr f«r Mif M 

pineal . M itrfeal o<l retail. 

I1SI KaystMt CmiH 


I" by: 

By: Taaiara 

"tady WMh Caaaeta" 
■y: Bryan M. Dnddlas 
IPMMb: Rick Kahake) 

By- Mlrey Welli 



MARCH 4-26 


For All Sinstes 

■•tWMn tiM Agu of 21 ft 4S 
Vkritfy of Ntotic 

lilWllMi by "REQUEST OF TIME" 
STs ft W% 'Mm A UttlB Dlics 

Arlingion Pork Hilton 
Om-mr4 Mil* Eatt o< Rout* S) on EuclM 
M**ts Every WMiMiday Nifltit 

Doors Open 8:30 pm QgH 

Ctuto Starts 9 00 pm «-- MMn 

to 12 00 am IKlO-'4!IUU 

50% OFF ONYOwanaoFaE 
or m UN'S I wiEN's 


M Fir Mr raplar I pnfirrii onlMii. 
oi I isk ilMt mr spKial isani 

Fi«» ft fh* Harhmfier WiwA /* /«^«» 

Costello's 20 song Ip, a bargain 


MotmIM-- Imb U cm* But. my 
mm «h* C«««llo Ip -O* 

mtm" *>■■ * *"*'> ***"* '* 

(■daani of fur • iti<le dtiK tliat 

k Ml • VtiMM hiU pK'kMt. 




•Ml M MM Ip MWI "CM 
'Hi|^," CotMnO'. ■ iiiiaMr «l 
cUdM in Mtyn^ nng wHting. 
•tllA, hai ui'wwd •^iwi to Hit 
Mhmt thM lit It MM *lHiicb tn t 

"Mttf yiMi a*' « ^btok." wileli 
tre •mall ••mtlm o( In- 

corpnratMrn of cltdwt anai wit 
W«' • iMItfMM mattwiiM*.. 
r«Mllii mum iMieilly a 
jnlw «r MO M mcMty at' 
(MallooM It. But. atlHtlS 
ytgr «M griwt oldtr IM tlMmat 
■iMHit Uf* twcoint mort 

On "Opiwrliimly." Cotl«llo 
■h^. I'm tn * foi Imlc. I'm in 
a tiwch. Id tw • •>«•". <»». I 
eoiildn t ftaiMl the Kwieh " 

On "Secondary Modern." 
CmhII* iMgt, "la tt Ml of tilt 
I'lMtandiiM. la 


of hit r«c«iil 
and to old 
IS. iMth haw 
on Coittlki'i 

Ml •• Imoid 

Coittllo, a lattfiM if 
«vtr »as OIW; conllnun Ms 
brand of liiimor on Cfi Hap- 
py ' He makot tht iMMir fed 
happy, matt of tilt miMnal la 

tnony IUmi. a drWni liait Mnt. 
an ImpirinK dnim k>( and, ahag 
Witt) CoMcilo'i vocals which af« 
al timr» <.iaryiellin« and 
p(«adni|t. make -Grt Happy." 
aii album which should be 
oMWiMrciatly papular 

"Get lUppy." makes you (ml 
iMppy in more way* than can be 
written Who knows, if tins 
allMun does became papular 
now. It wlU he a griMiatt hits 
package Why'' Thve arv 10 
■ong*. 12 of which are ddlnila 
AM radio hilt. 

On the lack af the alaave the 

linear note* say that in no way 
does the 10 song album tffwt 
(|uaMy 1)1 the record Many 
ncordi lollawing IMS had Imi 
and lot mattrial on UMm IV 
rcBMN) the record cnrnpanlai 
gave was that groove cram- 
ming. < the records with to songs 
or morel were bad In 
•Mmd quality Nick Ume. the 
pradneer of the "Ot Happy " Ip, 
i-nnitnues that in no way doat 
groove cramming effect MMie 
or sound quality 

At the ts It cottt to nay 
■0«l Happy " one can not go 
wrong. It IS a baraain at twice 
the price How does that Toyota 
commerciai go' Well. I) holds 
trut with Costello's "Get 
Happy". yoH get more for your 
Ysnke* dollar 

Karma is defined 

tttowCAttTitl. mt m \Xj^ 

you.att «liigi fc awti Itttilnn. f i 

•altafliMt. typttMNrptMa X7' 

ff •m.ptoynient' For what >^7/^ 

iiiiiltifi nm I hMi siilttd' ' (I 

aJlowi ynur 

3 fit- 

ft il Mmt. typ» MMNr ^imm 

«f «iBf»«»yia*i>»' For mtmt 

'i mh i htm —""*'''' 

1% bt forfadly hontai wlUi 
'inu. the csoiaHc branch at 
astrology which 

Astro Si?"? 


tti m 

.ttoMMiiy. yoti iwiy 
lit waMnowi. hill bt 
nwdi bard work 
hM 'iMtlflGO to always be 

Your chart indlcales en 

celltni leaching abtlitiai. 

wrttHf and communication 
illlli and ettkieni managoment 

I IM that y«i ihaiiM 

to einvi'ik 
'tht ntat tfwral years h«ld 
'■ami' 'Chwipa (or you Y<iur 

'eniplOfliiiAnl' 'and your home 
illuatiun will both change. 

insstltly more than um-c. '.lunc 
nmr it a pMaMlally good, 'ttmc 
' ^" " tf your homo. ) Let 
jMMMttfexpnre'the many (lerai 
of offortunlty that can be 
avatlaUt to you. but don't 
ewpnct In .ftt int' wttf Iom down 
mm Miy Mt thliM yui. M Um 


goak. for you. travel may 'be 
iht key in helping y<w ac- 

tntarpMlathiii. ptaitt' MiMBli 
specific qwationt aUmg wtih 
the rei|iitr*d. birth data to the 
.toeatcd in 

Check Mate Barbers 

A e«t AcqiMintad OMtr. 

tlieck M.*te BarlMrs Ptwa 
MkifKai Heitfits hat rtpandtd 
liteir (ervkn Hetfmaa Estale*. 

Nnw Oflcrlno * 
•II Harptr stuttents mi 
Halrttytlnf only. 

Mole or Female 

(MIer rt>ir#* ciMl ot W»> 

•OS W. Rand Rd. 

Arlington Heights 

1U1 W. fr««m»n 

MeM on Algmqaln 
Right on Ela 
lifll on Freeman 


Computer Science/ Technical 

lUta i« batiailty 
tnletf tiy iht plnnota 
Saiwrn, Napi'una. and (ha 

ItolA IVt' A I 

mwh la 'iny. Vm may 'ht've 

'ham raiMil to htvc a vary 
practical value systen). and you 
'iwiy Will lMi« your Wltfk 
' "'" "' ■ Lilt's 

poianluls. try lo ctiannei your 
enorgitt toward social"' 

•tllatllVMiMinl atttviitaa or 

Or^nikS you- 

• T*# fit* i««c#*»M«a* 

•urh wHk ku. dwoaMg a tuc- 
ctMftM vocation. You art 
a«|aiMatd, «utefe. veraatlle. 

II *<M m» •» .•■rvlwn -«'niitu» imt'mi a t.i>*n«na,nt •«>'■ 
•i». owmwi with««€»ll»<» »|>«i«ra mtbi'm. nwt iivuimitl'n 

Western Electric 

'Ommtmmt 1133 

Al1«n«i«n' JII4 

An iE4M«f «>pi»^««-itlir ,«w.|tU>*» 1'F 

Music Review 

Ike Hmhinfser Mnnh 1 7. i'HiO I'lmi' 

Linda Ronstadt, no new waver 

■Ml' M< imemttm Iv ate. or • ttm •*« 

RontUdl I new LP 'M«<! 
bm" 11 >n example a( Ihi 

\ iBUMt. 

tHkt't a fwl tonghni ani the 
niiMaan* *r« reiwtablt, fx- 
' P t'i wm wl MBiMn men. tn tf 

|iwi tliat. Ill i«lt twMir- 
AM' ' ..tliii*a .la iMmty 

I a lot in tlie traaila'itoii. 
SIm avtri i«n«i by Elvlt 
CoriaUo. NfiJ Voum. a fuy 
imnM Mart. GoMcnlitrt i wlw 
IwaiM an ex L A punk baml 
called Cretanc*) and even 

luHt. natfe ■ fine Mng Uaala la 
J U Smilliar iii^ ntlier 
ii>iigwrtter» Hut the waa 
bcl.lcval»le stnKin(. ttaw Magi. 

Iwr voice could rnnviMt m M 
meant it Her dreainjr MMcan 
eyei and innocence made m .(a 
atai wlOi h«r IMI on tliis 

altMim. the Moyi are wrtMen tiy 

, ■ raMM. a piarit and a 

lar*. TliM'* qniw a 

tn tlyici and in- 

IMttona. and Konatadl jwl. 

can't (Mill II off and make me 

WhMi €MinUii and 
Western wat blf the was 
Country and Wtitam. wlien « 
wat Soutli Calitomla pm^ ii» 
trmaceitded lo that, then Uie 
roller -diMO ttllnf and. nam. 
New Wave Fram the pctido 
grapliir ttlack and white allium 

to the tHto a bttiiaan 
H, ii'i |u*i one thing In ihi 
atlmint today and everyone'i 
doinft II Her mu«lc hat 
m.i|r«tcd Irom l«>v«ly to nearly 

tlw HHind or (h« t P I* I*. tMM 
II ti devoid of any meanint The 
linrD. lilting «o«nd of Elvi» 
Coileilw'o lattre tuii gone rial 
He heart lelt truth o( Neil 
Yowig aMinda a.patMic and tlie 

t II «e' r« iMina d» M. my 

«ay or I'll bum ttait place 

Menilty of a iniilr 
■ounda sedate Thi* it an L P 
by a viKaUat, not a lyrielil or » 
compoacr It's the voire that is 
i|Mdlalited. not neceaunly llie 
inlenlion* of the musK and by 
ctitting the heart out of these 
vantsk l.lnda convinca mr of 
only «nr thing, tlfelmnms 

1 can' I say »he sold hervelf out 
lor this nc» nouind. one thinf iMe 
dMin't need ii m.oney. This 
album IS typical of what a M of 
money and devoted (am do to 
pcrformerit they take no riafct 
She can afford to ting whatever 
ftm pleaiies. she can bay great 
•ongii, conlnhule nothing to her 
version »nd il vull still Mil The 
new Mund isn I even roally n«i». 
name old producer. P«l»r Aihic 
en Imylricnd i and liaslcally Uw 

(Hendifrmn LA. iMtpbcrout. I 
ihink they abatained from 
(Juaaludc* (or a couple days m 
they could master the quicker 
tempo of a lew lunes 

True Lindj Ronstadt fans will 
probably buy "Mad Love" 
anyway, but it sure ii uncs- 
citing and they deserve better 
Linda would make an o k first 
lady, no arguments from mv, 
however politicians and their 
wives are made of fake snulea 
and popular opinion while 
today 'sfaod music is MlevaMe 
and purpoaefttl and no per- 
lortner can ride the («nee 
between the iwo 

Oiaritt "V orkc 

And now it's time for Madness 

11mIih«k «»v««i mwe in be 
(MMag M 'Hi tiiiNid no* 


mlMXiire ol 'limfM« 


iac Na iana Htm :llCito haw 
(MS haircMa, tai «• uaaii to 
■ay m kids "baMytautt") draa 
up in tuil Jnefcets, dark 
. and BOM important 

a hat . the old fanhion type Carl 
MaUten has m.itdr (a.maiai. 

AJllKKigli the Spetiala ar« 
England'* number one ska 

ba:nd. there is a group caUad 
Maiiiieaa who art not tar 

imiUMi.. Mma ai ine .awngiMn 
chaM, both bamti are inwanii 
tilt tup.. The Mldncia altMini, 
"One Sitp Heyond" has now 
been rdaaifd 'h«re in Amer'Kia 
and It II not hard to sc* why it is 
■wli • htl tn .England.. 
Hit alhiiii Iniliia with ilit 

^••lit "Cine step ■8«yond'- 
•igniit iiang with a unique Mend 
of nmat 'guitar, (knt vocals., 
and a dani.tnat'Mig am 'Ihal 
would get anyho^c oM IMt' fM 
It IS hard to argue thai l>ec 
"Ku" Thompson is one of the 
bell ttsiophonisl in the 
buslnta*. Bui the album goes 
way beyond thai, tang after 
■ong II keeps up a tteady ska 
pace. "Night Boat in Cairo" *% 
aniMta- hit with a loud' driving. 
mx and a fati paced 

m.ix. MaifeMM has even got their 
own veralmi of the battel "Swan 
Ijike " When 1 na* ihtt group 
recently m concert IJhey had 
their own way of dancing to the 
tiew vention o( Iht claaaic 
tislM. It consisted of bnppn 
around the stage and snailiing 
Ihttr htailK togadwr' (liip 
mimks Are Go" tlmatly ends this 
Hoe album with a milunry 
marching heat of I l-M and 
ibHtlitiely no insiruraemtal 

iwly I ime will tell if this wave 
of new muiic will make It here 

tn America The Speoals and 
Madnaas were both Ihrnugh 
town rtcwitly and were well 
accepted, to the rit«il of 
people bopping up on stage with 
them and dandng Haven't 
heard lhi» music" In the wnnic 
of Madness Well listen buster 
you better start lo move your 
(ee(. t« the rockinest rock 
steady btial of Madness. iJne 
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The Harbinger 

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person with good eyes 

and a pen for film 

review CALL exf . 460-46 1 

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hrnymnf ^rnkum lictr m» l« iiVfiMI*' 
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\mii innm f*w«»'"' ( #* lift. 

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For Salt 


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Help Wanted 

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.SHcailiMm 1m iwn tim# iw lull .ltlmf ' 
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fltliul* 1(it axti OH-atiary 
^*iainal i'ii*i*Mi*iNMi i."ikli as 

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. 5.tnni* Filr ii*t*r%w* 
i■^ •! llM..'ra«l w nwl 
»Mi\ wa Hidii Hd , 

T»itip.w.|-y Ml|i llWKK Uamlral 
..lilkt, ni»« In .Cas *rT*i«» Jtia 
IWanaui rlalHt 19 ■• :||r .1 is | 

•It MardiSaiinl 1 1.« « hr*. ikr 
C*ll ("■.ral HMMM «lwrNi<a 

l%Kiliii»*lh«*<vaiHi||Mar Ntt. 
** Ml* FrmMni pirn l<i**d 

JklUimtiarf tMM*« 'W*.tli*r 
ilrvw iMlorffiy a pmil vwiw I3:tl 

iniwiii ''III nisaaai nmitt Apnl 

'li«oha*e^ng ■mlMsnt tMia 
(i|iiiuaa 1^ * aM*li'iiuiid«d I 
l<»**«ilMI|- - ■■ 

mint Ek iMMtii fnvan * 

»ii* * *«i *iM im im i r«'.*ar. can 

hm MallDry .HI iMM 

Pagt M 't"*» Mmkinfi-f Munh 17. I ''Hit 

Athletes, not only teams, winners 

A ■tranfe (Hmna ■truck the 
HMTfT wiulw ••••on ithWlc 
tasa* tlirt ywr II wm cmlhul 

, it Vk .3'd 


f AL WEIBHBI. Urn laaa'i _ 

Mtaii ta a liar |kBf itrclek.. ike t«i% bteamr aa ■« ranferew* 
pliyer mi flaMlft ■• -tmi !•■«■* tcw«r tn m* iwie. i p«««tii kj 

tart l.jiaii Oayt 

After nationals 
women learn 
what to expect 

hv JOB Eiim 

Tlw) MM tn vrMlfcyid and. 
wMBMhil n«iv«. Tlwjf c«ine 
•my' fijiBrieiicwl »«fr».i» aixl 

ready tar weit, y*M- 

TlW' Marixr •tiiiiai'i om- 
itMlia waul *<• n"" •«'« '""' 
mU al the WCAA iialUHwl 

CiWi, Htf* 1-*. tout «i» lJi«i 
nun* knuwiiiit mtm to eipeet 
Itir 111* tttff - liiif*ill}f - ••«« 

IIh 1flK# ilWJf HMft 

|Mt Mfc tmk 'mo iht teiim iHw 
tt MiM ilie KfwUniK imam 
"Bui «(Mir titw flWl* **r» "ver 
Ittey tmm ■«>• ••»«' *» Mixct 
Tlvy know ho* »"* <*<in« •>>■> 
Dtat tttay tmd to do One good 
(Mn« «ai «!»•■ Uny anna tack 
mMe«l(tlM»MI Ita 

tl»(»iiatoai«t«l* " ----- 

tdan ihey ••*• H»f>»l»llj» 

tliejre all (uni-lio for run 

Harnar* taW itMiwIiia cam* 

rnm Sandy Col|(aiiar Ite 
frtchmai) plactil nth out o( ST 
con)|>etll»ri in waulttng 

Cdiglaiiar tian W Inr licit 
1 «rf the y«ar' on the tin- 
Ill narallel ban to place Mk 
I «l SI (»r Haqier She Jiait 
» little mor» *ork on 
mriginalJt) and difficulty There 
■■ iK» rcMM why ilie thouldn't 
do wall Msl yaar;" cuniBented 


Mary B««h Black »*l the only 
other Harper gymnait. lo do 
•dl Black iilaxcd i» on the 
heain out ol M The Hawln *cr« 
hurt taamwiie when Kathy 
Blake had to |miU out of the 
vaulilnt. beioK hamiiered hy i 
ankle.. Zeltner iiralied 
I job 

'k riaiil. every iMiflc 
Bieii't and wonien'i team «ti- 
joyed • winning record (or tin 
IfflMO caJendar 

Mcfi'i haaketbati went t«-IS, 
womeni hMketball had lh«r 
Bra« aiiinina record ever, with a 
maift ol U-l«, women's gyin 
naatka waa one of the year's 
tiiggesl highlights The team 
went from nothing the year 
before lo Region IV champa and 
national quaUfiers this neaaon 
AfMl a» usual the Harper 
wrestling team aa alwaya en 
joyed a winning year deipite 
lieing hmdntd by lack of 

Si>me of the rwnrdk are not 
overly impreaaive. but itill a 
very positive lign for Harper 
athletics coiNiderina imonii of 
past vcan. 

PnrfiaMy tiie taioaat tador 
w ai finally haviiit a DaniiaiiMU 
place 10 practice. ImU ■■•■*•' 
and gamca. After baini tlNlBai 
armmil fram adMioi to aekaal, 
liarpr atlileiic leanii mma 
Wo BMg M. Harper'* new IS 
million athletic facility 
CatM by a few coachei the 
Pauley PavlUion uf Com- 
monily rollegB*". Htdg M ii 
defimtely an impreajive and 
imposing site to viiiting teama 
•nie new facility gave Harper 
athletic* a much needed ihot in 
the arm an lack of participalion 
waa reachinK an all-time kw 

Bat while the athletes and 
lai» (tiiMd this year, the 
H«gicl huefs were the noo- 
fani Beatdta not leeiiig win- 
nti« teams, they missed wtl 
neMing tome of the finest in- 
•wldual lataiit ever lo adnrn 
Marfitr uniforim 

Basketball players Tim 
Loglti and Val Weidnrr are 
prim* ttamples. Login, a 
trtMltr, was a unammoua NC 
all«iiill»«nc» pick and con- 
«ider«d by more than one coath 
to be the premier point guard 
for Illinois junior colleges The 
sophomore was directly 
responsible for the Hawkt' 
npael victory over state-ranked 
tliiPage and threw some of ihe 
moat unbelievable peases that 
had to be seen to be bciiaved. 
Weidner. also a sofiiamorr. 
.am* into the spotlinht by 
averaging over 38 points a game 
durtng a four-game stretch 
Wetttawr was also an easy 
choice for all conference, 
finishtng up the serand leadlnf 
scorer in the suie and being 
near the top lor the team lead 
for assiala and reboundi The 
three-point play would have 
tieen pfftect for her as Ihe 
ta.(ented sophomore con- 
siataolly hi nothing but net 
Tilt two mi«hl have 

VIV l»FirmKR shoek off aamefeas lajwries laadd her uient la Ike 
womri. » team Mie wlU be a Mg pias ta Ihe team when she retaraa 
nnt tesson. (photo by 1^1 tyaa Oayi 

iiMiaidered ihe stars of their 
teams, but the two epitomised 
Ihe aspect of t«am play During 
the cHUrse of the season boih 
had to be told to shoot more 
instead of passing off lo 
leammates so miMd). 

Lfflgisi and Weimder dWta'i do 
II all by themselves, at both 
taams had Ulenl all the way 
down the line, a definite change 
in years paal as before the 
p«>ple at (ha em) ol the bench 
could harely walk and chew 
gum at the »ame time This 
year the subs were capable of 
doing both rather well 

Men's coach. Roger BechloW. 
and women's coach. Tom 
Tetchner. rinaily had some 
decent tatait to work with and 
built winners with it 

Women's gymnastics 
emergence as a top team has to 
be credited at least partly to 
coach Rmm ItaUnar. Zellner 
brought In anlliaalaim uaually 
not found m the Junior college 
level and made the season tun 
lor the women who were 
competiiw Zellner kept the 
team together for the whole 
season and next year HariKr 
shouki he just ai ■(rung, only 
losing on* (wptotnmre. 

t*'hat can one say about 
wrwiling' No matter what the 
circiimdancea. coach Norm 

Lovelace ahrayi managia to 
build a winner and get people to 
nationals Lovelace loses peopie 
during the seaion tor varimii 
reaaai« but Uioae who manage 
to last a whole aaason under 
•Stormin' Norman", as he is so 
(andly called, end the seaaon 
with winning slates 

The thing that was im- 
pressive, was wit the wiiuiing 
records, but the class of Ihe 
indlvidtuils The coaches and 
athletes showed style and claas. 
a rare commodity among 
athletes in this day and aga. 
They all were quick to pralic 
others and make sure Ilia 
emphasis was «n Ihe team, no* 
the individual Both coaches 
and athletea were always avail- 
able and willing lo talk about 
their team s performance No 
prima donnas or Woodly Hayes' 
lo deal with. 

In covering Harper sports the 
past year and a half, these past 
few months have been the moat 
enjoyable not because the 
teams won. but because tht 
individuals were winnera. 

To Roger Bechtold, Joe 
Koski, Tom Teachner. Mike 
Hensley. Norm Lovelace. 
Wenee Zellner and all ihe 

Thank you for a 
joyable season. 

Diamond Doves flock to AA 

Wanted: Mnmood Dove 

What is a Diamond Dove' 

A Diamond Dove is any 

womaninlereated in basataill 

and pcoimKing the Harper 

inen s haaeball leam 

She will be at every game 
and serve as a hat 0rl. p«H 
out programs and make 
posters 10 publiciie the team 

There is a meeting for any 
women interaated on Thurs- 

day. Mar 10 at BMg.M. the 
main office 

For more information or i( 
one cannot attend the 
meeting call Wally 
Reynolds, est. M6. 

Uphill battle for Anderson 

W' IHill mm wlHM fli 

Tkt ItltiMis 
riMitil*! ■ 

Ming ■■meant to (onntT 
Catll^ala Gdvcraw Huns Id 

RaaRBii In l»ii Tiamdny'* 
ttlinno |)r|iiiMi7. and Imm Ml 
u|>'hill, MMW mi;' aHMM 'la- 
UbM, MUt' K) titWdMni: ll» 

llMir candidate, Rcocan, and 

iiali are nmuog ncck-and- 
tm thai Maia'i tt 

Reagan «Min ttM llliitol* 

prtmmy. tnit tlw •■■• mUt 

Uwra: plana In ilia' Qtlff 
•nth II. wwit 

Mly II par caal of Iha rata in 

Mb .l^m 

Reagan la tlw northwMt 

MdMirliat bill amljr by a narrow 
margin, and actually tal tn 
itoagaa In ibe BarrtngtMi tnwa- 
shi|i by a m«r* cigM mica. 

Tb* key for an Andanan 
igaMt ovar Reagan, ts ob- 
viomljr. In the immediat* 
CiwnacUcut and Me« York 
pdmarMa. Andirwn'i aKb In 
Cinnccl.k'Ul have refnrlcd Uial 

M«r Ibe Nrm Ymt. and 
CtHinaclicul (trimarie*. ib« 
pdlUical battie-Uaef mtn* Into 

Wi ----- 


I 'ia intfttaUng to note is 
IlK fael Ml Reagan ham't won 
lb* malorliy <i( vMai In any of 
Na prmary vielnrtaB, ai ch idl nK 
iheSouib 11 wMild nM be brad) 
l« ataume then thai If Andaraon 
•ere to make an eatmnely 
■trong ihowlng in OomMdkul 

and Mew Vork. ha wnuM b* 
rigtal bach In tht middk of Iht 

'flinHig alMiwIagi m teat two 
primariaa, bawai c . might not 
be enough to parwiadt volan 
thai Andtnoo li '(XW enough'. 
This la what has hurt, and 
evtnlually may kill altogether. 
Afld«r«oo'» GOP campa)«n - 
his InabilMy lo gamer ralid 
support of Ibe Republican 
parly Reagan, neanwhile, 
reccivta alnuMI. M per cant of 
hti support Ilmfi RapMeana. 
while AndBTSon gets only M par 
cent of hi! support from the 
Republicans It is the In- 
dependent and croaa-ovar 
Ocfnocraia. wbidi comprkn the 
rtnalnlag SS per canl of An- 


M» in th* RiM''llii' 'tang. Aad ht' 
it mnniiig' ant of t nm «nt 
stales 10 fall back on 
Wltconsin, which holds ita 
primary on April 1 . is a crota- 
uver state The majority of 
primaries lolktwUjg Wiscooaln. 
however, are conirailed entirely 
by Republican voter*. 

Anderson's cross over ad- 
vantage would be a definite plua 
in a national election, and 
Andermm has harped constantly 
on the point that. "Everybody 
knows Reagan can't win in 
November ' Bui Anderson hai 
only X per cent of his party's 
aupiMrt. compared to 9t par 
ceat tor Reagan. 

AndenoB, 'llMiali, 'it iir lirim 

^"'- »i^"-^'> Manh24. 1980 

liHiaiii K.iiin*|»i I ..II.-.-. \l<.>f>ii<|iiiii .111.1 HomH, Hi.,i,|.. I'uLlitii*. Iltiiiot* WHIf.T. .il2-;i"lT-.J(Mii) 


Alternatives to Harper? Horper Student jOinS PQCe 


|: i|§f| ] 

Iralt ifioreeloacly at iwartiy hMr 
yaar state schoota. Tha 

I'tgialiar'a nnica 

north and weal sections aea 'Ml 
ton Ikr Ihan Um Niiillim' 

for board of trustees 

run «• a eradil taour. Haryir 
tniai«c«' are currently con- 
' thai figure In 

I paint Hirwa cradltS' a 
Mar at lit an bwiir 
to Hn » in mm- 
to 'Nonhini mnala 
University. IMorlbeastarn 
illlnola Uni'vtrtlly and the 
tMMMilT of tUUiMa at Oitcago 
CMt, Hifpr is not. (00 far 
] HI aaiiiaater tuition. An 
t tor a full itmc 
'la M». At 

at all. 

fraa the 
of Harper's 
I'twry wellh«g|n'to 
Ma tnmimiUng tm mt tl 
the nearby tar year adMok' 
wliaw tbt .itudanla may alaa be 
•llgMt for financial aid 

'lllirihMa in the far' «Mlip|iig' 

Notes from 
the Senate 

Appltcatiom tor positions in 

Ihe Student .Senate are avali- 
aMa m the .Student Act.iv1tlta 
CMBm; An. Apptlcatidns wtll 
to due 'before April is at 3 p.m. 
POr more information, please 
call eit Ml. or come to the' 
office. BMg. 

The ■ena.te't Publicity 

€oa«lttee It looking for 
to help In 
! pobiietly projects. 
TIM natt Student Senate 

M, at I in; 

M C)iica.go's 'norlb sld«:. 

Owago arete la totalad on the 
city's wutb side 

Pool repairs 

Hie leah prohtam tn iha 
s'wiMmtng. pool .lias baM' 
narriMMt in <fi. and aflMata 
ara hopa^i thai' Ihi' pool' 'wHI to 
ahli' 'tn OMii 'In tto iNdf fuiufv. 

TliapnMim of ■ leak In the 
'inaiii drain has been cwrtcted. 

"Ihe'f very intaUtfEnl," aaid 

'aiiid ilia'''a ipeap'le 
~ ■ .hit ' 

filled with apptoclntately (our 

IM of wntiT whan the problem 
in the (utg* tank 'W'aa 
Alter Ibe 
lank are v 
will begin a 
'liliNg tto pool wlli_ 

WWfW Of WlllW, 

will' watch tor any Allltof' 

Rrian Ba.reli in runing fiir 
senia on the Harper 'Hoard of 
Trtiilaas . Stitanne Ciscoe. 
Hoffman Eatataa.. .and Or John 
Boitly (Ued 
I paiitiiMii 
Ciseot baa no 
political or otncial 
•i^tonca, but the 'has 

It waa during, one of her ciataes 
one moMk ago that St.udcnl 
TtuBia* nruM Zanca i 
that Ciacne run for Hit I 

'*! waa 'bonomd, Mrv. Oacoa 
said, "by ito tei I was aahad. I 
was .iilaa surprlaod. " 

This la the fourth collage 

aaeoe haa atlawM in the past 
four years She prevloualy 
attended Westchester Stata. 
Norlhrattrrn, and tto 
University ul Indiana-Purdue al 
Indienapolts before coming to 

Cisco* Itn'l qualified by 
normal standards, and she is 
wtlUng la admll to. Howavtr. 
At aayiy '■! dMt ihMk |w 
nead eraimtiali ■ mila Im^ la 
run for office." 

Where Oscoe ttali .rile h 
qaatltled .Is in wmUag wMl 
pnple. Oie haa woitod .aa a 

nflBterad nurae Inetudliig a 

stay In ViaiMun in 1«W 

Claooe alao sew her op- 
portunity to bring "new blond. 
new ideas to tlw framework of 
tto board" She IS also attracted 
to Harpw ■ 'The rapport I found 
hMwaen tto studania and 
laacbars 0»a me a good 
IMing I love being here." 
Beyond that, Oscoe sees a 
pcraonal need for commilment. 
"Itore'a is UMnaUu^ 
Mrs. aaone aw toa a diiira to 
get involved with Harper 'Tfoo 
can't get involved unleaa you 
gel a chance to gat iawolvad - 
and this is my chance." 

As of March 10. Ito day before 
tte filling deadline. neiOiar 
Incunibenla Joan Khasman or 
David Tomdiefc tod nicd. 

A Harper student and tto Life 
Science Divitlon tove received 
monetary awards for Itoir 

I m 

maa Holidays at .i^ 


lUritH toid ovar tto OwM- 

Carol Halles. a fadiM Omim 
iludenl. received a check tor 
her space-age eoatume ttot ste 
and modeled lor Ito 
lair.Tto Life Science Division 
a ctieck for tlieir 
■t Ito Ikir. Ito diaplay 

uicluded a CPH demonatntlon. 
bbod pressure checks, and 
samples of low-choleatoral 

"We wanted Harper to help 
show tto public about wtot life 
in tto iWb wiU to Hto and how 
Harpar can help (hem prapare 
for It." uk' " 

promotional director for Wood- 
fMd Hall. 

Baaidaa tto (aataion and Ult 
Science displays many other 
departments Joined in with the 
fair Among other departmenu 
donmiitniliig ware Ito mualc 
and arddlaGtore departmenu. 

fPhalaa iQr iUcJil 

<V<' - "'•■ U'lf'x"^" """'' -'* '""'" 

■ I ■ < 

Referendum could be 
only choice left for Harper 



"Wttf m fm mlf" tm mm. 

■"Oil IpMtmwmvIrm gup 

•iiHir)FdMrMi I Ml it Itnd'it 

IM l«aito to •» «afty 

Mlwty.'" I Htd. 

■"Vou ««aM lai rm »*<!» 
McMrtty." IM MM;. 



F'TOrn the 
desk of 

Mike Simkus 
Feature Editor 

hat bMn riporl:*)! earlier . wen 
thMt of the <i«l»r candiitete. 
IM IIH> <tld niit KafifMII. 

Tha (acfa ii( the ptnpit Inoliad 

ilMi»|lrl I tMiMkiicai. Thtilrl I 
Idmv' mm illltm ly iMrtalf at 

MMt •( iMr. And lite llw 
wnrlMn. ilw gir) saltaA iw 
■omMking that waa not. 

lift Hmi inmhu., iiiEit mb 

Mfh' attll' filtitf ia tte 

IsHniMiii and mM. "'Mcurtty." 

yw •»•. llM alwItMly tn Hm 

I iHliil at Um aiirt aa J 
pr^mm. tt tm$, "llaaiaii 
a.«l41' .par CMt. Andanoii 
tW^ai-lT par per cam 


Mm * 
piMMl an tiK Ml 
iMr «f' tut iwmiwwj: MarrWi 
HaM in Hit GrsKi ilaJIroMMt f or 
•|i«.'iMBl*haa '«Ht«ry paily. 

tllui iU il 
llw HaWywwxJ m<i»i*il, lilt 
rafartnta grnDiMt pluMa i 
.fla<r)«t cfMltng to " 

t malliMl amund yi* itill Tliii 

t nKOfUM) i*«r» TV 

tailafiL. «■ '««■ tfvtng hti 



lilt twrm In MIC nsflMMl MDi 

t «!' MnM' aacii. and »i«r]r 
I mtter Mpad. caatl> 
I aw«y wtth tilt wind, 
Hw dfanlta iwiw mtc llto 
itw oMitiera Hwinaelv'a*. 
Slandtnfl anund itnnniad. 
•ayliii >.nd tlk« tht 
:|Nilti tin •>irlier« were Jual 
Mm tikwt. taking <i|> itMuX'. 
I ilMd' wiihtn I («■« ■>( Am- 
ivnMi. I cnuM liaar tin iMtan 
«f ilMiairmlMr*' Mnwra* I 
Mdi M it kMt at' tti* M 
wliitt lligMM Iw the T V 

ttm^mmMHnl •toetnetty 
walkad :Mi> (lit 

-ixiMI^ an." w "tbart la ■«;« 
hapt ** fcHt ka did aa* Wh*i» 

n you «•!•' MM IHR' «liar« 
thai ym Mad' baaii' ai a 
taaral INaalMy *b 
Wlty* Bacaya* in 
tlwre wef«' lia T..¥. 
aaek iiawl una one a( ilw 
MvMi«: AHC. MK". and CBS, 
MWicaata. Baeli campalin 
•orker't car «ai llitaatng 
ckMl)' to mwy w<ifd Ilia TV 
newicaateri lald And lilt 
wwhart. gaiUwred around llw 
TV seta Ilia' Uwy wimM latter 
anund a caahat at • ruMral. 
ipaaking Mltly n lh*y could 
Iwar every word and jrM Mtl 
curry on miMiraatiMk win otiM 

TM wtirkera walclied. topiiiii 
lot a mlraclt Kaybt tha 
oHBIKiiar pnlactMaaa waia la 
ftnir. Maytie Ola p«iMla (liat 

tram toral TV nam italloaa 
1 found a nat near the ABC' 

ntas daak. and ) ^mi down. 

Thart I lair' anoChar aaMtiqr. 
TMa ana iMd dgaralitt Imila 
ringad Kilb Uk nsmnaitl* of red 
liplMk.tainii«dandlati«li«d I 
thMgM. "Yaa. 'IHaaa worfcera" 
haatia tm tilnadlMg Itke the 
ngBMltt (MM wWi rad Upattck 


My own iwart «aa poundlni 
after I read and reread the 
overhead projecior now It laid 
tomethlnK dtlfcrenl that 

iwerwhelmad my mind. It raad. 
"never kw heart, the mccaage 

la giw me 
he put It 

I ny 

Ml clgaralta 

1 iiKik It. And naiaad' <i( 
|Niltli« II oiit m Ite aahlray I 
«Kllni«ltked it Ml an lh« 

llattnani Itoor and aaiC "U'a 

Losing compoign 
leaves impression 
on writer 

well, Its that «»«• at yr again, financial 
arrangtments for tfw nant academic yaar art btlnfl 
madt And onct again itudtnta are tactd with the 
ponlbtllty of a S parcant tuition Increase. 

Ttte propoaed Increase. whlct» wtiold tuppotadly 
keep pace with education, would raise tuition froin 
the current S18 per semester hour to »1« per hour. 
Harper's revenue comes from three main sources: 
state relmborsaments. taaes and tuition And since 
tuition is the only source that can be directly con- 
trollod . ■ 

mwt appears to be the litft alternatlva tor Mar 

ptr'a atfucattanai system )s not the best alternative 
(dr Ifi itu*nts Since state reimbursements cannot 
be depended upon and taxes cannot be Increased 
without a referendum, it seems that the only alter- 
nallv* laft is presenting the voters with a referendum 
to datarmine the tuition rates. 

Y«i. a referendum was held last fait and yes, it 
tailed Mowewer, the voting took place during a time 
when voters took on an overall negative view of tax 
increases, due partly to tax situations In California 
But. It a referendum were held with virtually no 
outside publicity and Harper students and faculty- 
staff united, there would be W,000+ voters invoivad. 
Certainly enough to vote In the studenH' favor. 

The referendum held last fall only proposed a 7.5 
cent per IIOO assessed valuation tax increasa, not 
exactly an overwhelming amount While the com 
munlty would be footing part of the bill, it would also 
be benfitting The purpose of a community collefle Is 
to provide a college which everyone could afford and 
a few extra dollars on the tax bill would keep tuition 
from skyrocketing Thus, more would be able to af- 
ford Harper. 

A referendum would let the community pay a bit 
more and sttll enfoy the benefits of a community 
college But without one the college student would 
»lmply be stuck with an unfair Increase 

EtJltor-mi'hief Wntrt, ^^'ml««■lha*l• 

^r^^»l■;^ll(".>r ... 
K«>a(u» Edttwr . 

(•.■If Wu-tilmMl 
. . .MikrSirakgs 


. Rick Kohnfce 

NjwrHi Ediitk 

A«t ptiotoEdiKir l.ortl-Min<..m 

." hi: r ■-, r««vello 

Biiunesi Manai ' ^.^^^, 

^••••'■""'"•" ■ ' „<.r....»"Brov.m. 

;J2!'"' ".' ".'.'.'.H.*eh Heiiquiw. Nora \ortoi. 

'l ul, RMlv , Mar* Turgeon. Mike Biimhach 

.:it*,ti farlvTOlii, W a.vni- R«ml«.u 
Karin Johnion. Bill Sternberg. Pal Fultim 
Qiarlie York and Nancy Karab«i«« 
Ttit H»IIIII%<1EK >i the iHMlenl pul>N<;jiUon for t»»r Ha'ix^' 
( <illet« campiai nimmunitj, puWuhed weekly excfpi itunng 
IwlMlayt awd' finiil •.■Mms, .^11 upimon* eipreaied are tho«e i»f ihf 
wrttBf and'nol. necaaai il.v those of Ih* college, its (idmlnistration, 
faculty or niudiMJi tMKl^ AdviTlising and copy deadlim.' is noon 
Tiieaday tnd copy is »ut)j«i m rdillng. ah Letlcrt-to-ihe-Edltor 
mimi Ik signed, names will t«f withheld upon requ.'st For ad 
vwtiMttg rates, call or «rite HARIllMiER. William Ramey 
Harper iWtoge. Algonquin and RoaeUe Roadi. Patatlne, III . 
imvi. Plmne m-ma, e»i, «i 

|7i. ilnrhmetr \t<ml, 2i. I'WII hnte 3 

Chicagoan talks about his music 


"CWcafD, howmwr, 
•MiDiil a mi>ir 
of diatry." Si«pri Mk 
miaiciani (tail 
• astim Rcttine a 


Mareli 14 

ia ■ dir 

dMt Tha 

1 (or thanaaJwM ' 
Hw inwik tnduatry ia a 

■MNy tnduitry. and thr motwy 
(•In Mw Ymk and Uw Angeles 
But «liMw do Um mndi come 
franiT ^NHnb W9 cs^mmo by 
tlw tmluttry, not bji tht puMie 



Fu« ft Pari Time 








**#.ft»«ifhm,.ip»'nfn giu I M. tjmf siiiifvrd 


AllslsW tmawsM* Company 

Thursday March 27ih 9 am-9 pm 








Program Board Presents... 

Leo Kotte 

Friday, March 28 

8:00 PM 

Students... $3 


or Ihe muiiclans." Siecel 
rnnartad "tli iart of l*t the 
Klocli m»rti«« H y«u m* a ftocli 
drofiping. everybody warns to 
pull out, and so mudi tar that 

Sqiri nta ««U Into Iht (Mk 
mmic ■m94» Iwrd reek, no 

etoctric mmh* He |il«yi who! 
he Uk« to ftay •nd Iriw U> 
tram ttm tn- 
I. "If I cnin- 

to ploy 

rack or mm wm, Omi't turn. I 
don't objoct to i(. I juM don't 
iMnk in Uwoa tmm " 

But what the audknce thinks 
CM be toUUy dtHerait Corky 
laanlly |>loi» ■ Mt bofore loinf 
on Mate, kut iniat bt pnturad 
to elian|» (he prop-ai" ■• "f 
thne -Hie only Um* III ever 
dnnge my net beeouie ol 
iudience reaction." he ex- 
plained, "ia it the audience 
Mttna to lie twl raw4y aod the 
lOll fUlif «W l«t pi )Mt in tke 
milt." Ht bftaM that the 
mare physically eudUng Uw 

ii. Uie more physleni 


.1 he'd rather play to 
I of row hundred for 
tiKeflact. bill 10 an aiMftonet of 
ten thowand lor the monay. "H 
I koft an opportunity to make 
monir, Krtiy inH." h* »aid 

Stagil Is pr«MDUy playing the 
coOoit drarit rrom hara he 
loaaioMinnaaottaiMlliiwa. "M 
tarma of playliiK < 
they're all the aame to me." he 
said "I think college students 
accept my music because 1 
make it available I don't think 
il has anything to do with what 
I'm playing w the t|uality It's 
available " 

The first record company 
Siegel signed with was 
Vanguard in IMS. Since then he 
has signed with RCA and 
Deutsche Gramophone He's 
toured much of the Unilad 
SUtes and was recently asked 
to tour Japan 

In addition lo writing and 
touring, Corky Siegel has 
worlied with Arthur Fiedler <m 
many occasions Fiedler liked a 
piece that Corky was doing and 
aakid him to pertorm and 
record with him "It was a 
really wonderful challenge," 
Corky said "He was high- 
strung, irritabie. and he'a an oM 
fuddy-duddy I just used to 
taugh at him. so we got akiog 
pretty good ' Stegel wrote 
arraaganicnts for a song lor 
riedier. but it was "a Hole 
more sophisticated than )ial 
taackgmund " 

Corky has two basic 
■agpatlanafor others who want 
to anlar Ihe work) of mialc. 
Piral, he says, enjoy yonraaif. 
And aecondiy, to ponMaat In 
the areas of biutncaa. 
"Separate yov art from your 
bwiness." he advises ""niey 
are two dirferent arts : Ihe art ol 
making music and the art a< 
selling your music You won't 
be successful unless you are an 
artist at selling your music." 

Siege) tadievea no mialciaa ia 
bcMer than another He wwdd 
not offer a top choice list ol 
mfluenlial arlisu "Tliey all 
have wmathiiig different lo 
offer." he said And so doaa 
Corky Siegel He pulled ait • 
botUe of bubbles and damoo- 
stralad one ol hla many talenU 


If the presidential election was 
held today, who would you vote 

Catty ! 
■ AMJERSON HE'S a ketler 

ckolrr Chan Reawia. RcagMi'i 
laa eU far the presWawy. 
Carter I Msagrve wtlh com- 
fittely becaase af Ike Ihtoff 
be'( dan* •• far. Krimfdy and 
Bash are net s» llkrsble 
There's tarn murk la Ihr past la 
he used agatast ihrm hiter." 

Tmh Molfett 
■REACiAN -niK only thiag he 
has going wrong far him la Ma 
age. Hr hat better leadership 
qaalilles than the rest, aad kat 
better Meat aa ItanWag gaven- 

Coft«g« Cmnter lounge Building A 

gaverasr al CMHaraki he wad t 
it fairly 'ilaMt acaaoailcally. I 
think ke c««M t» Ikat far Um 
I. heallh permitttaig." 


iant want Kennedy la 
And I wan-l «••* N 

'( ARTKR. I tte wfea's hi llwre 
morr than I Uhe Ik* an k aa w n 
i|aaBlU> Im pretty swe Cartar 
has rawgh delegates. We daa'l 
really know whas gatag la he 
the Reptthttcaa caadMalc." 

Photopinion by Nancy Karobotsos 

Pofir t fhf Uarbmei-r Manh Jf. I 'WO 

[24 ^25 1 26 


lnVnl. NMKiy 



rtv * Km: 


rttitm April 



n n cmcwn 

I Z O To B« 
Mar « Of » 

p m . Lciunlc 
I Studio The«tr« 

"Guy* ft I>>ll»" 
« p m J U3 


jUi'ndlo Theatre 
I iiiiv« ft tMh 
« p'm , J 14,1 


"Guyi i DoUi" 
12:90 pm , MO 


TlM Legal 


by the 

ctalton, 111 a 
.itMMt*' affnMtf imipwii 


Uo Koto* •*!! apiimr la 

'HlMfeV ■!••.«. in 
A. M. 


Tm <*t«iii mformalton an 
to Harpm. ciMlact 
I Otn«*, act. MO. 

tiM cMm onm umm- ^ 

Knttkt lM» turn awardtd 
Galtar Player Maia«t«»t 

■■■mi AeMimc Guilartit " for 
Iht BMl H*« I"*'* •"<• 
r«tal««d tht German Grammy 
Avani » wn H»» m»*e »*» 
nwt ol Hh wmd track of tlw 

rSii' iBiSiiii t* f ** *"'' 
Manw Ha**! •««'■«•«• 

" "■ i • 




_ at Hacpar 

ilinuk) c«iitacl Mr. Da« Cmtt, 
lunar in tt« IWll— ■■iMwtte 
airange for an wH mart*** 
Call »« JTJ by Mardi II to 
arrange for an t|i|winlnient 

The ei» interview if a 
requlrancnt of the Ocfiartmail 
ol Health, EdwcatlMi and 

an activity toe. Ttit iwirtce i» 
Ineatcd in Uw Studiail Actlvlttn 
Olllte. BMii A». adjacwtt la 
the Game Room 
An attorney will be a*ail*Wt 

00 WedneMlay alu«iwi» tttm 

1 p m 10 * pm. 

Sltidants ahould make an 
appotntment. In wlvance, by 
laUing em MS or 243. or in a» 
Student Acttvttlet Office 

SlwlMti wiUiMi atipointmenU 
can ••■ the •ttoraty on a walk- 
in baati. lime permlttim. 




_^ •••< Margarita* Served by «*" Prtche* 
J^r'tri Strolling Gurtarwt 
:;•__/ ff». Sat Sun.evantnoa 




TA t 

mmlm *»»» 1- ?-■ r: 



Legal Advice 

llw student Senate la 
BMVMIW tree legal advice 
tram praeticin* altomeyi to full 
and part-time »ludenU who pay 


N. Duntori- Arfctgton Hts 755^707 

C»»»» Oul litvKI 

Inru ft Jill «««» ■"-*'J •""•"".■•fliS* 

•JUimIV *M •llli J. -JUiiil ■■II lifctHItT 

Tlw Jack and JlU WorkalMii, a 
commoB-aenae approach far 

danlini wttb children'* ac- 

ddMia Mtf lllinniiii •!> ta' 

, ||«.BI.t«l|>.«l- 

in, ■Ike fcniti ■«*>•» •*■*■■*; 
T«i:lan ia. Iil.» 4ind ineludM 

wli Uto flaet' an. 
Mar* » awl "CoaHliiidMa rf 
NOW AceoMla" will ha oIlMud 
«■ IM. I. :Mfc «■*■» M 

iiflii liwit.»ii«.it.i>« 

p.ii.tilil*. A.lito«iiilk^, 

SMriMir laadv Rofeart r. 
■■■aar. a Mnior vice vcvaManl 
«f nntnclal Wmtm Cnr- 

tBm$ mmmhn end teby 
aKiara. wiH he condudcd by 
inat Ann 'Mckwtk and Glenda 
MncMatlar. emerieocy room 
nurace at Northwtnl Com 
Niunlty HMvltal. Arluiflon 

TUHlaii tor amJi aaminnr ia 
ITI W and Includaa lunch, 
coHae. and matariali. RaftaMf 
by caUinis enl 41«. 4tl. ar JW 

EMicJitkia AdmiiaiMiia OfflMb 
«ti 4». 411. or »t 


Club is ipan 
iident facully 
Ml April 1 lit 

iim front ■ in 

In play or 

gIMid op- 

Top Ten 

•TMa M was cnmplM by 
Charlna Yorht. Michael 

atnifcM. SWif M«k cohimnlBta. 

Tbaylbil ll» InUnwtnf *Ikumi 


I. 'lliaaaali-tiiiiilinCiliMt 

I. B«ii' CnaMlMSai Manw 

s. Off BrawtaayOn 

4 -me EaiMMH-Cnd nf tiM 


•' IM 'I 

T Tht R«n*ntk»Oeh«t 

I l>n(aaaar Unthair^rawflah 

t, iMy PnpMdicr 
tt. imtt lor iMt nt 






• Of 1lM 


eaiaat. BT. LMwtnWHCM 

Ntwt oi tm IN* twfj Wihy at i 


'■■;. .*;;,« ««*!',! ' ". SHum tositSHUSim m.»n zwtiBii 

r.«)ii«0»vtORNE MIC 

Tit) MMIKE NCHOLS"*'*"'*"* ' 



Thr Harlmififr Manh 21. I 'WO Pa^ 5 

Much more than a speech teacher 



|r«at *il fRMn iiImI; iIii 

Mng to Uw dan.. Tiity hmt 



dnaUilg'.,, at SprnKli Pitfaotafy. 
In hUi timt «vajr rrma 

mm m ■immm to fa 

itK marld' and liiMi' __ 

■p. HI «ai. HI N*w ,^g„| pgnpi, gg^ „„, ,^ „, 

J- dMtf abwit ■UUnis' LMnilivli 

rait. Mb favorlk' baok to "'Im 
■Md tte Art of MMorcyclc 
MaiwtnaiKt '• ■in an >ii 
itrctlinf trcatmeni o( 
motofcycle milnlcnance. 
Mrtvifflt (»r pAtmilM." Muck- 
mm laiii ()m «f hit favorite 
aHllHm IS Tom Wolf it 

Mudtmw* ha! ct>-wrtciaD a 
iMMik. himscir. on Spatcll 
CnmmunicauiMi H« mmkmt m 
it (or iH rmta. Uw •aaomt 
MiUian_ cam* iMl laat S^lig. 
nff Mudunort'f in* 
ti I H M l'in . '"thrfc yaan 

l«vl% IM and I Maila* niD- 
mmg. H'l ^kaan on an air ilncc 


by Latl Ljras. 

paitiit. "I «aa tortuaata to 

M«« Iwil m maajr good 

laassifiBi — Classiliei CG^iliir 

Classified dassified 

IMp iatii 

I m* cunaMI) •enpiaia i^' 
MlilllBliitiart'iuiw IV MMWiw 
ll ti iH Ui a aan-tiinw m tviUmit 
ill. KMH* .Mtali 

< »i— <<lli« u p mn m it n* 

Inn • .Winaii i ii i 

Willi HtrMrlal 
'Im Can iMwm • 

iiHlfeMpim. •raWcM tan 

.panr oMi m teiai %nii| 
ft fw Mly taai FM *• 

i 'ivaH#4r^ 'traM 

_ _ n tttlftm^m 

Pis^iMlHaiM' caDaM 

Wmt m Itara Iw* i* i^ lat 

anwMw.CTiiTiiitwiiii I 

««JI iHaoh ]Mi alialaiiM yum 
pbttuwM M ia bMT 

■taplat mat Itr nai In piwiia 
laaw KMdMnprtv LocalMua 

« (Mr lU. IB M*. Halt ar 

IMnii'' Hi Mil tHH WHHt 

ita Msltarj' '*W-aa 

■artlaii t 

mm « a aia m a H a. M ■>% S 

4wpr«uc tfUmm <i|llli tiM 
inm«|«aiaaar- B>- iw'iniity 
Ha adraanaMM. CUI tar nr- 

ikiaiMia ff* tf mo MaVMI illir I 
rM'ir'i Hi I III. 

rtawta' Mn m» nwaiwatt. 
...... .-.. ,;i|»aaaiiiiia.. Cii :■•■ 






Tf <M«ata|i Tinjr ihilft m « tifSinnirMi t.r»c1.iinji-«»f irnJ «icilit#iit you» loU «t»itntiot< 
.. nnaf i«*l|> avallaUa' lwimtin« .J.imw Z3id. Juty 21»t and Sapi. aim., tBiO. 
.. Ganatal iHHiMial' it waN aa imtivUMtaatf imiM. wtanMiim k vrowMai) uMlicMta ■ I 
|M«ca<M>»...|>uddv tyiMnn. 

• Can t«w • lour o» our mm honMil. 

• Opt lo lain our madicat numi in ofNiitnt Ilia fiw unit I 
(Mlmary mirmm by July 1it< 

. Call hw «a •UDo.nnwn to laara atMM «w iMtHmfihy. hmM ailtf' tmntm |lrac|.<ca. 

• OMMMWf am outsianHinq. initalM. paaliaia Malurtni mm iMiqiit work ifwiy pro. 
•laM.. i 'aiaak* paM vaoMlon ami mwra. 

nmt * 'Mm 

HM tnonlli 

For Sail 

*n a#K MM., Amaaliia, 1%' 
H. tH' vMli. ir *■» .HaWi 

9 mllillrj 0M]l' S'lui MMMMIrliii 

tiHt. HI « tan (Oir . Can 'laat 

I.. »ii.-ni» 

I nail nil allar 1 tn.riM 

fNMhiMW 1 iMianimn Mpt li» iHtoMM m 
Scll«wifilnirK Ini'.luilti w«.thwr 
*]a>. lnlMiv a |i«>l n»». Mt 
iMMk 'Oil .HMnia. RiMir uait 

Jichw a Ji% Mh wfia. an ■ aMt. 

Ji.Uy. Mnviaaa. tkoagm Jack i 
iMmlMt eai. ilU «■ aiy la < 

K«a ikair I— avraa irikX 

■lie N» oi nh til an 

1 .m-TiB 

Jack'ft Mai iHwwiiaMai «m aniy 
0« BUCK 

l4i aun'l Iw 1 ca4 and tfom'l bt i 
Inal briKf in vol. a M Mst Mm 

Am Vrnm tit «>t|iai TT. < r^. 
«a. A.TYmn. ll,flW iKi Ra.G. aMtf 






I jnv aaal II i^T" 


my »«H «:orr«€t:lai lyp#*f«i« 

m lopirt. raaaxa mt Ml 


tlWlMl... (•C'un.y oiKl .uo TV. 

Hftll«IK(.i:M mil run ymu 

cla«i«'iiNl ttd Irm fif t-harir fur om 
•n* iMilir iviiviilnl U») nrr npta 

UMI MmrM In VM7 in noun w 
Ikr TUaiair trior to laMlcauiK 

M iMh »ill run to «at «m* laly 

■•fn- r-in lliiiii lift III mini 

■■■la iiHBt raailMMI ik« a4 M Ifet 


ftap. 6 The ».rr<.|itpT Mmrb Jt. I'mO 

\1 iili [AlhlXB 

Don't pass by the $1 .99 albums 


of imi Vm MM. 

i»i^ ttit oi-oi* 

if )«ur (hwrlw noiixl 

at. TlMitn 

■tUiM laaa In b«| ( . 



Moder"* , c ^ 

, iiifflwr II II 


girl t^Mm yo*' *** *y **"* ^"^ '" 

'MM t^WttMil vcuttoiltml. 
"taw D«y»," • omleroiwriry 
Mi« almul jwtt* "Art for Art'i 
Sato." aootlitr coiiltniiiorary 

Yw'wnM !■ mmpimi ai ilw 
MMHl of pod qio^y romth 

clmbMl 10 Uw 

•tth eyoi tlMd «« llw •«•'«■ 
•imng only Itie iton, they tpUl 

wiMro RMIiiy IB '•MMtned. All 
of ilM iwiie 4mm In mml^tat 

itartMllpl 'bin iMtliW '<*' !»• 

r«t»rd^ «■•■ tliowpt fcy tilt 

flRMifll fnilHpHlv WW * !"""■" 

Wl. So. |||ti|«tMllM:«MliBia' 

ImH. oMiir 'Ipi' 'iMii* M. ttw ■»' 
M Mt ton to. DM vme ti* 
Mmpny ttan rtlMWi Um If 

1m • Eli oi^ nr irta 

._. -'Thiilii'iltftryiM:'** 
tliort »tory in lUt mUmm Wton 
rsoim Bot.Ui»«liuwlm(«t<il 
tlua iirwJM 18 llMt Andmon 
l»laycii all tnalrumrnts. 
dJrotted, »n<l 

1 •OM mm 

at am Um* 
In Brttato bm, 

•I", la 


. laaiMW of • 'hiW* *«<**»» W 
Mill* • 'pMn 'nlMro tlwy can 

1 or «l»y iMr )■»- 

IM, alMr 


radio Mm 

t«(X. "The (M«iiial 
track. ■ >• Ibe album foalwiit 
Ite claaak I0« Im !*jl ill 
Um" Thii MOI tt tt« !»*">• 
ciamiite «l lm« ho» lood out 
Mr wwmt m »J» rtudlo It l» 

Wtd thai low reeonW Ihe 
cDoniilar TmNot in Uv». ' « 
llitiia (or 111* iound ol a run 

Mataraund lound Mt a two-indi 
wall. I was waltttii (or the 
nimmuniit call. dHlni aak lor 
DunsMne and t got WW III. I 
loakfd over thr wall and Ihey 
lookod hack at me Theyrt 
Klaring all nigJM, they w staring 
all day. I tiad no raaaon to b* 
here at aU But now I got a 
reaMia to ba at the Barlln Wall 
Paranoia - wh«» «ill *» l»U. 
elaiiairo|itM»b»« too many 
doMl*. ohMp dialog, eheap 
cannllal tmmj. I wanna go 
over the Berlin wall. A CWEAP 


with the calabHalunenl 'a view of 
life Eadi loag'i nohol In tlM 
loud non-atop mualc 

The Sn PMok viokot tlipr 
destroying the EaglWt inialc 
scene, while ifMrring or new 
wave bamk which are <|Ullc 
iwiwlar today But. the violance 
the band encouraged coal them 
dearly. lor it baearoe their end 

Chack out the budgel bins 
when you get a chance. I »aw 
today another claaa Ip, the 
Beatles' "U< It Be" Bui. at 
today s (irices. It » (or any of 
the above Ips. Is like buying the 
one cent gumballt when you 
wcraakjd, you coiddn't nr can't 

The fli* *iBr Ol mi reeom- 

iiHiiMiii'llff 'lii'racfc WfV Yet" 
CMb tmf "VMt (^ o' 
••Hr." l» one «< «• IMM*' !»• 
•I mt aulo pfojicis. 1litjii|l. 
"Sate " -"Hold om Your Hbim. 
and. "I^ieky."' art vmf Om 
'woriia of the I 

m mm dm tHmm *«•' 

wiMK tHa ftfiMI rtMlM Um 
top noor. he mi* then Juwp o" 
o( the building, dying I'nlll one 

day. iom*l,lll»g hapfena, 
Moral's ekdnnle iMlt; 'k IM 
of ihe Yea timmtt. Vk alio 
MMiiiiMMai tO'lha Ip. 

hMl. thitf Yea. 

"CiltH of 'Son 

mBm." • Kno «f « l>>""^ *^ 

«• IMwt whleb afwr tl«e 

nlHlt .iwra ot « tmtlmr 

1 h'iNM' mwi 

I'.AitaiMnttVMft 11» 

sn in 

gMhl ftMi nial»'<M '>P flooA" 1* 
you liked Yea at all you wooM 
Ite tWi Ip. basically lor iha 


Hce, ■'■How !>"• You". 
ilM' *'*riii Mwaity 

Tha neit Ip was on my lap tan 
of Um im's The Set inilab' 
"Mfvar Mind the Bollocke 

||li«>a m Sti PMola." la a 
dlMlC' Ip that DmuM ba M 
Ofifir rack "n" roller** recoed 
~ ■ . t can not Wreaa how 

"'Anarchy In the 

IMC,." "Colt Save the tJuaeB." 
and "BMI." the group vnm- 
M* ihi' worfcim' .claaa pawpte 
ttrmm whW» mm ertdant in 
IMtalB and attll la lediy. 

In "Holiday*. " the screamini 
lyric It )tal otic indlcauoB of 
ho* mad Ihait 'iwyt wwt. The 
Isrks aay. "'I Unit ntnl • 
Mhlay b the Mn. I '««H«a .■• to 
tiN Nt* Balian. I wtnoa aat 
iMDC WMory. 'cauae I got i 
riManaliltaiimiomy Now I got 
• nmm. and I'm titil waiting 
al tte BmUa wall. N'aen- 

Student astrologer advised 
to join the peace corp 

••JiiH: I ««» currently 

■lialiyliit aatroloiy iliwiiilt •» 
tdalt coot*' 

I am currently <y J "/ 

aitrolaO' ibteiiili m X^'Si^ 

Mivnning «*icotwi» T ^^ 

l"'waliii%iiM*dW i / 

I tm taaralng how t® j^y'^/T' 

the, »•••••*»>' ••§•««•'■ ^ {( 

imgrain. f w •!!••% •■• »! 
chart, but rm tmritm b""' ^ 

,„_,_, to*j'» mtclaty,. fi*. 
hawt' imieb t* contribnie. and I 

HgHy re«oiiiiii««l for you M 

I y«i g liii ii a da. my ehtjt 
and leW ma wiial •■Mil* •tml" 
bt heat lOT' nwT I ■«]»' 
tKiiarly ttlmmtmt fc ••"■■• 
aii' « Iht tctMl iNllMbaWM 

IMI H IpWBll'IiBiO Iw" HUB" iwWiwWi 


naalk dl eiWB- tbii Hi** ■ ^'■t 
ot m k ym 0im l«> ■" 

Mratia* and a lovt ior 

'Yonr chart indlGataa that you 
may have a sllgWty dual 
naiurt one part ot you seeking 



hy ji..'ii r; 

La*.. .i«ftr,ii:«t»t. 

mS^m* rdMbiliuiioii for 
iha handicapped are eicdtant 
turn fct you to chamnrt your 
.. . . _^ Intpeet 


Ml to have a 'M •! 
,™._™™. and iMa 'hlgMliit 
th« itirong leadership «i* 
nianagMMni iioi« wiiMn 
yoa. TWi'. abng with 'yoMT' 
'abtlliy 10 <*»al well witli 

a.nd also the 
that you are 

.■peeifleally ligi«*«JJ«««iW 
dc<l:nitciy be 'MMMMM' lur jm 
-' UHy MV M* Mag 

,11 to 
pntlita *ou with In- 
SpniiMt. KMitMlity, and a M 
«f'«lfMtf , in order lor you to bt 

I |wi to enjoy mwiy 

a ihroughool 
. It alio gives you the 
f of eaeelling m almoat 

amy llaM «f wot* thai you 

At IN* poM. I 'M tbal It I* 

wrf miportnnt to 'meni.loii «h* 
yiu 'aanii to have ■ dMf 
MMmonal need to dwbcate your' 
woifthig 'eWbrta and tatems to 
loclal 'Welfare, You can 
naturally cultlvale an 
•varanaw ior ihi laMUaeiwl 
'unriMUndlng, tt *MimB i» 
mmm of the 

„ • ntMh. Wdk '01- 

Omm <'b« dlferoX' certar*" 
Imp to mind to chock what 
illiaa may be avaliahle 

,_^, aa YWa. Pwwe Can". 
imiCBF, etc... thrt wwihJ give 
you a chance to fumu your 
•RioUonal OMdi and prwidt 
travel al the same lUne. 

RagardlM* of what you 

to piinue. your chan 

.oil" "' 

iraeM. f«nwtliii« HiroogMil 
'your Me iwhMhar through awt 
or pieaaurc t . and lonieday . you 
Will undoiibledly reach a 
riaponaiMe ' poalllon of 
' el Good Uickt 

cdttf ntion - c^-/ 

CMiipnii COllttRT 

April 17 





{'».•()» .11 

hair performers 


m\ J 

llu lluiliiiicrt Miinli _*>. I'dfUl I'atif 7 

Spector crosses Ramones path 

tlmt. Ml 
TIm MwttilMt fiHilt nf Hdi 

mMMEl.iiiff|| iUt llltl H jpiliiittiii '■ 

true In fiiiililMi 'ItaniMWt 

i by III* . 

Mkr mi %Mtar Tte LF k 
f M* Inr Mil llM 

laiUHMt atMl' mmaim of 

Sp«cl(irlt(4 alttum Atlar 
IvMlcally kkkMg radio air- 



Fir Ml Siiflis 

llt'l*rtnc«f RMiwiMi 


•f tt m 4S 

VaflMV *• MMIC 

S««ftM ky "REQUEST Of TIMi" 

srt a M'l With A Lim« mua 
Artingfon Park Htiton 
OM^-Mrtf um Eatt of Rmitt S3 vn EuclW 
MmH Ev»ry WMtmsday Night 
OoortOlWfi •:30 pm i*dl | 

Clyb Starts too pm mmtfuutti 

'""w*"' 118-4900 


(. Htniif! tiili tmt I'tiii- t'linr I'lnitmnt^ 

. Umni Pm 

Greenhaf S Basse 
Elk Grove 

Apply In Person 

nMnpramttc •nd cMi(«riiiitjr 

•ran'i Mcauary (or fuctcas 
HMy M!M«v«d iMr oiHsiilliirc 
Iwrn mmm bf (Mr ■Untlnt 
lard hig ttm« rock 
art of a "biting llw 
hand lUat ftwdt " siluallon 
Thtae giijm are me Amniem 
R itnnwaiic tiraiid 
«if dl —tt - lilt 'iMiia lu'vt 

'■■Mil up 

inuakal maliirily on "End of 

itm Century" . not only did itiey 

fM Ifaalar In 'prnduc* ii. tan 
{■IMIIaiilly Ihejr ei 
'. hrmiifefMMl llwlr wapt. 
I II a Krnuinely cninmcnd- 
■Hlf Itat alter wnnoailng Iha 
frcat traati and bum fate Dial 
mW many of ih« Ramonca punk 
OMMinpararlait. Th* Ranumea 
iMd MH '■w «ii Uwy iMk It 

Hit MMlgr 'itM iflMi Ml 
%actar cunlMi tria aftM 
niwliiry fnnlifiiia tila talvni^ aa 
draw* lilt baal from iNi 
ll»Biifi«a I'm not laying 
SfNMlar ia itV' only raaann far 
itiia wiM U>. liM Iw «aa ito 
twlylnR iMiiid (Iw Ramonai 
Hi 'Uity ■ 

way IMo Iha Kk The metliod iif 
compofltlnn ia aa much a pari of 

cratl aa Ihe nailaiN and il'i Itic 
mnHMituin of tht Kamanta 
*nd Spactur that «t haar Tliare 
in plenty of (iver-duMung, hot m 
wtU milted it ullll foiada lUw 
Ihe lUmoiMs. ir> Mill llieir 

Hiia is Ihe RamiMiea' tat 
effort to revolijliaiuie (he aannd 
wBvta In tlie II S, Thert ai» a 
couple of ver}- radio worthy 
lianet here on "End <il the 
Century, " probably their 
•aaleat attHim to Uit tn to *d (ar 

"Do Vou Rememher Hock n' 
Kiiir ' ii iht tlagMiiii «( ihii llaet 
of tunta. it Mta the precedent 
tor the Ramone* tn the neat 
decade Ttie tune yearm for the 
dayi (•( (mash hit* from 
Speclor • ••Rc>n«l«e»". 
*'Crytlal«". etc Hullabaloo. 
Madig and Alan Freed were 
the laal icons of rock n' roll (or 
tlie Ramonc* As Jan and Dean 
and the Reach Roys 
moluUMiiicd rack n' roll in Ihe 
early ■■ TV Ramnnei hope 
lorUieaaineinthiMWs, nolwith 
flra and ftry as was the caae In 
Einglifflid'a reheUton Inatend, 
ihty 'II alter ihiags wllh iiaMtw 

innocence and mme clean'CUl 
wil in the I9M rock n' roll 
fashion Tm Affected" and "I 
Can't Make li on Time" 
iltmoMlratei Joey's surprising 
vocal ablUty, he is aggreaalw. 
scnsUlve and purpoaeful all at 
once, vaguely reacrabllng tggy 
Pop Jonny Ramone stipa in 
some good guitar riffs on the 
rowdy Bock n Roll High 
School" . recorded here from the 
film of ihe same name They 
mver 'Cliinese Rock" by the 
tough luck Heartbreakers and 
do -All the Way" both solid 
tunes. The only real boner on 
the wMe iP is "Baby I Love 
You", a a^imr ilruig poUi«ed 
ocmr 111 (lie HoMtlaa. 

Ttw Ramonet just may be one 
ttep ahead, and if ihii Is lo be 
Ihe music that alters the play- 
lists of nur radio slatrans. I'll be 
the fir« guy to get a WUS T 
•bin Who knows, maybe AM 
radio will become something 
more Ihan )urt liUMiag ta 
Vincc and Uu do the Ctiba 
gamm liurlng the heat at 


Uphill battle for Anderson 

' 1 snunaed f rani page 1 1 
givini up. lie ii bialnf Us 
entire campaign on tlw afegan. 
"Iht Andwraom difference," 
ling that he II the only QOP 


Tdlk to l^^anpow«l, 

We w gat summei jotv 

apixjrturaties tor oHke 
lempotaries. Typisls, 'iitBno*, 
iecufitionists, and more. 
Work 'OS rnych as you want. Or 
" Itile. Itsuptoyou 

18 ccn'ivenierM locatioiis., Fo 
the one n€flresl y<)u call 
today., .so we can help you pla> 
a lymmcr job sclwdiie now. 



An Sisiuil onnrwwy amtMovO' 

a Democratic opponant 

Movtiinber lately. 
the Anderson lif terence 'his nnl 
been (ooacd on tilt janim. Iwl 
<m perMnalltliai SliaiiM An- 
derajn r«-gnar hia camgMlgn 'to 
ihC' laiiMS and not the per- 
aonaUttea, he would he .sure lo 
pick up more fupport 

There are two othir im- 
portant factors In Anderson's 
poasibiliiies of gelling Ihe 
Republican nomination - Bush 
and former Ehwiidcnl fjerald 

Ford's ilecitlon not to run li a 
definite ligh <>( i-elief <o An- 
derson supporters, beeause 
rurd. a native of Midii|Mlt, hai 
hit strong-bold m Ihe 
and couM lake more 
away tram him and BushDian 

nnally . Ihere is George Buih 
"nie man who won (lie Iowa 

Music Review 

caucus The man who had 'Big 
Mo' on his side heading Wo 
New Hsmpshire and 
MaasaduiocKs. Bu( Mo' proved 
10 be a fickle friend lo Burii. as 
It mighl very well be lo Reagan 
Should Bush continue his down- 
ilide. il would be to the ad- 
vantage «i( Anderson, but how 
much so'' 

If Bish decides to drop out of 
Ihe race allogMher. Andsrson 
might certainly be able in 
gamer some of the Budi Hip- 
porters. Bacawe of Andemm's 
poor party image, however, it 
seemi likely thai Reagan wovM 
reap more support from a Bush 
fuN-oul than Andenoo, 

The key to Ihe Republican 
campaign will tneviuMy be In 
the west, where Reagan has 
staunch support, but where 
.Anderson is reportedly .pieUog 

'The Knack play 
for the Money' 

Wave you ever wondared 
•Who gave (hat group a record 
rontracf' That m whai I keep 
saying about the new K»ck 
album "But Ihe Utile Girls 
I nderitaiwl " I can nol believe 
ihr Knack were contracted lo do 
a 4.i .single, let alone 
their seomd album 

, A New Location Few 

I Check Mate Barbers 

, chrck M.atv Msrbert I'ram 
, \rlinxton Heighit ka* npanded 

• tkrlr Ml tlrr* Hoflman F'tlal** 

w ■ii iL ,iii MJM iyi |||f i X »--ii JOwtJWJMJLjtJW r iiiiilii JiMn 

■ »M W. Fracmwi 

I 3St-f3W 

.* He«i (Ml .%lf«ivula 

• Rlgkl m Kla 

• l«ll Ml Iterniaa 

, t.iM •fterln.a a iladem ikeawil 
, 10 all tlinwr •Menla on Hair- 
, •t}ltai<t Ml) Ma.le and (vmsl* 

0«ei rsiHre* md «( Ms.v 

Arlinfllon Hslflits 
MS W. Rand Rd. 

I can say one realty nice thing 
about the album And thai Is 
ihal Ihe cellophane ihrink wrap 
IS s<i clear and appealing thai it 
happens to be the only wor- 
thwhile item in the package. 
The cover is worthless. With 
Nlienr notca like "This record is 
very ilaar to me and my bank 
managar", 1 am left breaihieas 
Thai Halemcnl layi it all Tlie 
Knack are in it (or the Money. 

The Knack have no sound of 
iheir rwn They imitate sounds 
<ir the Beatles. Buddy Holly. 
Phil Sptclor and Ronells aiMJ 
the Rolling Stones Unlike the 
many new hands which are 
■turfacing, Ihe Knack have no 
urtginal i ' 

The Knack, in their 'King 
-Ciml Put A Price On Imt." 
will leave you scratching your 
hi>ad and saying. "When did I 
hear that" ' And it will dawn on 
you. the iitonei' "Beast <g 
Burden " soundk alanrning like 
•Cant I'ul A Price On L»ve", 
even, though ihe Siiones wroi* 

Burden" two years ago 


P^p^ B Thf H0rbt$itmr Mm* U I1MW 

Freshmen will play big 
roles for Harper baseball 


MM. tl«t iHi It a tod (Mm. tt"> 
"iHtt. nut a imm pm cam ■ 

n. la Slawlnaki, howrar, iilin 
HayMlllll la the mat high an. 
"tto wmkM twrd. Hc'i ancakjr 

iMt and Ivat food pMaMtel He 

llHllM' tw »nc of CMT tof Mil 

fHclMts hg tlK '•aaaoii^ anrf,** 
- - - , I, 

IW mark «i a junior Between 
Mi iunlar and nciiior years. 
li»»#v«r. Moore underweni 

luitt euriery and hii batting 
> fell to ■ poor IJC 

r, It very 
•«llinM.le atimil il» Hawfca' 
m Iht IMt S*t cnn 


very M^ an Maafa. '^He'a gnli a 
dyiMniw anil and eiMllaM 
Mlllaliinii. fimdamentala. He 
Mia tor .iMKmr. and If we can 
keep Ms fthkcduli down be'Dlw 

will i>nl>' ga ■• tar ac tto tt<««b-- 
'inen carry It 

NMpr't fiteiMii, n»mm 
•itt matM illiiiiii It talk' 

chwa m liurt, mH t» la 
Irn^Mit;' aatd RajnmMl. 
Art. AtMmMM,^ M Ian- 

DMMlli •W lie ilH fiMT 

wl in Jenaoi ahai 
tim4»' All-HW conference 

.MCHMd - liMii - taut. 'HM aa. a 
;|Mhv, Imi at (MM I 

fmir iMMie r«iti Jenatn, 

FellCT Aoard laal awitM«r 

vt'ra atartlag aavan tm- 
fMdtft," aaid Reynalda, 
allndinf In Icnaen, Brian 



Behind the plate art Jim Barg 
mni Kuti WieMr. Wteaar la 
anrther returner from tail 

year's team. H« hit .1M> wMk 
tiMhinf the tUC All-Cu " 

ie»MMl-ieam Bern, a i 
d St. Vialnr. iranafkrnd from 
CMffiglllon. where he went (or 
Nil tnalmiaiijNMr 

*'*! Inwi iNMNMliiice 111 both eff 
them, luuQ Iwynorai. '^Hivy 
hMh ham lUnKatiailB. hut Ihty 
both do dllfafaBt Iwiim taall. 
Il'i tniiiirlaal Ibajr take contrsl 
of our i*Mng lilchert." 

■" f. THa 

tor (he Indeld, thMagh 

ihinf like this: -Jim 

n and 
WIMOT on the N4C All- 

Wresflers return home 
to Harper empty-handed 

Iff 'MVNIt MBMICAI' afMr Immm hit .Hi«t mmm»m 

14 k Ita l«f«Mni CUM- 

•■■Mtoa}' mllMrtar "M 

aald Loiraiacc dtlMedly. "We 
irM. but you can't make a 
■ hone out of a mule 

^ WMtao far and 

1M:1i artial: hafpanad barv <al 
ihetenmanMnti Ityeuaak me " 

Loiolaec lald he ei|ieeted 
Jay Evant and tiaij Wehar to do 
nuieh batter than they did, and 

'''•bar'i meant marriaae 
a paiiHln factor for hia 

In tact. N4C Conference 
put oil their worat 

in yean, aecordtaig lo 
Unlace, with JolW, DuPkgt 
aad Harvar all barely making a 
■crnHA In the naitooat CMli> 
"The lournantent waa 
by the MleWiBui and 

Uvelacc felt dtaappoinled 
ahoiit the toiarnamoni Nl 

ratloaaliaed that "Ihara'a 

alMiyt nasi yaar " 

'Hit OBMh' aaid that he't hail 

various area 

doesn't plan on 

laaviBg Harpar'i wrealling 

'Tm lia|i|iy here," he 

Harper sports happenings 

fl II TbT'immaiiMrtiraetlctatl 

floor hockey jj'y;;^.ft?£?J 

IiMNHF nniMHCilfiw flivnlw 

«iM«r* Want ta be abto to 'naar 
a (wisi tuli and not ha 

1% tfid 

V.m. 'a«ery ^jr i 

Sir raanacMtw eeenia 'lo a^' 

ia(«ly S'X |im. Get te 

aiNl travel to ocitlng 

such as ChamiiaiKn 

and other 

If ont cannol. atlond (ractiee 
bul II otilt inltrested call 

I cut. m m m.. 

m» to mn? There ai» iilenty 
lit' MpMliv* on (he track taaia 
for dlatanco and mii 


MMntNira of (lit wiMftOi 'ItHli 
iMMrt Jtlm 'iMfflTlt. Miflt BlftWh' 
htl'B. Todd Martin. Mikt 
LaVaaway, John Zagar and 
Tim Htehanton. 


The Wrty Doten walked away 
with lint |«lM!c In llie Intra 
ntiral baiketlwtl lownantent 
The Dirty i>iicn put the clampt 
on the Rats, (hin>pii« thero ««-» 
In me t^tamiiianaliiii Rame In 
i-finak the 'Dirty Doien 

The team ( 
and h>|h jusnpcra 

The Hangers ca||tiired the 
IntTSinural rioor Hockey 

Tonraainwit hy <MM^ the 

AaylMug «M'a 'hi«t 4Mm. tlW: Mmmm im* 'M MM' Iha 

IHIkiirtMM'IMiipitViriM iliainflMiiito'fMM'If'MMiil 

•n'llit'iMMMBhii<MlMiiii,nt' da ^, ■mSTui Iht IM 

MMiii«iiiiBBa|ltW«ipaitln Mcomi ainlntl Uia BaaahaU 

I It fwi fdlftyCi 

BAITC'lt W, A Harper haietall player gets la a lew cats la Mw 
I prartlcr The laaas b •till practlelag tnaUe dna 
I weather. New head eaech Wri 

■» aaceaaa af the apcoaahig saaaan nil ha I 

r I ria h awa 'piayan. partMaily Ifea Ire ahm a a pW nh i t i. Ike 

Coalarfnce Mcond leain Mlolt 
lad the team in Mttli^ last year 
with a .MO average, 14 doublee. 
IT Mta. and »i—i k —a d . - Tim 
'Maionay. a foradt View 
graduate, at second bass. 
Malonay Ml 4II for the Fakont 
last spring "He's a very 
■ggrww:l'*« player," sayi 
RayimMi. "He hatea to loaa. 
He'd slide into a bed at naiii 
with the winning run " - thm 
Laramie, who teamed with 
Maioocy on Forest View's 
doUMe play cnmbo laat year. 
"l^nidameniaUy, he knows iha 
■ante very well," said 
Noi^lMir iMrd 

RolUng Meadows "He's gM 
good hands and he's very fliM 
for a Mg guy," said Reynokk 

Frank Sarillo, an Elk Grove 
graduate, has impraaacd 
Reynolds with his glow "He'a 
a super defensive player who 
can play seennd base. Udrd 
baae, ar riwrt stop. He alw 
turni the double-play vary 
w«U," said ReynoUi. 

Ken Bookman and Hike 
Salaaar will join Sarillo in 
teaarv*. Overall. Rqmohk will 
be dIaappoiMed if Iht Hawfct 
don't win the N4C title But. ha 
admits, "The school from River 
Grove 'Triton) ta the team lo 


• On any regularly pncetf 
I album or tape 
I Wnn tMft 

I This t*tf daas nat tnctuit 
I apn c ial m tala Hants. 

o « 

9'1'^fW filMII 

Tincup Pass ShoDDina Center 
1211 Golf Rood 

.paititt Ibr a win ami i« Mr a 


«tad fha. BMf IqMd: »U- 

tC IWarft' ill 'bin tha 
tfianpiiHaiiip. ptitia.. anppuo nv 
the Pigskins 44 41 In the 
preliminary round the Pigsklna 
dalMiad 'Uw Saotiy'i u-m. 

liiiwlimi nf !*■ nrr Doam 
aft TiM» MofiUna, Wdt Stm»- 
man, Tony Joyce, Pal Rett 
ncytr. Bill Mortn, Jeff Miller, 
'Wlte Oregort* and O^rag. 



M Fv Mr rifitir t prcfeind ostwrs, 


Witt* This M 
EKiMrtf April 11 

Student Trustee vote this week 



fMttlMi' t« ran. 
TenMm. Hw 

•ill IM 


ntvm adMiiit' t IMM 

I in 'in tht iMt yatr. 

"Dnrtlf Uii* tinw. I haw had 

llM oipctiailt} to tiMd Mtaar 

KMlnits Mii Urn iMni firm 

MM Hat if 
tlMMw Brw* Zanca Zanea's. 
Mm aipirwi AprtI isUi. 
imitti,. «lli» to cnralM in Oit 

Id nil rtfrtHiit 

ivai I ciMi W'«Bii 

the fttudant. Imi%' MMi' 
r«ira«l (Ms to ilit tmmm mi 

Turpin Itilcd ammii h«r 
tliiBlllkalMnw, iTngram ioanl 
|ireai«lmil. Cwllural Arli 

Commiilf*. WHCM <li»i- 
loctey. Cianw RiMMi all 
and Studtni ActMtiaa 


, who It in the tranatn- 
n. faid In Ms pell(i«i, 
"SlnM nsy etaroeiWary schwl 

dayi. 1 teve been poluically 
involved on Khaol uama My 
involvcnieni here at Hariier has 
■iwrfcail even more intcfftt 1 
mm cwrantly involved m Jl 
temcftar hour* and am lacking 
lorwafd lo a la« Oupm 
"I have partleipaled in 

Harp«r'i Touring Children'* 

Thuiiar and (he lauitcai "Gujr* 
wmS Dulk."' I alM aiUMM (he 
nUnaii Slat* Univaraily ipetch 
louniaiiMnt earlier In Ifaa year 
and have been choien to 
:|inidiiis a 'nmiMir variMy 'ihow 
:iMrt at tiafiiar. Ruantiic liir 
sttidmil iniMee will 0ve me the 
rxiwrwnce I nc«d lo attain my 
(ulure Koa'*. and if clwatn, will 
irove to be a ni»aniD# «■• 

Malkimi«ki, who » enralM in 
the angiiteerlni 'prafram, ia 

alio a I^]«aI'-old vatartn. "t 
waa diadianiid with an honor- 
able dlicinirge tviih a rank of E- 
s. 1 ballnw," laid Malkowaki in 
his petition, "with that paM 
eiperience, plus my 
organiiation o{ the engtneerint 
club. Ihal 1 wuuld be well- 
quBlifled 10 hold this importanl 
"I'm not afraid lo iUnd up or 
for what t feel ti a 
lity I also enjoy com- 
and working for 

Vol 13 \n. 26 MarHi 31. IMKO 

Hilliiim K.i«tii\ ll;ir|»r i i>tli;:<-. VIkoh.hiui iiii<l Uo^lh HihuI-. I'alaliiif. Illinoi* litMHiT, :<l2-.V>T-:«Mhi 

Where to vote for Board of Trustee election 

Tht Board ot TruaWia rtadncl Nwa'kM- IT' 
•fU lakO' plant mi Holmm. Junior iUtfi 
1 tl. 1%a' p i ii y i iiM' « UnwialM BM. 


CI It 

rredertck Nergt School 
■Ml Wnodftdd Trail 

Ivartll llafHn^lM 


PtMlaci at 
Barrinslon Middle Sdioai 
ZIS Eaitarn AvMiie 

Predaci M 
Qrove Avenue School 
•W'S. Grove Avenue 

Prtclncl iT 
Cciuntryiide School 
Brinko- Hd. and 

County Line Road 
Harringiaii HUb 

■"IMOlllC'l 41 

amm hih sdmoi 
Mm Road 


Tomchek calls for close 
scrutiny of ocfivifies budget 

hy mcnuv wnimjiabb 

tha Kudant Activ 
hi^ t^nefHlJw 


nf 'TtaalMi maidng. at 
to tiring the 
' mot* careful leruttny af 

tlia board 

Curranl'ly, there it the 
:||lNlllM. Acuvtiy budget, which 

fmMm fiaidi for (he vtrtnua 
ciahi. pnifMiM and activitiM 

illim4 at .Maffir. Tht aatanaa. 
ii VInmI 'Ufklitaw aliittini .aniMiy' 
.MManr. and «f Iht' 'riHH 'thw 
itnaksnt. aide edme from ihii 

HiHMvw, talartea «f Jaaa 
l^ankanln and nruaia 'CM' and 
orgamliaimaiiaMM. ar« lahan 
IkDWi (lie (olliiiit'k educaUon 
fiaid.. iBt muHtty 'aamarked' (or 
iMchaT' Mlaiiiia and tdtKaUan 

by hoard. mimbBra./' 'he :iaid. 

It hat hacn a paHty «f Harper 
iti lake 1 t-ertain anKiunl of ila 
I «.nd put it tompardl 
lactivtuci) -I'mtMltiiM 
. My ntatn <:il>Je«l:laB la 
the paat hat hccn that when tht 
board dot* tt. Itaey don't really 
$m vrhat they are doing" 
haeauae the money .|i not noted 
at gMi)(| (or ftudenl activitic*. 
lie laid.. 

TomdMk added that he mm 
no r«aao« why the itudent 
activity bodfcting ii not part o( 
the same ludBMing ckI* the 
rtn. IMIa iiila<i 

Tin nyela TtMchck rafemd' 
M ia the hudgMIng cyeto h<tld 
ry .tprtng fur tht foUowitic 

b s factor la MiMal budgatUig. 
I'm naming on a piatfarm ol 
•crutiny." he addad ToincMi 
.|a oamnUy running («r a 
aacoiMi lami iil office on. 'Iha 
hoard '«f lnaM.eea 

"At thii point. 1 feel that we 
are complying with the pollcMa 
and priicedum eslablitlied by 
ih* Uua-d We do everything we 
can to providf additional in- 
(ormatioo and answer the 
tpiaitiMa of hoard membert 
Wr make every adempl lo do 
thai." uid Hon Stansbury, vice 
president of academic allalr*. 

I m really conaciaui about 
■sstsitng the hoard in any way I 
can, to anawtr <|uia(iana an 
anylbtng (hat I can." laid 

immM 'pHi 'this all 'lotuhur » 
aie placc' 'whirt it can. be mar* 
carafully serutinited." ei 
pWnad Tiaaoiah- 

'TomeWi alM said he wants 
ta glM laapaytr* a clearer 
pletut* ff what is going on with 
thtb«dgetiix! of fundi "I'm not 
Wtatly lure that taxpayers 

Sach apriiig a 
fropoaal ts famught to ih* 
hoard.. 'The hoard then goes nver 
tht proponed ttlltjcaliom and 
ealb for pomohle rulhacki 
Tomchek wid iliii pr'oceii is 
iiMia.lly comiMed sometime in 

"Th* ftudenl. activity 'budget 
should te syitchronliad with tht 
collage budgeting, " Tomchek 

Tomehtk said he is in no way 
advocatt:ng cutting the st'udant 
activity budget, lit said he 
•ants lo bring the budget under 
more careful wntUaf of the 


> Pankanin, direotor of 
I activiliet. said she doaa 
not wish lo take a position on the 
issut Tomchek has raised 'It's 
not. appropriate frir me as an 
administratar to taka public 
oppwilion In a board mnnber," 
said Ms Pankanin 

Tomchek said he feds ihat he 
may be picking up (omt support 
from the board. "I gather that 
Or < George) Daahar is 
htginaing io' aae tbi wMtan of 
my iiiiiiiatiana." ha raaiailMd. 
He alao sets some support from 
tlie finance commitlae 

"Im all 

f^ 2 nW Hmkmtcr Mafth 31. 1«M> 



Trustee elections 
demand undivided 

voter attention 

Wtth vlilom 0* M»r»dy bMdiM and »uon» dayi 
dwwlng ti» Mm* hMds, mot* |«Bp»» ••wn lo Iwv* 
torflonan • ««ry Important cloaton tctiodulod during 
Ww Hif por iaord o» Tr «»lo« oloctlow. 

„ , M» olocttan cniM mak» or 

broak Harpw. SpmM MtrtM Braupi couM work 
Nitir way Into thinp and Waily roarranga policl** 
and (undamwitat ballata alraady Mtabll«»iad for 
Harptr TW» it why It 1* so extramaly Important tor 
•ll«tW* votw^t to m>mc^w thatf votluB prlvlloBoa 

support boKM' Mia 

and ttirow thair 
oi thalr etwlea. At tha 

onioB caw sway »»w alact Ion with 

Not only tttidiftts and tacwity mambars, but tti* 
Harpar commonlty should bacoma aettv* In this 
alactlon also. Ta«*s partially support Harpar and all 
pragramt hara art opan to nm cniiMmintfy . Thus, tha 
community voica should ratmini ttirouflhout the 

Stadanlt should at laast bacoma activ* in votln« for 
Wm StadamI Trusta* Tha Student Trustee holds a 
radular seat on tha board and shaiiW ba tha voice that 
reports student vlawi'1»ll»'i««nl. tut without care- 
m scrutiny by the student voftirs, Wialr woka could fo 
unheard in any decision maklnfl. 

The absolute Importance of this election and the 
vital rol* ot the voter, whether student, teacher or 
community member. In tha Woclcins of any special 
groups which aMd threaten Harpar can never b* 

I enough. 

. __^.j can vole and attempt to maintain or Im 
prwA ma alalut «iuo. or fhay can pay tha possible 

More about campus musical 
favorite - 'that guy Simkus' 

thai ihsf dee't 

1 sickraa 
a^ atla Niv Ytik CKjr to Ow 
■idis af a edbMi dsjr? 


aHHie it play at • esdaag (sei 
pat what 10 flay St • 

Wat i wa » 'IJajw l»nr » m ^^^ ^ j^,,^ , ^^_ , j^ MraomJt: 

tattle kaitaaiB ■■■■■• "at ^^^j, .^^ ,„ [■„ ,rtad, aatf S?7*3 

Fw ta* waaii mn^mmn, ae -JJ^^"* tamt^ tha le»ai wmn «f i^^* ":rz^ 

MB aaaa lajaawB. S"*^""; >h» MoaHMa are 'al wltli aa .__i. i^m mm 


Eicludin« my girlfrieod 
lOMWia) tlwre w aoloae parwo 
I ken* wtio haan'l at OK time or 
coauntntcdalKHil "Uiat 

a a fredt." laU oaa ol nqr 

wt eoe of 
I'a ailianiB "I wouMs'l 
mat thai mr artth my will." 
miillBieid msj friend, "and I'm 
not e««B manted." 

I dhki't Itdak hi* joke' waa 
ruany cither. Bui Ubs i* tyiAsal 
affile ettimde i have cofrfnntad 
when discussing "that (uy 

BS Vaae day you wake-up and 
OaC laor secorily blanket bai 
kaen dirted on. don't Mane 
"tlwt guy Simkus ', blame 
ymrwM. After all, you dd U. 

TClM tali iMwIw 'had 

le "diaiMaa" of Slmkna. 

Umugtn II WW aaaUwr <al 

I could never nrnwlt |«aetlcal 

iika. 1 laagtad to reHnw same 

tat laait U 
I Itte ■ Mm) hale 
I he demanded to talk lo 

aad II ■aan-t 

10 latllt lim to a iiarty 

t raw Mike the next day. He 
laWnalliiit for many momenu 
t«Hcll I* rare) He flna% 
Mwd at me and said, '1 cant 
take any more of this shit " 

I loM him mX lo lake il out on 
llie studtnts "Drnt lake it out 
wntlioatiaienu" > see, I told you 
I Mid m> ••hecauie thty don'i 

Siudents 'Fonda' 
Spring speaker 

Univtralty si 
law school hai 

Unvenity of CsMmla-DBfis 
* to do; 
ila com- 

Dld I say a nuiuf hfkil I 
never realiaed how MmetMng 

M limiile and yet. to profound 
widd eicaiiC' iMt adaietcanl 

Fw alwayt believed ihoac 
who raacfad lo Mike's columns 
to be on Ihr level (if a rejected 
Karma Conaclousncm freak. 
Now I knew I w»s rtghl 

A tall lunliy guy Ijter wathed 
up ■« Mtke and Mid. "I think 
your column stinks " Aimlher 
walked by us and said, "I hale 
!■■■ cvtaiBin " 

tm* MOW I aik you. the 
iliillnla.,. who the bell are you* " 

'Vou Hire aa hell aren't aa 

lo«aMe aa mm* have liaan led 
in iWak When, and only (kImd. 
.y«t taoMne an edttor of a news- 
Pfsr will we ItsiM to you. 

R lan't easy lo haltle itludenu 
It isn't fun and il ian'l 
nacesu'ry And yet, nor lealf 
Ihr need w lata out at pure 
igiwrann. a.lth»ii||i nMihiiit. can 
(ttnetrate Ihe ecreliral fog of 
HMM'Of (iM mwlnit* I have mat 

It. I* not an aad maybe no 
■ort tlian a letat lew who 
ham eamaai the ceaetioa of 
Mike SiinkuB 

Smeooe once saMi 1 1 think it 
was my monwiy i that you can't 
to anollMr peraon'a 

y> med 
.idiDol retaelad Vtmtt daapltc 
nialMpread support from the 
atflaol's studenU 

Last September mora 
•liriants nominalad Fonda for 
f prti« c«mmeiic<K»ent ipeaka' 
than any other nomine* Before 
a vote on the nominaUons couM 
be taken. howev«r, speaker 
cnmmlltee chairwoman Bar- 

bara aavart removed Fonda's 
nana from tha ballot StMrait 
"felt tfcara may be some 
queallon of Fonda's ac- 
captabillty." med school 
spokaawoman VteU Salto lald 
at llM time 

gleanut'i acUon prooplad 
actor Alan AWa lo accuse ad- 
mlnistralors of blaeh-UaUng. 
and to rvnme his own naina 
from the list of poaaiWe oom- 
HMneenient iveaker* 

Ironically, Fonda was not tat 
taw school's (irst cholca. 
Former UN Ambassador 
Andrew Young and former 
Coogresswoman Barbara 
Jor^n were invited before 
Fonda, but daclined. 

EAIir in rwef Wendy Wmkelhake 

•ScwsEdttw '''•"■ W'fWund 

l-vmure Editor... Mike Simkus 

SportnEditoi •Biiri!S2l! 

PholoEditor. .-l^vonft^ 

Asst Photo Editor '■T^'^ k 

*an.«n..t pJf''j''.;I2fiS 

ttu«.ne» Manager. "^"tXTrav 

IMlnhulion •■■.•••.Vii.rrthyPirwaDi) 

J^y .■.■.■.".'.'..... .R'cli Hfnquwt Nora Norton 

juliMralv M»r*Tur((eon. MikcBainhaeh 

John P4rlvt»iti. «•»"<• H'<''>drau 

Karlo Johnson. Bill Seroberg. P*t Fulion 

Charlie Y«*aadNa«icy«Ur*batsos 

The IIARBINtlEB i» the Itudeot puNlcallon (o» the Harper 
CollcBc campia community, published weekly exiep* "lunng 
toliday* 'oa final e«am» All optniou eJiproased are ihosr ot ihe 
writer and wl necessarily those of the college, iU administration, 
facully or studeul body Advertising and copy deadluie is noon 
Tuesday and copy b subjeci lo editing All Letter»-to4he-Ediinr 
must be stKned. name* will be wllhheW upon request For ad 
verlisint ralea, call or write HARBINGER. William Hainey 
Harper CoBege. Algonqum and Rciaelle Roads. Palatine. IU . 
-' Phone 3t7 3000. eKt «1. 

Ihf Hnrlniifi^-r Manh M. imo I'ofif :i 

New 'Child Development Program' 


ttlkt •• 

itc praflriin 


Ml. I|M< CM* MUt |>njsi v>no ' „ 

taitdihrncfor „u^ ^ow, " 

Itii iMi't jii lii tmm tMlil irnii vadar Um lito '•!' ttUtf 

-."J.g* I._" i- gST ,,«•' EMi'*«laiiiitiii 'VmiitMii. Tka 

qiiM 'teuMiHtw im* mm, Miiti Ml. rfin^lni iKt Mnw; tlw only 

inV ■RHMjr ■■■• WP UWll •Jl' ».,■■ 1^ »!,.. ..iiiii— rh...>l 

■NidtiilplafaniaiidMrovm **! **— ....!"?*,..,?!! 

mltMn to illsw ■ludtnti ain •"•'''"••li ■■«i«i 

Hm two wBjr mtrro' ■Uom 

paruiw and Mmtanta nrndlag 

... 1^ ,^1^^ 

I tlw dajr'i 

"Wt .sra iMaf to ha*'* 
lliMMiii| •amla pit ki tod 
■nicrapontt placed in tp- 
|)r(i(rlat« platm around llw 
nam Peopte »iH be aN« to 
tiiw knio • atadflc pit of iht 
ewmMMitMl Mr*. 

tadMliiial alMiitai ii gtvan 
to web child •mDnd !■ Hit 
pragram Thwe art a 
maitmum ot M childr on in each 
of the daaaes with a teadxr. 
aided by Uiror MiMtamta iMdlDg 


ta <■ 

VwMII Of mm . •#!■ a.. iiM ■■ ""i j "... _ luLk iifc iiiit III- I 

StZZm* ''I— iMlSSf a>M>ilt movliit to the new 

MfoMSaiwSSIlralimn MMNl.. "/U fkat iMy aafeml 

liar a Rxm feaatblc cuniculimi ••■■••.■•••■•iiekilalfce 
Willi Uie alRKiapMr* provided 
to Htt new (adlUy 

"We iM'iw an earallml 


tMl' IMW hoBie kad a eooi- 

"It't a aMfi' ipiiNlV' liindis aHmv wen pi 

mnmrnmim" acllvWmlW cWMraD gM le 

mwrntty. UN Child Care ha|<, in die pnMraUaa ol 

(a bahyaWh^avtica utaik. amipa. aoaUaa. ew.. and 

i and the ttwn reap tlw btncflia. 

The mlr (aidt le be found in 

die plMC ii the play araa. Diw 
to a mtnnterprclation of 
buiMtag plana Om (ante «n- 

ctaMg Iht arw 'm laa ahott^ 
Any Hllia a *n«lK i| . ll *» a4o 

lliM»a Ufoatdrofi 

iiMiaeir .ha* bean avpraarlBtad 
for vahldMiM'dii''' ^^^■' Hiocnaa 

m^^^ . .. 


The elaaaroom aafact of the 
prafrain it dwHiiad lo en- 
csurate oaloelty. eiploralion 
and proUm (olvlng in a warm, 
affrctionair atmotpherr 
Reaource people from the 
community are frequenl 
viattnn lo the claHroom and 
walki ID piaiiaa «f 
campua hUbUfh 

kTHDM WKpCTIMMSHI 1...-^ — — 

diiidrwi In math, acMnee, aeiiW 
MndlaB. erattlve art, ftmatlc 
play, muilc, iiiovanMlM and 
language aria 

auMk-en alao leers ahoul the 
intellectual iwhat la the world 
like'*). Bocial (their raiatlonihlp 

l» parenia, Madura and peeral 
(how to padtirttt 
Btr (aeUngii phyaieal 
(what U> do villi Iheir MOMa) 
and creative (how lo expraaa 
•ho they are and what Ihqr 
leel) ainecti of life 

its a different futfUliag 
ciperiencc for them." ooO' 
mented Mn Ebaen 

The ainall, is* siied chatra 
and labia, the itorybneka and 
the toy* found in the center are 
enough to make one want to 
Mtum to thoae sunple diUdfaood 
daya where one'a biggeat 
omcern was where the gracn 
crayon was rather than tha 
"grown up" daya o( coUige aat 
worrying whve the lu aaai ch 

"It'f one big haRiy fhmlly 
hare," concluded Mra. 

Fv AH SJagles 

B tl T gW O S Il«qiitrt4 
■•IWMII Km AflM of IT « « 
¥wrl«tY of Mutic 
SuvpliMl by ' REOUEST Of TIME" 

srt « M't wNii A urn* oiico 
Arlington Park Hilton 

OM-'IMrd Mill' E«f1 ol twila SI on EuelM 
Mwti Ewtrv WMiMiioy Niglit 


Otxrs Opto ■': 30 pm' 
Club StarH 00 pm 

»0 (2:00 am 

OKAV (HILDRKN. tuAty wr will be diKiiaalag 
Elatlrtn'f ikeary «f relathtly. We aaay even gel 

■liraiigh le bto theerv o( Mark helea. Now. docsat 
thai Mtand like fua. (Pkataa by Larl Lyaa Gay) 


the family inn 




Wffh A Purchase ■ 

M« nnsm ^34 W. 6011 U. 

1124220 Sciiairtirt 

ItWoi owii'' K* XMuti mi' 

(My OM mil* from Horpor's Campit 

oner G9ii iarcl 3l-MaK 10 Witk Tins M ltit|i. 

la II Yean of Age For CMj 



Oueillea: "Wba'a year lavarllc iO't" 

Jim Radaaa 

"THKRE arc lala al -•'«. but 

there's aaly aae 'It.' My 



Uhe ragged leeklag 
aiea with a little 


Photopinion by Nancy Karabotsos 

PofV I 1'"' H'irli,ni:rr MiirrI, il. IWiUt 

Tutoring sr Sj .<! •'■ ■—■ « >> '2s!y,j2J^t1iJnS ii»aibi«.i 

nmi Wi lli , Hi p' l nm i i* *•" f J Si^rSStiiiiitf iiS?*^' t i*r wSt'mSwRi^atumm ^ Oiaiar AmUli 

MV MMHMI l^ltt^ l"» .^ — . ^^_ nn uiiin*! :|mi|f|||< Milt. .f*f Mill*'' C*r«r 

itffl^H^ MBdII' SIhi ikM" ""^^ • ****^*'^ ^^^^^^ i^ii^«ii*#y» iuH Mt lil 'Kdh 

Tlw nesi Student Senate 

iiM«Ui« will beTHMhiy . Mardi 
M. at I in ASK 



Bmk" will be 
OB ThwMlair. 7 p m in 

on Ruityan! Ktptial ■ 

€m»m AuiUlary It oltariiig a 
I Career Scholatshl|> for 

avaOable u> 
llni plaa a caraw In ihe kMHli 

(MM and may be pichad up m 
Ito OAsa el FtnuKlal AM. 

m April It. MM 

Field Trip 

The pioioa teM Irlp "««it" 
u open loaU Harper KudeolKM 
a flnt enmc tint Mnwd baaia. 

IDe Mp to the Badiandi of 
SnHh DaitoU. the Black HUk 
and YeUowMoae will laal nine 
dayi. Hie coat iaafprcBlmalel; 
tiM and tnehidaa ane crnifit 
hour tuition. A knowledge ol 
hiking it required, aloot «fth a 
Held ime journal. 

Thoee inleraatad abwild 
(notact Paul Siplera. iaalnietar 
and group leader, or Harb 
Wtndoir at I 

Mi'iitB to '•» ■•MiBga" atarMa. thia 

SStStTiS^TwiS «>iSmt'htrmmmWtmm»^ mm^lSXSiS^m*^ 

^^m' coordinatlen a n—g^toy^^ ^ to wania to Mw 

mpmiM»«"«^, ^ ^^^^^^ llil nim B rated G 

_, _ ___^ — . ^ . , M. HiiliilialiMi II tl ft '" '*~" 

lB.a«ilto liHiifl »w» Artist Lecture ^ pt . HaMoml by the 

Employment SStS^KS* Studei^t Senate 

*'f If * '*'**'**lJl^32 0«. a«rf««MiiiM for naaUlont In 

*^^ .. - ^ -. - IJJM nfc^„^ ^^f 1 C'XlI ll#l f IWi 1 

_.-J-fi,i.jin n II IT 'fr** itoiy f c^iNi* ■* !' *.'•? 

HAi V^^^M' ^u||^jgHBgdL|dM| MMh IBflylfl' jjHHMHpflV'NIlVADHWIW iHWP^^V V' 

■^1 ■ wH ^^ inii iffii 11 ■-"- j^^„^j|||_^g^ j||||_||||, i|g|L^^ IAhb HiMHnMlff 

■naraivinHtHMfvOMiRi ?zr^?«^^i_^^£ S 7T1 
'Mill i m p i . iM inM i« tT ' u hoi«t jP hy f* ,1 'S:,,,'?ih K 
aataelad "•*« ha»« Ito «f- •.•»*»p.» •**<•»••■*■ 

Feeling okay today? 

Sprni VKitiM. 

laterMlkw. ch*llMigli« !•»• daye •« )«» ehetoe la Ihe loep 

far collece •Indeau aad ar yaar aelghbarhMd Top 

Wachen wWi a»» ollk* ei- wagm. Call a* ar c«m» la u 

partaaee are avallaMc dartail reHrter a« taaa at paetlMe at 

I Una. Vaa can wot* ttw the omec aMM laaitakM la 


•re avail- 

aMa Ml MM' 'ibiiiid Aetiintiea 
CMlM, .AJM. AipUcatlona will 
Par ■«• Wormatlon. ptoaae 
cM' 'lit. 'Mt. or come to the 
oirice Bid! 










UUWf . Lswrtnca Av. Ml -4SM 


tMUkeSt 2t7MM 


477 E ButtwIMM Rd. eM 2sn 

MO OavU St. 3tt-*390 

Urn. a«*ie'i Publicity 

CMialtlat ta loaUng (or 

i — i a ii!' 'oaonla !• hdto ia< 

i iEilillllF 

I On any regularly priced 
! aibiMV or tape 

I WIWi Mill 

•tatiaiict gattotad by the 
Suburban Cank Cmmtf 
Tubercwlotit Saaltarluili 

wtercoUaglatt aiiwica. la 
adMloii, attidMta 'p(M««*l)r 

Cmm la Itta Hatpar HeaM 
Ser»ic«. A-IB anytlnie hetween 
I: IS a a end l« p m . Monday 

iVMilli Tburtday and rrom 
■illa-m, ln«:-» <m Friday 

■ a wheraitln 'ikin 

I TMt aMar daat nat Mclitia 
I ipadalorialailania 



Al 'pMtaM. IL.... 
■ffiMlmi It rannired for 
Miitiar' tod trnxk* and <tal'l 
CM* emplay'eet. tiudcnit 
~ I In lltt mniac.. dental 
hyfient, madleal •Itea 

tn rmninnm tO' 
fiat, boib 'In cataa tH luliar" 
eato« Hid in pertona wtth 
'pMltlwe ikin tait». mewhtrt of 
tht mtm§l eommunily trc 
bahV MlM' !• pnrlMHpate in 
litbifC'Wtoala tcrecntng The 

It withmii (-harge and 

the tollowing 

•If 'Um leM it poMUve. a 
rtlarral win be muMto for an »- 
ray at no diirft 

A ptKlltw iklB M* ik mm 

that' the body 'hat «M«iif in 
contact with the luberele 

tmeiam and hat built up tn- 

II 'in a ■aad Maa. to he taatad 
aHMiBlly. either by liUi Mat or 
rhefl x-ray 


Tincup Pass ShoDoina Center, 

1211 Golf Road | 

Rolling Meadows | 

araiad tn the nurrti* dental pmim n witlwui imrge •«» amuauy. -.u— »,»-.«-«. 

hyfiene. medical •Iflee lB»nl»aa the (olIowMg ■ rheal x-ray 

Chicken soup and... 

■.iJSMiCAV ndaid.. liHd Ihe labala and he atrald nf npoaing olhen 


k al 

Miiait fold preparationa 

have a Mmhinalion of dragt 
iMlcd lor inutuiile lymptonia. 
have an- 

Mttkc •-•■M «r On; •<■ rwi: t» 
our doelnt* tn bnpaa that ihey 
Kill, he aHe in oiler- ua an inatant 

Iftuet -maat. calik and Hit «>« 
<mti mwetlunt. penWIto and 
,0m antlMMIca are of no iM' 
and can Mm-ctimca cauae 

eomplt-ealKw*. Neither will 
Wtaintn r tw* • eoW 

li«« cam a p«-i«» »ll *' *»» 
■"ii*n«i:" !• a cold « the flu" 
Col*- «(**i ttart- KHb tneetMii, 
ruMiy note-, tort tlmat. and 
■•-ktufly" em MllWMdliy pint. 
ttradMMt. and oecmMiilly ■ 
•ll#t (evar or «oia|li. 

riu iwy »» ««*' « ••' <>* 'b* 

*"• *' *«*'?■'•: *!!^.g5g?' 
'Wimna^^b pruMHiit- in anamiiii. 

Itwr wfbl '»» wmbw and a 

luflertr «iiuld tuiw Nl « 'b- 

-Ainalnal pwn. Bn eaa bnip « 

inrton in bad fnr dayt «if (Jill «• 

n lai of 

which may « may not help 

'Tht r«Md and Drug Ad 
mintttratloii called upn- • 

gnnp-al'iwM* ifKWtit in 
dinnnilnit the «altia of nun- 
pratrrlptttin *up and prwad 
I'hal aM'ilabl* will cure 
or 'tlMriM- Iba cmirM of ■ cold 

tlie'h*** MntnuM tm cnld 
and Ho It stilt the tame, tipirtw 
•ndfluidi l:ra-|ii!r«inli»tte»0e 
i» inprtn. !>• ilmild solittitiile 
a-«'ftnn»in«>pheo tiyltnoli 
flunk itn ira(»t»rlai>l » '-lie 
htdy renutrti nmnr Wnldi if 
t|i«r» m a (ever flui* *im help 
make mueutit mitn flu-td- 
Vaiponmri- «ttl» tn* mmn <w 
tm mm ■« «»li«» tui^ "I"'!' 

D«*"t torgii. the ft* nnd not 
chicktn wrap Tbty were 
urawlmjiJwTi* tool raiiie<«i« 
and iltry •tin *n* *»^f 
IMarn man and lua ganiu* 
Mnven't Mpmirad on the 

U ynu don't have a tew. 
mmtifmimmtimvm.. Onnt 

be afraid nf mpoaing mhert 
haraute thai *->t dnne beCore 
the tymplomt jurfaced Pwiple 

wUli. -coMi and (lu itop bdus 
fontagkiw alter the (iiat oat M> 
ihree day* 

Coraplieatlont do develop 
•ilh cold and Ou There H 
• Iwayt the poatiblllty nf 
{■neuiiMni* or «nf tnfectlont. 
Sat a doet-or when, there it- 
levtre ear pain, peraletenl 
(onghMg that brliigi up 
i«rr«t.toi*- that are rutty brown, 
iMl'tmellliit. a,nd t»«k. or H a 
le*tr pertimt or hai- incrtated 
The due tii remtmbrr u i-o §•« t 
■ductnr if ever there » a dintiaet 
diaiige In ,i-ym,pi.fflm» iw • ™« in 

Htatlh Service i!» tvitlable to 

belpsludenti lenNW ruld and llu 
HiCiimtorl Studantt can obtain 

.■ tihr™«i culture t<> to iwre they 
dm-MH. have- a "mtf" infeeltun 
irum »■■„» .i.-m <« 10 pm 
Monday through 11iur«day and 
iniMi »,l»»,iii II. t.Mp.m on 

If <t«lMlt »re feeliog • lltUe 
■•try from -iymptomt, they 
may real, lilt th«r neat Clati A 
phyiKian it ■%t>lal>le f<iur 
weekday morningt Vou 
pravtde tto IkmMhn nd -Uity wi.U 

IM'WWMit MUf jIIMBHTIPiii WWwjff: Wmj 

tmn tinfly m eWeie* anup. 

hair performers 



run K>r.h»ll KMd 
HltlllKK MradOWt 


4021 J 


Don't drink yellow water 

Tfc* Harhanger April I, 1980 Page 5 


UaMtU'MHi. naonti 

aM. '■» tall Ml(ir WW IM 
lla dirty jmUoo 

Tmm AttMMt dMlgawi 
WUItaM RalMy Harpr C)*|i. 
iMaHm II ««i loiiil <• bt Mil 
in Hmnton. Tein When 
onMltODcd by t team of 
HARBANGER invettn«(lv« 
raiMrtm. l»ie trmtm ««»»n 
to tramMe H* (limlly brolM 
diMi •«! crM.. ttfint bl* (uti 

mmim tiftent^mA mtw (mIi 

"I 411101 mean to harm 

•nyone.'heMud The arctillcci 
Jinunst 0'Riftr»/[. later taW U» 

diin't haw nearly aa *~ 

d^pnatve trscki ai llnaa 

A law M«ill|itlaB M* 

TaiM health regulatlmn 

mrnM the raaMn why their 
•anltation ca<iH arc really <;^le 
lenieni compared to ihoee 

'Wt aniey )« Nwth. U aatma 
(IM iMMi* .MMUiibI ins 
tmm iHt-alNHt fMl itaii tf 
IlH wmd ihouM ever ariae. 

vrntrm now lacet chargea 
in llirae aafuMt «m*ilaa in 
inUMii. H* k 'HUM in ow 
i.«W drMciiv loiMlala rata'iad 
dcalta that have occarred it 
Harper over Uw pail Ian yean 

Palatine Hcallli Offieiala aft 

■lao Iryint in link O'Riftralt In 
so deaU* that occurred in Ifca 
Mhw>l cafeteria after Iha 
itndMla drank the t^nke. Mr 
PttnmlT-i'p during their lunch 
bnak ln*«aU(atnr> have 
rwaan to baUaw thai Iht aoda 
f ountaiB * alao coBiiecMdto the 

■TOMtNTB .AR8. aivlMd la :r«inhi Inm 
laaMakM aa Harnar'f caawoa aalil Ibe ■ 


Vol 1 No. 0()7 

April 1, 1980 

Vk.lii..... K..M..^ Hiir|«r<;..llra... Vlsj..ii,|iiiii .ii«l R.wllr H..uil>. Puluhm-. Ulmoi- «.<ww,T. :t[.;-.<'):-.t(w>o 

Kool-Aid here, bringin' smiles 

r Mav Jtm JoiM, 

^_^, miiniiiiBil^' itoirlail 

itarpur C<iU«|l $imMm* tiat 

•aaHligi while a ii i i w ri i n (hat 
Iht :ich««l would mowt to 
wmAif OqraM. Iltauia, by ami 

m _ 

ifea Pwale'» '1km|ila,_ lald ^he 

t ^MKniKMldHMl 

Umaalf from the' frave to 

■"m^m n»y marti oi> tMt worM " 
miiai rtjnet tin 

jMat, who •'«■ 
MrtdHM ciactlaa on 
lla^n, ••«• mutt relact 
tetabliihuient." ii « 
ttellever in re|evtinf 

"lit IMMI' rttett 

Ola tram the Koiit-Ald M 

whan «« ntani 'Ha MHl 









.dmM. «t kkw daHaiail. our 
amtm m MMduah And 
whan: «• haw dacland oir 
tMdMtt at MMllvtiiMla. we haire 

What do we do now Jimmy? 


Jtm Jonea' dectaratta ot 
annreby ha* Ml Harper't 
hHifft up in (he air He liai. aa 
he laa done an manicrouB other 
octaaioni, Mt 'lilt' MhanI oven 
to ipMulatlon - ifMidkUMl Inai 
'M Jonaa to BMlhar dawafali. 


Ha ha» repiacad tht HanM 
■aeurity. her«4»fciiawn aa tht 
Keplonc KMdie KDrpa. with 'hit 

■ Anardly Brigade, timilar 
In HMar'a 'Nail Yo